My NA Cars - LIVE from the Namibia Tourism Expo and Motor Show

My NA Cars  - LIVE from the Namibia Tourism Expo and Motor Show

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hi there guys welcome to modern any cars uh we have very exciting edition for you this week because we're at the tourism expo 2020. isn't that awesome my name is ogito greg it's my colleague we are with namibia media holdings and we are at the tourism expo 2020 bringing you my god in our cars we've got a full program for you don't worry okay it's going to be crazy my man and you know one thing about the tourism expo that people always forget it's also a motor show so here you can come check out the latest uh leisure vehicles whether you want a children a school school children a school taxi children for the kids whether you want a luxury vehicle whether you want a liquor off-road car for to make those holidays stand out oh and what's really exciting you need a commercial vehicle and today we're launching something very special we're launching autohouse mahindra's latest offering they have a cool range of tractors you just check this out over here i mean you know mahindra one of the largest automakers in the world yeah always putting out quality products that's what they're known for and uh yeah now we have track their tractors and farm implements finally available in namibia national footprint they come to your place and service it but we'll tell you all about that in a bit yeah okay though uh you did an incredible job with this week's edition of modern indie cars big ups thank you very much thank you very much but you know it's always exciting to report in the motoring industry in namibia because there are people who are upbeat and they're positive and they're optimistic even in difficult times you'll see that there's many opportunities that these people have identified even in the midst of covert 19 and which they are chasing and making reality and you should also visit your nearest dealership check out any one of the stories we have here or any one of the dealerships that are here at the namibia tourism expo 2020 and get yourself a brand new future absolutely uh so yeah uh we're gonna take a walk around the expo grounds uh in a bit i'll get to spend some time chatting to some of the exhibitors and uh yeah but also please if when you do come to the uh number tourism expo which runs up until saturday make sure to come visit us at our um energy namibia uh show any cars stand which is proudly uh and so graciously uh supported by otter house man truck and bus as you can see we have this beautiful commercial hauler over here and a nice link and we have our setup here you can come chill with us we talk cars we talk lubricants we talk fuels have a bit of fun and we're going to be uh chatting to mr ernest uh thatcher he is from otter house um man and of course house mahindra farm equipment and he's going to tell us a bit more about their offering and why these are such special products so cool please stay with us we've got a lot more for you today this is uh my.narcast welcome back ladies and gentlemen my name is ogito greg and you are with my.narcas

right now i'm here at the stall of indongo toyota here at the namibia tourism expo at skw in venturk the capital of namibia with me is the dealer principal of indongo toyota mr valliverdus good day so how are you good day fine thank you good thank you tell us a little bit about your store here yeah first of all you know we're glad to be here we support the tourism industry as far as possible everybody is going through a hard time and that's what was one of the main reasons why we have decided to participate so we've got basically two brand new models uh for toyota in namibia the one is a little red car behind us uh the stalin stalin yeah and uh you know then obviously we've got the new islands the top one is here the 2.8 with the upgraded engine you know it's much stronger engine 150 kilowatts 500 newton meters of torque and then we've got the 14-seater quantum bus here as well excellent excellent yeah and what do you think do you think the chances are that tourism will pick up do you think we'll have a revival soon i don't think soon you know uh maybe next year we will have a slow pick up but i think you know up to 23 we in for a hard time on tourism that's my opinion okay okay but the moto motor vehicle sales is picking up again a little bit it's picking up a little bit although from a low base uh you know but at least there are some very positive signs at prison uh you know and we in there so we need to make the best out of it okay excellent and what message do you have for our viewers out there who are watching right now and maybe uh you want to convince them to come check out the expo yeah obviously you know we would like to have as many people here as possible and obviously we have some very decent specials here at the show uh you can see that quantum bus for instance you know there's a 60 000 discount on it so yeah we can structure a deal you know and we would like to see as many people as possible you know and they must come out and support the tourism industry as well as the motor industry there you have it ladies and gentlemen you heard it from the boss himself they can structure a deal come and get your deal only here at the navier tourism expo 2020 at skw in venturk please join us good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of my dot now cars my name is ogito greg and today we are here at the namobia tourism expo which has gone ahead in 2020 20 even though the corona virus hit us today i'm with the good people of kyani tours please introduce yourself thank you my name is i i started kaiani tuijin and safaris along with marna and