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Organizing. An inexpensive, hop-on, hop-off bus tour, of London is easy simply. Use an acceptable, form of contactless, payments, such as an oyster card or travel card right. On public transport, and take advantage, of this video guide. The, root is a continuous, circuit, which takes about three or four hours to complete depending. On traffic conditions, the. Walking distance between each busing bolt is never more than a hundred meters. Find. Additional information, in the description below, this video. One five nine in, Whitehall just, a few meters on the left Iran from Parliament, Square. The stop is closed about Westminster, river bus parent underground, station. The Cenotaph designed by Edwin Lutyens and built, in 1920. Due to public sentiment, following the first world war it. Then passes the railings and police guarding Downing, Street where, number 10 is the official, residence of, the Prime Minister. To, the right the three statues, on the grass by the Ministry, of Defense building, / if I can't burn at Montgomery, why count Alain Brooke and why, count swim predictably. All military leaders, oh hey. Another military, leader is mounted, in the center of the road slightly, before the banqueting, house outside. Which King Charles the first was beheaded in 1649. Then. Almost directly opposite, the popular, Horse Guards are on duty almost, every day. Equestrian, statue in the middle of the road is of Queen Victoria's, cousin, the Duke of Cambridge. Whitehall, was named after Whitehall, palace where, England's kings and queens left until it burned down in 1698. All. That remains is the banqueting, house with this painted ceiling by famous Flemish artist Rubens. Call him in Trafalgar, Square is. Stopped by a statue of Admiral, Nelson, the, statue on horseback at the entrance to the square as if King cheolsu first before he was beheaded is. The place who are all distances, to and from land and are measured. On the far side the don't National, Gallery is one of the very best art galleries, in the world. To the left the bus passes Admiralty, Arch through, which thermal leads to Buckingham Palace before. Leaving Trafalgar, Square post, Canada, house. And his pal mouth will famous for appearing on a monopoly bought than anything else before turning by the gods Crimean, War Memorial which, features, Florence Nightingale, a lady with a lamp and founder of modern nursing on.

Its Way to Piccadilly, Circus. Just, passed long-established sports, to lillywhites, the, statue of Eros comes into view although, known as the Arras it's actually his brother our anti Ross. The bus crosses, to Regent Street named, after the Prince Regent who later became, George the fourth is, one of the major shopping streets, in London. The, sting Pepe jeans the, they royal mas Pross coach Austin, read and barber feature, before the band finishes. Further, along. Body shot TM, Lewin and mapping and web are, among the impressive, array of retail, outlets. Regent. Street itself, is an early example of town planning many. Properties, were knocked down to make way for an avenue, to Regents, Park. Designed, by John Nash and much changed, since it, remains one of London's wider, roads. More well-known shops such as watches of Switzerland, yes and Ralph Lauren, passed, by on the way to Hamleys, enormous, toy store the, oldest in the world it's. A major tourist attraction with about 5 million people passing through its doors each year. After passing even more famous outlets, the bus reaches Oxford Circus, where, it turns into Oxford Street one, of the busiest shopping thoroughfares. In Europe. Doors of John Lewis tednims and Marks & Spencer's are on the right hand side as, is Selfridges, one of the largest shops in the United, Kingdom and, incidentally. The first store to install toilets, for women. Although. Slightly less upmarket than, Regent Street some, outlets such as Moss Ross wore ski Omega H&M, Zara the, body shop Gap and watches, a Switzerland, make. An appearance in both locations. Many, other shops typically, found in towns and cities throughout Britain also have a presence. The. Road continues to Wales but the bus doesn't the, final stop being just before Marble, Arch which, was at one time the entrance to Buckingham Palace. Next. Bus on the route is number 74, with. Marble Arch to the right turn, into Park Lane where, the stop is opposite, the corner of Hyde Park. Setting off the bus boss is Aston Martin a shop selling very expensive. Cars. In 2004. The decision, was taken to build a war memorial for, animals. It. Can be seen on the center reservation, directly, opposite. Further, along after, offal and Grosvenor, House Hotel, mini. Park Lane sells less expensive, vehicles, and B&W, Park Lane completes, a trio of car, showrooms. Hotel from the top drawer the, five-star, Dorchester, we're, back in the annals of history Prince, Philip held his stag party. To see the main entrance, look sharp left at the end of the building. A branch of Barclays, lies just across the flowerbed, close, to where taxi, drivers, wait to pick up clients, hopefully, generous tippers, from nearby hotels. Sit, a little way back, where the road bends slightly the. Hilton is another hotel offering, five-star, luxury. To, the right the. Park which runs the full length of Park Lane is. Finally, interrupted by absolutely, house once. Known as number one London. Roundabouts, dominated, by the wellington, arch taught. By a winged figure if not I cannot chariot. Maybe. Not quite so nice but considered, important, nonetheless, is. A memorial, dedicated, first, world war casualties. Of the Royal Regiment of artillery. In past the wall of Buckingham Palace towards High Park Corner the bus turns left into, ninth Bridge. I like, that the stop immediately at least surround about then walk a few images to the next stop to catch the number 9 bus for, the short journey to the Albert Hall. After. The buildings along the perimeter.

