My first time Backpacking the Uinta mountains

My first time Backpacking the Uinta mountains

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All right guys we're. Out here for another little. Adventure, I'm. Hiking I actually came. Up here by myself and I was. Walking over to the Droid and, met. My friend Preston that I've worked with that's. Missing stuff over the years and. He. Decided we'd hike together I had a few friends bill on this trip that we're gonna make it before what didn't and I. Found. Him up here like 100 miles away from where I know him from so it's, pretty cool um. We've. Been hiking a little bit I got a whole bunch. Of new gear and stuff and. We're. Gonna look for spot to set up camp but this is. Our. Surroundings right now I forgot failed to mention we're, up in the Uintah, National Forest in Utah I think. This is cliff lake I'm, not sure unless, the guys over there. Okay, everybody. This is I'm. Chase, Scoutmaster chase, I am, cavesson. Preston. Preston all right, yeah we just found a spot for camp and we're, gonna get. The fire pit going get, all the tents set up I have to still find a spot for my hammock so. Yeah. We'll, do all that and then show you guys that later, all. Right so I'm splitting, or batoning up some woods so I can try to start the fire with, my batch, mate and my fire steel so, I'm just gonna get these split. Up into smaller pieces. Smooth. I can make a fire you can't beat fires. Steamed. Tiny button. Oh. Oh no. You smothered, it. Party, guys so, right here I really, am having a hard time trying, to start the fire, I think. The main problem I was having is I didn't take the time to make the fire girls, early. Enough or make enough of them and I. Didn't, have a solid base of logs underneath. The. Curls so, where I'm trying to use the knife to strike right there it, kept moving on me and the, sparks weren't landing where I wanted them to and the. Wood I was using was just a little bit damp on the inside I should have taken more time to check that first so. Yeah. I think, I did pretty good though. Right. And, that's how you make a fire that's. What. I should bring, next time is like something I'd brought some. Mom. Will. Practice, come on. What. You're having for dinner use, a new stove. It's. A cool one look, at that, and, I am having nothing, else. Turkey. Dinner, did you ever personally you have. Beef. Stroganoff. Then. I'm having the American. All-american. Burger works from, packet, gourmet, they're. Like a outdoor. Backpacking. Food company. Yeah. And. We. Had some awesome tortillas. For me cuz I forgot Ransome. See. How these MRE tortillas, look. All. Right. Looks. Like a tortillas. Oh they're. So cute. That's. Probably not gonna be enough for my breathing. Yeah. Little MRE turkeys pretty, cool, I'm. A little back. And. There's. The. All-american. Works burger thing, let's. See if I can do this that like. All. Over myself. Everywhere. I'm. Gonna be a grizzly, bear attacking. It's. Dripping on me. All. Right let's. Try the first, bite of these. I. Don't. Want that. Tastes. Like a hamburger. And. It tastes like it tastes like McDonald's, burger. We. All enjoyed the rest of our dinners sat, around the campfire for a little bit and then got ready for bed.

Good. Morning, everybody. Copy. Each. Coffee. So, these are jiva coffee, cubes, I found them actually, from another youtuber online. Syntax. 77. I think was his name. They're. Cool just all calm pressed coffee cubes, and, drop. On the hot, water to boiling water and they'll dissolve and. You put whatever else you want in, the bit so this is about. To be boiling. That's. Hot for me. All. Right guys we're, out here at the lake can't, tell um. Right. Out here pretty. Cool but. I got. My fishing, pole, is. The. Press. Oh. The. Dial up press over so, that's one of their backpacking, models it's a four-piece breakdown. Rod it is a six, foot six rod, I'm. Using a bubble, with, about a six foot leader and then why. Not. Sure which type of fly it is. This. Little, guy. Here, you. See that but. This is what one of my friends from work, told. Me I should, try to view the. Fish without here. So. We're gonna give it a shot. This, type of fishing you have no idea how long, I'm. Supposed to leave it a help. Yeah. I'm not too. Sure on how to do this type of fishing but I'll keep trying and if I get anything all that you guys know. So. I probably should have filmed it but, I got, a big old not. My. Reel I had, a, guy. At a local sporting goods store put. Line on my reel for me and I think he accidentally put a back loop in it on, the spinner, out on my ha but yeah. So I had to take. All who live off take, my reel off I did, get fixed, so I get, all that and. Pack all this out believe, this here. Back. Home