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Naples and Pompeii

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Oh. Bungle. A looping. Loopiness. I'm, Rick Steves back with more of the best of Europe this time we're, exploring Naples. It's a city that's living in the streets today as it, has for centuries Bella. Napoli its lovable, chaos. Naples. Is Italy in the extreme if, you like Italy as far south as Rome go further south it just gets better it fiddly is getting a little overwhelming, by the time you get down to Rome think twice about going further Italy. Intensifies. As you plunge deeper and punching. Deeper that's exactly, what we're doing this time as we explore, Naples. We'll. Go shopping Neapolitan. Style dodge scooters, in Naples, crazy traffic, explore. The city's vibrant neighborhoods. Admire. Exquisite, ancient, mosaics, taste. Pizza, in its birthplace then. We, climb the lip of a slumbering, volcano, and wander. The amazing, ruins of the Roman town it destroyed. So. Many European, travel dreams take you to Italy the, Bay of Naples area, about, three hours south of Rome is filled, with fun and fascination, from, Naples will, climb smoldering Mount Vesuvius and, visit, the ruins of Pompeii. Centuries. Before Christ Naples was a thriving Greek commercial, center called Neapolis, or the new city over. The ages it became an important center ruled, by a series, of foreign, overlords, in the, 18th century Naples. Finally became the capital of its own independent, Kingdom then. With the unification, of Italy in 1861, Naples. Fell from being an important, political capital to just, another provincial, town. Neapolitans. Lament that after their city joined the newly United Italy its riches, were swallowed, up by the new country as the, city's wealth was used to fund the industrial, expansion of the North Naples, eventually, lost its status and glamour today. Italy's third-largest city feels in many places like an urban jungle its. Lack of open spaces or parks makes it Europe's most densely, populated city. Watching. The police try to enforce traffic sanity, is almost comical in this gritty City. The. Vast Piazza, Garibaldi facing. The train station provides an off-putting, welcome, to those arriving by train. But. Get beyond this and Naples. Surprises. The observant, traveler with its good humour and decency. It's. People have an impressive, knack for living, eating, and. Raising. Children in the streets. Southern. Italy's leading City Naples, offers a fascinating, collection of museums churches and, eclectic, architecture. This, tangled, mess as intense, and urban scene as anything you'll find in Western Europe still, somehow manages, to breathe, laugh, and sing, with, a captivating. Italian accent. Naples. Fish market wiggles and squirts from under one of the city's surviving, medieval gates, each. Stall is eye-catching is. The seafood fresh most. Of it's still alive. Wandering. Through this seam enjoy. The playful competition, of the singing merchants. 7:01. In. So many ways you'll find southern Italy is a distinct, culture from the north people. Here are more fun-loving, and easygoing. See that even like she knows. It ha. Naples. Has long suffered from a bad reputation. Unemployment. Is chronically high and past local, government set an example that the Mafia would be proud of but, lately with, mayors committed, to safety in law and order the city has more police and feels, much safer. Still. Just to be cautious assume, any jostle, or commotion, is actually, a smokescreen created, by a thief team up to no good con. Artists are more clever than you and, also assume, able-bodied, beggars are actually pickpockets, keep, your money belt hidden. Neapolitan. Traffic is thrilling. Red. Lights are considered, discretionary. Pedestrians. Need to be wary particularly, of the motor scooters, be, careful, but be a suitable while. Many timid tourists get stalled on the curb I get, across quicker by, jaywalking, in the shadow of confident, locals. Rather. Than seeing Naples as a long list of sites see, it's great Archaeological Museum which, will visit later and then capture the spirit of the city by walking through its historic, core Spa. Kenapa we literally, split, Naples is a perfectly, straight street that dates from ancient Greek times it, leads to the colorful heart of the old city. TECO's. Of ancient, Neapolis, survived the, original Greek Street plan is remarkably, intact and back then bike, today all, businesses by day became. Private homes after hours and life tumbled, out of the homes and into, the lanes today. This, scene is just one, more page in the 2000, year old story, hub, Naples and to. Understand, that story I'm joined by my Neapolitan. Friend and fellow tour guide Roberta.

