My Bedroom is Filled with Snakes (Touring Their Enclosures)

My Bedroom is Filled with Snakes (Touring Their Enclosures)

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hello and welcome to another ~spooky~ video ;) [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] look, I know Halloween was forever ago now [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] Ok? Listen.  [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] this took me a minute to get up, ok? [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] just wanted to say a lil' quick disclaimer [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] My hair is blue and red [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] for the month of october, [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] i was cosplaying as a clown. [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] please do not judge me, and my clown  hair [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] see look, I even fully committed and I did it on halloween [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] ooo, clown! spooky [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] no hate against clowns, you guys keep doing your thing [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] You Rock [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] It's just not for me :\ [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] I'm already ENOUGH of a clown - [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] - without the hair [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] ALRIGHT (says it right there ^) [VERY SERIOUS DISCLAIMER] that's the end of my disclaimer thank u for listening :D You know, I have SO long... [emphasis] SO LONG to think of an intro to really think of ANYTHING to say in these videos. a lot of the times on the days leading up to the video, i'll have full-on conversations in my head, imagining what i will be saying when i record   and i come up with a lot of good things! a lot of things that I'm like, "ooo, i'm gonna remember that" and then the day comes, and I press record, and... ...I don't know what to say at all Right when I start recording, I instantly start judging myself.

I'll say something as simple as: "hey!", and my head will be like, "no no no.... no". "Don't say hey, say hi". So then I'll start again- and I'll say "Hi", and then I'm like "no..." :\ [My Brain] "I need a CLEVER way to start the video" so THEN I'll do something in my head that I'm like..

Ok...that's a little more animated :) ....and then I think that's cringey, so then I DON'T do that. (NOTE: cringy? cringey?? Neither way looks like the correct spelling) and then the fact that i'm saying cringey sounds cringey to me  so then i'm just like oh well whatever just do it [in defeat] yeah.... hopefully as each video comes out, they get a little better with each video I might as well mention the sack around my neck [showing off sack] in case you have noticed :)  Although this would make a great sack to just stuff snacks in- to pull out whenever you want,  this is- [asking Dove] "you wanna come out and say hi?" this is dove's little sack :) there should be a better term for that... this is dove's little *POUCH* yeah this is her little pouch  So, if you guys remember my older videos, from like...

[thinking] 2018....? i did get three little rats that i fell in  love with that were supposed to be rat food- [ERROR 404] no. that were supposed to be *SNAKE* food quick little recap if you don't want to watch the actual video   although there are some very adorable baby rats in that video i had a snake that was learning to eat frozen, he was on live food originally  and i was having to train him to eat frozen   and part of this training involved bringing home  live rats for a while. i didn't like it, but i had to do what i had to do snakes gotta eat too, you  know? and my way of dealing with this- -because as much as I do love rats, I have to also be willing to feed my snakes (*if they require live for some reason) Like, that's what I signed up for. The way I coped with it, was: anytime I brought home a rat, I always made sure the rat looked the same. it was just an albino rat [every time] I disassociated from it being an animal because it just looked the same every time.

this is not me saying that I don't  like albino rats, I LOVE albino rats But, anyway... it was just easy to get one solid color, disassociate, pick up the rat, put 'em in, have him eat it done. and that's how i... that's how i coped with it. one day i came home i opened up the bag it was a routine day   looked inside, and it was a little baby    Dumbo Rat, first of all [Not bred often as feeders] So it had big giant ears, and it was spotted everywhere. They grabbed  onto my finger and started nibbling on it as if they wanted milk. and... immediately, i was just like:  "oh dear god, i've.... already.... i-

*stuttering* "I'm attached!" I... don't know what to do. these three seconds have changed e v e r y t h i n g. So then, I had a dilemma I could either, go to the store swap it out for an albino rat, let someone else have their snake eat this little rat   [they weren't even the right size for mine] or, i keep the rat I went back to the store, got two more of their littermate's and got girls, too, thinking goose [initial rat] was a girl l knew rats were social creatures, I knew I couldn't just have *one* rat   so, that's how i ended up with my family of rats :) Now we are here: three and a half years later and, sadly, this year has been really hard on my rats, they've been getting tumors, which is just natural for rats at an old age they were bred to be food, so I didn't even think i would even get the full two years with them [natural lifespan], but I got 3 and a half, which has been amazing. So much more than I could have ever expected. and i've bonded so  much with them they've genuinely become family, it's...

