My Scariest Moment Scuba Diving! - Sailing SV Delos Ep. 164

My Scariest Moment Scuba Diving! - Sailing SV Delos Ep. 164

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We start to cruise in slowly there's no surge it was fine and then when. A set came through and it just ripped. Us, got. Sucked. In. Sucked. Into the. Cave. See. My, my. My. Sauce. Previously. On Delos, Lisa. And Liz take their first breaths, underwater and, we, continue to be blown away by the beauty of the Sunshine Island. It. Was the day of saying goodbye to ascension. So we landed Maggie for the last time on the pier to do our last provisioning. And everything, else that needed to be done before heading, Southwest, the, boys also offered, Craig and Ellen a helping hand to get their boat out of the water because. They are leaving ascension, on the next day as well. The. Argonaut and, unfortunately. Craig. And Helen are leaving the island because, of all the business that's that's dropped off from their report on being open and they're not being Curtis so we. Have to take their boat out of the water today the. The game plan is to kind of bring it up closer to the dock that we normally get off up a crane, is gonna drop down Craig. Has already got the straps on and. Yeah. We just hook it onto the crane and the, driver is supposed to watch the swells and in between the swells he's gonna take the take, the pressure up on the crane and lifted out the waters swells come down but there's still a swell running look, it down here. So. It's still. Kind, of gnarly, I guess. There's the potential of the boat bashing, up against the wall but I'm pretty sure the crane driver will hopefully, get the arm out long enough to, get it away from the wall when we're down there so. That crane, over. There. Is. The one the big one yeah. That's, gonna pull up pull the boat out and then put it on a flatbed truck, with a cradle how, do you feel, yes, it's. Always nerve-racking, especially for, the crane job it's the same guy who almost got pulled in last time the. Same guy that dropped the pipe all it's still gonna be tricky there with the wind yeah, okay, I'm just gonna go down and shut the lines one last time. All. Is going smoothly except, the crane operator, didn't, extend the arm far enough out so, when we hooked up to the sling it, pulled us right into the wall.

Reeled. Up from the bottom but, it took a while for him to realize what was going on so. I used a fishing float as a makeshift, fender, it. Was a real battle to keep her from getting smashed, on the rocks. Pretty, intense getting, a boat out of the water as well, how. We feelin guys, ready. For a drink ready. For a drink did that go as smoothly as you'd hoped. That. Have been warm Sun between, West so. With the seat conditions, in there are, very. There you can see on a pair very little guys to help yeah, it, wasn't for you guys it wouldn't be impossible today, it. Could've been worse yeah. Scratches. They're better child a header. Nobody. On her right now I'm gonna better, select guys picks it up like a, tiny flag hard work to do and I get back anyway. While that's over laughs, this is over but very sad because then every. Time you will come out with clients, we have to do it again, right, lesson, learned, friends, yachties. On. The. Day chemist it really, works for real cheap too that's. Amazing, that's, pretty good efficient. You. We're. Jogging on jagged, ah jogging, my internet, my, internet everything, is scheduled, as much as it can be we've sent our last messages, Sampson. Said goodbye it's. Not everything our Iridium is working so we're, gonna be in contact with anybody for weeks, jolly, Jolly jolly. One. Store, on. Ascension Island that's actually pretty well stocked the only story. We. Anticipated. The passage, to be about three weeks with no pit stops along the way, Delos, was still stocked up pretty well from Cape Town but, 600, salty sailors, can, eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies sure, everyone's, really, excited to. Civilians. I feel like everyone's just frantically around the shop trying, to get everything. They can to go oh god, it just feels so good how, are you excited Brady, I'm, really excited this, is the worst idea to, shop when you're hungry. Snacks. Now as, a bean salad, making you hungry yeah I just want to open up a can right now well. Everybody. Want to do it guess on how, much it's gonna be. 30. Pounds. 41. 300. 235. How. About you guys do you want to make a guess. 50. Then 250, drumroll. The total. 225th. 35. Besides, that, 141. Yeah. You're closer, Oh. Good job Alex food I'm. Excited it's gonna be one of the best sales Delos has ever had, you. Have 20 knots right on the beam for like two weeks my, Magnum. Magnum. Closing. Thoughts on Ascension Island as we spend, our last few minutes, ice. Cream is pretty good. Tonight, ear is. Yeah. All in all I mean this. Exclusive. Yeah. I don't know if I'll ever come back I think I will actually, yeah for, some weird reason I think I will come back. Wow. It's. Been awesome and we really spending three. Full. Weeks and. We saw some crazy shit and I'm, very happy we came here ascension. Is like a big magnet and I'm definitely drawn, back to it, easy. Volcanic. Island. I. Like. It the. Island that were touching down on in Brazil has. 600. Waterfalls. On it I don't even know that's possible you, know what that means that means I'm really good at waterfall bikini shots. Chapter. Of ascension draws, to a conclusion, for the devil's crew that. Venture, stretches, out before them, like a ray of sunshine. We. Don't know where we are going well we do because we're going to Brazil and this.

