MuscleKingz Lounge Episode 004

MuscleKingz Lounge Episode 004

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Hello. And welcome back Facebook, live and, we're here for another episode of muscle kings lounge thanks for joining me I'm your host M rivers this, will be our last episode, for the year so I hope you got your kicks so far if you missed the first three episodes make, sure you go back and check them out we featured the vicious Stang corn-fed. Camaro and the zero, to 60 design Mustang. GT, t don't. Forget this show is created to get you involved, and have that fan interaction, through Facebook, we, want you guys sharing, commenting. DMing, pictures of your cars asking, questions and just really participating, because we're here for you we, have some great prizes to give out from, our partners at K&N, air filters, hoog knives and more today. We get the pleasure of checking out John sects. 1967. Chevelle this. Bowties got 632. Cubic inch, Chevy. Big-block with eight hundred 40 horsepower but. It's been restored it maintains a classic, stock look we're. Gonna sit down and chat with Griffon Steinfeld, who's a racer, and a builder he's, working on a car right now we're excited to talk about and feature on a future episode, then. It's on to our feature car of the night we've got John Henson's, 1970. Chevy Nova so, get your questions ready for these guests, your. Questions, get you that much closer to receiving prizes, and man do we have a stack list of prizes tonight be. Sure to engage and be a part of the conversation. We. Have a special, announcement also, tonight that has some huge news from muscle kings and our followers, so make sure you stay tuned because you're not gonna want to miss that for. Those of you have already joined and have shared check, your facebook Messenger, cuz our crew is reaching out to you loyal followers, and for that we have a $100, gift certificate from K&N, and a, hog knife for another lucky winner stick. With us throughout the show share. Our live feed tell your friends, family and followers because. We will continue to give away prizes to those who are interacting and being a part of the show it's. An honor to be here tonight with you and our guests, so on that note let's toss it inside to the bar. My co-host redneck, and Miss Sarah price. Hey. Guys I'm, sorry miss you last week but you know I decided to come back to the party can't, wait to show you what we have on set tonight it's gonna be awesome don't. Forget to send us your questions. To, us or our guests and, let. Us know what you're thinking will answer them being Sara both reading the questions as we go so we'll try to answer them as soon as we can and if we can't and then. Make, sure to like and share the site, I hope. You enjoy the show so. We already have a fan favorite. And that goes out to Carlos em with a 2015. Ford, Mustang GT. It's. Freaking, a red car with American, accent, supercharger, on it look at that how's. It oh we. Have like actually some stacks right here. Has. An air lift kit on it it's a Paxton supercharger. Def, gold wheels. Yeah. You go six six five root level all right guard 91, octane fuel, on it nice. 734. Horsepower, with 109, arcana. No. Fast, that go we. Have test drive yeah. Oh. That's. What we do here by the way we, test drive, everyone's. Fan favorite, they don't know that yet, what. Welcome, to the show everyone I'm M rivers your host episode. 4 right episodes. Last war the last one of the season that's super, awesome live. Interactive, with Facebook, I, want, to welcome to the show our first guest from Huntington Beach California with, his 67, Chevelle is John SEC welcome to the show. There, we talk about it let's take a look at it sort of clip. My. Man. Welcome back that was an awesome cliff, and we were just enjoying looking at that car it looks great yeah, congratulations on, the build thank, you, 632. Cubic inch, big block, 840. Horsepower. 910. Foot-pounds, of torque yeah it sounds, incredible, it's. Just like when it when you when he when he showed up with that car I was reminded, me of the racetrack we're going to be growing up that, car just sounds, right nice and lumpy it's super. Rad let's talk about it how long have you had the car what, were your aspirations, for the car and what made you decide to style, it the way you did and put the big block in it and go with those wheels and let's just talk about yeah, all right I am well thanks a lot thanks for having me yeah welcome I.

