MuscleKingz Lounge Episode 006

MuscleKingz Lounge Episode 006

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You. Hi everyone and welcome to another, great, episode of muscle kings lounge, I'm your, host Sean, Davis, we. Have a great diversity of cars here today Rob Phillips, from PCH, rods is here with a 69, Camaro that's a stunning car it's gonna be a blast to walk through this car take, a look at the interior the engine, bay get into the details, of this car really, looking forward to this we, also have Russ Taylor, and his 2015, z28. Which, is a street-legal, car yet. It's a fully track prepped car that he races in NASA and Seca, events, and, our final guest of the day is gonna be Rob Lindsey, from our J fab this, is going to be a blast to walk through his 68, Plymouth, Valiant which, is a full-blown. Pro. Street, drag. Car yet, this guy took the time and energy to put attention into the details which is very rare in a drag car the paint and body the interior, it's a really exceptional car. We. Have some questions lined, up from our followers and we're ready to fire them away for you and if you answer, if we answer your question, you'll, win a prize cuz, that's what this shows about, you. The fans and viewers giving. You the opportunity, to get a closer look at, some of these cars that we can only see typically, as they fly by us at on the freeway, or on the track. Joining. Me today at the bar is a character, and a half redneck. Bringing. His sense of humor also bringing his skills as a builder, and we've also got the extraordinarily hot. Jacky, bro, Jack but, don't let her looks fool you cuz she's about us she's a former, Navy veteran, she'll, kick your ass. We're. Also going to be trying something new this episode, and that's having John Henson if curry enterprises, get the builders up do, a walk-around of, their car and take you guys inside, the details and what went into these builds, it's. Going to be a great episode and, we're glad you can join us so, now let's get going on what you've all been waiting for. It's. Your favorite co-host backtalk horsepower, crack jokes and give, you the lowdown on some of the great cars we have on set today we, have some of your questions ready so stay tuned we're ready to pick our guests brains and see what they know about their cars till. Then let's give it to our gracious hostess with the mostess, and you may recognize him as a previous guest on the show his, name is Sean well. Hello, there and, we've. Got Steve. Carlos, from, PCH. We've. Got Steve calm lows from PCH. Rods, they. Don't build fishing, rods by the way they. Build actually really cool comments and. You. Guys see the clip of the, 69, Camaro you guys brought, I'm. Big, Pro Touring restomod, guy it's kind of where I live we talked about your car a bit today but I want it I think, be fun to give everyone insight, into, will. Talk about the build of the car but I'm more interested in the beginning part of like what what what gets you guys wanting to build cars what got you into wanting, to be a builder, and go. Through the, nightmares. You guys go through from time to time did a lot in the long hours yeah I've, always I've always been injured in cars ever. Since ever I know ever since I could remember and. Basically. Any job I've ever had has been related to cars in some way and. Just. Recently I mean fairly. Recently we've gotten, I've gotten in more into building you know the whole the full projects and everything and and, this Camaro was basically one of the the, the main the. The biggest first build that I've ever done yeah so. This is this is the first like, kind of big big, deal build you were part of it and that was and, being a SEMA car was just you. Know building it in the short time frame that we had and being, a SEMA car was it was, a treat yeah yeah. Awesome yeah you, guys see the car I mean the the. I'm. Kind of blown away right now that this is the first one the first big one you guys did cuz I mean the interior on the car is stunning, on you know and and that you guys did it all in-house.

Interior. I think you said the only thing you didn't do was paint well, stitch Corp actually did the interior and, the car came to us but, we did everything else right, the car was essentially, a painted shell when it showed up we had no suspension, no, interior no wiring no, plumbing. So, it was a blank slate a. Painted, blank, slate I think it's I think it's a beautiful. Car man I think it's a super stunning, car I think it'd be fun to you, know we've got John Henson from from curry enterprises. To. Do a walk-through of the car cuz i'm i'm you, know i'm not a super tech guy John's, a tech guy man so I think that's what what. We should do is do a walk-through of the car with John yeah no worries cool. I. Was gonna Stephen thanks for coming man I. Really. Want to do is I want to start talking about the engine because I know a lot of people are gonna be curious to see what's under the hood of course so let's go ahead and pop your head and take a look problem. That. Is clean, so what do we have here what are we looking at what motor it is a GM performance. 525. Horse, ls3. Crate. Motor is essentially stock except we put a cam in it so it's a little bit a little bit over what that's rated at just. For a little bit of sound a little bit of performance over, what I see I see a Holley EFI throttle. Body that's been put on the front here yeah it's got full Holley if those valve covers are really nice they hide the the packs and everything who made those those are a ring brothers valve cover we. Actually. Kind of took their logo off and actually machined our. Logo in them just you, know to kind of make it our own and that is definitely not a stock, serpentine, kit. That is a Billet Specialties front, drive oh wow so you see everything, it just comes complete, absolutely. Bolted right in that's, really neat now that is some. Suspension, work - so, is that a, market. Subframe it is okay so whose is that it's, a full Detroit speed kit it's actually Detroit speed front to back they're, full front subframe it's.

