Moroccan in America: Three days in Florida!!

Moroccan in America: Three days in Florida!!

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I'm gonna show you these, i don't think i've given this nearly enough. Look at these curtains. Are those not beautiful. Chandelier. Oh this is from morocco, it looks it looks moroccan, it's uh, it looks very traditional. I can't do it anymore. I'm coming around she's got captain. But i'm not gonna abandon, ship. You're not here. Not now. Oh, god. I don't. The race isn't over. Come on. Place uh. I i'm gonna have to ask rashford what the name of it was but look at. This. Look at all this. So. Very casual yeah very elegant, uh brushy, what's the name of this place again that's how i see so i am, on, stribbling. And where, google maps tells me to turn. Uh. I turn and there's like this really cool security, gate. And. Okay. So i go in there. Yeah yeah go to the security, okay and what do i tell. Them, did you pass it, no i'm sitting across the street all intimidated. Because i don't want to go, just going through security, and, just, give them my address, oh okay. Uh, to um him, your driver license. Then you'll call me and then you know. Okay. Okay. All right well. Um, very cool. All right. That was pretty cool, um so they give the guy a call, just to make sure that i'm on the up and up where i say i'm going. Um. So, anyways, let's get this started. Assalamu, alaikum bonjour, howdy, from down in the west palm beach area florida i am in a town called, uh. Wellington. And uh. I am in this, amazing. Neighborhood, sorry guy. Um. Yeah, so i'm gonna be looking for his house but look at. This. Is that not the most amazing thing you've ever seen. More to come i'm going to try to find this house because the audible, on my uh. My gps, thing just doesn't want to work so, all right guys, this is going to be a lot of fun and i can't wait to see this house all right bye. All right so we made it to the street. Looks like it's going to be down here on the end. Pardon me i really shouldn't be vlogging, and driving at the same time but it's not like i'm doing 90.. Shouldn't be doing 90 either way. All right here we go. Coming. I up. This is the house right here on the corner. Nope. Oh. I am, been very directly, challenged. Since i got into the state of florida and i have no idea why. But, here we, go. Ah, at long last. Turn off my lights. Roll up the window because it's probably gonna start raining in five minutes. Huh. Okay. So let's go get this introduction, done. All right everybody. Ah so here we are as promised, wellington. And the palm beach area, and this is rasheed. Man. So great to finally meet you how you doing, say hello to everybody, hi everybody. This is rasheed, welcome to palm beach welcome to palm beach you're going to show me a lot around i he's promised me a good time and uh, i think he's going to deliver all right guys let me get settled in and i'll be back with you okay guys i got stuff in and uh. Oh wow this place is amazing, so just want to show you this is, starting from the front door here. Um. You walk in, this is the i guess the front living room. The front living room because there's there's more to come, i haven't even seen all the house so we're all seeing this together for the first time. Look at this is that look at oh i want to show you these, i don't think i've given this nearly enough. Look at these curtains. Are those not beautiful. Chandelier. Oh this is from morocco, it looks it looks moroccan. It looks very, traditional. Place to eat. This. Magnificent. Kitchen. Oh, wow, excuse the mess. This is fantastic, wow look at another place to eat. There's the backyard. Here's the den. Chill out watch little tv. Look at that. Kitchen, here, play room oh they got a play room. Oh look at this oh this is cool. Like all kinds of stuff little beds that can lay on couches they got the tv the video games. All their. Spare clothes that they have in there. There's a bathroom, full bathroom there's a shower. All that in there. So what do i have down this way. It's a laundry. Laundry facilities. Oh look at that nice. Very. Uh cool. And this like goes to the. To the garage, oh that's where we came in yeah. I was so impressed, with everything that i saw around me i forgot which door even came in. I just can't get over these drains these curtains are just amazing, look at that. Those are so beautiful. That is awesome and we have. An upstairs. Now i have been. Upstairs. Oh this carpet feels so nice even through my socks this carpet feels really nice. And so. Can i turn this light on yep, sure. So in here is where, rasheed, sleeps. Look at that bed is that not the coolest, bed that is awesome. More beautiful curtains, the tv. Uh in this bathroom, and turn the light on in here. Let's get all these lights on.

