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Welcome. Everyone. And. Thank you for tuning in to minecon, live 2019. I'm very, excited you could join us I'm Jessica, Chobot your pre and post-show, host, and we are hanging out backstage at, Minecon live now, this annual, update, on all things minecraft, is an absolute, highlight for me and I can promise you we are all in for an exciting event I'm super, stoked to be here as you can hear everybody else is super stoked to be here I listen, to minecraft daily. The soundtrack, I have my own builds that I work on and I create a ton of stuff with my son who then promptly, makes me destroy it some, of what you can see here very proud, of this this is my Wonder Woman invisible, jet from the JLA, comics, and the cartoon, so I'm super super stoked about that I actually put her inside but. Enough about me the, audience, is arriving, in the main theater as we, speak and the atmosphere, is absolutely, electric hopefully. At some point we can go and have a look but in the meantime we've, got a fabulous program ahead of us so let me start by giving you a quick overview on, how this, day will unfold so this. Bit now with, me is the pre-show and then in 30 minutes time we will start the main show will, then return here to the backstage, studio, and I'll be joined by some of the development, team from Mojang who, will be here to answer your questions, so make sure to stick around for, the post show we have lots to look forward to, so, without further ado, I'd like to introduce our, panelists. Now these guys have recorded. Their presentations. Which we will make available to you after the main broadcast, so please welcome King b-dawg's q, magnets, LLL mango, Skywalker. And is, kal 85, welcome, to mine Khan live 2019, you guys. Here. Alright so can you guys give everyone a quick overview about, what your panel is about, KB. Dogs let's start with you yeah, so I'm sure there are many players out there I've had some really great ideas I'd like to add to the game and minecraft. Is incredible, platform for creativity, through. The power of modding no matter who you are anyone. Could not their ideal experience, to Minecraft but, every experience starts with design right so, it's kind of like the seed that grows. Basically. That, kinda helps you to feed that long-standing boss or perhaps, a potion that helps you last a little bit longer in your battles design, helps us structure the experiences, we play in Minecraft but. Every, experience thoughts with ideas and you've got to kind of think of like how do I bring it all together sorry. Our panel we hope to inspire players are not only how to structure, these experiences, through design but also how to evolve it once you've actually released into the wild got, it so would you say that your panel, is a way of, taking. Those ideas and learning how to utilize, them in the game yeah, absolutely so we want to kind of go through the process of how you actually design these experiences, and then implement to them into the game basically very, cool all right so moving on a cube magnet pitched me on your panel, so. Our panel is about something called diversity, three it's the third game, in a series that I've been working on for a number of years and it's all built inside minecraft so. It's. Got basically, what diversity is is it's. Like ten games. Inside. One, game that's all built inside, minecraft. It's like total, game ception so we've got a, mystery. Space adventure, we've, got a mob. Arena where you fight mobs we've got a puzzle section where you can use your brain instead of your brawn if you want we've even got a trivia, section where if, you get an answer wrong you have to do a funny little minigame to get out of the punishment.

So, We had a lot of fun doing that and the panel is sort of like our experience. Of building that we start on a world that's nothing, in it just air and, we build this thing and so there's, different techniques that our team used to build it and it's totally free so you can download this game this diversity three you, can install, it on your own computer you can play a solo or you can upload a server and play with friends it's really, really fun with friends so very cool so kind of like a lot of I, would. I guess for lack of a better phrase minigames but all in one common, main area yeah yeah it's it's really fun because you get a lot of choice to do you might not like this one thing but maybe you like this other thing and just kind of caters to a lot of aspects of minecraft gameplay very awesome, alright, so ill mango, let's go with you hitch, me on your panel so I'm part of the psych lift server I know we're trying to do is to push the vanilla, survivor game to the limits so, the server is all about, redstone. And, the farms, for example, and, we work together as, a team the. Title of our panel is how automation, can enrich your game experience and. Especially two main points the first one is with automation you can get around a lot of the grainy, repetitive, work for example for resource gathering in the second one is actually that's, just a lot of fun it's what the sandbox, game is about creating. Something larger, out of the basic, components we were given now, a panel will also show and talk about some of the highly projects of our server past, five years examples. Include, an. Enderpearl cannon that can shoot you over thousands of blocks in seconds, we got a mining. Machine and the flying machine that can move bedrock so. All. Right would you say you focus, mostly on Macs if not exclusively, yeah. Mostly we also try to decorate the. Area around it but if you're not really experts on there's we're mostly trying. To make, good forms what's, the most difficult mech, that you've ever built I would say the mining, machine we call it a quarry mm-hmm. Okay. Very well done did. You did you want to elaborate, it looked like I cut you off did you oh yeah so, it's a really complex everything, has to be right, giant machine and this. Was the most complex thing, I've ever made very cool, all right Skywalker. Tell. Me about your panel all right so our panel, is pretty much made up of all of the iconic. All of in the marketplace. All-stars so all. Of our panel is made up of Minecraft marketplace, partners and, so we create content for the. Bedrock edition of Minecraft so that's switch Xbox. Windows. 10 Edition iPhone, Android, all of that and so our. Panel pretty much breaks down almost like kind of like the crafting, recipes that go into making a piece of content so, we break it down through entities mechanics. Textures. And, then end up with builds, and we, kind of show you how we create, stuff and also some of the secrets, that go like kind of behind the scenes like work around stuff that we do and, show people's to kind of inspire them and show them how they can approach creating like workarounds, and tricks. To kind of teaching everybody on how to be a creator. Yeah. Pretty much yeah and we, even have some good tips. For people who are aspiring to become creators we're all fortunate that minecraft, has created this incredible opportunity for us where we can this, is our full-time job this is our careers creating, games in Minecraft and so it's pretty awesome when I can go, and talk to kids and they're like so what do you do for a living like I play minecraft for a living that like that's amazing and so do all the kids think you're like the coolest person in the room yeah it's, pretty awesome like I'm all going somewhere with my wife and she'll be like hey, what does your husband do and she's like well kids. If you ask him why don't you go ask him to come up to me they're like what do you do for a living I make minecraft games like it's so awesome that I show them stuff and they love it that's awesome you're their hero, fantastic. Well last but not least is kal 85, tell me about your panel so we're here with the Herman Kraft Group which is a multiplayer, SP server and we've been playing together I think trying. To get this right for seven and a half years now oh wow yeah it's it's it's quite quite, ridiculous but we are here to talk about our multiplayer experience, because personally. I mean I love Minecraft I've been playing ever since it came out and probably you, know play too much minecraft startup or if that is a possibility but, to play together with your friends to create things together with your friends and and like, take the game beyond, what it maybe was meant to be from the beginning, that's, just something else and we're here to discuss like the things that we have done in the past and and specifically.

This Season, where we played on the same world for one and a half years now so we. Had a lot of things to talk about but, it yeah it we. Multiplied, minecraft this is definitely, yeah. If, if. People get, the opportunity to play multiplayer minecraft they need to take it play with your friends so I was gonna say do you think you focus more on do you enjoy minecraft, because you enjoy minecraft, or because it's one more opportunity to hang out with your friends that's a great point I think it's both I think it's both like it's, such a social, thing and I hope the people understand, this you know we, play minecraft but I also. Hanging out with our friends like that it's a very social thing well, that seems to be the common denominator talking. To everybody, here is that it's really about the community and friendship. And, then all the additional stuff about Minecraft, is just icing on the cake yes, absolutely. Absolutely, yeah very cool well thank, you guys so much for joining us as, final reminder all of these amazing panels will be available, on minecraft.net. Over. The weekend so make sure you go and have a look. All. Right so next I want to look back at last year's biome vote and just quickly review what you voted for and have a sneak, peek at what you're going to be voting on this year so let's take a look. Whoa. That tumbleweed always hit me well, they don't call it the badlands, because of their good manners ooh. This new cactus, is fancy, oh. What's. That spooky vote you're doing, vultures. Are drawn to loot left behind by unlucky explorers. If. Better a boat, yes. This. Boat has a chest built-in for all the cool things to find at sea. And. Look it's our new friend a frog you. Actually. We're not that close, here's. A mango a tree that thrives in the swamp we. Should get out of here that frog is look at me funny. Oh. Mountains, snow watch. Your step, the snow is snow mirror than before, a goat, he. Reminds me of you a little bit, mountains. Are getting an upgrade jagged, cliffs snow-capped. Peaks dramatic. Views the, goat is getting away let's. Go. Alright, well there's nothing difficult about that choice now is there I have absolutely no idea which one I'd go for such a difficult, decision totally would go for mountains when, the voting happens please be prepared as you will need to have a Twitter account so that you can go to the Minecraft, Twitter page where there will be a pin poll at the top so, may the best biome, win. Now. I'd like to welcome my next guests. Ben Kelly and Deirdre, Warren Strom welcome, you guys thank. You for joining me so, Ben your work epitomizes. What minecraft is, doing in education you, are a massive champion, of teaching, empathy and you've been a Minecraft player and teachers since the very beginning you recently accepted a stem award for running a global sustainability. Shuffle, project, where classrooms, around the world, built, SDG, solutions, in Minecraft, so can you tell us a little bit of what that means sure thing for the last two years students, around the world from kindergarten, all the way to college mm-hmm have been working, in Minecraft to build solutions, for the UN sustainable development goals there's. A single world file with 17 villages and each village represents. A place for a goal and they, have been building and handing, off to the next country and then the next country so it's it's been going very well and the teachers and students involved are awesome. Well. So then what are some examples of what the UN has, as its goals one, that comes to mind right away that's super relevant today is Ireland, did a build, for the goal 15 which is life on land and they did a be sustainability. Goal so, they actually, were thinking about bees two years ago they, did a really cool side project, though about cows and, the cow farts and yes I. And. That was a feed, cow seaweed, it mixed with their food how, fired emissions or methane emissions go, down so, there's some real serious learning here with kids in elementary school that's, happening in this project is that true, about yeah. How seaweed, and apparently, if you if you feed them seaweed methane emissions drop by almost 99%, no, way well look at that you learn. I. Feel so much smarter.

