Nancy Pelosi Suffers CONVULSIONS During Border Wall Speech(VIDEO)!!!

Nancy Pelosi Suffers CONVULSIONS During Border Wall Speech(VIDEO)!!!

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Anyway. It's. All about the numbers more, points, more votes. So. Here we are, thank, God government, is open again. And. Now we can negotiate on, how, what, the best way is to have, border security, to enforce. Our homeland, security goals, what. This is so. Important, and I hope that any shutdown. Would be taken, off the table as a, reasonable. Approach. To. Governance, it. Is it, had, terrible impacts, as you know in the lives of the, families affected by our federal, employees who are not receiving their paychecks, in, a timely fashion by. Their communities, where since. The paychecks, were, not coming the community. Suffered, as well in its own individual. Economies, and impact. On our national, economy, as, well in terms of the, GDP, of, harming, GDP growth it's, harmful to our veterans, many of whom the third of the public and federal, employees about, 31 percent to, a third of our federal employees are, veterans. And for. Veterans if, as. Many of them have their jobs because they have security clearance. And security, clearance is affected, by. Your credit rating and your credit rating is affected by your ability to pay your bills on, time so there, was such a negative, impact, and. Hopefully. We can do something to help our contractors. Because. They. Did are not, getting, paid under, the present, formulation. Of things and we there, are some initiatives, coming forward to, to. Help, those especially, our low paid. Contractors. So we. Know what the consequences, of a shutdown are and. So. Yesterday we had two bills on the floor one of them to. Say that a shutdown is. Long. And. 163. Almost. 163. Republicans. Voted no. To. A resolution, that said shutdowns are wrong, 163. Voted only. 21. Voted, YES on that and then there, was a federal employee pay, raise to make the federal pay. Consistent. With federal pay for the military, and, only. 29. Voted, YES on that. 163. 161. Voted no 163. Shutdowns. Are wrong 161. The, federal employee should be paid in a, fair way with their increase, involved, there so it was much unfortunate. So what is fortunate, is that we have a conference, committee that is working, and I think good spirit, the opening statements, yesterday I think were. Promising. House. And Senate, Democrats and, Republicans, again, as an appropriator, I take pride in the ability of the appropriations members. To reach. Consensus. Left to their own devices, without, any other interference. I talk, to them for guidance they know their, brief they know, there's. The. Dollar amounts, they know the impact, of. Investments. And all. Of that many of them have experience, in all of this I was very proud of our conferees. Including, one relatively. New member, mr.. Aguilar, because, he's. The vice chair, of the of the, Appropriations. Committee in the house and he, is therefore. One of the fewer. Than five terms members, so we had every. Aspect. Of our caucus represented. There, the. Border. Security those, members, our six, conferees. Came forth with a public. Statement about border. Security and. They. Put forth what they saw as the best way, the most cost effective way to. Have. Border security they talked about a hundred, a thousand, new class officers. New, imaging, technology. And critical repairs that they let land. Ports, of entry as, you know the. 90%. Of, whatever. It comes into our country comes through in. The southern border comes through the ports of entry whether. It's asylum, seekers or whether it is, our. Drugs, and the rest of that so. Having. More funding, to. Repair. And expand, the ports of entry is very important, the technology. That goes with that not, intrusive scanning, that cars, and trucks and all can go right through without stopping, and the rest with, improved technology very. Important, and then, new equipment, at mail processing facilities, to, interdict. Fentanyl. And other opioids, ship through international.