Look At this, massive bathroom. You've got a closet, that goes for days in there oh my god. Look at this closet. Whoa. Oh my god this is like those closets you see in the movies, guys, this is amazing. They got all the bathing suits out drying out it was beach day from what i hear so they're doing that. So we've got this bathroom, and, you've got like a. Like a quarter of an acre, for a shower in there that's pretty awesome. So anyways. That's that and then here. You recognize, that stuff this is where i'm going to be sleeping, and this is very nice i got a little work station here. This is really really cool. Now look at this you can just look down over the kingdom from up here oh and over here you have a couple more bedrooms. You have two bedrooms in there. Uh. Yeah look at this. Just an overview. Of everything. Look at this. This is very very thank you very much for, you bringing me into your home this is amazing, this house is absolutely, gorgeous. Hey good morning guys. A nice, steamy, morning here in southern florida, the beautiful west palm beach area. And today rasheed, said he's going to take me to a farm that belongs to a friend of his, supposed to be really big and beautiful, lots of wonderful animals. And. Let's just see how the other half lives in this. Countryside. All right well we finally made it. Nice little drive about an hour and a half from where we started. Not really quite sure yet what kind of farm this is it looks like they've planted a lot of trees. I don't know if this is the plot of land. But, it's really pretty check out the water. Now being in florida. I have this thing about getting too close to, little bodies of fresh water. Because i'm scared to death of alligators, and rightly so i'm here. We're gonna feed the. Fish. Ah there they go they're starting to come up and eat. Some big boys. Look at. Them. That doesn't surprise, me i'm surprised there's not big alligators, in here, but it just did just. One day just throw luck. Oh yeah. Yeah anytime, i'm in, in florida. Louisiana. Any anytime you get around a a, body of fresh water. I i always assume there's an alligator, in it and i don't i this is the closest i've ever come to, a freshwater. Pond or lake or anything, in, in the southern part of america, because man you just don't know. All right so. Uh let's talk about this place a little bit uh. Fill me in on what. What's the purpose of it is this just a. Like a plot of land like he just owns the land and does whatever or is there a purpose behind this because, either way is okay but but what's it all about. Well, this, place, uh, first of all is about a 40 acres. And it's about uh three, years old. And uh at first it was just like a. Just. Um, full of just trees like pine trees and all that okay, and um. It took down all those trees to clear it and then it's like planting. Some of these trees you see like this like. There's like, hundreds, of types of different, uh. Fruits, and. And. Olive, trees, and some tropical, fruits and stuff, oh really area here where usually we hang out and have picnics, and stuff oh look at this. It looks like a workstation, right now. Yeah well there's always something to, be fixed, there's always a project, oh. You could spend some good quiet nights out here that's for sure look at this, ducks in there oh look. That duck's under there, so he just uh. He just has the land to just kind of do whatever, yeah, okay, he lives like close by here, yeah but this is a place where we all like come in and we all hang out and this is a place where you can you know let you see all your buddies and spend the weekend, use a little. Trailer over there. You know if you want to do camping, and spend the night here, oh look.

