NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 2008 Mountain Dew 250

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series 2008 Mountain Dew 250

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Of merchandising. For winn-dixie. Larry, bigerstaff. As he gives the command. Gentlemen. Start, your. Engines. The engines are fired, the adrenaline. Running at its highest, as they're about to pull out onto this race track, and take on, talladega. Super. Speedway. Welcome back a gorgeous, day here in talladega, alabama, for the mountain dew 250, presented, on speed. By toyota, the truck's about to roll out onto the racetrack. Our starting grid will roll across the bottom of the screen, that 99, of eric darnell, grabbing his third, career, pull he will lead the field, to the green flag, today. We will shine a spotlight, on five different drivers, today we're going to start off with the, drive by landon castle, right. Looking forward to the race today this will be a seven start and landon ran in the arc remax, series yesterday, and he had a lot of practice and he said, what he learned was that he needs to be a pusher. Not a leader he knows he's got a lot to learn about this type of racing, and he hopes to be a benefit, to somebody out there today, and gain some respect. Now this 81, truck will also be driven the rest of the year, by donnie leah today the last race for landon castle. That way, and you talk ray about guys that raced in the arca remax series yesterday brian silas another one of those he starts 31st. This afternoon. He's full-time, in the arca remax series, 12th in the standings. Six top tens and he wants to say a special thanks, to dr, horton. Helping this team this afternoon, and they hope a few more one race deals like this will come up so they continue to gain experience. In the nascar, craftsman truck series chris devoto. Well we talked about how there's only been two truck races, at this track but john wood has other talladega, experience, three nationwide, races and he raced, the cup race here in the spring, he started 12th and finished 36.. But you see him drifting to the back, john would have to start from the back they had trouble with the starter, trouble starting up the truck this morning they made a change, he will start from the back of the pack, phil. Christa i want to take a look at justin hobgood he drives the number 53, truck gets sponsored by the georgia beef board, justin's, a long time dash series competitor, he actually won the dash race to daytona, in 2001. And with second points in 2003. This is his sixth career start in the truck series, his last start was daytona, earlier this year and he finished 20th, he had to change an engine, right before qualifying yesterday so we will go to the back of the pack, justin hobgood, number 53.. Mikey. That's a nice story phil thank you a lot of details there look at my guy rick crawford, remember at daytona. Three wide finish he won by about a foot, last year here at talladega. He lost by about a foot, what i'm telling you is this guy knows how to race on the big tracks, watch for this number 14, truck starting the 11th, spot, to be a part of the story today, and a big story would be if rick crawford could move up front a mobile, alabama. Native. We'll ride along with a few different drivers, one of those being john west townley he will start second today and carry one of our cameras. We're also going to ride along with the toyota, on board of mike wallace a germain, toyota, mike as a drafting, specialist. Always runs well here in daytona, he won the nationwide, race at daytona a few years ago, and mike wallace, is in that nine truck, starting, in the 10th spot. We decided to put a, camera in todd with iron's truck because he brought the checker home last year, winning here at talladega, so look for some great shots out of this lumber liquidators. Onboard, camera, riding with todd bowdan. One of the most talented, drivers, in 2008. In all of nascar, has to be kyle busch we'll ride along with him he's got 18. Wins. In nascar. This season, alone. Can you make it 19.

Today We'll ride along with him he starts 13th. Today, the green flag will fly, when we come back to talladega. Super. Speedway. Welcome back mountain dew 250, presented, on speed, by, toyota. Attention, speed fanatics, atlanta motor speedway is giving nascar, craftsman, truck and sprint cup ticket holders a chance to upgrade, their tickets from the seat, to the suite. Bring your craftsman, truck or sprint cup ticket to the speed stage the morning of the race, enter to win a seat to the sweet upgrade. Which includes, pre-race, pit road access, and two atlanta motor speedway, suite tickets visit, atlanta. Let's head down track side to our thoughts before green ray dunlap what have you got, well rick you know we talk about statistics, a lot and maybe talladega, is the one track where statistics, don't mean very much, but i think it's important to look at the truck that todd bodine is driving today it's number 58. And this truck has had five races, on super speedways, two wins, and five, top fives, but today's, race, is number, 20 of the season, and i think that might be even more important. Because when todd bodine is in race number 20, he's been excellent, three wins, and a fourth place right here at talladega. I think todd bodine, and number 30 truck, is the one to beat today, at talladega. Adam. Ray if you look at the nascar, craftsman truck series standings you will see that after the last seven races, johnny benson. Has been the point leader so immediately you think domination, but that not the case look at these numbers. In the last three events at gateway. Third for benson a win for horner day a second for benson at loudoun new hampshire when hornaday went to victory lane and there's the big one the 27th, at las vegas, in all horner day has gained 93, points in the last three races. He's only one point out coming into today and oh a big turning point could happen, here this afternoon, krista. Well if you watch the setup you heard us talk about how this track rewards, experience, in our two races both winners todd bodine and mark martin, in their 40s, joey logano, in his very first truck start today trying to smash, that stat but how young is logano. 18, years old he has never experienced. The reagan administration. 80s. Big hair bands he missed all of glam rock and this may be the biggest thing. Joey logano. Never witnessed, an episode. Of alf. That's incredible. It definitely, is incredible. And, continuing, on with that youth statement. The top three starters, in this race. Averaged. Age. 21, years old so a lot of youth, leading this field to the green flag, but i gotta believe, joey logano watched out in syndication. I mean. How are you not going to see al. A lot of people probably have no idea what alph is that's a classic.

