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So, hello, everyone my. Name is Ksenia, oke sucia, this is my bike the, frame and the fork is Cinelli to Nelly shock the, drivetrain. It's me. K the gearing is. 48:16, talking. About wheels it's Rinpoche, and I'm not very satisfied, with the wheels with the quality, talking. About stem it's FSA, energy the handlebar is very simple, its Jenelle Levi you see the saddle, it's. Buuren cycles, it's a very famous, in fact in Russia, company. And the. Asado is called said, law I told, you about my bike I love it it's, quite, simple, and maybe it's not very expensive you know in terms of some, details. But still, I love to ride it. And. We. Would. Love I would, love today. To. Take. You around the city so take your own Moscow, because probably you haven't, been to Moscow yet I, can. Say that it's a marvelous city and I, do. Say this not only because I was born here and raised here but because. It's, really beautiful, and one. Day you, should come and visit like, Thierry did, and. He's guys from New York also did so. We are really welcoming, you here guys and I hope you like the tour around the city thank, you so. There is a river on. The left it's, yells Arriba. This. Area is a very fancy but. Still. Will of it. Will, go to the, center to the city center, to see. Some. Tourist, attractions, I can say. And. I'll tell you a couple of words about them, actually. Moscow. Is, sort. Of an ancient city because. The. First. Reference. To Moscow, in Chronicle, belongs to. 11:47. If I'm not mistaken and. Moscow. Had different, periods, it. Wasn't, always. Kind. Of politically. Powered. Some. Some. Period, of its history. It. Wasn't like. Moscow. Wasn't very powerful. At some. Point and. This. Was. The. Other major city, and you. Know most current where had clashes, and they. Struggled, for. Survival and, they. Wanted to beat each other. And. We, almost won at, some, point and, became. A very important. Political Center. Yeah. Good. Times good old times. It's. Sunday and that's why the traffic. Is, not very heavy. MacPhail, we got many many cars, especially. There, will be many, cars in the city center and. You. Can see some Soviet buildings, Wow. Some, Soviet buildings, around and, one. Which. Actually. Doesn't. Look like it belongs to, this. Place. You, mean this. Skyscraper. So. It's. It, was built in 30s, and 40s and. Stalin. Was. In charge of, this. Thing. Actually. This building, it's. Very famous for it it's for, the, people who live there, they. Were mostly, Soviet scientists. Actors. Directors. And everything, and, it. Has a cinema, inside and, one. Of the Russian actresses, for in the rain obscure, maybe some. Of you know her. Said. That she lives over. The, cinema. And the bread like. In Roman, tradition. This. Building. Is, one. Of the seventh as I've, already stated. So. It's. Very unusual. For. This, area there's, a red light but. I, mostly. I try to respect. The rules but. Sometimes of course it's safer to. To. Drive. When, the green. Light is for restaurants. But. I'm not the. Craziest. Writer in Moscow, so maybe. You. Don't like it but say. Oh I'm very sorry guys but I try to obey. The rules try, to be. Nice, to. Others and respect, them sir, and. Now. We are going to see. The. Symbol. Of the political, power of Russia and, nowadays or, maybe it's not power maybe. You don't consider it like that I think. We can make. It because it's safe, now. Actually. Kremlin wasn't always like. Red. And, big. It. Used to be smaller and it used to be made with white. Stone. But. Then there were, several. Fires. The. City was, on. Fire and. There. Were some. Rare. Decorations and then. Ivan the third who is the. Father of, Ivan. The fool. Decided. To make. It red. With. The stone actually. Kremlin. Is. A nice, place to visit. Because. It contains. Museums. That contains beautiful, churches. Which. You can see and this, bridge, sort, of a bridge a bridge. Sorry. This, sort of a bridge belongs, to park very idea, which. Is brand new and, actually. Some of. Modern. Architect, build it several. Years ago you can see it's rather. Beautiful, out, there and. The. Whole park represent, different. Seasons. And different. Weather. Those of Russia so. If, you are in Moscow, you should definitely, pay a visit, oh there's. A traffic some a. Little, bit of traffic. Slowly. Smoothly, trying. To get, through it and. It. Looks like we can. Do. Some unlawful, things, and. Now you can see. The. Kremlin. Walls. Some. Redecoration. I guess. Yeah. Definitely. Some red decorations, it. Sounds beautiful. And. It's kind of a political symbol. For. Russia and you, know this. One this is the church. It's kind, of morden, actually. It used to be a swimming, pool in. The 20th century there. Was a no choice but when the Soviets came came to power they. Decided, to destroy it and. They. Made a swimming. Pool there and my. Mother for example. I. Don't. Know why he's doing. This I guess. We were just lonely right this.

