Monaco - Oceanarium- Long Way in Europe S01E06

Monaco - Oceanarium- Long Way in Europe S01E06

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So, we did not arrive in Monaco directly but, in a village in the neighborhood of Nizza, called Latte. There is a very cool camping called Camping Por La Mar Right? Is that the name of it? -Yes! -And so much better than the AirBnB the shower is great. We even met with a motorcycle gang, they camped besides us They have came from Scotland to here, and will go to home, to Sicily. We will continue our trip from here to Monaco where we will swim in the sea finally and hopefully we will see a lot of nice places. I slept very well Did you sleep well? -Yes it was good. It is comfortable, not corrugated -And not dirty, this is the most important...

So. We will buy something to eat and Monaco -We took of the boxes so that Karcsi would be able to park with his motorcycle into the narrowest place of the world -We had to circling for 30 minutes... -Yes we went around approx. 20 times because all of the parking lots are occupied They are on top of each other.... -I will try to put it on the middle stand.

-Cool! -Barely fits... This was not an easy maneuver -The slippers? -Slippers? For what? -Okay We do not need slippers, that is for noobs. I would not think we could find a free beach here... Well, this is much saltier than the Black Sea, that is out latest expreience, but the wildlife is more colorful here It is not as clear as I expected, but it is nice The yield of today's snorkeling it was worth diving I think we just prooved, that Monaco is one of the safest places becuase we left roughly all of our money and cards in that case in front.

-Concretely that is my all money, because my own card is there also. -Yes, my ID card, our common card also... Since the Japanese garden was closed, we came to the ocenarium which is extremely nice on the google photos but we had to come in bya road which is not known by Google Maps, or just partially long story short...

Tourist cannot enter at the official entrance but there are some benefits of coming with motorcycle, like free parking lot in a huge garage with full of Dorina and... if you look out here and there is the Mediterranean Sea So we were roaming in the garage so far, you have to get up from it there and buy a ticket here 12€ for students -Wait a moment look! it is 13€ with the Exotic Garden -Do we also want to visit that? -We should see it tomorrow, I will ask if it is possible. -Okay Honestly, this is what I was waiting for the most. Not the sea but the ocenarium. I have never been in ocenarium. I know there is one at Nyíregyháza, but... Do you know who rules the roost in the oceans and seas thanks to the overfishing and pollution? It is Not Dorina but the... -Me -The jellyfish This is the Arctic Cookie Star -everything is written out, just coming slowly -This is also starfish -Brittle Star I would never tell this is a stafish -Yes its strange -Rockfish? It is up there -Spiny Starfish -it is smacked on the glass -Did something go through on it? -There is also a starfish.

-Would this be the Sea Cucumber? Yes That is what I picked up from the sea in Croatia, when I was young I thought it is a sort of plant and it is started to pee. -This is Mediterranean this crazy big fish pushes its face here, but nobody cares... here you go -This is your voice Those Muraenas are cute -Cute? I think this is fucking disgusting... I would pet them A little educational section is coming What form does the shark egg have? A: normal egg-shaped B: not egg-shaped C: it has no egg at all the solution is.. -There is a baby already hatched -This is how the sharp egg looks like. -Yes I have found this in a random YouTube video, where they have just hatched Can you see the babies? Is it hatching now? it's head is already out -Or it's just dead.

It is disgusting the Kraken... This is fucking cool! -Australian Spotted Jellyfish Look it's pendants -Yes I have seen it -Are the Sea Horses coming? Woow -Did you know that the male Sea Horses tend to be pregnant? -Yes I think I have already heard but there are lots of pregnant ones here -Or all of them is fat. -They ate too much hay Hello Mr. Krabs! -How was it in the SpongeBob? The Krusty Krab -That was not crab. -But that does not matter. Why do you ruin my joke?

She always does that to me she has the same bad jokes like me, but she ruins mines. -This is my hobby. There will be the Tropican Seas and turtles -We were at the Mediterranean part, and now the Tropical one comes Razor Fishes I have never seen them before -Here is the info about their homeland South America...

Piranha I mean...piranha little piranha we had fishes like these in my kindergarten -I also had this fish, it's name is Neon Tetra -Okay...they always died -Show me your teeth -It just came out this moment and there is a crab above it.

-What is this? -This is the large muraena -Jesus it is more disgusting does it have teeth like this? -it's green -When the Computer Scientist Engineer meets the nerd fish and find her best friend. -Sure Hello there -Is it professional? -Aha -I could have a conversation with it. -Fluorescent coral It is fluoresces, to protect itself from the solar radiation absorbs sunlight into the fluorescent layer and they emit the absorbed light in the evening.

We just found out these disgusting animals can grow again a part of their brain and perhaps their legs also Extremely disgusting My favourite fish is the Clownfish Nemo cloning colony These little fellas grew up here A Clownfish couple lays 300-400 eggs in this plants, every 10-15 days more precisely, spawn and they are using the plants to protect the spawns from other animals. The eggs hatch in 6-7 days if the average temperature is about 25 °C I love them so much. -I didn't know what is this. -This is the point. You have to figure it out by touching it. But do not check it.

-I do not want to touch things... -But you will have to -This is just plastic -What is your guess? I guees you checked to before...cheater -Yeah, but I can only feel the glossy lacquer layer, so I do not know what it is.

-You have to go for the shape not for the surface. -This is some kind of octopus 2 more left, do you want to try? -Yes! -Do not look inside! -aaahh I dont know I think it is a lying Sea Horse I am cool! -It's cool! another one This is alive! This is Starfish We are cool! I should have studied to be an oceanographer. There are turtles here also moreover huge ones They have to be there, becuase there is the food It is forbidden to feed them, according to the sign -It is forbidden for us.

-Yes I hope they are usually feeding the turtles. -That's all? -It seems like... What kind of turtle is this? -No, I was reading what happens if a sick turtle was found.

-And what happens if a sick turtle was found? -If it is dead... -That is not sick, that is dead. -Okay, so if they find a turtle along the coast first they check if it is dead or alive, if it is dead they take it away to dissect, to find out the cause of death, disease, pollution etc. If it is alive... -Fucking Seagull! -if it is alive, they will heal it. -How they heal it? -At first comes a general examination, then ultrasound, what is X-ray in Hungarian? -Yes "Röntgen" and blood test is performed at the end.

Later on, after all of these steps, they will release it back to the sea. -The Ocenarium also has a Museum part in topic of shipping history and I dont really know the name of it, how could I call it? Rather I show you. Stuffed animals which are connected to seas and oceans Lots of nautical stuff -Jewelry box made of a bird -Do you want one? -Jewelry box made of bird, because why not? Aaand the coolest things these enormous skeletons damn son turtle, whale -This boat seems empty and it also has a padded part... -In my opinion, this is the place where if we would eat, then we would have to go home.

To be continued...

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