Of Course it is. The lights are out on the pace truck that means that they will make. This final, turn. Through the tri-oval. And see the green flag and get underway. And the speed is going the speed and intensity. Is about, to pick up and their heart rate is picking up right now the closer they get to that green flag they know for the next 250. Miles it's gonna be on. Eric darnell. John west townley. One and two they make up the front row. And here they come through the tri-oval. The green flag, is in the air we're underway, in. Talladega. Now phil remember. The domination. Of those first three trucks in qualifying, yesterday, they beat the rest of the field by a half a second. Watch how all that goes away right now when this air starts. Squirming, around completely, out the window. Three wide already in turn number two joey logano, in the middle, right now he's the front car actually now john west townley is in the middle of the racetrack, they're already three wide all the way down to back stretch. The speeds will get upwards of 190. To 191. Miles an hour now and qualifying, they weren't anywhere near that, that shows you how important the air is these trucks will actually pick up 10 miles an hour, over what they could qualify. When they get in a strap like this isn't that very interesting, we have these beautiful, trucks and these talented, drivers, the most important, thing today. Is something you can't even see, with the air the air and right now they are seeing something on the racetrack, and it's debris, and so our first caution actually comes out, on lap one. That's interesting, those guys are all keyed up well, and somebody saw something on the racetrack, they didn't like and so the caution flag flies for the first time, they will take the debris off the racetrack, everybody, collect, your breath and come right back. Tomorrow on speed nascar, race day heads to talladega. Where only one free race show can handle the high banks. Will the big one claim the big dreams, of the championship, contenders. Nascar race day built by the home depot live coverage begins tomorrow 11 eastern, you know who wendy's going to have there's a real deal interview. I do not. You know mike. Um. No. Bobby allison, yeah i heard that i knew i knew but i couldn't remember you know who's gonna be on trackside next, week who, jessica simpson, really, on speed, jessica simpson very cool. Adam alexander. Great to have mike wallace in the field today starting 10th but he's dropped outside the top 20 and the reason, is he hit the debris. That caused this caution he was upset with himself apologized. To the crew, he said the tires seemed to be fine they looked at the truck when he went by the start finish line, on pit road they said it looks good, and the report from the spotter stand positive, as well so he thinks he's okay just the loss of track position, we will keep an eye on the nine truck when we get the green flag krista. Joey logano, is just sort of letting things sink in right now remember this is his very first truck start, the first time he raced at talladega, was yesterday, in the arca race and we talked about his young age he almost won that arca race he finished second, and i said well you've got to be happy with that right he said nope, i want more. Well he's about to get more and let's see if he can handle that actually this is, probably one of the toughest, tests he'll face in his young career. Green flag back in the year it's still eric darnell, in front of his teammate colin brown. This is good for these guys you know phil, they they ran a half a lap they had already gotten three wide because they started, side by side, that pokes a bigger hole in the air, now they're single file, maybe it'll be a bit of a calmer, restart, than it was to start what do you think well i hope so here are a couple fords out front here a couple teammates there darnell and colin brown, then they've got tabodine. And rick ron hornaday right behind them and look everyone hugs that yellow line, everybody wants to get down to the bottom and who's going to be the first guy to step out. And i want to tell you that's the plan people say let's guard that yellow line, that's a great plan but you can't, use that as your sole, option, you have to be willing, and ready, to jump out to the outside, if you want to win this race if you just say i'm going to hang on the old line you'll never win that's right here looks like maybe brendan gone maybe on the outside. Somebody's, going to go up there.

Testing That second line we see kyle bush he peeks the nose of that number 51. Toyota tundra out from behind the 22, to see if he can get a look and remember we talked earlier, right now if, scott speed, or kyle busch was to pull out it doesn't work. Grace is not over for that he's going to the back, and but he'll come back up to the i encourage. You know any of the young drivers that ask me, make your mistakes, early. Figure out if you can indeed make that move and when you can't make it it'll make you smarter later in the race so a little bit of experimenting. In the early going is not a bad thing, looks like that may be mike wallace. Right behind, brendan gone. See terry cook the Toyota jumps up in front of brendan that outside line. Is back about 20th, but they're making some headway it looks like and guys you know what's cool when we were just listening right there to kyle busch's truck we could hear the rpms. Increase. Right when those trucks started to move in that high line and there you see joey logano, said oh i like, i like what's going on behind me here, let me get a feel for this he pulls up to the outside, sort of slows, johnny benson's momentum, he had to block johnny a little bit, and now he's up a little bit higher than he needs to be so, johnny's thinking, i would have just soon you stay down there in line. I don't mind you learning but, don't learn in front of me yeah learn right behind me. Now that second line trying to move on the, inside, line. We're seeing more trucks moving out there into that second line and see these guys in the second line right here on the outside line. One of those guys is going to say i've got a run on the guy leading that or whatever, and i'm going to pull to the outside we're going to make it three wide here that will happen. You see and right now johnny's, johnny's probably kind of hoping yeah he's pulling out to get around legano, he didn't like the way he was going about things he was probably hoping, that joey would have tucked over closer. To those inside, line trucks, side drafting. Kind of. Causing them to lose their momentum, while propelling, that outside line alone just like donnie johnny's doing right now he's got terracoke right behind him. He pulls down. Next to that truck and that really hurts the momentum, of the truck on the inside, and i don't think johnny liked what he was seeing out of joey so he said i better show you how to do this so, joey's learning. We haven't seen alf yet. Learn by fire in a situation, here in the nascar, craftsman truck series but you see this. Big move it looks like with, kyle busch. Listen to him playing with the gas though that's what that's what's interesting, you know you've got this big line on the outside, rolling along making headway, but they can't stay wide open in the gas because of all the jumbling that's going on adam alexander. And the best way to get an education, is follow someone around who knows how to get it done. Kyle busch won the race here in the spring in the sprint cup series and the man right behind him, john west townley you're right on board with townley, right here a moment ago. Bush looked to go to the high group they said do not follow him there so they're trying to keep john west townley.