Mazzarella. New. Name it it occurs, right on the streets today as it has for centuries. Kids. Turn a white spot in the sidewalk into a soccer field. Walls. Are crusty with posters and definite, myths. Neighborly. Chitchat, and heated, arguments, take place curbside. Blue, buckets how busy moms connect, with the delivery boy. Everyone. Seems connected by cellphones, and. Fast. Food comes, in the form of a folded pizza. The. Tiny street side Chapel of Maradona is dedicated. To diego maradona a soccer, star played for naples back in the 1980s. We. Loved soccer, in Italy soccer is like religion. In Napoli specially, Luque, here look what we have Maradona. Our big superstar, the soccer hero, that's, his hair and when. We, try to him the city client. Deaths it appears, and lacrima napoli time him this, is the template of Maradona, the temple model. Even. Though for many Italians soccer is like a religion, churches, remain an important part of the community stepping. Into the lavishly, baroque Jesu nuovo, Church you'll learn how along, with sports heroes, Neapolitans. Have their religious, heroes to. This. Much adored statue celebrates Giuseppe, Moscati a Christian, doctor famous for helping the poor a steady. Stream of the neighborhood faithful remember him and hope, he remembers them, as a stop here as part of their daily worship routine. Muscari. Was so loved by the local community, that when he died in 1927. There is a movement to make him a saint after it was shown that he had cured two people of deadly diseases, he was fast-tracked to sainthood in 1987. The. Church where the Saint preached has made a small Museum covered with X vote II these. Are given as thanks for prayers in this case to Saint Moscati that, were answered. Each. Has a symbol, of the ailment, cured heart. Disease lung. Problems, a sick, child whatever. A. Display. Shows the great doctors apartment his possessions, and photos a. Bomb. Casing, hangs in the corner in 1943. It fell through the dome of father moscati's, church but destroyed, almost nothing, some. Say yet another miracle. The. Nearby Spanish, quarter is Naples at its rawest and most characteristic. Pause, at any street corner to enjoy, a vivid, slice of Neapolitan, life, and. Don't. Forget to look up with, no yards families make full use of their tiny balconies. This. Is a bath so leaving that's all ethics what, does that mean I can mean you, know so, literally lo yeah. It's like a small appointment, to three, bedrooms, four. Five six seven eight nine people, just okay, the tip the traditional, sort of romantic life, in the streets of life in disagreeable, yeah, many, people might, have money to go away from here but they still stay here. No. Taste of Naples is complete without a pizza, antica, pizzeria, dama Kelly is a favorite. Baking. In just the right combination of, fresh dough mozzarella, and tomatoes, in traditional, wood-burning ovens, this, restaurant, is considered, by many the, birthplace, of pizza. They. Brag takes several years of practice to get the dough just rent, catering. The pizza purists, the menu is brief just, two kinds, marinara. Comes with tomato sauce oregano. And garlic no. Cheese. Margarita. Celebrates, the unification. Of Italy named. After the first Italian Queen it comes with the colors of the Italian flag, red. Tomatoes, white. Mozzarella cheese, and a, garnish, of green, basil.

Italians. Who come to the states are not impressed, by thick and fancy pizzas, judging, from the enthusiasm, of those munching these hot tasty, pies what, really matters is not the quantity of, ingredients but. The quality. The. Sweeping, Bay of Naples arcs. From its teeming cities south past, the ancient ruins of Pompeii all the, way to genteel, Sorrento, the Gateway to the Amalfi Coast and towering. Above is, the mighty volcano, Mount, Vesuvius. The. Entire Bay is well served by a rickety, but reliable commuter, train because, it circles under Mount Vesuvius the, trains called the circum, Basu viana. From. The Pompeii stops shuttle bands take curious visitors up the volcano to the end of the road. Very. Nice week ok, go, graduate from. There a 30-minute. Hike takes you to the 4,000, foot high summit, of mainland, Europe's only, active volcano, belly. Up to the crater edge viewpoints, the. Last eruption was in 1944. The. Steaming vents are a reminder that while the Sioux vyas may be quiet it's, just, taking a geological. Map, hiking. Around the craters lip you enjoy spectacular views. Of its fertile and densely populated. Surroundings. While. Mount Vesuvius is, sleeping today in 79. AD the volcano exploded, sending, a cloud of ash and cinders, twelve miles into the sky it, spewed, for 18 hours sending. A red-hot avalanche, racing, down the mountainside at about 100 miles an hour burying. The city of Pompeii in 20 feet of scalding debris. Life. In Pompeii was stopped in its tracks, today. Excavations. Of this once-booming city offer the best look anywhere, at ancient Roman, life for. Archeologists, Pompeii. Was a shake-and-bake windfall. Ancient. Rome controlled, the entire Mediterranean. Sea that, made it a kind of free trade zone and Pompeii, was an important, port town it, was big 20,000. People it, was an important commercial center imaginisce square just busy with market activity, and because. It was a port it was a kind of a sailor's quarter and that meant it was fun lots, of bars baths, brothels, restaurants, and places of entertainment. The. Main square or forum, was Pompey's, commercial, religious, and political, center the, Curia House to government, it, was built of brick and mortar a Roman, invention it, was originally faced with gleaming marble. The. Basilica, or La Court was nearby here. You see the Basilica, floor plan that medieval churches adopted after, Christianity. Became legal in good. Roman style the city was well organized, with a grid street plan contained, within its walls. Remains. Of homes give, a glimpse into Roman, lifestyles. The. House of Vettii the home of a wealthy merchant shows. The typical layout of a mansion its. Colonnaded, atrium, with, formal, garden and water flowing, to give freshness was, ringed by colorfully. Frescoed rooms. Roman. Dining rooms were always richly, decorated. This. One shows little Cupid's playing out commercial activities, of the town and collecting, flowers. Taking. Your knocks on a chariot and. Enjoying. The local wine. For. A better understanding, of life at Pompeii, Italian. Archaeologist, Caetano Manfredi is taking, us on a walk, Pompey's. Impressive, baths were just past the gymnasium after, working. Out Romans, would relax be pampered, and enjoy, the social scene in a public bath. This. Was the Tippie Durham so people coming from gymnasium. After sport they, well they, were massaged by the slaves, inside. The niches all around there were oils, creams. Perfumes. For the body messages, a part, of the ceiling is still original and so, we can see how beautiful, decorated, was once all the ceiling, they, were massaged by the slaves. 2530. Minutes before. Going to the sauna because tepidarium. Amin's lukewarm. Bath, after. The tepidarium, that, was the Khalid area which was the hot bath beside. This wall there was a room where the slaves, made, fire. The hot air went. Underneath, the double floor because this floor is supported. By little, columns, and the, hot air went, between. The double walls there, was a circulation, of a hot air and just when everything was really hot they, opened the water of a fountain over here the, water slowly, fell on the floor the floor was so hot and this produces, steam, the, last stop was the frigidarium.