All C6, Corvette, you know uprights. Their control arms jri. Shocks. It. Drives like it's on Rails okay so it's a it's a Hydra forum deal that Detroit speed makes right so it's the tensile strength on that is super strong so something, like this is probably built for like, Pro Touring autocrossing, absolutely, okay, Wow yeah so if you're gonna be doing some auto crossing you probably have some really bitchin shocks the shock, it's, a jri set up your eyes with the jri coil over it's. Got coil overs front and rear so double, adjustable single. Adjust those these are just single adjustable okay so yeah so you can dial in compression and absolutely, figured out which is which is more than enough for what this thing was gonna do so so this having that much power you probably have a really good radiator is this be cool or it, is an F co radiator of CO radio so, it's all aluminum but it's been kind of everything, in here is kind of blacked out kind of match the car it's actually ceramic. Coated seracote surco okay. So seracote, is a ceramic coating if nobody knows what that exactly is ceramic coats really popular in the gun market it's been really popular in the automotive, market now too so, it's a really thin coat but it's super protective, and I'm gonna guess that that's the same finish on all of the bumpers and yeah. That's actually incorporated, throughout, the car the intake manifold sorry coated radiator, sorry coded this trim piece, the. Bumpers the grille the, bowtie, in the grille is multiple, color Sarah coated the wheels just about everything so Wow okay, well let's talk about the wheels a little bit I, know a little thing or two about who you built this car for who's the owner this is Jose Marino from, intro wheels from intro wheels so hence. The intro wheels yes exactly so do you know what design wheel, this is I don't remember the exact design off the top ahead but, looks like a mesh wheel looks really big it's a mystery to me so yeah it's an 18 by 10 front 18. By 12 rear so, plenty, of tire fur for. This car okay yeah and as a speaking of tires what, brand tires you're running they're BF Goodrich rivals okay so that's a really sticky tire I've imagined right so if you're gonna be out doing some some autocrossing, oh that's a good tire to go with so. This, looks like a three-piece wheel to me isn't it correct and so those, bolts, are actually function they hold the wheel together right absolutely yeah so looking. At those bolts a lot closer, they. Look like they're brushed. ARP. Bolts is that correct that's correct every, piece of ARP. Hardware on this whole car is stainless and everything. Is brushed by hand it, was actually kind of a, kind. Of fell upon it you know as we were like a test. Let's see how that looks and if. You look all. The heads of the bolts are all brushed, they're all clocked, so no matter where the wheel is all the air P logos are all face and a sales. Of hand timing, yeah Wow, so what is enough, yeah what happens when you wash it and you scratch one of those guys oh. Yeah. We. Keep it pretty clean yeah so obviously. With all this power and that sticky will and tire you probably need a good break to get this thing to slow down what do you guys do for breaks it's bare front and rear 6-piston, front and rear with our, PCH. Rods logo in the caliper there remaster, cylinder all stainless, lines yeah, bear makes some really quality stuff, man so absolutely yeah that's a big quality decision when you're trying to slow down a car with this much power oh yeah yeah so let's. Talk a little bit about the interior I, noticed. That it's obviously, very custom, what. Did you guys change in the interior just, about everything cuz when we got this car it had none of it so. It's a stitch core to the interior it, is all Bentley, leather and, Alcantara.

Suede In. The seats the headliner it's gotten penalty carpet in it custom. Center console. Gauges. What you end up doing four gauge work changes is a, Auto Meter LCD, which, is awesome, because you can put inputs. For essentially. Everything, you'd ever want to see in it you. Can change through the different displays and everything it's just it's a fantastic. Piece. Let's. See what else how about you. Know you kept a back seat in it so it's everything seems to be fully functional, and oh yeah you've got a center console and it looks functional, with a push button start is that correct that's a ring brother's push. Start on it so it's no, key in it just touch. The little pad on yeah speaking of the ring brothers I noticed a couple more of their pieces on your obviously their hood hinges which are you, know they very, much ring, brothers with the relief cuts in it but it looks like those are there, pieces as well with the door handles, and those. Are they, make a matching set it looks like them yeah yeah and then, for. Rear suspension, since I'm a rear. End guy what, did you end up doing in the back I was got a curry nine inch of course but. It's it's also Detroit speed it's their quadrant link for link setup and. Also their mini tubs it's clear those 335. Okay so dotrice Detroit, Speed mini tubs so that's what allows you to run the 12 inch wide wheel right with the 335, exactly, so did you order the rear end narrowed so that you can run, that offset on the wheel is that how that's actually from. Being in their kit set ready to go oh really Wow so they make it almost cookie cutter huh just about yes so you guys put this gut this car together rather quick he said three months it was basically, three months start to finish, it, came to us as a painted, car so. It, was a painted shelf but it had nothing on no suspension, no interior no wiring no nothing so it. Was a it was a hustle and we did for the, 2016. SEMA show well you guys did an amazing job man thanks for bringing it up absolutely, really Shannon. So. I'm curious what you being the Builder on the car what's your what's your favorite, element of the car I, like. That it can be driven that. That's, the that was the entire you, know point, of the whole build it's not a show car and it's, not it's.