fanil about two years ago and um ever since we've also had the struggles um that that garona brought yeah but we are still here and we are still going strong and we are glad to support you guys with the tourism expo thank you very much tell me why did you start kyani tours we we've been a avica leadership since 1995 and we got into involved into tourism through our clients that have toured operating companies so what happened is um the status of the roads in the countries we got more and more complaints from our clients that the vehicles were breaking down and we saw opportunity there because we said we um because we've been a commercial vehicle dealer for so long our strength is to keep vehicles on the road so we we contacted our customers tour operators mainly and we said you guys spend so much of your time at the moment just maintaining your fleet because of the state of the road let us rather provide that part of the service and you guys can focus on your tourists so we do um we do everything we we took very rugged iv eco vehicles and we uh the people from bazaar built the cabs for us and what we do is we um we it's 4x4 vehicles and we provide everything that relates to the vehicle okay so we provide our drivers like funnel we provide passenger liability insurance the diesel any sort of assistance that they might need so when the tour operators do receive guests the the guides can focus only on the tourists and we make sure that there's no issues surrounding the vehicle excellent but why why vehicle well it the taivecos are very sturdy vehicles they are these vehicles were actually built for for mining applications okay so they are used to going into very rough terrains um we have never had touch wood never had a breakdown on any of these vehicles so you you can argue they are actually overspent for what we need just during from lodge to lodge yeah but we decided we would rather invest in vehicles that we know are reliable and can handle the number of conditions yeah then trying to skimp on that side of the expense but then you've got twitter standing next to the roads or breakdown and unhappy casting customers so that's why and also um avico has a strong heritage in namibia i don't know what when last you drove up to vanguard yeah but we are one of the things one of the only countries in africa where you sometimes see more of eco buses um on the road than any other buses or minivans yes yes so very reliable vehicles our our workshop knows how to maintain these vehicles they come in for a service and maintenance of after every tour that we go on so that's why we decided to go through the iv excellent excellent you were talking about namibian conditions one of the things we have in namibia is such incredible sunshine but with it comes heat your vehicles have air conditioning yes we do we we actually spent a lot on the on the air conditioners because of because of the heat that that our country generates so in this vehicle which is our bigger one our 22 c tip we've got a 37 000 btu aircon at the back 24 000 btu aircon in the front and in our smaller vehicle the one over there um our 14 seater we've also got a 37 000 btu aircon in that what's a btu btu i actually don't know what it stands for okay but i know it's a very very big very powerful air conditioner excellent so when the when the vehicle is running and the aircon is on even though we say you're in etosha and you stop at the water the customers will never never feel the heat and that's why we decided to invest in the bigger vehicle in two aircons and a very large one in the in the smaller vehicle excellent excellent so you guys are ready to hit the road come holiday season we hope so well we this year we found we've got so so little control over over many things but um we we are ready we we have let all our customers know that we are still around still going strong we've got our client evening tonight we we've invited our some of our existing customers and potential new customers so our client base is our mostly tour operators we don't do private tours except on special occasions and we hope that for for everyone's sake in namibia we can get the borders open we can get the tourists in um tourism is such a big employer innova such a big part of our economy we have certainly felt it as a company of not being able to operate for the past six months so i think you will find the whole vibe of the tourism expo everyone is ready to do business excellent excellent and with that ladies and gentlemen please stay with us we've got a lot more in the program today this is cars welcome welcome back ladies and gentlemen to my.narcas my name is ogito greg and today we are here at the namobia tourism expo 2020 which is going ahead despite all the trouble caused by the corona virus here in namibia we are at the skw in the capital venturek and with me i have the honor and privilege to be with the ambassador of india to namibia prashant agrawa sir how are you i'm very fine thank you excellent excellent best wishes to all your listeners and viewers thank you very much sir um we are standing here in front of a beautiful mahindra tell us what what is the significance of this important indian brand coming to namibia of course mahindra is one of our most well known and most loved brands and i think uh people in namibia have been familiar with this beautiful brand for some time now i think what you see is a beautiful model of the new thaa here but we are delighted that now we also have mahinda tractors and agricultural equipment available in namibia wow this is a dream come true for of course mahindras and they have a very capable partners here in terms of m and search so i complement mnz for bringing them here with the namibian government with