Namibia Overland Camping | Safari, Fossils, Rock Art and More!

Namibia Overland Camping | Safari, Fossils, Rock Art and More!

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Welcome to Roughing It With Ruth... um,  I can't even remember my own catchphrase! Welcome to Roughing It With Ruth, the channel  where everything is a bit rough around the edges!   We're in Uppington at the moment and  tomorrow we're going to go across   the border into Namibia on a massive  over landing trip with our friends,   Fintan and Nielmari, and you're going to come  along on this adventure via the camera. So far,   everything's been going pretty smoothly.  There have been a few last-minute adjustments,   like, having to fix the cover that goes on the  rooftop tent, and Fintan and Ralph have been doing   a whole lot of wiring, but I think everything  is actually done now, so buckle up and enjoy!   Sorry if I'm, like, a bit blue-colored: I'm  trying to hide from the wind just inside the   tent a little bit, and the tent is blue. Yeah, we  had a really good time after crossing the border;  

drove for quite a while and got into Keetmanshoop.  Unfortunately we forgot to buy wood and ice,   but we did manage to buy some Namibian sim cards  for our phones, and then a very, very kind, very   young lady at the cell phone shop helped us set it  up, which made me feel about 800 years old. I was,   like, one of those grandmas sitting there being,  like, "What? What? What?" while she, literally   (this is not a joke), she had two cell phones  open on the counter in front of her, doing both   of them at the same time. But, yeah, now we're at  Mesosaurus Fossil Campsite and it's absolutely,   stunningly beautiful. It's quite warm and  it's quite windy, but it's really pretty. Mesosaurus Fossil Campsite has been absolutely  amazing! We were the only people here,   so we had the entire place to ourselves.  It's a family-run business and the owner,  

Giel, he also does tours, which we're going  to go on this morning, to go and see the   Mesosaurus fossils themselves and a music  rock, so I'm really looking forward to that.   So the tension in the rock makes  the resonance. May I start? Please! You know it? Yeah, Frere Jacques! Maybe you'll know this one  also... Oh my word! Wow! Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika So we arrived in Windhoek and we're at the Thule  hotel, which is absolutely amazing. I actually   feel a little bit, like, not high class enough  to be in here! We're going to go and eat at the   restaurant for breakfast now and then we're going  to go drive all the way to Etosha in the north and   I think our first stop in Etosha is Okaukuejo...  that's right hey? Yes, and then we'll be doing  

camping again, so having a very luxurious break  from the camping and then we'll be back at it tomorrow! So we're at the Etosha salt pan right now. It's  kind of hard to get the perspective of this   massive salt pan: it's, like, standing in the middle  of the ocean, except it's not water, it's sand. Okaukuejo, I think, really stands out for  me, because without even leaving the camp,   you get to see a whole ton of different animals.  Today the plan is to drive from Okaukuejo Campsite   to Spitzkoppe, where we're also going to be  camping. Something that we just discovered now,  

is that if you're traveling south from Etosha,  you can't take meat with you. There's like a line   that you cross going out of the park and if they  find meat in your car, they will confiscate it.   So maybe just keep that in mind. We did have some  boerewors, because we didn't braai the one night,  

which got confiscated. We are at Spitzkoppe Tented Camp at the moment,  where we're going to be staying for one night. It   was a slightly strange situation when we arrived  here, because we walked into the reception and   they initially seemed to think that we didn't  have a booking (although we did have a fully   paid booking here) and they wanted to  send us off to Spitzkoppe Rest Camp,   which is just down the road, but then  luckily when we got back to the car   we double checked that, and found the actual  physical printed copy of the booking,   and realized that we were booked here. So we  took that back to them and then they showed   us to our campsite and everything. So, I mean,  that was a little bit of a strange interaction,   but it's very nice and peaceful here and the  campsite is very, very pretty. We're here at  

the Spitzkoppe Community Rest Camp; we drove  here from the Spitzkoppe Tented Camp, where   we stayed overnight, and we've done like a little  guided thing and seen some bushman rock art here,   which was extremely worthwhile. If you're  in the area, I highly recommend doing that. We've just arrived at our accommodation in  Swakopmund, which is actually a really nice lodge   called Desert Breeze Lodge. On the way into  Swakopmund from Spritzkoppe, we took a slightly   different road through this place called the Moon  Valley, and I really recommend that if you have a   car that's okay with gravel roads, because that  was really spectacular scenery. It was like this  

