More Roadtrippin' in Kagoshima, Japan!

More Roadtrippin' in Kagoshima, Japan!

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This. Hotel rooms, give me some conflicted. Advice. Standard. Business. Hotel although, I'd, have to say it's one of the nicer ones I've been in in the country so far I've been here 20 minutes it's. Just nice and clean and new on. The, counter for. Immediate, visual, appeal. I have, met these ladies, but. Upon inspection, oh. You. Think it's a Bible. It's. The teachings of Buddha. What. What. Do I do what path use is, enlightenment. We're. Delicacies, I don't. Really know. This. Morning we are taking. The fairy gamble, we're. Letting the fairy dictate, how we do this so. We haven't, decided to get there at 6 o'clock we've decided to get there at 7, o'clock and then just see where it goes to, put us on that one hour wait which. We figured is a fair enough gamble, and if we get there in there like there's already too, many cars here that they'll tell us immediately and we'll just leave and go do whatever and honestly, if we get on the ferry or if we start driving it's the same amount of time, from. That point yeah. Like. It's like a 15-minute, drive or whatever as a gamble, and, we did invest that and then you, know if it works out then we're gonna get the right a ferry and if it doesn't work out well then we're gonna go in a long drive just, keep driving. We. Got to the port and there, was only one other car here and the ferry can hold at least 10 so, we are gonna be going on a ferry which is great news and this sort of highlights a little, quirk of Japanese. Culture where, we came here yesterday we talked to the lady and she, was like if you get here at 7:00 it's gonna be a weekend. Really. Nice she was she. Did this thing where, she doesn't, want to be responsible, for something going wrong so, she doesn't give you she. Gives certainty, she gives you pessimistic, information. I guess is the way you can say it so, that if something doesn't go right then, you've already been prepared for that so she doesn't want to promise you because she can't sell you tickets so, she doesn't want to sell you promised. You that Hey you, know you can definitely get on the ferry if you come at 7 o'clock if everything goes haywire and somebody's. Christmas party ends and the whole family leaves in the ferry at the same time with all their cars and you can't get on and you she doesn't want to feel like she, lets you down yeah. I have good news a cat, this ran to your feet. Thank. You thank you what's taking a risk we're. Heading right up and like did he rub you know I didn't even feel like I thought you were the chosen one maybe know what I am, what. I find quite interesting is, that we have five lines of, six. Lines of traffic here but they're only lit in ten cars on maybe. 15 at this mall at 50 and. Yeah. We're. One of the small ones are you excited about this ferry ride yeah I'm quite excited yeah.

More. Than I, expected. Mmm. Ribbon. On - have you ever car ferry before we. Did with my aunt oh yeah we did motorbike ferries in Vietnam, but. Yeah. That and possibly. And I don't remember but this will be the first tear in Japan I think yeah I think so yeah. We're. A car on, a boat on the water soon what, what. We're already on the water but we'll be cruising, and. Not see my thumbs up. All, about the. That, guy was my favorite. We, got off the boat here which was a wonderful little peaceful, ride and, we went over like this is really cool the way that the the. Bottom, of the island, is shaped and, that we got to skip all of that stuff I feel like we've warped and like Mario or something yeah and didn't have to didn't. Have to go like the long route or whatever where are you in the world fix or whatever it is yeah and so, happy that worked out we are yeah that's very cool and we're headed southbound right, now to go to a southern, ish area and as, we're driving through what is essentially, just like a little, like. Like. A little nothing, like it's not much here it's like countryside. Stuff there, are these, I. Don't. Know even how to say kind of like giant mannequins or something and, then they're cloth mannequins. Which I find bizarre, and it's out in the rain which is making it even weirder and it's not it looks like they're always out there hey yeah it's not just like one group of them we've seen quite a few groups of them over driving along and like. The first one that I noticed, was like a dude that was into like kind of like an old-school Japanese, style dress and he had a wiener to hook on a leash and these are like full-body, human, beings right and then. We saw a. Group of them and it's like athletes, and like it's got a sign that's like you know do good work athletes like good luck athletes and, I don't know it's just it's weird cuz as you're driving along the road you seeing these human, things that look more human than they.