the namibian leadership we have we talk very regularly about the need for more cooperation in agricultural areas yes because you know in india experience of our agricultural sector is very similar to what we have in namibia yes and mahindra as you know is the world's largest tractor producing brand and we felt that if we can have presence of this brand in terms of its tractors in namibia i think the agricultural sector in namibia can can get a big boost excellent and this is just the beginning uh we are very hopeful that uh from you know starting with this good start we should be able to at some day uh be able to look at assembly uh and possibly even manufacturing of the tractors here in namibia for supply to the entire static region for the mahindra as a private sector company but we are from the government but let me assure you that we are committed to promote the agricultural sector here and in with various other african partners we have worked on various models whereby we establish a very strong public private partnership you know the governments work with uh with with the reputed companies to boost the agricultural sector and there is no reason why we can't replicate the same story in namibia also that's so we are very excited and let me thank mnz once again for bringing these structures to namibia and now um it's wonderful that we've also got some of these tractors on display here at the tourism expo but i wanted to ask you sir uh what's the appetite like for in india for tourism to namibia oh yes of course so tourism is another important sector agriculture is one but tourism is equally important so i must tell you that people in india are absolutely smitten by the beautiful landscapes you have and i think some of our well-known bollywood movies have been shot here and people really admire the namibian landscape so my advice to the namibian tourism industry would be to tap those niches segments you know in india who love these exotic destinations who love what namibia has to offer i think if we do a concerted tourism campaign uh we will be very confident that we can get a significant chunk of high-end tourists to come to namibia uh from our part of course we are also very keen to have namibians visit india and we have made you know our visa processes much simpler i think government of namibia is doing the same so this is one area which gives me great hope excellent excellent and i would love to visit india you are our guest please be our guest thank you very much and there you have it ladies and gentlemen come and see everything for yourself here at the namibian tourism expo it's on until saturday here in the capital let us re-inject tourism and let's pick up on this hopeful note from our friends from india thank you very much thank you thank you ladies and gentlemen welcome back to my.narcas my name is ogito greg

and here we are at the mnz stand at the namibia tourism expo please sir introduce yourself good day uh gentlemen my name is fabian i'm a sales manager fleet and at the mnz motors here we have our products as mnt group as you can see we have a jet we have a mercedes inside here and then for there we have an our new brand is our um new brand to our our group okay and if you come through here you can see there later there is well we have also a motorbike okay but it's all part of emmanuel waters you are welcome later to come and view our product and you will be here for the whole expo i will be here but we changed um first but i will be here up to five uh 5 30 this afternoon and from tomorrow afternoon okay excellent thank you here you're always welcome and mr fabian before i let you go tell me which is your favorite of all these vehicles here which one do you like the best mercedes of course because i'm working for mercedes the last 28 years now oh wow that's my favorite brand yeah but other products also yes it's our product but my favorite is music because i'm specialized excellent excellent and there you have it ladies and gentlemen come and see for yourself and get that enthusiasm for mercedes right here by mnz thank you very much please you are welcome anytime there was always somebody to assist you perfect thank you so much thank you so much welcome back ladies and gentlemen here we are at the namibia tourism expo 2020 at skw in the capital my name is okito greg and we are at the namibia safari please introduce yourself and explain to us what is the name of safari my name is john snyder we're from the namibia safari we are a new booking agent um which also we've got a website with a couple of lodges on there now we're busy expanding all those things and we strive to give clients the best price there is excellent yeah and are you excited now that it looks like the borders are open and maybe tourists can come back we've always been excited that's why we decided to get back into the market excellent excellent and what message do you have for all our viewers out there about the namibian tourism expo should they come come and enjoy the tourism expo have fun have a drink come and visit our stand be waiting for you we've got prizes to win as well lucky draw so come and say hi thank you thank you thank you excellent there you've heard it don't hesitate get in your car come and say hi welcome back ladies and gentlemen my name is okito greg and this is my dot now cause we are here live at the namibia tourism expo 2020 they said we wouldn't do it but we're doing it anyway and here i am at the cymot stand please ma'am introduce yourself and tell us what you've got here for our caller my name is janice and um i'm from samut fitment center so what we've got here today we've got uh the new evil canopies renowned for for its good features from the rsi well integrated