Now That I know about you. Know sustainable. Cow farts that's right well. What is the response been from teachers, and students involved in the program there are incredible, teachers using minecraft all over the world and the teachers involved in this sustainable, sustainability. Shuffle, are no different they, not only taught the kids about the UN goals and they also inspired, great, solutions, again solutions. From all over the world for these goals and maybe, one day the United we'll get a chance to see these goals yeah that's great, well it's been super cool hearing about students, in countries, all over the world tackle, the SDGs, and minecraft especially. Using your lesson plan and, what, an amazing way to get minecraft in the classroom, Congrats it should be fun once it's released very, soon yeah great. Deirdre, leads the Minecraft education, team and is a director, of the block-by-block, Foundation. Which is a partnership between Mojang, and un-habitat. So Deirdre, can you tell us about some of the things that you have done in Minecraft education, this year yeah, it's been a really exciting year I think the bens project, is a great example of connecting classrooms around the world around the theme of sustainability. And I think in the, last year the thing that's been really exciting, is how educators are taking minecraft education, edition I'm really making it their own my, team visited school, in New Zealand where they were testing out a world that explored, New Zealand's Maori language and culture in Minecraft so that's been amazing, to see how, enthusiastic and curious the students are with that in. The last year we also introduced, in-game coding, and minecraft so students can mine. And farm and create and explore using code, which. Has been a big unlock for teaching coding in both elementary and. Middle and even in high school with. The minecraft arrow of code we've had over 100 million hour of code sessions, and pretty, soon we're gonna have a new hour of code tutorial, to announce that's exciting is that what we're seeing in the video right yes, yeah and then this was a back-to-school.

Update, We, put minecraft, lessons into, the minecraft education edition lesson library so the students can access the write in the game we. Also added some features to make the game more accessible for players including, the immersive reader, where. Students, may be early learner learners, or people have language acquisition. Differences. Can, use immersive reader to change, character spacing change line spacing have. It read any in-game text to them and also translate, it into different languages I love, that I love that the immersive reader not only can like runs the gamut of the. Reader. Skill level but also potentially. Could teach somebody a new language or, absent. Any myriad of possibilities, there so how did the sustainability, shuffle, or yes, yeah sustainability, shuffle. Sousa. Sells seashells. Go this year it, was great you know I think it's sometimes. Surprising, how minecraft can be used in classroom settings and educational, setting this is such a great example. Of something we didn't sort of plan or think was possible but having, students. All over the world thinking about sustainability and, climate change, in, the Minecraft world is amazing. Awesome, well this actually, goes, out to either of you or both of you whoever wants to tackle it first any, advice on how teachers can engage the Minecraft community and, then educate themselves using Minecraft as a teaching tool yeah so we have a lot of resources available for educators, I think one of the great ways that minecraft can come into the classroom is having, their students bring it into them so we have lots of lesson. Examples, so if you're watching and you're excited. To try this go and find a minecraft lesson or come up with an idea of something that you're learning in class and ask your teacher about it awesome, yeah peer pressure can be used for. Good reasons and if you're a student watching, this the best way to get minecraft into, your classroom, is to peer pressure your teacher and principal, until, they give in that's how I was pressured into it and it's been a great ride so just corner, them in the hall that's right force, them to bring minecraft in the classroom, I love it thank you guys so much thank you you, can find out more information about minecraft, education, at education, minecraft, net. So. Celebrating, Minecrafts, 10 years Mojang, has teamed up with the Museum of pop culture, no, pop to create the first ever interactive. Minecraft exhibit, get, hands-on at minecraft the exhibition, featuring life-size, minecraft, creatures, Scenic's, and interactive, experiences. It opens, October 19th, and tickets are on sale right, now and let's, now just take a moment to reflect a bit more on all of the things that have happened in the world of Minecraft over, the last year have, a look at this. Matter. Vanessa no Missy dr. neta Vegas kawaii. We're. What, years oh hello. Villagers. New. Villagers, but more on them soon for now the new villages, I'm. Loving, this oh, I. Saw, boss right there it looked like oh I. Cannot wait I want to see the actual fighting. Mechanics. Oh. The, sponge works, oh that's. Very. Weird there's, a cartographer, our farmer, our armor. With. Foxes, guys we've been waiting all week super. That. Encompasses a large majority of mine crafts last 10 years worth of accomplishments. But it's also a highly. Connected adventure, map. I'm. Curious, if forge a build the maps. With. Like default. Texture that's, so cute how. You closet now they're nice and sharp yeah, why. Are you sharpening your claws by the way oh dude. So. Cool whoa that, is cool okay I like this too. So yes. Multiplayer. Co-op okay, and then you can start constructing, things that, other players are then able to see so I can see through the build. Right. There and you. Uh. I, guess. Can we also put you there. Come. Here friend, let me let me be your friend you. Are a Mason, oh. Jesus. There's a lot in here oh really. Yeah. I, think. Uh-huh. I also. Need to breed, another cat, I don't think, I need. If. I breathe this cat yeah. This. Is amazing, dude. So. Basically we can play Minecraft, anywhere, we want now, goodbye, hard work goodbye, funny guys, let's just light everything on fire goodbye goodbye, bills, I. Love. That one that sounds like how I usually play oh let me build all this and then blow it up with tons of TNT blocks what, an amazing year it has been so many fabulous things, to look back on and celebrate and to tell us more about some of their main highlights, I've now like to welcome Megan. And Liam, welcome. To both of you be. Here thank. You for having us oh of course now I know you guys are gonna be part of the show, do. You know anything, about it that you can tell us oh you're, just gonna have to wait and see but we have very good surprises in store okay I can handle with that I can sit with that that's great umm it's. Been that, being said it's been an incredible.

Year. Megan. What has been your. Favorite highlight. Over the past year my. Favorite highlight uh oh I like building so the scaffolding, has been incredible, right oh yeah, it's. So fun and the popcorn effect, I don't know it's like ASMR, I got. That time you like I. Do. Underneath, like. Fall to my dad's that's the worst no. When. Do I learn I don't think it happens, and. What about you what's been your favorite thing this last year the updates have been really really good, villagers. And pillagers that kind of stuff but I've still enjoyed. My roots of caving I like the adventure aspect of it to explore, new areas there's, new chests and villages to a bunch of new loot I just. Like the feel of adventuring, mm-hmm. How, do you guys like to play Minecraft, you creative, survival, friends. You. Have one your mom but, he. Was your friend, not after this got, it okay this is awkward now I've made it off. We. Like playing on pieces. Together like servers together which, is usually survive there's, a bit more grind and accountability, involved, but I I don't, mind going into creative, to build things no more time lapses I think it's really satisfying. But. I love creative, time lapses I can watch those videos all. Right. I like, making those two they're fun yeah they're good how about you Liam. I enjoyed. The grinding, aspect of it I loved survival, I hate creative, I'm gonna be the one guys get you on this off the, stage, no I'm kidding all day no just got to stay it's. Your job but. So you hate creative, as much as that hurts me I don't, hate creative I just don't like using it myself that's. Amazing. I'm. Like when you tease me it's okay there's old man awkward, again. Just. Grinding. Across, the board and just seeing how far you can go yeah I like trying to go for the big things like the beacon slowly grow up to that I hate, things like me and Megan I've had this argument a lot of times the afk fish farm I hate. Them why, it's, just you do nothing and you get so many good things I don't I want to earn it. Megan. Goes to sleep like I'm gonna have a mending book in the morgue I'm not 12 what are you talking about that's, fantastic. Oh which biome, since we're gonna shift gears here a little bit are, you reading rooting for in the biome vote a swamp, I am, recently I have fallen, into, the. Place of swamp Queen and Kingdom craft so even, though I haven't posted my first episode I have, a lot, of pride in the swamp nice, witch, biome are you looking for moans I want, the Billy Goats yeah me too I just yeah I've got a build, currently, that could use an upgrade with the mountains and that would be fantastic the Billy Goats and the Billy Goats Little Egrets as well in. Your opinion what do you think has helped minecraft, stay relevant over the course of 10 years and not only relevant, but also kind of kicked it up a notch because this year it got really, popular again, the, thing is minecraft is just a good game from, the, start, to finish and the updates over the years have only made it better I think a lot of people have taken a bit of a break and. They have something so amazing to come back to we have people like PewDiePie who's playing jacksepticeye. And, a cupcake, has made her return to Minecraft after years. Of not playing and there's, so much content, there's there you can seriously play it forever and not get bored yeah it's definitely updates, it's there's so many new things every, year you look forward to the snapshots, giving you new playability.

Whenever, You need it not necessarily the. Game isn't perfect yet but you could go on there see what's new test it out and then go back to your normal world I also, think nostalgia, was a big thing to nostalgia, I'm glad you mentioned that because I was I was gonna say as wonderful. As the updates are I do think, that the the baseline. Being what it is and it hasn't really changed too. Terribly much you're able to kind of put it down when you need to and come back to it and still pick, up and go like it's not there's not that relearning. Curve I mean maybe a little bit but only for a hot second in order to remember what. Your button, layout is and then and then you're just right back in the mix probably. Yeah also them adding like. To. The new consoles, and that kind of stuff making it different. In every single console, across platform yeah it's really updated it too and made it more accessible, yeah, I heartily, agree well shifting over to the new stuff that's coming up what are your thoughts on Minecraft, Earth and you've actually been playing it yeah, III. And then recently, at the offices, and it's just I'm a big Pokemon go fan I love when worlds. Collide and AR is just so fantastic I love going outside and being able to be, surrounded. By Minecraft. Going mining, maybe doing some raiding with some friends, and there's so much fun stuff I don't want to tell you too much because, I think a little bit of it should be like a surprise Oh totally, yeah I'm looking forward to that really, quick I got 30 seconds give me an answer Mike on earth I'm excited for it haven't tried to dungeons, I'm very very excited for dungeons the game that I'm looking forward to the most I want it to be so good it looks beautiful I want it it is good fantastic. Well judging, by the noise that we were hearing, earlier things are really starting to warm up behind me shall, we go and take a peek at that means yeah guys. Alright, there. They are. Lots. Of energy in there everyone looks super psyched up for the show now bringing it back to you guys what, do you personally, hope, that, they are going to tell us about this year not asking you to give away secrets, just your what you what you want to see oh man.

