My Victorinox Farmer survival knife??

My Victorinox Farmer survival  knife??

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Hello. You are very welcome to my day off, today. We will examine this knife the. Victorinox farmer with a luck scales in. Mine, a Swiss Army knife video, I used this knife the. Range of grips 70 years. This. Is a beast of a faller and a, fairly large saw gives, it the same utility as a large chopping knife in my opinion. But. It may be too large for some people and, may not be legal to carry in some countries because, it was linked and a locking blade. So. This brings us to the farmer. To. Be honest I have wanted one of these since I saw a German, friend Tom, and de woods used one in his videos and what, caught my eye is this reamer slash punch as they describe it mounted. In the same position, as a normal blade. This. Appeals to me much more than a reamer punch a sewing I mounted. On the back of many Swiss. Army knives I think. This would be much more useful. When. I saw this I knew straight away that I would find uses first what. The uses are I don't know but I find out. The. Arranger grip was my first introduction to the Victoria, Knox hours. And. I think it's the next and it's offered a size and very, very useful. Now. I have an almost three inch saw and very, conveniently, sized folder. I'm. Not going to go into all of the specs you can look them up online but, for those of you who'd like to know for legal reasons, the blade is, exactly, two and three-quarter inches long. It's. Also a bit thicker, than. Other Swiss Army knives a similar size. The. Scales of course as I mentioned earlier, our aluminium, or a lux. That's. All very well which, you may ask is, this knife any good in the outdoors, well I'm glad you asked because. Today we're going to use this to, build a survival, shelter, so. Enough with the jibber-jabber let's, get to work, this. Is where we're going to build a shelter guys and where we are is. In the corner of an orchard and I've, picked this bush because I want to leave this shelter for some months to, evaluate how the materials, that I use will, work a rest so. I'm going to move around hopefully, I get a share of poles here, and if, not I'll move out to the surrounding hedge, goers in the countryside. Our. First job is to get some poles so, let's get to it I couldn't. Find much in the line of straight poles in the orchard so I've come to the woods. What. I intend to do is is do 50/50. Half the, poles with Sol and half, with knife blade so we're going to start here with the saw. This. Is obviously much smaller than, the range ellipse. Massara. Me saw as are nice and rigid I like, that they're not flimsy are, pliable. Bendy. That's. A chakra saw. I'll. Be too far from the end. It's. Very little holding that. It. Could do it being a little bit bigger but as we see it, to get through the wood. Give. Me a moment and I'll pull this out of here. Here's. Our pole. It's. A bit over 12 feet long so, I'm going to cut it in half and, that'll give us to shelter, poles. So. I need six for two tripods and one crossbar and then a few light poles for. Putting. My shelter material, on here. We have another long sapling, that will give us at least two pawns. We. Use the knife this time. No. Bother to Victoria nice. So. I got that pole down and, some from it I got 230 shelter. Bones, so. We can get another good pole here. This. One is Parrish he brokered from rivers join today to the the. Other poll but. It's still very tick down there and would be quite hard to cut. So. I'm just going to cut it here with the sour I. Was. Hoping to get a bend on this one. There. We go I. Think. I'll use this for my crossbar. So. We just measured us. And. We break this off using the saw this time. He. Doesn't want to go too easily. It's. Pretty warm here today let me tell you that I. Don't. Have much room for the camera here but, this is our last tripod. Pole or a heavy pole so. I've cut this with a knife. Here. We go. We. Need to reduce the two linked. It's. Pretty hot here today. We've. Got a few light poles now and that'll be our frame started. Now. I'm going to make a, frame, of my shelter using two, tripods and a crossbar. You. Know there are many experts on YouTube and the, Internet who will tell you that you can't cut shelter pause with a simple.