Am, I've, had it for quite a 12 13 years now and. Maybe. A little bit longer but, um is. That right. When I first got it I had a couple bottles of nitrous, on it and trying to pop wheelies. Going. From there to just having fun and trying. To build, something. Basically. Built my dream car alright yeah that's what I was doing I have a lot of cars and this, one in particular was, you. Know my favorite muscle car is the infiniti of muscle to me yeah, chevy, the way and that's a roll all the lines are awesome on it it's such a good job black. 18s. Up front nine twenties in the back 20s, and nineteen twenties, a 90 yeah yeah okay, the live an inch wide yeah because oh that's right those yeah and, the hood we talked about the hood cuz we talked about it the car being all original, but you do have a. Slightly. Subtle. Effect. On the hood you've raised it about two inches right to clear that motor yeah yeah yeah so it's the two inch scoop and, I went with that I had to basically, I wanted the stock hood but because of the, motor yeah I had, to get with the bigger heads and running, in a bigger well what I love about it is it uh it. Still looks stock it's got the classic lines man yeah you can't go wrong with that a little, bit of chrome and an all black midnight, paint job yeah, my, cars took cars uber clean everything. Inside the engine compartment the headers it's. A super, well, thought out and. You. Can tell the craftsmanship, is as, awesome so I think you should, be really proud of it from. Their badass, car you own fat bombs barbecue, sauce like tell us a little bit about that yeah. Figure. In the kitchen around the grill, if time were to. Put. This on the grill yeah not only that we. Start we had that just over a year now and we. Just gotten a person's Vaughn Safeway, and we're. Just getting it going it's at the beginning stages, and I'm, super, healthy and I, have a partner he's the chef and that's, the stepdad that passed away and we're keeping his, dream alive and. His. Name is Bob and. He's. The chef and I'm I do all the stickering the stickers excuse me sticker the marketing and we're. Just making it what it is and it's healthy, and it's, it's extremely healthy gluten-free. No, high fructose corn syrup low. In sodium sugar but, on top of it all it's. Super. Tasty as you probably could tell. It's. A merch backpack, we've got two winners we got Phil Dale, are from. Rancho Cucamonga all right and Ray John from Oklahoma, I'll bite Congrats on that. We. Have three flavors too. And. I, didn't. Bring it but we also have a. Apple. Cinnamon for pork pork rub, yeah. That's that right there and then rubs yeah. If. I get it out to everybody this Chevelle what, was the plans for it in the future you're gonna drive. It you, know go over more shows obviously. You're gonna come to Muscle cut the kinks concert, and of course car, shows you have to know yeah, but. I mean. We love the car so any future plans any other cars you got in the works yeah. I I have, liked to have few cars a, whole bunch of muscle cars for the most part you know classics. But. This, is my favorite and right, now I'm just gonna try to start showing it starting, now yeah and I, just, like said just finished it just, a half a year ago and I like, try and keep, not driving it too much just for now I'm already at the grand race are tryna six beat okay, that's, how you drive you drive with 840, horsepower and six gears thank you very much I like. To stop in I really do any questions, from our viewers any, okay. It's. A three inch all, the way with, a and flowmasters, second. Stage and, yeah. Try to try, to calm it down to this too loud and trying. To bring it down a little bit cycle chamber just gets too much rowdy out of it yeah yeah that's for sure. That's. Good. Oh. I. Loved it that's how this whole thing started no, they're great guys and I am I really enjoyed it and got some good good country, music in it and I. Just had a good time a lot of good people it was awesome way. Bigger unbelievable. Show up you know show up I should say it. Was just it just kept on coming and coming it was it was unbelievable, how and many people all over Instagram and social, media what I can't believe it you. Got a clean car like that it looks sleek and it looks almost all, original, I mean you went to the naked eye of a normal person on the street wouldn't notice though it's been changed yeah everything, else just it looks clean. I, really wanted that stock hood but I had to go with the bigger and but, I got my whole lines I just wanted the stock look, but. Obviously, the, whole, train. You know drivetrain is a little bit there it's a big car you can get a lot of tire out of there you can you can get that you got that motor shoehorn, in there but because it's such a huge motor but, there's ton there was tons of room it's just a slightly. Bigger car that they went to so I worked. Out perfect, for you ya know we, take it we dig it here in here you're, an ex surfer, cat you're, a total.