Hot, Seat I mean you know I want that that, swamp, update. But, you know you already know why I, want. More info about minecraft Earth and minecraft dungeons, but I want a big change to caving, that's the big thing for me what would be your ideal change that. You would you could potentially receive or that you're hoping to get more hostile mobs you. Like, the punishment. I do well. Geez. Well. That's just about all the time that we've got a massive things, to all my guests today I've had a blast as usual now we are ready to go to the main broadcast enjoy. Minecon live 2019. Everybody, I look. Forward to seeing you back here after, the show so make sure that you don't go away because we will have a much more for you as soon as the main episode wraps, up see, you guys in a bit. Habit. All. Right so now, that we've got some down time. What. Are you really hoping to see in the, cave. Update, hostile. Mobs that's it just hostile models more than that but I mainly want it to be the hostile mobs like I want it to be more dangerous I want, to not just be able to get the diamond armor early on and then just survive I want, them to be something that this. Is kind of a hope that they steal armor and you have to like chase them down and have to take it from them that'd be kind of good right stealing, items yeah Oh. Huh. I mean okay, yeah I could that'd be kind of a cool ad I just just sounds so difficult, already it's like what, about um, what. About like I guess. Different, types of I. Mean. I know we have the swamp biome update, but what other kind of updates. Would you want to have happen in a in any random biome, hmm. Oh and any random biome, we've, talked about this we want more flying, creatures, kinder features yeah it's more about the we were talkin all when we're doing the rehearsal as you mentioned dragons yes do you want to see I mean which I'm not, against well you want to somewhere ion something, yeah if the, vulture you know like that would be cool to fly on them right take them somehow. Attacked. By something from the sky because sometimes, you're a little too safe yeah and it'd be kind of scary. Phantoms pose a great threat at night but to have something to during the daytime that would really force you to take cover we're, getting better at PvP, which, okay. Would, be awesome so what's one of the coolest things that you guys have would, say that you've ever encountered in the game and it can be anything it could be something that you built it could be a particular. Mob, moment, that you had like what was the first turtle. Egg hatched Oh such. A great moment did, you have your moment of like making, the turtles, we. Were together. I. Block you out of my memory I'm sorry that's the game. So. What would you say over the course of the last 10 years is, your favorite, thing I mean what really stuck out to you that I mean because that's a very long time some of the people even watching the show might not have been been even born yet, so what. Would be the one thing that popped. Out to you the most that oh wow this is a really, iconic, moment. For this title, I think, it's being able to play with friends I don't know if it's the iconic moment could fit that but it's the friendships, that you make just, from playing Minecraft, together it has, been one of my favorite things there's people I've met from all over the world that I never would have maybe had a conversation, with, but because we're on the same minecraft server now we're friends so building, those friendships, and staying in touch with people who have moved away has, been like the most amazing, part of Minecraft for me personally sure Liam, really quick because I'm getting in my FB that they are ready for the show what would you say is your other, than that I would say a redstone, redstone is added a whole new thing to me the first day I was able to use Pistons was like game-changing.

For Me it was awesome it was like I got to make this door that I just press a button and I could walk through and it just opens. Up it was beautiful, awesome, I know alright very good folks. Thanks, for joining us in our top secret, and get ready for mine con 2019. Hence. Welcome, lydia, winters. And welcome to my pond live, 2019. I'm your host Lydia winters and today we have a great, show for you it's, been a really exciting year in May, we celebrated, 10 years of. Minecraft that. Means the game is older than some of you watching right now this. Game has changed the lives of so many people watching and I can definitely say, that it has completely, changed mine, today. We'll look back at where we've been where. We are now and we'll look into the future of all things minecraft, it's, our biggest, show yet there's. Something for, everyone. Helping. Me out this year we have four amazing co-hosts, who are backstage getting ready right now. See. You all soon. Each, of them has a great, game show in store for you we have our yearly vote where you get to decide what gets added to the game next we, have three great choices this year but, I'll let our trusty, News correspondent tell, you more about that later, this. Past year we announced not one but, two new minecraft. Games minecraft, dungeons, and minecraft earth and today. On stage, you're gonna see live gameplay, it's going to be amazing, between. Our two new games our ten-year, anniversary and, all of our new updates, 2019. Has been a huge, year for Minecraft. We, actually have too, much news to wait until the end of the show so, this year we're gonna start right now with the first of four minecraft update segments, let's, get started, with something people have been, buzzing. About. Please. Welcome Agnes, and Corey from the Minecraft here. Hello. Agnes and Corey what are the two of you do on the team hello. So, I'm the lead of the minecraft, gameplay team and I'm, on the minecraft gameplay team very, convenient. So. You're here to tell us about something pretty exciting, and, pretty, adorable, what, is it yes, so, we are going to talk about the very cute and also useful beasts bees. Let's, look at some bees. Yeah. So you can see here the bees are going to and from the flowers kind, of pollinating, the flowers gathering. Some pollen, nectar taking it back to the hive as. They go you, can see the sort of dropping, the nectar, pollen particles, and growing, the crops actually and so. You can sort of learn. The relationships, between the B and the flowers and the crops and the hives that way yeah that's awesome they're a little bigger than I would have thought how did you decide on their size yeah. So originally, we thought maybe we'll have you know tiny bees everyone expects me to be tiny they're already tiny tiny. Bees are not cute enough they, they that, make you feel like they're kind of annoying they're kind of swarming in your ear and then, big beads we tried B as the size of a full block that, was way way too big it was not no, no so, we settled on about half a block and we think it's the cutest size. For, a bee that's, awesome, oh okay. Like the size of the beat apparently, so yeah and you actually thought a lot about how, the real, world and the game mechanics go, together so let's look at some of the ways you're teaching people about these. You. Can see here the campfire is being placed underneath the mix in. Order to gather, the honey. And honeycomb safely. One. Issue actually is that if you as. You can see here if, you harvest without putting the campfire underneath the bees get angry at you because, there's. Why, are you invading their home that's not cool, the campfire is smoking.

And Allowing the beads to calm down I, think it really nice little detail is when they stung you they actually lose their stinger and eventually. Die which of course is very sad but it's that, I also it works in real life actually okay. And you're really excited because people. Can learn more about bees through Minecraft and that's something pretty important. To the two of you yes. So. Often. Actually when we add things to Minecraft we are thinking can we teach something and in this case, since. The bee population, is decreasing it, locked in the real world which is a big problem we, really felt that we wanted to, like. Teach, the players so, that's why I did one, of the reasons so that bees, need flowers, in order to produce honey and to make. Speed up the crop growth because, if you actually plant and more flowers in the real world that, would help the bees in the real world as well and Cory you took this like learning about bees to the next level tell us about that I did I actually I, spent, a long time going out and researching, I met with several beat experts, I went and studied hives I studied nests I lived. As a bee for a while actually I. Feel. Like we need to see some footage of that to believe it yeah I think we have that actually believe. It. This. Is the urban being, eyes. Hey. Cory it's a wrap for today, all right late it was good to be here. So. How much did you learn about the B is on your little expedition I learned, way more than anybody, you should ever know about these, except. Maybe the B expert, except maybe the be experts but there are so, many fascinating B facts out there that I learned and I. Mean both life and your Safina the people I met were incredibly, amazing wonderful, people taught me everything, and so, I actually used a lot of that knowledge to work on B's, in Minecraft that's really cool and that's gonna become a youtube video that's a bit of a documentary, about the process, of B's so you'll be able to watch that in a few weeks I think next week next week no perfect, yeah, but. There's one thing no one has seen in any snapshots. Related, to the B's and, we're, gonna premiere, it here at Minecon so what is it yes, so we're actually adding a new block and that's the honey block let's. See the honey block huh. So. It's very sticky and as you can see you can't really jump when you are on the honey block and it's, also sticky. On the sides so you fall down very slowly, also. You can't really run on it it keeps you going pretty, slowly so you can't go very fast I can't really outrun anything. We. Also added some interesting. Piston mechanics, to it so, the. Planning block is done, and also players or animals, on it will also move together with the honey vlogs so how do you see players using this amazing, new honey block yeah, I think it would be super cool if no, players use these moving, honey blocks to create some kind of like platform game map and the players have to jump and they move around and, I think that could be really fun yeah. And I'm really looking forward to parkour, maps I really want to see players utilize the sliding mechanics up and down but also the inability, once, you jump, up jump. Down you can't jump back up so, normally if there's a one block difference you can just go back and forth but with the honey block you'd be stuck that's. Amazing. And, last. Thing Agnes, I know Cory, has taken up a big hobby it sounded, like it. Okay. Started, doing it too but. Cory what what what, is Cory's hobby yeah I haven't officially started, doing it just happened but so, four. Months every day, there, is like at least at, least ten probably more like hundred, be punks every day at office, aha. Hey, Cory then to close out the. B section at, Minecon. Live 2019. Can. You, give us a beep on that, mean that's pretty, situational.

