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Ladies. And gentlemen. We're. Back. Joshua. Swift here for authentic, intent we. Are live on location at, the Minnesota. State. Capitol building. Figured. I'm going to hang out here for a couple, of hours, and. Then. We're. Gonna hang out here for a couple of days over. The course the next couple of months because they are in session, so I figured, I'd come. In here there's a lot of visitors. That. Come in and out of here we. Have been here before. And. So. We're live guys this, is this is it right, here, there's. Your star, of. Tyranny. So. What's up. What's. Up everybody this. Is. It right here this is what, started it all here. Satellites. Don't exist why, would they right I got. Wi-Fi, I don't need satellites. Good. To see everybody. Joey. Cocktail. Frequencies. Earth. Flattener. Move. I'm, a bit nervous you know got. A I'll, admit I'm a bit nervous it's. Been a while I can't. Teach an old dog new tricks though right, so. There's. Some tours that are coming through here there's some people me and during around. Looking. At the paraphernalia. That is. What. They tell us about Minnesota, State history, of. Course the victor hey. We made it two. Minutes in. For. Our first connection interruption. We're on the Minnesota State Wi-Fi. So. You know you. Get what you pay for right so if you haven't paid your taxes. Pay. Your taxes, so that then I, getting better Wi-Fi, here at the State Capitol that. Would be great. Alright. So we're just gonna, hang. Out here for a couple of hours. It's. Cold outside so you know can't really do anything outside yet I think. I'm going to wait until April to, hit up the. University. Campus. David. Good to see ya. So. Yeah this. Is it folks this is activism, I hope I hope. This is a. Encourages. People to be a more. Active, in. Their area. APG. How's it going. So, yeah we're just gonna hang out here and see what happens there's a couple of school buses outside. So. I would assume that there's some. Schools. And we, might walk around, as. You. Can see it's snowing outside or it was snowing there's, snow on the ground so. Yeah. I know that I. Spent. Some money today, so I'm in a hole already on food, so, it's. Okay because it was on food. So. So. We're just getting our feet wet here folks. Don't. Know really what to expect, as, always. We're. Live. We. Don't, pre-record. We. Don't meet, up with somebody and have, a little conversation, we, before, we start. Recording or anything that so. We. Might have just a bunch of two hours of me pacing, around this, occult, symbolism. You're. In the middle APB, good to see you. Naked. Juices well. Naked. Juices are full of fake sugars. You. Should buy your own fruit go to the food shelf. Food. Shelf has plenty of. Good. Produce at. Your local food shelf you don't have to feel bad about going to the food shelf I go. To the food shelf to get produce and I use that to juice I. Heard. Somebody giving me a hard time though or given. So many a hard time about juicing, because you need, to chew your fruit it's. Part of the digestion, process. So. To drink smoothies all the time isn't really necessarily, good. Good. For you, thanks. For that I'm, gonna still juice because it's easy. So. I. Do. Have some information. To. Share, as, we. Proceed, through the, afternoon. Chemtrails. Is always a big thing, definitely. Want. To make sure that we let people know about chemtrails if, we ever have a chance to talk to somebody today. And. Then. This, weekend. Minnesota. Wild. Will. Be playing the, Detroit Red Wings on.

Sunday. So. I'll be going to a Minnesota wild game for, the first time in a couple of years. Thanks. To some generous donations. Joey. Keep, up the truth my bro hashtag. Globe eggs at half stag Flat Earth offensive. Will, do sir. They'll. Help pay for the gas that it took to get here. We're. Gonna have some action here later we're. Going to start to get just, like super, aggressive. Since, everybody thinks what I'm doing anyways is stalking. So. Are, you gentlemen doing a. Terrific. Thanks. You. Guys believe that we landed on the moon. You. Guys know anything about chemtrails, you want to talk about chemtrails. Did. You know that they're spraying us with chemicals, fellas, I, know. That you do. That. Guy in the back with the glasses I, think he's a senator. Little. Quick history I did actually used to work here at the State Capitol as, a Senate, page. Those. Doors are so heavy look at this guy he's struggling, he. Thinks of the locked. Should. I help him out, no. I'll just watch him. I'll. Just watch him struggle. Mmm. Hey. He did it good for him, and. It was probably all the way back in 2000. I worked. Here as a Senate page. Run. Errands for the, Senators, got. Paid. Pretty well. That. Was the same year that a, law. Was passed where, motorcyclists. Could run red lights on. Turn signals, if, their. Bicycle, wasn't heavy enough to activate. The sensor. Scares. Us and, amazed. Okay. Flattered. Ave flattered, the vegans don't get kicked out too quickly they write. Pretty. Amazing architecture, huh. Just. Just, really amazing huh. Yeah. A lot of your money. You. Got a lot of books there sir. Or. Any of them about Flat Earth I know. We don't live on a ball I. Guess. Not. Some. More people coming in. So. Yeah. We. Are gonna we're gonna work on our approach how about that for. All you naysayers. Out there, I've. Got I got an approach that we're gonna try to work on we're, gonna try to just pet everybody's, back, treat. Them all like docile. Sheep. Treat. Them all like docile. Sheep. Paradox. Good to see you Tommy. Lee what's up yeah we're back. Looks. Like a Las Vegas lobby. Where. Have I been where, haven't I been. We've. Been focusing. Hanging. Out, getting. Ready for 2018, the, big push. Try. To get the truth out there let people know what's up. Flat. Earth Mexican, good to see ya. So. We are just you. Know kind of on patrol right now. Waiting. For some interactions. We'll. Walk on down here see. What's up. That. Guy's important. That. Guy is important. Got, some commotion, going on so we got some people moving around. Good. To see everybody oh we're. Back we're. Live again. Connection. Interruption, number two. Thanks. Minnesota State Capitol Wi-Fi, we love you. So. Let's. Switch it up here, you. Don't want to see my ugly mug. So. What are we gonna do this year guys and gals are. We, gonna show our faces in public like all these kids are showing their faces. Protesting. The NRA, and, gun. If. You haven't watched you should. YouTube. Chris Rock bullets. Stand-up, routine. Chris. Rock does a pretty good. Routine. Regarding, bullets and gun control. He. Says that if we. Just. Made bullets cost $5,000. Apiece. If. Anybody did get shot. They. Deserved, it you. Won't, have stray bullets that's for sure and if, you did. That. Person who shot the gun the gun would go, off and try, to find it right. If, you accidentally. Shot somebody in the leg you're gonna go get that bullet out of their leg and be like hey thanks. Mind. If I get my bullet back please that's $5,000. Because. Last time I checked guns don't kill people bullets. Do. So. If, you want to have. A philosophical. Conversation. About gun control I'm, your. Man and Chris. Rock is too. And. Then there's people, behind those guns too right so. The last time I checked. People. Between the ages of 16, and 20. In America. Who, drive. 8,000. Deaths per, year. So. We should stop giving to, a, 21. Year old should be, the year that you get your driver's license. That's. 8,000, kids a year, that. Are dying from car accidents. More. People die in their car. Than. They do, from. Gun violence. Twenty-one. Thousand people a year die from self assisted. Suicide. With. Said guns. 21,000, people a year kill themselves, with. A gun. So. What are you gonna do about those people and, take their guns away you. Can after they shoot themselves. Hey. Nathan Oakley I am at my Minnesota, State Capitol building, trolling. Trolling. This. Beautiful, architecture. There's, your eagle up in there. Rusted. Soul good to see you, yeah. We are back. So. There you go and then. BOOM. Why. Not have just a cult symbolism, all over this building, why. Wouldn't we because, that's Minnesota, taxpayers. So. We're just getting our feet wet here folks we're hanging out here at the State Capitol building. Tomorrow. I got possibly. Got something planned it's a little more personal, there's.

