NASCAR Busch Series 2007 NAPA Auto Parts 200

NASCAR Busch Series 2007 NAPA Auto Parts 200

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This. Telecast, of the NASCAR Busch Series in Montreal, is available in high definition on. Espn2, HD, presented. By Vizio. It's. One of the most spectacular settings. You will see in NASCAR, the city skyline of Montreal, just beyond the st. Lawrence River framing, Notre Dame Island and the circuit Jill Villeneuve where over 80,000. Fans have come to watch the NASCAR Busch Series race on this demanding, 14, turn road course. ESPN's. Exclusive, coverage of the NASCAR Busch Series rolls, north, of the border today for, the first NAPA. Auto Parts 200. Presented by Dodge at, circuits he'll gonna move in Montreal, 43. Drivers are buckling in ready to go racing just moments, from now. Allen. Bestwick joined by two-time NASCAR Busch Series champion. Randy Lajoie glad that you joined us for our coverage of the race Randy we've heard from the drivers about how difficult this race is going to be on them and their, cars that, said how important is it to start up front today if you want to win well I'm not sure when you got Kevin Harvick yeah Jeff Burton and Biffle all in the back of these things their teams are prepared for, different scenarios that's, one thing road courses bring different scenarios, I think by the end of the day these guys gonna be up front about guys, who will be starting in the back they're double duty shuffle of course been going on between Pocono, and the Nextel Cup Series practice today and here, and Montreal, where the Busch Series qualifying started. About noon Eastern, Time, three, of the drivers made it in time three did not Kevin, Harvick Jeff Burton Greg Biffle to the back Jason, Leffler and Richard John's are in backup cars after crashes. During, practice. Highly. Anticipated. This races by the fans they're about to hear the sound they've been waiting for. I'ma. Tell de cosas, cement. Alma mater the simple, magic. Kahoot. Saturday, the beauty, beauty weekend, racing. Fans, this. Is the time to hear these. Magical. Words you've been waiting for since, the start of the weekend, a polypyrrole, Wasilla, resident. Chef that I showed up in Napa the, sugar bear Adam. Cole. Jeter. Demaree, vomit. Drivers. Start. Your. Engines. The, start coming up from Montreal, the first time ever the NASCAR, Busch Series is, ready to rock in Canada. It's. Been quite an adventure for the NASCAR Busch Series where road courses are concerned this year started off and early March down in Mexico, City completely, across the United States we, go to Montreal. For today's event and then next weekend it's on to Watkins Glen New York for the third of the road horse races in 2007. For the Busch Series circuit. Jill Villeneuve in Montreal, today the venue for the NASCAR Busch Series near, 23rd, race of 35. In. 2007. We've talked about it Randy and I have we've heard it from the drivers earlier the story, of the day today breaks. Brakes is the word of the weekend for sure it's got to be well it's one of the few tracks that Formula One goes to and they have problems making the brakes live the whole race so you know now you have a car that's three times as heavy with same horsepower almost, you, know it's just gonna be a big deal you're definitely not going to be able to go hard. The whole time you know you're gonna have to think about you. Know some level of finesse and.

Making. Sure that you. Know the brakes don't get to it they don't wear out they just get too hot, there's on a street course you, know you have to we're going 170. Breaking, down to like 50 in three. Spots so. It just. Doesn't give the brakes enough time to cool you, can tell you, get a feel for the pedal the pedal kind, of gets a little bit long and that's, when you got to back off and make. Sure you you. Know cook them for good and, if the fluid gets too hot there's. No getting it back so, patients. Would be a big big, piece of at, least as I see coming into this weekend, being, being smart taking care of the car take care of your brakes and waiting. For the moment that really counts which is only that last lap in racer. Take. A look at the starting lineup for today's 200-mile. Er here at circa Jill Villeneuve, Canadian. From, Quebec Patrick our Ponty I on the front row with max Pappas, the Italian, on the outside, in fact we've got drivers from all over the world in these first, five rows damn, you got more turning up there to see fabulous true. Stadium. Or as said from, California, enroll number two. A couple, of heavy favorites, to contend, for the win in, this race these guys have so much experience bull racing these guys are gonna beat a rabbit these guys going to learn so much Horner, Dave Marcus Ambrose just, to get it into a rhythm that's gonna be the biggest thing get, into rhythm do not wear your stuff out Nick Johnson originally from Sweden the shelter name from Mexico, all inside, the top ten starters, great qualifying, run for Steven Leight his. Two Road races right here Jorge get is a Robby Gordon Robert, Goren is gonna be very exciting, to watch at the front of this race auntie. Pilgrim driving Dale Earnhardt jr. is 88 car and Andy Lally a three-time, champion in, the Grand Am Sports Car Series another. One to watch Steven, Wallace him and Carla who's gonna be coming back through this pack in her has. Had a great car throughout practice Jason. Leffler will go to the back in a backup car he had a crash in practice earlier. Aric, almirola, driving, the Joe Gibbs 20. Rankin, to Micah Valiente, I mean in micro Valiente test it just last week never, had an H style. Shifter, in his life always driven a car with a straight flying ship. Greg biffle lined up in row 13, Casey Atwood qualified, his car pitbull will be one of the guys it goes to the tail of the field on the base laps for. The drivers, substitution. See. His progress through the field. He's, a Kennington, bluntness, races running NIT met Canadian. Tire race earlier, and did a wonderful job, Kevin. Harvick will go to the back David Reutimann will not Barbic. Did not make qualifying, move in, these, guys can be very excited to come up Todd kluever said he's getting better every left. Belly. From row 16 today Jeff. Burton's car qualified, by Scott Wimmer he'll drop to the tail of the field on the pace laps I can't.

