Morning Cup... Taco Tuesday Or Revenge of The Turtle! :D

Morning Cup... Taco Tuesday Or Revenge of The Turtle! :D

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I. Thought. It was pretty interesting myself. It. Was pretty impressive. 145. Everyone. That's. Right you're being generous though, generous. You're. Being humble yeah, well, you know what though it's, not just us it's what's going on with everybody out there yes. It's amazing everybody, loves it yes. Well, I guess I guess we should do yeah, yeah we're ready oh why, did have the microphones I muted say. Another. Morning, and. For. Those of you just joining us did you did you see that there at the bottom of the screen I, did. A hundred. And forty, five thousand. People a month right, now it's, Mary seeing, the. Content, of LP, innit Wow and that's, all because of you guys out there it's. Moving, you that's why thank, you so much yeah every. Time you guys like comment and share this stuff facebook, says oh people are interested, in this and it puts it in front of more people and, then, those people like comment, and share and it puts it in front of more people and, because, of you guys we're. All the way up to four hundred and forty five thousand, people every, month it's, not that's. True that's you guys are amazing. We want to thank you guys so. Much for that it's just. It's. Crazy. Statistics. On that. Yesterday. Yeah we download it because we're going out to the Arawak see you're going up to Kanab today right yeah, I was gonna say we, I'm. Getting abandoned, in the office, today, to. Do with myself as I will. He. Says something. So. Yeah she, was downloading, the statistics, yesterday, because we're, gonna go out to Kanab and look for some advertisers, and sponsors to. See if they want to be part of LP, NN and we. Downloaded, that stuff and their. Jaws hit the floor. 145,000. People are. Every. 30 days that's, insane. It's a lot of, people. But but. But, that's just this quarter, you have an it's your order even. Yeah yeah, that's so far this month yes. That's. From April 1st April for. New. Yes noon yesterday I just showed you how cool our our audience is out there because I think it's because of you guys did I just thank. You says hi oh. Okay. So, yeah we're just we're kind of floored we wanted to share that with you and thank you guys so, much I mean holy cow. 145. 5 the month not even over the orders, not even yet the court just. Last. Quarter, it was almost, 90,000. Almost 90 and we're at a hundred and forty five and gravy and our actual are our people that actually like, and follow the page we ruin it. Percent a week yes that's awesome that's. Unheard of yeah normally you get like with Facebook you know you get like point two point, six percent growth right we're over seven percent growth rate right now because you guys are yes, so we wanted to just kind of push. That out there and with that with. That wonderful, revelation. And happy, morning, cup to you and Taco Tuesday, and. Churchill. Do today that's right I think it's time for some Rupert even, the. Brewery start Rupert David actually has a question oh here's a question what will it take for us, to post, what is showing up the Mesa Theatre and show times all you're gonna do is send us a message we'll put it up. Whatever. No. That's. Not what he's asking what what he's asking is, why. Aren't we putting out what's, showing up the theater why aren't we doing yeah okay, because when I look at the thing I go oh that's really cool and then immediately. On. Top of that all. The events that we do know about are. On our calendar, yes sir legal Local. Events it unbuttoned under that's where I will put it but I will. Add well because, it'll be in the calendar you'll read it if. I remember, no. Advertising. And. That reminds me the, three of us actually, sometime. Before Thursday, need to go see Deadpool - yes, oh yeah, thanks. No, did you some you see I work. The rest. Showings. Until oh no we can't I don't know what day it is. It's. Like Oh Tuesday ha ha and it's Jersey, Tuesday, okay. Commercial. So. No DMV tonight. DVR. Deadpool, a Deadpool. The. Game last night was epic. Vienen. Has, a bit of a DMD, game that we're playing we. Are because. For. Alberto's, they have the best nachos in, the world. I. Have. Is. Because. We're. Advertising. This. Is why. We. Need to get a scale the next time you. Carne. Asada fries, you have to try the California. Burrito yes. It. Is carne asada fries, inside. A burrito they just take some of it and wrap it up in a. She. Didn't like the wrapping around the carne asada Friday, no. Wrappers. Fourth. Year, no we're, going to a pole or something oh I was thinking next Tuesday we should have a topic, ago I talked, Oh cook-off you, make your own tacos, each, of us makes our own tacos, Oh first, thing in the morning that could be yeah I.

