Narrowboat cruise to Bradford on Avon on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Narrowboat cruise to Bradford on Avon on the Kennet and Avon Canal

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This. Is our little vid or. Leaving. Seamed, and. Heading. Towards, Bradford, on Aven where. Mark had. Quite. A lot of fun. A. Little. Bit later. When. We left cells green we had a journey. Ahead, of us to get to Bradford on Aven of nine, miles yeah, seven, locks six. Swing bridges yeah got, it right and as. You know at the pace we travel. That took us three days did, ya. Yes. So where one of our stops was st., cleave. Which. Was a nice. Little place right, outside a pub. And. It was lovely, weather as well yeah. And. Then, the, next stop was Bower, hill in. The middle of nowhere which, was nice and couple of nights there. And. Look at that what do I have behind me the. Barge in at Seend, so. It's 12 o'clock, we've just got moored up in this beautiful pond and. We'll spend the day here. Yeah. So here with Debbie. A. Little, village called seened we're at the barge in, it's. A wad worth brewery pub. Traditional. Wheelchair. Brewers and. Can't. Get much better than this I've got myself a point of IPA. Hmm. Was. A damn sight better than the IPA I had back in. Wallingford. It's. It's. Nice I. Don't. Know whether it's a right nice client. But. I do prefer a stronger. Hoppier, IPA. It's. A nostrils brewery proper. Job around 5%, a real. Job I think is even stronger. Yeah. It's okay. Now. Just a little bit history for IPA, comes, from, Indian. Pale Ale and when. Our troops were out, in India and that was part of our colonies, to. Ensure. That the beer still. Remained a decent quality when, it was shipped all the way over there the months onboard they. Used. A lot more hops and a higher alcohol content, so. By the time it got off the, boats, it would have survived the journey and, it was probably raining about 13%. This. Was served to the officers. So. I would like to have been an officer. At. That point. In time and. Then it was watered down to. Between. Three and four percent for, the troops. Cheers. Guys. Now, while Debbie wasn't looking I'll just sneak, her drinking, this Rudolph's off this wasn't off of the pumps this, was from the chilled tap and as. I said that was a. Game. Of stones now I'm not going to do a full review on that's some, bone to bump. Into another. Pub. Down the road which will be doing that so I'll do the review then but what I will tell you. That. Is a right nice point. Cheers. Guys here. We are it looks 17. Bridge. 1 5 5 which is. Unobtainable. A even and, we come over the bridge. And. Into a, beautiful. Community. Picnic. Area. This. Is the. Isabelle. Hill, residence. Action group picnic area. Landscape. And. There's picnic benches. With. Little. Raised. Metal grills. On. Them so you can put your little disposable, foil. Barbecues. And. Have a nice picnic, area and we. We. Ended up graduating, I even on. Visiting moorings just before the lock. Lovely. I loved, Bradford, on I even it was friendly. You. Felt comfortable there yeah you get, vibe with, with places, just a. Small-town. Friendly. Feeling, lots, lots. And lots and lots of places to eat I mean lots. Of places so I was sort, of shocked. At how many places there were to eat. And then. You little individual, shops no no, big. High. Street stores or anything like that which was lovely, it was quite busy as well because, as, we walked into town we realized there, was a green, mound festival, on did. You know what the Green Man festival was, for, no, but I'm pretty sure you're gonna tell me yeah so will yes. So the, roots. Of, the Green Man festival. Date. Back to pagan. And medieval. Times now. In medieval, times the stonemasons. And the wood carvers. Would.