Wait To see the first couple laps mark green wasn't, originally scheduled to drive this car tested, rudiments he's in a race car now Mike. McKenzie one of the Canadian drivers in the field Richard. John's in a backup car after a crash, in practice. Today, our Fitzpatrick he's a point leader and in NASCAR, Canadian. Tire suits had. A racy earlier today mention early. The sported on this racetrack Derek Johnson brings up the tale of the 43 car field and, that's. When the green flag waves here and just. Our. In-race reporter today, scott, pruett lined up in seven spot. Scott. / Randy Lajoie in a booth you have a copy. Okay, we can't hear you but to have a great race, there's. A bunch of rabbits in front of you hopefully we'll get back to you later on. Obviously. Stop hurt us who made the move over the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel we apologize, for the technical difficulties. There we'll also hear from his crew chief Brad parrot, through the course, of the race and get. His thoughts as the day progresses. So, I feel making its way around me very long and slow pace laps here on this 2.7. Mile track takes a little while to run around here at the pace speed which is pretty, slow pit, road speed today it's gonna be something to keep an eye on it's just 30 miles an hour on this pit lane well this is something that the drivers won't hear a lot of throughout their, oval tracks is the crew chiefs not gonna come on the radio and say hey guys warm, the brakes up before the first turn yeah they're saying stay off the brakes do not heat them up at all there's the pit entry you also think that's gonna be a key today in the race it is not only there's a start there's your speed line right there to yellow you, want you to leave there once you get your speed you, have to take a left and a right so it's gonna be a little different for these guys we heard Andy program say he almost crashed put me in there he was watching his tack to keep his speed right. The reception, these fans are giving these drivers as they come by on their face laps let's. Check some stories from pit Roland before we go green flag racing Vince Welch your first well. Alan this is the most physically, demanding of, the three road courses that they run on the Busch Series in fact I've seen several drivers with their hands taped because of the blisters that have been. Caused by the multiple, shifting 18 to 20 shifts per laps of these drivers, and also, the. Foot, and leg fatigue from, working, the brake so aggressively. Patrick, up on CI told me after practice on Thursday his, leg was shaking when he left the track he had been using it so much and on the brakes now let's check in with Gary Gerald earlier in qualifying, for Scott Pruett there was an electrical, Kremlin that affect as one of the distributors. It cost him and he thought three tenths of a second. He. Starts Evan he obviously he's got a lot of work to do but he's still very very confident party. Guys, give the ultra tight confines here, in Montreal, starting, in the rear is a massive, disadvantage however, maybe, not as big a disadvantage, as you might think many. Drivers told me starting in the middle is much worse than starting, in the rear why because, in the rear they can hang out take their time and watch all the craziness, happen in front of them look for the middle of the pack to be a treacherous place today Alain especially. With these walls so tight to the racetrack coming. Back with the green flag when we return to boss tree all Brad Merrigan his 41 team fired up as we get set to go racing. Back. At Circuit Jill Villeneuve as the NASCAR Busch Series is ready to go racing here about a half a lap from now, we. Are getting ready for the first green flag. In Canada, for the NASCAR Busch Series ever, and, the field down, now the final, straightaway before, the last chicane and the start of the race on. The starter stand is a legendary. Racecar driver from Canada John Paul Cabana. He. Will wave the green flag to get the field going there he is tucked in between the NASCAR officials, I've chased him quite a few times on these short trucks up here have you now yes I have he taught me something one time too he I was chasing, him for a lead about, five to go he started waving his hand before spotters, and, I slowed up.

Yelling. One yes I do what do we watch for here this first corner Randy hard left-right. Combination 43. Cars well hopefully you guys don't run over each other that's the main thing is, the. First turn you're, gonna just kind of be easy these, guys just run these cars for qualifying, they're all pumped up wheels to spinning just hopefully they don't get stuck in the mud carp on TA and Pappas lead him down enjoy the start from Montreal. So far so good. For max Pappas. One car started, ii already shuffled, back about five six spots. It. Is karpati, a lady fellow second, said, third. That, hambo is fourth fifth. Is true it and there's Pappas back in sixth place from second. It. Was totally excited after qualifying, maybe he just kind of burst his bubble now. He's taking a breath these guys probably went the first couple turns without even breathing. That's. Robby Gordon looking. For a spot and here comes Nick Johnson, in the 28, car trying to get around Michelle Jourdain in the 17. This, is one of the very few passes, off right here there's about three of Monterey shock I was talking to Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton you get up on inside, of these guys and, come home Robby Gordon gonna get to in one corner as he ducked both to the inside, of Stephen White. Michelle, Jordanian. They're. Gonna get harder and harder to close he gets to the front the heart of these passes are gonna get take, that back it was for hate getters he worked inside of notch ordained. Karp, on ta will lead lap one. Legitimate. For hands. See, a logo right front damage on a yellow car scoffs rooster on his fender not that aerodynamics, makes a huge difference in, honor of course. So, the first six have got delayed single file. As. We watch Pappas, try and get back around Scott for these guys name is trying to set a rhythm okay, how fast can I go without abusing, my stuff you, know you got to be, we got to be very easy on that brake pedal. And. You can see for that on board shot just how tight this course is yeah look at that right front yeah and. That's one of the things I guess if. They want to be in the back and, watch all the excitement, well if there is excitement. There's no place to go look at if you like racing in its auto here. So, how much will that better, damage affect that 41, car I don't see any smoke like it's rubbing on the tire no. That's right I got spotters all across the racetrack you need a cup full of them a lot of guys have poor spotters, and they're all looking at it with their wiper blades it looks like that's who we got in the back of this Hornaday or. A Santa quick look inside of Ron fellows for second spot said in the red nine car fellows in the blue 33. And. At first six guys have, multiple, laps on a road course here comes all the in-car. And, now here comes some of the cup guys that are waiting in the back Kevin Harvick 21 Jeff Burton 29. Takk, clipper is learning a lot from these guys he come to help himself so much today by, following Harvick and birth we. Were in the 16 fire. So, Marty Jeff Burton got a lot to, do today to get up indeed. He does Alan and some folks might wonder. So I asked, him on Thursday what, are you doing. In. A Nextel, Cup Series road, course race if I want to contend for championships. I'll have to get better on road. Fine-tuning effort to learn lines and, learn, horse-racing. Gonna get a spot there, Marilla. Just learn something you don't want to do that, aric. Almirola, in the 20 car for Joe Gibbs give it up that spot so Jeff Burton moves up now -. That'll. Be the 28th, place. At the beginning of the race Scot, fruit was Darren's came from Beck's Packers we're back slow down a little bit I got. Some damage on the right rear corner of Ron Hornaday in that 77. Car as well. Buckled. Out there yes it is somebody's running the back of me and shoved that forward. He's. Lucky he's not at Talladega yeah. Michels, her name working on Hornaday there that's for seventh spot check. That that's for eighth spot, Robby Gordon is just going through both of them in the 55. With, that damage in the back of that car here somebody has got to have some damage in the front look out coming in hot.