Am. Horrified at this idea cuz I'm a terrible cook. You're. Pulling ahead in the Ruppert finals, right yes, speaking, of which remember. We are having a contest on who has the best art PT we, each made a Rupert. We've, got to pull out there for it well it's kind of a book you got to go mention, it in the comments which one you like best or you can stop by here in the office and actually vote we've had a couple of people drop it in a paper and they're voting on Rupert's don't make, sure you vote on that as popular, Rupert. I. Have an important question when. People are, coming in, to vote on Rupert do, you show them that my moves, we. Do minutes, remote-control. Demons we do mention it but I forgot where the controller was it's up on my desk is it you walked right by it every day. I say, david says you need to get Escobar's. Escort smooth escort, us tomorrow hey. David, I'm gonna message you afterward because I don't know who that is yeah and I would like to know where. There's. A new Blazers in a different town probably, a different town okay. Good. I'm yeah we're going to where you're going to get in. The. Royal. It's. Gonna be interesting. And. See and it's a good thing that I'm, trying to get back before the nightly news because. They're. The first restaurant, in Kanab, beautiful. Do. You need a hammer it in no. That's. Not. No. We are trying to make it before, the end of the month so we can save free to the studios either way we'll, still be doing some crazy stuff out there but freedom studio, as well we've, got until the end of the month to try and figure it out so why'd you guys like all those interviews this. Crazy shenanigans in, the morning and all the other stuff we've been doing it's a lot easier to do it here so if you know any businesses, that are there that wanna advertise. We'd. Have to like convert the entire front. Part, of the house the whole living room area into this because it's about the same size as this offices right here the studio. Except. That my ceilings aren't as high. This. Probably, sounds really weird because he's, talking the house and all of that right haha, do we want to explain, what, the relationship. Is between the, three of us oh yes. So. There's Louis and then, we have a roommate over here. Is. Our roommate so we'd all be crammed in the indoor living room trying to be out here so so, that's why if you guys heard you know she was mentioning that she, was trying to be really quiet the other night so she didn't wake everybody up crap while she was crafting, her herbart we. Were sleeping and she got home from from her job. I. Haven't, been in this area well. I've been in this area for a while. I've. Been hiding, inside with. You. Guys know. -. - Jessie don't write that into their advertising, no. Idea. Right now let's see now if there was one there. Were several in the, town that I grew up in and there was one oh my goodness it's. No longer. The. Business. Highway, and. We're. In the same building. Okay I have to yeah. I'm. Trying, to get healthy right she's, watching that. It's. Only two calories. Okay. Real water does not have caffeine crush up into my root and put it in there like alka-seltzer. Some. Calories but also like a piece of your soul. There's. A cost. You're. Right there is when I were when we were in Cottonwood, this weekend okay. I, am. Now drinking, black coffee yes, we and so we just went over the orders, we, ordered, coffee for, breakfast, iy coffee and bends yeah, you. Guys. So. I ordered, you know we ordered. Coffee he did his normal cream and sugar and, I. Just. Left, it black took, a sip and. We. Went to McDonald's, to get coffee and this was about a lack step we went to go get some iced coffee and. There was a bunch of new guys runner there was a whole nightmare. 5, minutes to get a sausage McMuffin, with a you know freaking copy anyway.