Park Finish there, are two sets of traffic lights, immediately. After the second just passed the Statue of David Livingston. Recessed in a red brick wall of the Royal Geographical. Society, building, get, off the bus. Is clearly visible in the park, the Albert Hall is opposite. To return to Hyde Park Corner cross. A road and of, course take the number-9 bus, making, sure the destination, shown on the front is old which. To the right after the statue of david livingstone, his, exhibition, roads on, to the Imperial, College London the, Science Museum the. Natural, History Museum. And the Victoria, and Albert Museum. 600, metres the first building of note 1, Hyde Park features. Among the most expensive residential, properties, in Britain. Retail outlets on the ground floor include, McLaren, and Rolex. Station and Harvey Nichols a well-regarded, luxury. Department. Store, located. Directly opposite. I'd pop the, five star Mandarin Oriental Hotel is. Followed swiftly by, the qat, and French embassies. Soon, after Hyde Park Corner absolutely. Has former. Home of the Duke of Wellington is now a museum, where, many of the exhibits, were acquired as a result, of his military campaigns. Opposite. The Duke sits astride his horse, Copenhagen. Before, the roundabout was built to relieve traffic congestion the. Wellington, arch was, the entrance to Constitution. Hill which, run stand between Green Park and the side wall of Buckingham, Palace, the bus. Takes the exit just before it into Piccadilly, we're immediately, on the right on the edge of green park the bomber command memorial, was, unveiled by, queen elizabeth ii, in 2012. Quite, some time after, the Second World War ended. Next. Stop is the Hard Rock Cafe which, claims to offer the best authentic, American food in London and has a reputedly. Good collection of rock and roll memorabilia. Hotel is of course situated. In Piccadilly. He, said that there are no flowers in green Park at the behest of Catherine, of Braganza after. She discovered her husband, a certain king charles ii, had picked some therefore a mistress. To the right green park underground station, is an heiress to Buckingham Palace is. Also, the nearest to the Ritz Hotel, situated. Next door. The. Bassoon answers since James, we're, distance and James's Palace was built during the reign of King Henry the eighth. Before, reaching it the route passes some of the older shops in London all, of which are on the left-hand side. Dr, harris just past the first junction, was established, in 1790. Further. On James, J Fox is where Winston Churchill. Used to buy cigars. The, nearest and James's Palace John. Rabe has been maker of bespoke shoes, since about 1860. Lakhan Co is where the very first bowler hat was sold the, company was founded in, 1676. Making. It the oldest hat shop in the world, famous. Customers, have included, Lord Horatio Nelson, and, David, Beckham. At the end just before the corner, wine-merchants. Barry brothers and rods who include the royal family among their customers have, been located at the same premises, since 16 98 which, is a long time. After turning parson, James's Palace into pell-mell the, first stop is the nearest any bus to her gets to Buckingham Palace some. Passengers, will undoubtedly, wish to Allied and walked a short distance there. Nearly, go along Marlborough, Road which is to the side of sand James's Palace then. Turn right into the mouth. London, has a scheme whereby blue plaques are attached to buildings, which have an association, with a famous person, or event, -. The ride-along pal, model one such blue plaque is affixed to a house where nell gwyn mistress. Of chaucer ii lifts and who. Knows maybe she, was the last recipient. Of flowers, picked in Green Park. Near by the Royal Automobile Club, is, a well patronized, private, member's Club where, applications, for membership take, about a year to process.