An IDs, climb. For. Cystic, fibrosis the. IDS. Center is the tallest building in Minnesota. 53. Floors and, you're actually able supposed, to be able to go all the way to the top, so. Could you imagine if I'm able to get all the way to the top with the IDS Center and take. A picture. Because. It'll last longer. And. We'll see whether it's curved, or not I put, my, fisheye. Lens away. That's. Off to the side. But. I don't, have any like donations I don't I'm not like a participant, I'm not a climber or anything. But. I will bring some credentials. And. Try. To prove to them that I have cystic, fibrosis. And. Maybe they'll let me climb you, know who. Knows. Otherwise. We'll stand outside let people know about, the. Cystic fibrosis. Conspiracy. Yeah. Check it out man look at this guy. Right. And. It's an eight-pointed, star -. What. A coincidence. Why. Wouldn't it be an eight-pointed, star right. So. Yeah. Why. Wouldn't that be. Similar. To a lot of other but it has nothing to do with the cult you know that's, esoteric. Exoteric, that's a conspiracy. It's. All conspiracy, talk. So. I do find it funny though like you, know, this is what we got to do this. Is where we kind of have to go here at the State Capitol building I mean when it gets nicer outside I'm sure more people will be more. Anxious. To. Go it is a little nerve-wracking, though I mean I gotta be honest with you when I just wanted I kind, of started to just putz around on, my way here, because. I was a bit nervous you know I haven't done this in a while but it's like you, know riding. Uh riding. A three wheeler. You. Know or a four wheeler you never forget. Because. I don't want to fall in or a two wheeler and. So. Eventually. We. Do have to show our faces we, got all these teenagers, running around. Holding. Signs against. The NRA and. Push. And gun control I mean they can do it during. School days. Why. Are they able to do that during school days hmm. Weird. Anyways. I. Think. It's funny though a month ago these same kids were eating, Tide Pods. So. Go, figure. Now. They have just the supernatural. Understanding, of gun laws in this, country but. A month ago they were eating Tide Pods because. They.

Looked. Like. Jolly. Ranchers. These. Guys would be back, blow. Their minds. They're, all Asian -. Boom. And. We're holding this sign here we're holding the classic. Satellites. Don't exist. If. You're new to this. Does. That look like a picture of a real satellite. Well. It might actually be because it's on the ground. Right. Are. You doing that hey. A terrific man, hey. Do you believe that there's a car in outer space right now. You. Do okay. Great. Why, is it that Tesla. Plans on sending two people to Mars like in a couple years but. He can't send a car with the dummy in it to Mars right. I. Should. Pray. Because, it looks so real it's fake right. Are. You is that a serious question yeah. Absolutely, not no, it's. Not a physical object that can be landed on. No. Did. You know that when the moon phases are going that. You can actually see stars behind, the moon. So. Like if it's a half moon that. Part of the half moon you can see stars how. Is it that you could see stars through the moon if it's supposed to be a solid object. So. You're seeing the reflection of, stars on the moon. Does. That make sense you understand, what I'm saying okay, so when it's a half moon or a crescent, moon right okay. Why. Is it that you can see stars, where. The other part. Yeah. You. Know why, I'm. Asking, you. I. Know. Right I'm. Sure in five minutes I could say a lot of things that you've never heard before yeah. Same, place you do yeah. Yeah. We. Do okay. Yeah I guess I guess I guess it depends so I do have one more quick question how is it that in, the, Sun part of the car you, know that's in outer space, it's. 500. Degrees. Because. We're being deceived and we're being mocked about, a car being in outer space man. It. Affects your worldview of where you think you come from and where you think you live I. Live. On a flat. Motionless, plane and not. A ball hurtling.

In Outer space. Have. You ever seen a picture of the Earth from space. Okay. I do, have a youtube channel man you want to check it out no. No you don't want to have an, alternative. Viewpoint. Just. Want to have the dogmatic, view okay, man take, it easy. So. How, is it that a car can, survive 500, degree heat ha, tell. Me now we're live again another, disconnection. Thanks everybody for coming by he's. Running. He's. Running. We've. Got some Gawker's holding. Up traffic. Hi. You. Like the Sun. The. Sun the occult symbolism here yeah. You. Know freemasons, probably made this right. Yeah. Women. Aren't allowed to be in freemasons so, figure. That out. Figure. That out, women. Want rights but they're not going to complain about the secret societies, that hold them back hmm. Weird. That's. Weird. If. You dress if you dressed up in like a skirt. In, a. Drag show you, could probably make it into Bohemian, Grove. You. Know. Hey. Nathan yo you got two balls you got kids man come on, got. More than I do you know I can't have kids naturally, just, a heads up just, F, TMI. For ya folks people, with cystic fibrosis can't. Usually have kids naturally they, have to have our in vitro. Insemination. So. You got more balls than I do man I. Know. Right it's like it's an echo echo. Chamber. Which. Is what flat earth kind of has become a. Flat. Earth the community. Kind of has the same five. Six, people coming in and out of the live chats. Same. Conversations. Nobody. Really has anything new to talk about like. The six hundred, vaccines. That they're solving us right now you. Know. You could look that up. You. Can look up chemtrails, you know I saw something really interesting. Sub. Zayn good to see ya. What. Did I see interesting oh. Yeah. This, whole Lake. Ah jet. Fuel hoax airplanes. Run on air compressors. They're. Really slower, than you think they are yada, yada yada what. Do y'all think about that I, don't. At all agree. With. The, group. That. Is, part. Of that video series. If you will, the. Jet fuel hoax if you just google that or YouTube that. Enslaved. By no media, you know that crowd. He's. The only one that's talking. About that hey. Man how are you today hey. Good hey did you know that we don't live on a ball hurtling, millions of miles through space, we. Live on a level motionless, playing. Please. Look it up Flat Earth have a nice afternoon. So. Airplanes apparently run on air compressed. Fuel. If you will, we're. Being hosed, massively. By the airplane, companies and, when. They land they're really only going like 70 80 miles an hour. So. I saw that I was just like I don't, know about all that. Opie. Mars are you pissing people off I. Don't. Know if that's real pee Mars I. Know. Right Nathan I'm I. Mean. I'm trying to have an open mind but I don't want to be like that kid remember that kid a couple.