West Coast dude all right and been up and down the coast or ty while I'm in Venice right now we're talking about your days in Venice yeah talk about spider surfboard, shoutout Dennis Jarvis. No. Idea what you're talking about. Super. Chill and see anything. That's. Cool dog yeah. Oh, do. We are we doing team or giveaways for a, olloclip. And lens, set and are. We doing that yeah are, we on for that we are see, I'm pushing it I'm pushing the show along there. It is Oh, low. Like roll oh. Okay. We got two giveaways oh no. You get it solo clip lens set and a canon hundred dollar filter, live show guys live, show Jon. Marksmen is the where the violation charlie. Yeah. What. Else can we say about the Chevelle. It's. Gonna get some old to a muscle spot for what no no, that's okay yeah, I know was a goal. Thanks. No you did you said the whole axle is custom fat all right yeah. Yeah. They're actually you know it's so funny they're 100%. Built. I mean it's no, one will ever have 100%. I literally, what I'm saying. Zim's. Adam a great, guy he owns Cali customs, and he. Did, yep. Shadow Cali he's the man from. You, know he. Did the entire car he finished off me too right and it, runs like it's. One, of those clockwork, cars to. Get to that build we've done a lot again, and again but, it's finally done all the work bugs worked out and wasn't even that many after he'd put his hands on it and so, yeah shout out to Kelly for sure and someone for for the interior. Eight. Years. Yeah. I. Like. Say I'm I for, my, plan as the Grand Nationals I'm so I'm keeping it nice and pretty for that and then, after that do some shows around. America I going. Out to Kentucky going out to Louisiana. And a couple of the good ones in Michigan I think there's a big one and of, course um you know the Grand Nationals to start with and then go out to see him at the end of next year and then, I'll start just you know maybe take it over some drives and go from there oh yeah. Yeah. Run, it gotta run it now yeah after I did, all this now I want to let it let it run you know it, wants to run mother let the beast roll. Thank, you coming up for coming on the show and stick around, yeah you. Know gentlemen, appreciate. Car, beautiful thank you very much and you, know we look forward to your, other bills but we also look forward to seeing it on the circuit yeah next. On the show we got Griffin Steinfeld, he's a NASCAR, racer drag racer builder and you may have seen some videos of his. His farmtruck let's, go to a clip of Griffon right now. See. Your name. Feel. The heat in the streets turning it up on the track here is welcome to show grip and stifle. See. Ya yeah dude so you're a. Young. Man of many traits yes. Your wheels you like to get it sideways it sounds like anything with a motor that's, all that makes noise and goes fast I'm all over it dude that's killer and so NASCAR, drag racing. You got the Corvette you got the truck you're, talking about going fast for low bucks which, is near, and dear to my heart no, trailer Queens right, redneck no trailer quick you know I mean he loves that yeah one of those can. I just say this he's 23 year old 23 years old man you're doing a lot for being so young dude so, congrats, on just you know keeping. It moving forward and staying positive I want, to start off by talking about NASCAR, how. You got involved this story is really cool and and. Then and then we'll get into drag racing and stuff like that but let's touch on that yeah so basically I started, I started off racing off-road desert stuff you. Know trophy truck 1450. Class everything. On the west coast and long. Story short there was a horrific crash the MVR night, race. Shut. The shit the series down ended. The series for me I couldn't, race off-road anymore we can really afford to go into the other bigger series and be competitive so, my. Parents you. Know kind of behind my back signed me up for this little arrived and drive, NASCAR. School, and the out local to me and. Went. To it did it ran my 40 laps liked, it it was fun I wasn't jumping up and down about it wasn't freaking out and they said you know just go back again we'll sign it for one more little deal right and the. Second time I went back I was signed up for two 40. Left sessions and the, the, first session the.

Other, Guy that I was supposed, to be driving with had his own car his own team like the whole nine yards and it was pretty intimidating, I've only had like 40. Laps of experience ever in the circle track car in a on a circle track and, it. Was pretty nerve-wracking so, the first session they couldn't get his car running I went out did my own thing did. Good and by, the time the second session came around they, got his car up and running and. Basically. They said this a half a track apart so we're out each other's away and by the end of our session I reeled, him in and passed him and when. I got out of the car all the this cool guys like do. You know what you just did you understand we just did him like oh no, that just brake the car like I don't, know what, I do is like no no you just ran, this guy out and passed him and that house badass super cool and and, as. I was walking out in the parking lot about to get in the car to go home the team owner, ran. Me down and said hey that was some, pretty cool stuff if you want to drive here here's my card, Thunder. Shadow, yeah. That's. Killer man no it was crazy it was being in the right place at the right time I'm showing you you raced a few racing, I caught a couple different series yes I started off in the in, the wheel and All American series, West Coast