Look They've they spared no expense. They make sure that, your needs are always taken if you just can't make it. To that trailer over there. Look, they've got it set up for you right here next to the tree. No this is. Look at that progress. We're still working we're going to build a bathroom, here, oh well that's a i guess might as well just start with a toilet and build a bathroom around it that sounds like a really good plan. That's that's the main focus of the bathroom is the toilet so get it. Pleased. A beautiful piece of land it's nice and quiet out here. Just kind of. Get out here you guys ever just get out here and just cook up a bunch of stuff oh yeah well yeah we're like uh, you know with sometimes, like a, like uh just a couple of weeks ago we came in here we slaughtered, uh the goat and you know put the whole thing in like what a big giant, barbecue. I've done that you know. You know. It's a good place. Quiet, to hang out with all your friends and you the click of circle trends that we have. Yeah oh check out all the big mushrooms. And one of the best thing on this farm is. Zero, chemicals. Oh okay everything, is 100 percent organic. Very nice, 100. Organic, 100. Organic. Becomes bob. Is this bob. Is bob friendly or is bob uh very territorial. He's friendly, because i know that donkeys can be quite territorial, no he's friendly. Let's come see bob. Bob i don't come bearing gifts i'm sorry, i know that's what you're about. How you doing, oh look at you, hey. Hey, this is bob guys. He's a happy donkey, yeah. I heard he's an ass. Yeah i went there i did it i said it. I'm not sorry. Little bob is over here, little bob, and mama bob is over there, my bob. Will call her bobby. With an eye look how cute that thing is oh look at him. Come here little bob. Come here bobby. I think they think we have food. Yeah. I'm sorry i don't have any food with me buddy. I'm sorry, come here little bobby. Oh oh, bob don't want little bob, wants nothing to do. With me. He already saw i have no food, wants no part of. Me. Look at them. Hey. Uh when they think the camera's. Food. So is this like a penance that you pay to come in and hang out on the land you. They require you to come around and feed all the animals, yeah and fix whatever is broken mix whatever's broken you gotta earn your keep around here. This is old pleasure actually, oh yeah. Feeding animals was never. It's never a bad time it's never a bad feeling. There you go. Who doesn't love goats. Ah come here, come here little man, i ain't. Done. After. After aid i feel like that feeding the goats i'm giving back a little bit i feel good. He saved me from the sun at least up here. Got my nice little. You know put it up like this, look like i'm on a safari, right. Hey you make the head look good, oh. How about that i make the hat look good it probably doesn't make me look good but you know as long as one of us looks good that's great. We're getting ready to jump on these little toys right here, yeah. Gonna be good times we're gonna go exploring. Like lasalle. And all those other french explorers, that came through here so so many years ago all right, let's get this done. I didn't tell me i was heavy. The plastic, boat how heavy is it supposed to be.

Look Out bob. Mrs bob. We're coming through. Andale, bob, andale, senor, come on. Come on come on move move move move move come on you just watch him i'm going to drag this thing up go come on baby come on. Yeah he's so good boy. You're good bob, yeah, bob's a good boy. What a jackass. I don't think your seat's mounted. Oh. All. Right. Sometimes having fun's a lot of work. Bob's coming to see us off, you want to come along bob. He's like please take me with. You. He's stranded at home with a wife and kid he wants to get out hang with the guys. Sorry bob. All right is there anything to push it to the water first yeah i was. Wondering. And then i will hold. I will hold it for you. Until. All right you can climb in there the only thing listen. There's no waves here no nothing. It's fairly stable. The only thing that can tip it. If you panic will do something. Crazy, so if i see an alligator. Yes just don't panic stay calm, otherwise, stay calm pat alone, otherwise, i don't want to come and get you. Yeah, okay. So. You said this was, okay here we go. Whoa. All right first things first let's put that there. Oh. It's easier when you sit. I hope so. Okay. There you go. All right here we go. And we're launching. Yay. Look at him. Like a professional. He looks like a guide. I'm gonna go check out this boat. It's kind of like my love for old buildings. Hopefully there won't be a bunch of bees and bats in here. Look at. This. No come here. Check it. Out. Oh wow. So you say this boat got washed up in a hurricane. Wow. But it's been stripped, oh yeah clearly i can see like everything, the speakers. Everything, is gone. Wow. No. Look at that. Seen better. Days. I've kind of always wanted a houseboat. I mean, the name implies, it's a boat, it's a house, has everything in it just like an rv, but it floats on the water oh look at all the, i hope. We can get, i hope i can show you the fish that are jumping out here is. Amazing. When's. How long dinner. Is open. You're telling me that you're not having good luck fishing. So they're wow because that totally proves me wrong because i'm over, we came from over there and i've just seen these massive fish just jumping three feet out of the water everywhere. I was like i wish i had a pole i mean i uh about dropped my lure on top of a redfish, and scared it away so. Oh well well good luck to you on that. You got the cool easy job you're just kicking back, that's right i'm in the shade.