Successful. Applicants, are then placed on a waiting list. Straight, ahead that Donna the national gallery gets, ever closer. Traffic lights as the route passes the gods Crimean, War Memorial but. Quickly ride to see the Duke of York : the. Duke was the second son of King George the third and, two million pounds in dead when he died. Shortly, afterwards, the bus fares towards, Trafalgar, Square where. Nelson's column erected, in 1843. Stands. Tall behind a statue of Charles James Napier, a career. Soldier, who had a town in New Zealand named, after him. Over, to the right the statue of king Chaucer first on horseback gazes. Along Whitehall, or where he was executed. At the back of the square beyond the fountains alliance the National Gallery houses, one of the world's best collections, of paintings and, in. The far corner, busy San Martin's in the fields Church hosts, concerts most, days it's, also home to the London brass rubbings Center and a very popular, and reasonably, priced cafe. Bus enters a Stratton passing, the South African, embassy then, immediately across a road Charing, Cross station which. Has a replica of Charing Cross in, its forecourt. The. Original, once situated where the statue of King Charles the first now stands, was dismantled, by all of the Kronwall the protector. The Strand itself which follows the course of the River Thames was, in centuries, gone by the. Main route between the City of London and the monix residence, at Westminster. To the, left just after the Adelphi and vaudeville theaters, Stanley. Gibbons claims to be the world's largest stamp, shop. The next crossroads look, right to see the Savoy Hotel. The first luxury hotel, in Britain which introduced, innovations. Such as constant, hot and cold running water and. Custom-made. Spring mattresses. Ahead, the smarts and Meredith strand Church can be seen in the distance. Hop into old which where its journey ends. By stop Dida bought the number 15 bus consider. Taking a look around. Hilton Hotel the, steps beside the Indian embassy lead out to Kings College Somerset. House the Court old gallery, and Samaria, Strand church while. Coffin Gordon is in the opposite, direction. Make, sure the destination, show on the front of the next buses Blackwall. Setting off a Parsis Bush house formerly. Headquarters, of the BBC's, World Service, and now, a branch of King's College London. Australian, Embassy is followed swiftly by, sand clementines, church, destroyed. By a bombing rate in 1940. It, was rebuilt, to become the Central Church of Britain's, Royal Air Force. To the left to cough atleast our drawl courts of justice opened. By Queen Victoria, in 1882. It's. Just over the pedestrian, crossing, from Twinings, Britain's. First tea room which opened in 1706. In. 1878. The Temple Bar Memorial, in the center of the road replaced. A Western gate to the city which. Is now located at an entrance to Paternoster, square close. To some Paul's Cathedral. And cause bank dates from the late 17th. Century. Further below, Prince Henry's room which somehow managed to avoid destruction, in the Great Fire of 1666. The. Gate leads to the middle and inner temples, originally. Occupied by, the Knights Templar. The, church in the ground dates from 1185. Next. Horse Bank is the fourth oldest, in the world hots. Clients, include Catherine of Braganza wife, of Charles a second samuel. Peeps Lord Byron, and Jane Austen. Dunstan in the West the church opposite, which states from 1671. Was, the first public lock in London to have a minute hands. Sent back a little way the, statue of Queen Elizabeth, the first May, during her lifetime is. The oldest outdoor statue in London. Sweeney, Todd's victims, are said to have been murdered, at the premises, next door they. Subsequently, became the filling for meat pie salted, a shop across the road. About, 200. Further still, on the left-hand-side, account. For the sign of your chest cheese public, house, situated. Along a narrow passage, past, customers, include literary notables. Such, as Charles Dickens Mark, Twain Arthur, Conan Doyle, GK. Chesterton. P G Wodehouse and. Alfred Tennyson. Immediately, a first floor level is a smallish, statue of Mary Queen of Scots, cousin, of Queen Elizabeth, the first. Despite. Family ties it, was Elizabeth who signed the warrant for Mary's execution. Telegraph building, is swiftly followed by the black Daily Express building.