Mail That's a big, issue for us and, cutting-edge. Technology not. Only at the ports of entry but other places on. The border and then, expansion. Of. Border. Patrols of air and marine operations along. The border and u.s. water so the, these, are that's not the. Total package but, that are there are some of the, major. Points. Of. Discussion. I would hope as. We go forward now so but I was pleased with yesterday, I thought everybody. Was. Of good intention, and that is the way the probations. Committee usually works the. Me. As this all goes on we. Have been since the election, preparing, our for, the people agenda, lowering, health care costs by, lowering the, cost of prescription drugs and ensuring, that pre-existing. Condition, benefit, continues. Lowering. Health care costs increasing. The paychecks. By building the infrastructure, of, American agreeing way from sea to shining sea. And HR. 1 which is moving along our integrity in government, to. Increase the Centers. Of the American, people and so. That they know that the people's agenda, will happen and not the special interest, agenda, so, that paycheck. Spareness, had it's one, of the hearings yesterday, yesterday. We. Also had. A great, yesterday, was that this. Week we observed that tenth anniversary of, President Obama, signing. That paycheck, lilly. Ledbetter, Act was, one of the first bills we sent as a Democratic, Congress to our new newly, inaugurated. Democratic. President, of the United States and, his first bill, was to, sign was lilly Ledbetter, which, opened, the door to more fairness in the workplace but. It wasn't Paycheck. Fairness completely, so yesterday on, that anniversary, once. Again and, it was a DeLauro and she's been introducing, it I think every Congress, for as long as I can remember we, did pass, it a number of times when we had the majority but, we couldn't get the 60 votes in the Senate so, never was taken up there now, patty Murray is a. Co-sponsor of, the legend the lead, sponsor in the Senate, on that and that, is equal pay for equal, work. Yesterday. Was the 10th anniversary of setting out three times April. 2nd, is equal. Pay day that, is the day at. Which women start to get paid for their work for, the year as opposed. To what men make for the year so we hope that this bill could, be signed into law or by, that day all a part. Of the for, the people agenda, for bigger paychecks. Lower. Health care cost more, integrity, in. Government, any questions. Yes. Ma'am we got, the blue sign today. During, the government shutdown we heard from President Trump and his offering, to, provide three years of protection for, daca. Recipients, I'm wondering if in these current negotiations. If the fate of dreamers, is being discussed, or you. Know our dreamers getting lost on all first, of all let me clarify. What, the president did he. Did not have what he did. The. Dreamers, daca, that, that's. A narrower universe. The dreamers, are twice the number of the doctor recipient, so, but in his comments. He said, he wanted to protect the daca what he did was he. Took away the protections, daca had, he, took away the protection, TPS, had, temporary, protectors, status. People. In our country had it took away an. Initiative. Of President Obama to. Facilitate, amnesty. Questions. In. The country in the country of origin he, took those away, and then. He said I'm, going, to give these back to you temporarily. If you, give me a wrong well you should have taken them away in the first place these, protections, were there until you, decided, to take them away and so, now you're going to come back and say I'll give them back to you for three years that is not a protection, protection. Is something, that has certainty, to it so it was, really. Disappointing. Having. Said that about what the president did I. Take. These there. These. Are protections, that exist, I'll take, them away I'll, give them to you temporarily. You, give me a wall permanently, a non-starter. Yes. So and then in terms of this negotiation us. Up to the conferees. To, negotiate, but the point is what is the best way to protect. Our our. Border, and you've. Heard some of the ideas that are there many of which the. President talked about in that speech as well we.