Should And you're thinking oh those people there be careful maybe, that's what they're there for maybe. That maybe it's because people drive through too fast or something and it's trying to spook people like. 60. Kilometers, an hour. So. We're, just driving down the road here in the rain head itself and, there's. A lot of monkeys in the road like quite a few it's gonna be difficult for me to get them on camera, but trust, me if they're there and they're squawking, and making all this noise and jumping around and trees and stuff and as I got out the car they just sort of all like Oh a person is here and they just all pieced out and they're hiding now but, yeah there was a squadron of monkeys just chillin on the road I. Don't, think I've ever seen wild monkeys in Japan I mean I know they're here but I've never seen them personally, this, is wild wild. Monkey. We. Were just driving down the road we saw a sign and the sign had a tanuki on it they had the wrong animal. Holy. Crap. I've, never. Seen this many monkey it's even even in countries where like, it seems like it's more populated, and and. They are just frantically. Running. Up this hill it is insane. Katie. There's a squadron, there's a squad, oh my god. This. Is nuts man very. Cool careful, you wanna drive slowly down there where, all the monkeys work. Yep. There's one in the road right now take. It slow oh I'm taking it slow. Open the window. We're. Gonna end up with a monkey. What, I was exceedingly exciting, what, I learned is you need to slow your roll through monkey mountain, slow. You're I'm terrified. I'm gonna hit a monkey now the numbers of them buddies kept coming and coming and coming and they were crossing over a pretty fast road it's, not populated it's not a lot of cars but you're doing, right now Hill to Hill so, yeah they knew that once, they got across that small strip on either side, there they're pretty safe you just get up high and that's all you have to do you don't have to worry about anything after that we saw a monkey migration. Yeah. Really. Cool. We've. Reached the southernmost point of mainland, Japan and that is at Cape SATA and as.

You Turn the corner and this huge, tree, just is sitting. Here and I've. Never really seen a tree up close like this and I'm. Kind, of happy that they didn't mess it up that. They saw that this is remarkable, looking, leave it there it's. Stunning. How, many one can see a nigger in there. Well. There's at least one on the outside. Let's. Go inside. There's, not much inside, but it's, pretty, cool just a couple of monkeys two monkeys. Remember. The Great Ape family. I've. Been to the northernmost northern, bit and the, eastern, most eastern bit and kind. Of towards the westernmost western, bit but that was in Sasebo and we didn't even make a deal out of it and we didn't really see a whole lot of information saying hey you're there but, now we're at the southernmost southern bit and I. Can compare this to the northernmost northern, bit and the eastern, most eastern bit in the. Sense that this. Has got quite a bit of a different vibe because. This. Is more of like it feels like a national, park or something like that where, you've, just got a nice view and you've. Got all this greenery and stuff as opposed. To the other two that I saw up in Hokkaido which, were kind of more like you. Were just driving down the road and it was like. Cheesy. Attractions. And stuff like you drive you see the sign you bag this is the northernmost ramen, and then this is the northernmost shrine, and this is the northernmost like. Mundane. Things, like no there most schools no work that's all they had here. It feels a little more classy, like, this is like it's the southernmost point, but there's no like there's not like a bunch of vendors selling like the southern most useless, little tidbits. And like things like you know that's going on it feels a little more like they've maintained. Their their. Good, class about it it feels a little more classy it's quite, a nice view there, is a. Lighthouse. That, is off the edge down here and that's actually not part of the mainland of Japan on, a little tiny island, that's just off the bit just. Like this is a little bit so, the southernmost point is the main landmass, it's just a little bit closer than what, the lighthouse is sitting on top of and sometimes. You can go down there but I saw the map and they said it's closed off so I wonder if maybe, it's like a closed for the winter type thing or if it's not like safe to go down there right now but regardless with, the raining and the hiking and all the stairs and everything it was something we're planning on doing anyways so, this is perhaps its far south in the mainland of Japan we're, gonna make it. Found. A tunnel and that's fun so we're like okay we'll go to the tunnel and maybe we'll go for yourself well, then we got to the area with all the stairs and it's, like metal stairs and it's slippery witnesses raining. This. Is definitely. I think. Okay. So we've got a cool tunnel here and Katie has done all the way down to the end and it took quite a while for her to walk let's, see if she can say something, and we can understand, what she says, go, ahead Katie I. Have. Know, something. About tunnels, that's I couldn't understand - something. No. Jokes. It's. Pretty cool man like she's a long way down there. So. We got to this park and outside, the park nurse kind, of a measly waterfall, feels, bad - insulting a waterfall, doing, amazing. Things look, in May. When. Eric was like I don't think this is the one so. We went further into the park and. We found this incredible, bridge which I was like that's way too high, now I'm standing on it going that, was worth it and.