Though I can't just wing it and be creative like that. I'm, sure a lot of players will be be lining to see that updated light. Thank. You so much Agnes and Cory thank. You. As. I said earlier this year we have four incredible, co-hosts, they took their Minecon live training, to, a whole, new level. What. Are you doing, here. Welcome. Our amazing. Hello. Each. Of our co-hosts, work with us to create an incredible, game show for, the first time ever we're gonna have a Minecraft, triathlon. Shelby. What is a Minecraft triathlon, basically. It's a relay with all the games minecraft, minecraft, earth and minecraft dungeons Scott, maslow and Marielle will be competing against our team Mojang who, do you think will win oz, for sure we'll. See I'm a little biased, so maybe. Mojo, I, know, that one of the games has been making the. Co-hosts, a bit, nervous, I think that's your game Arielle yeah that would be me I'm guilty but, they shouldn't be too scared. There are maybe some crazy, things, coming along their way but they should be fine, yikes. Scott you have some special, guests in your segment yes. And my, show is called mind games, data, and, I've invited my good friend strawberry 17 and H from 94, and he'll compete against Shelby and Marielle and award game that sounds, awesome and one, of our games has been a pretty big secret but maybe you could tell us something about. It Masuya please well, it, will, be in Japanese. That. Is a first we've never had an old Japanese game, anything, else but I can give you one hint, but. Oh. It. Sounds like it's going to be, amazing. Okay. You all have to go get ready and we will see you very soon thank, you co-host. Minecraft. Is the game that keeps, on giving with, updates, here's, a look back at what's been added over the past 10 years. To. Celebrate minecraft, with us. You. Oh. Lalala, Santos, bienvenidos. Welcome everybody. Let's go ahead and have some fun we're, going to be starting with our first game, of the day which we like to call digging. For diamonds and here, are our contestants shall, be allowed, Scott, oh and, mass move hi. Now. Let me go ahead and explain what, our contestants, are going to have to do the, aim of the game is to collect as many diamonds, as they can from each of the blocks that are gonna be in front of them now, each block has multiple, diamonds, inside but I also. Added a couple of surprises in. There, for them now they can be good or they can be bad but that's for them to find out now. As you can see the blocks are also divided, into three different minecraft, biomes, we're, going to assign one biome, to each person, and to decide who gets which but also to be fair they're going to choose from, one of these. So. Are you, ready yeah, pick your biome, all. Right, good. Luck. Like. It yes got a good selection alright we'll head on over to your stations. Alright. We. Have Sylvie coming, up first with the planes biome how you feeling a little nervous, I'm getting the feeling these aren't very plain yeah, that's, what I was going to say just because it sounds easy, because of the plain biome, it doesn't mean that it's going to be easy so yeah, keep that in mind but you're gonna be fantastic you're gonna do great thank you now you're gonna have 15, seconds per block, to, get as many diamonds as you can using one hand only make, sure they land inside of this because if they don't land they're not gonna count contact, them to count alright okay, let's go ahead and review your first block you ready already. Alright. Yeah. I know I feel great now, alright. Your 15 seconds, begin, now go go go go go. Is. That honey is a lot of chunks a lot of chunks yeah, that's. Cute. Thanks. For this by the way and. That, was I'm moving on to the second one no time to clean I'll just so far let's, go ahead and reveal your second, blue I'm not scared anymore. Your. Time begins now dive right into it just live radio I don't like what it's. When the kingdom of money it's very. Stringy. If you found George Oh, Norwich.

Yeah That's do we don't name these yeah, that there you just wash them in Mary. Okay, they don't wanna go all right you're doing fantastic you. Got five so far oh that's. Time, I'll. Let that guys stay in their sticky, situation. All right your last block your last chance you guys see one it's, going to reveal what's. Inside. And. Your. Time begins now go go go go go oh oh, my. God. It's. Your birthday today right happy, birthday. Some. Cake, I knew. Chocolate, was your favorite wandering around I, did, it smells love George help me so you don't hurt ya there's, no more George's in here I mean, maybe he left a couple of his friends and. Was. Feeling quite shell yeah I don't know anymore, yeah. That won't worry we got some cool. Surprises. In store for ya all right. Well, you know the drill 15, seconds per block one hand only make sure the older diamonds landing here okay you ready cause I'm gonna be okay. I'm gonna take that as a yes so, we're gonna go and reveal, your first lucky ready. Yeah, I know right. I'd already. 15, seconds, now go go go go go oh. So. The chilly in here isn't it Oh times oh my god. Come. On Scott come. On Scott. Joyner, won't survive in the wash your face, you. Come come on you can't do it at least get one a lot. I'll. Count it out real counted we'll count that that was a close that was a close second to my hunch oh, maybe. You have, better luck with the next one. All right let's go ahead and renew your second block oh. Yeah. I know Oh. 15. Seconds dive right in you only got one though No. Why, is everything so cold I, mean. It is the snowy Tundra you knew what you were diving, I'm not look too doctor I'm not your doctor okay yeah just just dive into it you're doing great I think that's three. Before. You come on. That's. Time last. Chance, last chance you're not doing so great Scott took my arm so, that's. The cat this one should be a lot easier okay, let's. Go ahead a reveal what's inside. They. Don't think is easier, it. Is I promise you're fine you're fine 15, seconds go go go go go see. It's, so much easier. Just. In, time for the holiday Scott. We're. Gonna move on over to the, swamps, with our final contestant, muscle. I'm. Scared, you're, scared of, that I'm excited, yeah, I can just say I can, do it. All. Right you, know the drill 15, seconds for each block one hand only make sure the diamonds land inside all right all, right okay, here we go let's go ahead and reveal your first block. And. Go. Right in Oh. You've. Got morning ready you're doing. We're. Gonna move on we're gonna move on you're doing fantastic second. Block well. What. Do you go goes gold, very, cool oh. That. Was like chocolate. Right. Okay, we're, doing fantastic, last longer you, can feel it all right daddy we're gonna go ahead and reveal. And. Your. Time begins now. This. One doesn't count as well. Mataloni. Come right over here let's all come together yes what you've got yeah okay, you're gonna need that. You're. Gonna need it okay. Let's all come together I just have to say I'm very proud, of you, you're you were all super brave just diving into the blogs without knowing what was inside so. I just want to say that I'm really proud of you and we're. Gonna go ahead and tell the earth points to see who the winner is. But. Really. You're just gonna vote for yourselves, instead of voting for the other person really yeah all right well I guess that's what's happening but we have a winner, and I'm, happy, to announce that. Boys. Participating. They have, been digging for diamonds. Stirrers. Of the world I'm, booboo your vote correspondent. During. Today's show, all of you, will vote on which minecraft. Biome, is updated, first with, some great new features. Last, year, the mighty, taiga. Biome won, your vote over the savanna and the desert in a landslide. Victory which. Was surprising since.

Landslides, Themselves, aren't very common in the taiga biome I suppose. People, just couldn't get could, it resist, the sweet sweet allure, of those berries, this. Year we have a whole new set of biomes, for you to choose from there, are over 70. Different biomes. In Minecraft, so even choosing which, ones you can choose from, with some major tasks, for the team but, they persevered, and, brought three, delightful, choices. As usual. Tiny, agnes and tiny ends, will take you through each, of your options, and trade, into into introduce, them we have tiny voo. Take it away little guy. Thanks. Giant Fuu wait, wait, I'm, not a giant I'm just average size, you're quite, tiny. Technically. I'm just a bunch of pixels so I am scalable, to any size. But. I suppose it's all just perspective. Anyway. On to the, biomes, first. Up we have the badlands. Whoa. That's humble we'd always hit me well. They don't call it the badlands because of their good manners who, this new cactus, is fancy, oh, what's. That spooky, vote you're doing, vultures. Are drawn to loot left behind by unlucky explorers. He's. Better a boat. Yes. This. Boat has a chest built-in for all the cool things to find at sea. Look. It's our new friend the Frog you. Actually. We're not that close, here's. A mangrove a tree that thrives in the swamp we. Should get out of here that frog is look at me funny. Oh. Mountains. Snow. What's your step the snow is snow here than before a goat, he. Reminds me of you a little bit, mountains. Are getting an upgrade jagged. Cliffs and snow-capped, peaks dramatic. Views the, goat is getting away let's. Go. Wow. All three, biomes are amazing, but you have to choose and whichever, you do will go into the game back. To you giant, boo. Seriously. I, am. NOT a giant. I just, seems ient to you just, like you seem tiny to me although. Who's to say who's giant, who's tiny and maybe we're both just infinitely. Scalable. Anyway. Last, year before the show started. I was sure, I knew which biome, would win but. I was wrong this. Year I have no idea, they're all just so great so here's how to vote first, make, sure you have registered, for a Twitter account and log, on to Twitter later. In the show you'll need to go to the Minecraft, Twitter account when, we post the voting poll just click, on the biome you want to win, there will be two, rounds of voting but don't worry I'll let you know when each one begins for. Now let, the debate begin, between, you and, your friends, and your family, and your pets, so, you can, decide which, is your, favorite biome to be updated, first with, some fantastic, new features, and now. Let's, head over to hear about scripting, and minecraft from Jason, and Quinn. Welcome. Jason and Quinn the, two of you are gonna tell us about our amazing new Creator tools, so what each of you do on the Minecraft team, yeah thanks Lydia so I run the Minecraft marketplace partner program awesome. And Jason what about you I am a developer, on the bedrock platform, team awesome, before. We get into scripting, Quinn, what is marketplace can you give us a refresher yeah totally so the marketplace is a great place where you can go and buy freak, or buy and there's also free content too, skins. Textures, world's mashups all made by some of our amazing community, creators across all of our bedrock platforms, that's, awesome, and today you're gonna tell us about scripting. So Jason what is scripting, for everyone in the audience yeah, so scripting is a way for, creators. To be to add things to the game that the developers, of the game didn't actually plan. For so. We do a lot of cool things that in add-ons, where, people are able to take behaviors. From the vanilla game and mix them up in different ways and get them to cool things but with scripting they can do lots, of stuff that you'd, never see in the vanilla game that's. Amazing and I heard you were quite inspired, by Nettie's which is our partner in China because they were doing, some work on scripting, can you tell us about that yeah so they had started doing some scripting several years ago and.

