Morning Cup.... Lake Powell News Networks Morning show in Page, Arizona

Morning Cup.... Lake Powell News Networks Morning show in Page, Arizona

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So. In the news and there's no sound now you know like because I can't see the sound part that means you need to move this down and adjust. So. I like your meme today because it actually like questions. The authentic, authenticity, of, Murphy's, not really it kind of does used. To self perpetuating, kind of self running kind of thing here. Fulfilling. Prophecy, anyway, so, it kind of works, yeah, well Murphy's, Law, has. Not, failed you so far today that's why it's not predictable today, because if. According to the Maine there it says if Murphy's, Law implies, that anything, that can go wrong will go wrong does. That imply that Murphy's, Law will go wrong and, that is that. Is very, very true but you don't know in which way it's going to go wrong he. Could have had something planned for you that was epically, bad and, well, instead it's either worse or better than what he had planned for you, yeah. I don't. Know. Oh Murphy. I. Just. Exist, he's my keys in my pocket for. Every. Browser. Some. People have an angel on a devil on their shoulders and you've just got to Murphy's, yeah I get that too of them yeah and they're both poking, me in the ears. I, used. To work at. A company down. In the valley and, my, boss's last name was Murphy and we. Just we would have fun, with. With her last name in Monday's. Disaster. You know she embraced. It as well. Speaking. Of Murphy if, you guys didn't catch over the weekend we, made a road trip down south, yes. We made a road trip down south to Louis, and died and well. Thanks for going rather. Well for quite some time and then as. We passed the turnoff to go to Tuba City, our. Check engine light came on and normally, normally it's. Just a check engine light just. Let that thing shine however. Not. So long ago on. The, same road trip going to the same location, our, check engine light came on and well. The bearing for, the water pump seized up which, causes the water pump to explode, and throw, the belt yeah. The engine so. You, know we had to pull over, to check it make sure that nothing was going on we couldn't find anything wrong but it was still kind of nerve-racking because you, know for those of you that don't know the. The LPN. The news vehicle, has 211, thousand, miles on it besides that for, those of you who don't know the, tuba City or the turnoff for, tuba. City is truly. In the middle of nowhere well. No and it's actually 30 miles north-northeast. Of us but. But. It's, there. Are no. Cities that are closed. So. If something major did, happen, it would have been about a $500. Tote, at. Least at least. So. Yes, for those of you who don't know it is there's. Nothing there, it's. Like being I, don't. Know never. Ended well stuck, in in like Death, Valley who were you nothing. There near you Mario. Says everybody, happy. Murphy Monday barrio thanks for watching. Sorry. Did not mean an inner I don't know we do have a lot of viewers, back. Further is exactly, where that is yeah so, we're out in the middle of nowhere we pull over cuz we're like oh man last time this happened all. Over the bed so, I get out I'm looking at the belts intact there's no strange noises the RPM and the engine seems to be okay don't, notice any major leaks nothing, has exploded, yet. Everything. He seems to be okay so we try and reset the computer maybe, it's just a computer heaven and you know what maybe it's a Murphy day for the computer oh that's.