crazy rock and sand formation. It does kind of  look like you're on an alien planet. We're just   taking a little bit of a break from bush camping,  just to, kind of, reset a little bit before we go   on our next adventure. We're going to be here  for two nights in Swakopmund, and then from   Swakopmund we are going to Sossusvlei, so a lot  of this type of scenery behind me: like real,   proper desert. I'm really looking forward  to having a little adventure in Swakopmund. Swakopmund   is really cool: there's so many  nice restaurants here, nice food,   nice people. There's the beach that's right  here and many, many, many different activities,   more than you could possibly even  do no matter how long you stay here.  

So, yeah, we'll have to come back and visit  Swakopmund again, I think. Today we are heading   out from Swakopmund and we're going towards  Sossusvlei, and we're going to be camping   at the Sossus Oasis Campsite. We'll probably  end up buying a bit of food in Swakopmund,   because there apparently aren't really shops  on the road between Swakopmund and Sossusvlei. Okay, so yesterday we drove from Swakopmund to  the Sossusvlei Oasis Campsite, where we're staying   now, and then we woke up very early and we're now  sitting in the queue at the Sossusvlei / Sesriem   gate to get in to see the sand dunes and  Sossusvlei and Dooie Vlei and all of that stuff. We were just at the Dooie Vlei and there  were quite a lot of people there, even though   it was pretty early in the morning... or maybe  because it was really early in the morning,   because at least then it's not so hot, but  then we drove a little bit further on to actual   Sossusvlei, and it's like, us and one other car  here, way across the sort of picnicky area.  

So if you do come to see the  Dooie Vlei and Sossusvlei,   I recommend actually going to Sossusvlei,  because it looks like most people don't carry on   down the road to the actual Sossusvlei,  maybe.  Jis, check how it slides around, eh? Yeah, you can feel it when you're driving. Yeah. The Sossus Oasis Campsite is actually really nice. We   have had both nights that we stayed here, really,  really strong winds, so if you are staying in,   like, a freestanding tent, maybe just preemptively  peg out all of your guy lines to try and keep   the tent solid. I would definitely come and  stay in this campsite again. I did enjoy it.   Yesterday, I think, was the most mentally  tough day in Namibia for me. We drove  

from Sossus Oasis Campsite to Luderitz, and  along the way we got a puncture in the tire,   which wasn't actually such a big deal. I  mean, when you drive on gravel roads so much,   it is just going to happen at some point. And  we changed to the spare tire, no problem. The   major issue was that the whole reason that  we went to Luderitz in the first place,   was to see Kolmanskop, which is, like, a ghost  town. It used to be a mining town and it's now   being, sort of, reclaimed by the desert, and  it's a tourist attraction which we were all   very excited to see. Unfortunately, we arrived  there on New Year's Eve, quite late in the day,   so we couldn't go that day and the one day of the  year when Kolmanskop seems to be actually closed,   is New Year's Day. And we're only here for one  night, so unfortunately, we're going to have  

to save Kolmanskop for another Namibia trip.  But then we came to Desert Horse Campsite.   Desert Horse Campsite is amazing and the terrain  is just stunningly, stunningly beautiful.   Sort of this, like, desert plains mixed  with little rock koppies everywhere and they   also have little hiking and mountain biking  trails around here, which is great. We all,   sort of, said afterwards that we would have  stayed here for much longer if we could have.   Unfortunately our time in Namibia is coming to  an end. We're going to be driving to the border  

crossing today from Mesosaurus Fossil Campsite.  So we, sort of, came full circle yesterday. We   drove from Desert Horse Campsite to Mesosaurus  Fossil Campsite. There are so many things that we   still haven't done in Namibia, so we definitely  want to come back and do another overlanding   trip. On the way back home, we're going to  be visiting Augrabies Falls in South Africa,   which should also be quite fun. So the holiday is  not quite over yet, but the Namibian leg of it is,  

unfortunately, done and we're all pretty sad to be  leaving Namibia because it has been amazing here. This trip would absolutely not have been possible  without Fintan and Nielmari and them allowing us   to travel with them, and use all of their awesome  overlanding equipment. So thank you so much,   Fintan and Nielmari! This was a once-in-a-lifetime  experience, and it was made possible by you guys!

2022-01-11 10:09

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