Carve. Faux, lated head which, is a head. With the foliage. And these these can still be found today in. Churches. Across the country Deb. Loves these bits ideally yes the actual term green. Man wasn't really invented, until. 1939. When. Lady, Raglan, wrote. An article for the folklore, journal before, then it was always referred to as a faux lighted head. Mmm. Now there's also another. Folklore. Custom, dating from the 1700s. Was which is the jack in the green now, that was basically, a. Tall. Wicker frame, which. Was woven with foliage, and named streamers. And, that's more around the May celebrations. Celebrating. Rebirth, and regrowth, the. Trouble is over over, the years the the, green man and the jack in the green seem, to have fuse. Together so, most. Of the time you will see the. Jack in the green with the fur later the head or the green man's face. On it and. Each. Year throughout throughout the UK there's and, you can go online to find out where these are is, about 20, jacking, the green stroke. Green Man events. Going on for a country. Yes, sir there's a little basin here. But, the high boats go from and the trip day trip boats. As, the lock will be going for in a couple of days. Yes. I think that's. We're. The Black Prince and, how I votes go from. But. Quite, a few come and go in this one. Where. Are we dead. Lock-in. Not. That a dealer, near, the frakking breakfast, yes, the macro. We're. Now gonna go. An. Explorer brand phenomena yes. See, you when we get there yeah. So that was the lock-in. Right by the river. And I'm just fine. A very, festival. First, impressions, of Bradford, on any button lovely, really, lovely buildings, a wonderful, yeah. Don't, know whether you can see behind, us everything's. Stone with, Vincent, well we're now heading to bath but, been. To buy a few years ago a caravansary. No it's, like a mini mini bath and we've come a time, when, you. Can see me see behind me there's. A green. Man festival, on yeah. The weather's gonna hold out. Yes. Oh wow. Walmart was filming, he had a tap on the shoulder from a. Viewer. Of. Ours, called. Chris. Yeah, yeah. That it's seen seen. Us or seen me use you, shop I would. Say the, first thing he asked where's Dave's yeah I. Seen. Us from it is home come over travel little now which is it's always nice when yes yeah one of you is recognized, you come over for a chat and that we've made quite a few friends along, the way yes it is lovely it's absolutely wonderful when they come over and say hello as. Well. Just had the opportunity. To meet one of our subscribers Chris, and, Sandra's. There. Somewhere. So. People. Do the goodwill, date cheers Chris thank you well. As I've said so many times before I've. Just caught up with an old friend I've never met Chris. Cheers. Chris. So. What does that build in behind you remind you of a barbecue. The. Mark made, one year yeah, my first attempt, at brickwork. Would. Have looked very nice outside, that little. Building. There and. To, top off that. Perfect. Visit. To any town or village, the. Sound of leather on willow. Over. The barge in Bradford. On Aven and I've got myself a point of, Dean Bell. One. Probably one of the first days I started drinking when I moved over from larger, and, you. Get, that the, hoppy aroma coming, through and. There's. A fruity taste and a light, multi taste that is a. I've. Said this from day one this is a right nice point. Cheers. Guys. And. The dogs always enjoy coming to a public beer garden because they get new to. The. Story behind this point. Was at the, rock. On, the camel. History in Cornwall. There's, a famous. Sandbar. Called the doom bar and that. Is the inspiration, for this point now. I'm actually gonna read from there writer but, it, says the. Sandbank is. As revered, as a formidable, nautical. Challenge that, should be approached with respect, and, navigated. The skill just, like this point. And. You get to see most things on the canals. But. It's not every day that, you. See that. So. When. I. Don't, know this this good you're badly when, we first got into Bradford and Haven we. Just had breakfast, which you either have, seen or you're gonna see I, saw, a poster, for a for a beer festival, yeah the. Kettle Smith Brewing. Company, I've, never seen mark so excited, in such a long time not, because of the beer mainly, to. Get some content, for the videos some, new beer reviews, and bits and pieces anyway. I forgot, all of all about this we've been.