We. Found the big guy we were looking for. I'm, glad we came up here because it's really cool cuz we're like in a cloud right now but, I would like to point out that from up here I can see a walking, path that. Is down there it. Looks like you, probably could have seen the waterfall, without the height and then we also saw a road that we probably couldn't. Okay. Or some bleep odd they see if I can include, you a little bit. Maybe. It says cloudy over there man I don't know. There. Is definitely a walking path that, you can go up to the base of it and it's pretty cool but, if, you're gonna budget, your amount, of rain tolerance. Like you're willing, to only be out for a certain amount of time I think going up to the bridge is a much better investment. When. You're in the countryside you don't tend, to have a lot of options for food and that is kind of what has hit us here but it seems to look like it may have worked out for us because it, drove us to an area that we weren't gonna come to for, any other reason, and the. Reason that we came over here is because we saw this big plate of curry rice, in our book and we were like okay that's kind of in the area let's go check this out and other note it was like served. On an aluminum, plate that. Was like the note about it and they're like what why, is that noteworthy, and then when we got here, airplanes. Happened, and this is it an airfield, and the. Aluminum. Plate is like representative. Of the aluminum, that the airplanes is made out of and I'm actually a little unclear, after, having read what I read if this, perhaps is a plate that was literally part of an airplane at one point that sort of seems what they're trying to say but they weren't really direct about it so I molest a little in the foggy area but regardless, it's supposed to give you the imagery at the very least and I, haven't had curry rice in a long time I really. Like curry rice and, I eat it often enough that it's sort of like one, of those things I never even think to talk about in videos because it's so normal but I don't think that you know it's not something that's spread out all over the worlds I thought it'd be fun to talk about now this. Is gonna be more I'm just pacing at a glance looks more like a japanese-style curry. Rice rather than an Indian style of curry and it's. Also served with a little salad it's, served with some pickled stuffs including, little pieces of garlic and, the. Weirdest, part about it is it's served with a little Yakult. Um, I, don't know how to talk about this to be honest it tastes like yogurt. II, milk. Stuff, it's. Like a sweet, yogurt, II thing and we love these things I know I love the neck piece when, we first discovered them I was calling on breast milk because there's not delicious so, I'm looking forward having this for, dessert and. I'm gonna jump straight into the curry and I. Ordered mine Oh woody which, is like with, lots of rice because I'm starving, we got up at like 5:30 this morning and it's late, probably. 1 130 now and yeah. Hmm. Got a big piece of like beef. In there report, from not sure West maybe. Even meat there's it mmm. Oh. God. It's raining outside I'm, really hungry, we did that hike up to that that. Bridge. This. Is like the perfect thing the. Curry, is not a super spicy curry like a lot of people assume curry to me it is more of a sweet. Curry that they have used for this one when. They put little pieces of vegetables in there and stuff and the, fun part about all the pickled stuff is, just pouring, it straight on into the curry and then letting it swim around and spice everything up a little bit make things a little more sour. Yeah. I'm really happy right now being completely honest with you and after this if it's not raining we're, gonna go out and check out some airplanes, and helicopters this, stuff's. It's. Breath milk time, do. Babies get things to stab the first one I don't. Know. Good. These odd straws here. How's. Your doing over there you get it, all. Right. What. Are we going to what. Are we gonna breath mochi. Surprise. Airplanes it's a surprise airplane, cool. Whoo. So, good I think that it's, so good it's like the best thing in Asia. We're. Checking out some airplanes now and they've. Got quite a few over here and they all kind of older airplanes it seems like a lot of them are american-made airplanes, that I've seen anyway so far and they've. Got this big one here that is a Lockheed, airplane, the, p2 v7, and, it. Has got one of those seat things in the nose so, you can see it's like transparent. And you'd. Sit in the nose. Of this airplane, and my guess, is that's not where the pilot was sitting but maybe where a gunner would sit somebody's, gonna know a lot more about this can fill us in in the comments but it's what it's, like a panel on the bottom that looks like they've just put it there it wasn't there when the plane was operating, it's my guess and, I think it was like where a dude would be to like you know shoot.