I regard. So far that's turning up being pretty culture guys I haven't caught any pressure and hanging up I just sitting, here hanging out and, having. A good time, it's all mine we definitely, needed to get out of the, city. For a little while and, come. Up here and there's. My first time to, the. UN. Is for. Backpacking. I've been up here once with Mike Holder that butterfly Lake you guys if. You want to check out that video I can put it in the description below or a link it right here. Somewhere. You. Didn't even see me but I'm gonna finish. Stringing. Up the Boyar. And. We'll try to get fishing again I'm gonna switch up to this. Rule. Panther. Martin number two. So. Yeah. Catchy. As a minute. Hi. Guys I'm gonna be like a little panorama, shot of the way this. Is the. For. Me right now right side. Of Islam me right now so. Chase. Right there. Scoutmaster, chase, getting ready to throw caste. They're people. There's. A person. Yeah. I'll show you guys a full detailed look at camp here in a little while. Keep. Going so. So. Far this has been just. An awesome amazing trip I mean this. Is probably my favorite new. Favorite place to come camping. And I've got three awesome. There. Are two new friends and Preston Preston have been my friends since junior. High. But, we haven't really stayed in contact, get much air in there and we did work together that's, miss for. Two. Or three years but, I got. Sick. Towards the end of that and flips. Because of my diabetic. Neuropathy and, then that. Cleared up and I've never. Tried after that so yeah. I'm gonna fish. Here for a little bit more show. You guys would catch anything. What. He has seen your classes you like him. Let. Me know all. Right guys first, cast side through I got snagged so I'm gonna take, over here and see if I can't not. Or. I'm, gonna hike in the water and see. If I can get my lower back it's still attached, to the lion luckily so. Yeah, I'm gonna go hike in the water. And see if I can get it back so. Yes. My. Lure stuck. Hi. Well. A. Little. Bit of an adventure. What. Do you guys think should I have gone for the Lord, tell.

Me In the comments. I. Forgot. To film when, I. Broke. Out the bacon in the twig stove we're actually clicking on wood today get. A propane stuff pretty. Good so far. I. Got. It on Amazon for. 4495. I cooked. All of the breakfast on this wood-burning, stove, it did pretty good like. One, thing I think you could do better is getting rid of that ashes. And debris, out of the bottom but. Other than that the stove, performed. Awesome and. After, this we hung out just. Talked for a little bit and then got ready for the rest of the day and. For. Breakfast, we had four. Pieces of brown. Sugar bacon. That they had gotten from Smith's a box. Of Hungry Jack potatoes. They come he hydrated, in a box and by it your local grocery store and, we. Were gonna have four eggs but I spilt. About three and a half of them on the ground so, yeah. Party. Guys I ate. Breakfast, and everything it was really good. I forgot, to film again but. I'm. Gonna go down to the lake down this way and go wash my dishes they're, just dirty. Pots and pans and wash some dishes for Chase also I, actually. I'm gonna pack up tonight, and I think, moved to a different lake and these guys are gonna stay here so we're gonna split. Up but it was way cool to find them and meet them again and. Yeah. Go wash some dishes and we'll catch up see you guys in a little bit. All. Right guys so I'm getting camp cleaned up here a little bit here's the tripod I'm using for the camera um, all. My backpacking, stuff down here like my bag. Contractor. Bag which, I'm using, to, put my sleeping. Bag hammock, and. Underquilt. In and, then over here is, the hammock it's the Dutch word chameleon, hammock and, the. Camo fabric, I believe it's the 1.0, fabric, and, then I also have, my under, quilt and the same. With. The camo, pattern what they have I'm. Using a kilt e41 for, my sleeping bag and it, was plenty warm last night I have my little, puffy. Jacket too so that helps a lot. Yeah. I'm just gonna slowly pack up camp. And, yeah. I can do a different leg I think chase. Is over there use my saw its. Mood. Oh, yeah. We'll, get all, packed up here and get. Going in just a second. You. Guys. Hopefully you can hear me at, all. I'm making, towards, Wall leg now I just, barely split off from Preston. Scoutmaster. Chase. Yeah. It's a pretty, cool little spot so far I really like it up here in the winners, Lake. Over there guys can see it at all I'm. Using the GoPro now it's, much more convenient. All, righty guys right, here I had just come around the corner and up the hill and was, getting the first glimpses, of wall, Lake. I had. Accidentally, unplugged my. Microphone, from the