They've, Got some stuff kind of in and we're like we have to have that so. We started hooking up we've done some different tech directions, but it was definitely inspired by them it's awesome so you have some things to show us with editor, tools first, so. Let's take a look at some of the new editor tools you get it, so. This first one this is called the editor stick and. What this allows you to do is it basically allows you to take any block and change any of its parameters so you can go to the wall here and change, it from being yellow to blue and. You can really change any of the different items so here we can look at via the wood where you can change it from oak to birch and. It's a great way to instead, of having to replace that block you can actually just go and change the parameters to be what you want to be so it saves a bunch of time another, really big time-saver here is you can go in and change, the crops, to be fully grown. Well. Someone was very happy with that. Editor tool maybe, in the future we should get rid of the mobs before. So. Why is that important, for creators to be able to move that process along faster. Yeah well the great thing is sometimes you need to be able to like, not, just have to replace, the block like you have to take the thing out and put a new one in sometimes, you're like oh I actually wanted this to be a different color or I wanted to sign to be different shift, it a different way it allows you to really quickly make those kind of small tweak modifications, for like a polished pass on the map it's awesome and give you a chance to try some different colors or different ways to see how it looks but, you also have some things that speed, up the process, significantly, yeah. We can look at yeah so definitely in a lot of builds, that creators make babe, they, don't want to just do a single block by block change and. They want to do some much much quicker stuff. Look at some of your quicker changes. Yeah. So here there's a the TNT wand where you can actually go and quickly remove large. Chunks, of the world around, you just kind of go through and and make.

Big Holes and. It's. A it's a great way to kind of rough out an area and get it close. To what you want and they didn't kind of come in and fine-tune, it and then here's one that basically makes like a big hallway so, imagine, how long that would take destroying, block by block. And. When you have these worlds, that sometimes they're like. A kilometer by kilometer or much bigger like this can be a huge time saver for, them and. Sometimes if you don't want to go build the house block by block you can actually go and make it TNT, that does. It for you. And. Here this one's great too because it's. Minecraft like. This is a way to go build your house in a very Minecraft, way instead of just replacing a thing replace a block down and automatically builds a house it's, a TNT block that explodes, and makes it for you I really. Like this homey feel yeah. Yeah. Me too it, allows you if you're scripting, then suddenly you could use those houses. And put them everywhere for a build quite like, significantly. Yeah you can make, a whole town pop up just by placing a bunch of TNT and lightening it with the redstone or something it's a really fun way editor, tools are awesome. And, you also have some tools that are helping with gameplay, experiences. Yeah this is where I get most excited about the possibilities, of scripting. Not. Just being able to make editor tools or things that make building faster being able to make things that are changed. The entire gameplay that of Minecraft, and not just relying on the vanilla behaviors, but being able to make your own unique behaviors, and gameplay mechanics so this next clip will show a really, really cool way it take on that, yeah. So we just so. The Creator here you went and made a very, quick rope bridge so you made this cool you made an item and you can actually just go, through and just aim to another, point and it will just build a bridge for you automatically, using the slabs from the inventory now. Enderman, have always been able to teleport but, it's a very sort, of random teleport, and this was an ability they. Went and made where you could actually aim at a point in the world and it'll actually cast you to that point and and project, you there so it's kind of a superhero, map. So. It doesn't just give you the ability to teleport but also gives you this and like magic missle kind of like nine blasts that you can do to take out all those pesky skeletons, that are shooting at you and there's. Just it adds this this way that you can change, the entire way that you can explore. The world so you can build the city and try and go save all the denizens of this thing and. There's another feature of this one too where there's this big shield that you can put, up and blocks all the different arrows. Very. Cool so, there's this oh there's a shield that gotta protect you for, about 30 seconds, off over there I can see the. Creators, can use this to create all new and interesting game, experiences. For players yeah. The, possibilities, are really endless and. You have one other cool thing to show us for scripting what is that Jason yeah, so we've been working on minecraft. Has had the ability to change skins for a long time you can change the texture on your model and as. We, were we'd, kind of working on that we are data, driving, a lot of positive games with creators could change things and we made it so that creators, could change more, than just the texture of the, player models we wanted them to be able to change the, actual 3d models change the animations, add special effects, to them etc, etc and.

Stuff Like that so have a video to kind of show off some of the stuff, I personally, built in in this case. So. I think kind of I'm a big fan of penguins I think think things are one of the coolest animals he's been wanting to add these to mine forever. By the way not yet so I quickly knocked out of penguin they're. Not coming to Minecraft, but. Slade, knocked us out and you can see he's got kind of custom animations his arm kind of flap out and he moves, very different than Steve and, then I replaced, the Sprint animation, with a fun, little belly slide and this was actually kind of a happy accident I wasn't actually planning for but the sprint particles, are kicking up and, it actually it kind of helps, sell the slide animation so it's always fun when those happen as a developer, so what kind of game are you hoping, creators. Make, with data-driven. Player change yeah so we're always working on this I kind of had this vision of like just I just I want someone to go make a Velociraptor. Where it goes around and eat something I did the other players it could be animals, or something and, it, is, something, so so please community, you could build me a Velociraptor, game I don't. Have the art skills to make the Velociraptor, your. Penguin is pretty cute though yeah okay, Quinn, any games you would like to request I just think like velociraptors. Cool but I think a racing, game where you could actually transform, the player into a sweet car haven't be able to customize it and have a bunch of animations, a bit like drifting around corners and stuff like that I think that'd be super cool and the cars are painted and the cars are all. When a Penguin's riding velociraptors, so how can people. How. Can people experiment. With scripting so. It's actually available right now so you can go download the bedrock edition and start messing around with scripting there's a bunch of tutorials on the wiki and all across the web that you can basically look at and try and mess around sit yourself that. Is amazing, thank you so much Quinn and Jason.

Speaking. Of cool tech as some of you might have heard we have an exciting, update coming, to Minecraft, on Windows, 10 ray, tracing as part, of our partnership with Nvidia ray tracing will be coming soon and available, for Minecraft 10 on for, Minecraft on Windows 10 for, Direct X capable. GPUs, there's. A lot to say there let's check it out. Welcome. Everyone, it's no time to what is going to be the most intellectual, game of Menken 2019. Well. It's very excited, four main themes. Let's. Welcome our two teams and see if they have what it takes, hello, team zombie, hello hi I'm Tim zombie we have Shelby, and Mario. Like. The confidence on Tim. - we, have Tim skeleton, key. Winner Tim whoa hey, wait a minute we have Megan and Liam. No. Let, me explain how the game works our, teams will take it in turns to pick a category from the wall over there each, category has seven words or freezies one. Of you must describe the word while the other must get it yes, it and obviously. You can't use the word itself you'll, have 45 seconds, to guess as many of the words as you can does, everyone understand, no, well, too bad let's begin okay. Okay, round, one team, one what, Patti would you like huh, let's, do, Oh behave. Oh behave, that's. Right going to be a good category. So. We'll get 45 seconds on the clock on your marks, get, set go. It's. This really, cute animal that collects honey be correct. Um they collect this the. Those animals collect that and they come honey yes that were right um they go insane these hives. Yeah, they. Pick up the polling floor from flowers. Yeah perfect they. I just said this word they eat it. Yeah perfect and they. Can hurt, you with stinger, yes, they. Have these to fly yes. Yes very, well. Very. Well Johnny team. Is only starting off strong all seven. High doesn't make me feel very good yep good, so. Done. I, mean sound. Like zombies there. I. Like that one. Okay. And. If you're ready go. Black. And white. You. Eat this. They. Do this not a cold. No. Other. Color other colors. After. Five. The. Last word was personalities. Book. No I don't know you said rare I'm thinking of toys, you. Did very very well though you're not too far behind two teams on base so team zombie at one point ahead do you think you keep your leads I hope so okay so water is going to be your second category, can, we do not on poor poise not on poor poise okay.

So. We will get 45 seconds on the clock and we will begin no, okay, friendly. Sea creatures fish. Good. The other ones that's like jump it off and direct, these. If you kill them they drop, die. They're. Also squid yes perfect, um they. Have a, green, shell turtle, yes all right, um this, is a fancy fish, that we like to eat it's pink salmon. Yeah right um this one blows up puffer. Fish yes yep you, break these and, you can eat them they're green they're help yes yep this, is a phrase, of the, animal, that's in the water the. Animal. And. That is the final category so you have Phil, seven, points. Done. Very very well though it's a tricky one that was a harder one with the phrase so, Tim's. Killing me messed up ah. Thank. Goodness. No. Chance you can plea, for even though are you ready yes just even okay what, category are you wanting how about meow, meow. Very, good one that's all it, will get the final 45, seconds on the clock right we all begun no. They. Live. Villagers. Live in hope. Yes. Parades. Animals. In the water Oh perfect. Pandas. Are in this Coco biome. No, jungle perfect. Purpose. Cats. Are this before they have a home straight. That's a, kind of cat very popular, cat. Perfect. Animal, that goes meow. No. No a perfect opposite. Of in cat. Out cat, in okay yep that cat outside. Having. This, phrase. Very. Well-known scene thank, you very much. And we. Are done honestly I haven't enjoyed myself this much in ages but there can only be one team, crowd the winners for that to come forward. Okay. Time. For the physical challenge. Okay. And the. Winners are. Tim. Wah. Was a valiant, effort thank. You both for taking part wolf it amazingly, and, you've. Been watching mind games. Breaking. News an update, has swept the realm changing, village' life forever, but, one villager, refuses, to embrace our new way of life here's, villager, number nine with more info Thank You villager number five, citizen. Why don't you want the update. Update. What. Welcome, to the most villager, friendly update ever, there's, campfires, berry, bushes. But. Uh there's. Taiga, villages, desert. Villages. Bundle. Tundra. Villages, savanna. Villages. Folks. Villagers. All over the realm are loving, life, thanks. To the update I got a job there's an armorer look, at all this stuff, the. Update gave me a whole bunch of. Now. Yes. We all have new jobs now I'm a farmer. Hey. Anybody. Know. The. Update is the greatest, thing to happen to village against. But. See how much better your life could be get. The village, and village update today. The. Village and. Thank. You villager, number nine the, village and pillage update is out now have, you updated yet. Yes. Not. You. It's. Time, to vote, but. Let's review your choices once. More first, up we have the Badlands. Lands, which some have even going so far as to call bad, if, you vote for this, biome, you're voting for tumbling. Tumbleweeds. Funky. Hello. Oh, tiny. Ends, high yeah. But no, no I'm telling them right, now. No okay. Yeah. I will, I will get to the vultures, yep totally okay. This. Just in, the. Vultures. Do not as has, been widely but, wrongly reported on, the internet steal, your loot they're. Just attracted. To loot and will circle, around the area you, heard it here first folks, so it is the truth, next. Up we, have this swamp vote, for this biome, to be updated, if you like things to be a bit more swampy. Mangrove. Trees hopping, frogs and cool boats with chests, in them and, finally. We. Have the mountains, vote. For this biome, if you prefer, some high-altitude. Exploration. Snow-capped. Peaks epic. Mountain, views and the snowiest. Snow, since, snow, what's. Your favorite which, do you want to see updated, first what, will you choose to. Vote you need to log in to your Twitter account go, to the minecraft, account and, see, the poll that's just, gone live, click. On your choice to register. Your vote. Life. Requires thinking outside the blocks. No. Pets allowed in the house, fill. The backyard with, muddy pigs. Ta