Slip Giant knife it can't be done. Isn't. The Internet grace. I've. Got my shelter frame put together I added. A bipod here to. Spread out some of the ways I have my crossbars on. Normally. I just tapped these legs into the ground but the ground is a bit tired at the moment so. At, each corner. I've. Tied it down. Pegged. It down to the ground just for safety. And. That has made it pretty, damn rigid. Twine. I've used is bailing twine just common bailing twine but. It's very cheap it's strong and I've got my scissors so, why not. Now. We need something to cover it with so let's head off and find out I'm. Going to use two different materials, to attach my shelter on one, side we want to put these filled rushes. And. On, the other side I'm going to use Rose Bay willow herb. According. This is quite higher than edge and while. The Swiss Army knives are decent knives it's. Not exactly Valyrian, steel and this one is already darling, a little so, I need to give it a quick touch-up so, far this I'm going to use my my sandpaper, sharpening, kit it's. Just a piece of light wood and various. Grits of sandpaper glued. To, a piece of cardboard so I. Can interchange them. So. I'm going to start here with 800, grit. Now. I just use it as a strop. So. Now. We. Have 1,000, grit. And. 1200, grist to. Finish. Off I'm going to use the little pocket strap that I earned harsh 19 med for me thanks, again iron horse this. Is just a mini strop and I have green compound, on it so, we'll, strap. The finish. Let's, see. Shaving. Again. I've. Quite a bit of work to do collecting these with my knife so. I better get at it. Get. Rid of all the rubbish. Just. Like that guys and, as I say for the other side I'd use this Rose Bay willow herb generally. You can break these off let's, see. So. They're easier to collect, and. Because. They're so long they'll they'll cover quite a good area. So. We gather bundles of these as well so this, is our touching, material have gathered this, is the rushes and, this. Is the Rose Bay willow-herb, gathering. All of this is quite a tedious job let me tell you I'm going to begin touching with the willow herb I've. Used this once before and, what I did was leave the stalk are fattened facing, upwards because. It just seems from, looking at us that, that would be the best way for water to run off so, you wanna start attaching or any roof at the bottom and work upwards the. Last time we used these I used brambles, to, tie them on and. I was able to store them together using the brambles that, was very convenient so. What I need now is kind of a large needle to, sew these together so, let's see if we can make one here, we have a piece of second or. So. I just peeled that for a moment. Let's. See if we can drill a few nice holes using the all. I've. Actually played around of this for a bit.

And. You need to take. Your time and not rush it otherwise just split the wood. That's. One side. Go. To the back now. So, it makes a pleasantly. Round hole now, I'm going to make a second hole and join the two to make the eye of our needle. Let's. See if we can join the two. So. There we go the, eye of the needle. Which. I needed. When. You finish one row now, you need to overlap, this with the next row. Thataway. Okay, so when you decide these on. And. We work away across okay. Okay. Guys that's, one side finished anyway I hope. To god I have enough material in this I really could have done with three rows I wanted. To bring it up higher I. Have. A little left over so I might add that in but hopefully hopefully, we have enough if. It's a failure I'll let you know I don't. Believe in making nonsense, shelters and showing them on YouTube, let's. Get on to the rushes. I'm. Not attached or I'm no expert in touching, I'm just progressing, by trial and error the. Way I put these rushes on is to put the widened, or thicker end down. Tied. Them on and overlap as I go so I start estroux and get back to you as I. Say I'm progressing by trial and error and, I've used a few different nuts for, tying. Under Russia's, what. I'm using at the moment is to take a loop around the, the. Crossbar. Come. Around my Russia's, tuck. It in tightly. Tuck. It in so I have as little or as few gaps as as possible. Then. I'll add my next one. Take. A grip. But. So on and so forth. In. My last shelter I made the bond is very thick to see how that would go and what, happened was they were very wide at the bottom and. Narrow here, and it made for gaps all along, I've. Left them much, narrower at this time and. They seem to be fitting together much better. So. I'll work away in this row. With. The second row of rushes and the same with, the willow-herb I like, to overlap, these nuts and any little gap that may, be there or nuts are so. I. Want something like that. So, I just continue, on as before. With. My second row. Ok. Dyson has been looking at something up in the tree he's. Been trying to tell me there's, something up there let's. Go and have a look. Nice. Mm-hmm. Was, there, what. Is it, good. Boy. All. Right she's been looking up here in the branches. Let's. See if we can zoom in, for you. That's. A young pigeon her squab would. Pigeon a young wood pigeon. He's. Fairly well developed but he still doesn't have his feathers is his, that all feathers, but. He's a fairly sizable chickens, you. Might not think it to look at Dyson but he has a high prey Drive he's. Kind of a Jekyll and Hyde character you can switch it on enough. Anyway. Back to the shelter in, my last few shelters, I turned, to Russia's fat, side up, for. The very last row and that's, what I'm going to try here. And. I, want to put it in with these I, didn't. Really have enough willow-herb I want it to overlap us to, have it coming well up and. Just. Wish my, rushes in with it and see how that would work out, what.