Recognized, As I said 70, 90, percent of the. What we're concerned about whether it's drugs or whatever comes, through the ports of entry let's, make them stronger. With. Roads to go with it so that we can facilitate commerce. And. Tourism. And, and, immigration. And first, and foremost security. Committee. Should be left to consensus. Of its own devices yes, whatever, the product is are you committed to allowing a floor vote. Whatever. Conference, agreement, that they have are you committed to that, well. If they come out with a bipartisan, consensus. Of course you, can include, border wall money though. We're. Not having a negotiation, over this right now they're having a negotiation. Over it is there there's. Not gonna be any war money, in the, end of legislation. The. However. If, they have some suggestions. About certain. Localities. Where. Technology. Some. Infrastructures, I said about the ports of entry we might need more ports of entry I mean that means some, roads that's, that's part of the negotiation and, then it is not a negotiation, for the president say isn't. As. What. Congress what did he say today Congress, is it, doesn't matter what Congress does I knew. That he wanted it all to him semi oh really. The, foot president, who wants to have Congress, be completely, irrelevant and how. We meet the needs of the American people, now come, on so. That let. Them work their will, I'm an appropriate, see, that's, where one of the places I was forged intelligence. Should. Go to that subject on the present intelligence. And appropriations. And they. Know they're they know their brief they know their limitations. In terms of financial. Resources, and, they. Have to choose the best way to use the money for, the American people, that's. Why I have confidence in what they can do. Supporting. Legislation that would end government, shutdowns in a in a planet way would. You support legislation to. Effectively, outlaw gang. Well yeah but we there's, so many of. Possibilities. On the table, that I don't think that that should be part of this agreement, because. There's not a consensus. On as to what that would be if there, is a consensus. Maybe it could be but we only have we, have to just, say you know in order to have a bill, signed. By the president, by the. Three. Weeks we. Have to have a signed a conference. Report by, next Friday so we, only have this week plus one day with. The State of the Union between, two. To get this done in order for them bring it to the floor and have it on the President's, desk so. To the extent that we can keep it simple. Is this about this is about border, security, homeland. Security which is a bigger issue. And it's about the six other bills that need to be passed, in order to completely open. Up government but which are not, controversial. And again. I feel confident. About the ability of Congress to, do the right thing and that respecting. The. Differences of opinion, might be there but that's what a negotiation. Is about so. Could. There be a consensus. That I know it at least three, different versions, of the story and. I.

You, You have to have a consensus, keep it simple there's something that can be injected there but certainly we, should not have any more. Democrats. Considering. The comments from governor, Northam yesterday, how does that make it harder for pro-life, democrats, in the party does that cause problems bill I'm sorry I just don't know what he said yesterday. The. President continued. Actually, I'm reminded Special Counsel, investigation raised. The question what, does Putin have on the present, politically. Do. You really believe it that someone has something, compromising. I think. It's a question but, by the way I've been asking that question for two years almost, as long as you've asked me is there any money for the wall and the bill. No. I've always said that what is this what is this that, something is wrong with this picture, yeah. I. Just. Learned that are you planning, to take any further action given, that it's discrepancies. Between, the president, and his intelligence. Advisors. When it comes to global, Hawks, well I think what the public, saw this week was. The fact that the president, has not, paid. Attention, to. The intelligence, that has, given, to him on many of these subjects, I thought, it was courageous that, the. Different. Heads of different, aspects of our intelligence community. Spoke. Truth, to the, country, and to to, power their. Opening, statements, are usually vetted, by. The White House. So. They. Made their statements, and also. They answered, the questions, I'll. See. What our intelligence I'm, very proud of Adam. Schiff and the members of the Intelligence, Committee. As to when they will have that that. Particular, presentation made, to. The House Intelligence, Committee. In open. Forum, there, may be some. Closed. Activity. With the appropriations committee I'm not sure about that but. The. This. Was stunning, and as I say is one who's started. In the early 90s, as an appropriator, and one, who served as a, ranking. Member that job that item Schiff had until he now became chairman, and then, ex officio, for all, the years I've been leader or Speaker. Of the House I. Tracked. This very closely, and one dismaying. Factor, of it all is that the president, just doesn't seem to have the attention. Span or, the, desire, to hear, what, the intelligence community. Has been telling him so, for him to make. This statement that he did yesterday that's. Cause for concern. Well. I think that it's important, for the. Republicans, in Congress to, recognize. That they have to weigh, in with the President to say you, can't act without knowledge, the, intelligence. Community. Is there. To be a protection. For the American people when I started, all those years ago it. Was about force protection, I've shared this with some of his about force protection. It. Was about other overarching, issues, money laundering, and and and, those kinds of things and how they affected, our. Security, but then of course. The. Anti-terrorism, initiatives. In the 90s emerged and and you, know much, of what has happened since, then but it is a real, protection, for us to keep us from having, to go in to initiate, hostilities.

