Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food FACTORY (10,000 BAOZI/Day) + Muslim BREAKFAST Street Food China!

Most SATISFYING Chinese Street Food FACTORY (10,000 BAOZI/Day) + Muslim BREAKFAST Street Food China!

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And here they are the subo jen-jen. Subha can use well Wow, we're making steamer after steamer here oh there. They are Wow. It's, always enough you two fight, it out guys this trevor team we, just got into 10g, in china this is the breakfast. Capital, of china we're on a world little tour and today we're going for a full-on breakfast. Or let's, check it out. This. Is it Tianjin. The, breakfast, capital, of China and today, we're, bringing you in deep, for six, incredibly. Unique jan-jan, breakfasts. Wandering. Through the way muslim, chinese area, of Tianjin and, finishing. Up with the famous, bowl of Tianjin noodles. That you're gonna love so, make sure to watch this whole video all the way until the end so, you don't miss any of these incredible, unique and deep, street, foods in change in China and we are bringing you for so many breakfasts, today guys this is our world little tour we're, gonna start up with a bunch of breakfast, we got a few different spots to try right up here we're, gonna have a delicious wall by Tai it's, like a morning, porridge. With. Tofu. Skin and then, we're gonna go get some delicious other, street food and finish, off with an amazing bowl, of noodles 6:30, in the morning and there's a line of love any half. Huh. Here. We are guys Oh. Ghovat's. I can. Jen Tessa and, this is the magic guys we just flew in to Shenzhen pretty much just to try this right, here Ludo autumn ah so. That's the Ludo green, bean curd, and we had the major the secret sauce the, sesame. Cilantro. Green onions, yes. Unni yes, yeah and. Then, this is the magic right here guys that is so beautiful and we're just gonna add a little chili just a touch Tiffany Mac how. High. Bangla, and there it is let's go try it out and you can see you guys look at this morning lineup. Jenna. Da da. Da, big. Lineup for guava Kai in the morning and tangent, with, a scooping, Bowl after Bowl, you can see she's just rockin out this GUP Wow and, look at that guys that, is the pure joy and, ask them what the basic ingredients, are and apart from this Ludo thought a green bean curd it's a five-spice, porridge. And you can see I just added a bunch of chili paste on there we got coriander, green beans and the sesame paste oh I'm really looking for the Chinese because this is the true specialty, of Tianjin let's try it out. Junga. The. Engine go, about that Wow that is incredibly. Delicious it's, got such a strong sesame. Flavor gentiemen tae-ho schürrle, amazing. Water. Mmm. Then I just love how we're at 6:30, in the morning there's, a huge line up out the door because this is the true specialty, of, Tianjin and, that is just so amazing it's so nutty so spicy, and it, is very, complex, the flavor there, is a lot going on there the minute that hits your tongue it's that sensation. It's peppery, spicy. Young, from the five-spice. And the, coriander the cilantro, it's definitely really nutty and then the texture it's so thick. It's really, a thick slaw, and then also it's got that really nice protein, fill green bean curd, oh that's a Denver. Okay. Wow. That's amazing and just look at this lineup out the door guys, we've, got a bunch more breakfast. To eat today, oh and. We're deep in the back alleys, of Chen Jien keep, going and next up guys we are going deep, all day. Bright, and early it's not even 7:00 a.m. yet we're going for our next breakfast, right, up here is it, Yan Xing the Tianjin, Genting, made, with, special, green. Bean. Flour, not, regular, wheat flour and, it's just right here you can see there's all these stalls here let's. Go try it out sounds out half, the. House that's our half Oh, Jim. Been court sir oh, this. Is it guys love. And culture yoga Jen Ming hua Lian. Yu Qi Dan hi.

