Morning Cup... Of Screwy Thursday! Lake Powell News Network LIVE

Morning Cup... Of Screwy Thursday! Lake Powell News Network LIVE

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You. Are. You, guys on Facebook Facebook. Blew up go. To YouTube. Mercy. Blended. The, pot you. Guys. You're watching this over here but we already simulcasting. On you, do. So. I don't know what the heck happened with. With Facebook, but their whole life interface, is completely screwed, right now it works great on mobile but, we don't broadcast on mobile when we're here in the studio so yes go, do, you do for watching over here right now oh it. Says we have one watching I'm assuming. To. YouTube we have a whole bunch of people watching you. We're. Gonna keep this one you're dead cuz it's hilarious, it's funny, oh my goodness but if you would like all of the lovely graphics, that you have come to love. Gojo. Jeana, says where, is your background it's broken. Let's go. Go. Do you do Facebook. Guys. It's, a disaster, see I'm looking we got a camera over here we got the phone camera over here Oh. Facebook, is broken it is it is. Oh. My, goodness I guess this would be like the behind-the-scenes, thing, you. Know. No. You'll. Be able to hear the funny stuff and watch us but from, it obviously, a different angle but. I do know I have some pictures and stuff that Facebook. Won't be able to see. Oh my. Goodness I don't know what, the, bleep. In BPD, Bop please go out on Facebook, my. Zuckerberg, told, your head out of this, stuff I'm, tired of trying to pump daylight, to you. Everybody. Jump over YouTube we'll wait for just a minute while we people. Have to stay tuned you know I honestly think, with the hilarity, of this people are not gonna jump over to you - well, it. Says. Good morning on you you. Don't. Look. A. While. Trying to fix it it's not us the. Facebook, live interface. Has blown. Up yes, so YouTube. Is the solution. Yeah. For those of you that didn't know guess what we're going YouTube is love and, this is why. God. Says what, what. What, the beep. Yeah. What the hell happened well Dave I'll, tell you Zuckerberg. Woke up this morning, and decided to stick his finger where the Sun don't shine and everybody, on Facebook land, pretty. Much we. Don't know what happens but we, usually go through you've seen the interface there's a way, to go in and broadcast, live that. Will not load and it will not function and. It's. Definitely, not on our side of the equation, as, if. So, you may not know I'm.

A Little bit of an IT person, I used to own a computer store ran. It for seven years I know what I'm doing when it comes to IT stuff, it's. Facebook. So. Somebody's. Out, there. With. That. I'm. Sorry if I mispronounced, any Judy she says good morning yes good morning go jr. to you to, get the real video Facebook, is immersing our. Roundy's gone he'll. Make it on this side. You. Do. Thank. You, the audio on the phone sucks oh. Yeah. That's right we're using my phone yeah yeah. You're just, know cuz. On top of all of this what. You couldn't find your charging, cords from your phone that, we that we got. Specifically. For, the company, um I've. Had my phone I I, gorgeous. My own well well, before. The. Company, so, we, weren't looking for anything specific. Yeah. Terrible. And. Now. We love you to normal. Go to. People. That are watching. Why. Did you just happen on Monday well. You. Know what in all honesty because you keep talking about Murphy, hitting, every, day well, is this true and so, today, like I said he blended the pot yeah. But. You know what I'm really, glad that it happened now. Rather. Than. Like. During the nightly news yeah, because, this sort of works, with, the morning show being funny and. Horseshoe. Bend says it ain't easy being green that's true uh once, again further, you guys just joining us on facebook facebook. Is broken go, to youtube, that's. Why we put it in the title to. Do. And. The wave is wave a good to see wave everybody. Go, to youtube. We're. Broadcasting both. Something. We don't we. Can't read your comments Vizier I can. Read them okay yeah, I, can't, see I know oh ye but. Blending. I'm. Laughing too much my throat is good was there having rich, really. So. Dave says I, didn't get to be there Monday hey. You. Know what a, lot of people they're like hey Murphy. And it's the whole thing well in this case it's hey Murphy, grab your ankles instead you reach. It up said hey whatever you gotta bend down. Prepared. To accept his blessings, you. Know I know. Why this happened, today all right because, I have a bunch, of pictures, afford. For, the morning show and those, on Facebook