In Bradford, and Haven for a couple of days and I see a guy, walk past the window, with. Which. I've. Been to enough beer festivals, to know what it was it was his beer festival, glass they'd. Obviously bought while he was there and jogged. My memory so, dead. Didn't want to come so I thought, well I'll, just pop out for half an hour. Well. Here at the kettle Smith Brewing, Company's, unit. And enjoying. Some, of their annuals reviews. Coming, later. It's. Two hours late I'm. Still, here and. I'm. Still yet to do a pair of you. So. Here, at the beer. Festival and. I actually, snuck. Into the back room where. All happens. Well. I, cannot. Praise these goblets, and therefore. What they do. Bear. Refused to follow. Here. One of the guys from the kettle. Smith Brewing Company, so. Why should we actually come here and drink your beer. And. I can vouch for that because I've drunk most of them I'm not sure about the memorable, bit because I don't think I'm gonna remember anything, about today, but hats, off to these guys, that. Half an hour turned. Into three, hours I. Was. Getting a bit concerned, but I thought well he's just that the road I mean you. Know there's. No. Harm in what he was doing and. Technically. I didn't. Have that much to drink. Beer. Tokens, that, you buy so, I had a few points, but I also had a few points, bought for me my, mistake was not checking. The. ABV. That the percentage. Of the beers I was drinking which I had done some research on, the. Internet. The following day I hate weights they were seven, and a half eight percent, so yeah. Actually. Unfortunately. Yeah I didn't get to review, any of the bears while I was there. That. He was going to yeah, yeah I think I will return one day when they've forgotten who I am and, Mark just turned. Up back at the boat about three and a half hours, later and. Just had a little power nap. Yes. Anybody, who's, thinking of, visiting Bradford. On I even do, it because it is yeah whether whether by narrowboat, or whether you you're camping, I will just go and go in there for a day oh he's, a really, really nice place yes, a nice ambiance about, it very nice ambiance, the day's big weird. Okay. So if you enjoyed the video hit. The like button, if you haven't, already subscribed. Hit the subscribe button and there's. A little, bit like on press that and that, will let you know when we do other videos and, comments, just keep the comments coming we. Take. The time to read them all and laughing. So yeah homes coming guys yeah and any anything you can think of you'd like us to cover yeah that, we haven't covered, suggestions. Hmm, yeah alright, till next time. You.

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Debs might not like your history talks, but I love them,,,, Keep them up please

"I'm going to a beer festival be half hour" really

Hi Mark I had a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship the other day. It was one of the best pints I've had it almost had a taste of dry roasted peanuts about it. I've had it out of a bottle before but it's not the same as from the pump

Its not as gassy out of the pumps and has a smoother feel on the pallet, but still has its same distinctive taste. Cheers

One Saturday a few years ago, I went out about 11am to get "a bit of shopping and a quick pint." Won a bundle on the horses and then staggered home about midnight. Arriving back with considerably more cash than I went out with delighted the wife. The trouble started when I couldn't remember exactly which pub I had left the shopping in!

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We call those Green man carving Wood Spirits here in the States.

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I met a guy at the beer festival with a Big Foot baseball cap on, he came straight over and started chatting, I seem to attract Big Foots

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Ron Krause most of the time it’s a DJI Osmos mobile 2 If it’s windy I use my Joby gorilla rig with a Rode mic

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Ron Krause It’s all shot on my IPhone 8 Plus apart front a bit of time lapse stuff on the bow of the boat with a cheap amazon go pro copy

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Id never actually gave it much thought about the building materials, a lot of the older buildings are usually built using local area stone as in Bradford on Avon and Bath. Bath stone has been quarried since roman times because of it ease to work with. And I have to agree on your choice of canals

lifestyles of the rich and famous

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17APR69 16APR71

We enjoyed Bradford on Avon. There's a lovely used bookshop there that we quite enjoyed.

We stayed in BOA for 6 weeks we loved it so much❤. Always something going on.

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YAY! you made it to the "Lock Inn"! I hope the breakfast was up to the standard Id previously mentioned? I stopped there at Christmas while on a narrowboat adventure of my own! Id have liked to have travelled up to the Caen Hill flight but unfortunately, the lock at Semington junction was closed for repairs so i turned around and went to bath instead. Nice video! xx

The tithe barn in Bradford on Avon is well worth a look! Amazing structure and I believe one of the best preserved examples in the country. Some really nice small craft shops in the ancillary buildings dotted around the site.

Well done guys,brilliant job

Thank you for a trip down Memory lane as we hired our first boat from Black Prince 3 years ago and I've been obsessed with the idea of owning and living on one ever since. Love your filming style and beer reviews look forward to one day having a "right nice pint with you" .

@Well Deck Diaries I haven't, I had to take it off the market, it will go back on shortly. I had a little disaster, I don't want to say too much on here.