At Things artillery, and, can. You imagine sitting in that seat I kinda. I kind of as. Always telling you like if somebody said you, want to ride right there I would sit there and instantly, I go uh-uh but, then I would go you, have to you. Have to do that just, the view, the intensity, of that like it would be like being strapped to the front of a bullet I only, thought about the take-off didn't. And. That's if everything goes fine the, mindless thing is made they go battle people oh my. God, the. Walls on those guys. This. Huge thing is actually a Japanese design, plane and it, is a anti-submarine. Plane, and looks very. Very interesting. For an airplane design as it is an amphibious, plane so it can just land and then pick off from the water but, also has, wheels so it can land it and take off from the, ground and, just. The shape of it everything it looks like they were like yeah let's build a boat now let's build an airplane and let's make, a boat. Rose, and wings I don't want to make an airplane that looks like basically what went down the design room and I've never seen anything that looks quite like this one it's pretty interesting. Katie's. Gonna fly a helicopter. Are we in the helicopter, yeah. Yeah. This one's a helicopter, at the museum with the airplanes and stuff outside they've got a museum inside and. It. Is kind. Of an interesting museum because half of it is dedicated. To like world war two style, stuff kind of what we had seen a couple days ago and half, of it is just dedicated, to like the modern-day. Security. For security, forces I guess is the phrase that they would use in English where, it's not like a full-fledged. Army or Air Force, or whatever that they have in Japan but it's rather like a security, like a Defence Force that's that's it's called the Defence Force yeah every day I couldn't find the word and the. Upstairs, area with the World War two stuff covers. A similar, subject matter that what we had seen at the previous museum. Which was more of a peace museum and this one seems more of it. Made me a little uncomfortable made. Me a little uncomfortable with, some of the verbage they were using and stuff like for instance they were they were avoiding, the word kamikaze. If the other museum I didn't see it written anywhere at all any, place in. Japanese, and, in. This place it's written a lot of places and the tone of this museum feels a little more I to. Say nationalistic. Might be a little bit strong of a word but it's just a little more a. Little less, about peace let's just put it that way and. There's. The down side yeah it's pretty cool because you get to come inside of this big helicopter. I. Pushed, everything I basically, think that at some point if I push, the right button it will propel, us out of. The. 16-7. Buttons I pressed don't do that. We've. Basically stopped, recording business. Hotels, unless, there's some stupid. Oddity, about the room like something that we, just don't understand, or has to be shared with everyone one. Thing that we haven't done in a long time is, recorded, our breakfast. Business hotel. But, that's because we never get, breakfast. He. Took the stairs. And. We never get breakfast because it makes the price of the hotel higher and in most cases we'll, just go and get breakfast, at a bakery. Or something like that which is exciting, to us this. Hotel, did not offer you. The option of not having breakfast, you, had to have breakfast, so, we've. Got our tickets I don't. Know what to expect at all is it gonna be cereal I bet there's not gonna be cereal, but. We're, gonna go and find out what the business hotel, like, the budget it is the, budget it is, business. Hotel breakfast, is all about that's hard to say, it'll. Be get the word that's why yeah. Seems. Like we're rolling on the truth system. We're. Gonna start with this. This. Is classy we're. Going full-on cafeteria. Style, the. First thing they have got here some. Cabbage that's, that's, surprising. But, oh my god some. The. Bun is not surprising a. Bit. Boring this. I'm. Showing the ground I'm showing the girls that it's empty. They. Need to come. Yeah. There's a window there do they see you really I need a survey and they saw me but they don't know what to do about that you need some talking salsa yes, we're going with the topping sauce of the younger blueberry. That's. Really artistic looking thank you now. Once you reach the, meats, we're. Greeted with the sign that says the, company, will not give a crap if you get food poisoning.