We'll Press on with it let's see what happens. So. I get this last row of Russia's on. Here's. The finish shelter I eventually got it finished. Let's. Take a closer look. That's. What it's like inside. Let's. Have a look at the rushes. So. This is the rush to Russia's side. Maybe. Not the most beautiful or ever but it, should shed water. The. Peak, are joining of the of the roof his. Arm as a hassle, it's. Not quite as neat as I had in my mind but. Let's. See how it works I show. The other side this, is the Rose Bay willow herb side, I used. This before in a lean-to and it worked very well so we'll. See how it works this time so now all, we can do is wait and see if it's waterproof. To, hurt you it may be. This, is the Prince of the 30-man see, how the shutter is working. A little. Bit I just have to pay the bank. Okay, as, usual. Russia. Militias. Are working perfectly well. But. Maybe you can see the drop ceiling. This. Time it's. Sneaking really nicely there. So. There's. Being women hurt this time as a failure. And, attached once again. He was working absolutely, perfect. I don't, know if you can see the drops are NASA on camera a. Little. Bit. This. Wouldn't be good, where's the touch works perfectly, right. That's. A pity I tell them it will be better. Let's. Go to show you later I've been crap this. Is this is really, like. So. Once, again our shelter didn't. Work for is. The. Last time I used willow-herb first shelter I used the great willow herb that's. The rather long willow herb you saw me show, you earlier, in the video but. I couldn't find that in large amounts this time so. I use the least three different varieties and. Obviously they don't work as a shelter material. So. We. Live and learn from, time to time I get great comments, in the comments section covers. To sum up everything that I'm struggling. To put, together in a video and one. Chap who I respect, is Chris OSH a Chris, made a great comment to our shelter materials, I'm, going to read this so I don't fluff, it up. This. Is part of his comment, if. You look at the historic uses of materials, it's, obvious, what works rushes, and reads in Europe have a centuries-old. Tradition. And. That's a great comment, look. At the materials, that have been used historically to, roof houses, and look. At what's been used in YouTube. Historically. You had straw, you, had rushes you had reads at. Wooden shingles new it's odd, maybe. Some different types of grasses. Nobody. Historically, used spruce, boughs our. Loose leaves our mas are ferns. To roof their houses with that. Has to tell us something guys I. Got. Another great comment, about folding knives from. Gd Gary, from Scotland and. He said my. Father's penknife has a blade under two inches and in. The 70 years he's owned it he, has used it for all countryside. Tasks, such. As gutting, skinning, game cleaning, fish and woodwork. That. Sums up everything that I've been struggling to say in my videos just. One comment. If. You want to watch a review and Swiss Army knives by a real enthusiast, check. Out errand and bushcraft, north of 60. He's. Up there and wise of Canada living the dream I'm. Going to put in some footage from him now and, have, a look at the funky way he makes feather sticks with his axe. I'd. Like to give a shout out to another channel that's well worth watching the. Special, dweller our Shan, Shan. Is a medic in the British Army he's. A man who's been around a block he's a great outdoors man does a lot of white camping. Mountain. Climbing, he's. A wide variety of subjects, in his video and he's well worth watching. When. I bought my latest tent, I took advice from Sean I. Show. You a little bit of Sean's footage now. This. Is a private. Miller I just, put a short little video in now show. You what he does. So. Some great stuff there well worth watching and it takes us to some lovely Paris. Of the UK and Scotland some. Places that I'd love to get to someday I, digress. The. Whole purpose of this video was to test the Victoria Knox farmer so. What do I think of it I like. It a lot it. Is a really useful knife and, it's the knife for making things with I. Think. It is probably a better bushcraft, knife than.