camera and put left the cord in the camera so it wasn't picking up any of the audio because. The. Aux cord was still in the camera and, right, here I'm walking around the corner getting my first, good glimpses, of the lake and the rock face right there right there that rock face people were cliff jumping off of which. Was really cool next. Time I go up there I think it would be fun to try but. This. Just. A really cool beautiful, Lake I'm sorry the camera. Is so shaky but I was. Still hiking so yeah. Awesome. Little lake can't. Wait to get back out there. Watch. The sunset. If. Probably. Make camp in between those two trees right there. Maybe. I will make a little fire tonight there's actually two, that's. Garbage. It looks like. You. I'm not very good at this stuff yet but. Yeah. Hopefully that wasn't too long and boring for you guys I, do. Really. Enjoy. Setting. All this up and filming this stuff for you guys but I am carrying, like. I'd. Say at least five six more pounds of just camera gear to. Be able to film, this stuff for you guys but. It's. Fun I like it. Okay. Guys so I'm getting my stuff ready just. To go fishing real quick I have. My Pole, and everything sorry I know I'm out of frame but my. Pole right here, and. I, have all this camping. Stuff set up right under me all. That stuff there and, I, think. I'm just gonna leave it here the lakes just I mean, not. Very far away just. Right. Down there so. I'm, just gonna go, down. There throw, a few casts I'm gonna bring the GoPro, with me just. In case I get anything but. Yeah. I'll just bring this camera I'll bring the full camera so. Yeah. Let's go down there and see if we can't catch a fish. Get more weight on your shoulders. Yeah, I'm gonna switch it up this little brown that's not. Not. Nearly heavy enough this. Is what I'm getting. Here little, brown. Trout looks like but I don't have any weight or anything on it so it's. Got. Nothing, to it so I'm gonna go get that fishing kit and I'll be right back all.

Right. Guys so I'm gonna put on this little blue. Fox number, one it's. Got it's. A little bit more weight to it than that little, brown trout so, see. If that. Like this thing back, into things like a movie set. It on the ground probably it. Squirt. It on the thinker now. And even more than out here. So, I did this. 7-7, twist and then you thread it back through its. I don't know what that Niles Caulder, that's the one. Then, I usually just fight off the little, so. All. Righty guys, I think. I'll. Try back here and. A little bit again and. See. If we can get anything all. Right my, blood Sugar's feeling a little just, a little bit low. So. I'm. Gonna eat make, sure that scroll has not eaten my food yet, and. Check out this little natural, shelter right there I just noticed right Reger my camp that's, way cool. Middle, of the screen all. Those points that is a little, natural shelter some people. Go. Check it out alright, guys so. We're. Getting. Pretty. Close I'm down to my second. Life battery out of five on, that. But I think I do want to have a fire tonight so I found. This little tree just right behind me here I'm gonna cut it up into about. Footlong. Sections. And. This. Size, I think it should probably be enough firewood for me for, one. You, know one night, and. It's just beginning probably won't stay up very late. One. Smells like fat wood right there. Smells. Awesome, I. Probably. Like running with my hood on but. I'm. Just getting a little chilly over there. This. Is so cool I love, this place. Yeah. So you're, just gonna keep cutting this up start. Preparing it for a fire I'll. Show you the fire pit real quick. Fire. Pit and everything's just. Right. Here in front of us so. There's. Actually two right, here. There's. That one, that. One I'm, probably gonna use that that, one there the little Lauren, next. All my stuff so. What. Do you think you guys think tomorrow morning, I should do like a gear dump video. Or. Do you just want me to show you everything in a separate, video, maybe. I'll do that I'll do a separate, video when I get home. About. Everything I brought go, over pack weight all that stuff. Thanks. For watching. Hey, guys so, I'm. Gonna try cute. Hanging. A bear bag I hang a bear bag pretty much every time I come back packing, um a better. Bag if you don't know what it is it's just a bag to keep your foot up off the ground usually, what I do is I take. Take. A stuff sack you know any stuff random stuff sack that you have and, I throw a couple rocks in it and then I take I attach it to some paracord. Cord. That would be better than paracord, is. Like a non-stretch, go to any non stretch cord I don't have, any with me this, trip so, yeah. Normally, just, find any limb that's about I would say eight