Mustang, Lete | Lockdown Episode | S02E02 | 4K

Mustang, Lete | Lockdown Episode | S02E02 | 4K

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Most Nepalese think of visiting Mustang Once in their lifetime. That's the reason why Mustang is one of the most loved travel destinations of Nepal and as a prime tourism destination, it has always met the expectation of travelers. Get inside the street, we will reach there in a while. Hello, everyone welcome to the second episode of our travel series Heaven is Myth Nepal is Real. This time we are going to travel to Lomanthang. We traveled to Lomanthang on our first season as well.

There is something special this time as it is the time for Tiji Festival. Tiji Festival will be celebrated from May 8th, and we are traveling on May 4th. We hope to reach Lomanthang safe and sound and shoot the Tiji Festival.

Stay at home, because we are traveling for you. Bimal dai has just arrived here with our Vehicle How are you Prasu? The first day of our journey started in the deserted city of Kathmandu. We rarely see Kathmandu city as we are seeing it now. The roads are always filled with people and a lot of vehicles.

But at this time of Pandemic, Kathmandu seems to be in a deep sleep. Rani Pokhari (Queen Pond) seems like a highly decorated queen. The recently reconstructed Dharahara waits for visitors to come. We can see only a few people on the streets and in these difficult times the clocktower ( Ghantaghar ) is silently Gazing at the deserted city and its sad minute hand is giving a perfectly correct time, In that time lies a pure sense of Optimism.

Sir you must understand our problems. You guys are cameramen, why would you do anything wrong. We respect you guys where is your destination? Lomanthang Good Luck Travel Safe Our destination for the first day was Pokhara. After leaving Kathmandu, our journey continued to Pokhara

We are here at Dharke, Naubise. We looked for a lot of hotels around here so that we could get something to eat but most of them are closed due to the lockdown. At last, we got here and the owner of the hotel has promised to provide a lunch. The entrance is closed due to the lockdown so we will be getting in using an alternative door. Our friend Bimal is a great Driver. Why samdi? Samdi means Solti We are having a lot of fun Traveling on the empty road on the banks of the Trishuli River, we felt like we were traveling to a completely new place The owner here opened the shutter for us and made us lunch. Thank you so much

We have been searching alot This is more than we expected. Nice one Why During these hard times, she opened her hotel for us to eat The food is here. You can see a lot of varieties. Thankfully, we got to eat here. It doesnot feel like lockdown here.

They just asked about our youtube channel. If you search for Manang, our channel will be displayed on the top. I suggested our most loved video as she was asking about our channel. We are marketing our channel here on our way. This is Pappu. He wont let you touch his head. We just freshened up and our candlelight dinner is getting ready here in Raniban Retreat. Good Morning from Raniban Retreat and this is the view.

The view is worth it. This is the first time I've ever seen the clouds above the peace stupa. Looking down from Raniban hill, we could see a kingdom of clouds below us. It was as if we were lost somewhere between two skies. We are planning to leave after breakfast.

Look so many eggs. But its fine, we'll finish it. Now our stuffs will be safe from rain. (giggles) Now it's full on protection Thank you so much. BYE Our XR got punctured.

We though the air pressure was low but turns out it is punctured. As you can see Hemanta is riding his bike slowly downhill. We are not sure if the workshops are open.

This puncture may cause a delay to reach Lete. The roads seem worse already. We are at the workshop and we are sure the bike got punctured.

We hope this won't happen again during the trip. We just mended our bike, our friend will be taking our bike somewhere else to fill the pump. We will stop somewhere on the way for our lunch. Let's Hit the Road { Bimal Dai singing Nepali Song } I always watch Travel videos before I go to sleep. It's an hour-long video, what do you have to say about it? I found your video amazing. I love the life you guys are living. Because of the video, I remembered your name. Thank you for serving such a delicious Food.

After having our lunch we were once again headed to Lete. Traveling through thick jungles and the foggy road we were enjoying ourselves Prem just crashed the Drone. How is the drone ? one prop is broken. Is there any more damage ? I hope nothing is wrong with the gimbal Is gimbal ok ? Great Normally nothing happens to the drone.

When it crashes only the propellers are at risk. we are here at Beni ? we still need to travel around three or four hours to reach Lete. . we will be taking some footages here and head towards lete. As we crossed Beni. Difficult roads started to be seen. We are now at Beg river.