table there for your camping needs and this side we've got the style bumper from our gobi x that's an extra a rear replacement bumper very good and with this canopy we've got the um rsi kitchen unit as you can see fully kitted with your kettle all your cutlery the very interesting and very very very very um good for you for your camping um also very comfortable yeah we've got uh compressors that we put in when you're out in the wild and have to bump a tire there you go have it installed into your into your vehicle for comfortability there all right and here we've got on this highlights we've got our airb bumpers that's what we do as well good protection there very good spotlights these are your xenon hid lights spot on and um we've got our snorkels the better breathing system for your for your engine and uh of course you've got your roof racks and uh awnings for any other accessories you want to put onto that yeah and we've got different types of suspensions here uh uh well for different vehicles uh from the open emu brand excellent tell me are you excited with uh tourism opening up and the prospects for the rest of the year i'm quite excited absolutely it's a it's a whole new experience and very fortunate after the covert uh everything opening up so yeah we're quite excited excellent excellent thank you very much and there you have it ladies and gentlemen just another reason to come to the namibia tourism expo here at the skw in the capital where you can see all the accessories and the bits that make uh tourism lifestyle so appealing and enjoyable here in namibia thank you very much so we are joined now by motoring royalty i mean if you don't know any stature you've lived at the rocket you have never ever really felt petrol revving through your body mr thatcher how are you doing sir all right i'm very well and uh i'm actually much more than very well i'm ecstatic because i mean um ottawa's man truck and bus you guys came through in a big way not only did you guys uh give us this beautiful space where we can have our minot n a interaction sessions where we'll be doing activations doing talks on motoring and on all different elements whether it's finance whether it's lubes whether it's what kind of fuels to use in your vehicle but also you guys brought mahindra farm implements to namibia that is huge congratulations because i mean that really will make such an incredible uh difference in the market especially in times within what brought us about well jorgie we're in a very competitive market already we all know this year has been a roller coaster ride of note we were looking for something else to add to our lineup of vehicles already we are at a prestige premium range market um being the min brand is already a high-end market we're doing very well there um we've been successful thus far with the brand itself but we're looking for something else to add benefit to the namibian market we've been looking at some different venues and uh in the meantime our mother company the msn group at the image at motor division got the mahindra franchise for the automotive sector and that's a sorry if i could interrupt you that's a huge like uh sign of how much mnc which i mean you can't argue with the credibility there the the importance they see in this brand and the the value for money and the trust that they have in spain yes for sure look my india is not a small company um internationally they are huge uh if you see that they are involved in multiple facets of the industries um even out of automotive they are involved for instance formula e doing very well formula e um they are also into rocket engineering and stuff like that so space vehicles electrical automotion um there's a lot of things mainder invests in worldwide but for us locally we're looking for a solution for our local farmers to add to our trucking range many of our customers already are trucking owners of we are farmers they either move cattle or they move farming goods fresh produce they move feeds and stuff like that so we're looking at something else and while our msa division got the automotive sector they made available to us the tractor franchise which is under mahindra farm equipment so we launched outer house mahindra from equipment also known as outdoors farm equipment for us exciting time um with any new brand comes a bit of fear but of uncertainties but i can promise you that was very very fast put down behind us um the people have been stampeding us today we're actually officially launching mahindra farm equipment namibia we two weeks ago inaugurated our hubbard's division with a sub dealer with hubbard's auto truck contractor also known as mahindra we had a demo day there it went very well we went and tested the 7590 we put it through places which was not designed for most of the guys said we're going to break the tractor at the end of the day all the guys walked away jaw dropped and said wow simplicity rules the nice thing about mahindra is it's for our market it's designed for the indian conditions hot hard and country areas um that's what we are experiencing here namibia is a hot country it's a hardened area you've got some nice soft areas you've got some nice really hard and rocky areas so really it's a tractor that's designed in simplicity no fancy electronics no common rail technology straightforward inline diesel injection systems a bosch system a bosch starter the most electronics are on the tractor is the lights and the electronic display system telling you the hours and the mileage you're doing it's a rugged design um it's hardened for african conditions so for our local market the perfect vehicle to be used for agricultural use affordable yes very much in our current economical conditions we know all