feet off the ground ten feet off the ground and, take. It throw, it over this. Will fall down off the limb that's, what the rocks are for any weight and. It'll. Fall down and you can pull the other end back, up with your food so, I'm. Gonna throw it up over now see, if I can do it first. Try. Roberto. Never, works out. Oh guys I don't know if you can see that orange line in the tree there but I got it it wasn't exactly on my line that I wanted it to be on but. It's. Better than what was happening so I'll. Take it anything, at. This point, is a win, I got it stuck really good one time and. It's. Taken, me probably ten minutes and get it back back. According. To people around, here there's a large group of people over there that. Are. Kind of partying and playing music it's gotten arrested with music but, then. Like no anything screaming each other screamer, but again. There's nothing I can do about it aside. I know, it's getting getting. A little bit darker but, splitting. Up some of this wood for, the fire, it's. Just putting water plate. Nice. Neat little. Pieces. Drop, elected stick a, baton. Stick. It's. Not working out how I wanted it to. Stick. Slime everywhere. My. Baton stick keeps falling down. Be. Nice blob was flat. But. That'd be too lucky right. To. Watch as I think. You. Know some tentacles. Oh. Girl. Make, up a couple of other coal sticks and see if we can't get. A fire going here in this second. Hey. Guys he's kidding a little bit dark and. Get. My fire going I split. Up all my small twigs and stuff I'm sorry, if this is hard for you to see right now it's. Getting dark I. Do. My headlamp in the back but. How. Did it. My. Smaller twigs. Up here. See. What's, going on guys, why. Is this not working I feel like I'm getting the right angles. And stuff. The. Bad Ferro rod or. Something. What, happened, hi, I'm. Not fast enough. Look. At that. And. My, barrel rocks and hot in the garbage. Or in the fire and my annive scene here. We're. Done, yes. Yes. Let's. Put these back away before I lose them. Awesome. You. Glad I got that on film for you guys and. For myself. What. I think to be about 3 ounces of. Potatoes. Here these, are the cheddar potatoes, and then.

I'm. A few minutes I have to you it says add. Again. Two. Ounces of boiling, water the same pouch and then. Add nine ounces of boiling water this, and then both sit for a while. Consistency. Delicious. Hey. Guys. It. Is raining. This. Is my first rainstorm, in the hammock I hope. That I got all the tarp setup tighten, up this, one right here's a little close to me but I'm so. Far dry it. Is just sprinkling, as of right now I've. Got the other camera, right here. Under. The tarp everything. Lining the turret besides a. Fishing. Pole I. Make. My pots and pans and I plot some time to refine no, don't. Worry about that stuff stuff. Yeah. First. String string and hammock. I'm. Amazing. So. Cool. Hopefully. I don't get away. On. For. Kristal. Already. Checking, with you guys in a while give. An update on the rain. Guys. Got. All out of the hammock and everything I'm. Gonna. Got. This food, bag out of the tree. Gonna, get. Breakfast out. Pick. Up all my bags for each day labeled I. Didn't. Eat half the bags for, Saturday. We totally just skipped lunch so. That's. All right I have a breakfast, and a lunch in, here and. Today. For, breakfast, I have, diner. Deluxe. Eggs, with, sausage. I. Had. This once, on the he. Was the last backpacking. Video the Davis Creek Trail I don't even know if I've, published. It yet but I'm. Sure to do that skin um. Awesome. Awesome meal, so, I'm. Gonna what. It takes to make it. Says. Remove. All all, olive. Oil packets, and natural clay desiccants, add 6 ounces of cool. Water water. To the pouch and stir, press air from pouch seal. Shake. And massage lumps, away. Pour. Olive oil into a hot. Skillet. Heat. To sizzle and then had egg mix, pan. Fry, enjoy. So. We'll, get started on all that I'm gonna get the everything. Out here got rained on a little bit last night so take. All that. Hopefully. The stove. Is. Not affected, by the rain too much. It's. A little wet but I. Think. It should be fine, the other thing I have to find it my lighter I. Think. It's in my, backpack. Over, there so. I'd. Say there's a. Little. Bit of rain. So. Yeah, we'll get started on that and then check. In with you guys in a little bit. Hey, guys so I got the pan all nice and hot umm, can I add the. Street. Olive oil up a little bit. I've. Had their eggs. Okay. Picking. This up and out here they closed on the trailer when, we're. Done. I guess, so. Breakfast. Is all cooked up seen. The picture. Try, the first bite right here. It's really very good I, remember. Last time. Ever. But. That's a result. Ever on everything. Bringing. A