2019-10-02 01:50

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マインクラフトのイベントに日本も参加させてもらえることが嬉しいですね! 英語が飛び交う中堂々としているマスオさんがかっこいい✨しかも盛り上げてる! ハチハチブンブンは日本語だしハチさん達可愛いし、マスオさんの活躍嬉しく思います(*´`) 体が大きいのもかっこいいですよ

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Hello Guys! What is Live Edit: It Video UMLIMITED Timer

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2011: Meet your favorite content creators and enjoy talking with other peers about the game! You'll even get a cape for it! 2019: no this is minecraft, make it a *t a l k s h o w*

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Updates for the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft were discontinued. It will no longer receive any more updates.

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"Snow is Snowier than ever" -That guy, 2019


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Does anyone else want to know why bedrock isn’t on PS4 yet or is it just me

Mine is minier

Swamp sec badlands third mountains

We have missed nether villagers and villages for THIS?! Eh theres always next year

Sou br

Make the bees in ps4 edition pls

Add amplified option for console

What we want: Cave Update What Mojang thinks we want: *SNOWIER SNOW*

We dont need Hytale anymore for scritping. And character customization

Pewdiepie biggest Minecraft player Not even in minecon whattt

2019:the snow is snowier 2020: the mobs are mobbier

Thought they were adding the other biome updates from 1.14. Don't lie to us

“You can shoot arrows at target blocks.” -Agnes 2019


2019 Snow is Snowier 3019 Dirt is Dirtier


2019: Creepers are more creepier. 2069: Sticks are more stickier.

makes me wanna start shooting everyone!"

When is ps4 gonna be updated

1:11:58 Why does everyone look so depressed XD

Didn't even know minecraft had a page


I want the old soundtrack back

Give me a cape


It should have been the swamp

Pingling Beast > Netherhog


Rip cave update

Da like


2:26:04 Look at that kid in the Center his so exited for this Update, Just look at him

I can’t believe Grain wasn’t invited... :’(



*SnOw Is SnOwIeR*

The nether uptade is gonna *BEE* so cool.

(The cave update:[1.17?]) *The official* Minecrafters:Yes! (The cave update 2.0:[1.20?]) *Mojang:the cave is cavier than before* Minecrafters:this is getting pretty weird

Jeb: snow is snowier Me: hmm, of course and now air is airier

*this is all ya fault you other pillagers and villagers. If you never shunned him,he would never do this.*

*sad illager noises*


*sad swamp noises* *also,sad Dantdm noises*

2019:snow is snowier

BIST DER BESTE. https://youtu.be/TdZ5FT7_X1Y

its for the whole versions

cave: knew ores, more mobs mobs:steal amour, more mobs, mob outposts pets:dragon, kinds of dogs, more pets, pet food flower forest: flower graudians, flower village, flower amour,flower temple sky:cloud gardians, brids, cloud amour, cloud village, cloud wolf, cloud cat,cloud animals,cloud temple roofed forest: scary mobs, abandon village and houses,more mobs what you should add: realistic Minecraft shaders more mobs werewolves water bar and when you look at animals you can see there health


Honey block will be best addition since observers if they don’t stick to slime blocks!

next minecon live upgrade sky,desret,and brich forest or dark wood forest



Put my tablet java and fix the minecrft in my tablet

nobody: not a single soul: this comment section: *SnOw iS sNOwiEr*


Snow is snowier Minecraft is toiletier

Water sheep!?! 2:01:30

The Music At the Beginning is so Calm

I haven't got the bee update yet? Can u explain why i am very impatient

Whats in the new update? Can someone tell me

I hope Badlands biome is in minecon live 2020 please

I’ll get hated for this but pocket addition kinda wants foxes :/ and I want wither roses before the new updates because there are bees, another three options, and then the neither

Snowier is snow

44:10 sounds like someone literally died taking their last breath after that pun


More than 10 years of updates sounds amazing


Hi plz talk to me im lonly and sad

Xbox gets this right

Everyone: You know... the bees are kinda bi- Minecraft: sNoWiEr SnOw wIlL bE aDdEd

New name....boar+beast = BOAST

So exited! Thank you so much to Notch, who started this wonderful game, and to the Mojave team, who has helped with the development of this amazing game!

microsoft please stop bullying linux users

Where is that villager news?!

How do use the editor and scripting tools

Most comments I see say “snowier”, the quotes-

there modding there own game at this point and i love it

I saw someone in the chat replay say boo at 2:25:56 if you stop it


Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh dum da villager news

You can build a buggy, Drive a big tow truck, You can paint a jet ski Yellow like a duck Master of the universe There ain’t no trick You just gotta do it block by block Block by block Tock by tick No matter how thin No matter how thick Papa told mama And Laura told Nick You can move a mountain If you do it block by block Faster than a skateboard Bigger than a bike Louder than a DJ scratchin’ all night Pedal to the medal Heck’a LEGO squeal You’re in the driver seat When you’re behind the wheel Block by block Tock by tick No matter how thin No matter how thick Papa told mama And Laura told Nick You can move a mountain If you do it block by block (Music) Are you game, boy? It’s a riot, girl Click on the stick Let’s go for a whirl If your gonna cruise the island There’s somethin’ you should know When you block the rock You’re gonna get towed Block by block Tock by tick No matter how thin No matter how thick Papa told mama And Laura told Nick You can move a mountain If you do it block by block I built a cool machine Red, yellow and black There ain’t no doodad This device lacks All around the island We’re goin’ round the bend Break it down baby Block it up again Block by block Tock by tick No matter how thin No matter how thick Papa told mama And Laura told Nick You can move a mountain You can move a mountain You can move a mountain If you do it block by block


34:46. aaahhAaaahhh that thing is a minidevel

There was kid flossing in the peek thing at 29:55



Notch can you pls show an inplyey

Snow is snowier more like the capes is capless for java

Xbox users Still dont have a fox

le goat lol

Hmm yes. It’s looks like *Jeb is Jebier than before*

They are still gonna do the mountain and swamp biomes right? Just not now.

When are bees coming to minecraft ps4 edition



Dude, I can't believe that Iskall85 in in this. Did he ever mention it in Hermitcraft?

Air is airer

Next year update for dessert. I want to ride camels in Minecraft

The snow makes Gold look useful

2:12:32 that one kid in the middle with the glasses is so sad, until he gets an emotional pat on the back from his friend. RIP Cave update

The snow thing isn’t even funny

Why snow tho

Cant you add Huge lava creatures to the nether swimming in the lava You need to have that becouse why else would there be big skeletons/fosiles in the soulsand valey

Nobody: Me: bee is beeier

Co-Host confirmes minecraft 10 -Minecraft 2019


gostei da live

Hmm Oh Yes Snow Is Snowier

First Minecon in a while. Good to see it back :)

Why the emotes,they just ruin the game. They look gringy af

That tnt and crabhook arrow doesn't feel like Minecraft animore

Do honey blocks still work under carpets?

Agnes is really sick she needs rest 40:05

Minecraft don’t add emotes please you are going to change minecraft and if you do add it you are actually copying Fornite and people were playing so that minecraft won’t be a old video game, i play Minecraft if i get a time to so please don’t add emotes, i am already mad and sad because emotes is going to change minecraft so don’t add emotes . Did you read this Minecraft?


Russians want a name Borov

Uh... There in that weird horse race... Is that Watersheep?

When creepers came to real life 2029: 34:55

Name the little piglins pygmy GET IT?

#GetSnowy Rip #GetSwampy

We just got mountain for a GOAT not a MOOSE

1:01:59 The SNoW iS SnoWIeR For the people who scroll through the comments trying to find when it happens

Hey minecraft! I can make any mob fly and kills me

That guy who won in "Digging for Diamond" was just stripmining in Y12

Where is DANTDM

Not free


excuse me how do i make a owl cape?

Swamp is more important than the mountain. Swamp will give travelers and scavengers and adventurers more capability just like the boat with chest


With new loot the pro's will be proier

We want a cave update But the no is now noier

What of the update bring a below bedrock world?! "The low will be lowier"

His flow is flowier

Dont you dare to rename the zombiepigman to piglin

mc 10+ I am nine can i play mc?

2:14:25 was the first time I realised that the table is a 10

Hey hey guys listen i have an original joke The snow is snowier Ahahahahah who else got it? Lmao my joke is so funny

The Glowstone is Glowierstone than before

I atleast play minecraft 11 times a week

Imagine that the first name of Minecraft is Cave game, but Cave Update, they didn't do.

Imagine a ravenger against a piglin beast

When will minecraft xbox will be update

if your ever need me for updates I have so many ideas! My address is Linsfort, Buncrana, Co.Donegal, Ireland.