deal, raced. At you know in California Nevada a. Couple, of you know tracks around the area and then. Petition, to move, up into the can and Pro West series and. In. Salute was accepted into that and ran the pro s series for for about a year that's, awesome we, got anything coming in for Griffin. We're. Gonna do a giveaway. So. Basically the farmtruck, is, I've. Got a 56. Chevy Apache pickup. It. Doesn't have a cage no safety stuff no nothin just a big gnarly turbo motor that's or something that's big but it makes, big power and you. Know it's fast truck and I got I kept getting kicked out of the tracks because there's no safety stuff in it so, my buddy Shawn good friend of mine is, actually the owner of the farmtruck he said well hey life's. Busy, for me right now I got two kids job, the whole nine yards pull. My motor out put your motor in my truck and go beat it up go have fun and so. That's that's how I've acquired. The farmtruck and that's why I've been running it and in, the meantime my, blue truck is is going, under the knife for some serious chassis, work and and, you. Know some some big-time stuff so. Little. Safety yeah so some, safety stuff yes that will be going in it but, yeah the farmtruck's, it's, definitely, uh it. Definitely gets the cable past I'm a big oh yeah. Pretty is great but I'm more than I ain't worried about the pain I just wanted to go fast that's enough what it does it just goes from oh can explain it ain't gotta be pretty that's got to beat you down the stress. A. Case, of barbeque sauce in the bag. What. Are you. So. The best is a, 907. 548. No. I mean it was scary because I own that pass there's actually a couple of weekends ago you. Know I was about, the races and you. Know 1320 videos are all the big guys are there and, you know going, crazy all over the truck so I'm like you know what. Turn. It up a little bit yeah and turn. The boost up and I said my gooosh control over Bruce controller for a certain number yeah, and about 300, feet out the boost controller started flashing over boost over boost and I didn't care she kept my foot and. Then started, watching the wideband get leaner and leaner and leaner and I'm like come on finish line please get there and you, know luckily nothing happened didn't, hurt the motor and and ran, the best pass it did so yeah, it. Was it was a pretty crazy pass you know that you know drag racing is a big part of my we're gonna do some giveaways first that's okay yeah yeah you can eyes okay, I got I got a couple of giveaways here we got a pure gear hundred dollar gift card we got two, of them the first one going in Niles chambers. And Tom graft, gets a second one congratulations. Got. Good. Stuff go ahead we had a question from the earlier winner a winner uh was. John Martin, mhm yeah. I, know, you like speed but could you ever see yourself building. A mud rag or mud bog drags ever. In the future oh hell, yeah absolutely yeah. Very cool it's funny I mean we've I've talked about you. Know putting, paddle tires on the farmtruck taking it to Glamis and go do the sand drags in the truck and I love, I grew up in the dirt I grew up riding dirt bikes and stuff so Dave, might is like that's.

Awesome So when you. Couple. Hours I'm after the show let's go. Could. You imagine that. Would be that'd. Be amazing take, that my backyard we got a mud pit. Yeah. What's, up what do you got going on in the future man 4 so. You know the future of the you and the Motorsports, let's, say the, future I mean it's what. Would you like to do, my. Long-term goal is basically to, race. Every, type of discipline, you know every different type of motorsport, there is probably. Is a great goal and and all that fun stuff I'm really, starting to sink my teeth into the drag race world and yeah and also the road, course endurance, race world with my Corvette yes, you. Know I love, that car that that was the first car I bought on my own or yeah the first car I really bought on my own that and it's. Just been slowly getting, a little faster and faster it's got a Magnussen blower on it and yeah and a PR you know full arrow on it and yeah you. Got even I'm pretty amazing family - you're building a Chevelle is your, dad mm-hmm yep I was pretty special that. Since I've been really. Sinking my teeth some of the drag racing my dad has, always been there by my side actually my mom and sister as well and and. My dad, you. Know he's got the 66, Chevelle it's a little Sunday Cruiser basic, you know 350, small blog for, speeding a Muncie just a great Sunday Cruiser and yeah and he's kind of low-key. Here and there said hey I want to you know what do you think the Chevelle around the corner I'm like whoa it was about 300 horsepower four-speed, that you can't shift fast and no tires prob about 20 seconds and. I will no no no you, know let's think about setting that car up and letting. Me run it in like hell yeah let's let's do it so so fun dude where, I just. Just, built a motor for it you know for him for the you know it's. A 377. Inch blown small-block okay, and. It. Shouldn't. Keep that car yeah. It should keep the car pretty motivated nice, sister. Hayley she's. She's, crazy yeah killer. Movies true grit, what. Else what are some of the big ones uh three. Days to kill pitch. Perfect movies I, mean, shoot she's in so much yeah she and the cars - I mean. Not as much she, it's funny I mean like like when I'm not racing, I'm with, her driving, her around you know yeah, and the professional, big brother if you will yeah and. You. Know she is she. Hates it when I go fast but every once in a blue moon I can talk her into getting.