...the bond that rats are capable of making  with humans is genuinely so special. i know that the common thing is that their tails creep people  out and people think of them as like, dirty little street creatures that eat garbage, but- but they just aren't...they aren't that way at all. it's been such an amazing experience getting to build this  friendship with them and genuinely seeing them   reciprocate that friendship. It's not... it's very unique from my other animals.

i absolutely adore every single animal that i have in my care, but i wouldn't exactly say that my snakes care about me   uh, more so i would say that they can recognize  my scent to an extent and know that i am not danger, and they can feel save with me, but beyond that i don't think that they like... you know... they're not my friend i might think of THEM as a friend, but  they don't feel it back but the thing about rats is that they really genuinely show that they feel it too, and it's just a really special relationship. ANYWAY this is not supposed to be a rat video I am gonna have a video dedicated to my rats coming up soon long story short  after three and a half years, goose passed away- closer to three years old- of a tumor it  was obviously cancer and pigeon just passed away, a little over a week ago from having tumors in her spine.

all in one night she started having seizures, and the lower half of her body locked up she couldn't go to the restroom on her own   she couldn't eat/drink on her own. it was really  fast, and really sudden a day ago i would have said she was fin. But, when that happened- -I knew it was time to let her go. I couldn't try to fix it. She was suffering too much. i just recently lost  her and it was really unexpected.

Now we have dove here all alone, so she's here with me because rats are extremely social creatures, and she's also very old and she doesn't get to move around as  much as she used to. it's not even like she has a lot to do in her enclosure, compared to before when she had so much to interact with in her enclosure   regardless of also having two companions in there. she doesn't even get to enjoy all the entertainment that is in her cage now, because she can't maneuver it as well. so, due to that i have her with me as much as i possibly can of course she gets plenty of breaks; you know: get water, go to the restroom, sleep in there if she wants to. But, for as many hours as i can i have her out with me   and she could sleep in here if she wants to, she'll  pop out when she wants to, she'll run around on the bed, sleep on me if she wants to. but, she really likes this-

uh what did i call it, cause I don't want to call it a sack POUCH she really likes this pouch. but i just have her with me a lot   [SPEAKING TO DOVE] "you want to say hello?" [SPEAKING TO DOVE] "i love you" [SPEAKING TO DOVE] "i love you so much" [SPEAKING TO DOVE] "oh thank u for the kisses" this video is just a continuation of my last video, which was  tearing down all my old enclosures and the start to setting up all the new ones.   i only got so far in the last video, and this video is basically just  going from just the basic setup to get the animals  in their cage -> to actually getting their final setups and their enclosures done. and in this video we are just focusing on the cages in my room.   there are more enclosures out in my living room there's like...

five out there..? look. I went from havin' a whole house the whole upstairs was literally just  animals and i had this giant walk-in closet with all the supplies, and I had their own bathroom up there  and now, i got my childhood bedroom so..

*laughing at my own mistakes* so, my parents have been very generous in letting  me have some space out in the living room right now. i feel bad, i feel like i've taken over their house but that's my next goal after getting just healthy and getting consistent with these videos  is working on moving back out. But for now we're takin' it step by step, okay? step at a time Like i said: this video is just going to focus on these in here it's not going to be very heavy with the  montages and the music over it, instead it's going to be more... me talking through the thoughts and choices that i made for each setup this is not the conclusion to this little series, there is still at least one more video again, showing the cages in the other room.

i just- i didn't want to wait any longer. i wanted to get another video up   i do still have a lot of health issues that i'm dealing with - from recovery. i'm doing a lot better!   but there is still so much more to go, and i need to realize that it's okay to pace myself. and just because it's not happening right now, doesn't mean that it won't happen in the future   i get very focused on if i feel like i'm  not succeeding in what i want this minute   that it's all gonna fall apart and i'm gonna  lose it but i just have to keep faith that i can  rebuild this at a pace that works for me. as i get healthier and healthier there's going to be more and more consistency with these videos   and i just really appreciate everyone still wanting to check them out even though it's been so sporadic with  ~who knows when i'm going to upload~    and my health problems causing, like, random last minute changes to uploads- it's just, i know it's annoying.

but it still means a lot that you still check it out  feel like there's so much to catch up on and we'll get there! we'll get there slowly but at least let's start with these cages so this is Salem's initial setup [Where we left off in the last video] the one that he had just to chill out and wait until i got to his enclosure to actually set up   there's really not much to it... there's something  for him to climb, two spots that he could hide in on cool side/the warm side. one is behind all these branches, the other one is that little hide. and then a water dish, and that's really it.  