Many Being brandished on YouTube as such. To. Make it perfect for me I would give it another full-size blade. More. Than one blade is a great advantage on a falling knife. However. If you have some way to feel sharp on us you, can easily get around this. My. Advice. Get. You one. Seeing. As how I use this knife to. Build a survival, shelter does. That make this a survival. Knife that. Could, cause a good argument what, do you think, anyways. That's, my review of the Victoria Knox farmer I like, it a lot a. Perfect. Pocket. Knife I hope. You enjoyed the video guys and thanks very much for watching venez day off bye, bye.

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There you go again, being all controversial....a folding knife being a'll be suggesting the world isn't flat next!

Na. Everyone knows its flat :-) Only having a bit of gentle leg pulling

Nice video vinney. Amazing what you can do with a small knife

+vinniesdayoff glad to hear you like it and it has been useful

Well I had an excellent strop Chris so that helps :-)

What I want to know if how far you can take a Victornox Classic (small keychain blade) even if it's a fail!

Very interesting idea Glen :-) I am already thinking of a video with another small knife of a similar size but it will be a few weeks before I get around to it. You may have planted an acorn :-) What would the one tool option boyo's say I wonder?

Hello Vinnie! Once again a great video of you. You knows, I love this kind of shelter and its edification. Thank you for mentioning me in your video (Tom in the Woods). There has been some confusing lately and so I changed my YT nickname. Also, the style of my future videos will change. I have already modified some old videos of mine. Something like this style then my new videos will be built. A little movie, a few photos. Explanatory text. The Pocketknife you have very well presented. Especially as you went to saw off the first pole and later drilled the holes with the awl for the needle. Thank you for subscribing! Sorry, my english has not really improved.

Thanks very much Tom, I think you have done good work with the videos I saw. The sub was my pleasure and I only wish my German was as good as your English!

Great film Vinnie, l carry the old German army penknife in my bits and bobs bag and it’s a great knife however after watching you I feel its time for an upgrade ...As always immensely enjoyable to watch and enjoy particularly your comments on the modern bushcrafter ....not many out there like you mores the pity regards Mick

Ta Mick, I'm like a dinosaur or maybe a dodo? :-) Thanks for stopping by Mick.

Another fine presentation. I like your wit and honesty. See you in the next video.

Ta very much! I certainly hope so.

lovely scenes

Thank you my love. We hope we'll see you soon.

Great video, I use the soldier great all round knife , new sub here keep up the good work

Awesome video Vinnie. Brilliant shelter build video, as always. You certainly put that pocket knife through its paces. Very impressive that you can construct a shelter like that just from using a small pocket knife like that. Makes you think what it is you really need to survive. Thanks for the shoutout Vinnie, very much appreciated. Thanks for sharing. Atb Shaun

Thanks Shaun. If you watch Game of Thrones you know a Lannister always pays their debts, well so does Vinnie. You did not have to mention me in your last video and you certainly did not have to show footage from my channel and I was very honoured that you did, so thank you very much indeed.

Love your videos Vinnie! I think I have watched them all at least twice (maybe more, haha). Keep up the good work! Practical, traditional, outdoorsman such as yourself are a hard to find amongst all the people with their expensive kits and fancy equipment. You have proven once again that simple tools and the experience of trial and error can provide a lot of knowledge and enjoyment in the outdoors.

Well you learn from failure Brad but I don't know that I always enjoy the failure :-). About the fancy equipment and expensive kits that seems to be the way YouTube has gone. Years ago people made things and did stuff, now the just waddle into camp and start doing an infomercial.

