new camera, cafe hopping, palaces, rainy days a week of my life in autumn in seoul, korea vlog

new camera, cafe hopping, palaces, rainy days  a week of my life in autumn in seoul, korea vlog

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This is already shaping up to be an interesting day. I'm going somewhere very high. I'm hoping to be at the top of a mountain soon. But I can take a bus halfway there and then I'm supposed to follow   a street or a trail - my map is very unclear. So  hopefully we get there.

The air quality is not excellent today So I don't know how good our  view is going to be but it's still beautiful.   And my plan is to basically just walk around and  see as much foliage as possible because it changed   so quickly overnight so I'm gonna focus on  navigating this giant hill. I brought out the   film camera today. Let's see what happens and catch you on the other side of this hill Oh hey, did you notice my cool phone case sitting  on the table while I went to get my bread?   Yeah. So this video is sponsored by none other  than Casetify, who has been housing my cute little   phones for years at this point. Casetify makes  a ton of amazing phone cases. They partner with   different designers but you can also super  customize them - I have some that have my name on it, I have a few that are designers. And they keep  your phone safe. Casetify uses something called  

Qitech 2.0 technology so their phone cases have up to  9.8ft dropping safety. Your phone will not break   and you can throw it from 9.8ft. I haven't  done that, but I've done something close and   my phones have always been safe. And the  cases are covered in antimicrobial coating   which keeps it germ free, kills off 99% of the germs.  Also Casetify's new impact and ultra impact cases  

are made of 65% recycled and plant-based material  which is wonderful. So you can go to to get 15% off of your order.  Definitely play around with all of the   customization - put your name on it, put  my name on it, do whatever you want to.   Casetify, thank you so much, I have been using  you non-sponsored for years so the fact that   we're working together now I'm so happy and my  phone is so happy. And let's get back to the cafe! What a gorgeous spot! So that was a book cafe up  here on Inwangsan. As you saw, air quality -  

not so good today. But if you wait a little bit,  it usually burns off like in the afternoon.   So I'm here at around like 10:30 and it's just  clearing up - like you can see the outline of clouds   which is a good sign. But we have things to do,  moving on. There's a little library up here that   is in a hanok - I don't know, it just looks really  beautiful so since we're up here we're gonna stop   in there and then make our way down back into the  center of Seoul and find ourselves some trees. Okay first off - gorgeous library. There  aren't like books to check out but   beautiful building. Also there's a huge group of  preschoolers back there and I just appreciate that  

pretty much every culture uses the tactic of like  "bye guys I'm leaving" - like abandoning the children ,  as a means of getting them to move. Like they  just all wanted to keep playing so all of the   korean teachers were just like like "bye we're  leaving" and then all the kids were suddenly   like ah!!! It's great. I love that it's a human race  shared thing that we just threatened to abandon   our children in order to get them to listen. Yeah,  still walking down the mountain Looks like Squid Game Yeah I'll see at the bottom, at  the middle? I don't know. See you! So I have decided to make this a day of following  my heart. don't know, I'm just kind of walking  

and then if I'm like "I should go in" I  do. And so I ended up in Deoksu Palace which   one of my favorites. It's a dollar  to get in here, and it's beautiful. So we're gonna walk around, there's a little  tea shop I might sit down. It is so hot - I had this   conversation with myself that when I was thinking  of what I was gonna wear I was like "you're gonna   be fine in a cardigan" and then the last second  "no you need a jacket!" and look at, look at me.

Carrying my jacket, as usual. So yeah let's look at  the leaves, let's get some tea, what a beautiful day. Mistakes have been made. So this area is actually  quite busy with like office workers and it is   lunchtime and it is packed. Like I have not  seen Seoul this crowded in a very long time. I'm a little overwhelmed, but maybe we're  gonna get lunch. I - at this point I'm not sure  

now because everybody's got lunch on their mind. But it's beautiful, so let's just keep walking. Hi there! Slight change of scenery - we are back  on the Gangnam side of the river and I'm gonna   sit in a cafe or something. I'm so tired. I  didn't sleep at all last night and that curry   just like getting something warm in my stomach  knocked me out. So I'm gonna try and stay outside   in beautiful weather for as long as  possible. I'm gonna check if Milestone  

has any seats and if not we'll go to  Bonarte, and just read get some vitamin d   etc and then slowly head home. So let's  go see what the seating situation is like. Hello, I'm back and the coffee did nothing to wake  me up. But I wanted to share some vintage finds   that I got. So I got this off of ebay actually. It is a ralph lauren - ralph lauren sweater? It's  

actually a kids - it's ralph- I think it's like polo  jeans technically, it's the cheaper version and   it fits perfectly. It's kind of tucked in but  I'm very excited. I want to wear this ironically.   I find that American flags are obnoxious but if you  wear them knowing that they're obnoxious I feel   like it's okay so yeah there's that and then  outfit change, one second. And top of the morning   to yah - I got this made in ireland giant sweater at Aland. They have a vintage section   on the third floor, the one in Garosugil. It's got  a - it's got a little hole but that's easy to patch.