In The low lane but guys chad canals. Chad, chad norris, not chad kenaus's, crew chief, is doing a nice job of coaching this youngster. On the radio, he started on the front row here at talladega, this afternoon. Coming off the racetrack, on the inside. And that's, you know like i said earlier. Uh, coaching your young guy to stay on the bottom, that's okay, that's safe but you'll never win like that and you won't learn as much as if you'll take a chance and go up and get in that outside line let's see what happens and maybe the zero nine of john west island maybe their goal is just to finish in the top end, he's 18 years old they're not thinking win right now get some experience, trying to be there at the end, mike skinner made the move up into that second line and it looked as though the second line was moving. And now they've stalled out just a bit and the bottom line continues, to pull away, saw dennis setzer dipped down below the yellow line for just a moment. Yeah that, that uh outside, line is sort of falling apart a little bit rick good call they've they've lost all their momentum, and. Can't seem to keep the pace now eric darnell, is out in front of this pack is he watching his mirror the whole time or is he just saying okay i've got to stay right on the bottom of the track no that's what you have to in order to win a restricted play race you have to be equally as comfortable. In driving your truck while looking backwards. You have to understand, what's going on around you at all times, so he is totally. Driving that truck hopefully it's hailing well enough to where he can just drive it, and not worry about the handling of it and keep his eyes peeled in that mirror, he needs to understand. What's happening with skinner, leading that outside, road he needs to make sure he understands, how far that second place truck of colin brown, is off his bumper, he's got to know what's going to happen next he's got to anticipate, those things and you can only do that, by looking from behind, watch this now. On the right hand side that's a little bit of bump drafting, and the drivers, meeting they said please don't do any bump drafting, well there's a little bit of a bump drafting right there and then we had a close call a minute ago remember i said dennis setzer, dipped down below the yellow line oh that was because there was some contact, with the seven of tj, bell. Now tj's. Voice just went up about four octaves, right there he's i don't know i'll just it can't go up it was already up there but it might have gone up just a little bit higher now that bump dropping was between teammates, that was mike skinner and johnny, that was perfect, bump drafting that was johnny just giving, mike a little nudge just helping him along, these bumpers, don't match up phil that's why nascar, says don't bump draft the front bumper, on a on a truck is lower than the tailgate, so if you start hitting each other it's going to spin you out, that's what they've done with the new car you'll see racing here in talladega, tomorrow they've tried to match the front and rear bumpers together. These cars, tomorrow you'll see pushing each other all the way around the track. It's not that these guys don't know how to do that it just won't work with these trucks, x-ray what have you got, johnny benson said can i get in front of mike skinner they said we'll try to work it out on the radio he said i believe, that the 23, truck will be faster if we're leading he was going to swap spots with skinner, but check it out the whole line goes by skinner hung on the high side, he's lost at least five spots skinner was trying to help out his teammate, looks like he's going to lose at least 10 positions, yeah that was a situation, there was no way, that mike was going to be able to get in line behind johnny that was probably. An ill-formed. Strategy, right there well i don't even think that strategy mike's smart enough to know that ain't gonna work he just he rolled out of the gas and said well i can't make any progress, here, i might just fall to the back and watch you guys try for a while see if johnny benson can make the move make that second line. Go a little bit quicker up on the high side of talladega. We'll be back for more green flag racing right after this. Pink's all out ignites thursday, night with an all-new, episode, as the competition, heats up a timing system, failure, sends the pink's all-out crew scrambling, and threatens to jeopardize, the entire, race, pink's all out thursday night. Six pacific, only on speed. See the two truck of jack sprague slowing down on the high side of the racetrack, he may have just got shuffled up looks like he's off the pace right now well we saw mike skinner do the same thing and fall all the way the back next time i looked up he was leading a charge three wide on the outside but something's wrong with this two trap yeah that was john wood that just went by him right now and john was is the last truck remaining, on the lead lap on the racetrack and he is less, than three seconds behind adam what's wrong with jack sprague, he just came on the radio, and said it's something in the motor ernie, the crew chief came back and said, bring it down pit row did you blow it up and jack sprague said he's not for sure but as you can see, as the draft goes through the trioval.

At A slow rate of speed jack sprague gonna come down a tough break for this team, who knows all too well what a situation, like this is like, all of a sudden the, the team, the 33, team. Uh his teammate, is thinking. That's the motor i wonder if our motion what just happened there exactly, let's have as much information, as we can get as to what may have just happened with the two our teammate, we can't do anything about it but it'll make us feel better if we understand, exactly. What went wrong maybe an isolated, incident or something like that you see there's, mike wallace continuing, to work the high side jason white. Dodge, in the middle of the racetrack. I i just was so impressed, uh with kevin harvick, and his decision. After, a championship. Season, last year racing for that championship, all the way, then then he switched engine builders and now he's back in the battle for a championship. Again. A great job. By. Pro motor building those engines but even, even more, um. Appreciative, of the decision kevin made, made to make the move yeah absolutely they've really been pretty flawless this year and we'll have to wait and see what went on with jack sprague's, engine down there but they have been, terrific, engines you know they've won five races with ron hornaday, this season in the truck series more wins than anyone else. Look at that pack and you know, it, it looks it is it's very intense but just think phil, one one. Problem with the truck up in the front of this field, that you don't have time to react somebody has a flat tire somebody's, engine messes up a little bit all of a sudden you run in the back of them you've got, you remember last year somebody tried to get to pit road, uh jack sprague i think and he turned around right in the middle of the field. You can't predict how this thing will turn out right now. So out in front we've got eric darnell, and colin brown his teammates, that toyota, of todd bodine. Who has gone to victory lane at this racetrack, running. In the third spot now remember. The six driven by mark martin a year ago went to victory lane and now, todd bodine following two years ago. And todd rodin following him so, obviously. Those two trucks have figured out this racetrack. Adam alexander, what's going on with tom bonai.