ur gonna be able to see it yeah so if you're on Facebook. Although. You know what perk for behind, the Hat unplug, maybe we should run a live stream on a different camera hey. And. You get to see the how. It actually looks versus, what it's supposed to look. Goodness. It's. Your fault it is my fault, okay oh. My goodness we have. You, every once in a while. But. You know like I said watching, both you, know may be hilarious. I don't know where to, like, I said right in the middle. But. You know what the comments are coming through I want kind, of lag time we have what's trailer actually. Does not have, normally. Does. Not have that long, of a lag time in comparison to Facebook, all right well let's do a lag time test, all right guys over, here guys, on YouTube all right we're, gonna do this I'm, gonna when I get down to zero text. Me something and we'll see what kind of lag time we have are we ready and five. Four. Three. Two. One. Comment. I'm. Like it's proving, me wrong today, well, it could be people are slow to type on their phone no I'm watching you, it's. Proving, me really. Wrong Gina, says hello so that's actually pretty good so the videos are out of sync but the comments, are less. Weird. And. There's gonna be broke in the entire holiday I see, a city TV says do, smoke signals, yes actually. Facebook. Today. Might, just be aware we are broadcasting on YouTube where everything is normal oh. And. For those on thanks though it says that the, is coming. That's. Gold right amuck in the city. Apparently. He's wailing. No. So. For those of you on Facebook, um this. Is something you normally, obviously. This, is something our viewers normally, don't see during, the morning show is me. Sitting in the chair and bike. Why, you're constantly, will you stop, if. You look at the bottom of the screen I actually sit, with both feet, and and late, tucked, into yes. It's all cramped. Up in here and she'll grab the handle in my. Eye. I know I hit. Enter right when you said zero. Once. Again Facebook, go to YouTube Facebook. Oh. My. So, we have some interesting stuff. Let's. See what was it my, brain is fried because Facebook. So. Last, night though or yesterday, was an extremely busy day over here, oh. My goodness hey and you know we keep getting busier.

And Busier and, I keep you, know trying to schedule times. To sit down with certain, people and because. We're getting so busy I can't. Yeah, pretty. Much and there's, sort of important, things going, oh. Yeah. It's, crazy man I tell you what so we, started off today what was the first thing I don't even remember morning, so. You. Just said the first thing. Okay. So I not. Don't, take you literally alright. The, first thing that we had to cover yesterday, was the first, city. Cook. And, Dave says and I'm in Boston, where there is decent, signals, and Wi-Fi himself, stuff yeah but you have our Internet in between as a. So. Anyway, yeah we covered it we. Covered for our, city page. The event yesterday, morning it was an RSVP event, where, the police department, and the, fire department, cooked up some breakfast, and then there was a presentation. And all kinds of stuff yes it was interesting we. Covered and if you guys are interested in this you at the heck it's all about make, sure you check that out it. Was it was interesting it was it, was interesting it's all about basically. Organizing. Volunteers together. Under, kind of an umbrella thing to get things more directed to do more specific. We. Found another viewer. We. Had no idea this person actually watched Wow. Yes. And. And. Said person, so for. Those of you that don't remember the other day we are talking about we're going on to kind, of we're trying to improve, our, health yes. And so so we decided that we were gonna do the keto, diet which, is well my, applied. Modifier. And. It. Would actually working really well. Yeah. All. Right so it's day four so, you know basically in the morning you don't really eat anything you drink, your bulletproof coffee and then, you know you carry that and tell you you know you have a large, lunch later that kind of thing and so I was I was trying to stick to it and, well. Well. As beating the operative Louis Louis could not help herself she. She. Was offered the eggs in the bacons I I can't, could not say no to bake I oh but, I I did I say no to make it but it's bacon. So. So. The good thing is is that, you know I mean eggs and bacon are allowed on the key today because you know. You. Know even though technically it's in the morning I was like, and. Tell you you, decided you were gonna do that yes, what. Happened. The. Breakfast, was being served by, the. Police