Dude. I'm Owen digging is that Sabah ah. This. Smell in here is really fishy I guess. It could be it's. Hard for me to tell, regardless. I like that. I'm. Gonna take a pass on the wieners. Yeah. Yes. And. Is. That bacon or ham did they just slice, bacon. That hasn't been cooked, Wow. And then. They sliced, the. Tamagoyaki that, you can buy at the convenience. Store that's okay that's, not. Know. What it's. Like a few oza egg, gyoza, if, that right I'm. Not a big rice, in the morning person they specifically, said that the rice is made with Japanese. Rice they put a sign up for that okay. Don't. Know if I've had that before. I. Need. A bowl okay we're gonna need more rice. And. A. Kimchi. Put. That on top of the cabbage, umeboshi. Some pickled stuffs, yeah. You know it always have, the pickled stuff regardless, of what you're eating. Soup. I. Guess, so I'm assuming. We. Got chives and, the naughty if you want to put the doggy in there there's. A ball here we go we'll. See let's, see the consistency, in this. Just. A standard. With. Your tofu bits. There we go. He goes, back to your table. Eric, says the interesting, things on my plate are. The natto and. The. Egg gyoza, it. Still Donna it's, like the world's smallest omelet. What's. Inside okay. Well maybe we'll just jump into the Hayek god no silverware, or. Salt. Stays about something. That's. You sure hope you do my everyone somebody somebody's, got a problem. Gonna. Don't want to transfer, those germs. Okay. I'm not big on cooties. I don't, know what that is I. Think, it is meat. Basically. It's just like very, well flavored. Kind. Of cold it, was just sitting on the plate so it's not like he's, gonna be keeping. It fresh. Just. Really well flavor there's some vegetables, and meat in there so it is the world's tiniest omelet. Surprisingly. I thought the other thing be careful. Now. Don't take so while. It. Does well. Then you will have to speed this up or something let's see how you do not so, comes with Kadosh you spicy mustard and. I'm. Not really sure what this is I've, never really used it. Without. A, it's. Kind of like I. Imagined, that it might be sweet. Parts. Of not though. Seeing. Your strings for the first time because, when, you get not so you're always excited, about it until, you remember that you damn it I gotta deal with these, strings. It's. Basically like a spiderweb. And. You can you clean what not that is if I'm sure those people who may be watching they don't know what this is it's fermented, soybean so these have been fermented.