He Is crying help on the radio, he said simply he can do nothing with the guys in front of him talking about the forwards of eric darnell, and colin brown. And then he came back and asked, where's, mike wallace that would be his teammate, for the race and as you guys have documented. Multiple, times that nine truck doing what he can, to get to the front and join his teammate. Right now mike wallace is being shown back in the 22nd, position. But again that doesn't mean, he's not running well and he's out of he's he's made a lot of moves he's tried a lot of things and he's he's, he's, putting that bank of knowledge, together, so he knows what will work, when it comes down to the end of this thing. And that's what i like you know instead of just riding around on the bottom. Logging laps there's some guys that it's good that they're doing that obviously. Uh darnell, braun todd today, and they've got it made right now but if i'm 10th 11th i'm going to get out and mix it up a little bit and figure out what i can, i'm going to be able to make a move later on. We're hearing that nascar. Is looking into, well we might have a little debris on the racetrack there but nascar's, looking into. One of the teams they believe, doesn't have a side window and that's one of the requirements, when you come to a super speedway that they have the passenger, side window, and it sounds like they're looking at these, trucks to make sure that all of them have the side windows and now our second caution has come out yeah the debris we saw over there on the back stretcher. That's a piece of body work right there, looks like off maybe one of the one of the blue trucks maybe, brendan gone, that's we're getting report that it's the 81, of landon, castle. Look at the very back of this line right here this back of this lead lap line. Flew off here of the inside, line you'd have to think maybe that resulted, from ooh and hit by another truck not quite is that jack sprague, it was jack sprague, knocked way up in the air you have to think that maybe that's a result of some bump drafting, guys trying to push another guy along broke his back bumper, off. So debris. Off of one of the race trucks. It looked like maybe. It might have been one of the uh. Circle bar trucks was maybe rick crawford or brendan gone there's brennan's truck right there we don't know if that was it now the 81, of landon castle, also has some blue on it. There's a 59, right there. We think it might be the 59, that lost the side window. That's him up about three on the inside. That wasn't a side window but it was definitely something off of that truck. Now there's an oil, there's an oil cool it's not an oil cooler but the oil tank is in the back behind is there a lid on there that potentially, could have come off that looked like it was more rounded. Like there was it was a small square, of the sheet metal that looked like something. That might have been a bumper i think the oil tank is underneath. The the, back of the truck the decklid of that truck but i, i don't know that that was uh that piece, these cats are all pinning right. I think so mike, you know we're talking about only being able to go about 35, laps and remember we had pace laps on top of that so and i think they're coming and on the on the cup side uh during practice where tywer, tire wear is just minimal. So maybe we'll see some guys just get gas, and definitely, just too tired, absolutely, track position, is huge and it could be determined, on pit road now we go to pitt road and chris devoto. Well kyle busch said his truck is just a little bit too tight he said he needs to turn better especially through the tri-oval. His truck will not stay down it's too sensitive, in the corner how will they fix it two rounds out of the left rear adam, middle of your screen todd beaudine is in for his first stop of the day right side tires only the call for mike hillman jr, they want to maintain, track position, no chassis adjustments, right unless northern tool and equipment ford will do right side tires only they are going to get plenty of gas pump it in there eric darnell, the leader he'll be the first one off of pit road, followed by his teammate colin brown. We saw the 51, truck of kyle busch get four tires and you wonder maybe, if he wants to get four now, maybe he's looking to getting two later on in the race, and be done with some tires for a while i think that was a side window that flew out of that 59, truck remember these cabs are very small we know the, the side windows and the cars are quite large but that's a very very small. Side window that are in these trucks. So the crew is taking a work thing a look and working on that 59, of landon castle, to.

Get Him back out on the range track eric darnell, colin brown and tom beaudine, your top three off of pit road. Join steve burns michael waltrip, and greg biffle on monday for this week in nascar, the game will recap, talladegan, preview, charlotte, plus dale earnhardt jr the number 88 team of the focus of this week's chase profile, will take you behind the scenes for junior's entire. Talladega. Weekend. Ray dunlap, what happened to the 33, coming off of pit road apparently, he went too fast exiting, and ron hornaday, was saying that wasn't possible, but nascar, said it was. So they decided to come back down pit road rick ren called him down, and they went with left side tires so now the 33, will have four fresh tires on it after that round of pit stops that started at lap 20. krista. Well back here, alongside, pit road actually behind the fence the work being feverishly, done on the 59. Working, on that right side window they cannot just slide the window in they actually have to rivet it to the frame joey logano, still inside the truck with his helmet on the team said this is our last one, do not lose this window joey said can i just drive without it they said no come back. Well the the window, isn't the problem, you could just slide another window in but part of his cab is blowed off phil yeah and that's really the part that holds the back of the window. As well so that's that's the whole reason, that they're having to do all the modifications. Here they have to get, some paneling. And put it to hold that in as we get ready to go back green remember that free, free air that i was telling you about that made all this speed, that's how violent it is remember a year ago or a couple years ago we saw skinner's whole hood blow off, now the cab has blown off the 59, truck so, that goes to show you what all going on out there that we can't even see. One two and three when they came off of the racetrack, and on the pit road stay, one two and three eric darnell, colin brown. And, todd beaudine. Are still the top three running around talladega. You got to appreciate the crews, they they held serve those guys came in with the lead and they sent them right back out with the lead, some differing strategy, you see, the 51, of, kyle bush there for a second he was already looking to the outside, trying to gain back some of that ground he lost, by taking on four tires, exactly now ron hornaday, also has four tires because of the pit road penalty.

And We'll see how quickly he can make his way, back towards the front you guys would you you know that ron hornaday, has led, over 30 percent of all the laps we're on this season that's pretty amazing, over 30 percent. And he's one point back in the point, who's the next closest guy in lap sled to ron honey would you think. Johnny, benson. Kyle bush, oh he hasn't even run all the races and he's left 15. Up all the laps and he wasn't even in part of those laps what percentage, of laps has he led of the laps he's been in. That i don't know well now we see the 59, of joey logano, back on pit road. And so they will, take a look at that and maybe do a little bit more work on the 59, right. Big vibration, for the northern tool forward eric darnell, said it's shaking, all the way through the corner. And his crew chief matt puccia said ride it out a little bit tell us what you think you've got but, could be a problem after that first round of pit stops a vibration, for the leader. Boy it makes you wonder if maybe they didn't get all the lug nuts tight it's hard you know it's hard to throw somebody under the bus you see johnny benson, making a move on the outside. For the fourth spot it's got jeff green right in behind but phil, these tires, uh the way they're balanced from set to set you will get a different, feel from your truck, just by changing tires so, i would make sure if i'm a crew chief i'm gonna say look, it's it's, crucial, it's the most important, part of the job we have to make sure we're able to tell our driver. That, the wheels are tight because he's probably going to get a vibration. He's going to feel some shakes and we need him to understand. That there's no doubt the wheels are tight. Maybe the tires as they gain air. The the, vibration, the balance will come in the vibration will go away. You know we've seen that third, line, actually move a little bit quicker than the second line we just saw, kyle busch make a move in the third line and actually got in front of the second line but then that second line seems to stall again well you, you've the the bottom line's the fast way, the second line's next fastest, and the third, would be the slowest, it's just a shorter distance around this racetrack, there's so much grip rick, that the shortest way you can go, ultimately will be the fastest, way but.