So. The. Rest of the story but we get the iced coffee and, it's. It's 90%, creamer. 10%. Sugar and. They forgot that she took some coffee in there because that's what it was sugar cream, and ice no -. Yeah. And. It's really sad since they have you. Know they have all. All. The steps written, out. Creamer. Sugar. Coffee. He just kind of waved off. Like. One coffee bean in there for half a second then pulled it back out there is even that much effort he. Just waved some, fumes over it I was all lowest. Octane, coffee I've ever. It's. A friendship it's a national, change and. Every. And the reason you, know we all like the, chains because, we know. Except. For here because it was a new guy so here, it's every. Time I, have. Gone to McDonald's. To get the iced coffee. That's. Their. Coffee. Doesn't. Work out we do have some feelers out for some, big thanks for sponsors, so we'll see how that goes I would rather get the locals. I know well that's our goal but you know if they're not on board, ya know we got a. Baseball. Bat to take. Down people who change. You. Literally, told me to do that I did yes. A couple, days ago no morning show you, laugh at me for not you didn't yell at me you. You. Got on my case because, you forgot to ask about my earrings two days in a row you, said. Don't. Know where haven't seen yet Becca sighs eclectic. Collection. Of earrings. That are, eclectic. You. Actually. Need to bring in your collection one of these mornings I will. No. Earring spoilers, okay. How many say they gotta send you guys some Salvadorian. Coffee, I. Don't. Do coffee and so it's hard to pick coffee for coffee people yeah it. Was. All. Right an. Eclectic collection of your rings that she wears different, set every day and, today, what. Do we have Becca so today. I'm. Really excited about these they're brand new I, got them in the mail yesterday I. Know. That I think about I don't know if it'll show up on the green screen. Saguaro. Cacti. Little. Saguaro cacti, and they've even got the little spikes, on them in everything so, I I, I'm, just kinda showing I was pretty excited about it, they're, adorable, you just got it from Saguaro, man so oh I'm, so bummed they didn't get here I was hoping they would get here before I left, and. They didn't but now they're here and now I'm in love with. Them. Yep. Wow. This. Is the PG show I'm going to do something like that really, your. Brain would go. See. Your you were you. Were asking about who should go first this morning I think she, and I should go first because we both picked the same store head oh yeah, so. Every morning we get ready for the morning show and we start picking things and figuring out exactly what we're gonna do hey some toys from, each other we do. Sometimes, we actually do. That and present, it to you guys I show it sometimes we never make it that that's true but, today yeah, and we do hide it from each other so that with our reactions.

Are Genuine but it has today, I'm. Back here setting up the morning show and, they. Will send an article back this way that they want setting aside and, the. Headlines are identical. On both of, them. They. Pick the exact same story so I think about this story and that was so amazing, there not one but two of you actually, and we went to the source and they both went through. The. Computer yeah, I know we, need to bring in the I know we keep saying that yeah so. Okay we need to pull this up or, you want that we. Want photograph. Yep. Gonna, have to scroll that down so they so, everybody, can see the whole thing I'm working on it you. Know. So. Go I remember things. Like this growing, up I don't know yes, I do, okay yes. Oh, they're not. So. Apparently. The. Postal, Service is putting, out new, stamps, and these are going to be spread chance no the first ever is. Distraction. From Memphis stamps. Yeah. Heard you've been crossed out oh that's that's I bet you that's. This entire idea. I am. The pessimist, of do I love scratch-and-sniff okay, I love. Scratches. No no, I love. The idea it's amazing, you know but, I. Hate. To be a downer on this but how many times in recent history have, there been incidents. Of white powder okay. Anthrax. In the mail you're, gonna have people sniffing their stuff you don't know what's gonna really just. Say really. You. Had to ruin I don't know. Practical, I don't. Rejecting. Your reality, anything executing my own it's my job. You. Know. What I don't think I. Don't. Think people who are diabolical, enough to send anthrax, want to put popsicle. Lollipops, on there I'm telling you that's the old secret weapon can't afford an erection the envelope put a scratch. Adorable. It's. Just my brain works that way sometimes I do apologize. They're very summery, they are a bizarre. Popsicle, popsicles, and they've got some. Smelly. Flavors, like kiwi and orange, and chocolate blueberry. Strawberry. The, cool I just reminded, me of my, childhood, who. They remember, those markers, out. And. Ever every kid was walking around. Yeah, you. Got that just reminded me of you always knew in someone at art class because they came back with markers, are on that. You. Had the remake, of the. Remake of yeah. You did because. They had stopped making, them for a while you right because. Everyone. Except. For the. Markers. But we're. Good. You. I mean you could smell it as you were starting, to pull off.