Or If, we do to, make sure that, we have the intelligence to protect our. Men and women in uniform and, also. To. Fight terrorism, in its many, forms so, for, the President to say, almost. Again. We don't need Congress, and, I, know more, about what's. Happening and, our threats, in the world worldwide threats than, the intelligence. Community, even, though I haven't, paid attention when, people have described, it to me that's, a cause for concern and I would hope that the Republicans in, the Congress would, either. Have. An intervention with the president, about that. Or. Recognize. The problem that it faces to our country and take some congressional, action. I. Don't. Know that I did, not hear his comments but you. Know have. You seen did you see the presentation, yesterday. Of, Henry, Cuellar of Texas. Was, the only border, person, actually there although all, of our Californians, are a border state and. But. In Texas, he's. Aboard he represents, Lorado and surrounding, areas, there and he, showed the, border many. Places on the border they're cliffs. There, are. There's. A river and the. That. And there's. 600. Miles of something. 300. Of them are Normandy, fences, they go like this have you know an only defensive 300. Miles of this so that cars cannot go by if. The president, wants to call that a wall. He can call it along he's, referencing, you that we already have and, we're 700, miles of wall so, again, is there place for enhanced. Fancy, Normandy. Fencing, would work. Let. Them have that discussion, because it's all about two. Things. Cost-benefit. Analysis. What's. The best way and what. You get for your dollar in order, to protect. The border and it's. Also about, and this will be coming up if you take, some extraordinary, action the, opportunity. Cost of the money, if. The money can be used better for for, for. Technology. Then. Let's see what's the best and by, the way when some of these fences were born or. Were. Built. The. Technology was, not what it is today so, you, have to look at technology in, a new form. Just. As we say that should we all just get landlines, in our homes so we have smart phones well. What should we be doing on, the border that, like, a landline, versus, the technology, that our. Our. Personnel, on the border should have so. What they're talking about is more personnel. Enhancements. Of the ports of entry which we, require. Construction. We already had that in the bill we passed last, week in terms that went under the, Department. Of Treasury. Appropriations. Bill because it's GSA, well that's more. On the subject then you may want to know so, you let the let the negotiators. See. If there's something that could there only about 30 miles left, if. You saw mr. Cuellar. Presentation. Of the, 700. That have not been and. A, lot of it is that what, the cars go by some. Of it is about levees, and the rest of that so what. Do they have to say for that last 30, miles thank, you all very much. Thank, you, god bless you and God, bless america.

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But duh a a a it so so and aaaaa the pay. Aaaa checks were a. GDG um. A GDP Um. Veterans. They. Are. A um like aaaaaa ramble mumble slur spasm sluuuurrrrr

You Moron don't blame the President for your wrong doing. Evil Witch. President ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION. YOU DO NOT. CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN GITMO.

This sick SOB bitch! She thinks in charge. The President doesn't need your ok to build the Wall. Its being built! We have Americans who need help and you want every criminal into our Country. Step down you satanic witch! You are a old bag who has KURU'S DISEASE and how dare you undermined our President! Step down or we will help you step down you treasonous sick old bag.

She ain’t gonna vote for no government shutdowns. Shutdowns are one of her powers as well. Wait and see, if she’s still in office and gets any chance at all the government will shut down to get what she wants.

She’s such an embarrassment! If that room is hot all I would do is stand in front of her to get fanned as much as she waves her hands around. She reminds me of Bush Jr. when he would give a speech lmfao!!!

Talk about false advertising!!! No convulsions, no slurred speech. Just alot of retoric about how it's all Trump's fault.

the reason she is speaker of the house is so they can continue to run there nefarious dealings and screw america, and when caught can use this bitch, as to amongst other things , the reason why it got so out of hand . Its a piece of diversion . Do you really think anyone would hire or keep someone like pelosi in her state of mind to do any sort of job for them . The criminals in washington would . TERM LIMITS . INDICTMENTS.and PRISON for these scallywags.

For Democrats, border security = open borders. Everyone knows it and the reasons. Their refusal to compromise WAS the reason for the shutdown.

pelosi you cant remember what happened yesterday !

