My Pennine Way Ordeal - 4k Cinematic

My Pennine Way Ordeal - 4k Cinematic

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The landscape at Edale is very pretty. l'm enjoying the day. I finally reach the top. First climb of the trail done! I'm surprised to find snow on the top, l didn't expect it. It's cold. I start to wonder whether l took the right sleeping gear. After a few hours, l need a quick break. It's sunset time. I can pitch my tent here, but all the water sources are bone dry. I keep going...

Looking for water to set camp, l left behind the place where l could pitch. I now have no water and nowhere to camp. Besides, it's pitch black and freezing. I barely made it overnight. With nowhere to pitch I had to cowboy camp. Here, cowboy camping... Look at that! Completely frozen man! At least l found water... Great...

I've been filtering the water, but not always. I drink water from the tap in London as training. That should get me covered! Where do you camp here? It seems like camping is super limited. Pitching spots are scarce. I have to plan very carefully or l'll end up freezing like the first night. For the most part, there is always someone around in this hike. Toilet breaks require planning ahead.

I begin to realize what this hike is about. Up and down hills and stiles, while walking around sheeps and people. Not my cup of tea.

I have in sight Bronte's ruins. As a fan of Bronte sisters work, l feel excited. I wonder who'd lived there. What their lives where like.

Something whisper to my mind. God. I cannot live without my life. I cannot live without my soul.

I'm about to leave behind one of the coldest nights of the trail. Yet, l feel privileged l could sleep in those ruins. After walking for an hour, l no longer need to wear the hardshell and overtrousers. Feet maintenance. At this point, l'm oblivious to the ordeal l'm about to go through. Mornings are as cold as nights, but you must put the tent down by 7am. I don't feel well rested. This trail is designed to stay in hostels or campsites.

Everything is closed in most places l walk by. Where am l going to buy food for the coming days? This place is beautiful, but my feet are not trail fit. I cannot enjoy it. I have many blisters and lots of pain. I begin to realize l'm miserable.

During the day it's hot and sunny so plasters keep falling and more blisters appear. Thankfully someone gives me a plaster as all the shops are closed in Malham. What's wrong with my feet? Why can't they perform as usual? Despite the pain in my feet, l keep going and l keep filming. l'm determined. At this point, every step is very painfull, especially down the hill. But l'm on a mission: l'm filming the Pennine Way. Freezing one more time while waiting for darkness to come. l want to pitch the tent, l need to rest.

I hate being here. Sorry England, it's not you but your wild-camping rules. It's very cold. Leaving the warmth of the sleeping bag behind takes a lot of will power. I take it easy this morning. l'm away from people and houses. l left at 9am. The day just started as bad as it ended yesterday when it comes to... the blisters...

Every single freaking step is killing my feet, both of them today because l got another blister on the other one. It's incredible, really! I had lunch at the Tan Hill Inn. I don't recommend it. At this stage, my days are just about the pain in my feet. They keep hurting, like pounding, up to 3 hours after calling it a day. Whenever l can, l call my wife to tell her l hate my life.

Why don't you come back home? She says. You could hear the road, but l still loved this place. My wife knows me so she knows why l don't quit. I enjoy every second of the break. My feet are pounding, l talk to them: Thank you for taking me here, soon we'll be home.

I'm at Middleton-in-Teesdale, where the Pennine Way should start, Otherwise at Malham. 90% of the beauty starts from here onwards. The trail is like a desert.

Hot and sunny during the day, freezing below zero at night. I found here "Hayley Oasis" so to call it. Hayley did my laundry, cooked me an omelet and let me sleep in her truck. In the morning, my feet were still in great pain; but mentally, l felt fully recovered. I started the day fresh. Thank you so much Hayley. To me, the highlight of the trail.

Mesmerizing. I spent the rest of the day resting my feet and remembering the fantastic coffee a lovely couple had prepared for me at Dufton. Thank you my dears.

Last day on the trail. I have no doubts my feet will take me down to Kirk Yetholm. Despite the intense pain. I am proud, l feel strong, l feel thankfull to those lovely people who helped me. What an ordeal the Pennine Way has been! ¡And what an experience! When l'm old, l won't think about the comfortable house l had in London, I will think about the intense experiences I had in the wild.

2021-05-07 13:56

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