Bangla, Oh that's, the green bean flour. Wah. Kangan - uh-oh. Jin, Jin - Jin Ling that's, green bean flour and then oh gee, Dan. That's. The real secret there -. Eggs this, is the Chinese CREP, oh, and. We, flew into Jen Bing specifically. For breakfast, like this Jen Bing really, slows, down after 10 a.m. it's all about the morning breakfast, scenes you throw some green scallions on there flip it around, oh wow this is the Chinese CREP, and then you throw on the yoke ow that crispy crawlers oh and. Here's the sauces, that's, the TM yunjeong and then, we've got the large LG on say she loved and she. Could watch em. White House Sydney. Oh. Hey. Jake I should say, not. A part of the order Oh. Mail. Kenji, yeah yeah. It's. All about the local Canton, courts, right here can't. Get any better than this well and the customer, right beside us just ordered three Jen. Bings five actually, he's got three on the grill and two in these bags and there it is guys we got the most fluffy, looking Tianjin. Quarter Wow the Tenjin Jen Bing made with Ludo, you can actually see she's put on that spicy, chili, paste she's put on that 10-man John sweet, bean paste we got two eggs made, with green bean flour oh I look inside you can see all of that sweet. Bean, paste, amazing. Right and early 6:30. In the morning we're. Gonna have a delicious, filling. Try, it out. MMmmm, oh. Yeah. Wow. That. Is filling, these yo, tell brothers we'll fill you right up, that bean paste is sweet and you can see this place is just busy, packed with locals wanting. A gem thing in the morning because these. Are good and it's a perfect two gold breakfast. Spicy. It, also has a bit of a fermented. Chili flavor it's kind of like almost. A little sour this, is what's so cool about tangent. There's literally hundreds, of breakfast. Tianjin, courts of stalls like this all over the city you come bright and early you got, one of these you start your day and they're, delicious just a loud bang that's.

Again Alright, keep. Going guys and next up guys we, are exploring, even, more this, is such a cool city we're gonna go right down in this alleyway there's, all these breakfast. Stalls open, bright and early and we're gonna see what we can find down, here here. We are, so. Shanghai so we just stepped up to the most magical, tinge. Intruding, to our joy look at this guy's Wow. Ticklish. At oh yeah my go. Yeah hi Oh Seminole chief. Shankar. To. Get dolia bean sprouts and Shankar, coriander. And it's going right on these wraps or, Tenjin, the tundra so, inside, this mixture, of magical, bean sprouts and coriander. We've got this right here this is da fook r which is like a fermented, tofu, we've got Shanghai. Coriander, and then a big bunch. Of big spoonful, of Germany, on sesame, paste and you can see we're just chopping up these kangan, spring, rolls right here, and we're gonna fry them up with them into, that, deep fryer, of oil so this is it here. Wow. We've. Got fried, spring. Rolls in, Tianjin. At the source of, spring. Rolls this is the breakfast, capital guys of China, and, we're gonna try, so. Miss Jang here has been doing this for 10 plus years and, you can see oh. These. Look. Really, full. Of goodness that is gonna be worth, coming, to Tianjin for, subscribing, out guys, and we're just gonna take one crashing, out of the oil, look at that skill bubbling, all right, hot Oh. Extremely. Hot out of the fryer oh, wow. Just an even and here it is guys the Tianjin. Truned run fresh. Out of the oil Kancha light ah how Sherlock. What. Connie Chung and it's still really really. Hot, like, right out of the oil and it actually smells super, naughty, oh. Sure. My. German. Tongue the widow genbank. Wow. Oh. Well. He was so nice here I just, took a bite and she came in the frame and wow, that, is incredibly, complex. There's, that dopher ooh flavor, so fermented, salty. Tofu, there's bean sprouts which are in themselves nutty, and then everything. Is coated in that you're mahjongg, so it's fragrant, from sesame paste as well with a touch of coriander and a crispy, outer layer that is oily, refreshing. Delicious. Slightly. Nutty and spicy. And all, all coming, together really well one bite mmm. And. There's even more that somehow. We. Have. Let's. Go take a look this. Oh. Hi. Olaf ooh. Ooh, Oh Oh. Que. La ganancia Gallardo. Hema Hema. We're, gonna get two specialties, here than me and Xiao ou and here's the Lao tofu so we're gonna add the tofu in and there's the loser that's. The secret sauce and then we've got sesame soy. Garlic. Good. Jenny. Hi oh you got me and chopped Wow. So, we've got the Lao dope with a special, special. Tianjin. Breakfast, be injured and here is the me and Chuck. Sesame. And sesame, paste double, layer. Whoa. Double. Layer sesame. It's literally a millet, and rice porridge. And it's covered in those sesame seeds and sesame paste look at all that sesame, paste yeah, Jenny oh, we. Got the full-on kangan, breakfast, we're going outside for this and this is another of, the, engine's special.