Of Months ago said don't don't. Have your mind so open if your brain falls out and I mean when I it's kind of kind of started looking into the whole jet clean, fuel. Hoax oh that's. That's. A stretch you know, that. Is a Gumby, stretch. Nanny. State right, there. Goes that kid again he was running around. Maybe. He's a Senate page maybe. He's running errands. David. Says my. Plane was. Driving every five minutes man maybe. Puke, was. Diving, every oh yeah I hate to keep, up with the curve. No. I think I do more work than the government does right now. We. Could go see if they're in session right now. Burnt, up here I doubt, that let's. Go upstairs. It's. Up Sanji, so. We're in the Minnesota State Capitol building right now trolling, per, usual. Give. You a little tour again. If you haven't seen my previous episodes. Of. Authentic. Content we did come to the Minnesota State Capitol, for our debut episode. On. The. Senate chamber. Oh. You. Know. Okay. Lazy. Soon. They're gonna have glasses that they can see augmented, reality, then. Where we're gonna be. Looks. The same no huh. They. Probably don't change much in here. Yeah. Oh. Sure. Just. Small renovations Oh huh. Yeah. Well I guess. Every. Year around this time they get that money right so. What, are you up to today. Yeah. Yeah that's all we can do man we're, on I got a YouTube channel, yeah. So. We're just, hanging. Out in front of the lobby, talking. To people mixing. It up. Yeah. Do, you believe, that we landed on the moon. Yeah. I. Don't. Want to date you 63. 69. Yeah. You know who Richard, Nixon is. Yeah. Do you think he's an honest man. So. Do you think that it's coincidental, that we landed, on the moon six, times when, dick. Nixon was in office. Does. That make sense. Yeah. 1968. To 1972. So. During that four-year stretch. You. Just told me that you probably don't believe a, whole lot of what he said or did, but. We're apparently, supposed to believe we landed on the moon during those times. We. Yeah. Six, times. Well. Mate what's, your first inclination that, you think we landed on the moon. Pictures. Of it so. Let me ask you this question from. From the earth and viewing. The moon, it's. About the same size as the Sun right kind. Of exactly, actually and so. You you'd, know the size of the moon from Earth but when, they took a picture of the Earth. From. The moon it's, the same size how is that possible. Believe that they. Wherever, around the moment I don't, believe we've ever been to outer space sir. Yeah. We. Are yeah but. It. Is something that I interests, me so it's something that I would pursue to look into, more. So than probably somebody, your age no offense but if you, around that time why would you ever doubt that, we would ever do that because it's kind of like a doctor. Or a scientist, a teacher, the. News, we. Have, this innate ability, in our heart to believe those, people just because. Since it's such a young age that we're conditioned, to write and, I. Guess I just questioned, the integrity of. The. People higher. Up than me and it. Being compartmentalized. There. Could probably be a lot of deception, that even, the people that work in NASA don't know. Right yeah or in, a Hollywood studio right, yeah. It changes. Your worldview it. Would give you a perspective of, us, being possibly, insignificant. And it. Could lay the groundwork for the, idea of evolution. Whereas. Instead, of us being created, by a Creator, God, we. Have this big bang and, it's. A random thing. Well. I mean there'll be answered when you die and you meet God yeah.

And. It, probably isn't the most, interesting. Thing to you since you know your age and you're, busy guy you know and you're kind of probably set in your ways but, I do encourage you if you ever have a chance I have, a YouTube channel there's. Some videos on there you could YouTube if you ever get bored they're documentaries, I think, you're taking that type of person that likes documentaries. So. Sure. Thing yeah I have an open mind you know and share. Them with your grandkids or you know any of your family members too. Already. All right sir have a good afternoon. Bone. All. Is one now thanks a lot good to see you. Yeah. Right. Thanks. Hey. Everybody, thanks. A lot appreciate it all the encouragement. But. You say something like that. Better, you than me. We're. Kind of dodging, dodging. The proverbial. Bullet. Well, on YouTube so you, guys. Can say whatever you want. You, know I should have asked him. Should. Have asked him when they were gonna I. Do. Plan on coming out here pretty often. Babe. You. Yeah. It is a nice building Nathan they. Did some renovations to. It, they. Said about. Three. Hundred and twenty five million, dollar renovations. How. You doing hey. Terrific thanks. They. Were live. Not. The Sun not. The Sun symbolism. Yeah. Ever since we. Went upstairs the Wi-Fi has been. Acting. Funny haha, but. It, should, catch. Up. I. Know. My fiance is X radio goes out. Over. Every overpass. Yeah. So. Back. To the Elon Musk thing. So. He plans on sending two people to Mars right. And. I haven't. Heard. Anybody in the community talk about this. But. How. Is it that Elon, Musk's, can't, send a. Car. With the dummy inside, to, Mars. They. Got the trajectory, wrong already and it's, on its way to the, asteroid. Belt right. But. They plan on sending two people to Mars in the future. Good. Luck heaven people sign those non-disclosure, agreements. Good. Luck with that. But. Then again it'll be like those episodes that I shared last week. In. The description. One. Step beyond. Hypnosis. The. Power of hypnosis and, Hollywood. Probably. A lot of people that are do sign non-disclosure agreements. Are hypnotized. Maybe. A lot of those people in Florida literally. Are hypnotized. And. You. Know of course why isn't it burnt up you, know give. Me a break. But. People want to believe that you, know that's. That's. Sad. Leads. Rule star man isn't real. Dun-dun-dun. Know. The song star man by. Gosh. What's his name Billy. Idol. Star. Man that's. Real. Pretty. Good song -, there's. A movie with, Jeff, Daniels called star man that's real I. Have. That cued up to watch I. Want. To watch that. David. Bowie there you go my. Fault, Bowie. Idol. Right. That. Goes my 80s band. Knowledge, I am, forbidden. To talk about eighties music any more the best decade ever for, music but that's is my opinion, because. I was born in 81. So. What do you want from me. 90s. Music was pretty DS. For. Boy bands. Backstreet. Boys. I think. This guy's talking to people I don't know what's gonna happen here, we, might get some action. From. That guy over there. If he, has people circle around I should get up to like. To. Like right there. I'm. Not touching the star. Well. Flattered Viking I don't know what to tell you about the signal that's Minnesota, State Capitol Wi-Fi, for you, our. Taxes, have not been paid in full yet, we still have April 15th, for the deadline so. Hopefully, after that. Date. We. Will have better Wi-Fi. Nathan. Oakley says this signal is good here. Signal. Is good here it looks pretty good, I. Do. Reset. Up my, live. YouTube they must have done a bunch of different new updates I do always. Have when you go mobile live you always have to click allow. Chat. Like why would you not want to allow chat on. Hey. We're back. All. As one now is the star raised it is actually. Etched into, the ground. So. You can see the shadow. So. I think they like edged. It. I. Think. It's a separate piece and they just laid it in. Jerseys. The. Floor looks better than math slower, I. Know, right. Yeah. He's doing him all over town right, math. Floors are dope not his content. But. His art is appealing. Yeah. Just as long as he stays away from those five. Strings right. Boy. Hey. Give. Me a break on that thing. But. Hey you know I mean. He's. Showing us his. Progression. If he will right. Agreed. Now. He just needs to get like actual, bandmates, instead, of that Casio. Keyboard. From 1984. Get, in the Sun no, I'm gonna go that's you get kit you can do. Your free speech here you can say, whatever you want and, so. On and so on you go inside that circle. They'll. Escort you well I don't want to be inside the circle anyways be, part of some kind of a cult ritual. And. We need to be cleansed, of the heebie-jeebies. Xbox. II he should be jailed for crimes against, sound. Sad. Day you know this is kind of funny though almost what thirty thousand, twenty six thousand people. Subscribed. To him and he can only get. As many as me, fifty. People and his live chats. How. Is that possible.