In The car with me and she's, done a laugh at Auto Club Speedway with me in the Corvette and made. Some passes with me in the farmtruck and, yeah. It's it's like it's a killer did we you, know we support each other and couldn't. Do without my family so it's, awesome you guys are killing it dude 23. Years old, stick. Around definitely. Got to get John another drink can we do that thank you. Oh. Yeah, give him one Steve Gibson wants to know how much shake and how much bake is it farm to a truck all of it. On. On, kill mow the truck should should, make probably, twelve, twelve fifty yeah. And, about. You know the grand were the torque that's, ridiculous, it's it's a good time yeah that's. Enough not to have to poop out real rabbits on the track right exactly, yeah it's enough, to handle those you know those twin-turbo, Lambos and ras, oh man that, must be so fun oh it's great it's great that, just must feel so good right to the soul, from. Randal smothers, and he says give, it me a Paul Walker vibe a Maya dude. Nice. I think he just got hit on. Looks. Like you got a preacher, bro man. Any. Security, for a sister so like yeah, that, must, be yeah, that must be interesting there's, a lot, of probably pretty women. Around you all day that sounds really tough if you need a if you need a stand-in, I know a guy yeah. I. Like. To share. It's. Too is too much okay. I know you pay. Quickly. I want to announce, a special announcement for. The muscle Kings car show in concert, it, we, have our first date for next year it's March 31st can, Phoenix, Arizona so, I'm, calling action at anybody in the Phoenix area surrounding, area if you got a car or cool car you, know friends with cars get on our website, register. Your car with us there's, going to be a killer lineup of artists we're gonna have an awesome car show March 31st there's gonna be more shows that we're gonna be announcing along the way. And. What. Else do we got we're gonna do I think. That's it I think, that's it but we still got more show we've got John. Henson coming, up our feature car we're, looking at it right now a 1970. Chevy Nova. Which, is super cool with that Trans Am feel, I. Know. We're gonna do a giveaway. We're. Gonna do we're gonna do a giveaway with molecule, car cleaning package. And, this. Stuff's really trick it gets all the grease off of everything so if you don't know the, they, do motorsports, but they can also do regular, sports, like hockey stinks. You know if your hockey gear stinks you got to go with the molecule, stuff I stand behind the product, they. See them in the next commercial like this. This. Gives this gives rednecks hands clean. That's. Got to be strong stuffs gotta be these are two winners it's Reggie Wynn and Lewis Korea, choreo. I say. There's. Graduations, Griffin, thanks for coming down man you guys stick around. Heck, yeah man so. Right now we're gonna go to a clip of our featured car it's John Henson's, 1970. Chevy Nova. Check. It out. Trouble. On the concrete. You. Keep, its. Noise. But. Until we start, playing just. They, don't think. We're. Back I'm. Sitting here with John Hanson welcome to the show so. Big. Part of curry Enterprises, give ya pleasure B thank you thank you for bringing your your hot rod really appreciate it absolutely we really love the look of it when it came off the trailer. There I know you just built it so it's we're not we're not you saying this trailer Queen we don't know you're come in a bit of a distance but it's. Just just recently finished correct, nine year project. 460. Cubic-inch big-block, yeah. Let's talk about it a little bit man sure sure going for hours about it all right yeah yeah. We have a net we have our. Yeah. A longtime, project, I'm, more of a suspension. Chassis guy obviously. Kure enterprises kind of goes along with that so. I'll talk about that first it's a Chris. House ins chassis. Works front clip on it it's. Got a, ride. Tech four, link in the back. Big 14-inch, six piston Baer brakes on, it and. It's. It's one of those things that's it's kind of built to built a handle you know the, curvy, kind of stuff looking, forward to getting it out try, to get. Into some road core stuff with it that's just the is the plan so you know Willow Springs streets, of Willow a little bit of autocross with it yeah and, and, that's that's the idea chassis, wise is what we kind of want to kind of put into it there it's, got the it's got a full roll cage you know hits the frame in every way we possibly could, do its.

468. Big-block Edelbrock. Aluminum heads, Victor, junior intake, it's got the Phi Tech fuel injection, on it it's. Got a turbo hanging, off of the front of this saw that yeah turbo. Hanging off the front of it and right, now the the, next mode of action is to kind of figure out how to get it tuned up sure we got to get it to so the thing's running right we're gonna plug it in get the FI tech unit to kind of control the timing very hard and make it all work and then, get, out and pound. The gas anyway as far as when your first build it's always a work in progress you always got to figure out stuff and dial stuff in you're making adjustments, everyone we've had on the show that says the same thing you know because, we had a lot of new builds but, it's really exciting and there's a lot of styling cues because, of that transients. Or tough Oh. So that that era you, know I like it's why and we talked about fabricated. You fabricated, the front fenders you've