For A very long time and. That's. What they do they become spider, eggs when. You. Take your knots out spin. It spin it spin it spin it I. Like. To put mine into, rice. So. We've got it on top of our race now. Yeah. The Kobashi I'll. Try the other sauce maybe it's fantastic. And I've just never thought of me using it before usually, you sure you right no. No this is the crash he situation, or I thought you mix the two. Okay. All. Right what is this. Salty, oil. Nut, oil just moister. Sauce it tastes like oyster sauce. Wouldn't. Be a bad combo, I might add it later I want to go my regular style. This. Is the tricky part it takes forever to stir this stuff up right yep. I, am. Shocked, do you haven't talked about the smell yet I hasn't, given you all. I can tell is the fish from the file over there I can't. Smell that fish at all. Alright, here we go once, you mix it with the rice you lose a bit, of the stringiness. So. I don't imagine there we a lot of string so it's still a little. Just. Taste like not dough and rice it's. Very simplistic. To me now explain, another flavor. Taste, like a bean and you need to put it in some crashy. This. Smell is way more overwhelming, if you could turn your nose off it just tastes like a bean sure, and. It, has that nice like. Bean. Filling and a little pop of the bean and. I. Compared, it to a nail, salon and coffee grounds, mixed together I. Don't. Know yeah it's like Starbucks, and a nail salon next to each other if you if you have a mall that, has those two things right next to each other go stand in the middle you. Know about not oh I made. Myself a little plate here and because, I know this is what everybody is tuned in for I'm, gonna try one of the weiners. How. Many meters did you get. For. A few. It's. Cold. Tweener. More. Interestingly. They. Have these little packets over there that. I don't think is normal in, a lot of places but maybe I'm mistaken maybe, the future has come to other countries this is a strawberry, and margarine, mixture, packet in the way that it works is that there's like little things on both, sides and they're separated and then. You squeeze this together and they come out of the same hole and. I'm. Gonna go ahead and throw a little bit of that mixture onto a lot of this so. I'm gonna open this up and. Make. This, easier. But do you see what's going on here. We. Go it's kind of vile looking already all right so then you crack, this. And. It. Opens these holes there and then if you squeeze them together it squeezes out is it Jeany this is genius. And. Then. You get strawberry, and margarine. Drooping. Out that's. Probably enough right and. I don't have anything to like really, properly. Push that together and so I'm just gonna make, it disgusting like that. Not. On the tables back there and, it. Tastes like strawberry jam, and some, butter I just. Like a little package. I'll. Tell you what after seeing Katie go I'm looking for this mini omelet. I would. Say that the breakfast, here was plentiful, and. Better. Than, average like. I don't know what the average is but the average that I had in mind it was better than I. Can eat all the yogurt that I wanted to and, those little egg things. I. Dropped the fish in the yogurt I. Cleaned. It out. We. Made our way north about, an hour and we've, come to a little town that the, reason we've stopped in it is because they do something, that is let's. Call it fragrance, they've. Got this field and it, is full of jars and they've been doing this for hundreds of years been a long time and it. Is jars, of vinegar. And. The. Reason that it's made here apparently is because the warm climate, and the, water, that's in the area or something is good for vinegar vinegar, production, so. It's. Really. Strong. Smelling. Of vinegar. That's. Just like blowing in my face right now and it. Is like I was, asking cameos like Katie what what do you what. Memory does this bring to you and she'll. Tell you what her memory was in a minute but I'll tell you my memory of the smell is. Easter. Eggs like I, walked. Around the corner and there's like waft. Of vinegar hit me and I was like man I'm dyeing Easter eggs all just, from my childhood or whatever and yeah. It's really cool it reminds me kind of like a we. Were the last years and years of years ago and they had to think of Plain of Jars were, these ancient jars, that people would use like thousands, of years ago or something during migration times, kind, of reminds me of that this big field of jars and stuff just happening but, it's cool that they've kept it going and like they're still using it and you can still buy products, with this, vinegar, and like, I saw things like they have like apple, juices and stuff and I saw they make vinegar, honey and things, like that so they're doing all sorts of crazy stuff with the vinegar, cooking out here and, hopefully.