Some. Pretty potent, ones they were like what, does the mr., marker, or something like that there's a certain yeah, I can, kick my, mind there was a very specific brand and they, were quite, strong. Either way they created a whole generation of, mercury, junkies they took them away and. Everyone was trying to assert bees and diamonds. Sniffing. Markers cuz I have trouble believing that probably, not markers but it's it's, really bad for you for they're really strong yeah I'm sure. Yeah. When they got the glue Huffer then you got to go eaters you know I mean. Like. Scented, glue. There's. Another flashback. And, it has to do with those same markers when the smell went away what, you do is you use you pop off the back of them you take the marker part out and you can do it before the smell went out and you put it in Elmer's glue and if you let it sit for a day or two the, glue would turn into the color of the marker. But. They. Announced it yesterday so this. Is supposed. To be coming out sometime. This summer sometimes. Okay I have two local post office before they all yeah. Yeah. We're. So remote out here they may not send us to supply, better. Yes. Yeah. You can actually go to their. Website and then they may lose. One. Of them on your end. I'm. Trying to. Do. The normal stuff and then I'm gonna have a picture, are, you. Change. The background, yeah. It's, a weekly thing yeah yesterday it was that background, okay, I was. Other, the memes I mean I'm Christie we have every hurdle and League, of nation is talking, about tacos, yes yes. So. What in, which the new hood the new show taken that's come out that everybody maybe, or maybe doesn't like it's based on the movies it, got canceled oh no how. Long did it last, I don't know I never watched it. We. Don't watch normal TV I have it I haven't had cable, or satellite in like a decade I think a lot of people are going. Online, that's. Why we have and. You're, watching. I. Feeling. Overly. Intoxicated. Somebody. From. There. Is a gummy, worm shortage. The. Great conspiracy. Of. The. Only dummies I could find besides, these, were. The sour ones number, one and, I knew that would not really work well. And. So. The main. Makers. Of gummy worms the main manufacturers. The two, no. One carries them they. Everybody, was out everybody, without a governor everybody was out because, everyone's, unloved, and they're all eaten worms or. Before, all. 150,000. Of them watched the show and bought you a packard gummy. 150,000, packages, of gummy worms in the mail. For. The rest of your life every time you say nobody, loves me goes to go eat worms you have one right. I. Like. It but yeah there is a dummy short I mean you can find me bears, of all sorts, those, stick things you like they do but.

The. Story mix but your rings. Rings. But. They, had my, favorite. Bears, they. Have regular bears for the soured, bears they, had. Extra-large. Gummy, bears. What. Is uh gummy. Spiders, they. Mailed. With scratches yeah. I. Went, to like three stores yesterday, and, none. Of them had regular, gummy worms no these, are obviously, a very off-brand. I. Was. Actually looking for. You. Seal. Them really well because once they get hard. Looking. For things in stores, is that where you got to. Try. And find turtle. Stickers, yeah to put on our voting can, that's on the front register, for uber and. She had to go in there she dug through every, single single. Piece, of knickers, that were in that store and event. They finally found the one, package. Of turtle, stickers that were there but you have to go through every single one first. And. Then I came in oh, yeah. I. Literally. Have just like, a less, than a month ago thrown, out some turtle, stickers. Puffy. Turtle stickers they were, they. Were RPG. Asses. So. David says we are. Actually. I was, looking at the statistics, for, page and in. The continental, United States it is the most remote, city in the entire continental, United States from hospital to hospital no one else is even close. You're, actually on purpose a lot of people that I know there, that are in page you know they were born here and they were raised here and everyone's trying to get out yeah and so, everyone's like oh. Visited. Here a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. And. I saw and it was absolutely incredible, it was beautiful, it was amazing, and so later in life I decided to move back so I moved here on purpose. Everybody. Else is trying to leave and I'm like. Well. I'm. Talking about so. Everybody's. Trying to leave well. Then they, get, older or they experience, and they come outside. But, I do have to say I can understand. It because it's totally a theme with small towns if you do, fiction. I was born in a town that was half the size of page and it was the exact same everybody, who was born there it's true let me get out of there, there's. Two there's two camps, of people and I think page is the same way people are either dying to get out or they, will never leave in their whole life.

It's. A small-town thing and people who do leave they all come back it's, like a black hole they try and escape. But. I did go back to mine for a little while and I came back here that's cuz page is a stronger black hole. More. Gravitational. Pull I love it. Geographic. Oddity it, is to. Make a song like Space Oddity oh no. Oh. Yeah. That's gonna be fun. What. Is it. A. Little. Hard to get. So. Sorry. Serious. Reach right here. Yeah. Right now you're never more than three miles from anywhere. Yeah. I bet it works really well for a, delivery. Guys do, you know the Talmud I came from even that has half the population, because it's a farming community their, Pizza Hut does not deliver because. Everyone. It's like it's 3,500. People spread. Out across like five, millions. My. Hometown does not deliver. Partially. Because everyone. Is just. So. It does it does make it make. It a lot, easier although, the, thing that, I didn't realize until the other day that does make it more difficult. We don't have mail delivery, and so other pizza delivery, people in other places can, look for addresses, on mailboxes, okay we have to search the houses and. Not everybody, has clear numbers or not everybody has know, or. They don't know what their numbers are. I'm. Not gonna go into details, but I do refrain, from arguing with someone about what their address was the other day but. In. Any case, in. Any case it's more challenging to find houses especially after dark when. People don't have numbers or. They're smaller. I. Don't. Think of a couple particular, instances, I can, think of one house. That, actually I don't know why they, have two numbers I have two numbers you different. Number or not I don't know which one's the correct one there. It depends, on which way you're going yeah, and then I can of another house where, they, have a number but. Then they painted, their house and just also painted over the numbers you can't really it's a camouflage. Downs, been a challenge, a couple of times they, know. You're used to it so I am and that's another nice thing about the small town you can kind of pick that one yeah, you pick up really ought, to do things you have you, have mentioned is this, whoever. Did, the numbering. Normal. Traditional lowering. I. Apologize. To whoever may, have created, that a layout, of page.