Bouncing In the 28 into, the back of Jordanian into the back of four today. Looks like the 4711, might have gotten the worst of that he. Was, using those other guys brakes he was keeping his cool. He, being Johnson in the 28th correct. I speed the low-speed about 170. Miles an hour down to about thirty at this point of the racetrack he, was going about 50. So, now Hornaday look at its rear view mirror and be mad at Jourdain in the 17, and, he wasn't even the one that caused it drivers. Don't get mad do they yeah. I think we just told the crew who did it so when, he gets here he'll say Idol. So, that is drop for today all the way back to 17th, spot. This is on board Carl Edwards. Pick, the right way. Andy, Lally has brought the 47, parts to pit road and now let's, start pit road let's talk strategy here, we're at lap 3 of 74, we're, only about seven, or eight laps away from seeing scheduled, pit stops well you know that's one thing as a race car driver I could care less about strategy. You just tell me what you want me to pit I'll, come into pit road when you tell me sometimes, is right sometimes it's wrong at the end of the day guys. Could be heroes or they can make make it a little tough on itself. Course. On these roads horse races the strategy, calculated, backwards, from the finish 33. Laps being a good number on fuel, so you take, it add a couple laps to that 74, total, in case there's an overtime green white checkered finish and you go backwards from there we, may see the first pit stops around lap 12 and, if some guys want to gamble on getting a few. Extra caution laps that will save them fuel might, see some of these frontrunners on pit road as early as lap ten. So, foot six have broken away Patrick, up on PA started on pole easily. We are caution, free so far but not incident, free here, in Montreal. Twenty-nine. NASCAR. Nextel Cup Series from Pocono Raceway in, Pennsylvania, ESPN, one o'clock Eastern Time our coverage presented by rush hour three Tony Stewart tries for the three-peat coming, off you say Indianapolis, win and his win in Chicago the, race before and, that great fight for the final spot in the chase for the Nextel Cup thirteen points between Earnhardt, jr. and Kurt Busch and, they start together on the front row that's gonna be exciting I wonder why some five bonus points the most. Calm. Here is the race for the lead in Montreal it, is Patrick our Ponte a out in front Horace said second, Ron fellows third, there, is Marcus Ambrose, in fourth spot. And. Watch. This pressure from Boris said inside, of Patrick car Ponte a. We, let him go he, got him buddy let him go. When, that happened down, at the far end of the racetrack from where our broadcast, position is you could hear the fans roaring from inside.

Our Broadcast room, as their. Their local favorite car pottier held onto the lead over Boris, they. Might not sell a many t-shirts deceptive. Ron, hornaday we saw him he's had a couple of skirmishes. Already on the racetrack this, was on his on-board radio just a moment ago. I. Guess. He hasn't seen our replay yet no that's right hopefully they tell him you know really wasn't 17, but he knew that the 17, had him jacked up. So, or today now has fallen back after the spin of the donut the burn Island all the rest at that he did quite. A bit and the seal he was in the top ten he's down to 15th now but, it's Jeff Burton Burton, has been on pit, road. Stop for those guys, doctor. They're a whole lot smarter than I am Marty, go do it were they saying down there he, lead it was scheduled, Alan Burton came down pit road as you guys said fuel mileage gonna be big they went ahead and short fitted on the. And he's back out. All right so we'll keep an eye on Jeff Burton now this, lack is so long here you can make that stop and not lose. Which. Is a great thing. And by the way for. Those of you watching in high definition our onboard, cameras, today are not in high definition we apologize, for that. This, is the slowest corner to race to have right here at 30 miles an hour heading up to the facts is part of the racetrack. Maybe. Not Jeff, Burton back to 31st, and a new leader Boris. Said is coming by car Pontiac. And. Then we heard Patrick, at the beginning of the race say he might let a couple guys go to, set a rhythm and see if those guys get outrun him and see where he's gonna keep his brakes. Right. Even he didn't want to get out and run too fast the pace my left, later on. So. Boris said. A NASCAR, Busch Series road, course race for only the second, time. I do, believe boys is going to run his car pretty hard he's, one of these drivers, at the morning Watson winning Busch Series race he, is an excellent, road racer I think. He knows where failure is on all his brake systems. Leaders. Coming up on the back of Morgan Shepherd in the 89. Car to put a lap on actually Morgan go to pit road so he'll be out of there way. Of course you see on the what they call the c-pillar of the racecar the post between, what. Would be the rear there comes company back. Them there on the outside of that corner. Of course it's not going to be a popular guy at the outruns the local hero. On the back panel of his car he's got the Montreal Canadiens we'll go that. In, a saving, them Scott, throw it on pit road lap number eight fits. Brad, parrot the crew chief was telling me that that damage on the right front they did not believe was affecting, the performance of the car in fact shortly after he done the damage they had run. The fastest, lap on the track but they are now trying to pull out that right fender even got a ball bath that they've got over there using it. And that is all they do here, no tire change just a correction of that right front fender, so. Pruitt will rejoin. There's, like fellow starting to put a little pressure on karpati a four-second, spot here. You know these fabricators. These guys spent hours, and hours on these pendants so these race cars the guy just takes a ball back to it. Rearranged. Them first yes we do. Alright let's show you how Boris, said got around karpati a for the lead turn 10. The. Left before kappa da didn't, know he was there this time he did he said okay I'll let you go, classic. Out-breaking maneuver, there. And so sad beginning to move away just a little bit, as the front five have broken away from the rest of the field by about six, seconds, the, gap between fifth, place back to campus in that one car.

There's, Also a lot of plaque on that wall so somebody hit that fence. Update. On the race leader Vince. A bit of a concern in the pit of Boris, said because they have not had any contact with set at all on the radio the crew chief by shifflett says he has not said a word so, they're not, 100%, sure whether the radio is working or not they're trying to communicate with him but so, far no contact, before is said and that's certainly something that could play a role as, this race progresses at least are looking at pit stops there's, only one or two places, that. You can talk on the radio you're very busy you turn it right turn a left oh yeah don't forget your shift at 18 times also. Championship. Leader on pit road Gary, Carl. Edwards he's had a marvelous, season and Bush competition. Under, the watchful eye of Jack Roush they, make the routine service on that first stop no indication, if he's having any difficulties, with that injured thumb he's away clean links, interesting. There they change tires, we saw cruet and, Jeff Burton just take fuel only on their first pit stop well, you know this is a racetrack that they, say that tire wear is not that bad but anytime you gotta put fuel in your mouth against the tires. Well that's about ten to go. So, when will be. Couple. The crew chiefs told me this morning as early as lap 12 I. Think. You see Marcus Ambrose he's out of the wake we're, trying to get more air to the front of his race car anytime, you could stay out of the dirty here and get cooler air to your feet, your brakes you'd be better off, they'll. Tune you your car's not as pretty as it was at the start of the race left, rear corner Andy pilgrim in the 88 car wrinkled, up. One. Thing's lucky hopefully the fuel will be able to still get in it that's that's an issue these guys gonna have to have, on. His way to pit, road it'll. Take a second for him to get through his stall, pilgrim told us earlier in the weekend how we got this rock. What's up going golf and, a. Phone, call you, don't normally answer the phone when you playing golf right but it was it was jr. so I answered the phone and, he. Says, hey man I want to talk to you about something. Have you got a minute so I'm just playing golf can't call you by says well it's kind of important, I said I was like yeah sure okay what is it and then he told me that hey, man how would you feel about driving. The Busch car my. Busch car in a, couple of races are over that's. How it that's how it came. And, a pilgrim this is a first for him he's never made a NASCAR, Busch pitstop.