department and and, the fire department. Excuse. Me and. When. I went back there one, of the officers, was. Handling. The eggs and. He. Went to put two. Scoops. Of eggs on my plate. It. Was a military scoop. And. And. For those of you in the military or prior. In the military, you know what I'm talking about. Excuse. Me and they. Were also offering me potato. Products, I'm a potato. Famine. I love potatoes, and I, actually said, no, to. The potatoes, and the pancakes and the pancakes, and the pancakes, apparently, were cooked with syrup, oh, yeah. That was tempting. And. I said you know just just the eggs and the bacon and one of the other officers, was. Saying. Said. And now that because and I said because I'm on an on a diet and he. Said no that's what I'm talking about look good that's a diet. We. Don't mess around man no, okay, so we I see we've got a bunch of new people that joined on Facebook hey guys on facebook facebook. Is broken go to youtube up Renee saying Wow nice, good morning, yeah. Go, to you do. Yeah. It's. Hard to see this oh. Yeah. Facebook is toast go do you do what. Anyways, YouTube is back is the way it's supposed to be yes. Anyway, it. Was pretty pretty stoked that you're dyeing eggs. And bacon yes. Eggs. And bacon is, is something I can definitely get by yeah I. Like. I like that and. One of the things that I noticed. Is we. Were being lazy this morning and didn't, do the bulletproof. Coffee. Um. I. Don't. Like regular, coffee you. Know we've, been doing the bulletproof coffee you take it like. So. So yeah, I don't like regular, coffee anymore. I know, all these four years all, these well three days of bulletproof coffee and now you have a normal coffee think.

It's. So strange. Maryland. Yes. Yes. Fried. Oh, fried. Potatoes, well. They had you, didn't go back no but they had hashbrowns, the, looked. Like home shredded, hash, browns and. They. Also had, country, potatoes, country. Puto Oh where, they've been diced, with. This. Is why I did not go back at all peppers, and onions. So. It was really hard, for me to say no to that yeah, yeah, that's why I didn't go back there cuz I knew something. Bad would happen. And. Then what. Happened with the bacon back there Louis what, about their. Respects, oh yes. I, I. You. You actually disappointed. Several people back there yes I'm not coming and getting Breck I wanted. You. You needed a special, place and I. Said no more than likely he's gonna steal my my, bacon, so I'll have to stab him with a fork. No. You don't mean um but I could see you doing it with me, because. We were in a public forum. Pretty. Much but. Then again it was a plastic fork you. Know so it not. Damaged. We. Have a bunch of stuff to just pop over here um um um the city says I think this is my son's YouTube account, I am I am that Dave and. Oh, it, came through twice oh yeah so. Once, again it is torture. Yes once. Again Facebook, people Facebook. Is broken go to YouTube. I. Love, your pointy battery what the YouTube, screen is over there. Facebook. People go to you, so. Yeah it was it, was fun yesterday. The. Presentation, was pretty we got to make a fan yes, one that we had no idea that yeah which is, funny you never know who's watching this know you don't believe. It or not statistically. Speaking when. It comes to Facebook only 1%, of, people, that watch or look. At or anything of, your, content only 1%. Actually. Like, comment. Follow, or anything, so, but you never know who's gonna be out there. And. If you are watching if you're able to for. Some people while we understand, why you wouldn't be able to but don't forget to like, and comment. And. Share, and if you're on youtube subscribe. We're. Always on YouTube when we're in this you know I know he is more, pronounced, yeah, well we have four more people popping in on the Facebook site they're, probably like what's, going on oh I think they're, probably watching, um to, see. See what's exactly. To. See what's going on and to go oh wow it, is different. Yeah or they're doing this imal. Viewing. Yeah but for those people that keep popping in we just wanna let you know for Facebook guys over there we see you over there Facebook. It's. Broken so. Yeah, anyway. Yeah so the the, breakfast thing that was pretty cool, the presentation, was interesting, and they also best have talked about it later in the day but it was it, was and you. Almost killed me with the bacon. Oh. And. By the way I got laughs when I said I'd stab you I did take. My bacon. No, no it's. Being overly, protective of, bacon no bacon. Is sacred it is it's. The sacred, pig. Oh. We. Have a new subscriber, on YouTube, yeah I'm.