Just. Saying just. Saying. I. Was. Going man. This. Is eight-pointed star. He's, focused. Professional. Hey. Did you know that this is an eight-pointed star. No. Well you do now. If. You want you can Google, like what an eight-pointed, star has, to do with a cult, check. It out yeah. Sure. Thing hey you got a quick question for you though do you believe that there's a Tesla, Roadster, floating, in outer space right now. You. Don't or you do, no. Sorry no now you don't speak English oh. Yeah. Of. Course not. What. A coincidence. I would I like to do that too when I was in Thailand I, don't. Speak English. What. What what Tesla, Roadster. Cannot. Compute. I'll. Get them when they come around, given. My given. My business card business. Time. Yeah. Truth seeker I totally, get where you're coming from there. Total, silence based it's. Very difficult for them to get. Away from the maths. Union. Forever. All. Is one now yes I do have tickets, for the Minnesota Wild the. Detroit Red Wings. March. 4 at 6:30, p.m., so. I don't know if I'm gonna be able to go alive like I I, might. Have to. Cut. It up like. I did with the Vikings game. But. We can try it. Maybe. They have better wife either, you. Know or better just. Signal all together. How. Many. Security. Cameras, are on me uh. What's. Going on fellas hey. Satellites, don't exist okay. Satellites. Don't. Exist. Boom. Sometimes. That's all you can do I don't. Know if there's really any in here, oh. There's. One right there, right. Above that plaque. There's. One right there. There's, so I got to. Yeah. If you don't. Know. What project loon is, that's your Google Earth Google. Earth. Was created, by. Balloons. The. Size or bigger than a football field. So. Google Project loon I. Think. A lot of that stuff is probably done by drones now, so. Even. Smaller. With. Even more powerful. Cameras. Google. Loon, exactly. Google. Hey. Kimmy good to see you thanks a lot, all. Hail Google Thank You Google so much for allowing me to stream, live on YouTube, right now oh, I see how it is so I start thanking, Google, and. Then they disconnect, me oh, I'll. Convenient, hey, we got some people coming in you can, control. Them. Just. Remember these kids know about gun control now. Are, you guys doing, hey. Terrific you, guys on a school or just come here to hang out. Come. Here to hang out really. What's. Up. You. Did okay what school y'all from. Prior. Lake okay so y'all drove down here. Okay. Right now at. The excel okay. I'll, be there on Sunday. Watch. The wild game talk. About Flat Earth yeah. Yeah. Go inside hang out with the. Sheep if you will I'm. Sure you guys like watch YouTube, right yeah. You, guys ever. Look. Into like conspiracy theories, and whatnot. No, stay away from Alex Jones yeah. Totally. Control, off yeah. I do have a YouTube channel though fellas I'd appreciate it if you could just check it out. So. Satellites. Don't exist, yeah. You're. Familiar with like Google, Earth yeah. How, do you think Google Earth was created. By. Smart. Guys stick with this guy right here did, he drive, you. Didn't drive okay. How. Did, they make Google, Earth. Yeah. You had your one goal at the smartness, but now you're out what, does that look like a. Satellite. What does this look like a satellite. That's. What we're told were a there you go that's another smart guy two. For two so, what does this look like. Satellite. But where is it on. The ground so which, is a more realistic, depiction. Of a satellite this or. This, guy. Keine. It. Is animated. 100%. Of your satellites that you get from outer space are animated. Same. With your planets and your, earth. So. If. You really think about it you never you have never seen the Earth from space because. It's animated and they, admit it. I'm. Sorry. Planet. If. I just said that you don't know what the earth looks like from space because, it's animated. How. Do you know it's a planet because you, look at the other stars and they look spherical. Right. Sure. So, have you ever looked at the moon with like p900. For, example, and seen. Stars, behind the phase of, the moon. Does. That make sense. Yep. Yeah. So the, moon isn't an actual physical object. That can be landed on. So. With that being said why. Is it that the Sun is coincidentally. The same size. Four. Hundred times right just. So happens to be or could. They actually just be the same size. Closer. Than what we're told. The. Sun yeah. Yeah, it works, more like a spotlight. And. Actually. The sun's light is electromagnetic, waves.

And. It's not actual light like we would see above, you so. When the Sun actually goes down how, much light do we actually see, left probably like what 90 minutes, when. The Sun sets we probably see about an hour to. Maybe ninety minutes of some, especially during the summer time right. What. If it is. To. Control your mind. Who. Said that there's an edge. I. Don't. Know I've never been to the edge have. You ever been to the edge of outer space because they tell us it's infinite right it's infinitely expanding, how. Do they know that. They. Have cameras, so, if I'm walking around the state capital and I'm using their Wi-Fi I go upstairs and I lose signal you're. Telling me that a satellite, can give us a precise. Distance. From, where it is to. Earth hundreds. Of billions of miles away. But. I'm just saying you guys they. Use it in a manner of controlling. Your, thought life and so. The biggest idea that, comes, out of school is evolution, right. So. How many here believes, in evolution. Okay. So. If, I, was to tell you that evolution, is real, by. Telling, you that you live on a spinning ball hurtling, millions of miles through space and. It was created, by a Big Bang, what. If a God created, a Big Bang and we live on a level motionless, plane on an. Enclosed, system, and. He's watching over us right now. Okay. So God an infinite. Omnipotent. God isn't in control of everything. He, just kind of like created, it and just let let it go. No. It's totally cool man you're young, and I've. Been into this like for two years you, know so I just. Feel like I want, to encourage you guys to question. What you're being taught in school and. Just. Explore, ideas that, the, people that run, your schools like above the teachers. It's. An indoctrination Center. And it's not really teaching you what. It's doing is it's making you regurgitate. Answers. Memorization. Right, so. When, you leave, you'll. Probably forget 90%. Of what you've being taught, so. If, anything that you can learn in school learn a language. Spanish. Chinese, I, mean seriously because, that's. Really the only truth that you'll ever be taught so. Math. It's, a language though so. I mean you could learn math but. What its gonna do is for. Example the, app you know that you can use to see the space, station right what. If that's just a wandering star that. NASA chose, to, pinpoint. What, the setna this. ISS, is right, so. They put in an algorithm. Into an application using, maths right, so. That that algorithm. Is connected, to that light in the sky, but. When you actually focus a camera onto it or a telescope, it's. Not in the definition, that you would see it it's. Just a light in the sky. So. That's. I mean that's all I got for you guys I mean on my card I have, videos I also. Have a playlist of the ISS, showing, that they do use, harnesses. Augmented. Reality and. Green. Screens, to fake the ISS, interior. They're. Faking, the ISS, you're. Being lied to. 100%. We've. Never been to outer space guys. Never. Moon. Landing Tesla. Car in outer space. Mars, land rover in the late 90s. Who. Told you that. Yeah. Okay, well. Question what you're reading right. Cuz. Yeah, they could say. That, but. They make Hollywood movies all the time right for. What couple hundred million dollars.