This An estranged by leaving you get like a sense of crazy freedom, it's, like skipping out school then hoping. Not to get caught but. Yeah this. Is awesome really excited so, see, on the other side. I. Know. What I like you. Don't want to go you. Want to stay another, month, okay. Then I'll pick you up okay. I think. Today we're gonna head over to Bird Rock and do. Some more diving, and. If we can manage. It and conditions, are favorable, we're. Gonna stay, the, night and. Today's, Thursday so if we stayed tonight we can't start the passage, on a Friday so. We're gonna actually say two nights. Which. Is cool, because. Definitely. Want to spend some more time in the water here before we go I'm kind of bummed to be leaving this place because, it's. So. Epic and it's gonna, be really hard to get to for the next several years at. Least. But, I'm happy for it because I think it needs to do some healing and, people. Basically have to stay away for that to happen so I think it's good that airports, for every right now actually. The compass just did something really weird Alex, I don't know what it is about this island but there's some, weird magnetic zone, so we. Were just on autopilot back there and, the, boat was cruise along the holla descended in a full left turn, and. Then did a full right turn and then another full left turn and. Then the GPS stopped working at the same time. So, I don't know all these space, and tons or something. And, our iridium doesn't work here and neither does the other books. There's. Some weird electrical. Activity. All. The way to the left now. Right, now. Does, it hurt invisible well I've never seen it the only time it did this is after I fixed. It and put it back in and, I had the wires backwards, and, steering from our right. With. A dysfunctional. Autopilot, we are going to bedrock to, spend two more days diving, before we are heading to. We, have been to bedrock before, but we definitely felt, that we can't use this place without seeing, more of this amazing underwater, world and, listen. Myself, we, were pretty excited to, get back in the water as well for. More beginner, dives. So, we type Delos to avoid and underwater. We, go. You. Always feel a little bit nervous getting in the water with sharks, like what do you think is another what kind of sharks they are are you going into their. Territory the same as if you'd go into, like an. Area with lions or Tigers or, something. Know, that you're not there to harm. It. Didn't take long for us to make friends with one of the many boards bodies this, one in particular was super, keen to stick with us for the entire duck. And. Dive. After dive he would always join back up with us to show us the way chase after mr. Brady and keep us safe from all the shirt. I. Get. Really nervous when they go below the water and, as a rational, diverts the weight through the Sharks of bob'll I know that I never they're experienced, a lot, cheaper it was a whole different world down there by. I, so worried. It's. Always important, to be aware of sharks, and to know that you are in their territory and, not vice versa. The whole crew has learned a lot about their behavior, lately so. We more and more enjoy, diving and swimming with them they. Are amazing creatures. And mostly misunderstood. By us humans. The. Prude that one dive after, another but. Not all of them were children smooth, oh. You. Just wonderful, fifth dive here, at Bird Island and, they've. Been really mellow, and chill and this one is a little bit more hectic the.

