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Assalam Alekum and Good Morning Everyone from Jehlum. I reached here last night around 11. After having visited Katas Raj Temples and Khewra Salt mines.

You can watch that vlog on my channel if you haven't already. Those were quite interesting places. Today I'm planning to go to Mirpur. I haven't been to Mirpur before.

Mirpur is almost 45 km from here. And it'll take up to an hour and a quarter. We'll start on GT road and get to Dina and from there we'll take the bypass to Mirpur. I'm very excited as this is the start of my Kashmir tour. In this tour, we'll explore places like Kotli, Rawlakot, Bagh etc But we'll spend a couple of days in Mirpur. Many of my subscribers are from Mirpur and I have been getting so many messages.

I'll try to present your beautiful city in the best way possible. I'm all set to leave now. Let's pray our journey for the day stays smooth.

Some people came to my hotel to see me. They came to know about my location through my Instagram story. Let me get my jacket on. People get surprised when they see me wearing a jacket in this heat.

But this is important as it's for protection. Because I've had to ride on the highway. All my luggage is in place. Bismillah ... In the name of Allah Okay Sir. Allah Hafiz.

* Prayer for the journey * I pray to Allah for a smooth and memorable day. Navigation is telling that I'll reach Mirpur in 1 hour 13 minutes. I just talked to a friend in Mirpur and asked him to come to the city entrance.

So that I may not get lost in the city area. Just wanna stay away from trouble. Did you see the way that truck guy is going ... !! He took over in a very dangerous manner. There were quite a few passengers in the bus.

He should at least think about all these lives. That is just to save a couple of minutes. That was some rash driving. Hopefully that railway crossing will be opened now.

The train has passed the crossing. Had to wait for 5 minutes or so. Good God ... That's Baab-e-Sultan. Are we in Mirpur? I'm still not sure. That was the 'Welcome to Mirpur' sign.

Contrary to my navigation which says I need to go another 18 km. There's that welcome sign. 'Mangla Dam Organization'.

This is Mangla area. Mirpur should be ahead. There's a big building on this side. Don't know what that is. We are still in the dam area. Navigation also confirms the presence of water on the left side. So, that must be the wall of the dam. I was wondering about it for some time now.

Confirmed by navigation. That's my friend who came to pick me up. He's a Mirpur local but lives in Netherlands. We'll go to his house first and then decide where to go next.

So we ARE in the Mirpur city. I don't know what went wrong with my navigation that was asking me to go another 18 km. I don't know anything about this area yet.

So can't say much for now. The houses look pretty tidy and it seems like a decent area. As you noticed, I just took one turn from the main road.

Just came out of my friend's house. And I thought to show you around. We are on Defense road and we'll go to Chowk Shaheedan. And then there's a place called Chechian or Darbar of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. This is the defense road.

Some really good houses here. Most of them are empty because their owners live in the UK. They only visit for a few days, once a year or once every two years. This is the Mirpur Stadium.

I expected it to be a bigger city. But Mirpur is not a big city. It is a medium level city.

This is Chowk Shaheedan. I entered Mirpur using this same road. It's called Allama Iqbal road. This is Kotli road and it takes you to Kotli.

Although Mirpur has its own bypass ... But if you are traveling in the city, then you need to take this road. And ... this is F2 sector.

Seems like we are gradually going out of the city now. I just took a short break to get refresh by the Jatlan canal. A guy was selling delicious lemon soda. The Jatlan canal originates from the river Jehlum.

It goes till Mandi Bahauddin. I don't know exactly how far is Mandi Bahauddin from here ... but it is far from here. The canal gets its name because it flows by this road that goes to Jatlan.

Jatlan is 10 km from here; not very far from here. Let's ride back to Chechian and visit the shrine. And then we'll go back to the city. I gathered some more information about the 2019 earth quake.

This road got seriously affected as well as people's house. Because its epicenter was about 5 km from here towards Jatlan. Mirpur also took a serious hit. However, the 2005 earth quake hit Muzaffarabad and neighboring highlands. We have turned back towards Chechian. We rode for about 7 km or so to get here.

not too far away. We are expected to reach in 10 minutes. Here's the shrine and it seems crowded. I did not expect to see much of a crowd here at this hour of the day. Let's park the motorcycle somewhere. This is Khari Shareef, just beside Chechian market.

This place is famous because of the shrine of Mian Muhammad Bakhsh (RA) He was born in Khari Shareef in 1830. He was a great scholar and Punjabi language poet of 19th century. His shrine is in a rather large space. Other than the shrine, his praying place is also over there. Besides, the shrine of Peer-e-Shah Ghazi is also here.

Some of their ancestral graves are also here. There are 4 greatest love tales in Punjabi folk lore. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was the creator of 2 of them, namely, Mirza Sahiban and Sohni Mahenwal.

But his most celebrated work is Saif-al-Malook. It has become synonymous with his name. We used to listen to Saif-al-Malook as kids. The annual celebrations are conducted in March / April each year. The celebrations welcome people not only from Pakistan but all over the world.

