My trip to Morocco| Part 1

My trip to Morocco| Part 1

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Hi guys so today we're, gonna Rocco, and, he's like. 2. O'clock now, so, I'm gonna get going and. Watch, the airport, and a. Minibus is gonna collect us from my house so. Yeah I'm gonna go there and the, flights had m6. They're, gonna land, in Morocco, in, around 10 o'clock, so. All my sisters are going my, younger brother and me my, dad is staying home and yeah. So, let's. Get going. Are. You happy going plane. Yeah. He's happy he. Just tired because he has left. We. Are coming now. So. That sign said we're put now so. First, time attending my children's, abilities, as. Again. We're. Just waiting for my. Mom and my sisters, my. Young brother. We're going on the plane now. I'm. So hungry and tired. Please. Remain seated. Today. Like many but to take my message. We're, going to the airport. We, are going out the airport, we got a man trying, to. Jackie. Jackie. Waiting. For the taxi. For in the corner, the taxis, are going to our hotel. You're. Gonna check in at 2:00 with us when you open a car keys. Oh. My. God American, cream. Love. It. This. Is a V. McDonnell. Now. So. We're McDonald's. Now I'm we're just going to eat lunch. You. You. Wake up a breakfast. Here. Eating now. Some. Massive. Nothing. You. Video. So. We just have McDonald again. We're, just standing there. Where's, she gone. Yeah. Sorry. Please, draw. Yeah. Oh. Hello. Chief. King, FB. Well, that's. New. We. Have everyone. My. Own room the, own work is gonna finish. What, is obvious, yes rainbow. Cookie. Different. Colors, green. We're, not free, is. Still gonna be the visa I know. We. Will drink ever. You. Can just take ball, we're. Going we're being here majestic, basta. It's. Not a food. You. We knew today and we're, going to eat our lunch. We. Didn't do much things today but we're. Gonna do it tomorrow like, we're gonna go quit biking on uncommon. Writing so yeah so, we're gonna get, going. To. Achieve. A change. Oh. Hi. Guys so we went to renewed yeah. And the food was good but it wasn't like that good because you were hungry at the time so we just ate all of it and now we're just going to the shopping centers, and yeah. We're gonna explore shopping centers and when like II. But. I don't know but II I'm just gonna he like ice cream coke under so, yeah because it's really hot today I don't, know how how. Much the degrees, is but yeah. But it is really hot I don't know why I'm wearing this but yeah. So. Oh. A hot, seat. Could. You turn it like that. You. Know that Chinese family there done that love their son. Maybe. More upper-class. Oh. I. Know. They still inject, my head. Hundred. Very. Monitors, hopefully. They should be doing it for us. We're. Gonna teach didn't, really. Show me more, 150. Countries we, did in the government. Humanitarian. City holder. You. And. Horse riding and. Watching. TV. I saw. Stage 3 now and. - Nicola we're gonna go to, camel riding and tomorrow we're gonna go quadbiking so. Yeah we just ate breakfast, and, yeah. Those love croissants, no breakfast it wasn't it, there's not much varieties, of food, so. Yeah so we just gonna eat late timer dance again, because we make we, have to make the most out there because in London there's hardly any halal McDonald's.

And Here's those of sorry laughter like, look, at the ingredients you see Esther, is like and. A lot of things Haram, things that we're not supposed to eat so yeah. You. Are also like a material. The, job the tunable assessment. Rate something. All. Right. Why. I don't want to read the scarf. Could, beats be mom. Me. Africa, man cuz it's 20. Yeah. I know, what. Your punchline said you. Would. Walk into dairy well. I'm. Not a Whore see you. Read you can hear it. Going. To Jamaa el Fna off. Hit. The, monkey. Demand. A. Hygiene. The. Ships are they look. Yes. At this rate, I, know. What's. Another let me do it. No. Tengo soda. Come, on. Already. Good that. What. Are they in activist. You're. Not don't choose. Some. Yes I have idea how do you cover. Like. YouTube video. To. Get you on oh. My. God. What's, a man man.

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