The Core the bed. As, we still do today after, the SONA - harder the muscles, and for the body circulation. To call the bath. Water. Was abundant in this well plumbed city fountains. Provided, a social center at intersections, and a, steady stream of water flush to the chariot rutted streets clean. So. Why the stones in the street here well there was always the water flowing, along the roads and washing to the roads so that's why I decided to walk all over and, the stepping, stones so, that the pedestrians, yes, the road. Avoiding. Wet feet very, smart. While. The site is evocative the horrors of that day in 79, AD are hard, to imagine thousands. Of people died in this eruption here, we have the cast of those people, you, know during, the excavations. Sometimes, the archaeologists fell, under, the volcanic materials, some empty, spaces left, by, the decomposition of the bodies and so what they did they, injected. The liquid plaster, in these empty spaces the. Liquid plaster, took the form over the previous, bodies, and when, it dried, up the, archaeologists, the clean and all the ash away, and appear, the, body in, the same position, the main was when he died the two thousand years ago one. Day a thriving City the next day this. Pompeii. Was excavated, back in the 1700s, before, Italy was United the. Local king who ruled from Naples demanded, bring me back the best of whatever you find that's, why even though this site is so impressive the finest, art and artifacts of Pompeii ended, up back in Naples at the National Museum of Archaeology. For. Lovers of antiquity, this museum by itself makes Naples, a worthwhile stop, the. City's one essential, museum visit offers, the best possible, peek into the art of Pompeii. The. Collection, ranges from grand statuary, and exquisite. Mosaics, to the most intimate details of everyday Roman, life. It's. Easy to forget that for many centuries the people of Pompeii, painted, Mount Vesuvius like, this before. It blew its top. These. Bronze, statues, like so much of the art from Pompeii, are 1st, century, BC copies, of 4th, century, BC Greek originals, they. Decorated the holiday home of Julius Caesar's father-in-law. Resting. Hermes with, his tired little heel wings is taking a break but, it's clear he'll be flying off again soon. The. Drunken faun singing. And snapping, his fingers to, the beat is clearly, living for today, true. To the epicurean, philosophy Caesars. Father-in-law, subscribe to. Pompey's. Many finely, crafted mosaics. Give a sense of the sophistication, and wealth of the city and its people. Culture. Thrived, at Pompeii, this, mosaic takes us backstage at, the theater just before, curtain time actors. Are being dressed, instruments. Tuned and the. Masks, that still symbolise, comedy, and tragedy today are ready, to go. Another. Finely, detailed and, realistic mosaic, shows street musicians, boisterously. Entertaining, those not quite up to a night at the theater. This. Scene from the Grand Battle of Alexander, with over a million pieces decorated, a floor in Pompey's, house of the faun in. This epic battle Alexander. And his Greeks meet and defeat Darius, in the Persians. The. Outcome is clear by, the fear in the eyes of the Persians and the focus and determination of, Alexander.