This place looked amazing so we decided to stop here for a while. This place gives a vibe of entering mustang due to the landscape. After we moved forward from Beg River we encountered a muddy road. As we were traveling on comfortable Vehicles the road didn't bother us as expected. The beautiful road on the banks of the river and the beautiful scenery around us were captivating Four new cases were seen on Jomsom and one new death was recorded so entry is not possible. we have been waiting for more than an hour here at Ghasa and we are not allowed to go forward. we don't know what will happen, we have been talking to Yogesh dai, Gaurav dai, and Chewang dai from Lomanthang . We are not sure if we could go any further. We have heard that the Tiji festival is about to be canceled but we are not still sure about it. Our destination for today was Lete and we are hoping that we could at least reach Lete.

If we get stuck here it will be very difficult for us, our only option will be to return. Let's hope that we could get to Lete. Our friends from mustang are trying their best to help us reach Lete. Let's hope for the best. If we reach Lete we will cover the lower mustang and return this time. We are not sure if the festival is going to happen this time due to covid. We are waiting for the call. It's the moment of truth

There are no hotels around here so I request you to go to Lete today. We wont go any further. It's almost 10 pm and you just arrived. I am happy that you guys arrived safe and sound.

my wish was to cover the Tiji Festival, but we heard it is canceled. Thanks to Gaurav dai and Yogesh dai, because of them we are at Mustang. I carried this special cap for the Tiji Festival but it is useless now. To tell the truth, This was not a great time to travel.

We were not sure if we should travel or not but still, we have made it to Lete which is an achievement in itself Thanks to Kalapani Guest House, Yogesh dai, Gaurav dai, and everyone. ( Singing Nepali Song ) There is so much to eat, This is pulses , Lettuce, tomato pickle, and Mint pickle. What are you doing? Nothing What's Your Name? Subina Surname? Dhital What grade are you studying at? Class One Why are your cheeks so red? It's due to cold I don't know how old these photographs are. They have preserved all these photographs. Kalapani guest house is one of the vintage properties at Lete. We are here at Kalapani Guesthouse in Lete. Today was our Rest day but we will travel to places nearby on our Toyota.

We came to know there is a river nearby, we will now head towards the river and take some shots of the vehicle. She seems like an amateur. Sonam is helping a local with her scooter. It's Prasu again. He fell on the dirt at Bardiya on the shoot of our first episode too.

He is all wet. Tell them " If you ever visit mustang, please Visit Kalopani guest house so that you can meet me." Tell them " If you ever visit mustang, please Visit Kalopani guest house so that you can meet me." It's Day three today. We are about to light a bonfire. We rejoiced for a while sitting by the warm fire in that green meadow of Kalopani Guest House.

The sweet melody of the guitar and a few pegs of Yarchagumba added entertainment to the Journey. Even at such a difficult time of Covid, Mustang was giving us this memorable night as a gift. It's day four. Good morning from Kalapani guest house. We are still here at Lete. Our plan for today is to travel to Titi and Sekong Lake. My god! who is this girl? I just recognized you. I couldn't recognize you with your goggle. Let me look at your hair Who made your hair? My mom When did you buy those goggles? My brother Sajan Bought it for me You are looking pretty I asked my brother to bring me a cap and a goggle but he said he only found a goggle in the market Don't bring the camera so near If you click this way my dress won't be seen Leaving the hotel, we headed for Titi lake.

Although the trip was not going as planned due to the Corona Pandemic, we were still able to see some new places, which is probably why we didn't get a chance to complain about not being able to shoot the Tiji Festival. The air here is so fresh. I wish life could go on this way forever. We were on our way to Titi lake and we found yaks grazing so we decided to take footages of the yaks. It is rare in this world to find a person who is not attracted by a lake in the middle of the forest with such clean water. It's milk tea. (excitement) Look at him. He's from Lo

(Sonam explaining joke) We took full advantage of the beautiful lake sitting on its shores and drinking warm milk tea. We came back to the hotel after visiting Titi lake. We just finished our lunch and now we plan to visit the Naurikot viewpoint. Due to the gloomy weather, the visibility is very less but we don't want to miss the chance to see the viewpoint. Leaving the hotel, we slowly headed towards Naurikot View Point.