The Crinkled left, you'll, meet smell. Lyoto Marnie, kevin, harvick just came down pit road took four tires and fuel crew. Chief telling him he needs to conserve his brakes better he said you're running entirely, too fast to. Be saving, brakes Harvick, down and away. And, waiting for some of the leaders to. Come down pit road for the first. Of, their pit stops today, kevin harvick rejoining. But, that's so hard to discipline, yourself to. Save your brakes I mean when you're sitting in that car, the guys are in front of you you just want to pass it and you say okay I can't pass it because I get, used up my brakes but, you don't want to be the first one to have a failure but you want to go as hard as you could and, watch that car bounce over those curves. Race, leader on pit road. At. Lap number 11, so. Boris said giving up the top spot to make his pit stop here. Bitch. Morris. Said coming in with his initial. Pitstop he's going to take just four tires and fuel they're not going to make any changes, and they do now say that they have had radio communication. With Boris so that has not been an issue as you see the crew go over the wall again for tires and fuel we've had a couple of cars that have come in on this initial. Stop including Ron Hornaday that did not take on tires but that will not be the case for the nine car, and. So. With Boris pity that, hands the lead over to Ron fellows who has gotten around Patrick, our Ponte a and fellows, as the leader pending his pit stop. So there's Ron and the kevin harvick incorporate is 33. The. Pace has slowed down from qualifying, about two seconds, so these guys are pacing, themselves someone. David. Reutimann has been on and off pit road or hey getters has been on and off pit road as well. One, lap car in the middle we'll see if any of them peel off this time and, head. Marcus, Ambrose is waving so I think he'll, be coming in yep. Or, he's just trying to get a little air I mean I know one time at Talladega. Guys following Dale Earnhardt Kenny Schrader now I was wondering why they had to hand out the window and Tommy I realized I was sweating a whole lot I said okay I'm, gonna do it and I put my hand out the window and I put my whole arm out and I felt take my gas cap off and I took it out a little too far at, hundred, ninety miles an hour yeah. So. Marcus Ambrose out of the lead group to his pit stall Gary, 2-time. Australian, a supercar, champion, with a brand new race car very, excited, about it this weekend, and he has been saying all along keep an eye on us he's been under the radar a little bit but he has been a contender, let's take a look how it is pit stop for anticipating, routine service. One, thing I happened to see here when, they hit the Bloods, on a left front lot of brake dust though they'd be very interested to see what happens here tremendous. Amount of brake dust ready we've seen that repeated.

Greg. Biffle down pit road in his stall now for tires and fuel Biffle, is surging, rapidly, through the field started, in the rear after, missing qualifying, today but, he had gotten to see steam under, green and now he was tenth coming in. Get, a chance we need to see his sideboard, let's, have a trick sideboard out this week. Robby gordon has been a role, that's piled krislov following, ripple off the pit lane. These guys have to be very careful, when they leave Tulane, here there's a white line and cannot go underneath that white line they. Want you to blend hey that's a blade line they, want you to stay above that. Something useful. So, Ron fellows the race leader, and, Patrick, carp on ta the second-place car not yet coming. To pit road. Max, Pappas, Nick Johnson. Steven. Leight. They. Have not pitted I think interesting on the racetrack. Is that Scott Truitt is out ahead armed Boris. Said for, the cars who have stopped already. See how that plays here in a second when they cycle of pit stops comes through there. You have team cars you got Ron Hornaday, you got Ron, fellows here and there's two different pit strategies. Of course at that point Hornaday if it's fun around and yeah. Dropkick. Back a little bit his, fellows putting, a lap on Bobby Hamilton Jr in the 35, car. This. Racetrack means so, much to Ron fellows has. Had success here in his professional. Asian career and. Cause, the man for whom the circuit is named one of his racing heroes Joe, bill dude. And while. A lot of the french-speaking, Canadians. Would like to see Patrick carp on taa winter no doubt they take great pride as well into the Toronto, area native. Ron fellows if, he is able. The. Two Canadians, in the top two spots. Beep it here coming. To the entrance of pit road and. Yes. Four fellows. These, guys have got to be very careful like you said earlier 30, miles an hour pit road speed these, guys have to be very very careful. Sokar, Ponte gay back out in front and fellows heading. To his stall Gary.

Come. On the last nine orange, 33, all the way down four tires and a, can. There. You get the information from the crew on the radio the last time he ran this circuit 1989. It was a production, Camaro, here he is now in the 2007. Camping, World Chevrolet. How. Well they can execute. Right, side study. Everything. Looks good at this point we're longfellows. Oh. So, that puts the lead back in the hands of Patrick Karp on ta who started on coal has yet to make a pit stop we're early in the going in, Montreal. You're, looking at Patrick our Ponty a and, he is the native son and a fan favorite, here in Montreal, for this Busch Series event, making his first pit stop of the day they've been reminding, him because he's certainly, not a veteran of the NASCAR. Busch Series that, keep it at 3,500, rpm, in first gear they don't want to get a pit lane speed violation, you see the crew over the wall that's going to be four tires in fuel only no, need for a chassis adjustment the, car is working perfectly. They're encouraging, him just ride along and be patient it's been a good stop so far for Carpentier's they work on the left side. So, that has lead to Nikki, on sir. The. Veteran. Of the road racing circuits who is out in front now in the 28 car for Jay Robinson Tracy. One of the things I notice out all the pit stops - guises breaks, ahead - least amount of, brake. Dust items, Ron. Fellows in Antakya Cartier. Yes it will. Sokar, Bhatia rejoins. Johnson. Is the leader, there. He comes in the 20th car he's. First Steven, Leight a second, those two cars have not pitted yet then things will cycle back around to. The guys who have made pit stops already. Keep an eye on this 28 car and then the 90 as well to see when they hit the pit lane, well. I think if, the 28 ever catches, the 77. Somewhere. Today. Fellows. A quarter. Days gonna say hey how you doing. David. Reutimann 99, Jeff Burton 29, fight, pretty hard respond that. Is. 16. This. Is an area that Jeff. Was telling me that it's very hard, to, see where you're going he has the spot under David but then again the next corner David has the spot. You. Race side by side for too long you just losing, time so. Rooting. Through.