Breakfast, Look at this does this is the Muench ah look at that that's a rice and millet, porridge covered, in sesame paste and sesame seeds. Don't mix it you want to eat right from the outside, Wow. That, looks amazing. Let's, just go right in and try that. Wow. That. Is insanely, good that is so aromatic with sesame it's like a salty, fragrant, sesame, with a thick, rice porridge and it's definitely savory, it's not sweet at all and then up next guys look at this we're gonna try this loud, Oh, foo bean, curd tofu, in a Luger, as they called here this literal, gravy, that they pour over the tofu, sesame, paste chili, garlic, and what I love about China is how many varieties of tofu, there are there's no quoi there's, this loud Oh whoo there's, so much to try especially, for breakfast. Mmm. Wow. Yeah. That is spicy Wow. Yeah, I just got a bit more I. Just. Got a bit more chilli, and garlic in, that bite that loud all food definitely, a tangent, Oh sir I'm not sure it's my absolute love. But, it's, still satisfying. It's definitely spicy and garlicky, salty. It's got that kind of Luger. Flavor that loo stewed. Chinese. General. Flavor to it with, tofu. Very silken, and soft and it just a. Little. Nutty, a little spicy. Garlicky. But this here is a real winner the meadow is spicy, and salty and garlicky, crimine hits you hard in the morning this here is just so enjoyable. And nutty. Hey. I hope your left, Wow. Everybody's. So friendly here oh look, at that. Mmm. And not, only do, we have a huge selection of breakfast, but we've got oh sure. Dojo. Jung-hwan. Dojang. Little, just soybean, milk no, sugar at, it and it's gonna be smoky, yes, Jenny. Coloma. Jigga. Jigga Lucia's. Out time. Wow. It. Just. Angers you can, jet beat you - mm Emma. Just. Said I love you. Wow. Yeah. Let's. Try it up. Oh. Oh, wow. And that is not sweet at all it's just like a burnt, milk. Burnt. Soy milk flavor. Mmm. Oh. That's, definitely strong, you, either love it or hate it and our friend here has not, taken any money from us this morning she's, not letting us pay for all this delicious breakfast, I'm. Just blown away people, are so friendly here in China really jaejoong, now Bend. Your. Left, yeah. That's. A gym kim. Jin-tae, hi domakr usual, shot son Jon oh god yeah. Tiffany. And. This is such, a breakfast, city guys next up we're, just walking around exploring, and I think up around the corner there's, a bounce, store. But these aren't just any bouts, of these are Ken, gin, bouts. Delicious. Probably, some of the best in China we're gonna go up ahead and try, it out here we go guys. Huh. Neha. We. Have. Tianjin. Balta so. We're gonna go in guys and watch how they make the sudha and then they're gonna make the world of the veg and the meat can you track Padma okay let's go check it up and here we go see huh oh. You. Can ship out to the p-funk, Oh, dig, it though chef Allison look at this guy's Wow, we are making the bow so look at how plump those are oh this is the can ginger my sesame, paste bean sprout, and fermented, tofu, bow-wow. And look at these beautiful, trays. Of, shubao. Can.