That's right Nancy , you should " not act without knowledge" ( so whats wrong with that picture ) you need to get some knowledge of what's happening at the boarder and get up and see for yourself and talk to the people that are living and working the boarder So YOU can "act "with some sort of "knowledge" ( If that is even possible ).As well as listen and see what the American people want not just some irresponsible idea or agenda that you made up in your sick mind . Instead of going on trips and lying as to the reason your going. Also you should be paying for your family members and friends attending these trips with you .Not the american taxpayer . What the hell is family doing going on Govt business trips any way. You need to go bitch .

Being a ''representative'' for CA. you can bet she knows more about it than she'll ever admit.

What the fuck did she just say? Insane ramblings,that's all I heard. MAGA.

Pitiful, isn't it? Yet. she's Speaker of the House!!!

At what point in this video did the convulsions begin.

?????????? No idea!!!

Wtf are you saying???

She appear to be having a stroke . That's why she ran off without finishing news conference . She needs to be removed from her position . her actions are need for concern for the safety of the american people ! Sorry nancy but its time to go ! Bye Bye ! Hope you get better!

Jibberish again, what is she telling us? Her statistics are a joke. Is anyone doing their jobs doing followup regarding her statements which make no sense anyway? Since she does nothing, her pay should be minimum wages at best! Glad Pres. Trump took away all the Obama crap, Obama was such a loser president. Big differences between 70% and 90% and you are never specific. You make no sense, you talk in a circle of confusion. You are an appropriator of what? BULL$$##? You talk like you are drunk! There is nothing simple about you, more like STUPID, which is same old, same old, there is something wrong with this picture!!!

OMG WTF IS SHE EVEN SAYING??!!!! She needs to be fired ASAP! Crazzzzy

Cool maybe she’ll die

adam.schiff is in the intelligence committee now thats comedy!!!!!!

When you allow women to vote, you end up with a welfare state, communism and a piece of work like Pelosi getting in a man's way. You did this. You can undo it. *Repeal the 19th*


She is their leader? She asked what is wrong with this picture and what is wrong is that she is in it. She questions the Presidents judgement,, that's laughable because she can't even put together a complete thought. The rep' from the Texas valley against the wall is probably taking money from the Cartels and does not want his money to dry up.Laradeo is getting to be one of the worst locations and everyone is on the take.

An Imbecile speaking about intelligence lol.


This old women talking garbage stories for stupid kids

This thing is a bobble head, and it's hate for the president is eating it up inside. It is going crazy and having a mental breakdown.

She lies so often.

Look at how the media kisses her ass. Disgusting. Wtf is she trying to say, she is incoherent.

She really needs to step down, she is ridiculous

Where was these Democrats when millions of jobs were OUT SOURCED.  Millions of families are no longer families now.  We only got unemployment for six months, if you got an extension.   For as long as I live I will not vote for any Dam Democratic.  They are Globalists.  Socialists is what they are.   Trump re-opened the Gov. so the government ppl could get paid. Do some searching for yourself and see how many times he has taken care of ppl he did not even know.  Just heard about it and reacted.   I see comments about them taking money out of their savings account.  We did not have any savings account.  Just a bad credit rating!!!!   Just F**ked...Who cared?  What media spent more that a few minutes on our plight....

What about when technology fails? A wall doesn't need electricity.

You are under the influence stankan nancy pelosi

She didn’t seem too excited when she had to say the word fentanyl

When will the Democrats realize that they are destroying this country? This speaker of the house needs to go! There should be term limits!

Yea Nancy you should know about the drugs coming through into our country you made millions off of those drugs and I think you taking what ever drugs that are coming through our borders are finally affecting your brain

She's out of her mind! Tourism!? WTWhaaat? Duh! What.. so people can go watch, the innocents suffering? Watch the gangsters terrorize the border? What?

There are people coming into our nation, just to ESCAPE their own CORRUPT Government.. who supports.... the corruptors in their nation. These Demonicrats, don't care about anybody! Only the kick back money, that THEY WILL LOSE, when the WALL WILL BE BUILT!