And yeah so as if I needed another sweater  but here we are. So I'm going to honestly just   take a shower and then take a nap, maybe opposite  orders, I don't know. So yeah I will see you guys   when I see you. Hope you're doing well, okay bye. This is so strange - hello friends from this tiny tiny camera! My dear friend Susan, who I met  up with yesterday, she is leaving Korea and she   was like "you know, I got this camera for the  trip, I never used it, would you like it?" Uh-hum!! So she gifted this to me! I am overwhelmed! It seems really fun, it's like a gimbal so it's   really steady and like can track you - I don't  know, I was playing around with it last night so we'll see. I'm gonna bring this along, I'm gonna  do most - like I think probably just my phone and  

then this so let me know what you think about it  and we are going across town to meet up with Kieun.   We're gonna get coffee, some snacks, and  we're gonna go to this one place that   allegedly has really good trees. I went there a  couple weeks ago and scoped it out and it looks   beautiful so hopefully the the leaves are all  like ready. And the air quality is abysmal,

it's gross out and yesterday it was also pretty  bad so my throat already hurts, my skin is breaking   out. So who knows how long we're gonna stay  outside, who knows how long my throat can last, but yeah we're going - I'm cosplaying  as an Irish fisherman. I've got my   ridicul- I've got my claddagh thing that I  got from my grandma, I got my welcome sign -  we're irish in this household. So anyway I have to  go catch the bus. We're going to head over to Hyehwa,   and I will see you and Kieun there - okay, bye! Hello! So filming with Kieun was a bust because I  hadn't seen her in a very long time so we just   ate and talked and took pictures with the leaves. Today I'm meeting up with Ashleigh - I'm a little   early. She will hopefully force me to vlog. Blame  it all on her if I don't. We're gonna walk around   the - I don't know, this area? Originally we were gonna go to the secret garden at Changdeok palace because in autumn it's beautiful, but the tickets are all  sold out. We're going to just follow the trees. 

So see you there! Hello hello hello! We're getting  yogurt bowls. This is Ashleigh, you know her! Let's go! See it like doesn't turn when I want it to... There she goes! Did we get it? Why do I look crazy? I love it. Let me test the selfie mode - hello~  this is selfie mode on my weird little camera  :) We're in Changgyeong Palace because the secret  garden was sold out, but it's beautiful regardless. The cutest thing I've ever seen - oh no I'm  doing behind me - these guys, I love them.

Is it old? All of a sudden we're all like wahh?   300 years old?! Damn! Wow. Everyone's  so impressed. Looking good. Oh my god! Oh my god. She's so pretty. What the heck, this is unreal! He probably sees us fangirling over her Wow. 이쁘다!! (You're pretty!) We're back! If you watch my book channel, you  know this place, but if not - you're missing out.

It's so creamy Oh look at the birds! did you see that?! Hello there - what did we do? We went to  Mudone, we waited in a very long line to   take photos but it was worth it.  The people watching was fantastic.   Lots of great poses, people know what  to do in Korea. And now we're in Daehakro.   With this beautiful view. We're sitting outside. We just don't want to go home  so we got tea - what did you get? I got tea, I got peach tea. Okay then we did both get tea. And now  we're just gonna drink so bye! Head comparison. Jasmine yuja tea, I'm very excited.

Hello everyone. Looking a little  messy today. I hope you can hear me. I decided to go for a walk when  I thought that it wasn't raining.   It did not pass, it is sporadically raining  as I go for my walk. It's fine. This is kind of

sadly the end of autumn. I mean,  all of the leaves are coming off -   the rain was quite hard this morning so it  really - and last night - so it really kind of   took a lot of autumn color with it. So I'm glad  that this weekend I really got out there and got   to see a lot and share it with you. My hand  is freezing as I hold my phone so I'm going to   try and wrap this up but thank you so much  for joining me, I hope that you guys, if you're   living in autumn areas, got to enjoy a lot too.  Thank you again to Casetify for sponsoring this. Once again, so you can get  15% off. I would show you my case, but I'm using it.

Yeah like I said, I've used them for a very  long time on multiple different phones - they're   legit. So yeah I'm going to - there's like one orange  one hanging on - I'm gonna continue my walk, try   not to slip the leaves. The wet leaves are making  everything really slippery so I'm trying to   survive the day. But yeah I will catch you  guys next time. Maybe don't purchase any skin   care in the next week - maybe wait a  week...oh it's starting to rain again

I'll talk about it next week but I  got a little something coming your   way when it comes to skin care so yeah I got -  I gotta get out of this. I'm listening to my   moody classical music [playlist] where I'm  walking - feel like I'm walking through a storm   and I'm following the mysterious student on campus  through the woods, you know, that kind of thing. So   I don't know if you can even hear me - I'm gonna go! Bye!

2021-11-17 15:12

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