Assuming, They're watching right now okay, thank you for joining thank you for subscribing thank you for liking thank you for commenting. Yeah. And. People. Grade you. You. Know one of these times you're gonna do that this morning and you're gonna poke, me in the eye because that got really close. All. Right so that was the first thing that we did on a live covered, yesterday there is some okay so that, was cool yeah you know that's a neat said what else there's stuff going on um. Fun. You know we're gonna put signs you to buy this amber of facebooking on this here I know right. Facebook. Is broken. YouTube. People thanks for joining us. Coming. Digging sure. Or. Maybe what we can do is just write. Up a little sign real quick and put it on the wall. Somebody. Comment didn't either. Renee says I, had, to restart my computer, oh. Okay. So yeah, we are a lot of a word we do this every day but since Facebook is toast. Well obviously all, of our good stuff is over on YouTube and Facebook they get to see the green screen yeah, yes. It is actually a green screen we're not actually, sitting in a yard with a giant tortoise wearing, Elfie attend the shirt. You're. Either a member of the network or an enemy of the network show, me your loyalty by, purchasing oviya then the shirt are all data in the premium circle, on And. For you to be my facebook you can't see it but picture right here oh wait if you just look here, this. Shirt, purchase. It and show your loyalty you. Can go to inside, Adobe another, shirt girl appeared on the premium, shirt and, yeah. Yeah, between five and seven dollars goes, to the cause and and. Helps us do stuff oh speaking. Of which so that was another thing there, so. Okay then we covered, the fire, thing which, was awesome it, was a lot of people there are a lot of good times they had the library, had a booth there the, the puppy place had. It. Is o, crew. It just went hey Jen move out today thank, you oh. My. Goodness. Yeah. They were there they. Were giving out door prizes and they had a raffle thing, and there was a coloring, contest and, a kid's booth they, had kids getting dressed up and turned down here and then, running down the little thing to see, it. Was great. The kids, put nine too big old big. Old turn out here for a firefighter then. And. Then right. After that it, was the, Oh. The. Work session, yeah the City Council, special work session, yeah, which covered, the corral. Thingamajig. Republic yeah the Corral's down on a haul road yeah, that was it that apparently that was a big hug though it, was it was um and, then immediately, after that was the council meeting yeah, and, during, that there. Was yeah, you're like jumping like. Yes. That we covered that that was huge, and then we were in the council, meeting and we were covering that and then there, was an accident, down on. Lake. Powell Boulevard, north lee tumble over and highway, 89 and. You. Guys are amazing remember you are the.

