Nepali New Year trip to Hongkong!

Nepali New Year trip to Hongkong!

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Once, again. Hey. Guys so we're finally, going to Hong, Kong one. Of the most anticipated trips. For me in de guiche I'm, so, excited let's, see how this goes. Hello. Everyone. I mean they're worse. Happy new year. About, 18 years, I keep on the butt. And they will be me on. Going, to different dates. There. For me. My first country. Outside Nepal. Which I made my past. And Steve. India, was precisely good. Everybody want to live. So. This is the snacks provided, by an apparel, airline peanuts. Roasted. Salted. Peanuts. So, this is the starter. We have some chicken. Luke Malay. And this is the main course chicken. Rice and. Is. And. What, is your name. Yeah. Meet Angela. We. Have reached hongkong. Now, we're on our way to, hotel. Right. Yeah yeah. So, this is the hotel where we're staying. Park, Hotel. In, TST. Which. Is simple, so video. So. We are now in our hotel, room and we just got, a trip, for Thea, and, she. Loves, her new crib. Yet. Another. We. Are now super hungry and. We're trying to find a good restaurant. Was like the buffet, or a burger. But first. To go, change. Our dollars, and. Maybe. Maybe, not get a sim part. Nathan, Road, in. Tsim sha tsui. So. We decided, to come to Outback, Steakhouse. So I used to come to this restaurant when I was in America. But. It's been a while so, I'm pretty excited. To. Order and eat here and D as excited, because, she just got some crayons, and, I. Think essentia, is more excited. So. We've ordered, some, chicken, wings for myself. For. Us, and. Then the baby back ribs and, then. A burger. And. Pasta. For. Dia. Spicy. Chicken wings. And he, is, having her pasta. And. Here, is my back, ribs and. Burger. We. Just finished our dinner and now. We, are walking. We're walking in parkland. In, Hong Kong. Yeah. I. So. This was our first night, and we're, pretty tired. But, we. Ate so, much so, which is taking us true to. Digest, a little and we could. So. Happy, new year and I, were supposed to, the domina sub-regional, I, see. Yesterday was our New Year's Eve and. Guess. What we did we did nothing. Except. At, night. Because. We were all tired we reached hongkong around, 5:00. PM, Hong Kong time so. We just went out at. Our dinner and, then. Slept, but. Today we have some plans and we're, heading to Kowloon Park and. From. There we're gonna go, to. The peak. See. Odia. Here's, the. Okay. So we're, walking into Kowloon, Park right now one. Of the places, with. The most memories, for me growing up so. I'm so excited I, hope the end they each would love this place. Okay. So we're going into the children's, play area right now. When, I was younger I stupidly here and. This was the police that I miss the most when I came back to Nepal and I always wish there was a place like this in the path. The. Little Miss bi enjoyed, herself quite. A bit. I don't. Know, very many places in Kathmandu, to take her out so if. You guys have any recommendations, please comment below, where. We can go and have fun but this. Hey, yeah. So. Weird Calvin Park and they. Are enjoying herself so, much she. Doesn't want to leave the atom. Heaven. For, the. Judo, yeah. Yeah. Good, time you lieutenant, yeah. Yeah. No. So. They are absolutely, loves, animals, especially birds, so, I was quite excited to take our Annette she enjoyed it. We've, been enjoying the, boardwalk. At. Kowloon, Park and. The. Has, been playing, around. Well. At, the McDonald's. How, you do. These are from him. $1. About. Great but this is, $13. Yeah. Di. Is having, your first ice cream and. She loves it. This. Is Michael it's for this this Mangano standard. Gives me optimism. Like. I'm about to have the best ice cream in the whole wide world kind, of happiness. Isis. A jerk I to babysit. My. Brother, and my sister and now I have, a visit. Like. Okay. I could have just reached the side of the stroller handle and, I didn't have to walk backwards but, I. Just. Realized now how, after, becoming parents, so much of our travel plan the night no ease is, affected, by having, a baby, and it. Revolves, around. This to do right now. Because we have to go to center. Take the tram. Got to beat to, see how when. I try studying which, I said later, bye. So, you can see there's a huge line, in. Front of Gucci, store I, wonder. Why. The weekend, that's what. So. That's, Hong Kong on, the other side I didn't see personages in Turin which. Are that thought revision and. That's supposed to be humble. But. You can feel because of the fall. Right. Up into the sky. And. Now we're gonna take the Star Ferry. Which. You can see right there. And go to the other side. Okay. So, change, of plans, we, were supposed to go to the beach but just around, this time it, started, really quite, healthy and, we.