Okay Lisa says we saw you guys. Didn't. Stop we thought you were stopping for a news reason. Yes. Thank you very much and Christine says happy birthday Monday, seeing someone embraces the Murphy copy Murphy Monday, oh hey. Christine. You're encouraging, him. Murphy. Anyway. Back to the car story here. Everything. Appears to be okay but the computer, won't reset so. It's like well, we're. Gonna go ahead and give it a shot we've gotta go all the way down to Cottonwood, which, is south of Flagstaff, declare stuff oh you. Were still in the car so we thought oh. That's. Probably we just pulled over and then it is either. That or I was trying to reset the computer so. We, do, appreciate you noticing us there perhaps. On your way back if we would have been laying on the center of dad. Wow. We. Always have survival stuff in it but we always carry plenty, of water we've, got a survival, kit just in case something I'd like that does happen so it's. All good you. Know and she's right we could have been stopping for a news reason. All. These things. Go. Ahead and just try it and see what happens and as. We, go up steep inclines, and stuff we get this horrible, like Bernie rubber, smell and. We're like oh man, oh. Yeah. And it wasn't I wasn't, worried about the stench of it I'm just worried about like okay what's getting ready to go so. We, just go we just keep going I take it easy, you know we stayed on the speed limit or just under so we're not you know pushing, the vehicle too hard and. We decided we're gonna stop in an, Auto Zone in Flagstaff. So we can get the Code Red to make sure the car is not gonna blow up for the rest of our trip right. Okay. Dave, says all non-believers. Better turn three circles, toss salt over the shoulder and knock on wood or be yours forever, hey I'm hurting yes, Oh. Good. Morning good morning thanks. For joining us on this show so, back to the story we're. Driving, we're driving into Flagstaff, we make it nothing. Is exploded, we have the stink in the car from whatever kind of burn is going on it's, a little nerve-wracking, we're worried about it because of the previous, incident, we. Get to Autozone the guy checks the code we go inside and, we, look at it and you know what it ended up being was. An omission system leak. And, we've had this before where what vgr failed, and then the gas cap seal failed, but, all it was was, a small, vacuum leak, so. It wasn't that big of a deal so it's like yeah that we can drive normal, and we're gonna make it the guys like well you might want to replace so I'm like yes we're, going to fix it at some point but this means we're, not all gonna die. We. Continued, on our trip and and, we headed down to Cottonwood and then. To Clarkdale where. My. Brother lives, and. My dad was actually down visiting. And I haven't seen him in like eight years and we have to hang out over the weekend awesome, yeah, it was interesting. Yeah. We had a good time so Roxy, just does not like. So. We had good times we did that we did some star watching, you. Know later in the evening had, a couple too many beers you know a. Little. Bit. Good. Time the car didn't blow up and it made it back safely yes now, I just have to figure out exactly and, that Bernie smell was because of you know incomplete, combustion or the vacuum leak getting, into the inside of the car and that's what the stink is not, that big of a deal stinky but.

Yl. Tienen decided, to go Southwest because I hadn't seen my dad and here's, roughly, around about eight years and we. Finally got a chance to go down to and meet my dad and. I. Am. Too and we saw a lot of construction. Yeah. Northbound, 17. Coming back is a huge section, of road that, is one lane and it's supposed to be what was it like 55 going through there yeah yeah, they're, ripping up the entire interstate, right there and replacing, and so, the, right-hand lane on the northbound side coming up is it's, just dawn they've got k-rails going all the way up but this is dawn and actually, that wasn't even. There. Tons, of construction, they've got like four roundabouts. Going, in there completely, redoing everything so that you've got two, divided. Pieces. Of road where you've got two lanes going in each direction but, right now it, just kind of crosses back and forth over each other and there's half finished things, it's like. Definitely. The slower way to go. There's. A lot of construction going on but it looks like they're doing some pretty serious expansion. We're going down there in Cottonwood, oh. And. We, got oh oh so. We forgot to tell this so on the last day that we were there we. Went to this antique, shop that's down in cotton, okay. I. Hate. That Road Mario says yeah it was a mess, we couldn't believe it we works we go to went the other right so. We, go to this to, this antique shop and on the outside it advertises, that they have two acres, of antiques. And I. Don't know about you guys I. Love, antiques. I love going out and poking at them seeing the old stuff trying to find out what the history is or just seeing things that like, dick is that and then figuring it out or even not, yeah. So, so, we're going through and prior, to that my dad had gone the. Day before or the day before that he had been there for a few days longer than we had and, he showed us a picture of something that was really creepy he. Actually showed us it had had, a tag on it and it. Was $1500, because you can buy an antique, store you can buy stuff but what it was was.