1969. Yeah, so, you're familiar with who Richard Nixon is yeah. Just. Like history, tells you probably. Wasn't the most honest, man right. How. Much of a coincidence between 1968. And 1972. We claimed to have gone to the moon six times during. His four years in office. One. Of the biggest liars. Ever. To grace the White House we, just so happen to go to the moon six, times. Come. On guys. I. Mean think about it right. So. Yeah I mean I want to take up too much your time guys check out the occult symbolism you know eight pointed star stuff. Like that so. Hey. Thanks a lot man appreciate it guys have a good afternoon, hey. Guns don't kill people, bullets do okay. All. Right. Yeah. Boom. Thanks. Everybody, appreciate. Your encouragement. Boom. I'm. Eating your grapes bro. And. This, is why we do it so got another hour to go folks. Another. Hour to go oh. Yeah. Hey good luck in your wrestling, tournament - forgot, about that, yeah. Hey, anonymous gasps good to see you thanks for coming in appreciate. It. So. I think if we. Do. This like two hours twice, a week. Really. Supplant ourselves, here maybe we'll be able to run across some I saw, senator, when. I was talking to the gentleman here he, was like, looking. Over there. He. Was looking around the corner trying to see what I was up to you. Creeping. He. Was creeping. That's. All right though. Calls, buddies up. Some. Punk kid out here. Patrolling. Our, six, eight pointed star. Eight. Pointed star so they just drove here to come to the state capital I mean. I guess, if I was 16 or 17 I probably wouldn't. Think anything. Different like listening. To Alex Jones is a good idea right. So. Hopefully. They check it out they got some. Time on their hands they're able to invest. A, couple. Hours. Per. Documentary, I. Made. Sure I brought enough cards. This. Time. That. Seems to have been in the past my downfall. I. Do. Have DVDs stained, yo. I. Have. DVDs, I. Have. DVDs from my previous engagements. The. Judgment, of the Fed. Is. On reserve. Frequency's. Alex. Jones is so, 2008. Agreed, I. Know. Right I used to be into, him. I'm. Sorry. No. I'm just some guy hanging out I've got a youtube channel and like talking to people. Yeah. How, about yourself what, are you up to. Okay. You, with family here. You. Are okay so, what do you think about the, establishment. Sure. Well you got a voice right now I'm live on YouTube so what do you want, to complain about.

That. Was. Working. With me at the very beginning the case. She. Wrote in. A piece of paper telling me, if. You wanna keep using drugs keep using, just let your mom know first, to take your kids with. Her no you, can keep using true, then, I. Let. Her know ones. That I used with, this guy just, for you things on the wall Vincent. Place and purpose or. Firmly drug so I created like who knows my kids custody, sure and she. Told me okay you can keep using just um overdose. I mean, I was like what, kind of social. Worker is, she, who. Really. Wants to help me or she wants to destroy me, yeah so, I, start. Complaining, about, her. Behavior to. The county. She's. When. The, business world. And. You had a legal right to visit. Your kids yeah. Exactly. Talk her another. Time I was super depressed I, went to be. Back. In November 2015. And, those. Medications, didn't, work on me they don't, make this to make me like 40. Friends, yeah, I, wasn't eating hmm. I. Mean, he was like worse it was the opposite. Instead of helping me it was making me feel worst yeah so. That's. Why these these, people might think that, I, am. I'm. Still using, drugs because, I I. Don't. Like. I don't, I. Don't. Gain weight that. Fast, but. It's because I got used to those I, think the, medication, that made my stomach now. Hungry. So much sure and. But. I don't understand, why the county. Keeps, like. Blaming. Me and accusing, me. We've. Been using, drugs still, and when, I'm not using any, the, guardian ad litem, his, name is Howard Miller, and. He. Is, the one that is working on my kids, he. Keeps accusing, me of that they lost my eyes. When. He told me and he's mentioned, something about like plastic, bags and the. Social, worker mother and yet from put something and they know saying, that I was selling bad in. Myself for drugs, oh wow why, do you guys do that. Morgan. Jackson supervisor. And new. Girlfriend is. The same she kept accusing, and, I when. I, was in, court, I, mentioned. Court. To. The judge the. Child, protection Hennepin, County the, davidic, interpretation. Department is working with, people that are involved. In. Everything, is a retaliation, therefore. No one from the from the car. I. Need. To defend myself. When. I was. Well. I mean do. You have a cellphone right. You. Do so, you know the selfie cam yeah. Yeah they watch you through that I, mean. You're. Being watched all the time you, know and, they. Use that as a means to build a case against. You so. That then in the future if anything, comes up they're. Able to use that against. You you. Know and so a lot of people say you, know for example we have a Fourth Amendment right not to allow, the government to come into our house or our car and search, our house without a warrant right, so. If, people, just say well the. Cop pulled me over I, let him search my car because I don't have any drugs what's. The big deal but. If people start to continue, to do that over a period of time the, police, then become, conditions. That. They're okay, with us going into their house so, then they think that they can just do whatever they want so that's, why I'm here right now. Yeah. But. Mexico, if the same Latino, people are. Like. Trying the same. So. I can a nice. Well. If there's anything that I can like encourage, you with is. You. Got to turn it to start to focus on, yourself and, your own personal, health change. Your diet you, know drink. Distilled, water. Take. Vitamins, and minerals I know it sounds like a long process and it sounds kind of like, it doesn't make much sense right. But. But. You have to start taking control of your personal health, first. Right. Right. How much fast food do you eat. Nothing. Much okay that's great, do. You cook for yourself. Okay. Bring.

Them For alcohol, drugs something, that I don't have an issue yeah, so, I feel like I, can, do nothing I can't work because I don't have my sister's car and. I went to this administration. Office, asking, them to give. Me a replacement, you're, in the ass they told me like to go to the immigration, office. And get. It thanks give me a letter over there so, I went to the immigration, office, and, they were able to get with that letter they. Asked me to use the. The. Computers. And the library which, I don't have any private, symptoms, are checking home for everything, or not. Yeah. Have you gone to the Minnesota, Workforce Center to. Like. Help on the. Same my cell phone. Fortin, apart and I'm not able to do anything because the government is that I'm helping, is, making, fan support, sure do, you think that the crowd like, the people that you're hanging around with even family, do. You think that is possible for you to separate yourself from those people. Well. I. Do. So. Every, time I contact, someone, they. Are telling. Them lies. She. Is the, person. Is, like, when, he meets me or she they. Have gone with the idea of. You know. So. Maybe do, you think you could just stop, talking to people I can't, I mean, cuz that's um that's what it sounds like it's gonna have to do is. You should just talk to the, people that are involved with your kids, because. I think that your kids and having a relationship with, them is the most important, and, not. Worrying about what everybody else's, drama is, because. If you don't have a relationship. With your kids it's. Not that they're gonna necessarily, forget. About you but. It will be, a strain. On your relationship in. The future because. They will look back and. Say, well where were you like. What's, up. And I'm gonna drop the UAE's even, go out I don't have to drop, them I still got who are, you able to go to a women's, shelter I try. To go, to these. Shelters. Peraza. In de sao we don't have the space okay, so I mean everywhere, I go there is something stupid. Going on yeah so I don't understand, what was going on all. The things that I was saying when I had my kids bishops. Yeah where, we. Use against, me hmm, everything, I was like, saying. When I was meeting with people that the social worker more than young so he asked me to work with everything. Was the use against, me I'm like I'm not doing anything and I'm trying to save myself because, these people are, blaming me they're accusing, me you know and they, seems right to be using, everything against me so.