Yeah. We're gonna have to make this interesting. Let me get a little bit ahead of you and we're gonna race. All right. You see the big mossy, tree there that's actually across the creek from where we were. Where we where we went and looked out, okay. First one to there. What's the prize, or what's the punishment. I don't know. Nice dinner. Buys dinner. Lunch. Okay. All right. Here we go. Lunch or the next, meal. All right. Let's go. The loser buys not the winner, let's just be clear on. That. Oh no. He's catching, me. Oh man. I'm gonna end up buying food for. Everyone. Oh no. I can't do it anymore. I'm coming around she's got captain. But i'm not gonna abandon, ship. You're not here. Not now. Oh. God. The race isn't over. Come on. Oh. Okay. Oh terry. Oh. Oh, terry. Hey, teeny. Okay. Yeah. But. He didn't beat me but by like a half a bolt length so it's not like he just blew me out of the water literally. I ran a good race today i'm proud of myself. Just going to work on the things that uh. They kind of held me back a little bit today but yeah. Good race good times. But. I got to buy lunch. Yeah, well it's not like having to work for your lunch and then having to pay for. Oh that dock right there, that's probably where that boat was. I think we're gonna scoot on back, because uh actually food's starting to sound really good. And uh yeah, i'm getting dehydrated. All right guys we'll. Maybe see you, yeah, all right guys i'll see you in a bit. All right we are clear for landing here we. He's go, in. Hot. All right pull me out dad. That was a good time all right. Let's watch my. Bad stuff get out of here oh. Uh. Have everything. Everything, but my balance, okay hold. On. Is good content, okay sorry. Okay come on we lady. Oh, all right. Another adventure down. And now, i think it's time for some shrimp tacos. Because i got my brain on those and i can't stop thinking about them all right guys see ya. So. Speaking of nice guys. Let's get to know more about you now that i've got the. Got the camera going. Uh, so, tell us a little bit about rasheed. But she, this uh. Nice guy. From casablanca. I'm from casablanca. Yes. Been living in the state for about 27, years. I lived most of my life in, in orlando. And i went to school there. And after i graduated. I took a job with the navy. I graduated. And. Underwater. Acoustic. Engineering. But i took a job with the navy. In 2009. And i'm still, working, with them. Today. Oh yeah. So you like florida huh, i love florida. Um. When i first started, uh working for the navy, i had to go uh. In rhode island. Newport.

I Spent like three years there. It was uh you know it was okay but uh you know the entire time that i was up there i was like uh i couldn't wait until i come back to florida. And uh west palm beach was like the closest, place to uh, it's only like a couple hours drive from orlando, yeah yeah yeah, i still have a lot of friends and relatives. And, all that but i still fit it quite often. Nice. Yeah, yeah. Yeah it was fun but you definitely picked one of the prettiest places in florida. West palm beach. This whole place is just amazing, it's, absolutely, gorgeous, and i oh i can't wait to like really show you the neighborhood where he lives. It's really really nice. But, yeah it's just very laid back great chill very quiet. Just a low-key kind of town at least, where we are. It's a good time. Oh as a moroccan. Living an absolute. American, lifestyle. What, what are some of the things that you. Love and hate about america. And, some of your hobbies and what do you do on your downtime. Well. I'll tell you what like uh. One thing that i really. Love if i enjoy about living here. Is actually. Security. As a financial, security. Or as actually securities, okay. Okay like physical, security. You can, walk in. Go any, anywhere. Anytime, you want. As, long as you avoid, like, really bad places, of course of course yeah, but the majority, of places, is, very very safe you can go anywhere. Um, a lot another thing is like. You can dress. You can dress, like uh you can wear whatever you want and this is flooring, you know. Most of the time you know wear like a t-shirt, and you know shorts and sandals. You know you don't have to wear like all those fancy, like gucci, and all this uh you know just mark, so people can respect you, you know right it's not status driven. You are respected, everywhere you go. And uh, being, uh. You know working for the for the military, you know you get some extra, respect. Oh yeah, yeah, you definitely do here. So. You know it's, it's uh. It's a i love that i love that i mean you don't have to prove yourself, or show. Do something. So you can be respected. Everybody respect, you just you know by. By you as long as you mind your own business and. You know it's uh. It's all good. So yeah that's one of the, best, qualities. That i love you like that you like that that that, nice combination, between security, and freedom. Okay so. You told us what you like, the comfort, the the security, rather the freedom. Uh and those are definitely, really great aspects, about being here, um. It's not hard to find that sweet spot between security, and freedom. Um. But tell me what do you, not like about our beloved, country. Here in america. I mean no place is perfect. There's there's got to be something. Maybe or or you just like straight on, love it all what's up, well, i'll tell you what it's, it's gonna be really hard to uh. To find something that. We don't like. Or i don't like. But uh. One of the very few things is like uh like during like a, uh, religious, holidays. Or during ramadan, and all that you know you find yourself the only one like uh you know uh. Doing the ramadan, and everybody else. It's not in the same. You know. Not in the same boat.