We, Can hop up into a shop and get something, but the restaurant we decided to come to closed, as we walked around the corner so, hopefully. We'll be able to hunt out some of this honey, or something. What is your vinegar, I'm. Gonna tell the lamer one oh and when, I was little I'd like to, clean. Coins. Well, it's a dorky, one I like, to clean coins so, I would, I would use a vinegar and, I think salt and I, would have a toothbrush, and I just spend hours, cleaning coins. It's scrubbing pennies scrubbing pennies. So. We've got some vinegars here one. Year three year and five years. I'd. Like to point out that you're just drinking vinegar. Without. One year. That. Was the one year. Back. In the day. My. Mom at home would just slice, up cucumbers, and put vinegar into a, bowl. And maybe some salt and that was like something I ate a lot of in the back, in the day and I'm betting we did the one-eared jams so. That I felt at home with that one I don't, want to taint the three years I'm going with a new Cup. Three. Years. That. Was a levitating, door. It. Tastes, it had like an alcohol, taste like, almost like. It. Kind of cleared out my nose in a very strange way with no flavor like, this, has bite this, has a very harsh bite to it whereas, this one it. Went in and it was like there was an absence, of flavor along with the flavor it doesn't make sense what I just said but it. It. Doesn't have that bite that like it's. Matured, it, has relaxed. I. Wasn't a fan of that because maybe I've just been raised. On the one-year jams and I can't appreciate maturity. I do think you're supposed to be mixing this with this ice down here by the way but, like. Nobody, has come over here and corrected a raw doggin it man. That, one is, relaxed. But it. Doesn't feel like there's an absence of flavor it feels full flavored, for, the five year like. There. Was no part of my tongue that tasted, something and was like nothing. Happened but, the three years something, in there was like nothing happened I don't I don't why did that happen it doesn't make sense I. Would, still be on the one-year jams really yeah it's, exciting I mean that's what they're using on the salt and vinegar chips I can tell you that right now they. Are not doing the five-year they, came out a for the five years okay ladies can't afford it while. Katie was filming the thing where she was just drinking vinegar this lady brought this tray over and set it down next to us and we aren't really clear what this is because it's not labeled or anything she just put it back.

Put. It down and walked off my. Guest is gonna be that it's yogurt. Vinegar. It. Bite the back of the throat I don't. Know what it is man it is incredibly, chilly, yes, it's very chilly it's. It yogurt II I the, vinegar flavor is so. It's. Definitely yogurt, you think so. Okay. I think I see what it is oh. They. Put milk 1 2 4 oh okay. Okay it's, okay. I, think. It's yogurt it's bigger than milk and one, part. Vinegar. And. I. Kind of like it it gives it a little bit of snap a little bit of excitement they sell these little vinegar drinks in convenience. Stores here it's like apple vinegar stuff, and. It's like this little like juice box looking thing that's for ladies that are on diets I get at all time it was really delicious this, is in that direction. I. Keep. My figure. I. Can. Just put the camera like in your face there. We go, we. Went into the little gift shop that they've got here because, of course is a gift shop and. We, were like looking at all these different things that they've got they've got tons of products slowly took time for things to click, yeah. These are dressings, and these are drinks, and like a lot of the drinks are concentrate, so, you add water to them or whatever. Yeah. Exactly. And we were like okay yeah we're gonna get some dressing or we're gonna get one of these drinks or whatever and then decided because every, single day I eat. Like pasta, salad, for lunch so I was like I can have like my, my Kagoshima, memories, time where, I have my dressing, but then, we realized that we, have to fly back to Tokyo and we don't have any check bags so, we have to take them on the plane and they're all liquids so we. Can't take them on the plane because of like you know you can't take liquids on airplanes so we ended up getting just a little thing of, regular. Vinegar and, it comes in what. It. Looks like a spray, bottle or something, like. Binaca. Is it Binaca. Spray. Yeah so we're kind of hoping that's small enough of the Lotus bring it on the airplane and if not then I guess I'm it there. Might. Be considered a weapon. We're. Climbing stairs that we can't see because of the light that's in our face to make it so this video works but, we're going up to what we think is, a shrine, that. There. Might be a pig-like. But, we're not sure if it's a real pigs and, if. The pig is there we're not sure he'll still be there he might be like oh yes, I mean for the night so. This. Might be a waste of time but we had a few minutes left a spare, time before we have to return the car tonight so we figured we'd. Give it a try maybe, find a pig. It's. Suddenly campfire. I'm. Not really sure why this fire is here we're gonna tell some ghost stories, I don't. Have any ghost stories to tell. The. Shrine we've, found like wandering, around in the dark which is not something you typically do at a shrine we found two, interesting, things the. First is if anybody's, been to or, knows, about shrines, or. Temples I, don't know if it's a shrine or a temple thing but they have these plaques that people can write like wishes, or comments, on and then you hang them at the temple and they, stay there for however long usually.