That. Page was laid out by a team, of drunken, munkey yeah. It. Is. You. Got you got houses. Where, the. The. Number, for the house matches. The numbers on one Street but, the street, address is for the cross street, and, so their. Address makes no sense the GPS can't find it because the number doesn't match the street oh you've. Got houses where it's just like I mean. Houses. Oh you've got streets, where the numbers are out of order, okay completely. Out of order you've got streets, where they have both even and odd numbers on one side of the street oh I, mean just anything you can think of no, that's, hard to make their minds up isn't, happening, here Gina's, agreeing, with you hey, they surprised. The 9-1-1 directive. Does not require address, sleeping for the city of face i I don't, think there was a lot of communication going on and then it just kind of happened and everyone's like. People. Just started, throwing extra, houses, in and we're like we don't know what to call it we're just gonna give it a number. After. Okay. Yeah. So for those of you there are no pages that relatively. Was, founded in the 50s, because it was a camp for. The building of the Glen Canyon Dam mixing. Up houses made out of some of their car now here's. One thing though because we. Don't have postal. Service, yeah and I'm just throwing this out I don't know it. May actually be, easy, to. Get. The addresses, changed. And updated, their, 9-1-1, there's, no way because. There's the logistical. Stuff and plus everyone's, already used to the insanity, if you actually tried to make it in order people would lose their mind I'm, just throwing it out there I bet because we don't have postal, you know postal, delivery. Delivery. You just reminded me of another interesting. Factoid, about living a-pink's it's not as bad as. You. Make your favorite number we'll label this house with a you pick your favorite. Are. You sure this address is correct it's not in our database you like yes I'm sure it's like well we can't verify that, you actually exist so, we're just being out here stuff. I. Actually, dealt with that about a month ago my sister's getting married this summer I'm gonna be in the wedding okay, she, chose a bridesmaid's, dress for everyone to order sure this. Seller who sold the dress does not ship, to peel boxes. I can't, what do you I mean you're using the Postal Service if you're gonna use UPS why not take some postal services over toward our video box I I could, have I could have had it shipped to the post office but instead I just had shipped to my parents house cuz that's what I'm gonna be anyway and, you go it was just but it was a pain in the butt. Hey. We live here we exist. And. This is one thing that companies. Don't, realize, is there are still cities, and little towns throughout. The. US that, do not have. Hello. Wake. Up like. How could you not have that in your database. Gina. Says used. A wand with glitter. Receipt. Says in church Wells I have to list my address, as canal. Not. Even like. David. Says of course I guess all the people that are first responders have lived there all their life and they don't use addresses, but describe houses, by other means of direction you're absolutely right now I've lived here for 16, years and I only know a handful, of streets people, are like oh we need to go over to the fill in the bag and I'm like oh yeah that's next little blah blah blah blah, blah blah over there see when it cracks me up or you just know it instinctually where it is right but what cracks me up about, people. Who use landmarks. For, directions, yes and and, that's all they, rely. On and, know, if, something, ever happened. To. People. Would do because, it's page and because people leave here for long periods of time they're - you go past where the barbecue place used to be. Three. Houses down from where that big giant mansion, used to be in the yeah you know that place for the thing burned down it's right next door to where they used to be. Christine. Says which makes. Paige. Trivia. And, the, wackiness that is the, morning show we, appreciate, you guys tuning, in once, again thank you so much, a hundred, and forty five thousand, people a month and climbing, are seeing this not every, month because of you guys every time you like comment you share it spreads, Facebook's. Like oh people would like this and it puts it more, and more out, there so we love you guys thank you so much and I, think it's time for some Rupert. You.

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