This Congress is completely a relevant to the needs and the desires of the American public! The people have spoken! We want it we all! We voted for a while… I didn’t vote for President Trump and I certainly didn’t vote for Hillary but the American people as a whole voted for his platform and agenda of the wall and making our country secure like the Democrats won eight years ago and they somehow got brain amnesia and forgot how to protect our country. We need to stop giving Aid to every country on planet earth and build our wall as an emergency and go past idiot Congress

And she’s a liar also! She just said 90% of illegal activity comes through ports of entry… That is a lie, they come through where there’s no fencing where they can just hike on through I’ve witnessed it with my eyes and I hunt on the border of Texas they come in by the thousands! I’ve seen it with my eyeballs in this woman is a liar

Nancy Pelosi, you are the biggest liar and without common sense .... get your statistics right!!!!

This lady needs to go! She’s a complete idiot. She only talks about it when it suits her but it didn’t matter to them in the previous years

This lady is an idiot! She axes though this is the first shut down we’ve ever had and nobody complained when Obama and Bush gave $700 billion to the corporations who put us in jeopardy. These career politicians need to go we need to take back our government and abolish Democrats and Republicans!

Senators are government employees. They're the ones that shouldn't have gotten paid! They were having lavish vacations instead of trying to solve the problem!

The most hated face of the era.....!! A living Lucifer is destroying USA!!

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person! Karma Bitch! Karma!

If you wrote down what she is saying it would just be words, not sentences of a speaker. Porky the pig does better at getting a point across

I wanted to see the convulsions, not listen to her lies....can you tell me when they start and stop?

nancy i am from south africa and you must please shut up because every time you lie we know it and how do we know it .... because you opend your mouth and your lips moved mr trump will get his wall anf you will have another mouth diarea about it but he is the cic and your boss and aslo pays your salary for what i do not know the spelling is bad i know but it is on purpose so that you can make sense of what i am talking about next up state of emergancy with a supreme court of 4-5 geus who will win it oh sorry it is after all it is aunty nancy here i will leave you in your own missary now go and talk to cnn and all the rest af the commys news and i thought our "politicians " were dumb but i apolagise to them, the demonrats stays the top rats in the low iq sphere sala hanltle umlungu danie


She cant keep simple number clear in her head and she and some ppl think she should run shit. No thx

Your intelligence is showing when you open your mouth! not very much to say the least!

Plz remove this fossile, lets make oil of her, oh no thats right she would polute the ground if she is put into the ground.

The intermediatery committee has only met once in the three weeks Presudent Trump gave them about just dragging your feet ...Judge Jeannine went Crazy when she heard this and is starting to investigate who is on this bunch Of loser committee members's a disgrace ..they should have been talking Every day from start .....

I bet she and her followers got payed.

The Wall is for the protection of the country, people of the our country voted for it. Trump do not want the credit for it, he just know the needs of our country. Polosi you are incorrect about it. you have too much anger inside. you need to let go the anger and start action properly.

Traitors should be hanged and quartered, in public

Buda Bunda she is a lyingnPOS an alcoholic, and had an affair with Herr Mueller Then more recently with Pakistani Spy Imran Awan after he bonked Wasserman Shultz ..heard they had big cat fight over that one ....would Loved to have seen that ..ha ha

She should be walking cats,because she can’t walk a dog,I don’t know what she is doing there should be flying hers tucking brown

Be careful of what you wish for, you filthy evil hag. Nancy Pelosi representing 1/435 of the population needs to either kill or get rid of Trump and Pence simultaneously to assume the presidency. If that happened at least 100,000,000 law abiding taxpaying Americans would not want her out. They'd kill her. Representing a slimy drug, syringe, condom, and feces infected district. Yeah. That's what we want.

I was hoping she wouldve had a stroke!!!!Can everyone see the stupidity this woman is talking/spreading!!! what about the rest of us???? you know the people who put you in office! look at the shithole you represent !!! YOU have let the voters down. RECALL,RECALL,RECALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got to 4:02... Straight rambling... She lies about facts you could look up yourself notice how she never mentioned how her and the Dems voted down to pay the workers for time worked during the shut down 3 times how they also voted AND built on 350 miles of Wall that's up now... It's like watching a moon zombie learn a new language... She a traitor to this country only cares about illegals for votes and rights that they don't have... And since them DEMS in California care more about them then us Trump should pull I.C.E. Out of Cali and wall that shit up.

no convulsions.

she is just stalling... like we never saw her do that before...

she's too old for this stressful bulloney.

probably scared to death El Chapo gang going to snuff her because she might break her deal with El Chapo... according to eye witness at Chapo's trial, she took a bribe from him when she was in Mexico.