No matter what other knife I might be carrying, I always have my Alox Farmer with me. Over the years I've used some variant of an SAK with a sawblade more than any other tool. I've used them hard on construction jobs and have one that I've had for 30 years. A great tool!

Rodger that Ronnie. The saw is most useful, that's what I meant when I said it would be a very good bushcraft knife. Bushcraft to me means making stuff. I love the awl too. Thanks for watching and commenting.

LOL! "Not exactly Valyrian Steel"! Awesome shelter build Vinnie! That thatch is some great rain barrier material. I've always been a big SAK fan. Edge retention isn't a strong point though but at least they're easy to sharpen. Atb Sean

Guess who likes Game Of Thrones Sean? Thanks for taking the time to watch and make a comment. I have been thinking a lot about steels lately. I love and am impressed by hard steels but do we really need very hard? Also ease of resharpening is useful. I still don't know

Vinnie, Have you ever considered a review of Mora Knives. I would like to see how they fair in the field under bushcraft use. Thanks.

Hi Tim let me ponder on that.

Excited to see you posted another video this am.. I couldnt wait to watch so I delayed cutting firewood... Awesome video... Ill probably watch it again later!

+vinniesdayoff im honored lmfao!! Keep the videos coming . The content and presentation is a breath of fresh air!

I can't remember if I have already promoted you to head pleasing comment maker but consider yourself promoted now JH :-) Thank you very much bud.

Hey Vinnie. Hope all is well. Of course Victorinox is and will always be the classic.

All is good Rocky. Thanks for dropping in. I see you have a vid up but I am only in from work now. Will be watching it soon.

Great video! I really like the Farmer. The closest I've found to a Farmer with 2 blades is the Hiker, but it has an inferior awl to that found on the Farmer.

She's doing great, so I informed her I'll be going hunting at least twice this week, lol! I put my sister on notice she'll have to be available while I'm gone. I've never gotten a deer in September.

I did it again Joe. answered from another account. I know what you are dealing with as I have been through similar times. I wish your mum a speedy recovery and the best of luck to yourself and your family

Vinnie- I have to get going on the arrows. Last week, my mom had to go in for emergency surgery. She'll be 99 in November. She's doing fine, but I've been staying home, every day, getting her back on her feet. Missed the deer opener today too, but things are slowly getting back to normal, and I plan to complete the video. It's over half done now, as I shot another segment before the blood clot incident.

Thanks Joe. I answered you from another account by mistake earlier. Have you made your arrows yet?

Excellent video my friend. I enjoy seeing true to life. I will be putting a SAK farmer on the want list. I have used folding knives for lots of tasks over the years. I have carried a pocket knife of some sort since I was 8 years old. Thats 42 years ago. I can carry one more places than a 5 inch sheath knife.

Hi John. Thank you for watching my ravings my American friend! I am a couple of years older than you and I thought you were a good deal younger as you are very fresh looking. The Farmer is a very useful package for the outdoors with the tools it has. If you wanted to run off to the woods the Rangergrip would be the one but if you want a not too big pocket knife that can still do a lot of work for you the Farmer is a nice knife. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do or carry I'm just trying to fight back against some of the silly Wikipedia style knife knowledge on YouTube but then a man like you will know what folders will do anyway.

GD said it all. A normal penknife was all a lot of country people had short of carrying a billhook around all day. I notice the technique you have of bending the hazel poles when you cut them is what we used to do as kids in the '50s and '60s, the pressure on the grain and cutting down it allows you to make a much bigger cut, even works with oak saplings. Most of us had a Rogers or Richards penknife up to about 3" or something similar and usually with a tin plate, celluloid covered handle , I also had an old sheeps foot penknife with that black hard rubber for grips. As kids we did everything with those knives cut sticks , built camps, dug potatoes and cooked with them, so I'd say yes your Alox Farmer is a survival knife, if it's in your pocket when you need it you can get by with it. I still have an old brown plastic covered Richards knife from the '50s in a drawer here somewhere. Are you going to replace the herb willow or add something to it?

we were there twice Chris. I spend all day snorkeling with the fish. That sounds like quite a yacht. Holy God if you had six wives you would be too busy arguing with them to spend money!