Ginsu Bao, unreal. Not. Only do we have these shubao's, but, we've got the robot as well and here they are the super. Kangan. Suba Finn you to vote Wow. Le Mignot negatory, yeah Toria the. Bean sprouts hi Audrey mahjong Gemma yo the sesame, paste, Hyuga, negative, engine. A me engine Oh. Nanjing. Which is gluten, Doyle, in Ian. Be, home, hoping, home. Phanpy Wow, oh, and here's the veg. Bow-wow. Unreal. Look, at how plump and ah and Dada, those are mom, Wow, and, we are gonna try one of those first the, veg fowl and then we're gonna get a meaty one. Subha. It's, so, plump, we, came here for the Rove out the port bow but they're still being, made which is perfect, so we can first try the soup out because it's so unique it's got that sesame paste that, fermented, tofu bean. Sprouts tomatoes, it's all in there oh and they're so. Hot, oh. Yeah. You're my weight off your. Mother weight off, mmm. I don't take offense yeah. Mmm. Wow. Look at that delicious sesame, paste, tomato. Cilantro, nutty. And it's also really got a strong fermented, tofu flavor to it as well I don't like that tune Juwan we had earlier. Mmm. This guy's got 12 outta here, you can literally eat 10 or 12 in one sitting and it'll fill you up all. About, to have what, we all day. Why go Mayo not. As good outside, of China that's for sure why go Mayo and now we're gonna start the robot they might throw, vows the, meat bow tie Bangla, look at all that TNG intercept bouncer how. Do folks, argue about this later Sarah the, most special, bouncer, in China guys we flew up the tangent just to try and thoughts like this isn't that the most beautiful steamer, of fallacy you've ever seen they're just looking so plump there's a lot of juice in there I've heard so many good things about how juicy, kangan, Baltar, and we're gonna load it, up tight. And put, it right here steam it up oh and look at the speed and quieter needs other Jigga had money on, masher, Runion 15, years, super fast we're gonna steam those and load, it up put the timer on and it's gonna be delicious, and our folks that have just finished six. Minute timer, we're. Making steamer after steamer here oh there. They are Wow. Oh isn't. That beautiful. Unreal. Look at how plump those are oh the, freshest, yes. Jenny unreal, guys, Kenz in bouncer how what's your trying time this. Is amazing, look at the lineup people are just lined up for these bouts and here we are look, at these guys Tianjin. Bouts, out there's gonna be like soup dumplings, but in about oh. Look. At how hot they are and the. Real secret here is this, tea pot of vinegar. You just take your tea pot and you pour that Chinese black vinegar in just about maybe a quarter bowl you want to dip your bouts in just, a touch you get some flavor it's try it off. Mmm-hmm. I. Just slurp, out all the, juice it's got that slight sour vinegar in it to it it's got a bit of a ginger, kick to it as well oh you don't even need the vinegar there's just so much flavor in that juice that pork fat has so much birth, to it but if you do dip it in the vinegar you don't want the juice to come out as well just a Zipcar.