miter saw. Kind, of solid salt, is. That's. Probably my fault though. There's, a little water in there there we go. All. Right. Salt. And peppered to perfection, try. Another bite. Wow. Oh. Yeah. Then. I have my coffee. Not. A bad way to start the morning guys and, I, slept well pretty, much 11 so. Yeah. Scarf. This stuff down and. Probably pack up camp might. Stop and fish just for a minute at the lake there's. A lot windier, today, than it was yesterday I might. Even put on my jacket because it's I'm, cold. So. Yeah, morning, this and we'll get going. Alright. Guys I got almost, all of the I. Got. All the stuff cleaned up besides the hammock, and the tarp still so, I'm going to finish putting this stuff away I just thought you. Might want to see it again, I'm using Whoopie, slings I usually. Just take one end off grab the hammock. This, way if you're careful your, hammock never really has to touch the ground it's, not really I don't really care, once the time if it does I'd. Rather get like, a perfect, hang or. All. That stuff. And. Then I usually will just roll up the tree straps and the Whoopie slings and. Throw one in each side also. Yeah. There's the. Handful. Down. There the. Tart I still have. Staked. Out just a little bit I didn't use the stakes this time actually. Just pick on then wrap them around their, trees. Here. Which. Worked, out surprisingly well I, never. Tried it that way before but you know I. Was. In a pinch last night when the rain started, to come I was, not expecting it, satin, hammock and he's.

Wondering Why sky flashing, and then I realized it was lightning and then. Crack. Bit of very polite. In, my chart tarp out so. Makeshift. I did stay dry though and first. Rainstorm. In a hammock pretty, much first, rainstorm -, really I. Stayed, dry. Lines. There. And. Then I'm gonna unpin this side real quick and. Continue, putting that. Snakeskin. Though snakeskin. It's like a mesh. Snakeskin. Okay. And right there guys there's the whole snake skin, and, it's or. The whole tart but it's snakeskin, so it's a 12 foot, tarp. I think it's ten feet wide if I. Mean if you lay it flat it's 10 feet wide so. Yeah, I'm, running. The Dutch we're. Continuous. Ridgeline so, there's a little hook on the end down. Over here on. The end of the tree there's a little just, a teeny tiny little hook and, on this end there is what he calls a wasp I like. To take you guys should be the wasp because, it's I, think. It's pretty cool, but. I don't have to tie any knots with this. Setup. Knows. Of it and you pull that to get attention and then you get under the wing I. Slack. Next. Time I know that, I need to. Sorry. Turn. Around so you guys me learn, how to bring. The tarp down because, in. My hammock when it was raining the. Bottom of my hammock was sticking out of the bottom of the tarp and there. Could be the potential to get water, on you, that. Way I'm I was lucky and bidden but, next. Time we'll be more prepared. And safe, so. I'm, gonna keep. Keep. Backing up it's a process. Alright. Guys here's a quick look of the bag all packed up I have the camera tripod there that, is my fishing, rod holder you, know my rain gear and stuff right in the front mesh pocket. One. Spot GPS on the top water. Bottles on the sides. I. Have. My front pack, so. If you can't see it means a pad a transition, in food photos my, little front, Badlands. Buy no pack on I don't. Have the fishing pole and the holder. Yet because, I might throw a few cats just on the way out of here so. Yeah. We're gonna get going, got. Everything all packed up and ready to go. Alright, guys that's going to conclude, fishing. At. Wall Lake I did. Get two bites on the grasshoppers, but, was. Unsuccessful to, pull them in the. First one I think I did hook him but it didn't actually like or he ate it but it didn't hook his lip so that was. Me getting too excited the first time but yeah, let's. Say goodbye, to wall Lake and we're gonna, back. On the trail now. There. Shouldn't be it's not too long about hike back out so it's. About three o'clock now. It. Maybe take. Me an hour and hour and a half to get to the truck I think so, yeah. Keep hiking. Yeah. Video. Here. We. Are here we, went to. This. Way so. Yeah that was pong. The. Next time I think, it'd. Be cool to keep following the trail come, up here to Hope, lake you, keep going all the way to. Atlantic, like. I think that's how you see it. There. You can come all. The way over here to, Lake. Island like like. We're. Like. Smile. Lake this, woman could. Have gone to trim. Trim. Fairly, dry like ducks, yeah. So from wall like we went up here and you can take a shortcut to. Trial. Lake. You guys think you're close to face, me. You.

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