A Steel, surgical, chair. From. An asylum, and. It was all rusty. And crusty I, mean it looked like something right, out of a horror movie in my dad said he was walking around for, probably an hour or two before that look into stuff but after he saw that he's like that's it I'm done, and so, I was like no no we have to go back we have to see this chair so we ended up going back and. Yeah. That care was pretty creepy, so, what was with the tank well, the tank said that it was an antique. Surgical. Chair for. $1,500. But that was like the first picture of the series like you saw that and you're like wait are you serious and then there was the picture of the charrids like I. Had. Just I mean it's an upright chair that you know kind of like one of these that you sit in but, there's a slot, in the bottom where you sit at and then there's a cut out in the front brace in it and it's old it just I mean, you could just imagine the. Horrors, that that chair has seen or can hard to imagine exactly I mean I've, seen, this movie. And. So right next to this Asylum. Surgical. Chaired are these, two, very. Innocent, looking rocking, horses with painted, faces and, everything and it just made it even that much more creepy. It was just. But. It was worth watching and looking at and poking it and then I touched it I did touch it. Mario. Says there, gift, shop. Yeah. It's a really cool place and downtown cottonwood, is epic, you've. Been there we. Saw perf one time yeah you do have the story for the fridge you remember how that went oh yeah, absolutely don't, tell them about the story of your trip to cotton but you didn't get to see an asylum surgery culture no. I didn't. Okay so I was in Cottonwood, and, I was with you and uh, you're. Walking along and there's all these little cute. Shops and they've got stuff outside on the sidewalks and they saw this purse, this. Okay. If. Purses. Could be soul mates this. Was mine I don't. Know if she kind, of has like a weird person, thing I do I do, have, a weird person, uh I. Was checking to see which one I had today um. But. It was beautiful it was it was gorgeous it was like green and blue and brown tie-dye and the colors were just perfect and the shape was exactly the kind of like and it was it was freaking, beautiful but, it was like $30. Yeah and we didn't have the money for it so I didn't get it um and. I. I as soon as I left Cottonwood, I regretted. It and like for a year, I thought, about this purse what there's like purse on the brain. About. It and wishing, that I had bought it I really, I know it's the weirdest, thing but I just had this incident like conduction. So. A year later I, actually. Literally. A year later I took a trip back to Cottonwood, to. Try and find my soul mate purse on the off-chance and, I'm, sure the shop owners in Cottonwood think I'm crazy, because. I couldn't remember what shop it was I couldn't remember which side of the street it was I couldn't remember the name of the store I couldn't remember anything except, that there was a display. On, the sidewalk, and it had a purse. Did. Not wind up finding my, soul a purse that day I'm. Still searching. But. Yeah about, that, so, anyway I will never forget this first it was just absolutely, perfect I can't find it online I couldn't, find any cottonwood I haven't liked it was handmade by a local I believe, it was probably a local uh though. Oh this, was really funny and. Kind of a, heart. Breach. I, ate, in a restaurant. Before. Before. Walking, down the streets of Cottonwood, to find this purse and we, mentioned it to the waitress, and she said oh I got a purse just like that I think I bought it like a year ago but it like it got, worn out and I threw it out like Oh months, ago and, I, just I swear. She had my purse. Be. A little dude out, there that when you see something and it makes that soul, connection quiet. Get. It otherwise apparently, you'll be miserable for quite some I'm not measure I'm far from miserable. But. My life is a little less complete. But. Yeah this.