Not You know it's, not anything you couldn't jump in and go to grocery store and pick, up milk and bread with so right now, you told me a story earlier that I thought was super cool was was that you guys completed. The car, loaded. Up trailer, it so, the first time he fired he's rolling it on the trailer we, fired it up, about. Two o'clock in the morning on the. Monday we rolled it into SEMA drove. Directly to SEMA and ten. O'clock rolled it into the booth that. Was the first time the car had ever moved under its own power which, is super cool but here's the part I like the this, is route. I think is that at. The end of SEMA anyone. That's ever been out there knows there's Optima, Holley all the cars that are about to run in the Optima, challenge, so this is a car that hasn't been run other than to run it on a trailer and off a trailer what, do you guys do at the end of SEMA we, ended up getting a golden ticket at SEMA so. We're, you, know invited to the optimum, Invitational and we raced it that. Weekend right after the show so never running the car you have no idea if it's gonna stop, if it's gonna turn if it's gonna do anything, it's supposed to do if we're gonna shake it down that was the time supposed, to shake it down man yeah Rob's wife Brandi, actually drove it so, so, cool, all, right well I think what we need to do is, toss, it over to the bar. And. Hear what Jackie that, mr. redneck, got in store for us what's, up by the way a beautiful car and I was gonna mention that that the time crunch you guys had but, you guys did do it clean and I'm the same way when I build stuff you could test it you might as well put it to test you fails so, I'm glad it worked out good, that, thing shocked me when you started up and backed it up I was like. So. We got a question here from Camaro, family here that noticed, that there was no roll cage are you going to auto cross it or. Are. You gonna strengthen the unibody a subframe, alone, it's. Got its got Detroit speed subframe connectors in it now we've. Already strengthened, its its underneath it's all strengthened ok we chose not to cage it just because that's. Not what the customer wanted it first but how are they gonna make you Cajon if you guys do side race it or you and be able to just run it how it is and as. It is it's it's perfectly capable for, for. Doing Optima we raced it on the road course and auto. Cross and speed stopped it just the way it is so that's, awesome, and, it's built nice I mean you get the fat and fatties on it which is nice so that makes it it makes it nice of the traction on it but it's it's beautiful car I do like the color scheme over to thank you. What. Is it run in do you know I'm. Sorry what is it like what is its time. I, don't, remember the times exactly at Optima but, it was it was still fairly competitive with a lot of cars that were out there so you guys, did dyno the motor or no we. Didn't down in the car no no no but, it's us through it's a it's a 520. Horse LS so he was a cabinet so it's it's fairly stout for what it is yeah not. Extreme but it's plenty for what that car is yeah, definitely, plenty for that car yeah it, looks come the way you did it -. Awesome. Malik you guys dude. Thanks, for coming, and hanging with us man bring in the car and, you. Know taking me for a ride earlier was. That was that was super cool. All. Right you guys well that's that's. Our buddy Steve hanging with us so no awesome dude. So. It never sucks driving, a. Track. Prep car down, PCH, does, it yeah. And. No, interactions. With the local PD. Which is always a good which always makes it a lot better especially in this part of town yeah. So. I'm curious dude what what, I mean. What makes you go like I'm gonna I'm gonna keep it street-legal right cuz cuz typically, what we would do is we'd go yeah I got my daily car but then I've got my car that I'm gonna track crap or it's you know it's, purpose-built. Right but. This looks like it's purpose-built, and yet you can load. It around the streets yeah yeah, it it's, a hundred percent dedicated track, car for sure we.

Had The benefit of having, registration. And go out and roll, around drive here didn't have a trailer cuz I'm just down in Orange, County - so it's nice. Cool. So, so when you say fully track prep like let's i'm, inai i read. Some of the details but i think everybody would really get excited to get an idea of what what, that means yeah, so I've got about a 1011 year history with a national, auto sport associations under, NASA and. Previously. We had a Mitsubishi Evo 10 I ran that for about eight years and, gaskets. Popping all over motors. Getting blown out and so I was kind of done with that just high tense. Motor. And we went to the z28, so we've been running it now for two years come. Into our third season now and obviously. Same motor, same motor will rebuild yeah, the way the classification. Works for NASA is we're, in their super 20 series and so it's a power-to-weight ratio, so, actually it's the factory ls7 we really haven't touched much out of it specifically. Because the power-to-weight we, have to keep that kind of range. So right and so you're making if I remember correctly somewhere, around 465. Forces, larger wheels and you you gutted the car considerably. Yeah like a track car yeah be so so I know I have a zl1 which is thirty-nine hundred pounds I think the z28, maybe a little bit heavier, yeah so what are you weighing now in that class yeah so start to have a 3950, was z28, weight and this now is it 33. In change so, we took about 600 pounds plus, adding the cage. Which you, know it's a lot of ways you got a lot more rigid in the character yeah extra yeah support, we we, just did, a big suspension, overhaul partnered, with öhlins actually did full coil over know around their Road and track system it's fully adjustable yeah. Single, adjustable actually it's just a rodent track but okay so we're, going from that from the factory set up and that, will run those but yeah the handling, on the car is just phenomenal, awesome. And, so, I'm. Curious what's, the, what's. The best you've done racing well, last. Year again. Competing, in the super touring series I took second place for. The whole season which was really exciting was literally a stock z28, stock suspension stock, motor everything, we, took second place for the whole season and at, the Western nationals which took place up at Thunderhill last year we took third place and so you. Know again first season officially racing, the car and coming, out with podium, finishes across the board and we had podium finishes throughout the year as well so, this year worked. We're gonna go for first place for the season and then we're taking first place for the Nationals it's combined, actually Western and Eastern nationals, out at Circuit of the Americas so, we're stoked oh that's such a great oh, yeah, I. Haven't so I'm gonna have to be watching a lot of videos ready. Buncher, that's. Such a great track to run yeah well, uh I. Think. It's time to pass it over to the crazy man redneck, hot, Jack, take. It away all. Right we got Prez I don't know brazuca, ate a v8 or whatever it is a badass. Build if you could change anything or one thing on this car what would it be oh man. I. Mean. Honestly the car is set up really well I'd probably I, guess wheels we still have a factor whoo wheels on there so cut, a couple pounds on the wheels and go, go they're probably the next thing we want to do we. Got American Muscle, HD, what. Made you decide on the graphics, the.