Besides, there are some customs linked with the tradition of marriage. The people in a wedding procession visit the shrine before they go to the bride's house. Lets just hit in this peaceful space for some time. I'll try to get some footage for you as well. At the Mirpur gate. We are here to relax and grab a bite.

This place is called Nafees Bakery Restaurant. Well .. I'm hungry ... But it's almost 4:30 pm. So we decided to get a light meal.

We'll have our dinner after we have seen Ramkot fort. We have ordered steak sandwich that looks yummy. Along with mango milk shake. After we are done here, we'll go to see Ramkot fort. More details to come later. These sandwiches look really inviting.

I hope they taste equally good. Those sandwiches at Nafees' were really delicious. They may have put some extra effort in there for us. Amazing. We need to get to a park where we'll get a boat for the next part of our journey.

That has already been arranged by some lovely people from Mirpur. I'll introduce them shortly. We've reached our destination. The park looks really beautiful. Rizwan what's the name of this park? Nafeez ACACIA gardens.

What was that? ACACIA. Does it belong to the Nafees bakers? Yes. It's better known as Nafees Family park. They have got a lease on this place from government and have beautified and maintained this park.

Assalam Alekum That's my friend Usman. I'm recording this. I'm telling you. That's Umais who is helping us explore Mirpur. Then we have Adil and Rizwan who work with Umais. Let me get rid of my GoPro and get going. We have reached Ramkot fort via a boat.

I'm a little out of breath at the moment ... because there's a 20 minute ascend to the top. It's rather steep. There are stairs here. And they have managed it quite well.

The boat ride here was really scenic and visually stunning. Really enjoyed that. So, I personally recommend that whenever you visit this place, be it winter or summer, try to come here around sunset. Because the scenery is unmatched. And the water is just ...

Excuse me for being out of breath. The water looks magically still. I loved it. There are a couple of boating clubs here as well. I don't know about their charges. But I'll share that info with you, later in this vlog.

So you can call one of these boating clubs to book a ride for you. The hike is almost finished and I can see the fort from here. Have a look. And don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you.

I have one with me as well. So lets keep going and show you Ramkot fort. Here's Ramkot fort for you. It's one of those forts in Pakistan that have a wonderful location. I did not expect to see such a marvelous fort here.

It's a 30 minute boat ride to the fort. However, there are another couple of routes to the fort. One of them is from Dhadhyal.

I also read it that it's 13 km from Dina. So you can get a boat from that side as well. But most of the tourists come from Mirpur. This fort was built in 1008 AD. Some of its history is conflicting though. I found the year to be 1186 at one place.

But as per my research it was built in 1008. It was built by a Hindu dynasty by the name of Anandapala. They ruled over the areas constituting Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It was further expanded and renovated by the Muslim rulers of Kashmir. Some parts of it are attributed by the Sikh Maharaja of Kashmir. There are quite a few worth seeing places in the fort. including a Hindu temple and a pond. I'll get some footage once I get down. I'm right at the top now.

I'll show that after descending. It is surrounded on 3 sides by water from Jehlum river. This water falls into the Mangla dam. So, let's get down.

I feel like a daredevil standing up here. Need to be careful getting down. As soon as you enter the fort, you find yourself in a big courtyard.

It has a big pond right in the middle. You can see that behind me. Other than that, on my right side, over here ... There's a small temple here. The temple contains a big stone. I'm told that this stone was placed here when the temple was built.

Other than that, some part of the fort walls got seriously damaged because of things like earth quake. The rooms at the backside are in quite wretched condition. There are some guards appointed here who look after the place. The ticket price is Rs 200 / -.

Do visit this place whenever you are in Mirpur or around. Especially because of its view from top. And the beautiful islands down in the water. Really amazing. I am really impressed. Overall it's a great historical place.

And we need to look after and respect places like the temple and the pond. Keep the place clean. Currently it's very well maintained by the people who look after it. I have come to Nafees Park for dinner. I am standing in their kitchen right now.

You can see the guys are all buys in work. Let me show you their cooking. Then we'll go outside in their beautifully kept lawn. We'll go there but before that, lets ask them what they are cooking. Have a look at the food. What's your name bro? I'm Ashfaq.

Ashfaq, please tell us about this order. I have chicken handi and chicken qorma. And then we have our Jungli Pulao. (Wild Pulao). It's a famous Kashmiri dish. People really love it. I am in my room for the night in a guest house.

It's a tidy looking apartment owned by Nafees. This has been arranged by my friend Usman and his friend Umais. Not only that, but they also managed everything that I did in Mirpur today. Thank you so much Usman, Umais, Rizwan and Adil. Because of you guys, I was able to explore Mirpur. Hopefully you would have enjoyed this vlog.

Please hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed. Also SUBSCRIBE if you are not already a subscriber. Thank you so much for watching.

See you all in the next one. Allah Hafiz.

2021-10-29 01:06

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