I subscribed!

Maybe in the next Minecraft update, are chairs. I even made a crafting recipe for it. So take one woode n block of any colour, then get 4 sticks and throw all the ingredients on the ground and maybe it might appear.

Gimana cara cepat dapat koin di markleplasc

*the snow is snowier*

I got a 9 minecraft books

Cave update

Why take it so long time to get in a world?

when is release date? pls tell

The Pigling Beast should be called the Nether Wart Hog it's a pun on Nether Wart and the fact it a Nether Wart Hog I came up with this idea during Minecon 2019


MINECRAFT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg its H

Alguien de habla española que le de like al comentario y no al video para que pongan en español.

wait you said you removed Herobriene but in my newer version in minecraft he's still showing even i'm on singleplayer mode

Will the update for Mountains come with 1.15 or 1.16? Thats the question

nobody sub to him or her


On 2:02:28 did you see the enderman wave

1:01:56 There you go my snowier snow friends


2017: ocean is oceaoner 2018:taiga is taigaier 2019:snow is snowier 2020:nether is netherier 2021:cave is cavier 2022:sky is skier 2023:end is endier 2024:desert is desertier 2025:savanna is savannaier 2026:badlands is badier 2027:swamp is swampier 2028:beach is beachier 2029:space is spacier 2030:dragons are dragonier 2031: Gameplay is gamplayier 2032:the future is futureier 2033: _[unknown]_

The piglins should be called hogman

2:08:27 YES.


popularmmos used the animation mod add that mod to Minecraft 1.15 java

In the Village and pillage update for x box there are no foxs y

Wow the day right before my birthday

We are getting Bees

Her voice is even worsier

here i am in spooktober just watching this...

I also think that this idea is great for 1.16. Credits to Grian. https://youtu.be/zWABA_HcH4g

Se me hace una falta de respeto que vegeta777 no este ahi

I picked on Mountains and Jens probably loved my idea and letted Mountains won

eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww pineapple does NOT go on pizza

3:49 - Pre-Show 35:38 - Main Show 1:21:29 - Vote Round 1 Begins 1:23:21 - Minecraft Earth 1:32:47 - Character Creator 1:44:18 - Vote Round 1 Ends and Vote Round 2 Begins 2:12:24 - Nether Update!!! 2:22:42 - Biome Vote Winner! 2:24:18 - Show Overview 2:27:21 - Post Show

I thought it was Microsoft

And wheres the furniture?


I guess you could say, we're getting a-nether update

Most people: the snow is snowier Me: the chat is *way* chattier I’m sorry I tried to be funny I’ll leave now-

1:19:22 element animation are they aloud to do this

2019: "Snow is snowier" Future : Creeper is creepier

21:00 - 23:55 where is PewDiePie!?

How cool, it feels like I haven't seen Chobot in years. Like meeting an old school friend who helped you defeat the reapers.

Put cameras into minecraft

it is 2021

how do i uploading a server?? i rilly wanne play with ppl ....

Ps4 update to bedrock plssssss

Cant wait to make sacrifices with the new goats I'm so excited about the blood rituals I can do

i hope they add worm for thw fishing rod bigger worm = bigger chances of special things

Nooo I missed it


Can you guys add a new dragon in the nether for pocket edition

Wow men

Notch would have made the combat and cave update #COMEBACKNOTCH

They should be called piglings

Thought another cringy moments but its more cool than the other year.

If only pewds were there

I vote swamp p.s I don't have Twitter so I'm just going to do it in the comments

2019:Snow is Snowier 2020:Jeb is Jebier

cool real life angry birds!

Fate cagare

1:22:56 this is when the “Snow is Snowier” meme started

Cave upadate


hearing shelby scripted is not convincing lol

Im not waiting forward to the still useless and Boring mountains update

Mountains are still useless swamp offered the most stuff

OMG LOGDOTZIP WAS IN A SECOND THERE XD grian and logdotzip are my fave minecraft youtubers!

Im still pissed off

Hello Eystreem. Why are there 3 freaking wither

Piglin beast farm boom liveable nether

To be honest, I hope they hold the convention next time, so people can actually meet their fav youtubers

mojang plz put minecraft earth in play google

Please make minecraft free on pc and working in windows7/8 please mojong

Like for keeping the crawl mechanic


Minecraft earth

1:54:38 Việt nam!!!! Vietnam

2019: “snow is snowier” 2069: “blocks are blockier” Tysm for da likes. I didn’t ask for them, but I’m glad you did that.

hearing shelby scripted is not convincing lol

Do we need Google AR Core to play minecraft earth???

And also can you make it to where you don't have to have your Xbox account signed in correctly in order to play online online is not working

There is a problem at minute 50 second 16

Can you make PE edition update at the same time as Java addition?

*Ah yes,* *enslaved snow increase*


This is all so amazing, when I grow up I want to work for mojang

Duh duduh duh duh Villager ne- PANDA!!!!

1:37:55 see that kid on the top?thats me when they announce that capes are coming

I really wanted the cave update, but the new Nether update is going to be really cool.

Scott and Shubble out here representing

We need more dragons

The new show should be called a pigmite

2019: snow is snowier. 2021: skins are skinier

Swamps three thousand percent should have won

I mean a new type of wood



People: bees are to big in Minecraft Spider:am I a joke BRUH

can you guys please add updates to minecraft pocket edition

the savannah biome should be in the next minecon

cuz it and nether-hog is the most suggested names

name the piglin beast wart-hog


1:19:21 villager news

When are you going to do an update about the PS4 I'm excited


Will this be for bedrock addition too?


In the next update add magic that the player can use

make it so you respawn in the nether with crying obsidian

This show was showier

Mincraft eArth yag

You know that? that Sea turtles is a endangered species Panda is an endangered species bees is an endangered species So we make cave a endangered species so they add a cave update lol

I love it how when they're playing the 'Buzzing with Bee's' you can hear that Shelby's mic is still on and her and Liam are just chatting away.

For 1st game, scott was the luckiest

I think they should add the statue of your player skin in minecraft java like earth

are bees for jave?

i can't beelieve it i just want swop but i could not vote

Everyone: GOLD IS USEFUL NOW!Me, an intellectual: Powered Rails, Golden Apple, Villager Trading, Beacons, Clock, Glistening Melon, Golden Carrot, and in some cases, Fireworks.

mine diamonds im mining

Mincraft: he's got played by a zombie

Minecraft earth: Steve got hit by a car

Cactuses... yes

Villager news is the best part


Pliess mojang update menicraft v

Hey! There is now a version of biggest bedrock beta!







There like Bumblebees Me when I encounter a Bee in minecraft: Oh he'll nahhhhhhh

YESSSSS!!!! LOGDOTZIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What was the map they used for the triathlon race?


add wasps!

deflected dimension!

R.I.P Stands(as when a player dies)!

pumpkin carver(Simular To the Loom Block!)!

paintable blocks(diamond blocks become shinier!)

New ore types!

Every mobs should drop there skull by being killed by a charged Creeper!

squids blinding you and weakening your armor!

pig packs and ground hogs!

add crabs!

End update! end Update!

2019: Snow is Snowier Also 2019: Stop the Beejokes

Love it I’m from 2020 and nether update is coming March or April

Swamp nation

No, Snow is Snowier

I want a Java cape


I love minecraft

*mountains get chosen* They called me a madman


And RTX at bedrock edition

Please add an cave update

and pc javan

can you for minecraft pe

like if minecraft earth realesed on play store.....

2019 anyone?

Anyone know what date does this update launches?


2019:snow is snowier 2020:crafting is craftier

Minecraft earth is not compatible with my Motorola

IDEA: When you sleep if a fox is nearby it will pathfind to you and try to steal an item from your inventory

lets do this bois

1:19:21 probably the best part

I have to understand that the mountains have won, right? :P 2019: Snow is Snowier but 2026: Minecraft is a system of ones and zeros XD

R.I.P Stampy come back


*Прошу подпешитесь на мои канал я на чальныи ютубер*

badlands !!!!!!!!!



i love minecraft

Omg they added Agnes to real life

I was not expecting Ilmango's accent, lol.

Are they updateding bedrock education

добавьте мод на девушку и на мебель

Everybody: making jokes about "snow is snowier" Me: duh i know

October what

The pre-show Time stamp is 4:09 just trying to help

Everyone:cave update! Mojang:so bees it is

Copyy Hytale

2:26:25 mi parte faborita

Hope add a village swamp

This update look litty

What do you mean we want loot not more snow and

is that stacyplays at 50:51

Holy crap, your right

35:40 *Captain Thunder-Thighs has entered the chat*

Can’t believe it


*Nether Update*

Really I can’t believe it

C'est la première fois que je regarde la minecon et c'est trop bien. Extraodinaire

How remembers stampy

Mollan ps4

All that's cool and all but when are we getting bedrock on the PS4

Go away hola

Hello Terraria Guide

I saw some of my favorite youtubers! This year is going to be great for Minecraft. Mountains win PLEASE!!!

I sure hope Notch adds mice

I want the bedrock update in java edition because I love that version more even tho i got them both

Can you add another mob like you can put blaze ghast

whaey m,kaoagjan ae avwatn a a cave audpate plaese a gi gifjave usa apame ave uapdt pesaleaeese!1 please shut up about the cave update

36 emeralds for a bell DA *****

Mojang meu ovo


When it come on Android

Hey mojang can you make in 1.17 is cave update I missed the cave update can you add in 1.17 cave update please

it is cora

Hi Sam

Minecraft bedelends updates broco de arbustos sercos que roda Arbutre o novo carqueto com fores

Eu tenho 10anos

Eu sou seu fã

E moscas

Minecraft spaws updates sapos lodo a árvore de mangazao as raízes baus em barcos também barril ender_bau baú de armadilhas e shurk_box

Minecraft taiga updates frutas venenosas cor roxo veados pinhais

Minecraft savana updates avestruz cupim broco de cupimseiro nova árvore

Minecraft desert updates palmeiras suricatos e eu posso dar ideias

Minha ideia de atolizasao minecraft aquatic updates 2 baleias arraias tubarão polvo cavalo marinhos gaivota dragão do mar palmeiras angryfish temtacolo de polvo e lula baiacus poderian deixa seus espinhos e dois variações de baiacu golfinhos e tartarugas marinhas uma nova madeira vindo da palmeira cocô batatana de tubarão sopa de batatana de tubarão couro de baleia tubarão baleia no mar aberto cavalo marinhos polvos resife de corais carapasa de tartarugas marinhas nemonas

I was fishing I fished out 10 ink sacks in one fish can you add tools to things you can fish out and make them be able to have mending and enchants also add armor please.