Graphics So my company fusion of ideas we, do app development, and iPad integrations. For companies and so kind of a technical and digital, component, and if, you look at the car our crest. Our fusion crest is like a hexagon and that's just basically expanded, out over the side of the car so, it's our company logo it. Looks. Stickers. Just plastic, oh yeah thank you guys then. Our next question, comes from turbo jigsaw, what. Separates, the z28, from the zl1 in your opinion, well. I mean I think they're just two different purpose-built. Cars right the zl1 being, supercharged. A little bit different z28. S'more track-focused. Obviously. The less power between, the two and you. Know for me the z28, was the choice because I'm it's gonna be dedicated, track car well it's manageable power manual. Power you. Know you get you in a bind real quick yeah I have I actually have a c7, Corvette that we supercharged, and cam. To the whole deal 602 the wheels and that's always, overeating, having problems and so I'm, glad with the z28, I've got two years just beating it down never, overheats, only thing I've had to change is tires, brakes, and gas it's awesome now I go to Laguna Seca every year the World Superbikes, we're talking about that earlier yeah now how is that car coming down that corkscrew. Incredible. Just flat-out down, the hill I, love it that's my one of my favorite courses that's just I mean I on, bikes and see if you can still toss it but on a car just seems yeah just drops it dresses. Thank. You we haven't run it yet with with the new Olin set up so I can only imagine how much better it's gonna be now that's gonna be nice yeah when, you guys running up there next this, season we're just doing all the SoCal events of NASA SoCal, and then the Nationals out in circus America so this year we're actually not doing north which which I hate it's saddens. My heart. You're. A hardcore car guy your, tech guy any. Questions, you have about his car you. Know what he does with one of your next plans for it next, plans I mean I think right now would be. Pulling. Out you know factory. See you all the harnesses and then, getting getting something like a dedicated. System because, everything right now is all factory so that that's probably the next, thing they're just more weight a little bit more tuning things like that because it's factory tuned still so. I. Forgot, that steve is is on. Those those rims we, were talking about they had clock all the bolts on your rims, somebody, was asking you know what wheels are those and what size they. Are intro, intro wheels the owner of the car Jose is owns, intro wheels and their. 18 by 10 fronts and 18. By 12 in the back to, 75 series front tire 335. Rear and you guys brushed every ARP, bolts on that and then you guys clocked, them to where they all face the right way on the rim absolutely. Yeah. I'd have been details. Details. Man, I. Wanted, I want to do a walk through this car I know John is the guy John's the tech guy but let's let's go take it you know let's go take a walk through your car. Details. Yeah. Russ. Dude, I love this Camaro I've been waiting to talk about talk to you about it the first thing that I've noticed about this car is all the carbon fiber on it it's from the front to the hood to the rooftop. I've tell me a little bit about putting all the carbon fiber on this car definitely yeah I mean you know we, started out with his all Anderson composites, panels, so we got the dry carbon hood roof, trunk, everything's, actually removed, off the roof we completely replace it we, got the APR, GT C 500 wing that's chassis mounted, on the car with, their side skirts and then these nice fat.