They. Date from the time when, most of britain's newspapers. Were produced in Fleet Street but. No more. Along, a narrow path, I strode, immediately, opposite the Daily Express building. It's, possible, to catch a quick glimpse of some prized church the. Steeple of which is said to be an inspiration. Behind wedding, cake design, for. An arguably, better view look, back off to the next set of traffic lights. In 1667. Sir Christopher Wren built, nearby your, belt heaven, to, the benefit of his workers building. The church. When crossing the traffic lights look left to see the Holman viaduct, in the distance. The river fleet which runs beneath it has been diverted underground. Don't forget to look back at some price church, steeple. The route continues along Lud gate hill towards, an Paul's Cathedral where. It's possible to climb to the top of the dome. Fairly. Expensive, and over 500, steps but, the views are okay. Consider, leaving the bus here to take a look round a statue. Of Queen Anne stands in the front of the Cathedral, to. The left the Temple Bar gate which once stood at the other end of Fleet Street near the Royal Courts of Justice leads. To Paternoster, square in the London Stock Exchange building. To the right across a road past, the well-regarded Salvation. Army Cafe 101, along some Peters Hill on, the way to the Millennium, Bridge. Take more than art gallery formerly, a power station is just over the river. Continuing. On the bus look sharp left at the second set of traffic boys to CSUN merry old to Mary church which, is situated on, the corner of Watling, Street one. Of England's major roads in Roman times. The. Route then passes, can a street station from, where mainline trains serve the southeast, of England's. Major road junction look right to see London Bridge then, look down the next road to the right to see the monuments built, to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666. Then. Next ride is putting Lane where the fire started. He's cheap the bus passes close to the walkie-talkie. Which can actually be better appreciated, if you'd from further away. Ahead, thus powerful hollows by the tower church comes into view then. Immediately, behind it the Tower of London. With a saxon arch is one of the oldest churches in london, john. Quincy adams six. United, states president, was, married there William, Penn founder, of Pennsylvania. Was baptized, there. Historic, Tower of London, partially. Obscures, equally, famous Tower Bridge. The area to the left and across from the tower is one of three hills in the City of London and formerly, a place of execution, some. Were hanged and others beheaded. A little. Further wrong part of the old city wall first built by the Romans around the end of the second century is. Still standing. The bus passes, tower gateway from. Where the Docklands Light Railway takes, visitors to Greenwich one. Of London's World, Heritage Sites. Under. The bridge it turns right then, left and at Whitechapel, High Street, right again. First stop after all guide east underground, station. Greenwich. Mike syrup, excursion the, old Royal Naval College designed. By Christopher Wren. Is free to enter, the. Queen's house designed, by an eagle Jones was, completed, in 1635. The, Queen was anethe Denmark wife of James the first again. Entry. Is free, there's. Also no charge to enter the National Maritime, Museum the. Largest of its kind in, the United Kingdom a walk. Up the hill to the Royal Observatory is. Rewarded, by some rather nice views, over, London. Keen shoppers there are a couple of fairly decent, markers, what, Gastronauts might be interested, in visiting one of the few remaining restaurants. Selling pie and mash once. A staple, meal of London's, East End. Riverside. By the jetty the famous Scotty sock was built specifically, to bring tea from China. As, well as the Docklands Light Railway it's, also possible to visit Greenwich, by taking a boat along the River Thames. Bust to her soon, after all gate east underground, station, the bus makes a right turn a, loiter, at the stop about 20 meters along it then, walk back to just beyond the station entrance, for the number 25, bus. Almost. Immediate. Bought off without ol gate church before. Walking into Leadenhall, Street at, the ole gate pump which, is said to be where the East End of London begins. To the right the tariffs and Catherine trade church those, from about 1500. The rest of it was constructed, as recently, as 1620. AIDS. Soon after, San Andres Undershaft, church built, in 1532. Is. Nestled, among the high-rise buildings of, the financial, district. And Silva Lloyds building with its lifts and ducks on the outside, blue large by comparison. A head to the left it's just possible to glimpse aspire, of some Peter upon Cornhill, Church. Church behind, it stands, at the pavements, edge so. Can be seen more clearly after, the next crossroads the, highest point in the City of London.