Crossing the steep and rugged rocky road, we reached Naurikot View Point in no time. Hello everyone, we just reached Naurikot viewpoint. It is said when the weather is clear we can see Dhaulagiri Icefall and many Mountain peaks from here.

We can see a Waterfall on our front. It's sad due to the monsoon we are not able to see the mountain ranges this time. On the first day of the Nepali new year, a lot of people from all over mustang come to visit this place for religious purposes. Most of the people traveling from Kathmandu to Mustang directly go to either Jomsom, Kagbeni, Muktinath, or Lomanthang.

Places like Lete, titi lake and Tukche go unnoticed. I just want to say these places are really beautiful and have a lot to offer to travelers. Again, we went out of the hotel to capture some more videos. As we were filming a bike and suddenly this happened. I just fell down. My feets are freezing

Due to the partial sinking of the bike in the water, it encountered a certain problem. So, we decided to carry the bike on the back of our Hilux. He is Ram from Kalopani Guesthouse. He has been a very amazing host. Thanks for helping us with our travel. Do you want to say anything to our viewers? Do like comment and share If you visit Kalopani Guest house he will be here to help you. I am here most of the time. I am happy to meet them. They experienced few difficulties during their travel but we all tried to make it easier as possible. We are about to leave Have a safe journey to Kathmandu We came till here. I will be taking all the sweet memories from here.

BYE During these few days' stay, we unknowingly became attached to the beauty of the Mustang in such a way that we felt a kind of sadness while we were waving goodbye. Driving on the same unpaved road beside the beautiful waterfall we started our journey back to Kathmandu How are you feeling Prem? whenever you are around I always feel good How are you feeling? I am sleepy, maybe it is due to hunger. There were no places offering lunch on the way here. Everything is closed and we have still not found a motorcycle workshop

Baglunge All the way from Bhairahawa Baulung Waglung Where are we going now? (thinking) Raniban (laughing) (ringing singing) This is our last day at Raniban Retreat. We just freshened up. Campfire is being prepared Upstairs. Tomorrow we will be back in Kathmandu. As you can see we are enjoying ourselves, we have a beautiful guitar with us, Thanks to Manaslu Guitar.

We can see an amazing view of Pokhara from here. Good morning from Raniban Retreat. Its Day 6. Here we are at the same place where we fixed our tire a few days ago.

For our assistance, Surendra dai from honda Showroom Teku is coordinating with the mechanic dai here on the phone. They both found the problem with the bike. We just arrived at Sirdi and found a place to eat.

We are waiting for our lunch to be prepared. Pull the car over for a while. We are somewhere near Naubise. Entry to the valley is restricted.

The policemen said entry will only be allowed after 8 pm. It's 6 pm now so we will hand around here for some time. That's me speaking on the video. It is very Tough to travel at this time of the pandemic. The pass we used to get out of the valley couldn't help us get back to the valley Let us hope we will be allowed to go forward. If not allowed, I have no idea what we are going to do. Finally, we are allowed to enter the valley. let's see what comes next. Anyway, it was worth the wait.

We just reached Prasu's home. Finally, we have reached here. We faced a lot of difficulties during the trip but at last, we are back home safely. I am happy about that. Travel during the Lockdown wasn't easy. I want to thank everyone, especially Yogesh dai, Gaurav dai, Suraj sir, Suryansh Ji who made this trip possible.

I'm feeling tired and hungry. We got to learn a lot of things from this trip. I also want to thank our sponsors Nepal Tourism Board, Honda Nepal, Toyota Nepal, Yarchagumba. Thanks to Kalopani Guesthouse, Raniban Retreat. Thank you so much Our dream of reaching Lomanthang and Shooting the Tiji festival was incomplete as we couldn't travel further than Lete. We are feeling a sense of unhappiness for not getting a chance to shoot the Tiji Festival but at the same time, we are satisfied that we got a chance to capture some lesser-known destinations around Lete. It is those Videos captured around Lete that have made this video possible.

This video is a Gift from Mustang and our team to you. We'll see you soon in the next episode. Make sure to have fun with this gift. Don't forget to take care of yourself and your family as the threat of Covid is still there.

We will always be with you to enable your eyes and heart to travel, Have patience the day to make your body travel will be here soon. The end

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