I Feel like what's. Going on like. I am, the worst person we don't win the role when when I'm not doing anything, yeah what's, your name. Carla. I'm Joshua nice to meet you yeah. So what's your plan tonight like what what do you what. You. Can only focus on today right so like what's your plan. Okay. And. That's. Where I was staying for the last days. Okay. Have. You ever heard of the Minnesota workforce, program. Yes. Yeah. I know and I know that it sounds like a tall. Hill. To climb I know, it does but you have to start somewhere, and you, have to continue to kind of dig for. You. Know people that want to help you because, there are people that will want to help you it just seems that you. Not seeing your kids, kind. Of puts you in a particular, mindset that, there's no. Light. At the end of the tunnel right, and so, I think that if you're able to get busy you know go to the Workforce, Center they will help you, yeah. It's gonna be a process to get Social Security card and all that but I think, that. That is the best for you is to stay busy by. Having a job have a passion. In your. Life so, that you're able to focus on it and then. That. Will create a reputation that. The state will have to acknowledge. You're. Changing, your life you, want to see your kids. Yeah, you. And. Every time I was asking, her for lying her mana your cold the, man needed to make some change and the computers, you I was everything, here for me yes she was eating man. I'm. Not doing anything, you know it's something that you need to. Mine. I wouldn't be asking. Yeah. So, are you um so. Can, I ask you a personal question are you how long have you been sober right now. It's. Been a while yeah. Okay. So. Okay. So with that being said you. Know. If you are to start moving forward get a job where they screen, for drugs, because. If you put yourself in a situation with. Other people, that are doing drugs, that. Could cause a temptation. Or you're gonna be in an environment with, people that. Have that. Problem. Themselves right, because. You're well okay I understand, where you're coming from so. You don't have a problem but, the people you work with have, a problem, and because you don't have a problem they. Could see you as an enemy you. Know does that make sense because you're not hanging out with them you're not getting high you, know, so you have to find a job where, they screen, for drugs. Against, me because I'm night their environment, because I don't go all dancing I can't use with. Them. Some, guys are, I guess because I. Don't want to keep having sex with them sure the ones that I that I used to be but they were sitting, me up how can you be with someone how, a person, and your side in its gonna be setting you up with his not okay, now yeah so that's, what that's why I started, like staying. Away from everyone, who. Which. Boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend or someone that you have said Cooper is gonna be asking you to do if.

The People, that you are hanging around wanted, to do it threesome, yeah. You. Should you. Need a runaway right yeah. Some. Friendly, like talk with guys up here and there that, doesn't mean that I'm actually looking for, someone to sleep with them yeah well. I mean so, so. I. Am, a victim of criminal. DVD. I mean, of these, people that have like a like, I could saying they keep Sarah me up they can ask me like oh why, don't you, sell. Yourself if you're having, sex with me for free I mean, I'm like, why. They're. Asking. Come on let's have sex and I said no in their light telling me okay then, I'll pay you $40. You have sent me. For. What they just wanna they're trying to send me up so. They could if. I do it they'll report. It to the police saying that I am the one prostituting. Myself sure, you're possibly. Taking. Really. Awesome with them if, they're, against. Me. Say no balmy summer night I'm not doing anything yeah. Everybody. Seconds, well. Not, everybody's, against you I got people that are watching on YouTube live they're. Not against you they hope that you can you. Know just have a. Light at the end of the tunnel. When. I knew I wasn't and. I went for Kelvin. Help, with pain, okay. Dr.. Mia medication, that she gave me made, my my, pain, even worse, too so I went astray to. The we. Are a, TMC. They. They, put up an, IV, on my arm I was. They. Give me up something. Inside me I don't know what is, EPS. Or I don't know where is it and, then they, didn't motor so know me and. I ask them what's going on what happened and they were like no you will you found anything self, life why do you guys took me so long like, to be here but. From. The older pain the. Abdominal, pain it was like from the last time that I had sex with this guy yeah memories which is a professional, model unit, and. He's drink. His fingers, inside, me the same awareness so that's why he. Puts something, so, that make my abdominal, pain comes worth every, single day so. I'm like oh my, god. Well. I, just I guess the only thing that I can really say I'm gonna start, pacing, around again but I appreciate. Your story, there. Is a light at the end of the tunnel but. You got, to stay positive. Then. Then you you, got to stay away from those people you. Got to stay away from those people. Not. Everybody, is against, you though I know, it seems, like people are against you but. You can't put, a spotlight on every, single person thinking, that they're against, you. In. Meanness. Or a teen challenge mmm and it was the same they kept asking me like what's the road choice question over choice I'm like I don't have any choice. I just. Came to get my kids back and. They kept us he was the same question every single day, and, it, was night for most of the people that were there I, feel. Like there, were a few bother you, or not feel pissed up oh my god why are you guys asking me the same question, it should they are. Yeah. So I said nice, well. Try to I mean, like. I said. Sure. But try. To you, know like I said go to the Minnesota workforce, program, or, try. To find a job, where, they screen, for drugs so you're around, people, who. Don't have that lifestyle, you know, and those jobs, will pay better you. Know especially since you're bilingual I'm, sure right you speak Spanish, right so, I. Guess. I don't know I'm not in this new situation. I really appreciate, like you sharing, your, heart and we. Got people that'll. I. Appreciated. Stay. Away from everyone. Is, trying to give me in trouble if, someone does something to, me. And, someone. Wants to argue lĂ­neas stay. Away you nor them and us it's, not a one idea tell think. About your kids your, kids are the most important. And. Yeah. The enemy is gonna put people in your path to. Keep you away from, having a relationship with your kids so. Yeah. Hey you know I appreciate you just, sharing, alright, see ya. Well. That was heavy folks. Heavy. All, right. So. There was a group of people here, earlier. Maybe. They'll. Show. Back up. Got. About thirty more minutes or so hey. Martin good to see you thank you sir, proud, of you too thanks, for all your videos that you do, you're. Really. You. Really go at it man you have I appreciate, your dedication. Thanks. AJ yeah well just trying to lend an ear I think, she really wanted somebody to talk to you you. Know like. A. No. Judge of a person, no. Respecter, of persons, you know you got something to share I don't.