Circumstances. Will allow that outside, groove to make ground on the inside say a guy bumps, one of the inside. Trucks, and gets them a little bit loose and they're losing their momentum a little bit in the meantime, the outside line has a perfect bump draft and they're able to, make ground so that's why i think it's important, to understand. You can't just dedicate yourself to one line or other you've got to be ready to use them all. Right dunlap what's happening with our second and championship, points contender, well hornaday, restarted, 26th. After coming back down and getting those other tires, and they were talking on the radio asking what the 23, did, and kevin harvick the team owner came on the radio and he said listen guys, everybody, take a breathe deep breath here, let's get focused on what we're doing, and i don't want to hear the number, 23, on our radio again, today we're focused on the 33. And winning this race, adam. One driver in the field ray that's all about history is rick crawford he's an alabama, native and he would love nothing more, than to win here in his home state and you got to like his chances from this standpoint. In the last two super speedway races he's finished second that a year ago here at talladega. And fifth in the spring at daytona, and he looks good riding the top five here this afternoon. Krista. The 18, of dennis setzer was running 18th, before that round of pit stops he is currently up to seven one of the reasons they took right side tires, only and when legano's, window flew off it actually happened right in front of dennis setzer, but he is running very well his best start ever at this track, and right now he's running very well ray. Let's talk about the number six truck at colin brown they had a good pit stop there, but early in the race he said that his, water temperature, was up around 220. And right now that six truck is beginning to push a little bit of water. Out of the overflow, they're keeping their eye on it but they are worried about it overheating, here early on in this race. Well life is good for eric garnell, he's, he's got a teammate, behind him he's got a, a clear track ahead of him, but for everyone else, there's things you have to consider.

Tucked In running in second in line. They're the 99. Excuse me the six of colin brown saying. My mother's getting hot he has to. How much does he peek out to get a little air in there what does he do how does he manage this situation, there's always something to consider. Do a little bump drafting right there mike wallace gets in the back of johnny benson. Those guys are making some ground that's the top five they've closed in on. That second groove starting to move just a little bit nascar's, taking a peek and turns three and four. There's been rumor that there might be some debris. On the racetrack, but as to this point we haven't seen the caution come out once again and now we're hearing that the track has been. Cleared, of all debris at least they don't believe there's anything on the track, and we continue. To go two and three, wide around this, 2.66. Mile, super, speedway, eric darnell, continues, to lead. Welcome back to the mountain dew 250, presented on speed by toyota, our aerial coverage is brought to you by goodyear get there on silent armor technology, with the strength of kevlar, for toughness. And a comfortable, ride. Battle for the lead rick first one of the day comfortable, ride not for eric darnell, right now todd bodine, has decided to move up to that second line and see if he can challenge eric darnell, yeah todd moved out from his third place spot gets up side by side with colin brown for second right now he's got some help behind him got johnny benson behind him brian, scott, brendan gone chad mccombie, bunch of guys lined up behind him absolutely, the closest, anyone has come to, busting, up those first couple of trucks and the guy running third was the one decided to do it he's tired of looking at those two, two toyotas. Nose to tail on the outside, line that's todd bodine. And then the 23, of johnny benson that's 16, also a toyota, this week with, brian scott, behind the wheel and now they're side by, side as they come out of turn number four this is a battle for the lead. Now will johnny stay in tir and tavo dan's tire tracks he has to if those two trucks want to get if he wants that. Any chance of the lead at all he's got to stay right behind tom o'donne. So who's going to lead this lap and it's toppo neither it looks like across the start finish line todd bodine leads it by a whopping, 25, 1 000 of a second the question, is what will todd do if he ever clears the 99, is he going to say see you later johnny i'm going to get down on the bottom, and that's the kind of thing that you have to work with the people that have helped you he needs to make sure, that johnny benson is able to clear before he pulls down in front. Those two are working well together, now adam what's going on with the nine truck. He was up to seventh in the running order after a four tire stop at lap 19, but unfortunately, he had to drop out of the draft and the reason why, water. Water temperature trying to get a little bit up there so they decided to get back in some clean air not tuck in the draft and hopefully they can cool down that race truck.

Here's Mike right there he's on the inside pulls up behind. Mike skinner in that five truck now he jumps back to the outside that's jeff green and curtis ski stroke now he's going to go in the middle he's been on the inside, the outside and the middle in the space of about, three football fields. He's been all over the place all day i've watched his truck go, from challenging for the top five, to dropping all the way to the end of this lead. Pack. Now we certainly have three distinct, lines right now, eric garneau leads the inside, line top o'dine leads the middle line. There's kyle busch right there in that 51, the cosukee, toyota, right in front of mike wallace. He's got speed over there the red bull, toyota, on the outside. Tybodine, was able to get the lead but a guy, that i'm finding fun to watch let's let's take a ride a lap with the mike wallaceville. See where all he goes, right now he's following, kyle busch, look at kyle making a big room run to the outside let's listen to his throttle. Three wide you got the 59, in the middle with you 88's, on top of your, truck. Hear him on and off the. Gas. He's adjusting, his throttle. To keep that gap the same between that zero eight truck he'll get a little bit behind, and he'll squeeze a little bit more throttle to it he gets too close he has to squeeze, out of the throttle. And he's looking for that big run he's looking for a chance to make a. A huge, move. And that's why he's leaving that gap between he and the 08. There's 81 of landon castle the national guard chevy on the inside. Side outside, now for. In the middle of the racetrack. The 0-9, to john west tunnel on the inside, exactly, what we expected, for talladega, super speedway, and the nascar. Craftsman. Truck series. Race number 20 for the truck series we've got a one point difference between. Johnny benson, and ron hornaday, in our championship, point standings, and right now there are 33, trucks and a lot of contact, there, todd godin, ducked down, and there was no room for him so a little bit of contact, on the racetrack, we've expected, this. And we haven't had any problems up to this point ray dunlap what's happening with the 33., well he's in the back of the pack right there rick and he's not very happy about it he talked to his father rick corelli, and said do whatever, you can, to get me away from mike wallace he said that guy has changed lane six times, in the last four laps and eventually, that's going to cause a problem, so he's asking corelli, for a little bit of help. Now hornaday, down on the inside going by legano, right behind mike wallace, he wants away from the nine. Well he's right behind him right now, right, it's gonna be hard to get away from him when he's right behind him and i can't i can't argue with ron he has changed, six lanes in three in one lap well we saw him change lanes three times in one in one. Triangle. We were watching and riding along with mike wallace, listening to that throttle in the throttle control that he has, but you can't get away from anybody, i mean that's why they're all glob together there is nowhere to hide. There's mike skinner the five left of your screen. Here's terry cook the 60 right behind mike skinner they're on the bottom of the racetrack johnny benson still leads that outside, line, he has brendan gone with him but right now johnny's running in about the ninth, spot.