what we are prioritizing today is to take all this out  and begin building his final setup. he's gonna go in the 20 gallon holding cage. it'll just act as a temporary housing setup for him to chill out in  while i build his actual enclosure. his enclosure should only take two days - or basically two nights  'cause i have to wait for it to dry overnight   and then it should be ready to go. it shouldn't be too much of a wait for him. While tackling the final setup and how i wanted it to look, I definitely focused very strongly on the fact that- not only king snakes- but, also a very vast amount of  colubrids in general like to climb and explore in their enclosure while they are not arboreal, they definitely have a lot of semi-arboreal tendencies if you provide them with the climbing opportunities  It depends on snake-to-snake how much each of them use it, but a good majority of them really will make a lot out of it [music] i chose to have one big branch swooping out all  the way to the front of the enclosure, so he has   a big branch that he could spread out on and get  a really good view of everything from just a bonus area that really made use of the depth available  in the enclosure otherwise the back wall has a few different pieces of wood on it another great advantage of having this much wood available to him: is if he is going through a shed...

as long as i do my part, and make sure his temperature and humidity suits his needs, he'll have access to a bunch of wood to rub against, in case anything gets stuck on his end of things. when i finished the enclosure i still felt like something was missing...  right now i am not tackling any live plants in  any of these enclosures, i don't have the proper lighting. So, although i really would like to do  bioactive enclosures in the future, right now that's just not the focus. so i did add some fake plants in there, just to further build the scene and cover up any spots that kind of felt a little barren. i really feel like this enclosure suits salem really well, he really enjoys climbing.

as a matter of fact, right when i put him in, he went straight up in the air. he didn't even use any of the wood for support he just was like: "you know what? who needs legs. i'm goin up" and he just went straight up.  all the way up until the glass meets the opening door, it is completely filled with some thick layer of aspen for him to burrow in   trying to decide on a water bowl size for him, without compromising the rest of the setup was very difficult for me actually. i wanted to have two pretty prominent hides on the cool side and the warm side

and that was really the only setback of building these types of walls; a little bit of floor space is now lost to the depth that the wall takes up i just wanted to make sure that the hides were appropriate sizes, as well as the water bowl  And the best method i found for this was to really allow him to burrow for the cool side,  more so than rely on an above level hide. the above level hides that i did have took up a lot of space, and  really made it hard to give him a proper sized water dish which is more important than having a  specific hide that i like the style of i'm really happy with how this enclosure turned out i know i'm spending a LONG time on this one,  i'm gonna try to be a little more quick with these next ones  but i'm really happy with how this one turned out [music] okay this one is going to be significantly quicker, because the final look for tofu's cage really isn't that far off from what we saw in the last video   here is the final setup: and all i really did was add more wood to make the climbing of different levels easier There are two humid hides- one on the floor, and one on the upper  levels. and then there's just a bunch of different hides on the warm side and cool side there's some obvious ones, and then there's a lot of different  nooks and crannies that he can get himself between  that he likes to use, all throughout the cage, so He IS another type of colubrid.

he is a so that's one reason he has similar traits and needs to my mexican black kingsnake Right now he is a lot younger than Salem, so he does not need anywhere near as big as the setup yet yeah this one's pretty cut and dry   so, that's that one. [chuckles] let's move on to the next one, okay? Unintentionally, it looks like we're tackling all the colubrids first because, next up is my corn snake lego with lego's enclosure, i really cannot remember if i showed his enclosure whatsoever in the last video other than maybe a quick swoop over it. the reason i suspect that's the case is because there really was nothing to it   there's a few cages in and out of this room that  are so bare minimum, that it got to a point in that video that i was like "ugh, everyone gets the idea!" again, this one doesn't need too much explaining because once again it's going to be similar to... everything that i explained that i was aiming for with Salem's set up.

When it comes to lego specifically,  he doesn't really seem to like to climb that much. And in his old enclosure he did have some opportunities, and like i said, he didn't really take advantage of them very often but he still did on occasion, and i'm just gonna go ahead and stick to that theme for this enclosure  but as you can tell from the shots so far, this enclosure is a lot wider than salem's was because he does want more floor space i do like how his background turned out it's nowhere near as thick as salem's was, but i did use some pieces of wood that do curve and turn all different directions    and originally because i  thought it would look good- -i added more options for climbing on the ground, to kind of connect the back wall with the rest of the setup but with the original way i tried, i did not leave room ONCE AGAIN for a water bowl! so, i had to end up re-doing it [music] this is now the final result that we  ended up with! when I say "We", I just mean: me and the audience watching. sometimes people ask  "who's we" it's just me and u guys :) 'kay?:D We ended up with this we're in this together, alright? [laughs] But I definitely hope he enjoys it Cause this is a lot bigger than his previous setup, so i'm very happy with how it turned out! So let's go ahead and take a little break from the colubrids, and go tackle some of the python cages, shall we? [music] in part one of this series, i mentioned that i did not have enough substrate for my ball python's, so i substituted it with aspen temporarily. so, for these enclosures, even though i'm not building a final, like, "backdrop" or anything for them since they're in tubs, we still are completely redoing their enclosures from this temporary setup- -to a more permanent setup Since I have 6 Ball Pythons, it's really gonna be incredibly repetitive  I'm gonna be doing the same thing in every cage.