widen them and. The backs got flared out you need a little more width but it gives that stock car look yeah absolutely we got with two inches more on the front two inches we're on the back fenders have been pulled out it's, also mini tubbed and then the inner fenders are completely hand fab too on the front so it, allows me to show up in nineteen by thirteen on the back with a three, forty five wide tire yeah, and a two ninety five up front so, and, so it's a lot of like a lot of tire man know what the thinks it's really, nice looks really good yeah. I, was, talking, to you before you. Came on and you were just basically. Talking about the passion behind this car all you basically want to do is smile when you get in there yes absolutely, do burn out on the freeway if you need to yes, a little, bit about, your your. Journey building well, it's definitely been a long journey so, in the eight, years that we've been building this car I've had two kids we bought a home you know so that it's gets kind of prolonged the build of the car but. The whole idea behind this was, I wanted a big-block car I didn't want to LS something everybody's got LS this LS that and you have had LS cars and they're a lot of fun I mean it's a plug-and-play that motors built to rock-and-roll totally, get it but I like to pop the hood for one, so you know at a car show or and. See something that is is. Totally, different you know what I mean and going, back to that old school just oomph of it all with a big-block in them and, I wanted to be able to to. Go out and put a big smile on my face I wanted to pull, it out you know I can put my six-year-old, in it and you. Know we can go do a burnout and she. Enjoys that I enjoy it and it's on command you know it's just shove, it back in second gear just Ratchet it down real quick and you know feel the wheel spin and then just Ratchet back up and feel it jerk and have all that big-block torque behind it and that's. Why we built it this way I get a lot of guys I'm like oh you tried to build a pro touring car it's like now it's not really a pro touring car it's not a street fighter card and try to subscribe, to any one thing other than and this right here and, try to make yeah try to make that keep happening so, that's a lot idea nowadays too, because I mean back when we were all growing up with older cats you know we'd go up we were always in some kind of a hotrod so I'm kind of beat her jalopy didn't matter what it was no seatbelts, yeah no seat belts the funnest part of dad throwing your head in the back of the seat or tell you to try to grab it over bill off - right yeah. I don't, have $100. Yeah. If, you get too caught up in subscribing. To any one genre or any like oh I gotta build it this way and I got to compete with this guy was getting three hundred thousand dollars in a car whatever it is it's like yeah you know what I'm over all that man I just that's not really why I wanted to build this yeah for me it was like I wanted to have the fun of it you know I wanted to be able to to, go out and just romp on it and have a good time with it and it was it was just me, you know it's an extension of me I wanted the big fat fenders I'm one of the big fat wheels and tires I mean I machined, the wheels I designed, the wheels I made them that way one that I was chasing that look you know I wanted that look that Trans Am looked because to me those guys had so much fun back in the day with that series you know muscle. Cars that were designed and engineered and. Built to perform in, that series, and they had a great time doing it now it's like that's just all too damn serious. Trying. Absolutely. Every day I can't ever at any opportunity, that I possibly can so. Yes. Turbo. What's the situation, so. This is my first turbo car and, so I'm trying to learn as much as I possibly can in retrospect, I should.

Have Put duals on it so. With the big-block it kind of needed more but, it's got a t4, 76, millimeter turbo on it's just a single 0.94. AR so so. Far I've seen about 8 pounds of boost coming, up on it and we're, just trying to figure out how to dial all that in timing wise you know we're an injection, and how this motor really runs so I learned a lot along the way about turbos, the a good, friend of mine that built the roll cage for this car overkill, fabrication, he. He kind of talked me into the turbo he's like to help build you the turbo headers you know this thing is gonna rock you're gonna love it he's a drag race car so you know he was all for like you know just put turbos on let's put turbos on it so you talked me into it I've been having a great time with it so I'm learning a lot about it but yeah, so far you. Know I've got up to eight pounds of boost the whole goal with this motor and with the turbo was to try to crest the 800 you know horsepower mark so we're gonna dyno tune it at the Phi Tech location. In Riverside, on Friday. After, we kind of dial it all in and then fingers, crossed to see what we get out of it yeah I, like it, we're gonna do a little giveaway right here we've got the american-made, hope, knife homies. Of rednecks. Over there yes yeah, good knives and then a winner is Bryan Moline. You've. Got to keep. Tuning, in and you got to show up because you're gonna win something all you got to do is comment or, send us a picture or, say something you do the heart or the happy, face or the poop emoji will even take a poop emoji and, still send you a gift how's, that no, follow. Either way you know I like, the poop emoji though okay, there. You go so, we're, getting in some really bitchin cars and I direct messages, so keep them coming in like we want to see your guys's cars share them comment, get involved, and we. Actually have a fan favorite as well so Louise. Korea, with, the 69, Camaro. Let's take a look. Yeah. That's correct yeah. We, got this 69, Camaros, got 875. Horsepower. Nine. Hundred foot-pounds of torque. It's. A that's a big hood yeah it's big. That's. Not all. $100,000, into this car for. LED. Overdrive. Tranny custom, parts manicure. We. Also got another fan favorite Jeremiah Cordova the 2011. Dodge Challenger SRT. 392. Now. This bad dogs got 12 pounds of boost of. JV, al long tube headers. 