Cruise You're on a different side of the island than we've been I've even lost the. Last few times and there's, just. The edge of the island underwater sheer. Drop off lunch. And so it's really gorgeous so. We. Get over just on the other side and we find this narrow, caves. Tunnel, thing started. We. Start to cruise in slowly there's, no surge it was fine and. It, kind of just cuts. Like this going in. So. We, cruisin and then when. A set came through and it just ripped. Us, got. Sucked. In. Sucked. Into the. Cave. So. That was actually the most I've. Ever been underwater but luckily Brian was. Close, enough to me to. Come back into the cave of it and he was able to crab me and, get his feet on the wall kind of pushed me back, out again and then. I managed gonna get around one of the corners but I just holding, the hammer in one handed the other hand just holding. On to the. Side of the, side. Of the wall wherever I could grab and, just. Holding on and getting pulled back so, gnarly. But. Good. Lesson you know to just. Remember to always dive safe and. Not. Push it because things. Can happen so fast, you know diving so peaceful, and and. Chill. Most of the time and then just like that, it's. Not anymore, and you. Know you whack your head or something like that in. Indy, and luckily. Everybody, was safe and not badly, injured. The, bride it's, all fat there's. A cave over there that's a real bad idea to go into you, go in it. We got sucked, into it that. Was scary. I was. Like swimming in behind Alex, and. Then I looked back and she just like turns around and, gets sucked back there's a shit. That. Was the, scariest. To. Say I. Had, the camera so I just holding all into one hands like I. Stuck. Because, what would it happen if you just got so completely in and got trapped you. Got bashed against the law yeah you should've gotten faster on tonight and, tell you and then we're sitting there in my they. Weren't bleeding at first they were like green, and. They were like sitting right over water for, safety. Stop and. I, was like I'm, like bleeding in this shirt. Let's. Not do that you know good, lesson learned today got. Some battle wounds from it. Joshy. It's. All good it could definitely be a where so I'm just really happy about hotel this day now so. Lisa, and Elizabeth is. Going down again for, their second. Beginners. Dives, and. They is gonna go down and, look at some feces are you excited. I have. An. Elena's yeah. This. River has, relax. And breathe. Not. Three days. I'm. Looking, forward to building. I. Would. Do good spitless, not not like a common. Rabbit, and, I have really stood there okay. I'm just nervous before, experiment. So, he's right what, it is. Last. Before. Jesus. First I tried, what. Back. Delos, dive school the, guy round town for shit regulator. Zero. There, you go easy. Thank, God she, got, you, know. By. Taking out a, holiday. I. Honestly. Can't express my feelings, being, able to dive just for the second time in my entire, life and such a remote, place was, purely, overwhelming. It's, the rocks and then Brian just held my hand and. He didn't let go for the entire duration is. How man. And, then we just saw shark and then these, was next to me and I just grabbed Lisa's, hands has like, will. Hold your hands. There. Are no words to express, my gratitude to. The whole crew for giving listen me the opportunity. To learn and to experience, underwater. Life. Divers. Are. You being honest. All the rugged. I admit. II cried several, times in the water like missus, hook. You got me you got. Got the addiction. Hey. Funny, except. To breathe and water again today, hey.

Buddy. Morning. Everyone, Oh. Oh. Breathes. Underwater huh, let's, do it. How, are you today. You're. In storm last night yo, was, coming down I had, a good night's sleep. Although the slams back their antenna no I think it slammed, so much that our whole bed shakes yeah I was thinking that yeah, what is that bruh. Then power went or. The. Thing could be full of bird feathers. Instead. Of going diving straight away there was solid Makabe, mission needed. Start. The generator this. Watching. Failed. And, the alarm it gave was raw water and alarm which means it's probably the impeller and. That sucks because it's a second, one that's happened wait, a minute it's the second, time this happened, hmm. This, sounds familiar to me but let's watch a little bit more nothing. Only has a hundred. And. Seventeen, hours on it and they're supposed to last like way way away along. I'm, just gonna change it again we only have one box so. I'm, motivated, to fix it. Just. Scrambled. Up in there it's facts man I don't, know why he would do that but, just disintegrated. Yeah you, sleepy, little pieces of a hen's will break off it's. Kind of be a problem, with salt, water getting put into that right now. We gotta count all the pieces count. All the pieces didn't. Me do this before, none. Can you remember now because. If. Any these pieces are left and the engine then they block up the cooling circuit, like the heat exchanger, the. Same thing happened after 20, hours of generator, running it. Doesn't make any sense, but, remember didn't we count along least the last time last time we did it in the NBA we. Leave everything out of them and I found all the pieces right and we laid them out my County. I'm. Pretty sure I remember doing that yeah, I. Went. Down I was like okay there's one more. After. 20 hours of running for some reason look at this that's. The impeller I don't. Know if you can see it but there's one two. Three four. Five. Blades, missing, try and clean those out. One. Two. Three. There's. Four I, hope, that's all of them I. Don't. See any others and that. Was the little hint we gave you guys only a few weeks ago that, the finding, the blades game wasn't over yet. Welcome. To, the finale in. Ascension. Brainy, saw another piece I don't know if you can see it but it's hidden, in. Way in there. Yes. Maybe. Maybe. I missed that one the first time this happened I see. Which, would cause this to happen. And mediate that other so, I think we'll just put, our.