instead of going through every single cage and explaining what i'm doing, i'm gonna explain it once and then just show the end result for all the ball python cages, ok?? We're starting with Louis' cage, which has a lot of aspen in it so i just had to pretty much dump all of it out and start fresh for ball pythons, they definitely  appreciate feeling comfortable and safe   It's really important that both on the warm side and  the cool side of their enclosure they can feel incredibly safe. there are plenty of setups that people will say are completely appropriate and fine for Ball Python's that are just: the warm side, the cool side, and a bowl and while there really isn't anything wrong with that especially  because these kinds of [pythons] definitely   do like to just ball up, find a comfy spot, and sit and wait for prey they do like to stretch out, and if you give them the opportunity they will  again: *not* an arboreal species, but i have found that my ball pythons stay in optimal shape when i provide them some sort of enrichment, and not just keep them completely sedentary. so, that's really what i'm aiming for, for all of these enclosures   i found a really neat trick with salem's enclosure *MISPOKE: meant louis lol*  where i just tested out a spare little bridge that  i had that was supposed to be for like... bearded dragons, small monitors, and different species of lizards that like to bask and hang from these bridge-like structures. i had a brand new one that i was not gonna do anything with, and it was just sitting there so i tied it to the top of Louis' enclosure and surprisingly, he uses it all the time! i have seen him out sitting in that little hammock so often, it's really- ....i did not expect that   another thing that worked really well were some wooden posts that typically you see in like bird cages i bought a large quantity of them for my green tree python enclosure, and i had some left over that i decided to try out for my ball pythons. 

I put one in Louis' cage, one in Maui's cage, and  again: surprisingly they do like to use it as they explore, and stretch out. these were really just last minute little ideas i messed around with. with that in mind- i honestly want to go out and buy more objects like this, and try to implement   them in all my ball python enclosures. For now this is all i had, but i will do a sweep back through all these enclosures in the final video showing everyone's set up, just so i could show  any last minute additions i might make anyway, i'm gonna go ahead and show you some shots of how these enclosures ended up.