My. Mother used. To go to the swimming pool and she kind of liked it. Now. It's. The church again and. I. Cannot, say that you can, feel. Something sanctuary, there. Because. It's. Brand new and, they. Have posted, there and. Everything, it. Looks like more than advertising. We. Should go. Thank. You. This, is the posh cough, breathe, Pushkov. House. Actually. We. Meant to go. There we, will eventually get there. On. The left is. The theatre. And. Also, it's a building which. Used to be, the. Building for some Soviet. Function. Years, yeah. And we can I guess. Also. Make it here. They, also have a cinema, there. And. This is a, museum quarter. There. Are museums. For, arts of different eras, and they. Have also impressionist. There and, some. Wooden stuff it. Looks nice actually, on the right I guess yeah. And you can see what, a demon, Redeemer. Is the person. Who. Actually baptised. Russia. Back. In the days it. Was, 882. And, we. Have a brand, new monument, for, for. Him and, on. The left is. Peshkov. House. As I've already mentioned. It. Used to be the first public museum, in the nineteenth century and. It's, just marvelous, the. Architecture, is beautiful it's like, now classicism. Or whatever. So. Maybe, you'll like to see. It with your own eyes one day and this. Is the other angle of. Kremlin. No. So it's beautiful I guess and. The. The, building out there is the. The Russian State Library. It's. Kind. Of a perfect, example of Soviet architecture, I guess oh I. I think, we can go. Sorry. Wow. And. You say that I violate, the rules. Yeah. It's the city center and. You see there, are many many cars, many. For Sunday I mean. This. Guy's hating. Me right now. Johanna, sorry we need to. You, know you see the bike lane on the right and it's. Not very safe to drive it because. Many people as you can see are. Also using it and they. Are not, aware that cyclists. Can possibly, - that's. Why there are many. People just wandering, through this bike. Lane. No. Bike lanes in Moscow extremely, dangerous. Sometimes. They are, I'll. Show you actually, we will bump. In, thank. You well. Bump in, one. Road. For. Meant for cyclists, but in fact it's. Extremely dangerous to use it because. There are many many cars parked on the left and, they can open their door easily and. The. Door will be opened. Exactly. To. You, that's. Unpleasant, you. Can see that the road is getting. Heavy that's. All about Moscow. Ups. And downs every, time this. Is the musician. Conservatory. On the left it's. Great I was. There. Actually. I was, even performing, there when I was a child with. A. Musical. Chorus and I also played piano there it's. Fantastic, we. Will take, the bike lane so, you can see it's not very pleasant. There, because. You have, you. Have like. Man. Wandering. Through the Elaine sorry. Some. Cars. Apart and some. Of them are no party well. And. It's kind of dangerous to, use them and, now. We will go to the tunnel, I.