Eric Darnell, has been dominant. But only. Two times, did darnell, not lead, the laps. There was almost a big crash on the back straight away and it, involved johnny vinson it looked like, it looked like some drafting maybe i think todd was trying to get out of line and johnny was going to bump draft them all at the same time let's see if we can pick it up. Looking right at your screen there's todd bodine, right there that says on board lumber liquidators. On board, oh and he made pretty good, contact, with john west tomlin but that was precipitated. By something, probably. Maybe a bump draft or something by johnny as you mentioned, as he was maybe moving around. If you're gonna bump draft these trucks you better be going straight yeah, you know as johnny benson has to understand, exactly what todd's doing at the moment when he wants to hit him todd decided he might want to duck glow a little bit, johnny bump draft him and almost caused a crash how about john west tally this 18, year old who's stuck in the draft running 190, miles an hour and all of a sudden. Hey what are you doing he's watched this enough on tv to know that that's exactly what's gonna happen, let's see if we can see here phil off turn two. These guys are dicing around and it looks like, todd decides, to close the door on johnny, and johnny had a run on him in it and it was close, yeah that could have been big now that would have probably involved 10 or 15 trucks more than likely, because it was right in the middle of this pack. Well it's exactly, what we thought was going to happen when you come to talladega, super speedway, the big packs running around the racetrack. It has been dominant. Eric darnell, out in front. He has led 60, percent. Of the laps, on all of our super speedway, races, this year. Daytona. And talladega. 2-3, wide, here at talladega. And it's going to continue. 55. Laps to go. Coverage of the nascar craftsman truck series on speed is brought to you by true value, with the tools products and advice to start your project right, true value, start right start here. Buy zaxby's. Indescribably. Good, visit To find a location, near you and by the new touch of grey, that let you keep some gray hair, touch of gray for the generation, that swore would never get old. I think that's the generation i'm in i'm yeah i'm never going to get old you know who did get old keith alessandro.

He Did. A year older today what had been the people's producer, is now america's, producer, as he's turned four years old self-proclaimed. And i think he's uses that touch of gray. It wouldn't be a waste of money for him. I use it i love that stuff, two and three wide, continuing. Here at talladega, super speedway, nobody, really has anything for eric darnell, he and his teammate have been running one and two, pretty much the whole race, at one point in time todd bodine got up there and led a lap, but then that was it chris devoto. We talked about how this was joey logano's, first race at talladega. Also the first truck race at talladega. For landon, castle now he does have, six truck starts already this year, but his first time at this track he said the most important thing for me is to keep the truck in one piece maybe go for a few extra positions, at the end he may be a new kid on the block, but right now landon castle is certainly, hanging tough, ray, john andretti, running in the top 15 in that number 15, truck, they did right side tires, only, on lap number 20. now we've been listening to the guys up front, and they're saying they'll be to pit road in four or five laps looking around. Lap number, 50 i believe it is they'll be coming to pit road. He's got that truck up to the sixth spot ray. We just saw him, get down. Almost onto the apron with the left front of that truck and the sparks were flying out yeah and also landon castle there isn't anyone going to get under land and he's able to keep that thing really low on the racetrack. And again there is an out of bounds here at talladega, you cannot, improve your position. By going below the yellow, line so they have to stay above the yellow line at all times, especially when they're racing but they cannot improve, their position. By going below the yellow line. Today right now being shown in the 22nd, position you see him right behind the five of mike skinner. High position, of fourth in this race and way way back here when he had the pit road penalty, for speeding. For this but still in the fight here in this lead, lead pack mike wallace right now is. Trying to make some ground up on the outside of the racetrack he has moved up into the top and right now being shown in the sixth spot. Side by side with john andretti, right now for that sixth position, you know we just passed halfway, feeling as tight, and as intense, as this action is. Right now. This isn't anything, as to what it's going to be like with 10 to go, these guys are using a little bit of patience they're giving each other a little bit of room all that's going to go out the window, they're going to start trying to bump each other, use the sides of their truck to slow down the inside line, and and and it's, the the intensity, is going to pick up you see johnny benson they're jumping to the outside of, mike wallace trying to gain a spot right there now. We see two and three wide continuing, now i've got to pose the question, as you see the halfway, point being displayed, to the drivers. We're closing, in on probably the next. Eight laps maybe everyone is going to have to come on to pit road for fuel.