Last, Intolerant, and, hope, that it makes us to Brazil, and. For all the people out there who might have thought that Brian installed the impeller wrong the last time because, some blades were bent in the wrong direction here. Is how it works. And if you go the other way it just sort of changes right. That's. About it, yeah. It's. All back together. They're. Really, hot I. Like when you're sweaty in the menu. Look at that belly. Banks. Often, leave your head on inside the box oh my, god. Yeah. Okay, get at O'Brien you your friend Iman. Fuck. It. Bryan. Grab it with the power. For. Brady's of birdperson. You. Gonna be reading that he's. A bit. Get. A free let it free let it free you got him. Hi. Web, birdie. Yeah. Let's, just let him yeah, this is Lucic, this don't, blasting, Brian, glass. Him, drive. Was. Very gentle thank you for. Asking the bird I, don't. Think okay I'm sure he, was. I think, they pretend, to be dead at that point oh yeah. What's. Going on. So. Accidentally. Got boiling. Hot water over and I, went. To fill up my water bottle. At the same time I was pouring hot water in, the sink and we've. Shared the sink many times but then there a wave. Hit the back of the boat and. Strapped. And. The water went over my hand and. Really. Fucking, hurts right now yeah I've, got fire. All. In here it. Just it just hurts, to do that just. To touch my skin you. Know both of our hands are inured you know it's Easter's. Don't, touch me. I'm, about to cream for the short-term treatment of wounds and minor burns. Mm-hmm. Does, it feel better no. Hasn't, done anything I feel, like it's. Still fucking. Pain. After. Such a hectic morning it was finally, time to calm, down and, to, be underwater. And. Then, at the end of our last dive we saw something pretty unique this. Determined, little turtle was swimming in the strong current with just three flippers, we. Had heard we might see him around here and it was a pretty sweet way to end our time. It's. Amazing, yeah why so. Good. For the best I've ever had so. Chill. You. Showed me I saw, a strip cleaning, out at you about the.

Your Gun I guess open, his mouth hold. On his head. Judith. From. Down below we, headed straight into the sky to, explore per drop one last time from the air. I just. Wanted to talk about, this. Spot and how incredibly. Unique it is it just feels so wow in, a way you know you have this massive. Rock, with thousands. Of birds that is like going crazy, above. Us. Unspoiled. Part of the world for sure a little gem it's, a really, unique spot and I feel super, lucky that we've been able to spend as, much, time here as we have. I would. Definitely, say that this is one of the most amazing dive, spots I've ever been to we can dive from the boat which is a huge, thing as well we don't have to pack everything in Maggi and it's just amazing, and then when, you drop in the, water it's, actually really good visibility and, it's just so. Many trevallies. And. Sharks. Cruising, around in the distance. And. Turtles. And, small, fish and macro. Stuff and. It's just been really sunny, today and beautiful, and I'm really happy. So. That, was wonderful I think to, mind-blowing, days at Bird Rock and a, pretty, decent way to finish. Off the essential, experience, I'd say but. Now. It's finally time to get ready to set sail. Next. Step on Delos we set sail from Ascension on our 2,300. Nautical mile Passage to Brazil and some. Issues with the autopilot lead us to fall in love with hand steering to the Southern Cross really. Afford to just steer directive. Other stars. Like, it. Do. We need me tuna noodles I don't, like the number five. This. Is quite heavy Lisa, I should I carry it like this. Some. Powerful thighs you've got on your Casa. Between. A woman's legs I'll, say and the. Most important, part to remember here. On Bird Island is when you're looking up close. Your mouth, otherwise. You the chances, are pretty high that you're getting bird. Poop in. Your mouth and nobody. Else got time for that oh. That. Was your mouth oh. I. See it's a big piece of shit let. Me see you again. Big. Piece of poop. Are you, trying. To find the hole in the net, you. See if I were. Ever lactate, wherever. Loving. Than half those they, don't. Yeah. What. Are you grooming, blue. Barbershop. A. Walrus. Lastly. For. The kitchen scissors I like it. You.

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yet another great adventure has ended i know more to follow - good sailing and fare winds on your passage to south america....see ya soon....

Awesome video.

You are sailing in southatlantic abnormaly. We are proberly in the start of a polereverse, and if you look at the magnetic probertyes the earth, there's a big spot where you are sailing.

Mala noticia el salvar a esa antipática en la gruta. Debieron de dejarla ahí!.

the dive shots are awesome guys! some soundtracks Sweden Max did, or tracks with that type of nature would just go perfect with slo-mo underwater scene shots! always remember, if you get too comfortable doing something mistakes happen!

never turn the impeller the direction it does not run in . you must fit it twisting in its direction of rotation . yes rubber moves ect but . its just good practice and a little rubber grease while fitting .. works for me

Great stuff. The best was watching Lizas and Elisabeths emotions after diving, priceless! Much love to all of you.

Pool water at a 5 Star resort is less clear than the oean water at Ascention Island. This is some of the best reef footage on YouTube. Anazing job, guys!

Super dive video. Thanks for sharing...pry CPT Rick off Grenada.


Totally Stoked!! Love you guys! Peace

Bring on Brasil thanks so much for taking us on your journey, appricate the effort you all put in to making these videos

We are going to follow in your "footsteps"

Awsome video to start my weekend... check

I wonder if your GPS, Iridium, compass problem could have been caused by the South Atlantic Anomaly.

I really should quit watching these videos. They make me want to sell the house and get a boat, but my wife HATES the idea. Thanks for another great video that feeds my dreams.