274. Comp Cams 7-iron, 80 horsepower. They. Do we do look at your cars throughout, the weeks when we're not filming too so make sure to submit them you. Know DM us let us know and then you know if you've got a nice car and we like it or the fans like it we'll get you on the show yeah. We just like to see it anyways, that's right redneck yeah, ran for president 2019. Redneck, for president. And. You're gonna have everyone's squirrel fishing, oh and. Quickly. Before we talk about curry cuz I do want to talk about you guys sure the, paint we had a funny story about the paint and then and then yeah okay, so, the the paint was supposed to be the same color as a Volkswagen. Beetle. Red right. Which is red red which is red red it's super red it's a lot different than what actually, so. Long, story short is basically. You know my painter was was, shooting it and he, called me up he's like dude I'm I'm running out of paint and I'm like man it gave me like three gallons of that stuff and it's not cheap dude yeah, paints expensive, on my birthday well how much more do you need is like well I got, to be honest with you I didn't. Base them paint, first so it's just so coming in on it and usually. With the red I think you throw down a guacamole. You know primer, on. Cuz. I okay dude well you know let me let me get you what I can he's like how much more do you mean he's like well I just need to do the underside of the hood and the other side of the trunk I'm like okay cool so I brought it I looked at the car and I'm like this, is absolutely, the wrong F in color yeah he's. Like well it. Is what it is and so it's growing on me a lot so. You know the underside of the hood is a little bit lighter like the red it's supposed to be, yeah. Yeah I think it turned out okay you know I got a lot of compliments on it you know it's it's a lot darker when, this, and this type of lighting and then when you get it on the Sun it's a lot red or so yeah, it's killer man no I really appreciate you bringing it down absolutely, I want, to see it in like a 24 hour race, I could totally 24-hour. Lemon. So. Did you bring the Nova to the muscle King Show July no, I did not bring the Nova so I built a 1970. Long bed, c10, so. We did that as a promotion. For a hot rod power tour if you guys are familiar with our Rod Magazine Hot Rod Power Tour it's been a dream of mine to do that since it was 16 years old right so got, an opportunity to do that with curry and we. Built that truck we took it and taught, it did a complete, from the frame down everything, brand-new on it kept it super patina, mounted, a rear end on the back bed as like, a shop truck like delivering, a rear end you know and we.

Did The damn thing we did the whole seven, days long. Hauler every. Stop checked, in checked out, and that. Car that truck was that truck was flawless man it was so much fun to drive at a TMI interior in it was super comfortable, fight tech injection, and that one - big-block no way you know just not, gonna run the LS sorry guys so, yeah. Big big, block obviously, the curry rear end which, is a crate rear end that we build for seat ends so the whole idea behind that was you know a delivery, truck delivering, a c10 rear, end that we build which is a bolt-in for any year c10 you know we do him for all the year see tens all the way from 6 to 2 and all the way up so, you know truck arm leaf spring stuff bolt and rock and roll kind of deal right and so. We wanted to promote that and it was the perfect opportunity to do that so we did it with the c10 it was awesome, there's. A long-standing tradition with, curry yes and tell. Me a little bit about it tell me how long you've been there and so, yes, that. Enterprise so koreander prizes as you been around since. 1958. Maybe forever. Frank curry started business a long time ago and you, know basically was taking nine-inch rear ends and selling, that too at that time his employer which was Taylor done which was building electric carts and, so. You, know it kind of grew from that point because you had hot rodders that were asking for nine inches to be modified for hot rods and you know then an agreement to building, you, know bitch in front ends and rear ends for the off-road market, and, you. Know I've been there for three, and a half years now I run the sales department actually, a real quick filled alarm that one that bad boy he's he's my boy he's you know carry, somebody just, deliver that for Phil so Phil I got your boy. Yeah. Korea's an awesome place to work you know it's a curry unfortunately, it passed away last. Year there's three. Sons that are running the business now that are very involved so it's very cool to work for guys that are actually kart guys that.