So. And then being away from the families, and relatives. And uh, you know. Things like that, okay so you're not, so as far as like the when you're celebrating, your your cultural, holidays, here, right it's just not the same, exactly, because you don't get that because there is there is a feeling about ramadan, when you get around all those, everybody, and, and all your people your circle. Uh and you know if car comes around you finally get to eat and have the feast and all the things. Uh yeah i guess you could say that that's probably, so. Um, so culturally, you're you're completely, good, you just kind of wish it wasn't 4 000 miles away from exactly, from the things that you really like about morocco, exactly, oh okay very cool. Okay, well. The moroccan, at heart, still loves his culture. But he loves this culture too and uh yeah. That's a good place to be man, really good place to be thanks for the talk dude, yeah right on. Hey guys good morning. We are what day three, two, three day three. Rasheed. You're gonna show me around his hood today we're gonna take a little bike ride, nothing too strenuous, and i don't think either one of us is in the mood to race. He took a lot out of us yesterday, but we're gonna show you around go to the clubhouse and do some different things like that and kind of show you where he lives and how he lives, all right guys, let's go take a back ride. Let's check out my sporty bike here. And get in the light. You see all that. I get the girl's bike. I think it's because i lost the race yesterday. It's okay. That's fine, that's cool. Say what now. I don't know what you're talking about. I'm a manly, man. This. Ah. This place is, absolutely. Gorgeous, oh look at this pond let me get up here. And it's like. This place feels so. Like he was talking about safe and security, is just like. You still got the freedom you gotta like ride down the street. Without really. Not really worrying about a whole lot. Look at this. These are all over the place around here the, neighborhoods. Just. Absolutely. Beautiful. Look at. That. Oh. Yeah. I'm a criminal. That's a part of my manliness, i don't obey the. Law. I'm compensating, for being on a girl's bike. I'm acting out. It's fine. It's totally fine. No no. It's fine. I'm even talking like a woman it's fine there's nothing wrong it's.

Fine. Hey good morning. Everyone, is so friendly oh look here comes another one of those magnificent, ponds. Waters just as. Still. It's as smooth as glass look at that. Big old swan. Or goose. Something. Look at that. He's living the good life over here but, that's what, this is what happens when you're good at math, you can be like a literal rocket scientist. I mean, that's a very, general, broad. Almost undefining, term but it kind of puts him in the ballpark, of what he does. Um. Yeah he does all the. He does all the hard math. And uh he gets paid quite well for it. Where are we going first. Um, we're just gonna stop by the clubhouse. Oh, clubhouse. Right on. There, this might be interesting. Okay. I know i'm interested, because uh. If. The houses look like this i can imagine what the clubhouse, looks like. The clubhouse, is uh, just like a common area for residents to go and hang out and. Get coffee snacks, drinks and all that other good stuff and get to meet each other. Like a, gym and basketball. And pool, and. Things of that nature. Okay so it's a big recreational. Area, right, okay, very nice. All right oh, i hear a car coming. Sorry. All right i'm gonna stop vlogging now because lives are at stake, all right, see you at the clubhouse. Look at all the fanciness, all right we're coming up to the. Entrance, of the clubhouse, look at this. Another, pond. Looks like a golf course with big mansions, on. It. All, right. Time to tie up the horses. There we go. And when you live in an area. Of almost zero crime. We don't worry about locking these things up. Good place to live. So over there we've got some tennis courts. A volleyball, court. Basketball, court. Um, not sure what's that way but we're gonna find out all right guys let's go inside. Check this. Out. All right so here they've got. Some vending machines. Oh look at their guys. Indoor basketball. Because it rains like every 30 minutes here. Maybe we'll take the game inside. Like usually. Okay so this is where they get just old enough to babysit, themselves. Just put them in a room with their wi-fi connection, you never have to worry about them.