i was pretty happy with them, and i'm pretty sure my ball pythons are too :) hi! so, her cage definitely needs a lot of work... [laughs] are u just coming out to take a sniff ?? hi u wanna come out and take a sniff? u can come sniff!! ur coming out very far to sniff! very far! ...hi ur not gonna bite -i know that! are u just interested??? ok...goodbye ok.. let's get this enclosure fixed  up, so it can look like the others THIS IS WHERE THE MANUALLY TYPED CAPTIONS CUT OFF, EVERYTHING AFTER THIS IS AUTO-GENERATED. IDK HOW ACCURATE IT'LL BE SRRY I'M EXHAUSTED :(( (I'm gonna finish them after I get some rest) (ty for watching!!!) so the last snake that we are going to be  talking about today is my western hognose snake   celia duck is also another snake that's in my  room but we aren't really talking about her today   because her enclosure it's a big old mess right  now honestly celio's is two which is kind of why   i saved it for the end just to give like a little  progress note on it so this cage my vision really   didn't come out of my head as well as i wanted  it to inside my head it looks great it was really   hard for me to implement because i just didn't  plan it as thoroughly as i should have i really   jumped the gun on trying to just set it up  hog noses in general especially celia like   to burrow underground compared to animals such  as my mexican black king snake these guys will   definitely burrow a lot more than climb around  i wanted to try to find a way to use the height   in my cage to just provide different areas to  climb up on top of and then burrow around in that   area so like each little platform would have its  own amount of substrate i ended up implementing   it like backwards and i completely messed up so i  just stopped halfway and just put her in here at   least for now she has a ton of space to dig around  and she uses it so much but what my goal is is try   to make it look a little more natural even though  i'm not doing any kind of bioactive setups yet i   still want it to look more natural not just be  filled with so much plastic that that's really   all you can see the other cages have plastic  leaves and all that stuff but i do think the wood   and the stone kind of look to their hides  definitely balances it out while this is just   a bunch of aspen and different types of objects  to tunnel with and then just random stuff stuck to   the side it's gonna look completely different when  i'm done with it but i at least wanted to give   you an update on where it is now i kind of just  didn't want to show it yet because it's really   not you can't get an idea of what i was going for  from this it's not what i was going for but it's   it's working for now like i said there is still  one cage in this room that i'm working on which   is celia's i'm not very happy with how it turned  out i had a different image in my head and i just   couldn't get it from my head to the enclosure  the way that i pictured it that cage still just   has stuff i want to work on and i'll show the  final product in the next video because it's just   it's gonna get another makeover i'm not happy  with it and there's also ducks enclosure   that also needs to be done because that water bowl  i don't know why when i looked at the measurements   online i didn't realize how big it actually  was it's not working it takes up one third   of her enclosure i want her to have more room to  stretch out and stuff when you try to be practical   with the sumatran short tail python enclosure  they never really look that pretty i've tried   a few things with ducks enclosures in the past to  make them look better but she really does do best   on the paper instead of the substrate that i  used to do and i'm not going to make it look   pretty at the cost of her health of course so  i just have to stick with the more plain setup   she's never gonna be an enclosure that's much of  a looker but that's okay i just want the best for   her and she's definitely a really big girl also  once i move out i'm definitely giving her another   enclosure that's probably gonna be twice as big  they're not climbers they just want to stay on   the ground that's why their body looks the way  it does it's just so short and fat and just like   squoosh they really stay to the ground but i still  want her to have enough space to have a bowl this   size but still be able to have to a warm hide and  a cool hide and somewhere stretch like a place to   properly shed so i'm probably gonna bump up the  enclosure again i mean honestly a lot of these   animals will be getting upgrades again when i move  back out this is just to give them the space that   they deserve and make it work while i live here  instead of just continuing to wait until i move   out to do anything this is at least a great start  for them i don't know if you guys remember kronos   is set up it was huge i really would love to put  twisty in that eventually right now we have this   awesome cage from zen habitats that i'm putting  him in but that one could be like a really cool   green tree python setup if i moved him into  chronos's enclosure there's so much i could do   once i get the proper space to do so but until  then i just want to make sure that my animals   have the space they deserve so that is the plan  i don't know why i put my hand over my heart   that is the plan for now um yeah i do still  have her on my lap she's in this little stack she loves her sack i hope you guys enjoyed the  video there's just so much to talk to you guys   about there's so many things to catch you up on  i can't wait to show you how much all the animals   have grown and my relationship with all of them  really going to be a few more little products here   and there that i add to some of these enclosures i  really like the wooden poles that i put in some of   my ball python enclosures so we're gonna work on  that these videos have definitely focused more so   on the cages but it's just again my first step in  the door back to youtube just to get kind of used   to doing this again i don't think i can put into  words how hard it is right now to remember to like   check business emails check any kind of  messages and reply to them and edit and   do all the things that i'm supposed to do as a  social media thing i don't even know what to call   what i'm doing but i'm really bad at all of it  she's so comfy in my lap where are you going   i was trying to show you off can you say hello  there she is hello i love you dove i also have   a video coming up just dedicated to the rats as i  mentioned at the beginning i don't know what she's   licking now but she's looking something and yes  i'm only half dressed i do have pajama pants on   but are you really are you really a youtuber or a  streamer or an internet thing if uh if you aren't   half dressed why put pants on no one's seeing that  except everyone right now the point still stands   anyway i hope you guys enjoyed i'm just really  excited to continue to reconnect with you guys   because it's been a really long time i hope you  guys have a really happy halloween what day am i   uploading this i don't know i almost forgot but  today this furby really wants you to describe   describe i don't like asking people to subscribe  i know a lot of people prefer content creators   not to ask people to subscribe but i noticed  over the year and a half break when i was gone   when i watched youtube videos that anytime they  asked me to like like and subscribe that's when   i remembered to like or subscribe if i wanted to  and otherwise i forgot a lot of the times liking a   video does help a lot subscribing obviously helps  a ton it obviously does something to remind people   but it's also annoying so again as i did last  video today this furby is asking you to like and   subscribe not me the furby you can't say in the  comments section don't ask us to do it i'm not   i agree with you he's asking you to like and  subscribe i was trying to think of a name to refer   to this little judez and the first thing that  popped in my head was susan which is a terrible   name for this thing but whatever susan wants you  to subscribe so please do it for susan i mean he   even has a little fluffy little puff on his butt  please for susan or for the literal animal in my   lap maybe subscribe for dove no i'm not desperate  you might think this seems desperate answer that

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