When, The bus reaches the bottom of corn hill look sharp right to see the Royal Exchange, opened. By Queen Elizabeth. At first it has now covered courtyard, with shops and restaurants. Beyond, it the Bank of England lacking windows at street level dates. From, 1734. The equestrian, statues, of the Duke of Wellington. St. Mary Wall North Church is, situated, directly above. Bank Station. And behind, the confronted Mansion House official, residence, of the Lord Mayor of London, Donson. Stephen Wahlberg church was built by Sir Christopher Wren prior, to his masterpiece. It's in Paul's Cathedral. Given. All there is to see here passengers, wishing to explore the area on foot should, alight at the first stop after mansion, house. Bus continues along Cheapside, post merry LeBeau church he, said that those born within the sound of its bells can, claim to be true cockneys. The. Popular, cafe below, the church also serves, takeaway. Meals. In medieval England, the word sheeps signified, to markets, and roads, running from Cheapside such as iron mangling, milk. Street bread. Street Wood. Street and honey, laying still. Bear the names of goods sold. The scientist in Paul's Cathedral the, root pollicis Christchurch, Greyfriars, Church which. Was ruined, by bombs during, the Second World War. The viaduct tavern on the right hand corner at the next set of traffic lights is, rumored, to be haunted. To let the Central Criminal Court, better known as the Old Bailey sits. On the former site of Newgate, Prison. Pickles Church still. Houses the execution. Bell which was rung the night before one, of the inmates was put to death. Further. Along the crosses between the statues and red ironwork value, strides of hope and viaduct, built, to span the river fleet Valley in 1869. It then pollicis and, holman church towards. An equestrian, statue of, Prince Albert husband. Of Queen Victoria. In the center of the road. From the statute to the right hadn't, gotten as, a strong association, with London's, jewelry, trade. The red terracotta Prudential, building built. Not surprisingly, for the Prudential, Insurance Company. Places, the tempeh French facade of staple, in formerly, a place where wool was weight and taxed, which, states from 1585. Beyond, the Royal Fusiliers Memorial.

In The center of the road the, City of York pub despite, quaint spelling, was actually constructed during the 1920s. About, 300, meters later the bus passes, hope an underground station, then, immediately crosses. King's way. To, the left before the. But unfortunately completely. Hidden by buildings, Lincoln. Cent fills a pleasant, park where executions. Once took place is. Home to the macabre Hunterian Museum and. Sir, John Science Museum, which. Is especially popular on the occasional, evenings, when illuminated by, candlelight. Meters after Kingsway the bus bears right at a fork in the road. A lighter. The next stop. Walk. Back taking, the left fork to, for the number 38 bus opposites. And Georgia's Bloomsbury, Church. Just, before that you, in street leads to the British Museum. Bought, bus number 38, after making sure the destination, shown on the front is Victoria. Soon as possible, in through Central Baptist Church, towards, the Shaftesbury, theatre. To the right beyond, the colorful buildings of central st. Giles, it's, just possible to glimpse a steeple, of st. Giles in the fields Church. After, negotiate. Junction Abba Center Shaftesbury, Avenue named. After the seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, it was built in the latter years of the 19th, century to divert traffic away, from central, London. On. The left-hand side after, about a hundred metres the, first building of note is the Chinese Church in London indicating. That Chinatown, is not too far away. Services. Are conducted, in both Mandarin and, Cantonese. The. Odeon across a road became, a cinema, in 1970. Externally. The building has changed little in appearance, since it first opened, as a several, theatres some forty years earlier. For anybody interested. The freeze represents. Drama through, the ages. Then at Cambridge circus where shastri Avenue meets Charing Cross Road the, imposing Palace, Theatre, began life as a Royal English, Opera House. To the right of it the Cambridge public house has been a favorite with actors and theater goers enticed, by the quality of menu and drinks list there since, the end of the 19th, century. A little, further along that route the turning posture firestation leads to Chinatown. Where, shop size display Chinese, text, and street, signs follow suit. Cinema, opposite, which, includes a fair percentage of independent, movies and documentaries. Attracts. Aficionados. Looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, the. Queen's theater is then followed quickly by the Gielgud, Theatre originally. Known as the globe its name changed in 1994. When, Shakespeare's Globe was re-established across. The Thames. Closed, by the Apollo Theater, once owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber is, next door to the lyric theater opened. In 1888. And, the oldest in Shaftesbury, Avenue. The concrete palms to the right as the bus approaches, Piccadilly, Circus, featuring. Harry Potter's, deathly hallows movie. Right ahead was, the first statue in the world to be cast in aluminium, this. Official, name is the Shaftesbury, memorial, fountain though, not too much water flows these days, beyond. It really wants us been selling sports goods since, 1925. To Piccadilly Twitter, the left business and James's church holds, an outdoor market most, days and also, us frequent, concerts. Mostly. Classical, all, other is variations. Such as a time when REM made an appearance. It's. Not known if their set included, losing, my religion. Like activities, include a counseling, service and provision, of hot meals and accommodation for. The homeless, during winter. Clock on the wall outside Fortnum. And Mason, and upmarket department.