Cala D'Or is very pretty, nice swimming and snorkeling and a nice little beach, it's on the other side of the island from Soller. The temperatures are dropping in Spain at the moment so it should be a lot more comfortable, it's been very hot this year. Have a good relaxing holiday Vinnie. My brother had a 57' steel sailing yacht, we had to replace 55% of the hull, redesigned the master cabin, turned two aft cabins into a stateroom, built a workshop, new deck, refurbed the masts when we discovered the makers wanted tens of thousands to do the work and so on. It was good experience and interesting. Everything that goes on a yacht, even if it's identical to a car part is super expensive, the only other way to spend money that fast is to have six wives.

Sounds like a big boat Chris! We are going to Cala D'or. I don't like too much travelling on holidays. I'm naturally lazy. If you had a good layer of cane at a good slant I can't see what could possibly go wrong. Oh no.... I just jinxed it. But seriously I would imagine it would work. There is only one way to find out though.

I don't know if you know Mallorca well Vinnie, I lived there for two years, refitting my brothers boat, if you are going to be based near Palma, the train ride to Soller is a great little day out. Soller has a nice beach, nice cafes and restaurants. Your video has made me think about how I could build a shelter here on mainland Spain, no grass or rushes for roofing, but there is a kind of cane that grows in every watercourse whether it's wet or dry. It grows to about 4 metres and I know it is quite flexible. When I get a chance I will have to go and cut some and give it a try. My childhood was great, we lived on the edge of the London suburbs and had loads of countryside, my life was outdoors as a kid and luckily it has not changed too much.

Hmmm. Chris Osh said it all too! I might have been making a mess of it by referring to it as rosebay willowherb all the way through.I had three or four different types of willowherb mixed in. I would love to give the rosebay another run just to show what happens, but it's dying back, I'm working this week and going to Mallorca the next week. If it is still there when I get back I might give it a go Chris. Your childhood sounds like mine! It sounds like my adulthood too now that I think about it :-)

I've noticed Vinnie your still using the orange bailing twine you purchased at the hardware store. I think its working great, durable, strong and affordable.

Hi Tim. I go through quite a bit of twine in the course of a year but , and I'm not exaggerating here, that roll will last me for years and years. Thanks for dropping in my friend.

Nice job on the shelter Vinnie. I've owned several Victorinox knives down through the years and have found them to be very reliable. A good knife will always have a strong pivot point with little wobble. Thanks for the video!

And thank you for watching Tim. Your comment ended up in the "likely spam" folder for some reason and I only found it now

Vinnie again you have demonstrated the usefulness of the pocket knife, I to have used the Farmer and found it an excellent allrounder. I agree it would be even more better with an extra knife blade such as found on the Huntsman, possibly with the addition of a sewing eye as found on the back tools of Victorinox knives. Totally agree in your judgement of Victorinox steel, aye its not a super steel but it is easy to get back to shaving sharpness.All viewers should appreciate the honesty you portray in your videos, it is exemplary and you really show how it is warts and all. I wish other channels would be as honest instead of just repeating the usual mantras which as you have demonstrated are codswallop. The knife you have on you at the time of a crisis is a survival knife. I will be showing my Father this film and I know he will agree with what you demonstrate in such an honest and factual non-commercial way and he will appreciate your comment (he recently turned 88 and always carries a pocket knife on his person). Thanks again for blowing away the myths and smoke and mirrors of those who have sold their souls to commercialism and advertising. All the best from Scotland and thanks again for sharing Vinnie. Garry

Well said.

Thanks Garry. I really did think you said it all in that comment. i don't know what your dad will make of this Irish fool!

I concur, that is a pleasantly round hole. Nice job with the thatching mate, from someone that loves big blades I am always impressed with what you achieve with so little.