Network, You are sure, your loyalty by purchasing LVN and the shirt but you guys are the network and people, saw what was going on they let us know. Unfortunately. We. Weren't able to get down there and covered it because, well, we're, down to one vehicle, because I had to sell the Jeep so, that, we could keep the company going so. Louis, was at home working on homework and I was covering, the City Council meeting there was no way we can get down there unfortunately so. Um you, know they it was unfortunate, however we, would know Louis, put out a warning. Video letting people know that there was an accident, down there which was awesome, and you, guys helped share and spread that so people avoided the area because it was a mess for a while and then, so. I mean, it was I, wish we could have gotten down there but me too, there's sometimes it's not what you know we're only two people were down to one vehicle, you, know so if if you are a business, or if you know of a business you, know we're looking for sponsors, we're trying to get another vehicle we need a drone, so we can actually cover even more footage well we can't do that without, your guys's support out there and the only way that we can get support is if you guys are buying shirts subscribing. To behind the Hat unplugged, where you can see behind the scenes stuff we can't blur the normal. Or if your business we are looking for sponsors we. Didn't we need a lot of new equipment we need to be able to pick right now we're, just. Just. Paying. The basics. To survive so. To be able to expand, or do anything extra, we really need the support of the network guys so, make sure you get the word out there we really appreciate what you guys are doing, for us but we need your help. Anyway. Back to the accident, so we Louis, went ahead and posted him a warning video letting people know hey stay out of the area what's going on and all that stuff and apparently, the. Person that was involved in the accident was, a motorcycle. In a car he, actually commented, on that video, yeah and. We were talking about it um we. Have heard that there, that it did involve a motorcyclist. And. I was saying you know I hope everybody's, alright and because, you're, history, here. And a knowledge, of accidents. Isn't at, those intersections. Because, of the speed that. People, go you. You thought the worst yeah I figured, I figured there was no way if it was a motorcycle in a car I figured there was no, way that there, was gonna be a survivor. From the motorcycle or that he was going to be seriously. Seriously, injured right but, he commented, on the post, from last night he, said he was the one that was involved in the accident and basically. What happened is somebody blew the stop sign on Lake pub Boulevard, crossing towards Denny's and the, car that was in front of him had to slam on their brakes and he hit them but. He's, not too badly hurt he was hurt but, he ain't. Comparison, to what it could have been and coolants so much worse so any accident, you walk away from man, yeah, thank. You for letting us know about that. We're. So, glad you're okay, most definitely, but you know he broke a toe tore some ligaments in the knee or, something or was it yeah hinky yeah and but I mean compared to what it could have been Wow and. A sprained ankle yes yes Oh Renee, says I made it yeah. When you do though, I'm, she she actually put up some comments, in. She said that she forgot her pets. And. Then. Then, she got, it. So. For those of you just joining us here on facebook, facebook, is broken, go to youtube watch. Movie shoot so, we got another comment yeah Facebook people go, to your kids giving the thumbs up. It's. A way I. Go. To YouTube. All, you see is the green screen you don't see anything yeah you got nothing going on. There. Is that yes, we look we would have loved to get out there and be able to broadcast that fortunately. Yeah. Once. Again you. Guys are the network get, the word out we need your guys's help to be able to get this, stuff moving, along the more stuff I mean the more support we have the, more we can do yeah there's a lot of stuff we want to be able to do but we can only do it with your guys's help whether your business your person doesn't matter we.

Need Your help so we. Are, you. Done. Louis. Hey. You know it's nice though is the people in Facebook they, never know what the heck is going on because you just disappear. It's. Like Star Trek yeah and they need seatbelts in those things, you. Need a seat both to keep you upright yeah it's just across the chest though. So. Anyway yeah. So. Paige. Are, the Coconino, County Democrats, of Paige I, believe. So okay anyway. They're, hosting a thing over at the community center and the. Candidate, Tom Tom. O'halleran, O'Halloran, is coming, up to talk to politics, senator, yeah. Is, Senator Tom Tom. How old I. Believe it's for state Senate um, that he's running and that. Actually starts at six always so the news is gonna be early tonight but, that's stuff, as far as I know that's the only thing we have to cover. I'm. Gonna throw, this out there as, you know the, morning show controversy. Stuff like that that stuff is not unbiased, our news coverage however is, unbiased. You, know we've had people ask they're like why would you cover something like that because it's news and it. Doesn't matter whether we like a candidate, or not it's, still news. So we go out there we cover it so that we, get the news out that's the point of that you know we're, not trying to favor, one candidate, over another but. If they actually show. Up to page, that's, a huge thing number one. Doing. It candidates. They come up here to page so we'll. Cover that what so. Gina. Is saying the happy the motorcycle, rider was okay yes yes good, um, and. Dave. Is asking, how do we like on YouTube um, there's a little thumbs up signal, that's underneath. The video there's a thumbs-up and then, if you hit the subscribe button and, then the little Bell whatever, we go live on YouTube, it'll notify it yes and it will actually notify, you before Facebook. Yes, it does face and YouTube works way better than face because. YouTube was. The first real, video, site, yes they do do, some algorithm, stuff as well it's not nearly as restrictive.