Store Which opened in 1707. It, has a good reputation not. Least because the Queen goes there. Academy of ours hosts numerous, exhibitions, almost. All of which receive excellent, reviews. It's immediately, followed by the extremely, upmarket and elegant Burlington, Arcade, where. Beetles Patrol to enforce quaint rules such, as no hurrying, no humming and definitely. No boisterous, behavior. In his old Bond Street running, all the way to Oxford, Street he claims to have the highest density of, high-class fashion. Stores in the world. To, the left the bus pass is the famous Ritz Hotel. Immediately. After. Station is just a short stroll through the trees away from Buckingham, Palace. London. Cycle Hire scheme, over 750. Docking, stations, like, the one next to the station, entrance its. Popular, except maybe on rainy days and can, be an inexpensive way, to travel, around the city. Across the road the bus passes, Claudius Street unto, the Kennel Club. Moon Street hunter, yet another Hilton, Hotel. Devonshire, gates once. Entrance to a rather grand townhouse, Whitehall. Street which, meanders, as it follows the course of the now subterranean. Tyburn, River. Further, along. Grandpa Lane another, luxury hotel, is, followed by the Hard Rock Cafe, a restaurant. Specializing. In American cuisine. The end of Piccadilly a memorial. To Bomber Command stands. At the edge of Green Park. Built, to commemorate victory, in the Napoleonic Wars, the, wellington arch is centrepiece of the roundabout ahead. The, appalled Hannah, statue of the Duke of Wellington bases, Apsley house where, he lived. Cater to casualties, of the Royal Regiment of artillery during the First World War. Points, towards Grosvenor, place where. This tour follows the rear wall of Buckingham, Palace. Reaches a terminus, of Victoria, where, there are connections, to both underground, and mainline rail services. And of, course the, next pass on our routes. Cross the road by the Shakespeare, pub where, the number 11 stops close to a statue of Marshall, Faulk on horseback. Fought, for the short journey to Parliament, Square. The one-way system creates, the circuit us route to Victoria, Street we're, little been a clock always set to British summer time confuses. Yun informed, in winter after the clocks go back. To the right, Mosca like westminster cathedral said. Some way back from the road was. Built on the site of a former prison, mainly, for economic, reasons the interior, decoration, has never been completed. Between, modern glossy buildings, the bus soon approaches, Westminster, Abbey the. Twin towers are added when the Abbey itself was more than 600, years old. A little before Adan the right, Westminster, scholars war memorial, was, erected outside, Dean's, yard in, 1861. On entering Parliament Square the, houses of parliament ahead, are impossible, to miss look. Left to see the Supreme, Court situated. Directly opposite. Them. At the next store for sure, along Whitehall, leave, the bus the, one five nine bus, which was the first on this tour leaves, from the same stop. Exploring, this area on foot some. Church where, Winston Churchill, was married the houses of parliament and Westminster, Abbey constitute. A unesco, world heritage sites, the. 14th, century jewel tower and Sint James's, Park are, within easy walking distance. Just, beyond Big Ben River buses run from Westminster, pier all the way to Greenwich another. World heritage, site with, many stops along the roads.

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