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Moda Booth Tour -  Quilt Market Kansas City 2019 | Fat Quarter Shop

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We've got one hour so, we're with Bonnie. And Camille, in their new collection, is early bird and they're gonna tell you all about. This is our new early recollection it ships in October. A little, half back burner shot I'll. Show you. Shining, brightly and it is made from. Fat eight so, you can make that remove had a puddle it's a background fabric. This is my flower girl to pattern, it's a follow-up to my flower girl pattern from marmalade. So way back but, they're smaller blocks then they got. The nine patches mixed into so that was pretty fun to make and it's a backward pattern. Jelly. Roam a Friendly's, one, jelly roll and seven, Navy, back corners, or. For the stars, strip, piece comes, together really nice and quick that, one. Oh this. Is myth, love pattern which you have probably. Hanging, here I can't really made this one in the good life and. This is out of our base are our solids. Collection. Fun to make if you haven't beat it you should. Granny's, bar blog. For. Newlands but I do also have this. And that one is another minute. May trim and turn back if you have it beat it taper, at least got the pattern and go ahead and give, it a shot do, we have all their patterns heartily. In media form online if you want to shop them now do. You want to show. And, they're leaving on the kids yeah. I'm a little more. Conroe, quilts. Other, ways this is a crappy, version and the one that I'm. Turn, around. Simpler, and it's the striptease methods well so. It's, beautiful. Yeah. Another. And. You, get the Cathedral. Super easy, PC. Faltered. As you make so it's not it's not the optical, two separate days. And I also gonna share with our status. Great, pills. Rainbow, strike. A white. Fabric. And it's in these. You can see it is just it's I wish you could feel it. And we, put on a lot of our clothes back. Beautiful. Hey. Beautiful. Unless we're just hanging out over. And. They're in the kit available on this line and so we're going to show it to you in a little bit. Awesome. Very. Blendable. With my other beverage. They're Sugarcreek ribbons in the collection, that you can mix and match with. A lot. Of texture and then if you see my quilt I have done. Some, folks that have just the wovens this is poundcake player. Let's. Do. This. Pretty, Ohio Stars. Behold its poodles because it's all peace there's no applique, no. Details, apologies, that uses, husbands and the prints we. Have sprinkling. This is the charm peridot so two sharp axe one of the woman. Hydrofoil, makers turn and, it's like the best thing ever I used the motocross I, used, a. Little bit of the printer on the side. Have. You seen its hockey sticks it's all woven. That's. A fat quarters well. Nice crappie baskets, that use those two layer cakes and. Then over here we have love luminous and that is a fat eight so, a little bit of everything so well there was a prince. Harthill. Awesome. No, this is the oh that's macula. Ruin. Anubis quilts. And. Sharing. The Connell and Aiko off through that and we're going to have a block, of the week coming up using, the book in. September, so you want to keep an eye out for that and also along. Much, people love the bag oh the, bad guys fans has to yeah and, so you can see how she has the print and this, is coming out in. So. You can mix and match them they're perfect, together. Thank. You so much. Okay. It'll, be back. And. All. Of these patterns are available now, this collection is called harvest, land.

Make, Sure have it darbus, road and, it's going to be shipping in October, this, is like one of my very favorite things of market. Christmas. Piano was digitally printed and this one is just going to be regular, printing and, I employed. This. One right here. We're. Gonna go back over to Sherry and Josie or somebody. Right. Now so we're just gonna go to the side of them so we don't enter Mia's always. Trying to be polite. All. Right so our newest collection, is all members started and it's. Kind of. A homage, to memories. I had as a child. To, help her plant flowers, and everything distillation. And it to my daughter. It is actually, a smaller. Version to the original, parts at long. The instructions, for this. And we all have enough community, that limit and that we love. Friendly. Cute. Little butterflies, and. Which. One's your favorite out of all of these. I would have they're all my favorite. Hearts. I couldn't. Make a large block without making a small yeah, we'll, say that. Oh thank. You. Thank. You. Yes maybe you know that intro. Hi. My name's Lilly oh my god. I. Spell it different, it's okay. The. Charm. Hello. I'm. Richie the. Basic. Gray a booth you wanna tell us about the diletto your name, yes well rachel gonna be here she's the fabric designer I'm Richie and I designed the clothes. Are. Versatile, pattern in this time around it, is married with either a honey bun or a layer cake or charm packs so, it's very fun that way must, have is right behind from really two jelly rolls to and a fair to the background makes the entire. And the binding super. Fun super fast super quick. Which. Is the newest, mode, export it'll, be completely boxed. So, if anybody come. Back. I'm foxy Roxy is perfect for that which, is awesome, and then the Tim runner it is our 18 inch schoolhouse. Block three. Of them and we'll have to finish the instructions in the fall when, we. Bane. All. Right we have, a. Farmhouse gatherings. Six quilts, and six pillows. If your sewing room isn't messy or not you're not using it enough right. Alright, so this is like one of the pillows examples, I do a nice, covered. Zipper in there. Like. I said six quilts and six pillows all. Grades. I really love this trying I'll put in the back and that is me, one. Fat quarter tower and Bella solid, number. 97. All right we're on a field trip yeah let's go. So over here we have. Who does a lock-on filter, and her mother owns a full chuck she, has put, together. With, 12 fat quarters in them and then we did and some of them we put borders, on but, it's all in one book and there is a little extra 13th.