The Great. Notice. The dynamism, shading. Perspective. Everything. The Renaissance artists, would work so hard to relearn, 1500, years later. The. Secret room contains an assortment of erotic. Statues, and frescoes these, were commonplace, in Pompey's wealthier, homes in fact the rich actually commissioned. This art to entertain, their guests some, of its humorous some. Of its erotic you'll have to come here in person to actually see that and some, of it is simply beautiful. In. This scene a lusty faun. Playfully, pulls the sheet off what he thinks is a beautiful, woman only, to be shocked to learn she's, a hermaphrodite. Perhaps. The original mamma, mía. Venus. The patron, goddess of Pompeii was a favorite pin-up girl again. The art of Pompeii, shows an intimate, and impressive, mastery, of realism. The. Much copied, Three Graces celebrated. Elegance, beauty, and a love of life. The. Museum also has highlights from other parts, of the Roman Empire the Far nazy collection, fills a grand hall with statues, excavated, from the Baths of Caracalla in, Rome, the. Collection centerpiece, is the largest intact, statue from antiquity said, to be carved out of one piece of marble it was, restored, in part by Michelangelo. The. Toro far nazy features, a tangled, group with a woman being tied to a bull. Once. Upon an ancient Greek time that woman, dear che seduced, a king who abandoned, his pregnant Queen the. Abandoned Queen gave birth to twin boys who grew, up and after, killing their deadbeat dad they tied dear Jade to the horns of a bull to be bashed against, a mountain, the. Action is masterfully, caught as hoofs, flail. Capes. Fly and the. Dog snarls. You, can almost hear the ball snorting. The. Jilted Queen serenely, oversees, the action as ancient. Justice. Prevails. Stepping. Back out on the streets the immense Piazza, plebiscito celebrates. The plebiscite or vote in 1861. When, Naples chose to join Italy. The. Royal palace illustrates, how the city has suffered through many foreign rulers each. Of the eight kings in the niches is from a different dynasty. Norman. German, French, Spanish, Spanish. Spanish again, French, the brother-in-law of Napoleon, and finally. An Italian. Victor. In annual, the second Italy's, first king. The. Adjacent, Victorian, iron and glass of the hundred-year-old, galleria. Umberto uno, takes, you back to a grander, time newly. United Italy was flush with energy and optimism and this, was, a virtual, palace, for the public and across. The street the Grand Cafe gubrious, retains, the elegance, of the 1860s. It's a classic, place to sample a unique Neapolitan. Pastry, called sfogliatelle. A crispy, pastry filled, with, sweet ricotta cheese you. Can stand at the bar or pay double to sit either. Way imagine, the cafe buzzing, with the intellectuals. Journalists. And high society, big shots who sipped and munched here during, Naples 19th, century heyday. Vibrant. Naples the capital, of South Italy is a springboard, for plenty of travel fun we. Climbed Mount Vesuvius and. Resurrected. The rubble at Pompeii, but, that's just the beginning this region's, charms the. Genteel, town of sorrento provides a comfy gateway to, the dramatic, Amalfi Coast and the. Short jet boat ride takes you to the enchanting, Isle of Capri, but. All that will need to await another, travel, adventure. Europe. Has a lifetime of travel experiences. And one by one we're, sharing them all I hope you've enjoyed our look at colourful Naples and evocative Pompeii, thanks, for joining us I'm Rick Steves until next time keep, on travelin, ciao. Walk. Together okay here. We go okay, oh. Here. We go fella Napoli. Okay. Here we go. Back. With more than.

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love this perfect synopsis:)

Amazing Pompeii and its frescoes... wonderful...


Naples is the worst city to visit in Italy, especially if you are a tourist. I'm from Memphis and I have been exposed to quite a bit of crime, but I was taken completely off guard when I was robbed by two thugs on a moped. I would avoid this city at all costs, respectfully. Pompeii however is marvelous, as is the rest of Italy!

Paris, France is *REALLY BAD* too. I know a guy that went there and saw *3 MUGGINGS in a single week!* (The gendarmes were all standing around on a street corner, smoking cigarettes, and did nothing to help the victims...)

Bella napoli

City off dream

Your journey makes me dream all day.

Has Rick Steves ever gone outside of Europe?

Going in august can't wait looks a great city

Naples? Die englische Sprache ist schon echt degeneriert!

Naples and the South (I think you wanted to type South instead of summit) do not deserve only the things you mentioned, at all. Southern Italy is beautiful sceneries, stunning cities, crystal-like sea and history. Naples, in particular, is much more than rudeness or shame, the sparkling atmosphere and its vibes makes you feel life, they whitness the city's past and it being continuosly inhabited since ancient times. Also, Naples is a city of contradictions, there are popular buildings in Spaccanapoli nearly attacked to nobles'palaces and wonderful churches, and you can find samples of every European architectural style. Naples is economically in a bad situation, has a problem with local mafia and bad governors, but why should a tourist matter? There's an entire vibrant city to discover. Besides art, the view from the street prospicient to the sea seems a delightful postcard background and Naples' cuisine is one of the best of Italy: besides pizza, sweets such as sfogliatella or baba are unforgettable. There are bars, restaurants, discos and everything a touristic city should have. If you're gonna dump Naples, you're about to do a giant mistake, you're about to lose an imperfect but precious pearl. Anyway, if your idea is that, I'm aware I surely won't change it. What I'm trying to say is that its cultural, historical and artistic heritage is huge since it had been a European capital until 150 years ago, and also UNESCO has recognised it, and you probably have lost an opportunity to enjoy it. I'm sorry you had a bad time, I hope you'll change your mind one day. I've been there and I fell deeply in love with that city. Goodbye

You're welcome! But remember that august is very hot in Italy and it's the month when many italians go to holiday, so the city is quieter and easy to live in.