Team work

+1 for the music when you go underwater ;) 12:00

I think it's said Bosun Bird Island. Those black birds trying to eat the turtle hatchlings are Frigate birds!

Hello Delos! I have just finished watching ALL your videos from episode 1 having only discovered your wonderful productions about 6 weeks ago! You have exhausted me! Your videos are wonderful, the underwater footage is captivating and I particularly enjoy your passage videos. Brian, I have often admired your team building skills which are a combination of crew selection and man management! I wish I had those skills. Karin and Brady are super in their support of your mission and the crews you select are quickly loyal and effective. Your choice of vessel is I think excellent, I have always liked the sail options you get from a ketch and the safety two masts give you. The sail you call a bloomer, I have called a BLOOPER for the past 50 years! Your off passage activities are fun and I must comment on Lisa (Austria) and her pixielike/fairy personality and the oofle dust she spreads over the boat is quite magic. I know you have reached the Carribean ( Rick Moore mentioned you had visited) but I have only watched you to Ascension Is. Still, I look forward to your series continuing and hope the completion of your circumnavigation continues safely! Keep up the good work! Enjoy!

time for some new sea hags.....

Apparently you can through the crack and end up to the other side ...

Lisa is Sooooooo Adorable!!

school diving sv delos

I'm really going to miss Lisa when the videos catch up with her absence....

Best part about Delos is the smiles! I love to see the crew smile. It brings great joy and laughter to my life.

Thank you Delos for another great video. My life would not be the same with out you. You bring hope and joy to my life.

ah, to be young again.

Please stay out of caves, experienced cave divers die in caves often even after extensive planning.

ALOE VERA 100% no bs , hope you healed quickly .

the price was not bad at all is just me and my 15 year old daughter at home and dropping $200 american every 2 weeks is easy here in Texas and it is much cheaper than many other places in the US like California or other liberal states

...and 38 minutes.

Thank goodness ,you never went close to Diego Garcia, auto pilot would have been worse................Love u guy;s and girlies :)

Awesome video! With regards to the generator impeller problem another YouTube channel Catamaran Impi fixed the issue by using a magnetic drive raw water pump here is the link to that episode hope this helps with your generator issue. Cheers

Why did you took down a broom and scrubbed the bolders?

Animal Protection needs your exposure as you navigate this fragile ecosystem. Love and Peace! Bike and Sail Classical

God, the endings are soo good all the time! :D

Great Video as always! The scariest thing for me underwater is not sharks or other wildlife, its strong current. The ocean doesn't mess around!

Fantastic episode The drama and fear and the 2nd dive school with such touching descriptions and obvious joy and emotion Fab, fab, fab!!

MEDICAL ADVICE INCOMING ^^ hi ladies and gents, by the way, just a litte info about burning the skin, with hot water, direkt after contact, cool it, with cold water (maybe with ice in it) for at least 20 minutes, to prevent from further damage of the part below the skin (sorry, for missing words, my english is not the best...). the problem is, that if you can´t get the heat down, it will damage the skin further more, because the heat will be saved in the part below the skin (tissue?). that only works for burnigs 1st degree, for 2nd degree, you had to visit a hospital. just want to inform you, so sail safe and stay healthy (@ liz...hope it didn´t hurt anymore)^^

Best dive vlog ever!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder ... do you precut St Helena or Ascension ?

Is Delos making it’s way back to Seattle via the Panama Canal or are you pirates going to sail around the cape. Alex. Are you from the SF Bay Area? You have SF on the back of you phone/tablet. Mark & Carol, San Francisco.

Mark Borgatta heya! Yes I was born in SF and have lived there & Petaluma for most my life :) Brady and I will be visiting in July and are hoping to do some kind of meet up/sailing day. Hope to meet you two!

water pump problem solved. watch 1. NO IMPELLER, NO RAW WATER PUMP - MARINE GENERATOR

Thank you guys so much for sharing that amazing dive with us! Sorry bout the hand for Liz and of course the "Cave" Holy crap that was scary! Let alone the impeller troubles.

By far the best underwater photography you guys have done.

I so much appreciate how every episode allows the adventure to tell the story and you guys are just great characters along for the ride.

That would count in any of my books as scary! Glad you are all OK

Wow, by all standards an excellent video! Thanks guys!

The series just gets better and better!  Nothing against the other channels, they do a good job as well but you guys are really hitting your stride right now! The flow of the videos along with the comradery between you all makes for some fantastic episodes! And the places the scenery, "EPIC" as you all like to say. Thanks for sharing the story with us stuck on land with the jobs dreaming of what you all are doing.

Nice vid .. Girls did good for second dive ever ... But please say out of the caves unless trained , there is nothing inside a cave worth dying for !!... if you want to see watch one of the worlds elite cave divers .. enjoy

Happy St. Paddy's Day To All !!

