My everyday life in May | Ep. 53

My everyday life in May | Ep. 53

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What are you doing? No, no, no No, you can't chew on that one. You are the cutest Nanook! Do you know that? But...what? *Looking at an instruction video* Look! How nice, did you gave that one to me? Thank you! Thank you so much! It's working, it's working! Do you see this? So as you can see I have bought myself a gimbal.

A gimbal for my big camera. I think he can sense that I'm really happy for this gimbal. I have been dreaming about having one of these filmmaking gimbals for so long. It's like a...

I'm sure a lot of you who are into filmmaking knows exactly what this is. Nanook... Please... Nanook...not now.

Go lay down here. What do you want? So as you can see it's balancing the camera. So no matter what way you tilt it or how much you shake it It's always going to stay centered. And that is really good for when you are doing more cinematic footage.

I really love to do this soft, sliding filming. Especially in nature. But it's really hard when you only have the camera in your hand because It gets really shaky and bumpy. And it's very hard to do it for a long time. I always hold my breath like; Almost dying. It's hard to explain.

But for those of you who are into filmmaking you know exactly what I talk about. And for a long time I've had a little film idea in my head. And I've also seen a lot of comments from people wanting to have this kind of video. And it's actually a video about Nanook.

Like a one hour long video only with footage of Nanook. From all different seasons. And I've been wanting to do this film for a long, long time. So I'm just filming a lot of scenes of him now and then. So I can use it for the Nanook compilation. Do you say "compilation"? a Nanook video

And I have been trying so many times to film him when he is running. You know, running free. Because you can really see and feel the joy in Nanook When he is running free And I would love to capture that because my heart just melts when I see Nanook that happy.

Also when he swims. He loves to swim and run free. So what I was going to say is that I've been trying to film these kinds of scenes with him running. And I've been holding the camera in my hands trying to run beside him. But it's so hard to make those kinds of scenes look good because you shake and bump a lot and it's really hard to run and look at the camera at the same time.

and making it look smooth. But now when I have a gimbal like this I can run beside him like this And it's going to look like I am flying beside him. Because no matter how much I shake it's going to look so smooth. I can't wait to try it out! So my plan for that video is that I'm going to collect a lot of footage that I already with him. And also film now during spring and summer and then just collect everything And make it into a 1 hour long video or something.

Or if you guys have any idea or advice about that video Just let me know in the comment section. Nanook! Should we go and try it out? You want to go and try it out? It doesn't really feel like spring yet. It's very cold today. Very, very cold. No, hell no! They miss you! They have been asking for you Tage.

No...? They have asked "Where is your grand-uncle? We miss Tage" No... Tage is busy with making the wood. Ya film the wood instead, that's better.

It's a really beautiful evening. It's Friday evening. The sun is setting and the wind finally stopped. I have packed a lot of stuff and I'm going to... head down to the lake. With my little buddy.

And I'm going to light a fire. And take a cold swim. And just enjoy the evening. I really needed this. You know...just be out the whole evening. Listening to all the sounds...all the birds.

Can you imagine... Sitting like this by a fire and having this view I am very lucky. I feel very lucky right now.

Alright my sweet friends all around the world. Thank you so much for watching this video and for hanging out with me and Nanook tonight. I also want to say thank you for all your beautiful and honest comments on my previous video.

There were so many of you who opened up and shared about what you guys are going through right now. Both good and hard things. I'm just very grateful for the community that you have created on this YouTube channel.

There is so much love. And positivity. And I often see you supporting each other.

And...ya It just means a lot to me. I think Nanook is getting tired. We are going back home. But I see you soon again! I love you! Bye bye!

2021-06-01 12:35

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