Pay Like a hundred yen for them apparently. One of the claims to fame of this temple, shrine, is that. They have the biggest one in the world and painted. On this is a gigantic. Ino, shishi a wild, boar just, standing. Up on a stump. Protecting. This temple. Shrine. And. That's. Pretty, amazing it is huge. And this, is the year of the Eno shishi in the Chinese calendar so, that's why I was like we should we should go to this I circled, it I wrote you know she she let's, go see a wild boar the. Second, thing is that there, is a live wild boar here but, he is definitely sleeping. He. Does not want to be bothered he's gone to the part of his cage where we can't see him and he's. Just back there snorting. So. I'm, sad. That I didn't, get to see him but I did, find him by snort and that. Was kind of cool. Make. Sure you subscribe so you don't miss our next video where we explore a very active volcano on Kagoshima, thanks, everyone at patreon were able to make these videos if, you'd also like to help us keep them coming check out our patreon account link below liking. And commenting helps, with YouTube's algorithm, BOTS - thanks.

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That's not a 100% rule. For example, Sensō-ji in Asakusa has a place to cleanse, but is not a Shinto shrine. The best indicator I have seen is that a Shinto shrine has tori gates at it's entrances, buddhist temples have gates, but usually of a different style. There is a lot of overlap in the styles of each, which complicates things, of course. -E

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How to tell the difference between a temple and a shrine? Use your nose...... Temples, which are Buddhist will have incense; Shrines, which are Shinto will not.

@Kyde and Eric Hi Guys, How to tell the difference between a temple and a shrine? (Part 2) Use your eyes..... there will be some kind of urn to burn incense in, usually in front of the main hall, no matter how small the temple is. Love the videos Btw.

That only works if they happen to be burning incense, which they often are not, haha. -E

Those dolls looked like the ones that that woman makes all on her own in her home town where shes basically the last person left in the town so she makes the dolls to represent the people who are no longer there. I wonder if they were those dolls?

I know what you are talking about, and it's not the same place but maybe that trend has spread! -E

35:40 So, Kyde likes her vinegar neat. _Sasuga_.

The probable reason I think they serve curry in an aluminium plate is that's how they actually serve JSDF personnels. So it's a part of the theme. Also there in JMSDF, It has been the tradition for them to eat curry on every Friday so that they don't forget what day of the week it is when they are in the sea, the story of which is well-known among the Japanese population and also the taste of it has kind of popularity, so It's one of the attractions for tourists, I suppose. Oh and Eric, how are you doing today? lol


@Farin Lindley maybe Sam and Audrey or the newer videos of Simon and Martina. Tim and glo are travelling with kids. But Kyde and Eric are unique with those lovely long videos. They are my favorite.

when you were enjoying the vinegar place and the lady provided the milk and vinegar treat, i realized it is not yogurt but what happens to milk when you add vinegar. it's the way you make a sour milk (buttermilk) substitute,

Isnt yakult just a keffir?

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