Highlights -- Brian holding Betty's hand whilst diving - flipping adorable


Fantastic video. Each better than the last. With that cave adventure, we realize how really remote you are- can't screw up. No matter how beautiful, Brian fixing stuff is still my favorite. Sending beer money from Denver.

Why was he diving with a broom?

Your editing is so great it’s always a pleasure to watch videos and I look forward to it every week. Love you guys and keep up the good work hope to be doing what you do someday

Bri ... Very cool ... the shots if you holding the girls hands - EPIC!!! Awesome stuff.

Sailing SV Delos - Absolutely wonderful guys. Thanks so much!!!

delightful watching the new diving experience reactions of liz and lisa. what an original thrill. Both had some very dear comments about learning to dive. fun to watch. learning to dive on Delos is quite an exclusive school. I must say i am envious. have fun all !

brian moore thanks for the love, Brian!

Wow some amazing scuba diving. Very cool to see all the sea life down there.

goldsilverandiamonds thanks man it was incredible!

What position does Brady play on the Delos soccer team? * Sweeper! :-)

i called 175 on that

I would really appreciate any help I can get. I am working to do it on my own, but I am not succeeding. Please help anyway you can

Can't watch this anymore...!!!

Departing Ascension comes with unscripted ups and downs, apparently...remarkable underwater footage...I wouldn't want to leave, either.


In the evening you can navigate using the constellations if it is not cloudy.

great stuff with the two beginners...that is special. not a bad way to be introduced to diving. congratulations

hahaha the trevaly is there in anticipation of bits of brady after the shark feed... unfortunate for him, and lucky for you :)

There are a few things I appreciate about your videos. 1. The positive nature of your stories. You could focus on the inevitable “drama” that always occurs in a group. But you don’t! 2. Learning about new places around the world. From Ascension, to the Skeleton coast to Madagascar. 3. Learning about new things, namely, the Mavic Pro and the Still Spirits Turbo. Both new hobbies of mine. Keep it up!

Enjoyed your Ascension adventures, I lived and worked on the US Base 2004-2014, Did many dives there, it was quite unique. Did you ever get a chance meet Jimmy Young? One of the Best Saint Ascension Divers there. Anyway, Cheers, Safe travels..

It makes me nervous every time I see Brady launch the drone by hand. There has to be a safer way of doing it. Those blades will chop a finger off or worse.

Kevin Haynes We're all nervous, Kevin!! Haha!

aw thank you so much for playing 'better when' again! love that song from Noseby vid!

Delos somehow you always turn minuntes into seconds... You all are amazing, thank you!

D G Thanks for the love, man!

It must be hard masturbating on a boat with so many people.

Love this video as always!!!! For burn: Remove jewelry, run burn under cool running water for 10 minutes. Remove hand - if burning has not stopped, place hand under cool running water for another 10 minutes. Repeat process until burning stops. if there are open wounds or blisters, bandage lightly with sterile dressing to prevent infection. Do not use ointments unless very minor burn (traps heat in and skin keeps burning). Do not use ice (too cold) Do not break blisters. Regards Jerry Rocker PA Dept of Health - EMT

Sunday mornings I love moving to the sofa and watching the latest vid from SVDelos. Great way to start the day.

EpicBiking Haha do it, brother!!

aaawwww.... thank you nick!

waldowoc Thanks man! You guys make us smile everyday!

james coney We feel the same about you guys!

MrAesthet It was to ward off any sharks in case!

imagine how much we have to choose from... hehe! :)

Jacob Potkin Amen to that, brother!

ThacMan Yay! Thanks brother!

Doug Northcote Thanks brother! Lizbef's hand was much better the day after!

Quinton Lindgren Thanks man!

Sailing Sisu Thanks mate! It was pretty terrifying!

Kevin Kimmey Thanks for watching, Kevin!

Wakeywhodat Exactly!

You guys are awesome, have a fair wind and following seas to Brasil!

The quality of the video you all are doing is excellent! Great chemistry...

Underwater caves are VERY DANGEROUS and should ALWAYS be approached with CAUTION. Lots of very experienced people have succumbed to them and water currents. Glad it was just a scare. Hope people take NOTICE. DO NOT ENTER undewater caves if you are not: First - Prepared, Second with safety measures in place. I have saddly lost a friend to a cave very much like that. In exactly the same situation. Freak wave and he was gone. He was a VERY experienced cave diver that did a very simple mistake on what at first sight looked like nothing special. But as I really enjoy your videos, PLEASE... DO NOT ENTER caves in exotic places you don't know unless with a local AND EXPERIENCED guide. Pady is also NOT anywhere near anything to prepare you to dive in that type of dive. They just have a business making money not divers.