Unbelievable. Voucher oh I look inside there that's a pool of, soup. Oh don't, make out don't make out don't, make out that, is the golden. Gem. That is the treasure of the bow you don't want that to leave you want that all to enter and explode into your mouth when you bite it. Mmm. It's. A symphony. About. To juice. In. Your milk perhaps the best bouts in all of China if not the world the, standard, pork bun elevated. With soup mmm. That. Is. Unbelievably. Good, oh. Ho. Ho Chan, Sung. Shifu. Hi. Sherlock, oh. Ji-ho. Shifu oh that's. Again over, oh ha, so you just feel so happy after about it and we're going for more breakfast guys but keep going and next, up guys for our last bowl of noodles the, reason, why, you, come to Tianjin for noodles is Lao and, and that's, what we're gonna try me. How, can. Jin love me in chaleco. Show that cold I'll bet Thai Bangla, let's go try it out guys Oh. Literally. A mix, up of whatever. Ingredients you want on your man me. How. We. Have oh, and. Here's the towel my buckwheat, and it's going right in. That's. Gonna. Be a delicious bowl, of noodles, and there they are those noodles are almost done the buckwheat starch. Noodles, and then we're gonna load, them up into pools and make a delicious bowl of Lao, man here we go this is the noodle hot spot in Tianjin, just one of hundreds, of cities to, travel to for noodles in China, and, we're putting them into this cold, water here to stop them from cooking and then directly into, the bowls oh. So. Here we go, cucumber. Slice cabbage. Sliced. Potato. Wah. But then the real magic is in, these main toppings, here we've got the sand shin which is a mixture of pork shrimp, oh and. It's slightly. Sweet and raised. Pork, gravy and then we've got a few other sauces here too we chose the sheen home here look. At that high, piao Liang left that's you home here tomato and egg and then we've got soybeans and. Here's the magic the me and Jin war. That. Is gorgeous and there it is guys look, at that we've. Got the sweet. And sour man G and on top we've got tomato. And egg cucumber. Do cut, soybeans. Over top of buckwheat, noodles. Here. It is guys look at that this, is the Tianjin. Lao man it's such, a symphony. Of different. Toppings, look at this we've got literal, fried, sweet, and sour gluten, I love, gluten. On noodles in China it is so, crunchy like you said it's crunchy, and crispy and then I ordered the XI home Church ouchy Dan which is this tomato egg, underneath, we've got soy beans we've got sliced potato, there's cabbage, and then here's the real magic oh there's, the noodle all these noodle underneath.

Wah-ha-ha-ha. So you just mix it up and get it all in, this, is the magic guys. Kenji no man I've been looking forward to trying this this is one of the top noodles, on our world noodle tour we've got hot and cold ingredients all mixing, through Jigga thai, can I look at that it's looking so beautiful let's, get a nice big bite with gluten, egg tomato, cucumber, so you got to take of just a small strand, of noodles let's. See if you can get if we can get one in one go yeah just like that and you, want it to be slurp worthy. Look, at that and this is how you take a slurp guys I've been working on my slurp technique you just want to take a few strands you get a bit of that topping. And you go in then you slurp it all down in one go try. It on. Oh. Wow. That. Is so, flavorful. Crispy. Sweet. And sour gluten. That really is what it's all about and then of course the noodles they're taking in all that sauce, and you've got a bit of freshness in there as well you got fresh noodles fresh cucumber, you got cabbage, and soy. Beans mixed with a tomato for the egg the sweet-and-sour gluten, that is a slurp worthy. Bowl of noodles and I didn't know what to expect coming into tangent, to, try the, tangent, lamien that, is a true harmony, a symphony. An, orchestra. Of noodles. You got so much going on there but in general it's it's it's quite sweet from, that Ken to me, engine and it's crispy as well and then it's fresh and it's really nice with the tomato and egg fish I'll ban. Really. Nice. Lela, band just gave us a second, Bowl it was meant for ting but ting just took a a small chunk out of it and she's already full so we got to keep eating Kishu, trim ha. Ha. Janina. Jelly, loving touch, Allah how. Shinny. Just. Again huh okay. Bye-bye. Make, sure to click that Bell button, down below guys so you don't miss any of these street food tours we are stuff we had six amazing, things for breakfast we would love to hear from you down below and thanks so much for watching these, videos on our world, little tour thanks, guys.

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I’ll probably never make it to Asia, so I use your videos as a reference for things I should look for in the states or find recipes to make myself. It will never be the same as the “real thing” but thank you for inspiring me to explore new things!

Wow the fried tofu rolls look amazing. What an interesting mixture of ingredients, I love fermented tofu sauce and sesame sauce. The portions in region are so huge compared to the rest of China.

When he said "we're going deep all day"

I hope you also try our Filipino dish

I just love how your Chinese has improved soooo incredibly much over the years!