Quilt Called shiplap here very simple but. Still, cool right and. Boils, are all in that one book that. Is coming with a fabric line in October. Created. Yes. I love. Plastic. On my butt. If you haven't seen my video out there before the main emphasis. Of, my rulers is that everything, is a dashed line so. You can see your fabric at every point and whether you're doing Bigfoot cutting. Or small and then we also have all these eighth inch markings, like five ace and three ace those tough ones that we don't really know where they're at but, this, will help and the best thing about her rulers is you can just see through all of them it's so like like. It sometimes, can get really complicated and, so it makes it doable for the people who really want to step out of the box it's like the tool that really hope she gets that next. And instead. Isn't, about it. Looks so comfy. So. We drove to Kansas City because we're not that far away and, we brought the bed cuz we wanted, to show off this plan. A little. Bit free-market. It'll come to the stars in July. Again we did another book is it when six. Quilty, like seven, pillows. What's. Great about this is I use the playoff, for. The appliques this is not well. And so treated, it like it, was an applicable, applique, and stitch around so if you're allergic. Andre, I'm just uh. Forgive, you dream about me. I'm gonna go sideways guys. Side. Step inside, step. I learned this move in marching band or anyone who's curious. There's more there's more. Hi, this. Is sexy. It's a Sarah's story it's, a. She, was. An editor. For 40 years and. She promoted everything. In, her. In, the American, market. Bright, colors. Thank. You. Coming here into Marvin berry. Oh goodness. So here's the quill. Look, at that little basket. It. Tisket. A tasket to fat quarter basket. And, so they make. Defensive. Oh. One. Of these. Oh. Yeah. This is. Available. On my website very, soon. Like, this. Peril. So. We have muti, girls. We also have. And. She has a really. It's. A calendar towel. Here's. A hit my next ever-growing match estimate, hello, so, Illig a super and issue but last year we didn't really buy that many calendar talks. On. The fabric, and it. Kind of the range of colors, I did. Sorry. Yeah. Breeze is a collection. Which, based, on the inspiration of. Visible. Mainly, so. Three years ago there was a purpose of amending mister she currently. Combined, collection. With, kind. Of denim. Ink will. Approximate. Sickness. And. So, we expanded, the company line into, a holiday.