Right. So they've got a complete fitness in there and there looks uh. From what i can tell on there it looks pretty pretty complete, pretty amazing oh my gosh look at this. Room. Any of the residents can, use it like i can rent it out of course with, some peas. And if you want to have like a party or very good party or something, okay. Wow. Nice and spacious. Big beautiful chandelier. Oh my god. How are we doing. I'm just gonna make taking like a quick. Just a quick tour yeah yeah thanks appreciate it. Talk about lifestyles, of the rich and famous look at this pool. You got a guy over here doing laps because it's fun. Look at how long he's got the swim there that's, this is my favorite spot right there oh look at there got a hot tub. So this is a more shallow this is more shallow. Because it looks like it only gets to like four feet or is it all one pool. Does it go around yeah it goes around, oh so this whole thing, wow you heard it i'm not gonna repeat it, and it gets uh like nine feet, down there and you can just walk in it's got like a beach interest you can walk in like you're walking into the beach or the lake or something instead of going. Downstairs. Oh. Oh my atlanta. This is awesome. This is a beautiful bike ride is just exactly. What i needed. This is uh. This area here to your right is what, florida, used to be. All this. Old, water, just marshy, swamp land huh. A lot of water. Yeah it uh. It is pretty amazing when you think about. Uh, an, entire state this entire state of florida, that uh. Yeah it was pretty much you would look at it and think it would be almost, just inhab. Not able to live there and have habitable. Uninhibitable. Maybe only one and a half cups of coffee was not enough for me. Inhabitable, there's the word. I'll get better today guys let me wake up my baby brain. But yeah it's. Yeah. Most of florida, there's so much about florida that you would think is just then they've made it a very livable, place. And uh, they've made the landscapes, work for them and makes it very inviting for people to come down, and i can see why people spend their, their time to come down to retire, here they move here for, just for the landscape. And just kind of be out and just. One of the most unique. Nature scenes that you can find in the entire country. So yeah florida. Florida has definitely been, a really great trip, and, speaking of. Seeing florida. We're getting ready to head down to miami, we're going to take a little trip down there right now is what we're doing. Um, yeah. We're going to show you a few things let you see what miami's all about and then i think uh, we're going to try to hit up some really great italian, food. That's not a guarantee, but we'll see. You'll know soon enough all right bye. So before we go. I'm going to get to ride this little dude right here it's an electric dirt, bike, a, dirt bike. So you just plug it in right there you turn it on now he has two, and we're gonna ride them but uh. You know kids they're the reason why we can't have nice things.

And It's uh it's out of commission right now. But i definitely want to try this one. All right. You're my cameraman, let's see what we got this is my. This is, my little jamil. All right go for it. There's no gears just. Brakes. I'm running away from home i'm never coming back. What a nut. Case. Wow. I gotta get one of. These. Man you're a pro. Yeah. You know what i think i'm gonna do. I'm gonna take the truck back. I'm gonna buy me one of these, you see me riding up on 95.. That was cool thanks man. All right guys so we made it down to miami. We are in. Bayside, park right that's what it's called bayside, park, um. And there well uh according to what he's been saying there's a lot of changes going on here, uh so let me give you a quick explanation, about what i'm doing as i'm going around the country. Guys, what it is is. I'm trying to meet people and it's not even so much about the video it's about getting to meet the people who supported my channel supported, everything that's been going on. Uh people from morocco, and it's trying to this is how i'm trying to relate. Stay related. And keep things relatability. To, to keep the relatability. Rather, with the moroccan, culture. You know just to say hey this is how these people are living here in the country. So. They're not going to do everything, exactly the same some people have been here for you know 10 20 years. Things are going to change, so, if you could just kind of keep an open mind with that it's just a you know just a way to just say hey i want to meet you get to know each other and let's hang out, and find out what interests them whether it's their work whether it's their play. Whatever it is that they do that's what i want to get to know, and try to get some interesting things the best that i can. Um. So with that in mind, guys, this place is pretty cool but there's a lot that's gone on here, and before we get any further i want to show you this massive tree look at this. Can you see this. Let me get in here a little bit. Better. Look at this. Yes that's a real tree. That is insane. That is absolutely insane, excuse me do you know how old this tree is, the. Name is bacon tree, the banyan tree yeah that's the three is from ebi, has like 110. Years, old. Right here. 110, years oh it says it over there. Okay yeah, i'm not a reader i like to just ask people and interact. Okay it's a lot more fun i assume sometimes reading's not the same. Over 75, feet. Tall. Okay so yeah everything's right here yeah see. 110, years old 75, feet, tall. Or it's developing descent from the branches yeah so what i do know about these trees thank you very much i appreciate, it about these banyan trees.