She's on the endocrine drug taken from babies brains. Huge liar. I watched her advocate for the wall right next to Schumer. Bad actors man. Blame the President for everything but take no responsibility for her own vote grabbing promises. She's a drunk too. What about her spending military money for her good times with friends. We have her recipes. She is so Anti American it's sick. Oli North and Regan were never given this trouble and they started this whole problem we're dealing with in Iran now. Raise the damn wall. The simplest solution is usually the best. Old time tested solutions are used because they work.

Democrats should change their name to illegalcrats

The President wanted to pay the employees the day after the govt shutdown occurred and Pelosi didn’t allow it!!!!! She’s such a hypocrite and liar! She didn’t allow it so it would look like the President doesn’t care but WE KNOW THE TRUTH!!! She tried to set him up to blame him when in reality it’s been ALL THEM and their lies and treachery !!!! She needs to go to AA so maybe she can speak since her job is the Speaker Of the House!!! Uh uh uhhh ah ah uh... stutter slur stutter sputter... uh uh ah uh

Help us all build the wall

They blame the president for everything I notice that everything the president wants to do democrats block it or want to I was a democrat but I seen so may bs that was going on voted for Obama once an that was the last as for the border for what I understand when Obama was at office they have spoke about a wall so what’s the issue now if they spend workers tax money for others that are illegal why can’t they agree with the wall

This woman is not qualified to work in the government we need competent people

That hag cant stay on topic

DACA expired. She's a mess period

She lies like the men and women who practice Islam. She's an open borders speaker of the house. The new democratic socialist Islamic party! Yeah what could go wrong England? Germany? Sweden? Look at the rest of the world. France is a taxed Hell hole.

We need time limits on politicians. Her and maxine need a nursing home

All i got from this is vote Republican across the board ,no question asked,democrats are nuts

Nancy Pelosi has gone senile, she's there at times but she keeps zoning out, does she even know where she's at? I think it's time to ship grandma Pelosi off to a nice nursing home, she's talking crazy.

I can’t help but feeling sorry for her, just sad, even though they created the situation to try to shame Trump

program meltdown lol

Nancy Pelosi is a communist and I very much oppose communism anywhere, especially in once-White European civilizations, like America or Europe. However, she was NOT suffering convulsions. Let's be honest. Exaggeration and dishonesty undermine the video's credibility. She was exhibiting age-related brain dysfunction here, though, which is concerning -- for her own sake as a human being and for America, since she is, unfortunately for the Constitution, an American governmental leader.

After I listen to Nazi Pelosi, I feel just a little bit dumber.....every single time.

Hey Nancy P and Schumer and all of these Criminals of Demons Democrats Leftist when are you going too Clean up California and Chicago streets ..From these Disease's on the Streets of AMERICA ..You do nothing for the True American Citizens Tax payers ..You need too resign and so Does Maxine Adam Schiff Tom Steyer needs too stop trying Too Destroy President TRUMP and AMERICA along with Adam Schiff and OBAMA and Hillary. All mouth No Brains Cells dead

Wtf! She passed a medical exam? She is the freakin speaker of the house and sounds like porky pig.

Blustering baffoon. RESIGN! #TermLimits #Veterans4Trump

This old woman #NancyPelosi literally RAMBLES about nothing, saying the same words over and over and over, she said VETERANS and CONTRACTORS probably 7 TIMES EACH, just stammering and rambling, and SAYING NOTHING. I still have no idea what I listened to, the ramblings of a mad woman.

Nancy has to resign and get medical help right away,why hasn't her family seen this?? Terrible!!! had it!!

Have another wow!!!

Got caught tampering videos now you cant put videos out lmfao

this woman is third in line for the presidency and congress knowingly voted her speaker

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