Send him to Japanese porn industry for moaning class

Ive only been to kunming. The language barrier is the only thing keeping me from visiting more of the chinese states :(


Oh really?

Trevor should make a Taiwan series sometime, 似乎他还没去过呢

Baozi: Now I'm stressed


Too much excitement

Stop oh yeah hmm ooo just irritated



I'm from Tianjin and proud of my city

love your show, but I'm sorry, your slurp game still needs work... best slurp technique I've ever seen

Vary late Time.boss


You should try the GUOBINER for the JIANBINGGUOZI !!

Trevor still cant slurp noodle...

منتو دا صح

I really want to try this Tianjin baozi


So much for the noodle tour lol.

he was talking about the taste of those food, bru...

@Ke ke Cao 对



el do u dumb of what Canada doesn’t have In N Out lol

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visit Jogjakarta Parangtritis Indonesia, lots of interesting things, I'll take you around Jogjakarta

Severian Wintermute 臭蟑螂

It's funny when you start saying it's tasty before you even eat it

You have been in China for years and you pay CASH for breakfast? I'm disappointed.

Love ur videos bro keep up the good content

Wow.wat the nice video

I love how he’s so down to earth

Muslim Hospitality

He is a vlogger, He is supposed to explain his experience otherwise, no one would watch a guy just eating normally.

Chinese people mind their own business. They don't have time for your fake Mmmhhhmmm


Idk abt you guys, but i personally love food ranger and trevor james more than any other youtube food run up

Keso ho bhaya?

I thought china's breakfast capital is Guangzhou, then Wuhan.. Tianjin is way backwards.

as a chinese, Tianjin, is the dersert of good decent food..

Some foods I often eat.I like eat Natang and Youtiao.

Oooooo waooooooo he is tooooOoo Loooouuuddddddddddddd

i should try this food from Tianjinn

Wen will u come to india again?

Ni hao

how can food ranger post on youtube when youtube is banned in china. hmmmm

Thanks to Trevor I am speaking fluent Chinese now, however nobody understands my rare dialect.

oh wow Muslim chinies food I wish I wana go there n try some of them love China from Pakistan

I feel bad for who is holding the camera

darn it Trevor you should've gone to Gou Bu Li baozi, it's the most famous baozi restaurant in Tianjin also, mahua is a famous Tianjin snack

“GUO BA CAI” is look really unique.. best one

great show!!! Watch this human cannonball...amazing

Wooow, you're so lucky man speaking Chinese that's great

She wanted to know WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM!!! LOL

Liwen Ren 扯呢

.맛 ...있 .....겠 .......다


Is it safe to eat? I kinda wonder...

I am from Tianjin. Lcals know that you can find good breakfast at every corner of streets. The first winter vacation I came back from university (in another city), my mom got me different breakfast every morning for 3 weeks straight! Thats how rich our food culture is. I miss my hometown so much!

Please watch my food vlog here.

Nothing tasty in this video. Or not even looking tasty

how does he not get full

how did you lose so much weight eating like a mad man?

How is that breakfast food ? °° just call it brunch or something that ain't breakfast =)

Woman : "iloveyou" Trevor : *Laughs* Woman : Mission Failed


If I had to travel only for the food, there are only 2 must visit countries for me: China and Pakistan.


Koruツ 哈哈哈


You can certainly eat. You probably had more calories for breakfast than most have for a day.

Im amazed how good communism must taste

How come communist china isn't like communist north Korea?

Who da hell is Complex?

In USA, or Europe, we are treated very bad as eastern by western, for example, if the flight is full, western people will ask eastern people get off the flight. And western also never give food for free for eastern . Why eastern people treat western so good in eastern countries while western people treat eastern people very badly in western countries ?

why the restaurant do not ask for money? Why give free food to this guy? Western people never treat chinese liking this way, western people never treat chinese so friendly, there are no any restaurant offer free food for chinese. why chinese need to treat western people good in china ?