Me from pompeio

Good idea :D

I must put Napoli in my list for 2019. I have never been there but it reminds me a lot of Barcelona.

My family was from Napoli. I still have cousins there. The family name is Gesuele.

American pizza > Italian pizza

I live in Pompeii and its beautifoul

what is the location at 11:14??? very beautiful view!

+magda chatz thank you so much

Its the view from Vomero. You can go there with the funicolare. The view of the city, vesuvius and the port is breathtaking! Was there last week.

I might be living in Naples come OCtober.

15:00 Tony Montana

Bu ponpeyn italya da miii hee söyle onlara erkek erkege kadin kadima ilişkiler Allahin cc azabina sebep oluyor ponpeyn e baksinlar anlarlar

lots of overweight unhealthy looking people...i guess thats what pizza does to you

Try taking a trip to Sicily. The best.

Now you have to wash your mouth

But are more more more better

What rubbish

I am from Napoli(Naples) and we can eat THE best pizza in THE world

Don't mind me, I'm just searching for a certain stand user....

Hi! I am Italian . Sono italiana e Napoli ė una cittá molto bella!!

Anch'io io ci vivo a Napoli

Me too

Thanks God I live in Naples the best place in the world! I’m a traveler , I’ve seen so many places but nothing can really be compared to my beloved Naples.

These people are just Greeks.. watch "Greece's peloponnese" in the same channel and you will understand what i mean

God bless partenope


Asino di Napoli e sono felice di esserlo

I m Italian, from the North and I find Naples wild and embarrassing in many ways ! But music there It`s amazing (melancholy, romantic, with Arabic influences)!

6:29 "Cumm' c'iamma mettere?" to say "How should I pose?" :-)


All very nice but Naples International Airport is a nightmare. It is the most disorganised airport I have ever tried to catch a flight from. Italy on the other hand is great. Pompeii is a must place to visit but don't go when the sun is beating down. There are very few places you can escape from the heat of the day. Take plenty of water and your lunch with you, although there is a great cafeteria (if you can find it). It does get busy though. We got lost, so beware and brush up on your map reading skills. Oh, and by the way, take the Circumvesuviana train to  Pompei Scavi-Villa dei Misteri, (or Pompeii Scavi for short). It is 13 stops from Sorrento Station and It's an experience you won't forget if you go before 10am.

So who is the more gangster, Neapolitans or Sicilians?


Probably it's not famous or "world class" due to not many movers and shakers live's for the pleebs..

Roberta looks great...

My aunt is a nun and she does our genealogy. In 2018, she emailed me saying that I'm one-quarter Italian.

Naples is more than 2800 years old not was founded even before Rome.

Yes he said they were from the Greeks (500 yrs before Rome)

Neapolitans but the sicilans mafia is dangerous too

I haven't been to Naples, but north Italy. Sounds like you recommend?

Federica Cerri Embarrassing? You should be embarrassed of yourself, not Naples, geez

We almost went to Pompeii but my wife was Squamish I should have kept my mouth shut I mentioned there’s human remains from the Volcanoes !

Forza Napoli

+rui kisugi I have nothing to be embarrassed of and I talk freely. You perhaps should ask yourself a big WHY (just if able and interested) many Italians feel like me, also from Naples. Go deeper than judgments, if able!

You forgot one think. Camorra.i love

I'm going to make a new teenage fad Tide Pod like challenge. It'll be playing chicken in the streets of Naples.'ll win the Darwin Award...and be removed from the gene pool. Any other moronic ideas????

Questa è la Napoli più caratteristica ma non corrisponde alla Napoli reale

I was stationed in Naples in the mid-1980s for three years. I still miss it to this day. It's a beautiful city in all its color, craziness, vivaciousness, and zest for love and life. Someday, I will return to see it again. Mi manca Napoli sempre, ma spero a vederla nel futuro. Grazie and ciao ciao! Petrio

@rui kisugi I have nothing to be embarrassed of and I talk freely. You perhaps should ask yourself a big WHY (just if able and interested) many Italians feel like me, also from Naples. Go deeper than judgments, if able!

@magda chatz thank you so much

not safe for strangers. at all.sorry, that`s simply the truth.

There isn't..what you see if a plaster cast of the inside of the lava that covered everything. The original object is completely gone.

Scusa perchè?

Napoletana DOC. Viva Napoli

@LADYIRIS81 No a Napoli no!!!! Comunque, con una/o di Napoli non poteva che finire cosi`... Perdenti!

Ancora. Ma va a quel paese!

@LADYIRIS81 Certo i problemi ci sono anche al nord, che ovvieta` ma Napoli... e` da tutti (anche dall`estero) nota per una "certa" , meritata, reputazione

E insisti. I problemi ce li avete anche voi al nord, non nascondetevi sempre.