And. That puts Burton up to 60 in place here comes Jorge getters inside, a little bit. And, Greg Biffle as well in the 37. Wow. Close. He's got the goalie in a spear. The gloves saving a beauty line there come on second. Place is in on pit road Vince that's Stephen like he's just 20 years old the youngest winner on the Busch Series this year he won at Kentucky, and they're. Going to change all four tires and, give it fuel but again no chassis, adjustment, they're very happy with the car for Stephen leicht. Day, what he did a very nice job in qualifying, yes, he did he started, in, 90. Him and Marcus Ambrose other. Flagship. Guys of, the, list missin one. That, is that the ninety-fifth. So. Light will it is 290 Pitt so light will be making, a return visit to pit road. It's. So important, here not to make a mistake but, what good thing is on the road course is gonna. You have the lucky dog or a yellow he will get it back he, did lose a lot. Jason, Leffler just gave up a lot of ground there. Maybe, he's saving his stuff. He, sees felt. Well. He had to start at the back remember there. All. Right that stupid lights radio here is the race leader Nick, Johnson on pit road for his stop laps 17, he, will be the last of, the lead lap cars to, come to the pit lane. Pitchman, that's Nicholas Johnson he's from Sweden, and he has been impressive, here this weekend, he's done a nice job at adapting, to these big cars he is. A veteran, of the sports car series and you see they're having a little trouble there on the left side but finally get it off. They're. Gonna give four tires and fuel here as well and no chassis adjustment, expected on the 28th either. So. I could car fell off the jack when they tried to get get, it going on the right side. Not. The smoothest of pit stops in the world for. Johnson. So. After the cycle of pit stops check this out Scott Pruett comes, out ahead of Boris, said and through it is the race leader, he also pitted, earlier. Which means his stop was a little quicker than everybody else's, George stopped at lap eight Boris. Said didn't stop to lap 11 Truitt, took fuel only said, took tires. So the strategy call by ford's crew chief Brad parrot they spent less time taking, fuel by stopping earlier and they didn't get tires, it's got em track position, and he's out front we'll see what - how much tires do make a difference because if Bors has tires he's, gonna go get them. So, your new top 5 stop, for food said Marcus Ambrose. Aerial. Coverage today brought to you by Goodyear the official tire of NASCAR helping. NASCAR drivers get to the finish line for the past 25, years.

Beautiful. Pictures of certain Jill Villeneuve as we welcome you back to the napa auto parts 200 presented by dodge our. Coverage of the NASCAR Busch Series including, today's, first-ever race north of the border in Canada max. Pappas, has fallen back to sixth, place he started on the outside of the front row he basically fell back to 6th on the opening corner of the race and had. This little conversation with his crew chief Chuck Meyers a few minutes ago. Pet, for max you're in control of that there buddy relax on it you're in fifth position right, now we can run anywhere from there so just make sure you're saving your stuff let them run away. He's, in control of it for more technical information log, on to search. Word, know-how. Russia put the ball back in his pork butt okay you're, in control of your brake pedal you do what you want to do you think those guys are getting away from you using too much brake you. Put it back in your your foot. Boy these guys are up right, up on it. Scott Pruett war said Marcus Ambrose, top-three, Ambrose with a peek inside a Boris said for second spot is there. Got, him. Right, on Ambrose here on Thursday, they had a full, day of testing, here at the rink Thursday and, I talked to Ambrose during the, break between the morning and afternoon sessions, and he had this huge smile on his face okay that's not unusual for Marcus because that's his natural, state of being but, he said you know his background is, road racing the, Australian. V8 supercar, series is a road racing series, and, he said now I'm back where I feel like I'm more on even terms the old tracks I'm learning, all the track racing, still but this. Kind, of racing I'm back on equal, terms with these guys and he's, showing it today all weekend, he's been fast all weekend, long well, then they get both the new race car over, there. So they hace up the second, spot now behind, Scot through it. Where's Marcus Ambrose in. His first full season of, the NASCAR Busch Series ran, a partial, schedule in the Craftsman Truck Series last, year. Though, the Sun a couple of different occasions this, year that he is lovin, racing, and life in, the United States. Everything's. Brand-new it's exciting, it's, fresh you know it's exactly, what I came to America and to race NASCAR it's, been everything in more than I could hope for so, every day is just a surprise I'm just happy to be around.

The. Seasons gone great for us we've got a great sponsor who really looks after me I know, I'm a rookie out there on the racetrack and they expect to have issues long the way so if, I have a good day a bad day they're still wrap and I'm wrap with, them so I mean it's just been a great combination. Ambrose. We've done 27. Wins in two championship. Seasons, in the Australia, supercar, series, imagine, being on top like that coming over here and starting at the bottom again as a raw rookie boy you know anytime he's play to your strengths and this is one of his strengths this Road course racing, so he's here he's doing a great job I think he's sitting like eighth or ninth and points so that team, is very, good and, today, he's playing through his race he has to make great advantages, to his, great. Drive, here today he. Is 10th in points to be specific, entering this race today, lap. Car in between the top two now that. The second and third place cards rather and this could be where it gets a little dicey for some of these frontrunners, because look, how tight those walls are the racetrack that's right not many these guys are, gonna give you a whole lot of room a different braking, zones as you see fellows coming up on the outside there. Some, guys look at Wow. Thread. The needle there right. Ten-car. Being driven by John Graham a. Canadian. Who hopes to run the full NASCAR Busch Series next, season. Driving, that car, normally, driven by dave blaney here. And. You see, Patrick. Our Ponty a after his pit stop falling back to. The last one, of the last of the lease cars to make their stops, at. Lap, 16. They're, just keeping the leaders in sight they can see them make, a run with their control in their destiny, they don't want how much brake to use it. And cannot do but. For. Car pocket. How much rape be used with this car it's totally different to him yeah it's three times as heavy filming. In his open real car maybe. That's why he's jumped in behind fellows he's okay this guy is a road. Racing expert at big cars I'm, gonna run him and get his his. Rhythm, and see if I can do the same thing that's. Not a bad song. You. Want to follow somebody around a little boys Ron fellows is pretty good guy learn from. - running fourth and fifth Scott true at the race leader 23, of 74, laps complete at Circuit, Jill Ville new in, Montreal. Montreal. Metropolitan. Area just over 3 million people the. Culture, the. Site's, finished. The natural, geography what, a beautiful, place and it has been a thrill the business with, the NASCAR Busch Series for, the first time racing, at circuits Hill Villeneuve constructed. In 1978. On a man-made island in the middle of the st. Lawrence River the island, originally built in the mid 60's, for the 67. World's Fair they held be a first race here in September of 1978. On the first Grand Prix held here worn, by Canadian, Jill Villeneuve in October, of that year. Of course for the NASCAR, weekend, this weekend, packed, full of race fans and here is the race for the lead stop cooling in the 41 car out, in front got that lead on an exchange of pit stops his, team playing a strategy, that got him track position and Marcus, Ambrose chasing, him in second. And. Carl, Edwards the championship, leader is on pit road this an unscheduled or scheduled, stop Gary I'm told that it is scheduled, but he also had a message from NASCAR, they told him to stay on the, pavement, they told the NASCAR official, that it was a one.