Canards Up on the front here by Steve Christian composites, in their front splitter so almost. Everything is carbon fiber on this car what's really left that's stock the last piece is really I guess the front and rear bumper quarter panels and wheels, I guess we can do the carbon fiber wheels at one point oh yeah. So with, all the carbon fiber you've definitely trimmed, a lot of the weight out of this thing right so, I you know when I think late-model Camaro, I think heavy Pig this, doesn't strike me as a heavy Pig so tell me do you know how much this thing weighs yeah the z28, off this off the showroom, floor is it's a beast it's about 39, 50 to start we've, gotten this thing down to about 33, and, change. Right now so that that's race car way oh yeah I mean some of the cars that I'm experiencing. Out on the racetrack are 3,200, pounds of purpose-built, race cars so this is definitely purpose-built, race represent purpose-built, bought it from the factory. Got. It in went right out to a shop, and phil, mandela racing and just don't, immediately turn it into a track car okay so powerplant. Is this LS, 7 yeah so this is the LS 7 no, modifications, to it right now because we run with the national, sport Association and, they've got a power weight ratio and so this is spec series are. Basically. Spec series stuff is you know they're gonna dictate, what, you can do and what you can modify which cannot modify right so you, have to run the stock motor in that right I'm not necessarily stock, motor it's just all powered away so we could make some modifications, but we went with weight we're running against a lot of BMWs. Evo's even some Porsches, okay those cars are so light and so we focused, on control. And you. Know maneuverability, on the vehicle first okay so you probably took some weight off of the front can we pop the hood and ya see what's underneath oh. Wow. Okay, so. Immediately. I'm kind of recognizing, no inner fenders, is that right yeah well know that I've stripped all that off we try to get as much weight obviously, off the, front of the car as we could okay anything. Else you pulled out of here just some of the other you know basic plastic components, just all that unnecessary stuff but windshield. Wipers are off all, the mechanic mechanism, that's there and. Yeah, so I notice that an aftermarket, strut tower brace factory. Shut tower brace factories your tower brace but you've probably done a lot to the suspension of this car though expansion's really again when we when we went from weight we now focused on suspension actually öhlins is one of our primary partners okay I got their rodent rack coilovers. On the car okay just put those on in December, actually and started running in a significant, difference over the factory. Suspension so it's just, a block lever is probably front and rear under ear so you're interesting rebound, and everything so you can basically get this thing running on the track correct right these are single adjustable, so there's not as much maybe is you know a fully adjustable system but it's enough for what we're doing especially compared to the factory system it's always a, race. Shot, yeah they're there they're phenomenal and then, in addition to that we've got right, tech lower, control arms in the rear gives a little bit more adjustability. Camber. And yeah in, tow yes so jealous because you, know I'm used to a solid, axle car and the early muscle car stuff guys so this is fully independent which, allows him to adjust camber, and you know everything on the back so that he can get this thing super, dialed, in for for auto crossing, a road racing yeah yeah, and actually Roby, spec is, a big Evo guy I had an Evo ten originally, and so he did all my stuff, we were out just a week ago at Willow Springs and, we actually pulled off the rear sway bar so a lot of guys might some hassle for that but we actually found it's a lot lot, better response. Reduces, a lot of the the oversteer and things like that it was actually better, setup on the car overall well in you know speaking, about the the the way this thing responds, on the track the wheel and tire combination, this is a factory, wheel that get them on this car right yeah and what are you doing for tires so. Right now we've got the our triple Eight's we, were able to go, out with the guys a little bit earlier and you, know make sure you could send these off on a proper burial. The. Burnout show okay but.

Typically We rerun the Pirelli, PZero slicks, and so that's it that's inside. The national class we can run those gives, a little bit of points but it's worth it so super sticky tires oh yeah. So there's no real treadwear, rating on though that is a race, course only tire exactly, yeah that's what's awesome about that, Cyril. Yep. So interior. Wise you've probably ripped out everything I would imagine yes maybe, we should walk around yeah take a look at interior that's, probably. On this side yeah a little bit better light this way. So. Right. Away what I'm noticing is is there's. Nothing in it, so. You've got a race seat you've got a race steering, wheel and a shifter, and everything, else is out of it right yeah any non-essentials, been removed to the car we. Purchased, the non, a seed, version, and non stereo, version of the z28, which is an option that you can buy so. That we don't have to worry about you know running lines and all that stuff on the AC pulled. Out the heater core ripped, everything out as the interior and yeah. We're just left with essentially, the most, essential, pieces yeah we've got the race pack system. Their IQ three and that's huge for driving. With these sausage. Patties of hands. Of you know blocking the cluster with, the race pack cluster basically what that's doing is communicating all the vitals to you the driver right so tell. Me a little bit more about the race pack and how is that working in collaboration, with the factory cluster yeah, so I mean the factory cluster is still fully functional and use. It every now and then but again it's tough for the big, sausage, patty hands in front of that and blocking, it out the, the race pack is such, a significant, piece because it's right there off-center peripheral, vision and it's got the RPM light range so you can actually see when we know shifting, things like that and. It shows oh yeah it's, yeah significant, and then the shifter, yeah awesome now I notice it's an extended shift you know that must be so that you have quick back and forth to the steering wheel exactly, yeah the z28, comes with a short shift system. And then this we've just added on the the long extension. On there so yeah yeah well speaking of long let's, talk about this this rear, spoiler, here yeah a lot of you know muscle car guys are a little bit and it's, got a big gigantic spoiler, on it but I'm gonna guess that you're pretty doing you know except XS speeds of 120. 130, in this car easily yeah I mean we run primarily in Southern California's, tracks which are typically a lot of high speed tracks Willow Springs Fontana. Yeah you know buck 40 bucks 65, 70, things like that rovol, at Auto Club Speedway is 165. Coming in and turn one and so this, is a huge huge, huge difference from a PRS that, they're wing that they got from, the factory the z20 has a nice little lip, spoiler yeah, looks clean and actually has some good function to it yeah and we ran that for the first couple months and it was good then, we'll put this on significant. Difference with just compression, overall, feel the car it's fully functional. Yep is adjustable, yeah fully functional, yeah some of these guys that Camaro guys might might. Be hatin but you know when we're out in the track racing I that that makes a significant, difference just car control compression. Overall, you know getting in out of corners yep yeah and speaking about control I noticed these brakes are yes, big bad, boy ceramic. Rotors tell, me a little bit about the brakes yeah so the z28, comes with incredible brakes, to start right this carbon, ceramic Brembos, yeah we actually have partnered with racing brake they're actually out of here in Southern, California, the two-piece, forged. Caliper. And we were in their sintered, metallic, pads and so, the benefit that they claim and I've seen personally as the sensor metallic, actually puts a surface. On the, carbon ceramic rotor so this is we'll be coming into our third season with, the OEM, or factory, rotor. Yeah you, know it's a big difference from going from there they're the factory, caliper, to this caliper, yeah we're get a little bit lighter on the calipers at weight corner you know in the corner is huge, and then on top of that the pad is, actually adding to the life of the rotor but, the bite is where, it's at I mean I I feel, like there's probably a 30%, 40% difference. In braking capability, over the factory system and then just the factory pads well rust man I wanted to tell you I love this car I want to watch it on your Instagram I want to watch it running around on the track thanks so much for bringing it out from everything save me John. How. Are you getting your son and your daughter into, it yeah, so about.