@LADYIRIS81 Meglio per te. Ripeto solo che se ambisci a migliorare devi anche fare AUTOCRITICA se invece tutto va` bene cosi` com`e` … allora benissimo ma smettetela di lagnare e dare a noi dei razzisti...

Sì ma sembra che Napoli sia diventato il capo espiatorio di tutti di voi del Nord. Non perdete occasione per discriminarci e darci dei mafiosi, dei nullafacenti, sporchi ecc. Io sono di Napoli e me ne vanto. E non ho nulla di cui vergognarmi.

@LADYIRIS81 Premesso che la brava e cattiva gente si trova ovunque, a Napoli e` diffusa la cosiddetta "furbizia" che e` cosa ben diversa dalla cosiddetta "intelligenza". Infatti i furbi si danno sempre zappate sui piedi… segui la cronaca, le storie di camorra, di gente che si piange addosso senza fare mai autocritica, che odia lo stato ma pretende da esso continuo denaro per poi sperperarlo in corruzione. E come scordarsi la spazzatura per strada, il mondo intero l`ha osservata stupito! Il comune e` sull`orlo della bancarotta etc. etc. Peccato!!! Perche` Napoli e` anche piena di giovani vitali e talentuosi, costretti pero`ad immigrare...

Never Go to Naples, the place has turned into a horrible migrant infested dirty city that you will feel unsafe in. I will say this though, Naples does have the best pizza I have ever had. Even the "inexpensive" restaurants are high quality and better then the vast majority of most places in the US.

You said? That's not true. The comments of people of all world talks for them. Only jealous of every compliment that they are giving us. Second me, you're an North Italian. Sei solo un invidioso. Adesso mi metto a scrivere Milano è pericolosa (veramente) e anche con le altre città.

@jvounike s are you Italian? Se sì, perché devi insultare Napoli? Naples and Sicily are the same people. We were both a country called 2 Sicilies. Why this racism?

Si` dai dell`ignoranti a tutti invece di fare autocritica, tipico di quelli che rovinano Napoli!!! Complimenti sapientone!

@13levante intanto agli stereotipi ci credono solo gli ignoranti come te, sei invidioso di Napoli perchè quelli dell'estero la stanno difendendo invece voi nordici fate i finti Inglesi e la insultate. Molti Meridionali vanno al Nord per lavorare come laureati dato che al Nord non c'è ne sono, un esempio è che al Nord i professori scarseggiano, invece al Sud (soprattutto in Campania) di professori ne è pieno. La Campania è la regione con più laureati in Italia quindi ciò che hai detto mi sembra leggermente un controsenso. La Campania come già detto prima, è la regione con più avvocati. Non siamo noi le vittime, siete voi che iniziate ad Insultarci e non vi rispondiamo nemmeno perchè non ci abbassiamo ai vostri livelli. Siete i primi a discriminare Napoli, siete i primi che hanno come capi di comune persone che insultano Napoli e che la odiano. Tu non capirai mai purtroppo. Io non odio i Settentrionali, sto solo cercando di difendere e di fare capire come è veramente messa Napoli e come è messo il Nord. Nel secondo caso, al Nord troppa c'è ne di spazzatura, e poi dite che Napoli è una fogna a cielo aperto quando il problema della spazzatura non esiste già da 10 anni. La mafia esiste anche al Nord, noi del sud la combattiamo, invece i comuni del Nord pagano la Camorra del Nord (pagavano) per portare i vostri rifiuti al Sud. Ripeto: i politici pagavano la Camorra del Nord per portare i vostri rifiuti e seppellirli in Campania.

@13levante agli stereotipi di fama mondiale ci credono so gli ignoranti come te,

Stereotipi di fama mondiale… ci sara` un perche`?!!  Invidiosi di Napoli??? Questa e` grossa LOL!!! Vi laureate? E poi immigrate al nord… comunque il piu` alto tasso di abbandono scolastico e` al sud, dove I giovani preferiscono soldi facili subito e si inchinano alla camorra (in Campania). Sono ignorante ma non quanto te…  Spero che Napoli ed i giovani talentuosi di famiglie oneste, che esistono anche li` alzino la testa invece di fare le vittime ed odiare quelli al nord. Non c`e` altra via per migliorare Napoli! Quelli come te non lo capiranno ne` accetteranno mai, purtroppo per Napoli!

@Federica Cerri intanto sono solo stereotipi. Sei solo una ignorante che vuole provocare in maniera sottile Napoli. Siete solo invidiosi e semmai voi sareste i perdenti. Intanto qui ci laureiamo anziché voi che andate a lavorare in fabbrica a 16 anni. "Di Napoli", guarda che la reputazione meritata ce la siamo meritata perché a differenza vostra viviamo in un capolavoro vivente.

... Naples hasn't got mafia, trust me.