Purse Yeah I bet, the waitress cuz, it would just be you, know. To. Run into the waitress who. Are. Going to question. You how that your thing. That's. What I think of every time I think of. Dave, says I like an invasion is her singing somewhere, in there from America. Looking. And get the moon and you see a person we're, gonna have to do like a cutscene movie, then. We'll. Make we'll make a road crappy, like. What. Are your artists renditions. Did. You happen to buy my purse while you were in cotton no. You. Know I wanted to get my dad to sit. Around. It but he wouldn't. But. On top of that hmm, neither. You nor your brother were willing to do that. So. You, know we might need to get that a silent chair and put it here in the in freedoms to do know we're using it maybe yeah I mean my throne the. Crazy guys it's cute. This. Is why you believe in Murphy because you do things like buy cursed chairs, I mean. I, mean, how could it not be cursed, really you got a point I have seen the movie especially with the horses sitting next to it. Yeah. This is what you believe in right it's because you buy cursed items. Murphy. When really it's just you're you you buy things that are. A. Lot of adventures for us down there along with hands at the cottonwood, trees yeah yeah if we can get down there cuz Roxy says no yeah, I'm. Tired I don't want it. But. She hasn't done that on the trips to Phoenix. Wow. Our. Destination, is Cottonwood. And. Priests. May have been cursed to and a higher power. It's. Really. Really little I was in Jerome but I don't remember it my. Dad was born and raised in Arizona so he's like a desert rat he goes out and used to do all kinds of stuff and so, most, of that stuff was before I could remember it in, the end the permanent records not that those really stick around. So. That was the cottonwood adventure, yeah it was it was. Interesting. What. If the higher power preventing. Me from my, game the first was Murphy you know I was going to say that but these unbelievers. So. If Murphy prevented, me from having the person I really should have gotten the purse well maybe that's what you think. Butterfly. Effect things, and if I would have gotten the purse I knew, like. Everything. Would be totally, different now my life would be miserable in, shambles, a mess, it, could be it could be or you could be a billionaire, by now you know what I prefer the other reality I. Prefer. To think the world would be worse if I had the know, you. Didn't get. I. Keep. Seeing your earrings, oh. So. For those of you that don't know Becca. Has an eclectic collection of, random earrings, and she has them in tackle boxes because there's so many she can't keep track of she recently had to find another tackle, box to put them on in there it's. Crazy but, really. Interesting what are you wearing for earrings today, so, today. Would. You like the whole neck shopping. Everything's. For sale blowout. Sale, I. Did. Take a picture of them okay, so if you want. Because. I actually, did. Take a picture. All. Right. So this, is, this. Is one. Of them. That's. What she's wearing right there. Our. Heads are. Tomatoes. We. Got my. Turban. Now. You bring me back to the trail so. I haven't seen my dad in eight years right yeah and, so, we get there everybody to give us hugs is like oh yeah how's it going and then we all sit down, and. We're just kind of looking my. Brother Gullu mm-hmm, and, I said you know this. Reminds me of an episode of king of the hill we're at the beginning where you got Boomhauer, and you got Dale however, you stand-in there drinking beer. So. It. Was seriously, like an episode of king of the dopest funny yeah it was kind of awkward for a while but then we kind of tried to break the ice a little here a little bit you know it's, hard to know where to start after eight years of not, seeing each other you know we talked on the phone. The. Advent of modern technology, makes it so you're not really that far apart yeah it, was a strange. Little. Odd but it ended up picking up by the Endon yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's all so. Yeah that was that was Becky's earrings yes very. Lovely we're, still only at $20, even I just. You know this. Is gonna be a good segue actually for what I have to. Do. That oh and don't forget we're still voting, on Rupert yes we marry pictures, of the Rupert yes we do watch, the whole yeah because I was born down south, I packed, up the camera first a grouper pictures yeah I know, Mario. Since I hate tomatoes do you know what's so funny I don't like tomatoes either but. She's right you don't need I mean you've got Tomatoes then yeah I'm, sure you have them somewhere you need to get bacon and put it on there and then slices, are great to have like three pairs of earrings. I. Do. Have bacon and bread, earrings. And. You be safe so that's your next mission find some lettuce earring.

