Moped Tour along the Northern Route in Mongolia | 13.000km Puch Maxi offroad adventure travel

Moped Tour along the Northern Route in Mongolia | 13.000km Puch Maxi offroad adventure travel

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Well, I just made it a, couple, of kilometers, out of some Eno I. Think. This here is the official city. Meter, so. It's, a really small town it's. I. Think, maybe, around six hundred thousand, inhabitants, they. Had a small hotel like. One of the hotels is more catered towards, and Mongolians. So. No, running water and. They. Have an outhouse in, the back. But, nevertheless they had a heater so warm room because tonight, as you can see you there's, no I got. Really, cold, and. Still. I think the temperatures, are around freezing. However. There is no wind so I'm, fine. I can. Travel, for, a while and. Today. I'm going on the largest. Trip. Between towns. For. The next, 300. 300. Or so kilometers, there. Is no, town, so. As it, snowed there, all the sand is a little bit wet which makes it great for riding it's. A little bit more compact. It's there's no dust coming, off of it just. Amazing. Yeah. It's a temple. Probably. Too. I. Drove. For two, hours and. I. Finally. Read some tarmac, really. New probably. And. That. Goes on to, Wollongong. So from. Here on, it's. Smooth. Riding. I've, never been so happy in my life. The. Last. Conv. Kilometers, were brutal, a lot. Of sand and washboard. That. Was just horrible. But. I made, it, they. Can finally power. Like. Get. Some ice. Back to my piano, in. A suitcase full. Of clothes I was, looking for a better. Place to hide. Right. Across the border, in a broken-down sedan, the. Bottle. On. And on. I'll stretch, two hours, real. Spittin, aptitude. The song is, just another. Tire. In, the. Verse two. It's known. Back, to Nashville. I. Promise. I'll see you. Yesi. Fog this morning. The. Sun is coming up and. I'm standing on, the shore of the Hudson, Bay. Over. A glass fired. Violet. Silence. Silence. Call. Number. Day. In. Every. Man. And I. His. Own, special, way. Well. I. Made. It to, LaMotta. Tool. And gone. One. Day from, Santino to Lancome here, in Lancome it's, one of the bigger towns. In. Mongolia, I am. In the chingus, hotel. Which. Is one. Of a couple, of hotels, here it's, kind of expensive like, 40,000. To Greek which is $20. A night. Free. Wi-Fi. Tons. Of electricity. They, have a I have, a shower and, toilet the. First thing I did. Was take a shower tomorrow. I can hopefully, wash my clothes and. Yeah. That's. It I made. It I can't. Believe it was, a really hard, day of riding at. Least a lot of. Tarmac. Which. Made it quite. Enjoyable, but. Still free, in the cases. Too. Much, Eddie's, too much I have. A. Chair, here. Table. With a big, power. Socket. Thing all. My, stuff, is just really about. Bad. Window. Not, much to see yeah it's. Kind. Of cloudy do we know. And. Back, to my piano, in. A suitcase full. Of clothes I was, looking for a better. Place to hide. Right. Across, the border, in a broken-down sedan. The. Bottle. No. No, no. I'll stretch, two hours, real. It's. Been aptitude. Well. Um, Dead was. The. Hardest thing I've done so far on this trip I just. Went up this pass I think there's a name for it, it. Goes from. 900. Or on, a thousand. Meters above sea level to. Over 2,000. Meters, and. It's. Called, lon. Dava, so. And. That. Was crazy, took, me over two hours I had. To let, Maxie. Do our thing and walk next to it and just. 50. Meters or so and make a break. I'll. Keep going it, shouldn't be too hard but, there is kind. Of a pass over there in. The distance.