As Facebook is so no no be aware that but yeah there's a little thumbs up underneath the thing there's, a little thumbs down underneath the thing if you liked the video hit that if you don't like the video hit the other one don't, care which one it is because. Still. Works. Giving. Us a clown face. Genus. Is because you are not seeing in yes. No we're not seeing I Witten we provide, unbiased news, yeah, in the, nightly, news yes, and so, when someone comes to town we, will cover the hey if the Republicans, had someone come in we would cover that. We had what was it windy Rogers I believe, so yes she showed up at the ranch house girl we covered that we've, covered more of the Coconino County page democrat, stuff because they're actually bringing candidates, up here if, there's another organization, that's bringing the other side up here let us know we'll cover that is white so. Yeah, news. It's, the morning the, morning show and controversy. That tend to be the. Unbiased. It's the more biased, along. With behind, the Hat yeah but. The other stuff like when we're broadcasting, the, council, meetings or, or anything, like that we're just broadcasting, so you guys are informed, that's, what you know and and that way you can, make your, own decisions, we're, not adding you, know we're. Doing what, they have to say who they are all that kind of thing and you. Don't speak you know wish we had that happen this. Morning I was I was, watching. Some videos and stuff holy, monkey. ER there are a lot of political ads out there there are honey, there. Are. And. They don't make any damn sense. You. Know I mean it's like this, person, is hateful because of this and this person is evil because of that weight but, they're only like 3 to 5 seconds, so you have no idea what they're talking about so my, suggestion would be get your own damn research and figure it out on your own that's one of the reasons we're, covering is that you can hear what they say from their own mouth instead of a three to five second, and on something. Where goes their evil. This. Gives me a good idea for a controversy.

Episode. Today because. I've come across several, things and since the. Elections, are coming up and you're bringing this up I, really. Think we should talk about this one in controversy, okay. There. Are more. Instances. Now that, are coming to light where, people. Who. Are, no longer around are. Be, oh. Yeah. People that people that are dead are, registering, to vote, like right. So I. Think. That would be a good good, topic, for controversy. Today thank you, Renee. Saying better emojis, on YouTube Oh are there the. Clown face oh. You. Guys on YouTube don't forget to don't. Forget to give it the thumbs up subscribe, to, the channel and I don't know how this your thing works but they've got a share button. When. You subscribe, if you hit the little bell and, then it will notify you when we believe it for those of you still on Facebook. Since. We are having the technical difficulty. Thing here yes um and, Facebook, our, viewers on Facebook cannot. See the graphics, I. Have some here where. Graphics. Are not required, okay let's do those then for the part people that are still on Facebook what are you do yeah so. The. One we, meet this at every farmers, market okay what you guys it. Says we need this at every farmers market it's. Right in the middle, that. Is absolutely. Worthless thank you, there. You are oh. This. Weekend, this, Saturday is. Is, the last day for our farmers, market oh is it yeah as far as I know yes I was gonna say cuz we never got a notification on Rene and. But. Anyway. So, so. For, those of you who are involved, in the farmers market this. Would, be a. Really. Good idea to, be looking at putting in the place for next year's farmers, market although I disagree with this I think it should be more like turned around. We. Could have both no. So. Let me go ahead and read you guys the headline in here it says, old, coups in question. Quotation, marks old coots set, up a table at farmers market to give free, life, advice. And so they got a bunch of old people sitting around a table and they have a sign it says old coots, giving, advice it's, probably, bad advice but, it's, free, and. I. Was thinking like in Charlie Brown Lucy, over there she's got the jar with you know. It's. Great and. A. Booth, like this would would be really would, be really good for every, freaking farmers market, out there um. Because, yeah. Why not. You. Know what I would go. You're. Only charged in a nickel oh. Yeah. We have, going. On there but. Oh. No. No, you are not gonna just let me do how many times do we have to talk about that. No. No, me. And doing the morning show or the news by myself, doesn't work yeah. I. Think this would be a great thing to have at every farmers market, because, you never know. The. Advice you're gonna get well. You don't need that reminds me of the. Really, really old people that are over 100 years old and they, give the craziest, advice like feel like man, how did you make it to be this this age and stuff when, you're that age it, doesn't matter what you say people are gonna eat that off you'd.