Don't Get the romaine no. We're. Trying to segue, here apologize. You keep dragging this back down I, don't. Like tomatoes either unless they're fried, green tomatoes, fried. Them. Mississippi. I'm sorry. They. Don't. And. East. Of California. Stan, don't. Like I. Went. To boot camp I was, stationed, there for a little while when. I was a kid we had to visit there and you know what every time I cross that border. It. Was terrible, I mean okay, and. West Virginia was, beautiful, DC. Was cool because you get to visit the Smithsonian see, all the National onions by living there no mmm. Those. People in that oh. I, think I broke that way you, telling you just, insulted. Over, half of the country. Everyone. To the Mississippi. In. California. You're. Like. Our. Viewership, just went down to like. You. Think I know all the people that. Doesn't. Suck. You. Made a rumor you made a Rupert, I made a Rupert and bigger they have to pick exactly which, one is best until, Friday is when were weird oh man that Oh Friday all right so make sure you guys vote on Rupert we have the post pinned if you're on your computer you. Can go check it out and at, the top there we have a, two. Or three. About. Talking, about how much things cost and. I found on the internet today an, ice cream cone that you can buy in London that. Costs, a hundred and thirty dollars a. Hundred. And thirty dollar ice-cream, cone. There. Is gold involved, Oh doesn't, have like that gold flakes yes. So. I. I. Need, them I need the mouse so. So. Did we need a transition, I think that would be cool if we can show a picture of the ice cream but I also need. Ice. Cream cone it's called the billionaire, soft-serve. Bezos. Is Orbeez O's depending on hey. Bezos. He's the guy that founded. In Amazon. Now. Is that. Has. That been transferred. Over to, US. Dollars yes, yes in, in London, it's. 99, pounds. Okay. Columns, are sterling, yeah. So, so, the the, the actual. The, founder of the place that serves. Okay. Ice cream we're talking about ice cream all right yes okay, so. This. Billionaire, soft-serve. Swanky. Cone costs. One hundred and thirty three dollars in, American money and. The idea was to make the most exquisite. Dessert experience, anyone, could have it. Takes four, hours of preparation, what. Four, hours to. Make one. Wow these desserts, which. Is impossibly. Part of it I don't even take that to make homemade ice cream it doesn't think that no but here's I'm gonna do it if you're milking the cow yourself, pretending I'm curling now here's, a each. Cone is dipped. In a rare dark, chocolate, that is sourced, from a single, estate farm and bedazzled.

With Edible, gold pearls, Gaza, will do they edible, pearls. Are. They from clams I highly. Doubt it. Then. He begins by filling, the cone with caramelized, pecans. Net. Or she I'm so sorry the gelato chef, is a she's a lot. Like. A razor that you ice. Cream you just rub it on your face to the picked off the hair it's like there but it's cold this is amazing. Chef. Female, Silvia. Okay. So she starts with the caramelized pecans she adds a layer of salted, caramel, gelato seasoned. With a rare Persian. Blue sea, salt okay, then she adds two spheres of sorbet, one. That, is a combination of mango, passionfruit, and ginger another. That's just dark chocolate, and then, a second, layer of the salted, caramel gelato okay. Uh and then the finishing touches include, a homemade, raspberry macaron. Topped. With edible diamonds made, of sugar a white. Chocolate truffle, filled with chocolate caramel or salted, caramel sauce a piece, of chocolate, flake hand wrapped in edible 24, karat gold leaf a piece, of white chocolate that bears the snowflake, luxury gelato logo, a spoon, made from the same rare dark chocolate, and lastly, a drizzling. Of special, fruit sauce I still don't see the for the for our process, here I mean that's I'm a good, person. We're talking like 20 minutes maybe I'm like that unless. Each one, all the ingredients, are made specifically. Yeah, you probably yeah, all, right okay I'll, give you that I'm guessing, they don't have like a big industrial, sized bucket of gold pearls, that they put on you know like make. Each, each. Element, right before they use it so I just had the vision of you getting ready to eat this amazing. Ice cream cone and then just like every time in funny, TV show as it goes plop, in for. The. Piece de resistance. Two full sheets of edible, 24, karat gold leaf nice so, the. Whole thing just, uh it's, I'm Christian, yes gold is.