Yeah. Not. Too good not too good. Amazing. Amazing. Just, look at it it's amazing. There's. Still Alexi. No. Making. Amazing. Well. I made, it to bootleg. Lake. It's. A big. Lake out here. Enormous. And just, really, not. A lot going on here I saw. One girl. And one, a, tourist. Camper so but. The way out here, was. Exhausting. Getting, up here was, crazy. The. First pass I, already. Told you that on the, second pass, I. Asked. In a. Big. Truck. There. Was coming by which, turned out to be Mongolian. Military, if they, could take me and a moped up which. They declined, because. The, truck was full with people, and. Then. When. I tried, getting up there, actually, two of the. People. From. The military truck helped me push up my, moped and. I. Kind of stumbled. Into them on, a way, here. Ever. So often from here on it's, one mountain range until. Until. Their depression where a cute lake is, whether. It's the town, of Logan war and two River I have to cross I. Really. Hope the rest of this way. Here. This, without it's not, too. Steep. Because. Otherwise, I, will. Be. Yeah. That's, just how it is. That's. The akkad like, echidna. I think. Someone's. Driving over there in. The distance they, just drove, past me like 10 minutes ago. I'm. Here. So. From here it's. Still 42 kilometers. To the next town and. Hundred. Kilometers, to, second, or. For. Me I. Will. Drive towards, Saginaw. Until. I reach the. River. And. I. Will. Then. Try. To camp by the river. Oh. Good. Morning. Today. Today. After, para. -. Or, run or, Rebel. T5i. Slept. At the river across, yesterday. It's, neither 62. Kilometers, to Saladin. Those. Are. Probably, all off-road, and, will take quite a while, no. It was good. It's cold out or a warm. Yeah. He'll. Get pretty cold, out once, it got high. The. Sun is not really up yet but. Yeah. Well. Handler. It in tired. In. Fact in my piano, in. A suitcase book. Please do that. Yeah. Sorry. Lord. No, it's a struggle. Ya. See fog this morning. The. Sun is coming up and I'm standing on, the shore of the Hudson, Bay. Over. A glass fired. Violet. Silence. Silence. Call. Number. Day. And. Every. Man, is, it I. And I. His own special. There's a wine. Oh. I. Made, it over there in. The distance there's, tagging or, so. I'm. Almost from Mongolia. Over. There I'll just fuel, up a bit. Buy. Some more water, and. Maybe. Some. Yeah. No just some snacks and. Then I'll head for the border. Which. It's. Now almost 9:00.

Which. I should make on, time. Before. Midday. Or before. Lunch break from the. Our. Visually. Unpaved. Road. And. Today that. I know. Stop. You.

2019-03-28 20:33

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Ich bin leider nicht ganz so bescheuert wie du, ich will so eine ähnliche Tour nächstes Jahr mit meinem Nissan Micra machen, bis Ulantator oder so, und dann zurück über China, wenn die mich mit meiner Karre einreisen lassen!

ja china mit eigenem Kraftfahrzeug einreisen ist richtig schwer bzw braucht viel planung und kohle

very nice. you have guts to do this type of traveling.

did you have any kind of phone reception or GPS on the road??

Maxi Touring that’s great man! Thanks for the reply. I just wanna let You know you got great content in your videos. Very raw material but with the right amount polishing. I’ll be expecting your new uploads! Most importantly, stay safe!

Yes, mongolia was really good with mobile data. Until I was back from Tajikistan I didn't have any GPS cause the module in my phone failed. Only in tajikistan I had prolonged periods without reception, but anywhere else it was surprisingly good, maybe the odd 30mins without reception while on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Deine Videos sind gut gemacht und toll geschnitten! Fahre morgen mit meiner alten R65 für immerhin zwei wochen nach Frankreich/Spanien zelten

Danke! Dann viel Spaß bei der Tour

hey, hat deine maxi nie probleme gemacht?

@Enrico Schuster Danke, aber so schlimm wars dann auch nicht, hat deutlich weniger probleme gehabt als erwartet.

@Maxi Touring ja habs grad gesehen. Echt brutal dass du dich sowas traust mit einer Puch! Respekt!

doch gab schon ein paar, wenn dir das neueste video anschaust siehst auch welche

An epic journey. I did Vietnam on a 100cc This is amazing. Respect to you sir

Beautiful journey........I love the choice of your music of Noah Gundersen , I never heard of him. But now I listen to him daily...

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