哭了我!!!我疯狂想回家 你真的好会吃!!!天津的早餐就是绝了!!!


$0.57 for like 10 giant baozi Trevor ate. That is insanely cheap ggwp

Tôi thích những món ăn của người trung quốc. Tôi đến từ việt nam, tôi cũng hay nấu món ăn của họ trên kênh youtube của tôi

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm WwwwwOOOOOwwwwwww ❤❤❤❤


Are we going to ignore that he had breakfast like 7 times?


@Erik M no problem

@Kevinoodle Gaming ahhhhh, okay. Thank you

cuz China isn't really communist anymore. it's just called the "communist party"

Please give some food to your cameraman too

Please give some food to your camera man too


Creepy !

Love the Way you are with people. You look like my little babyboy

Legends say that he is still having his breakfast

Haha a sesame maniac Trevor is indeed!

Great video but please make sure to pay those hard working people even if they offer things to you for free...

the last food, noodles, is that halal? :D

I am watching so hungry

Why dont you just say muslim chinese food because that was all muslim chinese food mostly. Even that muslim chinese women gave you free food.

Asalamualaikum for Tianjin Moslem brother.....


When are you coming back to INDIA, Trevor ?

I feel hungry when seeing your video. Suggest you go to Fujian, in south of China, the breakfast there is different from that in north of China, but the same tasty!

Love your enthusiasm for the food!

The most popular food in Tianjin it’s the Flour food , you can find anything That made from Flour .

You are in my hometown .

I am from southern China and I can confirm Tianjin has the best Baozi in China.

1:29 prime example of ancient Chinese English!


WOW!! Amazing

I love this guy he has lot respect and is polite

The City looks really interesting itself

That is like dosa 4:25

Check it out

can he just stop mmmmmmmming and looking for attention

Hooooo super

Trevor I love your vids, I'd love to visit any of these places one day, unfortunately It's unlikely I'll manage to get to the addresses, can I suggest you make a QR code with the location of the places you want to recommend and put them in the video so we can save those locations?

Thank you for visiting, finally got the video I wished for lol Edit: Should try some liang pi and rou jia mo next time! (also the lamb soup it's my mom's fav)

Thank you for visiting, finally got the video I wished for lol Should try some liang pi and rou jia mo next time! (also the lamb soup it's my mom's fav)

I love that lady said I love you, she probably doesn’t know too many English, but she is very friendly. In China we have a strong sense of guest and host, as you a foreigner, we think that you are a guest, as a host, we need to treat the guests well. It is very lovely to see you try all the food, and of course, you won’t like everything, but it is nice to see you at least tried. Haha I am about to cry because missing these food.


Woww.....very delicious ..make me hungry

This is how he rates his food Trevor: mm mm mm does a thumbs up

Wow... I love u food ranger

Trevor has the power to make everything awkward and cringey. Nickname - Cringeward

All Chinese cuisine name starts with: xin-pin-kin-sin-bin

It's seems like they are unable to understand even your single Chinese word

Food Chinese so bad wtf haha


3:40 Kim Jong

The Chinese have been cooking delicious foods like this since 5,000 years ago way before every other countries even existed at the same time as India when the Buddha was still around so their dishes are practically proven good. They’re Masters of making food delicious!

@qwer zno just jocking, don't take it serious.


".... a symphony of baozi juice ...." How great a description. How much I wish I could make a trip to enjoy it all. But I thankfully have you to go, enjoy and tell me all about. My sincere thanks to you and Ting. I know it takes a lot to do all you do to entertain us. Thanks so very much.


Plastic egg

why would u dislike

I like china food edition..good job

天津人好像特别爱吃绿豆 豆腐 和芝麻酱啊!

This guy definitely looooves his coriander and chilli!