Quality. Whistles, in there. Whoo. Okay. Now go into garments go into a bum deck you will know, everything and if you have step time then, we use the plus from aurifil, over. Here make. Matching, my line for baby Bell and, do, a little bit of hand stitching in, the shaking of style, beautiful. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I. Know. Basis. Like, there was arouses, and you stitch, on your pitches, and you give a layer of hand stitch, pattern. Like a sash equal style pattern or running. Stitches on it. That's. Beautiful. Thank. You stop thank you. It's done we go. Yeah. On, the floor. And. Oh my. God yeah. That's. Adorable. Oh I, love, it. Yeah. Oh. Inception. Yeah. Yeah. Let, me get on the other side. Thank. You. So. I. Fear. Here. But NASA. Trooper. I. Tried. To find just sort of saying. Right, away. Do you want to go to oh, yes. If. You guys knew, what I look like. Sophisticated. Such, a cartoony. Collection, yeah. Pillows, there's patterns for, the pillow. Easy like that. Difficult, in the super. To. Make. Can. We talk about this Leo this, is a cut so create, and this is a program. To. Teach kids how to sew we are trying to get. The next generation speakers. Out there and. Beginner-intermediate. Sam. Headband. Different. Bubbles and, it has different, we wanted, to make a point. Friendly, though. I love, that lunch bag. And. We need it for that girl. The. Slaw each project. That, your child. Could, be putting in a zipper, putting. In a button it. Makes it really calm in that way. We studied the market we saw that pets were really hot. It's. For piggy. That's. Awesome. Really. Excited we have a cat bed my. Cat actually slept, on it so it works. Somebody. Made. Something. Made a great suggestion, to put catnip. Yes. They, would love the hun. The. Project's kind of go hand in hand so, we have a. And, you can also. Project, and they go together oh my, gosh. Shine. Bright. Everything. You need to make them except. For the hardware so like if you need a different you would we would abscess it for yourself or if you need snap beat you can have that it's just a beginner. Thank, you so much. So. Now we're gonna walk around very center, of the booth and there's a lot of people there's a lot of stuff so I can't like get. Behind but I'm gonna do what I can. Also. Guys don't you guys just love Kimberly's, dress I love Kimberly's dress. Stage. Buy big treat joanna is not here, the, ship date on that is October. Beautiful, so. We'll just kind of go around the room. Oh, Sarah. It goes with Sarah's story which is the mental tension collection. This, isn't appropriate my sweet water it's called print work it's not a fabric, collection what are you well, it's. Just big panels, so there's some big big panels and some smaller. It's. Going to go with this to show you how you can turn it into projects, for your home. It's not bad it's, super, cute. And. Then, behind Polly. That. We already saw by label between. Or, you may be putting all put together above, the package she's got that really pretty blue. Another urban farmhouse, gatherings, pattern that we're going to be in one of the books that Lisa. Talked about. Kim, do you want to point out where Kevin is okay. Okay. Kevin's right there look. So. This is also another basic, race better. Proof, and then. We're. Going to talk to. When. We walked by earlier her, booth with cats and we couldn't get her she's talking about. And we'll keep the same way difficulty, coterminous. We've all been together. With striptease that actually looks together quick. Karin. Caifa please. The. Application. March. All one big world. Which, motor will kid up. Thank, you so much.

So. Over, here. Is Kansas trouble, well, they're. Celebrating. Their 20th year of being a fabric designer and this. And that is going to be it kids and I loved that the kid has really big. You kind of if you want we can like just go around the notions video. Notions. Bit just a little bit not to show you something. So in there they, have all. Of their. Oh my, god published. Notes really good. I. Met. This quilt it's called the ombre blue and. It, is a kid and it's using the new Vanessa kurtsyn, on. Beret Glen collection, and then the inside, Wiseman, is from, one of her previous collections. That has metallic, on it and. It was just it's great, and. We're gonna have that if the kid. So over here is where they put omens they're like paper products. Or, little. Bags I'll show you a couple of things that we bought. So, these are just things that they put together that are not necessarily, tied to a fabric collection but we think these are really cute there's a cat guy and a dog and they're. Really soft like. Cat, lady and dog Lee. And then over here we've got some new keep new helena, town. The towel that you have to see earlier and then this. Oh yes, we're gonna go see where you start. Mr. greevy star boom. And one. Of the things they have all these new collections, and then we're gonna have her tell you about it but the one thing that I love. Now. Have, to wait patiently. So, cute. And. Then could you tell us about your favorite collection, hi, I'm, Devin I'm the right manager who released our society, 1 so we have some new substrates, for this release in addition to our reviews narcotic, we have rayon, and we have canvas, and, we have cotton lon, so, those, will all be shipping in October and then we have some vehicles and rock groups that you should being in November, have movie and we have our product line so we have this adorable, lunchbox. Slamming. Whatever box, whatever you want. Have all. These oh. My, gosh I. Want. The eggs. And. You should open the box inside. Oh. Look. At that, yeah. So that kids use a fully custom, pre-cut, so it's all cut for you when you buy it and just start sewing oh that's. Amazing, I love, things like that that's what I mean you. Don't like cutting. Who have eggs the octopus, is fabric, so these are some of the best-selling, principle. You've. Been coordinating, like your phone I feel like. Is. Ridiculously, cute. Oh. And, then I want to show you something else oh you. Can do you want me to okay, these. Are. There's. The. Unicorn matches, the big huge beautifying, that they're coming oh my gosh it. Hasn't, shipped yet it should ship any day but it has been the most popular thing mmm, no they're fully reversible, yes. Oh. My, gosh. Well. He's got a tunnel my gosh so, like it really saw a really really, nice oh that's. Amazing. It's. An inflatable dog. Balloon. Dog. So. Guys thanks for joining me I really. Honored. That you're, watching and, thank you for all your support and. Make. Sure to like this video and subscribe to that first channel, and I'll see you later.

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