Monkey overboard! - Ep. 58 Hilma Sailing

Monkey overboard! -  Ep. 58 Hilma Sailing

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Morning. Morning. Early morning. Yeah it's been it's been a rough night. Yeah. How. Much wind is it. It's not too bad though it's like 15 knots but we've been. The wind has been changing, so we have all the. Waves coming in from open ocean all night, yeah what happened. We thought we'd find a kind of a nice anguish but in the end the wind wasn't. In our favor, so. We came in, in the open ocean. And. It's been rolling. Yeah. It's good to be on our way. Yeah it is. We couldn't go. Earlier, because of all the fishing, and. Floating, fishing. Stuff. Yeah. I haven't seen this much boat, traffic for people, in. A year. This is kind of a busy place we heard it. This place 4k is supposed to be a. Beautiful place but as it turns out it's a kind of a. Tourist, mecca which. Yeah we heard there's. Some tourists. But. You can see people, doing a lot of parasailing. Scooters. With two. Helicopters. Airplanes. Boats. Very very serious. Everything. Our short stay in boracay, was a bit surprising, in many ways. One year earlier the whole island being closed for tourists, during six months. The main reason for that was pollution, which of course had led to negative, environmental. Impacts. People told us that only in a few years the shoreline, became green and a lot of algae's, covered the beaches and shorelines. We thought it was a lot of people when we were there not on the beach but everywhere, else. But apparently. That was nothing compared to before. Now there was a lot of rules everywhere, and it was also regulations, of how many people that were allowed on the island at the same time, which seemed like a good idea, we usually think rules are good, but here they sure had some strange rules. Too. So what do you like this. Place. Uh it's crowded. But it's beautiful. Yeah it's nice, but we're. Looking for a place to keep our dinghy because. We have to, carry it all the way up and it's kind of heavy. So we're. Checking out if there's any. Possibilities. For us. Yeah actually, the thing because the problem is we can't leave the dinghy. In the water we can build up on the beach if we have to take it up we have to take it all the way up on the beach. And it's kind of heavy and my back hurts so, especially, for your back.

And It's really heavy so. I'm too, weak. Yeah. But it doesn't, look any better i. When we walked along the longest beach we noticed that the area on the right side was open and inviting, for everyone. When we walked left and to the other side of the beach, the white beach became more and more closed. And there was a lot of high fences, and guards everywhere. We didn't meet many locals, at all but one of the local guys that we actually spoke to, told us that the reason for that is because a lot of land and buildings, are now owned by chinese people and hotel owners. From what we saw we definitely, believe that and we can't help to feel sorry for the locals. Since it felt like some of them were pushed out of their own island. You can read more about this place in our blog but to be honest, we think something felt very wrong in boracay. It felt very different from the other islands we visited in the whole philippines, where we always felt welcome. Therefore, we got very happy when we approached, our next anchorage. We just came. To a place, and we turned around because we couldn't. See, that there was any entrance, to like a, huge lagoon. And their shorts. Aren't accurate at all it says it's, mainland, here so. But the guy came out with this. Yatsuki, as assisi, and he's guiding us in so. That feels great. They're waving at us. Hello. Hey. Hey. Oh. Huh. And, where are we. Grace island. Beautiful place friend of people, yes. And it's kind of a, hurricane, hall is, here is. The reef. Around, there yeah, so we came through there and uh, we aren't in the middle of it so. Great place for. Anchorage. Yes, it really is. And, over. Over there. Is. Really good corals, to snorkel. Even though there was, a. Snake. Um. So. Oh. A beautiful, eagle. And it's a hole. In the cage, but. He doesn't. Want to leave. It seems. Like that anyway. Yeah you probably like it here you've got free food, probably. It doesn't need a hunt, oh. It's beautiful. Hello. Hello. Hello. How are you. Hello. Hello. Are you a mockingbird. Where's the glory. Oh. Come on. Wow. Wow. Praise the lord. Goodbye. Where's the monkey. It's pretty funny i've never been to a zoo where all the cages, are open, no. And they still, choose to live in them, they choose to live there and they walk around a little bit but during the night time they just get back in the cage again yeah and there's a monkey. Hey. Come. Hey. The man who showed us the way into the anchor spot and then gave us the beautiful, music performances. Michael. He's a wonderful, guy and we're happy that we met him. All the people we met at grace island was super friendly, and they sure had the most cutest animals on the island too. So cute. Almost as our boat. Hilma. Hi. Hilda. What's that is that a mirror. Is that a. Mirror. Easy to find everywhere. So i think yeah. She will not fall in your water does she. Chickens, you can, swim, chicken scream. I hope she doesn't get in the water though. Hi, how are you. Shortly after hilda saw her human mother on shore, she got super excited, jumped into the water and started to swim towards, her, she probably didn't realize, how far that was to swim for a tiny monkey baby, so oscar and michael jumped into the dinghy and picked her up. Oh she's coming back. Hmm. Who was. It. And a, wonderful. Rose's. Day. Tell, me. Those. There, was, love. All, around. But i never. Heard. Them. Still. There. Was. The instrument. Yes. You're powerful. Yeah you are. I can't even play one instrument and you can, play like several of them.

Even Though it wasn't really high season, anymore there was still some performance, or happening, every day at grace. Island. We were there in the month of may and during the dry season, the rainy season begins in june and everything turns super green again. Sadly it also brings very heavy rain typhoons, and floods. As you probably heard this year have been hard in the philippines. And our friend michael told us that his village, get hit by a storm and a flood. He's okay but it's very sad and of course, we send our best wishes to. You. But i'm not the only. One. Hope someday. You'll, join. Us. I wonder, if, you. Can. Never. A. Brotherhood. You, say. I'm a dreamer. But i'm not the only. One. I hope. Who someday. Us. Thank. You. Oh. That one was a venomous sea snake and we think it's called sea crates. We saw a few of them while snorkeling, in the philippines. And even though they possess highly toxic venoms. They are not a big threat to humans, since they are pretty shy and only attack if they feel. Threatened. Yes. Or. Not. We left grace island another beautiful day and we're on our way to coron, which we have heard a lot about. It was a wonderful, place, which we will show you in our next. Episode. We hope you enjoyed this episode, and if you want to contribute, to our video production. You're more than welcome to become a patreon. Just click on the logo in the end or follow the link. Below. Hmm. Oh.

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