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Oh my God. I always remember my family. Where is my mom? Oh my Godness, where is my fathher. I couldn"t imagine if I meet them. I got.......... Mr. Smith......

Am I called by someone? Oh it's made I lay down again. Mr. Smith..... Anyone calls me? Oh no, I'm so tired. Mr. Smith... There you are. Hi, Mr Smith...

Oh God, here you lay down. I'm so tired | tired, tired, what does it mean? I'm looking for you everywhere. | So? | You don't do your work? this is gulma anyway. If there are many gulma, and you don't uproot it. Hey bro, you let gulma grow without uprooting it. Then why you just lay down here? | I'm so tired bro. | What does tired mean? I"ve been from my friend"s house. | What did you do there? |'ve been there for, umm something make fun.

What kind of fun together? | Umm, I mean my friend just made little party and I've been there because he invited me to come. So, after coming here, I'am so tired. So I fell asleep. | Yes, but don't forget to work. Now is rainy and it make gulma grow fastly. You should uproot it quickly. This is because of you Mr. Smith. Do you see it. My face get messy because of mud. Can you forgive me please. Just do your work and don't take a sleep. Do not be lazy one. | Alright, can you forgive me. Forgive you? umm... | I'm asking apologize. | Ok, I forgive you but kiss my hand.

Now what | I'm so hungry bro. | Do you want to eat? | Absolutely bro Why don't you eat this leaf? | Do you think I'm animal. | Seem like KUTU PUTIH. Do you think I'm like that Now, what do you want to eat? | umm, anything | There is no food here. Is this punishment for my lazyness | Do you mean to punish you? Okay, Now do you look at that fruit. Pick then eat it. I don't know how to say that fruit in english. You say NANGKA. Open your mouth wide

Sambala. Oh man.... | I'm so sorry bro. We get draw Ok, Let's go bro... That one? | Yes, that one. | Can I climb the tree. I Want to pick up the fruit. Smell that fruit. I think it's not already to be eaten. | Why? | This fruit is still immature.

Still immature. | So, what can i do? | Ok, get down the tree. Watch out! Ok it's done Oh yes (LALEKO Moch). I remember, it has not been eaten yet. Then we must find another food in this garden. Yeah, take anoother one? | Do you want to take another one like vegetable? Do you have papaya? | I have no papaya | Banana? | There is no banana So what can you do right now? | I don't know. Are you so hungry? | Yes, I'm starving. How about there. Will we go there? | Yes we do | Come on

Okey, What a minute | What's wrong bro? | I don't know but that's seem mango tree Mango tree? | Yes, mango tree | Yes it is Wow, How big is this mango tree. | Do you find the mango? Where? | Yes, over there. No way, there is no mango. | No mango? so we can do next | Let's go to find it. | Come on Oh my God. I'm so starving now It's painfull you know I'm so confused. I don't know what to eat Oh my Godness, no fruit. Nothing I can eat | What do you want to eat? |

Umm, something like banana or papaya Ok we... | They can help me actually | Ok let's go another place to find food. Come on. Damn, I'm so hungry. ouch What's going on? | It's thorn He's pricked by a thorn | Thorn stub into my foot Is it bleeding? | Yes, it's not really but it hurt. It's really hurt Pull it out | Alright, thank you Hey man, look at this. Can I eat this one? Is this good for being eaten? I Want to uproot it Okey, pull it out. Go on... Can I... Oh yeah... I got it. Oh no, what is it?

(what is it actually?) Can I eat something like this? | Amazing... Hey man look at this. Is this the cassava? What is this? This is galangal. Do not eat! That is not cassava Can I take it home? | This is not cassava and not for eating This is galangal Very hungry So we go home? | Yeah we go home better Stop! Wait please. Hold on. What is it? Can we eat something like this? | I don't know Do you want to eat it? | I'll try because I'm so hungry It's very fragrant. I'll try it.

Seems he is so hungry It's not good | absolutely yes. No, this is dangerous and not to eat

2020-12-19 23:22

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