Once A year actually. On the back of the car there's sponsored, by my wife so that's a kudos, to her yes. My, addiction, so, anyway. Not to get kicked out of. Their. Credits, - yeah so you know and my kids are awesome my son's Nicks and he's six and my daughter Penelope she's, four and they're, like so into it they'll come we have a lift at my my office they'll come work work on the car with me and my, son comes out actually next weekend we have a our. First race of the season so he's gonna be my my, crew, chief and help me with gas and changing the tires and the whole thing so it's fun it that's, a good time that's awesome I got a took it a nine-year-old does the same thing he's my, other son's gonna be the engineer but this one's he's a gearhead like me so stop, with no shirt, Jen's on. Fixing. All the kids bikes working, on fork stuff so it's, good to have them interested it's so fun it makes it fun yeah it's important to teach these kids some good skills you know yeah it, is it's been very you know you got to pass something down I got it from my dad and you know it passed down the generations generations, just kind of keep it alive yeah, a lot of people are losing that nowadays. Super. Cool man will do thanks for coming and hanging out with us and and bring in your car yeah, Street. Driving, it here man I love, that I just, think that's cool I really do cool, man well along with being the the, host of the muscle, kings show I. Do, a YouTube channel and on the YouTube channel we drive lots of cool cars I've, had the pleasure recently. To to, take the speed core tantrum, charger out for a rip I, was, actually told by the Builder that the car was smoking a bit and it needed to be blown out and. You, know a thirteen, hundred and fifty horsepower. Charger. Getting. On the 210 freeway, it's, amazing. The burnout it does about a hundred miles an hour shift, second, into third kicked. It squatted, you, guys have check out this clip and you get idea this. Is such, a bitchin, car I love it. Remember. You guys I would. Remember. Guys this. 600. Some dollars, over. $600,000. Forty-five. It breaks loose. All. Right you guys so that is the tantrum, charger, from the guys at speed core what. Do you think yeah pretty badass right. Seeing. The details on it I've. Talked you through the power that this thing makes, ridiculous. Amounts of power and I'm barely. Barely touching, the accelerator, on this and it just wants to light up and go cars. Just spectacular. As all the things from the guys at speed core a big thanks to those guys for always letting me take care of their cars and let me drive them I appreciate it man all right you guys so that, should give you a sense of what my Ototo PLA channels about if you want to see more of tantrum, charger, go. Check it out on my channel oh yeah. Subscribe. Cool. So. Next up I'm super stoked this is gonna be fun man we got Rob Lindsey, of RJ, fab. First. We're gonna show you a clip of rolling around town you're gonna see a gigantic, smile on my face cuz it's the first time I've ever rolled, around in a pro Street car. Doing. Burnouts it was really awesome so you guys this is my new buddy Rob, Lindsey. Hey. Everybody this is Rob Lyndsey of r.j. fab dude. So. I had a blast today rolling, around in this car with you it's funs really super cool and it pulls hard. You. Know I'm always curious with because, I'm not a builder so I'm always curious what it is that that drives you like what, got you going what made you go somewhere, along the way I could, have been a plumber but I decided to build cars. Probably, just my passion for cars when I was young so I built my first Pro Street car for myself in 1992. And I. Think, it hit the streets like late 93, and driving, it around people asked me if I could do certain things for him I just started building cars for people just through that right, ya know and and this car as I, understand, from what you were telling me earlier although, it's yours now it was built originally for somebody else yeah I built it in 2009, for a customer in San Diego and then. Probably. I, think he raced it till 2013-14. And he. Just was done racing so he offered me you know to purchase a car back and so, I said yeah what the heck I'll buy it awesome. So. This. Is another one where I gotta admit it's kind of interesting. To me that this. Thing is actually street-legal. Vaguely. I. Mean enough to it that at least somehow, somebody, thought it was a good idea to give you a license, plate and registration. For this well being a 68, you know you not to follow all the California smog laws that helps a little bit yeah, and then you know it's licensed registered and insured so it's loosely street-legal, yeah, it's not you know you don't want to drive it a ton on the street that's loud and obnoxious, and, oh he can't talk you and I barely could talk to each other oh my god we were so funny, we're yelling, the, the camera trucks like you know watching.