Be Like oh man, I think the clothes pack of beer day and I smoked 10 cigars, and it made me strong I'm 115. Years of them people are like oh really and they go start doing it. Definitely. So you can either give selim advice. I. Would. Love to see this you, know and I. And, in. My, outings. Looking. For for, sponsors, I have, come across several people, telling me oh there. Are you, know you have, X amount of people. That. Gather at this place okay whoa. Did, you forget your phone down Louis no, you did. So. We have several groups of. People. Here, in in Page and probably, this. Happens all over. That. Just, gather together in the mornings they're all retired and and. They. Get together and, they just talk. About, politics. And life and, y'all. Need to get together and put that at. The farmers, market, estimate so you can you, can put that advice and those, spots out to. The rest of your community, I think that would be a really good thing we've actually had that recommendation, here, on the network one, of the people wants to get. Together one. Of one of you guys out there wants to do a get-together before, council meetings so that it gets more people to go to the council yes, that, was oh that would be wonderful someone. They're gonna do a little more logistical. Issues. I. Think. For the advice. The. Idea of getting, together with, a group of people that you know especially our viewers out there because number one we get to hang out with you which is I think yeah, and you. Know then, we get to talk about what's going on and then we get to go to the council me see. What happens, you. Cannot, interrupt, me every time I notice. You got a week. And. Old people invites well they have experience, so, the question is are they. You're. Gonna be the old guy that just throws. Things, yeah yeah, oh yeah. And. Just just throw it back out there for those of you on facebook facebook. Is broken go to youtube. I. Came. Across that night you know that's. A really good idea I like it I do all. Right so, what else you got for us today they're nice oh let's, see. Okay. The one that says really. And. This one you don't need graphics work I'm, trying to stay away from the, ones that require the, graphic, yeah right I was. Watching on face my Facebook, yeah so. Go. To youtube, Facebook is broken. So. My, my, thing is is just. Yeah, oh we're gonna there's ads it -, my, thing is is. When. Working for certain businesses, you need a certain, type of clothing okay. Okay every. Industry has their, own requirements for. What, they deem professional, or required. For. Said industry, okay all right now. This company oh, my. What. You. Can actually rent clothes, wait. Wait, clothes. You can't, rent. Clothing. Well, I mean but there's like things like where you can rent tuxes in Stefan's I know. This, is renting, work, clothes. In work clothes yes and and, so, far I've looked, at this website a few times so, far it's just for, women oh and. It's, for, it's, called Rent the Runway. Rent. That so are you really a fashion man with everything.

That's Come across there's this video, this stupid video that's playing in the background I have not seen work close yet yeah, is any of this kind of work clothes. Are. They see she's like wearing dresses and like. Playing on a boat I'm like doing fashion, stretch this does not look like work to me. Like. They. Are advertising, it as work, clothes. People. Weren't a staff to work I guess, but, you you if you do notice what, what, the background is in the video it's New, York City you, people in New York. Normally. Normally. New, York is the one that we leave out we just make fun of California. In Florida but that's because New York is the dark, side of California. And Florida we, don't talk about you because you're nuts. Oh. Man I hope they launder that stuff when you send it back. In. Theory they're supposed to but, um this. Is one of the things I'm really. I just, and. The cost of this okay. The cost, of this is more. Than. If you, would, go, to a, department. Store outside, of you know Bloomingdale's. Or Nordstrom's, or something. Like that yeah. If you would go to a normal department, store this is more, per, month than. You. Would. Spend in a year, but, when it this, this, stuff you can have infinitely, different, styles. Louis oh no. No. I keep. What. I mean, of course being entrepreneurs. And and stuff like that good on you but huh, know. How successful this, is there I guess. And I guess the other people are happy. That. Reminds, me of a John Wayne. Speech. Kind of a conversation, and interviewing it he's, like you know if you, take five guys and you stick him in a rover five people. Gender-neutral, or whatever but if you put five people in a room and you give each of them