Hope. My lights are on so. Everyone, can see me we'll. Go to the tunnel and. Then, to the boulevard. I hope, it's not very windy, for you out, there. In. Fact it is now. You. See very, many cars out there and. We can also violate. Some rules because. It's safe for us to go there right now, and you you also see the bike lane but we actually, won't use it because it's kind, of dangerous so. These are nice boulevards, we really love them it reminds, us of Paris. Kind. Of you. See the weather is not - that's why there's not, many people around but. Still it's warm enough for cycling, it's 11. Degrees and it's kind of good rather windy but that's, ok sometimes. You just need to say sorry at, the most appropriate moment, because, sometimes, it can lead to, some aggression, and. That's not our way, of handing. Things, we'll, go back to the road thank you a, nice. Driver. He. Waved back. You. Know when. I ride, the bike I try. To wave. To all the. Drivers, because. This is the. The. Only way to, make. Sure they see us if they wave wave back or not and in. The front line you can see the Chocolate. Factory. It's. Called, Red October. And, it's really nice, because. It's very nostalgic. Again, and very. Beautiful building on the right it. Used to be the embassy. But. Now I don't, think it's an embassy anymore, it. Looks like. The people move their new, people I mean and on. The right. You. Can see the, Peter. Peter. The Great, it, is one of the most, hatred. Hateful. Monuments. In Moscow. It. Was, made. By is repeated, daily the, Georgian architect, who. Was sort. Of a favorite, of the our previous. Mayor, and he. Made many, many monuments and put. Them in every. Every. District, so. Many people hate him saying. That his monuments. Are rather ugly it's. Getting windy more windy and, even, some rain. But. Still you can I guess. Feel how it is to off, another, cyclist. Okay. At. This bridge, is. Called Crimean. Bridge, yeah. You know what that means right. Yeah. It's very tight here. And. Also some. Roadblocks. And, it's. Boss again. I know, sure I can, make. It. Some. Pedestrian, lanes, yep. It's. Fun, it. Can also be fun yeah. So. Many tourists, you should definitely come and pay a visit and, you. Will drive this bus, which. Makes me sick, and. Also. The rain makes. Me sick, very. Unpleasant really. Like. In London I get. Wind. It's very strong. Hello. It's. Getting very difficult to. Pedal. Because, of the rain. And. On the left side of the bridge, is. The, beautiful park, in. Moscow park board car oh.

They're. Even. Watering. The. Lanes good. For them, looks. Like we. Don't have any rain and a chance of, rain, thank. You guys really, helping. We. Should go on this bridge and and. Cross, it because there's no other way to get to the other side of this. You, probably might see the lead, turning. And it it. Looks amazing. It. Doesn't mean that I'm looking forward to winter. And this fall, changing. On the season. Sounds, great. Looks. Great at least and. This. Is actually, meant for that. We trains and. Also. The road for the cars you. Know Moscow, is. Very. Reach in circles, you can, see the. Subway. Thing. And. Another stairs. You. See this is called golden, brain it's. An academy of science, if, Soviet. Building meant for scientists, and you. Know in Russian we call it golden brains because, of the gold thing on the total yeah. Some. People think actually it's, ugly. Actually. Now, you. Will be able to see, Yuri. Gagarin. You. Know he's a very. Famous, Russian. The. First actually. Man in. The space and, there. Is a monument, right. On the left, which. Represents, him flying to. Cosmos. This. Is the reigning ski Avenue. Named. After lynnium. Obviously. Obviously. You know that guy who. Is in charge of all the Soviet Union system the. Part of it and. Important. Thing you should know that in. Such. Avenues. The. Speed. Thank. You. The, speed of the cars is. Higher, twice. So. You should definitely be. Very, careful. About using them. Poor. Quality. Is. One of the. Russia. You. Should probably. Have. A gravel, bike with you, sometime. No. The Situation's better than it was there used to be five years ago. And, the railroads. Know. We have trams and sometimes. They can be very tricky and. You. Should find. That. We. Should cross them. In. A very sharp angle, another. Boulevard, we, love them, they're. Full of trees, they. Remind us about nature, and. Everything, this. Is the building which I talked about. Sorry. You. Know we have many many squares, here. Large. Squares. This, is the house I told told, you about I. Mean. It's. Huge. It, was meant for 1000, flat and. It it's, meant for a normal, citizen. Yeah. And this is the. The. Example of Soviet Brutalism. It's one of the, architectural. Styles. So. When it looks fantastic for, me I mean, in the in the, best sense of this word fantastic. Astonishing. It's rather scary it reminds me of China or something of. Course it's not very high but still. Yeah. Actually. It's, the, last point which I wanted to to. Show, you we. Have the newest key former. Market and, we can have a lunch if you want yeah. Thank. You guys for following me sorry if it wasn't, very, I, mean fast. So. We bring to a close the story of rigid control through, the unceasing, research, and the highest.

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you need to taste some russian pussy i guarantee its gonna be the best. they have a unique charm and you will fall in love


The bike is great but that watch! Looks like an original Seiko digital from the 80s. You're right, Moscow looks amazing, great knowledge too

Завидую тому, что дороги: - широкие (камазы и фуры не надвисают), - чистые (полметра скользкой грязюки от правой части ПЧ заставят ссаться кого угодно), - ровные (без необходимости объезжать люки давая влево на метр) - плоские (без единой существенной горочки) Чёб не катать в таких идеальных условиях? Даже без фонарей и зеркал. ;) Завидую, словом. :((

Andrei M согласен. было бы еще интересно и в контраст в провинциях поснимать из таких как мы. где может и не такой поток, но дорожные условия приближены к экстремальным.