Of Those incidents that just happened it was not intentional, apparently. They're letting him skate at this time but, this has taken a long time there's, a sign from the other side of the car they've got some kind of a significant, problem. Yeah, those wrenches out. Just. Waiting on field possibly. Obviously. The troubles are more. Extensive than that we'll let Gary find out what's going on there and then check back with him in a moment but the championship, leader here, in Montreal, on pit road just, 25 laps into the, race. Pressure, here, it comes the Tasmanian. Devil. Marcus. Ambrose originally, from Tasmania. Big day back in Australia. There's. Gonna be so interested, to see, these. Guys are. Saving, their stuff Marcus watch sleep we want to lead a NASCAR, event. Working. Their way through some lap traffic now. Coming, down to that long. David, Ragan Skaar Marty yeah. Alan we're here in the six pit you can see this tire is absolutely. Shredded Reagan. Came on the radio said he made contact, with someone he's uncertain, who and that cut down that left rear tire forced. Him to make an unscheduled pit stop, puts him even further behind this, thing is done. They, do me there that's the one thing that I do know is the racecar driver, those tires need air. About, that corner that the leaders just went to who might be the place where, Ambrose. Might take a shot at through her that's one of the heavy braking areas but it looks like could actually gapped him a little bit this, will be very interested, to see Alan this, is the most laps these, guys have put together, Norman these guys only run about eight or ten laps for two days these, guys are getting the tea these, guys are sweating breaks, and heats up it'll be interesting to see what happens at that. Carl. Edwards is gone behind, the wall Gary, what happened well. I'm not sure because I just asked Jack rouse I climbed up on the stand and said what's the problem and he said I don't, know they fired the engine he turned it around they've taken it behind the garage we'll see what we can learn now is they worked behind the garage area. That, was jason leffler off, the pace that the leaders Wi-Fi. Ambrose it looks like on the backside, of a course puts. A lot of pressure on Scot through it we'll. See if Pruitt can get away from him again as they come to the big hairpin turn or if that's where Ambrose tries to pounce. Scott, Pruett getting, all kinds of pressure here, sambro, is going to try them for the lead here he is inside. Nice. Move Marcus, Ambrose. I do, believe Scott cut, up some slack he, didn't see a star I don't. Get it, but, this. Is great in spite of first racing Marquez, has led all year well. One thing Pruitt has been preaching here all weekend he said patience. Was going to be a key word for this race. When. You get down to the end a lot, of people are gonna make mistakes and hopefully, you're, the driver or the team that has made the, least amount of mistakes because everybody's gonna make mistakes and. Hopefully you're that team that has made the least amount of mistakes how's yourself in a real good position, and a good strong car to. Go to go race that last 10 laps or that that last five laps for the for the checkered flag and potentially. For the win so. Patience. Would be a big big piece of at, least as I see coming into this weekend being, being smart taking care of your car taking care of you breaks and, waiting for the moment that really counts which is only that last lap in racing.

It. Is so hard to discipline, yourself to do, this especially. Road racing but of course that this that, is this heart. So, Marcus Ambrose now the race leader. No. Panic, certainly, out of the. Stall. The 41, car of Scott Pruett and the crew chief Brad parrot they know that they're a long way from this race being over and they were not going to battle Marcus Ambrose for a spot when Ambrose was obviously quicker so as we saw crew let, him go through there, riding along patiently, Pruett had, that early, right fender damage. But they knocked. That out on that first stop and since has not been complaining about the handling of the car at all so just riding along in the 41, being patient as Randy, suggestion, and. Vince you know something else I'm thinking of to remember that the Pruett did not take tires on his pit stop and Ambrose did. That. May have something to do with this, speed. Differential, as well. Carl, Edwards out of his car Gary Gerald's with him actually he still sits in the seat and we'll find out what happened Carl you're talking about a track arm breaking is not the problem, yeah, it's a a truck, arm one of the, the. Rear. Truck arms that locates the rear end the bracket, broke off of the chassis. It was dragging, the curbs, in practice, and, we talked about it but I guess it. Should have should, have taken a bigger note and gusseted, that thing up but, this. Is having a blast out there the race was going great they, just need more miracle-gro grass and less of those curves this, place to be perfect, we'll. See if we can get him to work on that that's the story from the 60 car guys. Practice. 29. Cars it replaces a back. Track. Bar mount it was bent and, if Carl said those truck arm brackets were hitting the, racetrack those, are in the middle of the race car that means he had half the car off the facility, he. Could take a little bit of that problem. Those. Are not small, curves survival. That's for sure you. Straddle, the racecar with those and start running the suspension, pieces up and over that curving. Things can break yes, they do. Little. Race here for third and fourth Boris said in the nine Ron fellows in the 33. Carpentier's. Fallen back off of fellows remember he was right on his bumper before here's fellows inside. And through. Ron, fellows you can still see a little bit of shine on his front brakes I I, think I think he is he. Is still the one of the best ones on the brakes. So, fellows up to, third or a setback to fourth they're all chasing Marcus, Ambrose, the Aussie leading in Montreal. The. NASCAR Busch Series at Montreal is brought to you by Allstate, official, insurance sponsor, of NASCAR, and. Castrol synthetic for maximum power great cars want more than just oil give them Castrol, Syntec. Caution. Is out for the first time in this race remarkably. At lap 30 I would, have never thought it was going to take that long an afternoon driving, around this course I would have figured were in the top five laps, we're gonna have a wreck, so, first full course yellow the 98, car was. Smoking, on the racetrack Alex, Garcia perhaps, dropped some oil so that is the, reason for the caution Kyle chrislam, will get the free pass and. Come, around and get back on the lead lap. So, Chris loved the Aaron's, lucky dog free pass first, driver lap down and now he gets, back, in. The running with the frontrunners. So. Now. The cautions, out at lap 30 you're about 9 to, 10 laps away from the pit window opening, up to make it to the finish do. You stop. It. Depends on what their strategy, is that this is not a standard. Strategy race, so I'm. Gonna have to wait and see cuz I'm not gonna make a call on this one. It's. Tough all the. Conventional. Thinking on Road forces these days is. Caution. Flags don't impact your pit stops, you, stay on the racetrack you keep your track position, and you stop when you planned to stop you just stick with the plan but. Lap times and, the tires and, that kind of thing it, can affect that thinking as the day goes on for a crew chief. Checking, out Ron Hornaday here running in 14th spot just before the caution flag waves, this, came across his radio. I. Just. Keep doing what you're doing. You. Know what he just says they're not glazed over and when they do get glazed over that's not a lot of fun you just lose all your grip, he's, the feel a little you can feel air in, the line and. This, cautions gonna help I'm not sure how much they're gonna cool but, you can feel the air in the line he set the pedal went down an inch he has to pump them but, they're not glazed which means they still have all the grip that they should have when you push that pedal down you're slowing down.