Get used to the Onan impeller failure. It won’t stop. I’ve got generator from that Onan line. It’s a design failure Onan doesn’t seem to care about. Youll uncover plenty of premature failure experiences of boat and RV owners in the internet. They seldom last more than 100 hours and often only 20 or so

Been a fan and subscriber from way on now. I love your adventures, your sailing and boat maintenance, your interaction with the locals and the always changing faces of the crew. It is a respite to my day fighting PTSD. Thank you so much for that - you will never know how it heals my brain. Now, to some serious bits. BIKINIS. I must see the beautiful Lisa in a bikini at least twice per episode, Elizabeth - your crazy, amazing bikini body needs to be free, and last but not least Karin, you have been missed. Alex is holding up the bikini quotient for some time now. BUT, remember, I much more enjoy what I said before, it is part of my PTSD therapy that I discuss my doctor and it helps to keep my head out of the war. Thank you!

Catch up already!

Awesome stuff as always! Thank you for sharing this place with us, the audience. This is a place I know I will never visit in my life, so thank you for taking me there.

uw stuff are my favs. Cool.

I lost a friend freediving the same way. He was freediving for lobster (at night) off Santa Barbara Island with some memebers of my dive club and he got sucked back into a massive cave. We think there is an exit for the water, so there was no 'rebound' after the surge. The other divers on the boat found him the next morning. He was one of the best freedivers I know, with decades of experience. Glad you guys made it out safe, the ocean is one unpredictable place, but we still love her.

The adventure and the videos get better and better :)

Hey Guys - Excellent video as always...As you guys are so remote sometimes, (God forbid you ever need it guys) but do you carry a defib machine in case of a major issue, or other major first aid stuff? All the best guys, KEEP SAFE in all you do!!

Um.. whats with the scrub brush?

Ryan Willett It's used to poke away any over curious sharks..some guy on the island told them about it.

Great editing!

Whats you talkin 'bout Willis?

we are waiting for Brazil, yes

Fantastic video

Best channel, best crew out there, awesomeness guys. Thank you for sharing

So nice this video! it almost made us buy diving gear directly.

I'm still pi$$ed you didn't play golf on the worst golf course in the World - opportunity missed. Something I have wanted to all my adult life. Why didn't the power boat just beach at high tide, dig the straps under, and lift out from there? It looks like the crane had access to that part of the beach. Anyway, on to the good (butt smooch) stuff, like everyone else. This is, without a doubt, the most awesome underwater video I have ever seen. The blessings of life have flooded you beyond the dreams most people are capable of imagining. It is wonderful to see that you appreciate it, and share it.

Epic video... Wow!!!

Man y’all gotta be careful even getting near caves, wrecks, etc. even if you have done it tons of times, even if you have your wreck cert. be careful! Would be horrible if something happened to one of y’all! Very thankful, I know that had to be crazy scary. Keep up the great vids!!

Well, where's the new video? tired of waiting

Lavendar essential oil will relieve burn pain, almost immediately.

Thumbs up from Torquay England , all of your adventures are fantastic thank you so much for sharing this beautiful planet

Great video

Delos fix over already Again!

Hey Davis, so sorry to read about your less. Caves are very dangerous and we learned our lesson on this one! Sending you good vibes today mate

The whole spectacle about Brian might be wrong in counting the impaler blades is totally baseless.

One of the most amusing videos you've shared! Lots of fun amidst the fears. Fair winds!

Thanks for all your hard work organizing these videos. I love you guys. Kazatron , Bradster, BreeeeY0nnnn ... Many Many "[̲̅T̲̅][̲̅h̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅n̲̅][̲̅k̲̅][̲̅ ̲̅][̲̅Y̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅u̲̅] :¨·.·¨: `·. ƮϦαɳk Ψөu ¨°o.OⓉⓗⓐⓝⓚ ⓎⓞⓤO.o°¨ T̅h̅a̅n̅k̅ ̅Y̅o̅u̅ T̲h̲a̲n̲k̲ ̲Y̲o̲u̲ ̶T̶̶h̶̶a̶̶n̶̶k̶̶ ̶̶Y̶̶o̶̶u̶ 7h4nk y0u ԵɧԹՌƙ ՎԾՄ tђคภк ץ๏ย Ťђᾄᾗќ Ŷὄὗ ŦЋānk Ȳōū ŢϦąռҡ ϒՇʯ 丁├┤丹仈长S !!!! Going to work in San Antonio, Texas RN ... These 8 hours always go insanely fast knowing that when I get home I get to go on an amazing adventure yet again!!!!! Ep. 165 come to papa ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° ) I Love all you Salty Mofo Sailors. " Fair winds "

I am so jealous for your scariest moment.