Care. What your past is like my past isn't the, best and. Sometimes. People just need somebody to listen that's, it you know. So. I hope she's able to find you know that's the thing is like. When. You used to have a problem or, you used to be around, people. With, you, know drugs. Alcohol. And stuff like that, to work in a restaurant if, that's the last place that you want to go. Trust. Me on that. And. So. You want to stay away from those types of people yeah you might have to get a job where they screen for drugs cuz. You. Know you got to sometimes, you just got to fly right you know you got to play the game you got to have your driver's license, you got to have car insurance you. Know, you got to play this game but, what, we're doing here is. Expressing. Our First Amendment right which is a part of the game you know. Sharing. With people truth. Talking. To people about you, know controversial, subjects. Having. Those people look at you you know like I. Was. Nervous when I first came out here today I, was. Like how was, these conversations, gonna go what do I know, well. I don't know anymore than any of you guys out there in, the. Viewing audience. Who. Am I Who am I to be able to come out to the state capitol and talk to people I don't, have a degree I do have Scrubs though i got. Some new scrubs while i was in the hospital so we're gonna sport, those down at the state the. Minnesota. Campus. Wear. Some scrubs, and talk science. Hey. Daniel good to see ya, warrior. Derrick. Nelson thanks for stopping by hey, I. Want to give everybody an announcement, I've got an announcement everybody. Get. Your coffee. So. On March 31st. This. Year. In. What four weeks or so, we're. Gonna do a flat. Earth meet up at. The. Flat Earth brewery. Company in st.. Paul Minnesota. Around. 4:00 p.m. until, it shuts down you know maybe eight o'clock or something like that but, so. If you're into that, we. Have a flat, earth brewery, in Saint Paul out. Of all the names that you can name a, pub. It's. Called a flat earth brewery, I sent. A notification to. Mark Sargent, with. A couple of pictures in, the. Address so maybe he'll post, that sometime here in the next week or so but. I wanted to give everybody a, heads-up, on that March. 31st Flat. Earth meetup. Flat. Earth brewery, downtown, st. Paul so. Google that. Be. There or be a sphere. All. Is one time 4:00, p.m. Central, Standard Time. March. 31st. No. Nobody. Nobody put me in the hospital. Pneumonia. Put me in the hospital I. Got. Pneumonia I. Was. Admitted on January. 17th, and I spent four weeks in the hospital that. Was fun it. Was nice. It. Was nice. Being. Waited, on and. Having. A strawberry. Parfait every, day Coffee. Unlimited. Apple juice from. Concentrate of, course I, concentrated. On the. Little. Apple juice cups. Chris. Where's my wrench ah that's, a great question I wonder where it is I. Wonder. Where it is. Agreed. Derek, Nelson agreed. Unless. He wants to repent you, know then he can roll with that but. Hey. Boomer thinks a lot. Flatlander. Good. To see ya. PG. Says do I get a wrench ha ha just kidding, well, you know I mean play the game rate positive. You godly, see. I have no I have no problems, like. With. People, who want to come into the chat room with their like. Their. Main youtube channel but don't come in with socks you know I mean come, on at. Least be genuine, in that regard I'm being genuine I mean on my face is right here right I'm.

At The state capital you, got 30 minutes to come down here and. Dialogue. With me and troll with me if you want or troll. Me. So. You, know just come in with your real, genuine. YouTube channel like you know P Mars or Tim or. Jim. Panda or so on and so on and so on. Otherwise. You know we got no time for you. Got. No time ain't. Nobody got time for that. Yeah. Martin you could probably do some. History. On the Minnesota State Capitol building if. You wanted to. There's. Also. There's, also an eight-pointed, star in, the center. You. Can check out and. So, you, know I mean yeah it is pretty cool it's good good masonry. Work. But. It is splashed, with. Occult. Symbolism. Spirituality. Very. Old-looking. Paintings. And so forth a lot. A lot of marble, and, granite, there's, a lot of granite and marble here. Here. And a lot of commotion you got some people coming down maybe. Can. I get my Martin. Meta Bowles yeah just, uh I gotta. I'll. Have to do that at home. Yeah. I think. You. Know I've been here for so long. That. In the center there is a. Chandelier. Weighs. A couple hundred pounds, I, think. The tip of the dome I think, they say it's like. 150. No. It's gotta be more than that, 180. Feet or so I keep you know I've been here enough you'd figured I'd heard. Enough tours I would. Know from the center here up to the top um how many feet that is but what do I know just. Some guy. But. Yeah it is. It. Is impressive you know I don't know what other state capitals look like but mines the best. All. Your baller bases, are belonging to us. Flat. Earth bus is making a fuss. I've. Got the right. Hear. Ye hear ye. Pritu. Who flatters okay a tiara. Is plana. Hey. Speaking, of 33. Neil. DeGrasse Tyson. Told. Everybody in his most recent speak. That. The. Earthly, government's, maybe, I think it I think it's the. Okay. Well, he'll tell you Martin here you go Martin. I'm. Angry, I'm. Gonna ask you to give us some oh shoot him give him a shirt yeah well I just wanted to express my anger okay. All. Right thanks man do the nails with it sure. Sure. Thing man thank you. Okay. This, is public property so, I do have a right to, do, videotape, we'll be right back sure, yeah. Well. This is public property I. Know. It's disrespectful. But they have cameras, here, too and they. Have cameras on your phone so. When you're using your phone your, selfie cameras looking back at you and the government is watching everything you do in the privacy of your own home. Okay. Well that's fine. So. If that's, what you guys feel like you need to do. Because. It's legal for me to be here that's why you have to leave. Could. You show me the law that it says that sir. Sure. Yeah I think it's Minnesota statute, sixty six point zero two where. I can legally film anybody I want on public property you, guys have a nice day and research Flat Earth okay, you've been lied to in your school kids. Santa Claus isn't real. Yeah. Good. Then. You should know your law. They're. Homeschooled okay. Wow. You're such a good Christian learn. Your laws dude. Okay. We're gonna wait for a conversation. With the establishment. To. Tell me. What. What, are you gonna tell me I. Haven't. Already gone through. And. That's, why they left, duh. Please. Don't film our kids okay well tell the CIA not to film your kids when they're playing on your iPad and your. House in. Their pajamas, how. About that. Your. Kids take your their iPad into the bathroom with them when they're going to take a bath. How. Parents, I bet. You they do. Do. They take your cell phone in with you into. The bathroom because. They're waterproof nowadays. In. The. Shower I. Bet. You your kids take, their phones into. The shower with them. Give. Me a frickin, break, we.