I rarely leave comments but what I find super hilarious is that this guy repeats “Good morning” and “Hello” two or three times in a row every time he walks into stores and merely shouts the name of the food he wants to introduce. People in Tianjin are definitely nice cos I’d say “excuse me my name is not dumpling” if I were one of them but they just smile back to him

I love how that lady at 9:00 just walked up and ate with him LOL

Food ranger go to Fuzhou, China and check out the street food there.

For some reason even I want to go there.

Wonderful to see! Love to see how they interact with you. Really, how does your western hemisphere stomach handle all the different foods you eat?!?

What a wonderful street tour of these cities. I hope your cameraman gets to eat too.

I wonder if i get my bf to film me eating it, will they not charge us?

It's anoying when you say ummmmmm with thumbs up and wowwwwwwww at every food in every country. It's too much exageration, you need different expressions so it doesn't seem inauthentic and boiler plate. I appreciate what youre doing. But all the bad manners, generic exclamations and rude slurping takes away from the whole experience.

Why am i having oatmeal for breakfast?

how do u enjoy this?! or are u being kind to the people who made it well that's rlly kind of u!

sooo jelaous of your job!!!

Tianjin is a amazing place

I wonder if he would go "mmmmmm" if he was trying semen


The laomian dish with buckwheat looks delicious, is there no gluten in it?

Muslims dont eat pork!!

Moeslem with pork?..please explain to me

Fluent in Chinese speaking awesome

I thought I had heard that name before... Tianjin was the city where a giant explosion happened, the CEO of the company responsible was put to death, I do not blame the Chinese government because the recklessness of the storage company had nitrocellulose kept next to flammable components, both in illegal high amounts, fire started the fire department arrived and they did not know the place was full of nitrocellulose, because it explodes when in contact with water. Numbers are different, officially 2000 people died more or less, unofficially from Chinese sites around 130 thousand people died out of 200 thousand affected. You can still see the remains of the destruction on the video! I am glad to see people still made their lives would love to visit

I laugh every time yiu take ur change back from these people

Its clever how he clandestinely underrates stuff he while pretending to love it so much

I love the bao

lun kebab

Wow, I can smell the food !

makes me hungry

“ 8·12天津滨海新区爆炸事故”是一起发生在天津市滨海新区的特别重大安全事故[1]。2015年8月12日22时51分46秒,位于天津市滨海新区天津港的瑞海公司危险品仓库发生火灾爆炸事故,本次事故中爆炸总能量约为450吨TNT当量。[2] [1]造成165人遇难(其中参与救援的公安现役消防人员24人,天津港消防人员75人,公安民警11人,事故企业,周围企业员工和居民55人),8人失踪(其中天津消防人员5人,周围企业员工,天津港消防人员家属3人),798人受伤(伤情重及较重的伤员58人,轻伤员740人),304建筑物、、 12428辆商品汽车,7533个集装箱受损[2] [1]。[3] [4] [5]截止到2015年12月10日,依据《企业职工伤亡事故经济损失统计标准》等标准和规定统计,事故已核定的直接经济损失68.66亿美元。经国务院调查组认定,8·12天津滨海新区爆炸事故是一起特别重大生产安 [3] 2016年11月7日至9日,8·12天津滨海新区爆炸事故所涉27件刑事案件一审分别由天津市第二中级人民法院和9家基层法院公开开庭进行了审理,并于9日对上述案件涉及的被告单位及24名直接责任人员和25名相关职务犯罪被告人进行了公开宣判。宣判后,各案被告人均表示认罪,悔罪[4]。天津交通运输委员会主任武岱等25名国家机关工作人员分别被以玩忽职守罪或滥用职权罪判处三年到七年不等的有期徒刑,其中李志刚等8人同时犯受贿罪,其中数罪并罚。 谢谢,请不要造谣。

I absolutely love the positive energy from the Baozi man. You can definitely tell that he loves what he does and that he puts his heart and soul into each and every one of those Baozi.

Greetings from Dali, China!!! This is incredible!! You got all the eats there!!!! YUMMMMO!

i like this guy. thank you for sharing your experiences with us

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