@krabsogood, поток - понятие весьма относительное. Если за городом две полосы в одном направлении, а ширина обочины - хотя бы полметра, то это - идеальные условия: знай только вкручивай и неважно сколько и каких машин идёт в попутном направлении. Но вот когда полоса одна, а обочина размером с нанесённую белую (или жёлтую )полоску, тогда приходится постоянно смотреть в зеркало, чтобы не пропустить появление фуры с прицепом, камаза, доверху гружёного щебнем или грузовика, перевозящего асфальтоукладочный каток - этим машинкам при всём желании их водителей порой очень сложно перестроиться, чтобы обогнать велосипедиста. Кто не переживал то непередаваемое ощущение, когда в 10 сантиметрах проносится сначала грузовик, а затем его прицеп, тот в принципе понять не может всю прелесть катания по трассе. ;) В городе та же ситуация, когда полметра ПЧ завалено грязью и песком. Иногда приходится устраивать спринтерские заезды, чтобы проскочить проблемные участки. А если случается последовательно сразу несколько "весёлых стартов", да ещё и при хорошем встречном ветре, то лёгкие наружу - обычное дело. Зато бодрит неимоверно. ;) Сегодня, например, надо ехать по маршруту, завершением которого (после хороших подъёмов и спусков) будет полукилометровый подъём на 40 метров. На протяжении всего маршрута (выезд из города) на ПЧ установлен высокий бордюрный камень, т.е. съехать не получится при всём желании, а грузовики идут сплошным потоком. Словом, после нашей обыденности, хамоватые по отношению к окружающим покатушки мАсковских мажоров смотрятся понтами, не сталкивавшихся с реалиями эдиков. Типичному эдику могут набить морду (и есть за что), а могут просто и тупо сбить - например, начинающий водитель (с таким же понтом и шалящими гормонами), не сумевший распознать, что за чудо перед ним. Никого не осуждаю, в итоге каждый получит своё - заслуженное. ps. героиню видео к мажорам не отношу - едет вроде спокойно, не нервируя других участников движения, к коим относятся также и пешеходы.

By Russian laws, if you would get injured or killed by a car, the driver will go to jail. You are easy to not be noticed because of your reckless driving, so I do have empathy for the taxi driver and disprespect for thoes, who have poor judgement and no respect for others

C'mon why all fixies can't ride same responsibly as that nice girl on video? She's great.

@Andomar Ничто не идеально, но проезд на красный правила предусматривают. Сравнивают противоположности, так что сравнение с Данией вполне уместно. Я, к счастью, в другой половине - присоединяйтесь.

@Andomar "...она сказала.., старается..." - можно без розовых соплей? Нет, безопаснее - не нарушать. Детский сад, честное слово.

@Andomar "их" велоструктура - ничто - трудно не согласиться, но такая дикая езда никак её не улучшит, а напротив, накидает ещё больше наших противников.

were you using a lens hood?

Крути ты педали, хватит языком молотить xD

people on these roads hate each other, and they especially hate bike riders...

I'd like to had been sitting on her handle bar during the 1 hour - 40km/h trip..

Мб подскажите ресурсы, на которых общается тусовка московская? Мне в основном с целью узнать, где велосипед купить/собрать:)

fixed gear moscow, есть тг канал, есть группа в вк - там есть барахолка

I visited Moscow many times in the early and mid 90s. At that time nobody was riding bikes in Moscow, cept maybe a few athletes. There were bikes but mostly at dachas. I bought at new Russian bike at an outdoor market, was a single speed had a freewheel, now I ride mostly fixed gear. I think I paid about 20 bucks for it and had to go through it mechanically before I could ride it I rode mostly on sidewalks and through parks, nobody was riding bikes and people would look at me crazy. At that time I lived in Voikovskaya, I would ride down to a waterfront. There were no bike lanes and people weren't expecting bikes in the street so It would be suicide at that time to ride in the streets. Anyway I loved this video.

I love these videos

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