Is When they branch up then they start going back down, to the earth and they start rooting again and so. A lot of us what you see are branches that are actually coming back down and re-rooting, it's a very very particular way that they uh, they stay rooted and they spread out so a lot of times you can see. You know a whole group what seems like a group of these trees and they really are all part of one tree. But man look at that. Looks like something from that avatar, movie not the airbender one but the one with the blue people that's pretty cool i love this camera i have the same one oh you like this camera huh, how long have you lived here in miami do you like it, well miami, is, nice, the only thing the traffic is, so crazy, yeah the traffic's, crazy. It's cool you know yeah we have this weather almost all the time i see. So how's how's the tourism, been since the whole, you know what has come along i mean is like like, really it's like are you guys coming back here in miami at all, like. It's sustainable. You're like well i'm standing here so we're doing all right right yes of course you know the source. Uh the best source for the economy here is the tourists right it's a tour right now we're having this, issue. With the pandemic. Situation. Right right. Uh, spite of that, everything is, uh. You know getting a little bit better now, yeah hopefully. We're gonna have more people. Arriving. From other countries, yeah that's, that that's what, we're expecting, this is trailer the speedboat. Right now. Number one tour right now and the only boat here in this place that goes to the open ocean and southeast, look at that that looks freaking crazy yeah we have the famous jet boat here again the green monster, yeah like this beans twists and turns it's very cool you can use that camera in that boat, all right they're good very very good videos. Yeah very cool and we have ultimate. It's, very interesting, and there's a combination, actually in a tour of, the boat and a bus, oh very cool, it's very interesting, we have the cigarette to the trailer this one is very cool too it's a straight this is very very nice if you're, you're looking for how you found today. You have a great option here, you know, entrepreneurs. They're always, selling no matter what always, stealing. Hey man it was a good talking to you have a good one. So this is uh definitely one of the things that one of the reasons, why. Rasheed, likes to come down to miami, is do some. Do some of the boat tours right and get out here. And see this stores. Um, it shows you like a lot of interesting. And a very short time, oh. There's a lot of there's a lot to see here, but they've got all the shops. We can come down here and take a look at the shops can we do that right quick. Um, a lot of them are closed. Some of them. Some of them that are open we got you know of course, you got bandanas, and sunglasses. Cool little bracelets. All the pretties. I don't know if they're just not open yet, i think they said a lot of this opens at 11.. So hopefully we can come back in here and see a lot more of the shops hoping. But this is pretty much what it looks like they've got all the flags. It's like from. Everywhere, here, like, maybe all over the world i don't know. Oh check these out. For the alligator. Hi how are you. Oh, that's a deep question. Look at the element of the puffer fish. Little alligator, heads. This is cool, i always love stuff like this. Oh did you see baby shark no no the song's in my head oh look at this, yeah we got tired of it, i bet you did. So wow it's an actual live baby shark in there, that's cool, wow thanks a lot i appreciate it. How you too. It's like i was telling you uh. The videos about. What the subscriber, likes to do, where they like to go the places they like to eat, and so here in miami, there's this place uh. I i'm gonna have to ask rasheed what the name of it was but look at this. Look at all this. So. Very casual yeah very elegant, uh brushy, what's the name of this place again.