we've had a four-year drought in the country now we've been suffering with the financial depression in this country and on top of that we had corona as if nothing else was enough along came 20 20 and dropped the bomb of covert 19 just like a smack in the face you know so our farmers locally are suffering really the guys are suffering and we need to give them something to uplift their farming abilities so listen we're gonna supply you with something affordable now but yet reliable rugged enough and at a decent service point of service delivery yeah the nice thing about mahindra is obviously the price tag is very lucrative but that's not what the whole thing is about if you look at the design solid cast iron chassis they're nice heavy tractors on agricultural sector on a tractor you don't want the lightweight item you want some weight to be able to do the job that my indoor tractor ranges are all heavy every between 3.2 and 3.8 tons on the tractor range um the nice thing is we've got options available we start with my indra 6060 two-wheel drive um which is a small tractor a 44 kilowatt tractor it does the job you know it's for the typical cattle farmer guys using in warehousing and factories and stuff like that but we go up to the 7590 which we tested babas and it proved to be if you didn't know that they sell the most tractors every year year on year for the last seven years so worldwide it's the largest tractor manufacturer secondly is it's designed for our rugged conditions and thirdly is it comes with an amazing warranty the my indoor static factory warranty from the factory is a 12 month or 1000 hours whichever come first full tractor warranty and on top of that you get a 24 month up to 2500 hours powertrain warranty our closest operation brand to that is 12 months 2 000 hours so we're also surpassing the warranty so once again the reliability factor we trust in our product we're going to give you something that's reliable we trust in the product we wanted the product according to that so the strongest warranty on the local market at the best price but on top of that we said listen guys we need service delivery in namibia everything is about service you can't buy anything without backup support so obviously we really cut the entire setup out to our structure bus it was easy to add on mahindra to the range we've got the pulse distribution strengthener which also stocking parts for mahindra we also carry certain items in stock on accessorizing the vehicle like the for instance the loader attachment we've got that carrying stock coming soon we're going to be carrying stock consumer stock of that we're going to have certain implements small implements available immediately but the most important part is is the fact that we can now go out to the community at this lesson we can supply you a product which we can service for you on site with our field service team going out but apart from that we said listen while we're doing this let's add a 12-month 900 hour service plan free of charge so when you buy that tractor now you not only get the best water into the market but you also get your first three services including your price and you drive out and do the service on my phone and it was in the 250 kilometer range of any of our service points or dealer points you will get service on site included for the first 12 months or 900 hours so once again making it affordable for our local farmers to suffice themselves in the difficult times we experience the moment so with that in mind we are here to make a statement say listen my india is here we are here tough efficient and economical that's what we stand for but on top of that we are here to support and service so we're going to go out and do the women community and say listen you can now buy a brand new tractor with a decent warranty at a very affordable price and get everything else on top of that for the same price and still get service on site at your venue so the the math makes sense and on top of that we've got truck customers who own tractors so now we'll come to your venue service your truck service your tractor which only one go a one stop shop so that math made sense that's excellent and i mean they are stunning to look at you don't you're really not going to pull up to uh the farmers market and be shy about your machine not at all let's go check it out at all no i i really i really think uh i mean the the preposition is so strong because the design and engineering is faultless the main important part is is when you're out in the field you don't be stuck with something that's going to give you trouble consistently so if you're running there you want to know that you've got something reliable something easy to work many farmers help themselves when it comes to breakdowns or service they can't always wait till the dealership to get to them so in the instance where you have a breakdown you need a laptop to repair the vehicle you can do this yourself it's a straightforward direct in-line pump system very basic electronics on the system the most important part is it's wire employer method you can suffice yourself and sort yourself out in the field in case of an emergency obviously we're going to go out to repairs and on-site service but in the instance where you are in the middle of a harvest and you are stuck you can still help yourself that is the beautiful part of my injury simplicity let's make it easy to do the work the nice bodies are range starts with a 6000 series down there that's our smallest tractor in the range the 60 60 2 wheel drive this is part of the 6000 series this is very simple the smallest cheapest tractor you can buy in our range once again good to look you

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