And, The leader is going. To make a pit stop here. Pruitt's. In boris said is in a check that the leader stayed out Ambrose stayed out but threw us and said came in fellow. Stayed out car. Ponte a stayed out, Vincent. Well. The 41, car of Scott, Pruett is on its way in as you noted and there's been a big discussion in this Peniston what kind of strategy, they would use. In regards to tires and fuel combination. But they did not take long tires, the first pit stop so they're definitely taking, on the, four tires here during this stop and fuel for the head conversation. About how much. Many tires they were going to take just for track position but they, are. Position, as far as the handling of the cars. Kevin harvick in and gone Vince, how everyone, they, did go up one round on the track. Harvick. He talked about the brakes earlier, haven't might have been wearing them out he has changed his driving style taking. It much easier now and, he is ascending, through the field quite rapidly, comes in 12 going. To the front. We, seen earlier Allen a 28 car fell off the jack you know you have to do a lot in a pit stop people don't think that the drivers are kind of busy but, he let off the brake pedal, he rolled the thing forward not only do you have to get to your pitch saw which is very hard to do sometimes you can't see your sign once, you get in that pit stall you got to straighten the wheels out you, can't be put it in no tool. Under. Yellow. Stephen Wallace has found the barrier somehow. That, is right in in exit. Stephen it's just coming off pit road there, it looks like he's gotten a leak on the heat that racecar I see some smoke and some fluid, coming, out from right about in his Center that last shot. Okay. I stopped I mean. That was literally at pit exit and he just came off the pit lane so I'm, not sure about that when we continued, this shot you can see some fluid religiously, get back on the racetrack. It's. Dry behind the car there as he comes across. Took. About 20% of air out of his left front brake, cooling. System, that. Is not a happy camper Carl. Edwards watching, his crew work on his car the championship, leader behind the wall in Montreal, we, approach halfway. Back. At Circus Hill Villeneuve onto the first full course caution of, today's, race caution.

When Alex Garcia's, car dropped some liquid on the racetrack some of the frontrunners pitted, some. Did not. Scott, Brewer Randy Lajoie the booth about, halfway house your car holding, up and how are you holding up good. Dogs. Running good I mean we're just, Ambrose, wondering harder than I wanted you I think. It's a bit conservative. Break big hear that. And otherwise, we're. Didn't play into a twerk you had a little bit of a. They're the outgoing gun. Okay, thank you and have a good guy did a race here. And, Brad parrot the crew chief let's check, in with him Brad. Randy Lajoie, pitch strategy, what do you got for us, hey. Randy, well did you screw dodging running awesome, today and got brewing a great job driving. This thing and, you. Know my pitch strategy, backfired, on me they're pitted lap, mate first, car on pit road no cost me, a little bit we. Got a car that you drive back to the front you, know all those guys in front of us still had to peel it another time. See. What happens here, I'm, uphill one more time but see what I do. Okay. Looks like you guys got it, under control, good luck. Thank. You I just want to know you gotta do screwed up there. They. Don't hesitate but mom told me never to never speak with my mouth full so this is true there you go hey, here's what I think they're up to you. And I were talking about this during commercial, crew, it just, took his tires, under. The sea, Michael Valiante his teammate, has had, some problems on the course as well but. Pruett when. The window opens around, lap 40, 42, he's. Got reasonably. Fresh tires on the car he's gonna stop just take on some fuel and go when, these other guys that didn't fit like Ambrose fellows in car Ponty are gonna have to stop for a full over fuel and tires, they'll. Go get the track position back, we'll see they, know what. The tires they're, going over their tires now I'm scraping up a check-in where they. Already run 30 laps so when we go back to green you know they're gonna have. Relatively. They're gonna have one more stop he said for fuel well, you might be right he might not put any more tires on it then yeah that might be what happens. Let's, get some updates on what's going on strategy, car driver, wise Gary, we talk about the leader yeah Marcus Ambrose number 59, likes the way the car is working they say that they in the lap 42. That, would be to put them in the window to go the rest of the distance so that's the strategy that they're, playing out it's a similar strategy being, laid, out by the 33, car Ron fellows, they, said, when this yellow came out they were 12 laps from the regular stop they would then be able to go the rest of the way without incident. And here's one of the most unusual reports. In the day from the 88 car and Andy pilgrim, remember, now here's a native of England, the US citizen for the past 10 years he, radios in and says guys I almost hit a beaver now, I don't know if it was a beaver or if it was one of these giant woodchucks, or whatever, we see out here on the island but that's, an unusual one.

Yeah. But we, have seen some critters, on the course from. Time to time throughout. The weekend there's Andy pilgrim cycling. Us to sixth. Position. We talked earlier about an, evil foe and the fact that he's in Dale Junior's 88, car story that goes back to 2001. And Dale jr. brings, us his side of the tale. Well, it wasn't there really a promise I know it was an interest of my father that he wanted to he would like to have seen Andy you know cuz everybody else was doing it Ron and Boris and those guys and he was interested to see what Andy was doing. The car so we, had a window, of opportunity when, we changed their drivers, in the bush car with. Huffman. Going out and his. Lasky coming in so, we, decided to do it. So. Dale Earnhardt jr. putting any pilgrim in the car out of a friendship that was born back in 2001, when. Dale Earnhardt jr. and his father teamed, with Andy pilgrim to run a factory Chevrolet. Corvette, in, the 24 Hours of Daytona they, finished well finished on the podium in, their class there they are. The. Earnhardt's along with pilgrim and I believe Kelly Collins was the fourth driver that, day and of. Course Dale Earnhardt senior, was tragically. Killed just weeks later and that crash on the last lap of the Daytona 500. Putting, governmentĂ­s card here. For this race in as well as next week at Watkins, Glen just. About halfway through this race if you're just joining us let's show you what's happened in the first half so far Patrick carp on ta led the field to the green flag the Quebec native winning the pole earlier today, it's. Not been without incidents. Even though the race was without caution flags earlier, but a fairly, clean start. Boris. Said jump enough to take the lead away from Carpathian, I was the first lead change of the race at lap six. And. Then Carl Edwards into some trouble off, course and he broke the mount that holds the rear end in the car the truck arm fell and, broke they're in there trying to fix it they, got Walters out trying to fix heaven, so. That's the, majority of the happenings in the first part of the race a little pitch stop shuffle, here and Marcus, Ambrose, leads the field back to the green flag first car off pit road after the stops Boris. Said, and, he's back. Horseshit. That's. Jorge, getters off course. Kind, of run out of room. Horsehead. Scott pruett trying to come back up through the traffic and, all these guys in front of them on the track guys who did not fit under the caution aric, almirola. During practice the other day and he's I've learned every, laughing I, might not get to straightaway. A big. Jam they're out of the heavy braking. Robby, Gordon. Trying, to slide to the inside of max Pappas, for a spot. Robbie's. Been very patient, with his races seemed like so far. Nabis. Slammed the door shut. Ambrose. Leads fellows, his second car Ponty a third Pappas fourth Gordon, fifth then, Andy Pilgrim is six then, Boris said the first of the cars who just stopped under, that last caution so, Boris has already picked off five guys in a lap since the restart I wonder how many drafting, partners. Just. Kind of hanging out there saving, their stuff. One. Help, me out here we're not at home, okay, look at max. Just that one. Okay. From it too. Yep. Surprise. Robby Gordon hasn't been. Ya know yeah I would have figured he was gonna be very exciting, at the front it is but I think he realizes this place is a lot more cautious out full-course, yellow. Number, two comes. Out at lap 35.