Amazing video editing. Kudos!

hey guys, look what i just ran across.

Thanks Steve!

Sailing SV Delos my pleasure

Thank you for watching, buddy!

Every Friday, brother!

Thanks Gerald!

Thank you for joining us!

We have a huge medical supply and a doctor on constant availability if we need to call him! Thanks for the love Frank.

since you guys are about 6 months ahead of your videos...where does that put you coming into 'hurricane season'?? cuba? columbia? shame you all miss mexico...meaning, all you 'round the world' sailors. delos was lucky enough to have the trip down the baja coast, though no one spends enough time, and it's nearly a thousand miles of 'ascension' type vistas that include much more sea life than i observed in your videos of, if you want to be shit on by birds while anchored, we have islas marrietas here in the banderas bay...hahaha. you guys have a great boat and a great crew. it's been nice to see a little more 'revelation' and a little less 'ego' in the videos. a tip; show don't tell. it's really more of a rule. hahaha

Thank you so much! It was an incredible experience :D Lizbef x

Thanks man! It was so much fun to film!

Thanks for sharing, Deb!


I'm new to watching Sailing Videos on YouTube but I'm hooked and I've been looking at possibly buying a catamaran. Kind of funny though, I have an unrealistic fear of sharks and was even a Marine Corps Raider that did a lot of work in the water on zodiacs around the world and have even been shot in combat... But Sharks........"Fuck Sharks" I have the worst luck in the world. I would end up hitting a parked Bus while flying a plane in mid air bad luck lol. I wonder what the law is for say carrying my AR-15 on my passages. Shooting floating balloons from 200 to 300 yards while in the prone off the bow or whatever the top of the salon or cockpit would be called seems like it would be a shit ton of fun while I'm out there by myself. First my ass has got to learn how to sail. How did you guys learn

Excuse the 41 people that thumbs down this video they we're crossed eyed

Thanks for the love man! We had a lot of fun filming it!

Brilliant song choice guys

Check out our video!

Anyone else have chop on the video? I'm sure there just so far away

Been watching you and some other sailing videos for about 6 mths now and this episode has to be the best I have seen yet. Great job, thanks.

Those were some serious burns, is she ok?

Fantastic videos as always. Under water looks amazing & loving your attitude to sharks

Dont wanne be a spoilsport here but NEVER go into overhead envoironments if you are not trained and equipped (adequate redundant air and lights, reel) for it. Its a fast way to die.

I may have missed it, but what’s the point of brushing the rocks under water?

Always cool a burn, and keep it cooled! That will greatly limit the tissue damage in the long run.

These two vids of Liz and Lisa diving are absolutely heart warming.

That was amazing as usual.

Always the same game with these impellers...

15:28 Good you all are safe. So scary that time.

maybe the best episode ever

Your welcome=) its looks like you've had the most amazing experience being aboard Delos!

What an awesome time you all have had at Ascension Island, and how incredibly good you guys are now with your editing. Love it love it love it. Thanks a million for sharing the joy

Stunning underwater pics.

I love magnums

An old impeller laying on the shelf for years will fall apart after running..

I like your whisker poles setup.

Cave diving is no joke and takes special training, I know you are competent divers just be careful in an overhead environment, most caves or wrecks look inviting and safe but you can get in trouble quickly. If you are going to do it consider taking some Intro to cave or at least cavern training. Stay safe Delos Crew.

Go back and watch the video of the generator installation. You can tell when you ask the guys about the impeller service intervals they knew about the problem. You can see it in the wine guy's face and the other guy was very elusive

You should never put cream or oil on a burn. Aloe vera or colloidal siver gel, and then a compress with either one is better.

Amazing dives. I've been benge watching to try and catch up, I'm going to be sad when I do because I've enjoyed it so much! I'll keep watching but anticipation is a bummer!!!! Love how you edit your videos.

The girls were SO IMPRESSED with basic engineering! The vanes on the impellor are FLEXIBLE!!!!!!!!!! They go both ways!!!!! OOOOHHHHH! I love girls.

wow. wow. you guys are incredible. beautifully shot, amazing coverage. and an incredible edit. absolute perfection. sensational work!!!

Pure hydraulics - you were 'sea cavern' diving (open sea visible) as opposed to cave diving (not) where if the passage is narrow enough - it will be subject to currents that are trying to equalise sea water levels/swells either side of a rock wall.

Brady, what's the deal with the brush? Were you cleaning the boat and just decided to bring it along for the dive?

rubber impeller MIND BLOWN!

I am a glass blower and I get burned a good deal, sometimes real bad. A buddy of mine turned me on to using yellow mustard on the burn and letting the mustard dry. Just wash it off after it dries. Repeat if needed but really works.

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