More like minecon HIVE

What song is playing at the beginning?

Minecraft is mincrafer

Побыстрее бы добавление .



the time has come BOOMER'S


Block by Block: so i can give them my castle i built and they will make it happen in the real world - so i can finally live in my own castle?!? Brilliant!!! Let’s begin right now!!!

That fish-glass head thing is clearly ‘stolen’ from TERRARIA!!

2019: snow is snowier 3564: string is stringier

Talking about how wonderful bees are - proceeding by wasting ~50kg of honey for a stupid challenge. Brilliant!!! One bee produces about a droplet of honey in its WHOLE LIFE; so HOW MANY BEE’s LIFE-WORK has been wasted here?! Seriously people... Think ffs!!!

2:34:09 i want illusioners

Sounds like a New minecraft

2021:smelting is smeltier 2022:enchanting is snchantier 2023:breaking is breakier 2024:combat is combattier

I want the editor tool like if u agree l l l l v

Music at the beginning??

5050 bees are buzzier

I WaNT BeES YAy Fly BEe WhOOHoo yahoo

I’ve watched this so many Times this video is awesome love minecraft like if minecraft is better then fortnite

Meet the Fem Sniper- Saxxy Awards 2013 Honorable Mention

Can you put foxes and bees in the ps4 pleeas

"watch out, the snow is snowier than before!"


2019:snow is snoier 2020: dog are dogier

Sup bruvs


Where is my cape?

1 question I why is there no bees in minecraft pe I can't play with them

Can you give ipad updates faster please


57:10 выступление кринж мена (что бы не забыть)

Check out this Disney Castle built on PE with cell phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdwHr9r2CSg


Petition for Mojang to add cave update for 1.17 Come on Mojang we're waiting!


Make yeti pls pls

I’m surprised at Shelby’s outfit, because I’m used to seeing her in mainly hoodies lol

Emotes bad



Notch I have a very!!!! Big request for you can YOU make mcpe 1.15 with hd graphics

Nether Update:Removed Herobrine

now I think Mojang should change the recipe of sticky pistons by exchanging slimeball with honey bottle

Make unicorns when they got iit by moonlight they get cursed

Mowing please add gorrilas that'll be cool

Please update the via Bluetooth multiplayer

0:00 Is it just me or the standby sound is very pleasing and relaxing.

*unoriginal comment making a pathetic SNow Is sNOWiEr joke attempt* *edit: thanks for 0 likes!!!*

U should put bees on bedrock and make java and bedrock edition the same

34:39 was pretty cute

I logged in to my minecraft xbox account and my character creator had a new tab for capes now I can add a cape to my custom character but not my classic character I also made a video about it plz subscribe I also didn't update yet because I got android that's the weird part

Here are some updates minecraft Needs: Mobs: Rams Bulls Unicorns Elephants Rhinos Monkeys Wither dragon Mouses Squirrels Zebras Giraffes Pegasus Trolls Manticores Lions Blocks: Block of enchantment - you cast a potion onto the block and whenever a mob or player walks on it...They get the effect of the potion and you can add carpet to it Effects: - the ability to dye your wings or create a pattern on it like banners - name tags appear on mobs permanently without having to click on it Food: Cauliflower soup Nuts (from squirrels) Bananas (you can find them in jungle biomes on banana trees) Rice Corn Nature : Banana trees in the jungle biome Crop field biomes (rice, corn, wheat) Cherry blossom biome (cherry blossom treess) Enchanted biome (where ypu can find witch huts, castles and Unicorns)

I came for Scott and stayed for updates


Add Godzilla

When is the update coming out though???

Love minecraft

Deverian poner las vanderas con escudo

Give me cave update or death

sam is my name

I was surprised when Mojang won

In pocket edition we STILL don't have FOXES!!! Why is it taking so long? I don't know much about coding so maby this is a regular about of time???

idk bout 3564 cuz then we would all be ded

Aww man , Aw man . OMEGALUL

UUU lul

Where is water sheep?

Jesica: oh man oh man Me: a

Herobrine was in video of one of my favorite yoituber

Guys I need your help he is back

sorry minecraft, i forgot a subscribe and missed a MINECON Live

and i saw this minecraft have a command and chat, when you use chat a / is a command

and i saw i looking a chat live and you making a Minecraft's emoji

But, u lauched a minecraft to XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, and PS4, but we have a 2019 Version Of Minecraft

unable to update the minecraft runtime environment WHY???

Snow is snowier Water is waterier

Can you put bees and foxes into minecraft PS4

mojang: pls add sharks

OMG, it's the best of 1.15 edit: upload videos of the new pls blocks (Spoiler)

i dont understand the scripting thing slash how to make it


wats wef Disc 11 and 13 and 24


Can u add a swamp golem please

They should add a nice witch of some sort and i spawns in a village and it can protect it and make a dome around it and all the villagers like her and she has a cat and a kitten I hope you guys see this


Почему обновление выходят раз в год


Hb an update so u can choose what mobs u want to spawn?

BTW the snow is snowier

There’s not even bees in minecraft

Mojang добавьте в Minecraft ползать через 1 блок

Minecraft plz add command blocks to console

IN CAVES!!!!!!!!!!!




Hello,Do Removed Minecraft Error

Anjir Aukmented realiti memang kayak game mamang kiritod tinggal pakai kaca mata ar jadi sudah

They should add more mini games like bed wars


cave update

1:19:20 Is The Actual Time For Villager News

community:nether update for 1.15 pls mojang:no community:cave update mojang:how about bees also mojang:lets listen to them about the nether update me:am I LITERALLY THE ONLY ONE to notice this like if you did edit:forgot to say but goat voters are goats

I want them to hurt me he said That is what she said

4:03 Pre Show Starts

/claim cape


I tried to download minecraft earth and I follow the instructions but still not working

I want to see the face of people that wanted badlands update Btw snow is snowier than before And i wanted swamp update too

That means Minecraft is Minecraftier


2020: Minecraft Dingeons


Anyone else looking for cancerous people who say fortnite is better

Make it so you can die slimes

Make it so you can toy slimes

Mojang im from Indonesian you can make update diamond_apple

When do they mention capes?


We need more mini games on ps4

Why weren't the desert and Savannah biomes updated like they said they would be


I wish they could add jungle villages

Why isn't there a queen bee? No beehive is complete without one.

Essas cabras mais no futuro teria leite de cabra modelador de queijo

О все на английском языке круто ('-')

What if villagers have a guard villagers can you improve the villagers biom

When is the console version getting foxes and bees??


Cuando sale minecraft earth

But what if kids don't have ARCore and they can't afford a new and better phone to play Minecraft earth

Make minecraft bedrock look like jav

Bees ♡

35:24 Temple in Cambodia

I didn't have time to vote

I want so much to add every from this biomes

Are you hacked becuse your profile picture is M

Mountains Winned !

Fort nite wanted to make a new chapter to get more people to play cuz minecraft is overpowered and relevant again


I want sharks

1:01:55 this is most likely what you came for


Mein Kampf Live

This is kinda LONG but I love it Minecraft you should make a paint update where you can paint planks

Swamp should have won because of the Mangrove wood

If there is a nether then can u add heaven dimension too please that would be a great update! :)

22:25 Who is he? He looks like Chris Hemsworth!

Apdetan menecraft 1.14.99

اخي ممكن تصلحون اخطاء انشاء حساب بلعبة

One thing that we learned from this video:SnoW Is OFfIcIalLy SnOwIerR thaN BeFOre

Hello Minecraft knows the pc so has the bees and I was looking forward to see the bees in Minecraft mobile phone in Minecraft but when I went to see there was no but when I went to see this new version that now had thank you very heart Minecraft.

I got first comment on the live stream

Piglin=NO Pigman=YES YES YES

Plissss pigman

Iskall made it into Minecon, but where the hell is Mumbo jumbo

1:26:55 COMMUNISM 2:01:31 so that's what happened to the frick chamber

Hi friends!!

i like it a lot

Potreste aggiungere l'armatura di lapislazulo e gli scuali oppure le talpe ma non solo nella vanilla anche nel normale



Now all the Mario speedrunners are gonna get at Ravager Run.

stinky stinky stinky stinky stick

give us a CAVE UPDATE!!!!!!!

Pongan tozino de los cedos pofabar digamelon

Minecraft make Minecraft free all people when get it

34:30 is the mini show. Thank you

Hey Minecraft! Pleas, Pleas do a CAVE UPDATE! With more ores, more mobs, and a hostile mob called the Motchrum: it seems like a normal mushroom but it can GET UP AND FOLLOW YOU. It can be friends with other mobs such as: creepers, zombies and more! His weakness will be water or lava. If your reading this.... pleas do this update. Btw the motchrum will Shot a seed, this mob drops: mushroom seeds and a mushroom. And the ores I want should be: a Amber, sapphire and ruby. And the mobs should be: moles, rats and fruit bats. Again if your reading this.... pleas do this update. #minecraft #caveupdate #mineconlive

If you guys like this idea pleas give a like

I love you re game

MINECRAFT can u plz add ride able dragons and dogs and mabie more land creatures plz i liv this game but the bees and the goat havent even been added to the xbox one plz fix that?

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