Didn't Want to take the risk of getting wet and maybe eventually getting, sick so we'll, just keep date for tomorrow. I've. In some place a, Chinese. Restaurant, very. Local. So. We need to take the. Food that we want this to water. And, we ordered, 1:02. Steam. Works, to my. We've. Ordered 1:06. Sweet, ciao steam complaining. We've ordered cucumber, with spiced oil garlic. Then. We ordered. Fried, noodle, we've ordered some rice. Some, water go. And. That's, it. Food. Is quite an integral. Part of our travels, we like to. Try. Out local, delicacies, we're not very experimental. But, we like food, I've. Traveled, to many countries and I've seen these lovely premium, brands everywhere, but. In Hong Kong all. These luxury, brands, but, dedicated just. For kids I thought it was amazing, it definitely, tells us a lot about this place it. Was kind of cool. We've. Come here for some baby food shopping. Via, just bought herself a, small, cheap. Suitcase. From. His side right. And. They've. Come here at, Pizza, Express, where. The is having, her. Pasta. And. We. Are waiting for our pizza, and. Most. Of the service here. About. 90%, are, from, Nepal. So, we just we already met like three. Servers. Who. Are from Nepal. I'm. Gonna palette is definitely, I'm like complimentary, chicken. Wings they are Latino voice. Thank. You. And finally. Our pizza, is here and, pizza looks good and. Our, final. Dessert. Is here. Ordered. By Anisha. And the I sleeping, she, was super, sleepy. Now. We're having breakfast. This. Is the, second Dior that's, our third. Day. Heidi. I'm ready. For breakfast. Yeah. So. Chunking mentioned is a place where most, Nepalese. Stay. And, have. Started their business from it's. Quite famous. And. Here. Is, Anisha and. The. So, now we are heading to the. Central. And from. There we're gonna take a tram and then. Go. To, the. Peak Victoria. Peak. The. Famous building, in town farms. We have reached a tram, station, man there is a big, line thank. You. To get in the champ. And. Tram, is here. And, per dinner we finally, here at Burger. King. Di. Lucca hello. M'kay, panic alchemy, and. Now, I'm. Given, you much. We. Came to the beach but. It. Is. Very. Windy and very cold. So. The ends and Isha I decided to stay inside, while. Since, it was my first time. So. I just came out to see if. I can see, the view of, Hong. Kong. But. I'm not sure since, it's extremely, foggy and, windy, and. Extremely. Bad weather. We. Are now. The tram station. Heading. Back. To our hotel. And there, is the tram I. Was. Really hoping for better, weather. But. Nonetheless this, tram, ride, was. Quite, an experience. And. Now we're, getting on to MTR. To. Go back to Kowloon. So. Now we're taking this red train, to shown, one line, and, we'll. Stop at, tsim-sha-tsui. I. Love. Look at the cities. And, tonight, is my last night, here in. We just. Clapping, you shopping. Hopping at, night, so. This is Hong, Kong at 10:00 p.m.. And, still. Did a lot of people a lot. Of traffic. It. Looks and. It feels amazing. To be walking around at night. So, on the last day, before, the Kish, was, leaving, back, for Nepal there. Was finally some good weather and we found the perfect spot, to, get. The perfect view of Hong Kong so. At least he didn't have to leave without. Seeing, the entire skyline. Properly. My. Dear. My dear. And finally, while going to the airport I saw the tallest, building, in this city. So, my trip to Hong Kong is finally. Over and I'm heading, back to Nepal alone. The. Ends and Isha I decided to. Stay. Back, for, a few days, because. This I'll be traveling soon again so. She, didn't want to stay. At home alone. She stay here with her. Fountain. Cousin. I'm heading to my gate now, it. Was a good chip short, but good a lot. Of good memories here. In Hong Kong. By, heading. To my gate now boarding. Anytime. Fine in, Nepal, Airlines.

Sagarmatha. Airbus. A320.

2019-04-30 02:20

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