And, Carl, Edwards has just come from the garage and rejoined the race. That, is stephen wallis off. Of turn number 10 and we, believe that car has dropped some oil and that is the reason for the, second caution of the race. If. I had to guess, he. Lost oil when, he'd come out of the grass earlier, looked like and. Those. Products, do need oil whether it's the transmission or the rear end and, obviously it. Did run out and it broke so you're thinking that was a continuation, yeah. So, the yellows out now at lap 35. Pit. Stops here boy I don't know I don't think so 42. Was enough but we heard. And, the Aaron's lucky dog free pass under, this caution goes to aric almirola. So. Full course caution for, the second. Time Marcus, Ambrose, the rich leader here in Montreal. Away. From that. Coming, up next after NASCAR X, Games 13. From Los Angeles there's. A connection, to today's race and, the X, that red thumper nine car the man behind the wheel or a said, he is going to be in the X Games, out in LA tomorrow. I'm. Doing the X Games I mean it's the coolest thing in the world they called me and invited me a few weeks ago and I'm liking what well. In rally night they have you ever rally don't like no but I love around I'm a big rally fan the only thing I'm a little nervous about is there's a 70 foot jump ramp, to ramp I think about half the guys you know with the radiators off their cars the first time they did it and for me if everything goes perfect, my. First time I'll say to Sunday morning so hopefully, I get to do it, Morris. Telling me he's gonna leave Montreal private. Plane tonight to Washington DC to catch a commercial, flight to Los Angeles to. Get there get in this car tomorrow and do this 70 foot jump that everybody else has been practicing, for a couple days he said the only time I've been in the car I drove, it in the parking lot of California Speedway the other day oh. Yeah. Full-course, caution out, here in montreal second time today this would be the reason why, that's. Not good that looks expensive. Anytime. You see smoke coming up underneath in one of these cars it's, not a cheap sight. So. Stephen Wallace out of his race car and. Is with bitch, step. In with Steven Wallace here. What's the determining, the determination. Here under the hood the termination, under hood is the motor around and water and burn up and blew up I think. Home life he's dogs really fast today you know you know there started race I missed the chicane stopped, in a Gainey positions, in the passing body in the NASCAR side of you the, things just decided penalize me he said he had, passed me body there. Was no problem but I guess they thought different, but yeah. You know fought back from you, know 35th all the way up to top, 15 there you know they were : times out that was fast as leaders you know a couple tents off of him so our you, know call was really fast it's just uh, Banford. I'd do anything roll to buy some look right now I'm about the most unlucky person I think in the face the plaintiff says gonna race a race car every weekend but it's just uh nothing. Goes my way the motor blows up getting a rat catch on fire flip 25 times or something like that you know so, go. Get him next weekend yep he'll keep digging Stephen Wallace in 266. And. For more on safety. Log on to search. Word safety. Better, take a break we'll be back hopefully, under polls leading flags officials shitbox. Sir conceal Villeneuve in Montreal the NASCAR Busch Series in, its first ever race in Canada, and it is under caution right now second, time of the day after, Steven Wallace oiled, down the racetrack and. Has. Lost a little bit of clean ups who need to be done, Marcus Ambrose, is out in front took the lead from Scott Pruett with a nice inside, under, braking move, had.

No Choice but to give way or the both of them we're probably gonna crash and, that is a Castrol. Syntec power, performance pass, of, the race. So, Ambrose the leader fellows second, car Ponte 1/3 Pappas fourth Robby Gordon fifth and. Then, Andy Pilgrim is six Boris said is the first of the cars who stopped under the other caution, back at lap 30 and he, is up to the, seventh. Spot, here's. Jeff Burton one, of the Nextel Cup drivers, doing the shuffle today between Pocono, and back, up to Montreal, Burton, now running back in 16th, position after starting at the tail end of the field, knowing. You were gonna have to start out, the back and how tough it was gonna make the win Jeff what. Are you doing here. Fourth. Place, driver. On road courses the, only way to get better is to do it more this, is an opportunity to drive. A really good team drive, the holiday in Chevrolet, and get. Some experience so to me it's, a win win. Lapse. Helped so much especially, had a new facility next. Week they're going straight to watch this play slowly, get your. Feet got to do it special, dance your, hands, right left so anytime you corrode race it helps you for the following week for the following us Nextel. Cup Series so long with the NASCAR Busch Series online, games play. And Sunday. Friday, afternoon. The Nextel, Cup cars, so. Burton right now back in 15th, spot. Jeff, at the office. I have, the flight back to Pennsylvania tonight and we'll get ready to go tomorrow in, the, 500-mile, there at Pocono Raceway Burton's. Going to start in 18th, position in that race. And of, course you can see our coverage, from Pocono presented. By rush hour 3 tomorrow at 1 o'clock Eastern, time starting, with NASCAR, countdown. That's. Tony Stewart going for the three-peat got Dale jr. and Kurt Busch in the tight spot a tight fight for that last spot in the chase standings and. They're sharing the front row for tomorrow's race, one. O'clock Eastern ESPN. Tomorrow for more log on to So. More, than a little bit of oil dry put down there on that straightaway, leading from the the, hairpin off to the pit entrance you see the cleanup going through there thought. It was snowing I. Wouldn't, be unexpected, here in Montreal, but in August it might be a reach okay, so. What's the pit strategy, for the race leader didn't stop under this caution Gary no Ernie, cope calls the shots and talks to Marcus Ambrose what is your strategy at this point Ernie well we're gonna stop one more time we're just we're. Not quite to our fuel window yet we're getting close this. Long cautions actually hurting us it's, gonna make us have to make a decision here but. They even go green - laughs which it looks like we're not so I'm, not sure what we're gonna do we're all we're gonna see how many laughing to go great they go yellow all, right how satisfied, are you with the performance, of this Tasmanian. Australian, driver oh I'm very satisfied he's an awesome road racer we're. Having fun and he's taking care of the car he says he's not abusing the brake so hopefully, it's there at the end and of course we've still got a long way to go and a lot of breaks to protect thanks, Vince. With. Paul Wolfe be a crew chief or Patrick up on ta our pole-sitter currently. Running third what advice, are you giving him here as we just, past the midway point just. Trying to keep good, co

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