My. Question is why, would simply want to eat gold, because. It makes you feel fancy because it costs one hundred and thirty-three dollars yes I'm just it's. A metal I don't care whether or. Not it's. A metal. Well some people actually believe that like gold and then like what is it colloidal silver, actually, they, have antibacterial properties. They can make you feel better they're good framing system and you know things of that nature kind, like we were talking about was. It last week we, were talking about how copper and silver have antibacterial properties. It's a similar thing except. It's. Really expensive and. Yeah. I saw. Somebody eating one of those on, this show that I watch gold, yeah gold flake it was it was actually wrapped around I don't my bet is he's, good it doesn't have a flavor really but. When you is because. It's. Just flake I mean you eat it and it's kind of glittery and then it, does it, does come out the other end and things are kind of sparkly, stuff, will. Go with it he. Had, maybe some gold and beard, and on his teeth it was like crusted on after eating the service hilarious. You. Got him. I. Just. I mean. I can see that being a trend with. Everything trying. To be sparkly, and happy, and. Yeah. Well I guess you know you did say it was billionaires, for so for them I mean. It change yeah one hundred and thirty three dollars to a billionaire, I. Could. Not see, eating, the gold i everything. Else sounds really taste it just sounds really good just, the gold because. Of the sheer extravagance. Of it place that there's not any real flavor it's not gonna hurt you. The. Sheets you can see the sheets of the gold we found enough they can see my mouse over here we even you can see the sheets of the gold leaf above, and below the snowflake, label it, looks. Like it would feel like eating something it's. Not because it's so soft and it's metal that just kind of coke comes apart and he, does, he it doesn't do anything it's. That thin it is really, really done I mean we're talking the. Gold, gold leaf you can buy in it because, it's so thin it's not really, that valuable I, mean yes it's gold but it's it's it's almost like electroplating, it's so thin yes, you know it's not there. Okay. So people are eating. Very. Thin sheets of gold, but. Kids are being told not to eat sheets, of paint. But. Here's our cool. Here's, metal-metal. And say well. It depends on the price of the painting yes. Paints. Not as expensive as gold it's so expensive might as well. I'm. Not disagreeing, with him is a well I don't, have the same thought of you with this thing Gina, says Chris I was thinking. Going. Back to the home painting I realized, at one point paint had lead in it yeah you know and so just. General. Exposure. Had, issues, and Aaron went up but now paint, does not have lead in it, edible. Doesn't. Mean golden. That's. True. Yeah. But it's neutral it doesn't hurt you so I'm just I. Don't think it's, new truly doesn't hurt you is a good enough reason to eat something okay. The. Gallery. Has, anyone, done Studies, on this. Goal. The consumption, - really. What. Is the long-term. Consuming. Gold are like super, harmful, and a, thousand. Years archaeologists. Are going to dig up people with like gold coated, bones and, think that I don't know there's a trend. Okay, I. Hate, to spoil the morning show as fun-ness but you know there are studies done. On gold, gold is, very nonreactive. To almost everything, it is the most non reactive, metal that, exists. And when, they mean, you can do all because they have done tons, of chemical tests and all kinds of other it just it's nonreactive it's inert and it doesn't bind or combine with almost anything, else oh, yeah, but the stuff that it does do it with any new.

If. It was you'd be dead to have bigger problems anyway. And. You've. Got people out there who have gold allergies, yes, and they, don't realize it imagine. Really. Good. In a collector just shocked absolutely. If you're allergic to it but. Only if it's severe enough if your regular allergy, is most people it's just you know that you're eating carrion or something like that so you'd probably get a little upset time a little bit might, be fun to experiment with it and see what happened like being I have a chair that would be perfect. No. You don't, have a chair you know where, is I know where J is this chair gonna be your purse like this Cottonwood, yeah I probably, would curse that I longed, for you're gonna just never stop thinking about this just asylum, chair you know what honestly that, thing it is really creepy I probably would not want it and actually put it somewhere it you know as a funny joke sure but actually, having something like that sitting around that's. Some bad vibes right. So, it's not my Cottonwood purse but it is like whoa that's I mean, it is something definitely to go look at yeah maybe touch but don't bring on. Couple. Of jobs came to my head that we can't really bring up. Okay. We're. Talking allergy so. Doing. That seriously, oh. She's. Over here no. Okay. You. Were you were talking, about. Your allergies, yes, with. I. Don't. Remember I don't remember what happened yesterday okay with tumbleweeds, oh yeah yeah yeah okay, all right now the word allergy in the tumbleweed I forgive you talked about that last week. There. Was and, we had breakfast, with your family. So. We're still on that one are, you trying to pull something up on purpose yes I, am. All, right what do you guys what. Is. This this, is it. Bring. It in Victorville. California. There. Is a neighborhood that has been completely, overrun. By tumbleweed. Yes. These. Are pictures oh. Wow that's a lot of trouble yes and I, was thinking you know we're in the desert would we, get. Tumbly, yeah I mean, damn I mean isn't and there there is actually a section over by the new by. The Hotel the Hyatt, Place over yes because. Of that huge open the field certain times a year when, the wind blows all those tumbleweeds, end up against the houses before the Hyatt was there and and there was a big mess 13 now they're gonna end up against the Hyatt I. Think. There's a clean em up either the people in that apartment complex are, really grateful not the apartment complex. They. Have they have been completely. Overrun, by tumbleweed, Wow I saw this and I was thinking oh you. Having, to clean that. I. Have. To be injecting, benadryl, straight into my oh my god man but then you fall. You. You would fall flat on your face asleep, in the middle of this probably, but I do, I. When. I, my. House down south I, swear. To goodness none, of my neighbors down. South had tumbleweeds. Okay they were all in my backyard. Like. Things you're lazy you should be out there picking around oh I know, when, I bought the house. The. Backyard was nice and clear okay okay look like everybody, else's, they cleared it out. Boys, two months later they, started popping up Oh No. When I ended, up with a tumbleweed, farm, for backyard. Futures. Actually. Look like your backyard what my backyard yes, yes. She's. A good, good, some people used to sell tumbleweeds. To, people people, in other countries because it's so foreign to them they've never and it's how, would you package, that very. Carefully, are you saying like I mean because they're, very brittle they put your I thought people don't know that and before. I moved, here I had never seen a tumbleweed in person but it did so many movies of like that yeah there know the Old West towns where the tumbleweeds, rolling across the street, and it's such it's. Almost an icon. Of the. West, the. West. Is. One of the first images that comes to your mind and so cables people, yes and the Saguaro, cactuses Tom, always Road Runners all. These things, and. So. People who have never experienced. Them have no idea what a big giant ball. Of razor. Wire they are. So. Yeah there are people who used.

