NAN Province is INCREDIBLE Could it be the BEST Yet?

NAN Province is INCREDIBLE  Could it be the BEST Yet?

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hello and welcome back to another province  today we're in the beautiful province of nan we're slowly running out of northern provinces  which i'm starting to get sad about because as   you can see it's just so beautiful up  here you know when i was in the south   of thailand i was convinced that the south  was the most beautiful part but now i'm up   in the north these green blue mountains and  the epic skies and just the golden buddhas   and just the food and the views and the roads  don't get me started on the roads they're just   to die for northern thailand specifically  naan in this video we're going to explore   this video will be based over the next two or  three days because i just got here late afternoon   from a long drive and i was blown away by the town  of nan there was just so many different types of   temples i saw an incredible golden temple  a similar white temple to the one in chiang   rai that was gorgeous as well lots of just really  nice wooden local lana style buildings and museums   and just lots of other beautiful temples littered  around the area and had some delicious food and   you know i'm just going to enjoy the sunset  here at this 14th century old temple here   14th century can you believe that so before the  united states of america was discovered there were   people up here praying and just enjoying the views  of naan and so will you in this video so sit down   and relax as we discover over the next few days  and in this video one of my favorite provinces good none as i travel around thailand even though i  go to the most unique and most different   of temples in each province i am starting to  find myself getting a little bit templed out   so i'm finding ways to entertain myself because  you know when you see a beautiful temple like this   and you see a beautiful statue like the one  you can see behind me eventually no matter how   incredibly beautiful they are eventually you start  craving to go to a church or to a mosque or to   a party and play pool what i do find  entertaining is people watching and   especially a place like this at a time like  this five o'clock in the afternoon downtown   there are tourists here and seeing  their creativity when it comes to   taking a picture is quite entertaining for me more  entertaining than say just looking at the temple   and so as the sun is just creeping the last dip  behind the mountains in the south um in the west i   should say it's lighting up the temple beautifully  just for the very last minute and in fact this one   might be the optimal time to come here five past  five in the afternoon if you need any reference   because look at it the sun is hitting the uh the  booty of the statue and people are being very   creative with they're taking pictures of their  shadows and getting the sun glistening off their   faces and it's really nice to see actually  it's more interesting to me to see people   around the temple um because if you don't know i'm  traveling around every single province of thailand   we're nearly halfway and i don't know i just maybe  it's just i'm tired from the drive today but yeah   i'm just i'm at this temple and i'm like you know  what i'm not really bothered about temples anymore   so what i might do actually is uh enjoy the last  of the half an hour sign up here because the views   of the distant mountains which we'll go to  tomorrow is stunning and i want to enjoy   it some more but then we'll go check out the  night market down here um i'll show you where   i'm staying because it's really nice and then  tomorrow we'll get on the road and head up into   the blue mountains and that's where this  province believe it or not really shines all right oh this is a really cool little night market so  firstly when i was coming in i thought they   were going to do the whole scan temperature  check but they were saying to me where's your   vaccine passport and obviously i didn't have it  with me i mean who carries it around with you   or maybe is that a thing i don't know um but i  didn't have it with me but they weren't checking   anyone else none of the thai people walking in so  i said what about that person and what about that   person why aren't you checking their passport  and then they were like oh um yeah just go in   so you know don't be scared to question people if  if it's blatant that they're just singling you out   because you're a foreigner then you come in and  loads of food and it's packed and it feels really   nice to be back in the busy market like this  and a beautiful evening and there's a father and   daughter singing and it's adorable but the most  unique thing is everyone's just sat on the floor   and i don't know if this is a covered thing  you know like does it keep people from mixing   i don't know but everyone has their own  little picnic basket and little wooden   table and they get their food from the market and  they sit down as a family or on a date and enjoy   the little girl singing what a cute little  night market but bring your vaccine passport yeah so maybe this is a new thing  especially at markets and busy places   uh so yeah i'll just bring my vaccine information  out with me in the future i think it's fair enough   at the end of the day you know it's their market  their country they can do what they want and uh   i understand a little bit so yeah just potentially  keep that in in mind in the future especially   if you're coming here in early 2022 bring your  information out with you when you're out and about   anyway i ended up getting uh some sausage and some  sticky rice not the most nutritious of dinners but   there you go and i enjoyed the atmosphere a  little bit more and then i had it early night   i was staying at this quite nice little  boutique hotel 1 300 baht a little bit   more expensive than i'm used to paying  but it seemed nice and i was tired from   the journey and it was the first place i  found to