Andy Nischen, semplicemente perché non esiste più da 10 anni. È solo un brutto ricordo che solo persone come te non dimenticheremo mai perché sono solo invidiose. Intanto tutte le persone che sono andate a Napoli e che hanno commento in questo video, non hanno parlato di spazzatura. Non siamo come voi che di immondizia ne siete pieni. Vai a vedere veramente come è messo il Nord Italia. Sulle autostrade si possono notare file di spazzatura lunghe 100km che ti fanno compagnia.

@Antonio D'Agostino no lol im not rasciste :)

"Napule è 'na carta sporc E nisciuno se 'n import E Ognun aspett a' ciort"  Pino Daniele singer-songwriter from Naples. Troppi Napoletani "si lagnano" sempre e chiedono sempre (soldi) al Nord Italia per poi sperperarli in corruzione. "Il mondo e` dei furbi" ti dicono… e molti Napoletani si comportano da tali, infatti. L`intolleranza del nord Italia verso Napoli e` dovuta alla mentalita` vittimista e furba di troppi Napoletani. Si lagnano… peche` le cose non girano come dovrebbero ed e` sempre colpa del nord!!!

Intimidating chaos at first.. Hehehe than cosy friendly & safe


People there shout, but they are so warm and friendly.

Maples is wild

I'll be in the Neapolitan Metropolitan area in about a month, I can't wait!

Napoli is the best city

Did you go there?

Naples is a city full of art, culture, amazing music, food, traditions and natural beauty. It's not only "grit"

Great videos , fantastic .

The hidden gem of Europe. I love Naples

Such a magnificent, lively and warm city. I've been there twice. Missing it. From Russia with love. Te amo, Napoli.

I love Italy and visited a number of its Cities one of my must do Cities, was to visit Naples because it looked like a real living city, less touristic. I eventually got to go on holiday there, I was so disapointed with the dirt and most of all the litter and refuse. The markets where there each morning but left the rotting veg and fruit in the street. Those markets that sold everything, bed-mattresses, towels etc were there each morning but in the afternoon we were left having to unwrap plastic cover from our feet or step over even jump over plastic wrapping form the sold mattress blowing down the streets. The environment green bins for clothes were raided every night by the homeless and immigrats pulling out the clothes onto the pavement to find the best and size for them leaving the clothes to be trappled on in the street for the rest of the day. In the end I returned home early because it became too much for me. On a posite note, it had some beautiful things to see and places like Pompi to visit but in the end, they were lost on me due to the rubbish.

You make the crowd HapPy



La cosa interessante nei commenti di questo video e che tutti coloro che apprezzano Napoli sono stranieri, gli unici che la disprezzano sono i soliti leghisti che addirittura fanno finta di essere stranieri e gettano merda su questa città parlando in inglese. La loro puzza di "lutamm" si sente da miliardi di kilometri di distanza.... Impossibile non riconoscerli

@Sniper Elite Ma quante stronzate!!! Dirigenti di aziende, banche… questa e` buona LOL! Solo il sud si sottomette alla mafia qui` non appena scoperti prendono calci in culo, da voi invece si fa` l`inchino… speriamo tutti nell`autonomia fiscale cosi` vedremo quanto bravi i vostri dirigenti si dimostreranno (ancora)!

I napoletani non vi cagano proprio, ne tanto meno vi chiedono i soldi. Nessun napoletano ha chiesto di far parte dell'Italia, voi siete voluti venire a rompere il cazzo ai meridionali e adesso ne pagate le conseguenze. Dagli anni '50 in poi, migliaia di meridionali sono venuti a fottervi il lavoro e oggi sono i massimi dirigenti di aziende, banche e comandano tutto. Vi siete fatti sottomettere e adesso la mafia, camorra, 'ndrangheta comandano a casa vostra. Come godo...

È arrivato il nordista di turno

In the past it was mainly visited by noblemen from all over Europe because of its rich culture and history

@13levante no, sono dati dell'ISTAT, apri un libro prima di confezionare male cavolate e di divulgarle. Siete solo gelosi.

@13levante il turismo a Napoli aumenta del 91% all'anno. Quasi il doppio di Roma. In Campania il turismo cresce del 126% all'anno. Sai solo dire "esiste solo nei tuoi sogni"? La verità ti brucia?

@Antonio D'Agostino Dati di fatto nelle tue fantasie LOL!

@Sniper Elite "Tutti i turisti considerino Napoli la piu` bella citta` d`Italia…" solo nei tuoi sogni!!!! LOL !!!! Semmai la considerano la piu` PERICOLOSA d`Italia! Essi rischiano uno scippo ad agni angolo!

@Sniper Elite I saraceni cos`erano? I libri li descrivono come arabi che arrivarono non solo in Sicilia, Calabria e Puglia ma anche in Campania...

@13levante ho solo parlato circa dati di fatto.