a hundred dollars, and you come back in a month you leave him alone you come back in a month one. Of those people is gonna have all the money and the rest of them are gonna be broke pretty much yeah and then, you know it's because of stuff like this you know somebody's gonna come, up with a way to provide some kind of service some kind of product some kind of something and everybody else is gonna is gonna put their money into it. Giving. The sick emoji. Dave. They. Says it helps to keep keeping. The are number of registered, voters up, more. Dead people must, live in Louisiana. So. Yeah. I I came across this anyone renting. Work coastal engine more clothes when you said it this. Is not what I was, picturing like, boots. You know like red wings or or like tool belts, or hardcore. I mean you know work, stuff now and they're just showing like I suppose. High-end. Clothing. For, that. Are supposed to be working it um. Renee. Says please launder, the clothes before you send them back definitely. And now, this thing that, one. Of the things that really cracks me up about this is it's called Rent, the Runway yeah. So it's like the latest fashion, okay. Cuz I was gonna go somewhere those who have seen, the. Runway. The, fashion, runway, designs, would, you really wear that. Like. Are you serious. I have seen those runway shows if you wear that to work. Clothing designer. The. Most reasonable or one of the more recent ones I saw because you know it comes across their feet is comedy, or whatever because other people are like these people are morons but don't take it seriously, in, really carrying, heads. Oh yes. That, was actually one of the things I was gonna bring up um, during, the morning show obviously. A decapitated. Heads that they were carrying on the room while showing off their cigarettes, through decapitated. Heads okay they were brought. They're, wearing, these they're, not even clothing it's like random, strips, of material that, have been. There's. The whole fashion world, they're. Like oh this is so deep and expressive. And blah blah it's, not your morons. We're. Gonna wear that stuff, man, yeah. The whole retro runway, I would, not be caught dead in, what. Comes across one way in. All honesty, I ain't just no definitely. Not no. Most. Of those not, even some most, of those designs, it's like. No. This. Is some of the most outrageous clothing. I would not wear thank, you. Clothes. Man. Don't. Get glue, on people, their leg and. Sometimes, it's. Not even strips, of. Things, it's like it's, like chain, mail and. You. Get my email, then I could be interesting, but, then you go yeah like well like the extreme, rocks and stuff you got like Lady Gaga remember she wore that neat dress.

Gina. Says following customs, yes they are more like heavily. Tomorrow. I'll. Have to bring up some some. Shots. From. For. Those of you got Facebook that didn't jump over to YouTube and wanted to see behind the scenes oh, wait. We. Do have a youtube channel go over there Facebook blew up we don't know what happened for those of you on YouTube that joined us thank you very much don't forget to hit that thumbs up hit the subscribe button hit a little bell so you can find, out what we're going like. We. Got two cameras here, Renee says where it's see-through yes yes. Thank. You for liking sharing and, commenting for, those you guys youtube we just went over that thank, you guys so much for being here and it's. Been an interesting morning, the show has Facebook being smash, I, do, apologize, for that. But. Anyway, don't forget to purchase, LVN, in the sugar loaf and in the premium be sure to show your loyalty you, were either a member, of the network or an enemy, of the network show, your loyalty purchase a pin in the shirt. If. You're a business oh yes, and if you're having this message. Yes we also need to help fit we do, we're, not we already covered it up, earlier, three all, right guys you have an amazing day, well catch you later don't forget the news will be earlier, today because we have another thing we got a yes all. That fun stuff definitely. You, guys have a fun day Facebook. You're not gonna be able to see Rupert because we told you to go to youtube but it's not working here, we're. Just saying so. Hopefully. Facebook, will be understand, food later will keep on your Scott if not well we'll have another these things so. Anyway um okay, so for, the YouTube guys here comes Rupert, who over, there is ready for summer. What. A mess it is it is alright bye-bye. And. Now we have the end credits so, you, don't get any of that. You. Can get my finger get mated and turn off this. Push. The thing with it really. What. Did you do. Everything. Says sure.

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