To Sell I don't know if they still do but I remember, I remember Geno's, right I remember seeing that online how, we're like selling, tumbleweeds, and shooting, them overseas to, people who had never been to the west it. Reminds me of that story you were telling us about a while back and I remember you posting, it online about, the giant, tumbleweed that was like as high as the hood of your car. I. Can't remember I was driving I think I was driving to Vegas or maybe. To go to the airport I think that's what it was oh it was a windstorm, and there. Were giant. Tumbleweed is, coming, across the road and they. Okay, so in the movies they like lazily. Roll along not no harm, I know that, is not how that happens. But. In a windstorm yeah, I'm from Indiana and we have deer that like jump, out in front your car run across the street these were like five times faster than a deer, okay. And these. Huge, tumbleweeds. Are just zipping, across the road I accidentally. Rammed, into one that was as tall as the hood of my car yeah and she thought she was exactly I did he said it I thought I was exactly it was this big, I thought. Maybe you know it was so fast. It's dark, maybe I didn't see it and, then I stopped at a gas station and, the grille of my car is pretty high up yeah, yeah and there's literally, tumbleweeds, sticking, out of it I don't actually was that know it was that tall. I'm. Just like shocked and pop a tire or something. Maybe. There's like seven, of them I had, so many. Yeah. It was. One. Of the scariest driving conditions I've ever driven in yes how can I even in blizzards, you know super, crazy rate you have a double wave storm the, tumbleweeds, were the scariest. Especially. More than that Megan moving that fast one when you know I when I stopped at the gas station I like borrowed, a glove. So. I can pull the tumbleweed, out of my grill. I. Grew, up in California okay. And I. Knew about tumbleweeds. And had seen them before, moving. Out here, to the desert buff and, one. Thing my, dad would do because. We were in an area that didn't get snow he. Would take tumbleweeds, and piled.

Them Up biggest. To smallest and, spray-paint, them white. Like, snowmen, I'll have to find a picture I'm bringing it I yeah, Dave. Had a really great comment what. A great real life video game they tell me, to. Test my GTA, School. Terrifying. Just. Dipped across the road so fast that there if you, were in the path of one there was literally nothing you could do I. Saw. I'm looking at the time here and unfortunately, we're gonna have to start ramping it up but, we want to remind everybody out there don't forget we have the rubric contest, going on so make sure you check out and fill out the poll Hey. Okay. So wait let me come out a roofer contest, going on make. Sure you guys that vote don't forget to Like comment and share on the videos if you guys enjoyed, it and we'll. Probably see a little bit later today thanks, for joining us you, guys have any final words you want to put out there oh my, gosh. You.

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