@Federica Cerri La vostra discriminazione insensata è frutto della vostra infida invidia che si legge dalle vostre parole e dai vostri occhi. Lo so che non è bello vedere che i turisti considerino Napoli la più bella città d'Italia, nonchè simbolo dell'italianità all'estero (pizza, spaghetti, pasta, sfogliatella, ect....), ma fatevene una ragione. Ci sarà un motivo per cui i Greci e i Romani consideravano il meridione culla della civiltà e Napoli era la perla del mediterraneo. Non dimentichiamo che i Romani consideravano italiani soltanto i popoli dell'Italia centro-meridionale, mentre il Nord ancora in età imperiale veniva denominato Gallia Cispadana. Manco i Romani vi consideravano, c'era poco da fare con una terra infestata da barbari...

La canzone napoletana non ha alcuna influenza araba. Napoli non ha mai avuto una dominazione araba...

@13levante agli stereotipi di fama mondiale ci credono solo gli ignoranti come te,

Yes, Naples was founded by ancient Greeks. Southern italy was called "Magna Grecia" (Great Greece" by the ancient Greeks because of its fertile lands and beautiful landscapes

You can go to Posillipo instead of Vomero. It's more interesting

Don't say it in Italy, they will arrest you...

Are you greek???

It's PEPERONI and it is a vegetable

Because I take care of someone who needs me to live with them. This person is someone who can't be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. I do plan to go back one day. Thanks for the kind words though.

@Antonio D'Agostino La verita` e` accessibile a tutti ed e` ben diversa da quella che racconti tu, pagliaccetto penoso… Temo sia tu che per non disperarti ti armi di molte MENZOGNE! Gelosi dei Napoletani: per qualita` dei servizi? dei vostri ospedali? della vostra scuola? delle opportunita` di lavoro? della tutela ambientale? DE CHE?????? ! Costruite abusivamente persino sopra ad un mega-vulcano (o piu` probabilmente non sapete che esiste!). Persino la nebbiosa Milano vi SUPERA E DI MOLTO per turismo (dati ISTAT 2018)!!! Andiamo a confrontare il tasso di criminalita` invece?... Poveraccio, mangiati una sfogliatella va`, basta quella!

@Antonio D'Agostino Te li do` io i dati Istat: nel 2018 Napoli si e` classificata all`UNDICESIMO posto in Italia per visite turiste, PERSINO la nebbiosa Milano ha fatto molto MOLTO meglio (12,1 milioni di turisti contro i 3,7 di Napoli). Basta fantasticare, leggi tu ogni tanto prima di spararle cosi` false... fai pena (mi auguro i napoletani non siano tutti come te!). Certo con la dispersione scolastica a Napoli ed il sud in generale (dati MIUR ed OCSE) non c`e` da stupirsi!

14:45 Tony Montana(y) enters the scene. Say Allo to my little friend!

some Italian cities have vibes like Asian cities not like European

“Wiggles & Squirts” had me laughing for 5 mins straight.

livem hahahaha its a joke

Actually pizza is originally from Egypt

Love me friede de monde

Video beautiful and very useful since I will be going to Naples for 8 days in August 2019. Thanks!

Europe is full historic work and mesmerizing Greenery. I love EuRope.

no wnder operatic belcanto singing was given birth to in Italy.

Viva il sud ❤️

get rid of catholic idiocy, Italy will become unbeatable super power.

Bravo Rick! I throughly enjoyed watching this beautiful chaos. The museums are spectacular!

Naples Pros: Cheap clothing and food, some of the best pizza in the world. Cons: Polluted, dirty and dusty city with scooters and cars driving on every single street. Also cars don't hold back for pedestrian crossings or in general, which makes it stressful to walk around.

offputting welcome? lol

The pros of Naples : pizza... You should get a culture...

και έχει άλλα τόσα να δεις

I wonder whether people who live in old cities and towns realise how lucky they are ; imagine being part of history daily .Thanks Rick , these places look different and more interesting through your eyes .

AleLovesMusic just curious, why do you have an American flag ?

I enjoy your videos. Thank You. You show a good perspective for the future travelers. You took me right back to Naples and Pompeii. My kingdom for a pizza.

I’m don’t like Naples......sorry....

Bellissimo.I do videos on the south and north west of USA.Lots of National Parks

If you like this, check out my Instagram profile @georgetheboatchef I travel all around italian Europe from naples and the amalfi coast to stromboli and Portofino!!

You forgot about Florida

Anytime you wrote "Speaking Italian" they were actually speaking another language: Neapolitan. Let's make this clear once and for all. Neapolitan Language is a way older language than Italian and it's even recognized by UNESCO. We have an old literature and music tradition, so pay respect to that. That about being a dialect just comes from a false statement written in our Constitution according to which a dialect is both a minority language and a language coming from another one. You will now understand the confusion, since that's absolutely false according to Linguistics. Neapolitan is a language directly coming from Latin, not Italian. Our Constitution doesn't recognize our language because they need to repress our culture, so that they won't have problems like in Catalunya :)

I thought mount etna is active aswell

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