Homeschool, Their kids oh you're so pious. To. Bed you don't know anything about Allah. That's. What they are they are the law they. Go, by the law. They. Don't even you know give me a break. Unbelievable. Martin. They did with me cops from the, off. Very. Bad connections. That's. All right. If, this, is so so. He wants to brag and boast about him teaching. So. You guys you guys saw him come around the corner right baby, home school their kids hey. Where. Do you get your material from. To homeschool your kids oh the. State. Right. So I'm we're gonna homeschool our kids but. We're gonna use this, for, only, millions of miles to outer space. Give. Me a break, oh no. We homeschool. Our kids so that we can teach them about God and. Jesus, in, the Bible but. Everything. Else is. Indoctrination. Through the state's materials. What. How. Does that even make any sense at all what's. The point. You. Know emotion you Christians. Out there are, the, worst. Unbelievable. If. You, were true born-again, Christian, you. Do this wouldn't be the way. We. Wouldn't be believing, in some car in outer space. I. Hope. They got that Santa Claus is in real bit before they walked away. Sharks. Can't handle their own blood right. Flatter. The Viking appearance, or brainwashing, their own kids. Priceless. Right with. So, hey. But you know this is how this is where you have to be this, is the belly of the beast you, know public. This. Isn't youtube folks you know this is a different animal. You're. Not behind your keyboard. When you're out here, it's. Coming at you and if you don't know your law, you. Can't stand up for your rights and she. Tells me hey you know what I, don't like you filming, our kids Oh. Apologies. Ma'am, please oh. Man. Please. Don't hurt me I'm so sorry I'll turn it off and I'll just go home. You're. Right I, shouldn't. I'm. So sorry. For. Filming your kids in, public. Sorry. For knowing the law. Gosh. I thought I knew the law and then you know you you, just said hey stop filming our kids okay, yeah. You're right I should probably just go home now. Get. Get back to another job, pay. My taxes. Watch. Netflix. Watch. Sports. Yeah. Hang on a second. All, right try. To do a little reset. Maybe. That'll help the connection. Truth. Bombs exploding. In, your. Eyes hey. I do have Pez I have red Pez. So. It was on sale on Amazon. So. What do you think about that you think people will take pens from a stranger, and, I'll use them as red pills. So. I'll have like a PEZ, dispenser and. The, PEZ. Dispenser is, funny it makes sense. It's, a troll. And. So. Do, you think that people will take. Red. Pills also, known as pears from a stranger. When. I tell them about Flat Earth and, be like hey I got, a pill for you you. Want to take the red pill or walk. Away it's. Up to you it's. A brand new pack of Pez, here. You go I'm opening the brand new pack it's, not poison. It's. A real package. Of Pez. So. I got a couple hundred of those. See. How that goes. You. Are not allowed to hand out candy free. Candy, to, the homeless, right. You. Can't hand out food to homeless people or you get arrested at, least in another state not here in great. State of Minnesota yet anyways. Martin. Good. Heads up yep I see him I see. Him. I see. I. See. Thanks. Flat Earth vegans, I think it's pretty it's going pretty well we had a heartwarming. Hallmark. Moment earlier had. A good conversation with some gentlemen from what, Elk River, for. A wrestling tournament. So. Yeah I mean it's gone you know pretty well pretty well. I, saw. IPs in my live stream. A. Couple, weeks ago. I don't. Know where he is no prior lake there you go better. Memory than I, when. I asked that lady her name - I feel like almost forgot, it immediately I'm an idiot. You're. Not a very compassionate man, Swift I'm. Sorry forgive. Me. So. Yeah I'll. Uh I'll, do a once-over. For. You Martin. Give. You guys a once-over, I might lose signal a little bit but you, know. Pay. Your taxes, then I'll have better Wi-Fi next time that come. So. There's that guy. It. Does look like Tomb Raider in here. Well. They just did. They. Just did renovation. 325. Million dollars. All. Right copacetic, I got you I think I have the discord link actually. You. There. You go. How. Many pillars did we got. We. Got this guy a little. Bit better view. Yeah. They do tours.

Throughout. Here too I mean. Every. Single day. So. It doesn't matter really what day I come here they're gonna have, some. Tourism. If. Anybody has to go potty. The. Busts. Important. People of course. This, guy. Bill, go ville, built. Bill Colville. He's. Important, and a. Freemason, most likely. Wait. Does. He have a gun or asswad. He's. Got the Schwartz I. Know. Right. Alexander. Wilkin. Oh. He. Was killed in. The. Battle at. Tupelo. Mississippi. July. 14th. 1884. So. Really important people dick it with you though. You. Can't take it with you. There's, some important, people that you might want to have in your corner if you have, trouble with the law I. Think. That's our Supreme Court. Here's. The court chambers. No. Signs or banners allowed. In the courtroom and no, demonstrations. Of any kind are allowed in the courtroom. /. In session. Well. It doesn't look like they're in session I should. Be able to walk in there. So. There's some more dome action. Good. For them good, for. Them, some people you might want to have. Spotting. Yeah. Just. In case you get in trouble hey I'm waiting for that conversation. Speaking. Of the. Law. Waiting. For that conversation, to be had regarding. My filming of minors on public property. So. Whenever. That. Can. Happen that would be great. So, they have a. Santy, Dakota chief. I'm. Not gonna butcher his name. There. Are no atheists on, a flat earth in. The. Backside. 71%. Of the earth equals, water. Water. Is even in, level. Flat. Earth being. So. We got whoa. We're. Almost at our two hour mark folks so we're gonna wrap it up probably about 10 minutes. Yeah. I know right how nice of them to have. An American Indian. Notice. How it's just his head right, everybody, else gets a full all. The other white people they. Get full statues, but. Not the American Indian, he just gets a head. Let's. Hate speech that. Is. Hate speech at, the Minnesota State Capitol. I'm. Actually part, Cherokee an Indian, from what I was told so. Ya, know he's. The token, Indian. Martin, says. Brendon. What's happenin. Brennan. Shawn good to see you in the building. We're. In our Minnesota State Capitol building we're, almost. Out. Of time we've. Been here for about two hours I, appreciate everybody coming in hanging. Out listenin. We had some good conversations, earlier. We. Went up to the Senate chamber and blue. And old man's mind. He's. You know he's an old dog can't teach him to many new tricks but you. Know maybe he'll go home and watch a documentary about Flat Earth and say hey you know he. Might have something here. You. Might have something. Martin. Is Apache on Wednesdays. How. Can standing up for people be hate speech I know right I want. To stand up for guns I want to stand up for gun rights who. Has a voice for guns. So. What I'd like to do. Some. Day is do like a, parody, of. You. Know have a gun. We're. Back and. Be. A counselor, and then talked to the gun and wonder why the gun keeps shooting, people like what is it about society. Ar-15. That you, just have, this ah you're get so angry and.

You Just need to cause, a ruckus. And. Then. We'll have the bullets on, another. Couch. And. Then, it'll be just kind of like this marriage right, this would be like counseling for, married people the. Bullets in the gun. Are. The bullets the mail and the gun is the female. Hmm. Let's ponder that for a moment. Let's. Ponder that because. All these kids nowadays who. Are protesting gun control. You. Know a month ago they were eating Tide, Pods because. They look like Jolly Ranchers. Now. All of a sudden they

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The Sucher sisters from Parkland were in a movie. They are literally actresses.

Freemason images everywhere!

great to see you back Josh, Santa isn't real :D Could you research Titus Flavian and Josephus, the Romans employed him to write the bible to control the people. I was like you into the bible but after researching I no longer believe. Anyway Stay healthy Josh o/

Glad to hear you are still active. I look forward to more street interviews similar to John Smith Globe Lie.

that's not a conversation I was expecting. good advice tho.

Ahhh, I missed the live stream again, nevertheless great activism and presentation Josh! Keep up the tremendous effort, God bless!

I have some friends who are commercial aircraft pilots you could speak to, if you are interested in learning more. Maybe, they can show you how it works.

Sure. I'd love to interview them on camera or during a live google hangout and we can discuss gyroscopes. Lemme know when is a good time.

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What are your thoughts on the holocaust

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So I went here and my friends were the ones that he said hey kids wake up and I died because this guy is so dumb

ThatOneEmoKid // day

You are calling others sheep, but you have much to learn. A lot of incorrect information. You are also clueless about psychology and the paths of those just here for the 3D experience. You could easily be called a sheep, yourself. I am what one would call "awake." Also, coming at people in an offensive nature is not going to help your cause.

Cheers Xena. Loved your show back in the day.

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