We've Never had a green, flag. Pit stop, at talladega, up to this point is that going to be a big factor. Here at this at this speedway, it's going to be a huge challenge rick because you know where you need to be in order to come to pit road, right where these guys are racing, the spotters, are going to be key there's going to have to be a lot of communication, the drivers are going to have to get those hands out the window, and start waving. And when you haven't done this before. It'll be a challenge, oh yeah, and it's very very very difficult i'm sorry, very very difficult, for the guys behind you to see so that's why the spotters, are even more important here to let the guys know behind you let their spotters, know so they can relay that to the driver, but hey i'm coming down pit road next time don't run into the back of me we've seen that happen before we saw it at daytona, eric darnell probably had the best truck at daytona, was trying to make his way to pit road got hit from behind. That's what happened to jack sprague last year when he turned around in front of the field he was trying to get to pit road it'll be a challenge, ray dunlap what's the word on fuel, well, they're at lap 48, right now when they go by the start finish line next time all the three roush trucks will get in position. To come down pit road on lap 50. the good news is they're able to communicate, with each other, they've talked to all three crew chiefs they've talked to all three drivers and told them get ready, crew members getting ready to get up on the wall right now so those three trucks, will be able to exit the speedway, all together coming down pit road in unison, i still don't like it it's going to be hard, it's going to be really difficult, for these guys to make this green flag pit stop without somebody, running into somebody and remember you talked about the youth up front now, a lot of these guys haven't made all that many green flag pit stops now eric darnell, has been here in the series for a while he's made a few. But some of these guys colin brown may not have ever made a green flag pit stop, you know if i'm eric darnell right now i'm saying thank you jack crouch. I really appreciate, this truck you've given me, i'm just guy i've got it on the mat and it's faster than everybody else but i've got the lead and maybe a little bit of mike beam as well. A little piece of something on the racetrack, right there may have been a spring rubber may have. May have been something else but we definitely saw a little bit of piece of something there. Here comes david starr, yeah new spots are on board that truck that's great to see i think. It's gonna be on there the rest of the year right yeah that's terrific news for that red horse racing team, good looking truck too, zachary, is a company that focuses, on planning building. And renewing. Here they, come clear there it is there it is right there right there, the zero nine of john west townley gets turned around he's sideways, but he still hasn't, hit anything, hello, it all worked out for john west townley todd bodine got into the back of john west and you talked about it phil. Inexperience. And experience. Todd thought john west would get in there a little hotter. John slowed down because the truck in front of him slowed down and todd hit him from behind, adam alexander. Right side tires only for todd bodine, the same strategy, that played out when they pitted under caution a lap 19.. He pulls away rick crawford on the pit lane as well in front of him ray. It'll be a four tire stop for eric darnell, they believe if they get the tires on this time he'll be good to go the rest of the race, and they see the six truck doing the same thing they're putting on four tires, taco dine will be out just a little bit ahead of the 99, but remember, he's got four tires and good to go, kristen. The 88, matt crafton, also planning to come in the 88, said that his car is just a little bit i'm sorry his just a little bit dicey the 88 will come in for four tires. 59, in front of the pack but remember joey logano. A couple laps down because of the. Window, problem that they had and then the b posts that came apart, on that truck and you see, the 88, now on pit road, okay that ten truck right there behind joey logano, has been gone and he has inherited the lead of this race as you can see the guys, on the inside of the racetrack, that have just left pit road and this still is an overfield there still has to be some precision. Driving. Going on to get these get this glob of trucks here to pit road without causing an accident, and ron hornaday. Johnny benson, our point leaders are in this glob. Johnny benson. Ron hornaday, separated, by just eight points right now in the points chase hey one of our veterans rick crawford made his way down pit road as we see more guys coming, too fast exiting the 14 truck will have to make a pass-through.

Penalty. Very good job by that group of what eight or ten trucks, all trying to get to that, white line. Going from running in excess of 190. Miles an hour, down to 55., that's the amazing, thing they're hitting the brakes maybe for the first time here in this race when they have to come on to pit road after going 190, miles an hour right. Two tires and fuel for johnny benson they believe they can get a little bit quicker time. Than some of these other trucks the roush trucks on pit road getting four they want to go with two, plenty of fuel getting pumped in we also see the five of mike skinner. On pit road those guys are gonna go with right side tires, johnny benson needing lots of fuel and guys i'm not so sure they couldn't have got four tires. Took a long time to fill that truck full of fuel. Brendan gone came out just in front of the 23., we're seeing a, few more trucks making their way on the pit road now one of them being the 51.. Looks like of kyle busch has come in also ron hornaday, in the 33, coming down pit road krista. Kyle busch talking on the radio wondering, who took two who took four. A change from matt crafton the 88, took two but kyle's plan, he and richie waters to take, four tires, that's the plan, for the 51.. Camping world chevrolet, is in for ron hornaday but he had to slow down a great deal in order not to hit brian silas, as he was exiting, the pits, they get the right side tires on for hornaday, packing that thing full of fuel, only two tires here but again you've got to wait and they have a little bit of problem making sure that the fuel can connected. Now we're hearing the 60. And the 11. Both are going to have to do pass-through, penalties. Too, fast, on pit road. And at what point in time do we see the freight train just, drive, by. These teams that are coming off where they don't have drafting, help, well but but a lot i think it'll all come back together don't you feel absolutely i don't think, i bet you in 10 laps from now to look like the same race we saw before they all came to pit road we just saw that train they're passing the thirty-three, horn today the 13 to shelby howard the 51, of kyle bush, kyle's already in that lead draft, he was passed it looked like they were running 30 miles an hour faster than him and he's already back in the draft. This is a little now that the pit stops are over and everybody got on and off pit road fairly. Safely, except for jwt. These guys now are getting a break they're going to breathe a little bit and know they got a few laps before the storm. All comes back together but it will come back together and how about this moving to the outside, there's the 10 of brendan gone. Kicking out there. The 60. And 11, both, going through their pass through penalties, right now. The 14, has already done his. One nice thing about this racetrack, you see the yellow line, obviously above that the racetrack, but that lane below that yellow line, is banked fairly significantly. You can leave pit road once you get to the end speed line, hammer that thing and run wide open all the way until you get to the second corner we can blend in with the field. You know we talked about these guys trying to get on the pit road and went fairly. Um. Calm, but almost uneventful. We had a guy john west townley, 18 years old trying to get do this for probably the first time, another guy todd brunei has done it his whole life, and when they when they i mean he's been doing this forever.