be honest but then like i said   it was time to head up into the mountains  where this temple of naan really comes alive good morning and we're back on the road   and this is our playground today this incredible  view in the incredible blue mountains of nan   and i don't know how long this is going to take  but there's like a loop okay and it goes up and   around and it circles this giant mountain and it  can take you three hours if you just drive it or   it can take you two or three days if you really  stop and enjoy it so i really don't know how long   we're going to take maybe a day or two we'll just  see depends on how many amazing stops there are   and we've just stopped here for a mocker  at this beautiful little cafe overlooking   the beautiful mountains and they do food and  i am kind of hungry but it's all in thai and   there's some questionable raw shrimps and raw  squid stuff on the menu and i don't want to order   the wrong thing and i'm not really in the mood for  what i normally order i was looking for something   else so we're going to get on the road we're going  to keep driving enjoying this incredible road   and the next time we stop hopefully we'll  get some delicious food and there's so many   interesting sites this is where nan really  starts to open up and become just next level shoulders but it's a lonely call yeah it's a lonely calling we're having the best time honestly i  think this is the best road in thailand this is incredible come on but look at the  distance oh it looks like weather i think   we're going to get absolutely drenched dreamy  look we got to go that way big scary dark clouds i'm pulling over as much as i can to share  with you the turns the twists the views   but uh it i don't do i do not have the memory  or the battery life to just share i mean it's   every single turn for the past hour for  the next two hours all the way up to   boar clue which is where we're going  and just just just breathe this in ready it's just it's just amazing so yeah basically out of nowhere weather has  rolled in and i've taken refuge in this beautiful   roadside temple here and the rain's finished now  it wasn't too bad it kind of came and went and   it's heading in the wrong direction it's heading  in the direction that we want to go which is there   but um yeah worst of the weather hopefully is gone  hopefully that is blowing faster than dreamy can   drive towards it but uh just one more time look  at this place nan province the road to bor clua is that a cap i'm having all this fun and  i've forgotten that i haven't eaten yet   i'm not hungry because i'm just buzzing seeing is see okay okay so we made it to uh now this place is famous for this  ancient saltwell behind me here   now i have to say that you know if you're  lucky uh they'll be taking out the salt   there'll be a man i've seen it before when i  came here last and um yeah it's just not that   interesting guys this whole village is based  around this this river and it's salt content   which they extract and then there's lots of  people here selling different salt products   from raw salt up into body scrubs and shampoos  and all kinds of things they even have like um   nuts that are covered in this sacred special  salt i got myself a body scrub a soap um   so that i can smell fresh on the road but yeah  this place is kind of underwhelming the road   here is just so amazing and then you get to  bulk lua and you're like oh it's assault mine um so it's a bit of an anti-climax now good and  bad news the good news is we've had a great day   one of the best rides of the trip maybe the best  road of the whole trip so far and i'm on a high   and i've just messaged ahead to the place i stayed  last year so 10 minutes up the road is a village   and just take a look at this it is beautiful  this is footage from last year and i drove   in and the valley was incredible in the river  and i found a place to stay called kassagi tip   and it's like a package you get a lovely  little room and they cook you dinner and   last year it was actually christmas and me  and sam splashed out and we stayed there   and we had a big feast and it was delicious  and it was incredible and we had lots of wine   pizza and lots of food and i've just messaged  them and they said they're fully booked   which is my fault i should have booked a head  but i didn't think on a monday and it's not   the school holidays or anything i didn't think  they'd be busy but at last they're fully booked   so what i'm thinking is i might complete  the loop in one day i know at the beginning   of the video or earlier in the video i  said you can take two or three days or   one day to do this loop now it's three o'clock in  the afternoon and the sun and the light is perfect   and i'm gonna be selfish and i'm going to end  the video here now don't get mad um because   the road back to nan is equally and epically  as beautiful as the road to here and i want to   enjoy it not like i haven't enjoyed it today but  you know i have to pull over um out of excitement   to share with you fly the drone do time lapses  and really take lots of photos for instagram and   things like that and as fun as that is it's taken  me about seven hours from this morning to get here   and on google maps it says it would take an hour  and a half so that just gives you an example of   how long it takes me to pull over and stop and  that was forgetting to have lunch as well so what   i'm gonna do is i'm gonna drive the two hours back  to nan and not have to stop and just i'm going to   be selfish and i'm going to have that part of the  road for me now this is motivation because come to   beauclua book ahead at casa e tip have pizza stay  in the valley now i've done it already so i'm   not really that worried about missing out but it  was beautiful and a really incredible experience   but i'm just gonna drive back to none and me and  dreamy we've got a whole afternoon ahead of us   so anyway thanks for watching stay  clean and um see you in the next video you

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