Us My buddy Chris is in the truck with them and and all you could see was like me like, this. In his face and I'm yelling, as loud as I can and all we were doing was trying to have a conversation yeah it's, it's loud it's loud that's part of the fun of it though I think. Yeah. You know the other thing I don't know if you guys looked, into it at all but what's really a trip about what he does is. It. Typically, builders stick with. You know there's a lane they're going down right like I you know I'm, buddies with a lot of builders that they build Pro Touring the rest of those or they do just. You. Know whatever it might be they have their lane Lee go down mm-hmm, but I was looking. At your Instagram which I highly recommend you guys go check this out definitely, there's, a. Pro. Street drag car on here the value but, then there's also these like crazy rock call crawlers. Total, off-road, vehicles, it's it's yeah you're kind of all over the place yeah we like to do a lot of different things it just kind of keeps us on our toes you know it's really cool to exercise, your ideas on a bunch of different you. Know different things, but. I'm. Sure you guys got questions, too right like how do you how, do you I do that's. Fully build a pro, street car and also build a rock crawler like well it's a I've. Seen all the fabric same thing I checked out his Instagram, he's got everything, I mean it's like a toy land for me yeah, you know because I do the off-road an Street and everything else but it's the same thing you know you, when you're mechanic and your skills your stuff you can bounce from project to probably some day you get tired of doing Street you want to do off-road sometimes you gonna play in the dirt you want place Traci bill of toys but the way he fabricates, everything once, you have the skill to do all that it's just a matter of putting the geometry together for the next car or whatever you're building you, know once you got it for a car you can get the geometry in everything for the suspension for your offroad, trucks UTV's, all stuff so he's got the skill set and how to do it and figure it out and design everything Welding, skill he definitely has so I mean once again fabricated he can build whatever he has because, he understands, how it all works right. I just got to put into play from an off-road vehicle to, a street vehicle and then what suspension, works with what and then it's, like a mechanic's, dream you get to play with high-end parts and make cool yeah, you know is he yeah you know different. Ideas and you get a play with it you know yeah you, get bored as a mechanic most of my EDD anyway so. Some. Shiny you're already across the shop side track so yeah, yeah how, about you guys you guys got any questions for, for. Our buddy Rob here. Blog, I guess I'm here what gears are you running in it, 456. Fastest. Quarter-mile time it's. Gone 955. At 140, at Fontana, how. Much horsepower. Shady. Dale speed shop on their dyno they built the engine I think it made 600, or, yeah 693. Horsepower can't remember the torque, and. That was without the vacuum pump and the correct set header so I'm gonna guess it probably makes on the engine about 715, well headers they have on it now custom.

Ones That I built and, then. I've just recently, added a, nitrous, oxide system to it so hopefully, I mean I'm being optimistic here, but hopefully, it'll run eight fifties next time out have you played with that yet no not yet, you. Now have to send us the video yeah, for sure I will. Awesome. Man well I think I. Mean. I know everyone's, interested, I'm certainly, interested in doing a walk through this thing and and and this this one you know. We're. Gonna have to have John come out because this is a serious, cat car there's. A lot although it's a simple, build I mean it's pretty simple but there's a lot going on here so I think we should have John. From. Curry come out and do a walkthrough with you here excellent, talking mode yeah. Rob. Man thank you so much for bringing us here this, thing is awesome danger to be here and a Mopar, yeah, nonetheless now, I know Rob from you know we do business back at curry so this is a little different right it's not you're not really a Mopar, guy but you knocked it out of the park on this yeah, absolutely so, I can already tell that it's pretty much a full tube chassis car I'm gonna guess is that correct yeah from your feet back it's tube chassis and then we did a altercation, k-member. Kit in the front end okay so basically, a k-member basically the whole bottom. End dropped off so you can pull the motor everything, down and just replace everything back up and then from the firewall. Back everything yeah tube chassis from the firewall back okay, all the floors done to 750, cert but the rest of the cage is 850, so that way if we wanted to update the cert we don't have to go into the floor yeah so basically what that means guys is like just, with some minor modifications this. Car could go 750, in a quarter-mile but it's certified for 850 now so. This I mean this car could probably definitely do that now I would imagine right yeah, that chassis works, exceptionally, well so we could probably throw another six, or seven hundred horsepower to it and we'll handle it okay, so drag car suspension is totally different than like your street car stuff it's not like your Pro Touring Car with your typical type of coilovers so tell, me a little bit more about you know how do you dial this car in as far as going on the drag race well you just plot your instance center to see G of the vehicle so in, theirs plot charts for that so that you can set it up for the weight of the vehicle after you scale the car so yeah and. Then, shocks comes down to shock tuning just like most any performance, vehicle we have a skoshe ox on this double, adjustables, which really helps the rebound and compression, because the car leaves correctly, okay, so I know Mopar, big-block, small-block, I know this thing's got big cubic inches what do you got going on here man okay so it's a small block a big small block it's 451 cubic inch r3 block has. Indy cylinder, heads and intake manifold, the, headers I built Dominator carb, shady. Dell speed shot built the engine so I don't remember the exact specs on the cam but it's like around. The 278. 280 at 50,000, with like 720, let this thing sounds wicked when you started yeah it. Shakes. The floor yeah what do you have for exhaust that bad for the headers that you made I'm actually when I built the car for the customer as a drag cart it was open header the whole time he had it but since I wanted to put it on the street I went ahead and did an exhaust system has three and a half inch XR, one boiler race mufflers, Orla and then I'm, sorry four inch so it's four inch all the way out yeah Wow, so yeah borla's got that you're very unique yes.