@Spencer Wilton This is very informative. Having lived in many UK areas, I now benefit from your knowledge. I suppose it's a case of me not having seen the wood due to the lack of trees! Thank you for posting your comment.

James Evans Wood isn't widely used for building in the U.K. Of course we have some timber buildings, notably many Tudor and Elizabethan ones, but in more recent centuries they have fallen from favour. After the great fire of London in 1666 building in wood was actually banned in London and I suspect other cities also followed this sensible precaution! The brits tend to build for the long term, a quarter of all homes are Victorian, and many hundreds of thousands are earlier. We expect our houses to last centuries rather than decades so i suppose that means we favour brick and stone. Also, we lack the vast forests of parts of the US- we tend to have smaller patches of ancient woodland which are not harvested like plantations- until relatively recently timber for building would have been hard to come by and expensive to transport, but stone can always be quarried locally and every town had a brickworks.

Greetings from Washington State where the hops and barley you mention are grown. Thank you both for such wonderful footage and stories of your narrowboat adventures, You are delightful and lovely to watch, as well as excellent video techniques.

Patricia Scott Castaneda Thank you, just telling our story in the best way we can, its so nice to get reassuring comments like this as we’re still novices, both in boating and putting these vids together.

Mark Button hope your obsession will one day turn into reality. Thanks for taking the time to comment

@Spencer Wilton Thanks you , very helpful

Love your vlogs and love you both. Hopefully our narrowboat dream will come true next year.... will be looking out for you for a 'Right Nice Pint'. All the best. Denise

1adydee Thanks, Hope everything work out with your narrowboat dreams,

House went back on the market Saturday at about 4.00pm I had a viewing at 7.00pm and the put an off in before 8.00pm. Now it is negotiation time.

Just doing a bit of catch- up. Three hours isn't that long to be conducting solid research :).........Talking of Doombar I just dont think it's what it used to be, very bland. Nice camera work, you using the Osmo Pocket? Best wishes.

Floating Our Boat I know what you mean about Doombar mainly because of the wide variety of new ales out there, and of course not forgetting Ghost Ship It’s the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 with an IPhone 8

Great videos guys,really informative.We are cruising the exact same route you have taken in a couple of weeks from fox hangers marina to Bath. Do you think we will make this return journey on a one week holiday ?

Thanks guys, that's brilliant, I never knew this planner existed, that is really kind of you to send me this information, it's really helpful.Looking forward to following lots more of your videos and hope you're enjoying your new boating life together

Steve Bright Shouldn’t be a problem. Go on the web site its a rout planner for the canals, I’ve done a route plan from Foxhangers to Bath top lock and it gives a distance of 19 half miles 8 locks , and 8 hours 58 mins. You can play about with the cruising speed in the settings section. Hope you enjoy your journey

Hi guys,how long did it take you to travel from Bradford upon Avon to Bath,The guidebooks say about five hours but there seems to be quite a few locks along the journey. Are there any moorings when you get onto the river Avon,we intend to look around Bath for a couple of days?

Thats about right but in reality it always takes longer. Do a route planner on you can moor above the top lock in Bath and between lock 11 & 10 in Bath There are visitor mooring on the river Avon on the right hand side about 1000 yards out of Bath bottom lock. A good app for your phone or tablet is Open canal map uk

Hi, seems like you really enjoyed your time at Bradford on Avon, it is a lovely place, we stayed at Avoncliffe. Happy Travelling!

Still lovin’ the roof pups,,, your videos are very informative. Keep up the great work

Brilliant,,,,3 hours,,, Technically I didnt have a lot to drink,,,, Wonderful!

Thanks, another good video, Bradford on Avon is good. not sure I enjoy beer festivals, mixing the beers make me a bit liverish. Thanks. Look forward to watching the drag into Bath.

I enjoy a beer festival but I'm usually under Debbies supervision, she keeps a tally on what Im drinking

Still flicking does it feel when people approach you?(being YouTube stars)

Rob Strange the first couple of times, but got used to it now, Ha Ha, hardly stars, the majority of people who talk to us as just passers by or gongoozlers with an interest in the boat or the locks

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