I grew up in Ireland in "the good old days" and we learned the motto, "you can do absolutely anything with F*** all!

Great video Vinnie!. You hit on quite a few hot topics too. As for the farmer, I got me some a few years ago and agree that it is comfortable in hand. Nice sharpening technique btw. I would suggest a leather tether/lanyard that hangs the knife from belt to knee. When you aren't in "the thick of it" working hard, simply roll up into the pocket. But that just me of course. Once again great video!

thank you Johnny. I could have used that leather lanyard in my younger years I lost more than one knife

Sorry just edited that from "you" to "someone & their"

Little things make a difference

Well, speaking as someone who owns and carries two of them (one for work and one not), and who has the misfortune to live in the UK, that's my default survival knife. Would I prefer a fixed blade knife? Yep. Do I need one? Frankly, No. If someone can't do a few days with just a Farmer, they really need to raise their game.

Hi bud. Well it's a nice little knife anyway and I think it has good tools for the countryside. Thank you for watching and for your comment

I want you to take a length of your orange bailing twine and tie it to the bale. If by chance  you drop the  knife you can quickly spot it. The SAK awl is an excellent striker for metal matches.

Rodger that Christopher. I am a bit OCD about losing knives as I lost a few in my young days

great video, thx you :-)

It certainly would be formidable!

think the best victorinox, will be a a "hercules" with alox :-)

You are very welcome. Thanks for watching :-)

Watching you practice good safety procedures as you struggled with a few difficult cuts, it brought to mind the usefulness of a one hand opening knife blade. I believe the law in your area does not allow the carrying of one hand openers...too bad. Ruike has a couple of SAK type knives with and without the one hand openers, but also slightly more sturdy and better steel...something to check out for your followers. The Farmer SAK is IMO one of the best pocketable knives in the world. Just for giggles, check out Ruike multi tools. Thanks again for your video & the work you put into them. ( I've been waiting for this one).

Again I learn from the comments Richard. I had not heard of Ruike and I will check them out. We cannot carry any knife without "good reason" . There is no distinction made for one handed opening knives or length of blade in the Republic of Ireland. A tiny knife is the same as a katana in the eyes of the law. In practise though it is enforced only if someone is causing trouble, at least in my experience. Thanks for watching and for your information.

Victorizox knives are so well built that you can get a lot of "bigger knife" work from a small frame like the Farmer. Well done video, as you showed how strong and versatile the Farmer really is. Thank you!

Yep. It is a very solid little knife and the saws give them the power to do bigger tasks as well as making them very suitable for crafting and making things. Thank you for watching and for your kind comment.

i use a modified hiker... the opener layer and screwdriver removed to thin it out and scales replaced with some epoxy resin mixed with charcoal... disappears in the pocket, 2 blades, saw and awl/sewing eye... best part is its fully legal uk carry... i midified mine as the only thing close to what i wanted was the walker, but thats just an 84mm 1 blade 1 combi tool short saw model... my 91mm hiker has about 5 extra teeth on the saw...

I love knives but like you I find the big ones awkward to carry and apart from chopping they don't cut much better than a small knife

i have made and modified many a bushcraft item... i know what i like, and if i cant find it i will do my best to get what i want... i started off with a big blade i made from o1 tool steel... 5mm thick 350mm long... more of a pain to carry but it does everything with ease... switched to my hiker and never looked back at fixed blades... im able to achieve what i need with my little vic and i get the bonus of being able to have it with me at all times... i enjoy making my items mine and improving things to suit my needs

Cool! You sound like a doggedly determined person. Not everyone would go to that trouble to get what suits them.

Nice video Brother!

Thank you sir!☺

vinnie, i just purchased a böker plus tech tool 6... I modified it to 2 layer with blade, awl and saw... really impressed with it so far... comes with 12c27 main blade... maybe something for you to review?

Rodger that. All sounds good!