This Restaurant. Is uh it's called bellagio. And this, place, is uh, merrick, park, okay coral gable. Okay. All right so kind of give you an idea where in florida we are, but this place is very classy. We're taking a little bit of walk around and uh. Yeah. I'm not mad about it at all. My glasses. Just enough to be bright out here all right guys. So i'm gonna get a get a menu. And uh yeah i'll show you what we get to eat all right. All right guys so we got our food, i got the swordfish, look at this. It's got this tried uh dried tomato, sauce it's got, peppers. Onions, it's got black olives. Not crazy about black olives, but i'm thinking it's gonna work here got some good green beans, everything is great thank you. And uh. Tell us a little bit about, your, food. I'm having a red snapper. Of course. Of course my favorite would be moroccan, food, but my second favorite, is italian. Nice, nice. Yeah. Okay very cool, all right so we're at this uh wonderful italian restaurant, getting treated like royalty, thank you so much dear appreciate, you very much. All right guys so we're gonna get this uh, we're gonna get this lunch underway and then then after that i got a special treat for you we're headed down to miami beach, where, the colors, are beautiful. And the weather is perfect. Always all right guys we'll see you at the beach, all right so we've made it to and. We drove across town to another part of miami where exactly, are we here we are, ocean drive, famous. Ocean driver. Oh the famous ocean drive in miami, and uh i'll tell you what it looks very different, from uh, yeah let's walk and talk from the usual. What you what you see here is this barrier. They just put this barrier, uh, you know. Apparently, like uh for the pandemic, oh yeah and they closed down the wall street, uh okay, so this whole used to be like a really um, nice drive, a lot of uh. Um. Nice cars, are driving around in here, and all this restaurant, used to be just on the sidewalk. Okay so now they've extended, it on out to the street to give so they're basically taken inside. And put it outside. Right across the street, right across. Right here on ocean drive is it ocean drive correct, yeah so right across straight from all those restaurants and everything you have, this wonderful, park area, you've got uh, looks like exercise. And play areas and things over here, various little water parks. Uh, restrooms. Place where you can shower off after you come back from. The amazing. Beautiful ocean. That we're going to about to show you right now. Miami, beach baby, miami, beach thomas miami beach the infamous, miami beach so maybe bad things will happen i don't know. Infamous, miami, beach don't pass the hotel. Even though the beach is beautiful, and it's open. We were we were asked to put on our mask. So we'll see what's going on because i'm looking over here by the water. Maybe it's that ridiculous, thing where you have to have the, the mask on when you walk into the door of a restaurant. And that magic 30 feet to your table and then, all of a sudden everything's fine. Oh my. God. It looks like everybody, found. Where they filmed the corona commercials, and they all showed up. Beautiful, beautiful colors. Nobody's, just chilling out sunbathing. You got kites. Got parasailing. Going on out. There. Oh my gosh look at the sand is absolutely, gorgeous. Oh yeah. I could definitely spend some time.

In Miami, beach. And, yeah and i think that uh after i'm done with this guy. I'm gonna come back to miami beach. And uh i'm gonna hang out do things my way because yeah now i'm excited, dude thanks for bringing me here i got another destination. This is awesome, oh, okay guys one more look at this beautiful water. And then i'm just gonna soak it all in. All right guys, we're gonna wrap up this wonderful adventure i had here in palm beach with rasheed. Um, before we get going on on our goodbyes, and wrapping this whole thing up i want you guys to look at this i think i missed this when i was kind of giving you the house through the other night but look at this picture. Did i show it i don't know but i'm going to show it again look at that. Yep. You know i did something like that that was really really excellent i love this this sconce right here i don't know if you can really pick it up i'll come down here so you can see all the wonderful colors on that. That is just, magnificent, this whole thing has. A really nice moroccan, flair to it it's got little things about the house that, about morocco, has got teapots, and other things up and around the house that are just. Really really nice, um. So yeah, rasheed. Man this has been beyond excellent. I really, really have enjoyed. The time on and off the camera has just been nothing less than epic, and uh yeah. I consider, you one of my friends for real dude my pleasure yeah. Absolutely. All right very good very good i'm assuming that's very good i feel real i feel like we're pretty tight. So anyways the adventures, have been absolutely, great, a lot of great fun times we've exerted a lot of energy out doing these adventures. The places you've taken me to eat, absolutely, spot on the food's been amazing, everything about this has been fantastic. All right guys, so, wrapping this up i think i'm gonna head down to miami for a little bit of off-camera. R r, for the next couple days and then i'll be headed back up north making my way back up to orlando, and then moving on from there. So. With all that said. It's been a really great time anacombrico. I will see you on the next one.

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