Are Hands-on and I know they'll go back there and if they're you know they they're, building third members and they're building things and they're they're hands-on on the business they're every they're there every day at 7:00 a.m. and they're you know that's they're passionate, individuals. About what they do and they've basically have taken, everything that they've learned from their dad and from, their hobby yeah and it applied, it to curry enterprises you know so that you know their dad was a it was a hot rodder he has an off-roader they're hot rodders and offer about it and you. Know they've they filled that niche for a performance. Rear end right, in every part of that industry you know so if you've got a trophy, truck if you've got a rock crawler you've got a nine. Second, sure you know farmtruck, you. Have a second. Form. 556. And the, farmtruck have curry Enterprises no way yeah. That, deserves a hand. Absolutely. All right we got a we got a giveaway real quick here we got a holo clip and a hat from rednecks, Motorsports, come on hmm. So we got a pack goes James Lopez. I. Love. That family tradition that's how I came up my dad was a hot rodder racecar, driver, that's how I learned from we, we, were talking a little bit about that and. So. We're doing 56. Chevy was my dad's first car you got it when I was 18 and I'm. Not going to interview myself here but I'm just working I'm, just sharing and, I put a three I'm putting a 56, 324, rocket holes in it and, we're doing a Muncie 4-speed so, period-correct kind, of street car race car threat and yeah. We haven't figured out the rear rent we got a 57. Bel, Air we're in mm-hmm, so that might be enough I wouldn't. Say that's enough yeah we're gonna go hot rodding I wanna have some fun with it. Here. Try five that's where I was going with this I. Hang. Him on the shelf we hang him on the shelf at the shop I probably got 10 on the rack so. We take them off build them the way you know put a third member in them you tell me where we figure out what gear ratios best yes on the type of driving you're gonna do is on transmission, it's gotta go a quarter-mile man ya know, it's got all we want to take it down the road too you know but we can always change gears for the tractor yeah we'll. Just we'll build one complete you know we basically the, majority of our customers yeah they call him by something they're good yeah disc brakes or drum brakes they're getting the third member fully build the whole thing is fully assembled dogs, am excited what dog. And. Yes, we. Can build some complete front - that's awesome everything I would love that I have, a question from. Kevin Fitzsimmons. Have, you swapped out the steering rack with something with a quicker ratio, so, the it's guy came from Chris Allison's chassis works with the rack opinion in it so.

It's It's they're set up for their G Street which, is a quicker ratio set up already and then I've got that I did a column that just basically hooks up right to it with a double D rod and then the the universal. Joints that screw into it so it's, already a quick ratio straight, from from, chassis, works with that clip oh nice, okay yep I have, to add I have. And my 62, Impala my, 62. Shortbed Chevy, I'm career. Errands. We're. Not messing around, I'm gonna go I'm the only guy on set without. A. Little bit to right so yeah you know we've got solutions on both sides man. Because. You guys were you're at the muscle cart, okay. Come on Keith car show is over you last year. 2017. Was in July we. Had Danish. A Rodney, Atkins. Silver. Lakes in North Norco California we. Had hundreds of cars over 10,000. People, were in attendance yeah, so, it's. A it's kind of you know it's it's not only our brand but we just we're trying to put people together and also have. It have a great time it's a good time I mean it's just to plug the show a little bit as a participant, that went yeah it's a it's a different type of car show it's it's a car show where there's there's music going on there's, a you can you can show up a little bit later and leave a lot later right. 6:00. In the morning you're gone everyone's gotten their one o'clock yeah exactly right. Yes. Right. Right. You really should be like first one there last one leave you're like man, I get there when I want never. Leave wakes up go it's a good board and I'm like halo. Start. To function two o'clock I hit my prime yeah. So. Speaking about the car show everyone. In the Phoenix, Arizona area, area. Make. Sure to keep sharing it pictures. You. Know, yeah. Share. Share share and, share on Facebook, hit. Up hit us up on Instagram. Welcome. Back so that was a clip from the 2017. July show muscle, kings concert, series. Here's. Our last giveaway for, the evening it's the big one the $500, gift card from K&N air filters and our winner is Justin, style wall and from Wisconsin. This. Is Justin. You, wanted to add something yeah it's not the last giveaway if you don't mind I brought there's no more your wings so. I'd like to I think I have enough let, me go ahead and grab him Brian do you mind helping me out real quick or somebody can bring those over I've, got a couple of hats. On. Set. Here. They come. There. You go, you. Got one.

You. Guys can fight over that way so hopefully mud and wrestling. Like. Squirrel fishing I'll, turn poor. I. Wanted, to take all of our viewers all of everyone, who tuned. In with us especially you, know those who are with us at the very beginning, this. Is it for this year I want to say Happy Holidays we're gonna come back next year super, strong and have awesome cars please send us don't, stop sending us pictures of your builds your cars your friends cars send, us your questions and comments muscle. Kings show is our Instagram. My. Guest John Henson and Perry enterprises. Griffin Steinfeld, writer, driver, and John set. Sarah. Price, em XCOM, that's, that's website not your name surprise. Motorsports. Redneck, I'm your host Emma rivers all the music in the clips was my music of singing, songwriter, you can check out my music on. ITunes. And Spotify and, my, websites Emma Rivers official calm thank, you for coming and drive fast and die last. You. Give, it up. Every. Time that, you come. Up, now one club, huh. Get loose. Come. On. Company. You're. Trading. Like. That's what its design. Some. Like it you. Don't get hurt. In. The fire. Me. Need to feel ashamed. There's. No one to blame. You. Me.

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