They Couldn't work it out let's watch them when they come to pit road. Slowing down. John west gets on the brakes. But but todd didn't, yeah, really john west, if he goes any farther forward he runs into the six of colin brown so, he's pretty much innocent there todd, didn't really. Anticipate, the speed quite enough and he actually ran in the back of john west so the so the kid did a good job and the veteran. Ran him over, how do you figure. And in this situation, i mean todd vaudine, a veteran probably wants to, he wants to go to that yellow line as fast as he can well so does john west but he's got trucks in front of him yeah but i mean but right there eric darnell he's able to pass him he's trying to pass guys before he even gets to pit road look out how close john west says to the six of colin brown and there he gets turned around, very fortunate, he didn't get turned up into the racetrack, we've seen that before, my point is rick you you can always run into somebody, that's easy right what you're supposed to do is get there as fast you can without running somebody over and todd didn't pull that off exactly, exactly, todd was trying to turn left he caught the bumper of john west townley it turned him around. But john west townley didn't hit anything we stayed, green. So we have gone through a cycle, of green flag pit stops and after we have cycled through. Dennis setzer has led, john andretti. Has led. And now we see the 15 of john. Andretti. Slowing it on to pit road. We're getting a report that the 60 of terry cook that was. Doing his penalty, pass through was, too fast entering, and exiting, so we have yet another, penalty ray. And also the 15 of john andretti, coming down pit road he was out of fuel so they pushed it one or two laps. Too many for him, and remember whenever he came in last time was lap 20 so they may have pushed the envelope just a little bit on, fuel. Look at this guy he's not going to get slowed down enough isn't it no, way no no he's in the grass. He has to be speeding, coming in. Now. Why would setzer do that. That looked unusual. He just dove in there and drove right past the the, speed line, chris devoto. Yeah i saw it happen michael he did not say anything on the radio he went right through the infield, grass the plan was to take four tires they changed it to left side only he said his car he did say right before he came in his truck, was snapping, loose that could have been the problem. I thought maybe he had just noticed his fuel pressure had gone down maybe he was running out of gas and decided he had to get to pit road exactly, knew that he wouldn't be able to make it another lap so if that's the case then that's a good move right but if it isn't it was a little bit hard to figure out his thinking trying to get woe down that fast.

Terry Cook coming off of pit road now at number 60., with his second, pass-through, penalty. Since his pit stop and here comes, the freight, train. Take a look at this. Todd bodine, leading. That group, you know if you're too fast, entering and you come through for a pass through and you get, a pass through for that pass through i don't know if there's enough aaron's lucky dogs. To bail you out of that situation, do you rick you might as well speed that like dennis setzer we saw him and sure enough, he was too fast airing in the pits why not just blast your way out of there it's only going to be one pass through penalty, oh i like that, you know aarons is very generous they do give away but that's three passes a lot of the times but, it's going to be a stretch for them to do anything for. For that. Truck today i mean they're going to have to really work overtime to try to pull that off and we may not see any more caution flags either well there's no guarantee of that i think we are going to see another caution i'm not so sure, that it won't be within the last 10 laps however. And then and nerens, doesn't give away lucky dogs, when there's 10 or less to go. Watch setzer here what's this all about phil. Like you said if it wasn't a deal where he was running out of gas. Then, houdini, couldn't have got that truck rolled enough to uh to get to pit road, and be at the 55, mile an hour speed limit and it didn't appear he was out of gas they put four tires on he drove off there wasn't a delay, so. Must have. Must did must have not had the type of braking, package on him that he thought he had. The green flag pit stops, have given us, eight, lead, changes, that have taken place. Six different drivers, have been out in front for at least a lap but the one who's led the most the 99, has led 48, laps and he runs second. It's time to test your truck series knowledge with the aaron's, lucky guess, trivia, question, who is the youngest, winner, in the nascar, craftsman, truck series, history, and how old, was, he. When he won. That is the question. We will, fire that answer at you in just a moment. Hey uh, i got some errands love anybody out there you guys want some free gas, yes, i do yeah. Go to errands, and make any qualified, purchase or lease between now and october 31st, and you will receive, 600. In free gas from the company of your choice if it has gas there you can get it. You're talking about charlotte, we're talking about the southeast, yeah obviously, the south east has struggled a little bit with the fuel you go to visit go to shop For more details but that just aaron's is all in, we're, giving away free gas darn it that was easy, why didn't they give you a phone number because that's what i normally struggle with well i like the We're gonna stick to the internet right not the phone. We will uh we'll let you think about that, youngest, driver to ever win in the nascar craftsman, truck series and how old was he that's an interesting question how long ago they put the 18 year old rule in. Well, actually, they're riding along with a kid who, was involved, in the truck series, prior to that, him being 18., exactly exactly, did he win then, well you're gonna have to he did not he did not he was actually in california. For a race. When they changed that rule, and took him out of that truck, and was not even able to start that race he'd already practiced, for because he was not yet 18 years old. Ray dunlap what's happening with that northern tool and equipment, ford, well rick i just wanted to clarify a little bit on that last round of pit stops i said that the.

Roush Trucks that took four tires were good to go what i meant by that was not that they've got enough fuel to make it to the end, but that allows them a lot of options when they come in for their final pit stop, that makes matt fuchsian, position to either take two tires no tires, they obviously, don't need to take four, and a lot of these other guys have taken right side tires only on this lounge pit stop so that's what he was saying when he said we'll be good to go not that they're not gonna have to pit again, but that they'll have options, well you you gotta just get enough gas to get to the finish and no tires i don't want any tires i'm thinking i want that track position, just shoot me enough gas in to get the finish and leave my tires alone yeah most of these guys started pitting on lap number 50 and then, the majority of the guys had pitted between 50 and 53.. We saw the 15 of john andretti, push it all the way to lap 57, actually ran out of fuel he is still on the lead lap now but 34. Seconds behind almost 35, seconds behind, so i think we know that everyone, is going to have to stop, with a possible, exception, of john andretti, it's not going to do him any good if he's out there running by himself and he gets lapped by this field, but he may be able to make the rest away but i'm like you mikey. If i need two seconds of fuel that's all i want don't worry about my tires hey guys. Let's talk a little bit about this outside, line it's starting to move now and you know who's heading it up one of those fords that qualified, right up front we talked about how important it was to have a fast truck the draft would be the equalizer. But if you put them out there, and you get behind one of those fast trucks with the draft, he's going to pull you along a little bit faster than the guys on the inside i believe did you see that he dropped back to the 23rd, position, and now he's got the lead back here was that question we posed earlier what do you do when you get past the inside, line do you hang the guys out that are behind you and that's exactly, what colin brown just did he moved to the inside line and he's hung out the guys in the second one self-preservation. He don't need those people you know you want to work with guys that you think you're going to need all day long. Right there jack's bragging to the wall hard

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