Now. The interior is fully custom right you guys did everything on this yeah we like to get, creative with our tin work and so it's, just important, for it to look super clean and nice so all the tin comes out all Zeus fastens out except for the floor under, the drivers steel everything. Is powder-coated so, really I want to take a look real quick let's take sure. So. To querque, seats. And. You've got the momo steering wheel, now did you fab up the the base on that on that shifter there no it's like it's tilted towards the driver obviously that's for yes, we actually fit every car that we build to that particular. Customer that driver so it, was fit for Ville for, Bill super, comfortable for me so but. That's just how he wanted it and it's comfortable, for just probably anybody that can get in it you know it's, only. Had one seat when we built it originally. So I put the bill, seat on the other side and put the seat he built was a little. Bit bigger than me so you did all the tin work on the floor did you did you say you powder-coated, all those yeah all the panel's got powder coated and then riveted, the floors riveted in on this side and then everything, else is fast and so but, the wheel tubs come out the, center between the wheel tubs come out the whole passenger, floor comes out this makes it easier to work on the car if you need to do so get that deep into it while you're working on it yep yep absolutely now what are you running for a back tire I see the Mickey Thompson logo. So this is obviously a real critical wall sticky tire yeah yeah it's the et Street so, it's the street the d-o-t version of their drag slick, so. It's a 32 17. 515, and then when we run a regular drag slick on it it's a 32 14 515, but, both of them have 14 and a half inches of tread width Wow and four wheels probably, something superlight I'm gonna guess those, welds, that I see yet welds, on it I, think they're of 14. Wide 15 Wow. Yeah yeah bitch and then for rear end what you got going on man yeah I know you're not gonna like to hear this, the. M60, Moser in it yeah yeah with Moser, 40 spot they make a quality product that was before United. I'm. Sure I'm sure it obviously works real well you you're running you know eight and a half on this this car is amazing so thanks, a lot for bringing it out man. Yeah. So. I go one. More question for, you which is. Typically. Almost, always, you, can bank on it a pro street car is never pretty there. Does not usually, not, use I mean yeah. Not usually they're pretty banged up from you know racing, them that's very I don't mean just the exterior, I mean cuz but. The interior like I sat in the cockpit of this car today and and it. Kind of blew my mind how clean. It was like. It didn't look ratty I mean your shifter, so badass on that thing the floor, is just sick, on it dude I mean what so, what what. Prompted, you to like, go the extra. Mile. Well. The one thing about these kind of cars is you don't need a lot of amenities being, a racecar right so we just have the bare minimum as far as gages the, bare minimum as far as what we need for interior yeah so it's kind of easy just to do a clean platform, where you just do regular, flat floor panels powder coat everything I do snap in carpets, and all my racecar type stuff so that your feet aren't scratching up the floor and slipping around on it and just.

I Think sometimes, simple is more so if we just keep it simple and just powder coat stuff and just make it clean it just seems people, seem to accept it it seems like it works pretty well yeah, well, I think it's great dude I think it's a, it's just such a super cool car, so, I'm gonna throw it back over to the hot one and the crazy one -, I. Think they've got it, we. All do. All. Right fans and followers we, do have the muscle Kings car show and concert, series coming, up on. And. Goodyear. Arizona. Join. Everyone, there. Do. It. Love. It that. Is gonna be cool I can't wait I'm super psyched I'm gonna be there we're. Gonna be there with Vicious staying round it's gonna kill. Gotta. Say thanks to you guys all for coming out man I know you know take some time and energy you got a trailer, a car you got to drive a crazy ass car through the streets you. Know serious though now that it's really cool I mean this this whole I think the whole concept of what this show is is great it gives people an inside view of what it takes to build, and the passion, and the enthusiasm angry. Yeah and. Thanks. To the hot, and, the crazy co-hosts. I'm. Not gonna lie when you started that car up I was like you need to do that again. Has. A good effect on people oh yeah you, can't replace the old American Muscle, sound I mean the newer cars the newer motors they have that but that Rumble in that lope is just it's nostalgic, for that you know being a kid listening to that of the drag strips or your, neighbors got a badass car built you hear that lope and you can feel your heartbeat changing, nothing. Can replace that and the smell of race fuel it's the best cologne yeah. And you built it so you're still so excited about it which means it's. A cool car I like it all right yeah. Well. My, final thank-you, is thanking, every, one of you guys for hanging out and watching tell. All your friends spread, the news muscle, kings is here showing you some really super cool stuff we're gonna take you inside car. After car after car and the passion, enthusiasm that. It takes to build these things so. All. I got to say at this point is I'll see you guys next time later. The, Sun still rises. Everyday. These. Change. Who. Cares if, you see. We, breathe to the. Who. Cares, what you.

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