+vinniesdayoff i would say they are very comparable to victorinox in size... they are a little more ergonomical than a vic as they have a slight curve and the scales are a little chunkier but nicely rounded... i would guess that overall thickness of each model would be equivalent to a victorinox with an extra standard sized layer due to every tool being much more stout and the scales being a little beefier...

Thanks very much indeed. I was looking at them and there were no dimensions. I was afraid they might be extremely thick in the handle

+vinniesdayoff according to my ruler, the handle is 19mm across 94mm long (96mm with the glass breaker) and the depth of mine (tech tool 6 with a layer deleted) is 12mm blade length is about 68mm depending where you measure from (i measured from the sharpening choil) the awl and saw are practically identical to the ones from a victorinox in size and shape only its made from thicker stock, blade is also thicker stock. blade is also wider... i measure it at 13mm which is pretty consistent from the choil up until it tapers to the drop point... blade stock is just a hair below 2mm... hopefully this is enough detail for you to guage the size... a 3 layer version is the smallest with a saw... tools i ditched were a weird 45° serrated blade with small flat head a bottle opener with large flat head (practically identical to the ones from victorinox only thicker stock) and a corkscrew

How wide is it across the handle?

Sounds very interesting Daddy, I have a few videos in mind that I need to get off my behind and start but I must definitely have a good look at those.That style of knife with a saw has impressed me greatly. They can really do much more than their size would have you believe. Let me know how you fare out and thanks for the heads up. I think we must have one of those in a video in the not too distant future.

Where there will there is a way.

The sure is Alan. Thank you

+camping buddy Thank you! She made it to 99 and just celebrated her 100th Thanksgiving! We're taking it one holiday at a time. Last night, I shot another segment of my wild shoot arrow making video so I can get it done before Vinnie takes a SAK to me!

+MrOtterdude I hope everything went well for your Mom.

The Victorinox Harvester has a small hawkbill blade instead of the can opener.

Rodger that 888zzz. A few of the SAK's have second blades but they are small. I would like at least two full size blades. I do think it is handy to have a sharp blade in reserve. The Victorinox can opener is excellent but it is almost a thing of the past now that most cans have pull tabs.

Thanks again Vinnie. Another great one. Alain

Thank you for watching Alain.

Hi Vinnie, Quick question, are you going to post the result/remains of the shelter after it's been up for a while and share your thoughts ? Alain

We will try a bigger moss shelter in the coming months

No Alain. That was my plan, to see how the Rosebay Willowherb lasted over time, but I could not find enough of it when building the shelter. I used three or four different types of willowherb and they leak so no good. I know that the rushes will last quite a while. They make a superb roof.

I my opinion the victorinox alox line of knive with there all metal construction, strong back springs, and mushroom or peened over pins are the best afordable poket knives on the market today. I carry one every day. However in terms of survival for me the jack knife will always be my secondary or tertiary cutting tool. Survival in the back woods of Canada has its own set of challenges. A folder is often not adequate for survival in this environment. Awsome vid as always vinnie keep up the good work God bless. Éirinn go Brách

I agree 100% my friend. I just love rubbing it into the guys who say it can't be done. If I was in your situation it would be axe and saw all the way

I like using natural cordage like jute twine for shelters as it will bio degrade long after im done with my shelter

Nicely presented.....enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your kind comment and for watching David. I appreciate it.

Really enjoyed ur video , the farmer performed excellent imo .

Dyson is my gundog with the shotgun and my blood tracking dog with a harness for deer hunting. He is my mouse detector in the garage etc.

I always have a huntsman in my pocket really great little folder

Thanks very much Ed. The Swiss Army Knives with a saw punch way above their weight in terms of the work they can do. Dyson is a good little lad, he knows we will be hunting and getting up to stuff eventually so he keeps an eye on me :-)

Really helpfull, enjoyable video. Thank you

Thanks very much indeed Arwin, and thank you for watching

At last a channel showing practical use. Brilliant and enjoyable. Keep em coming. Mandeep

I know what you mean. I got frustrated watching coffee tables so that's where my channel came from. Thanks for watching.

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