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New Cruise Ship Trends Skip-Gen Cruising Boomerang Back to Back Digital Nomad Cruising

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Okay. Well I think we're live hey everybody, how you doing welcome it's Bruce here with traveling with Bruce how's it going today don't. Mind me while I make my last-minute adjustments, to my camera, here and get all set up how, are you welcome to Saturday, it's Saturday, yeah. Just. Turn the volume off on my smartphone so I don't get interrupted I think you're watching a commercial right now while I'm starting this off little. Tape delay here, welcome. To February, the 10th 2018. It's Bruce with traveling with Bruce I'm in Creston, BC, here, in Canada, three miles north of the Idaho, border beautiful. Sunny day here today it looks great but it's cold it's, deceptive. We're. About 25 degrees here and. We, were down to about 15, overnight yeah we got cool but, I think we might make 28, or 29 degrees, and that's gonna be about it even though the Sun is out and it, looks gorgeous. We've. Got a bit of a cold front in here and curious, if anyone's joining me from Spokane. Or other areas how are you guys doing did you guys get that cold front too or are you still in that Pacific. Air because a few days ago we were at 55, I've. Kind of like got like Seattle in Vancouver it was great but, it didn't last it got blown out of here by that terrible, winter vortex, that's just hitting the rest of the plains. Of the US and Canada and all the way to the east and all. My friends in Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and, Ontario, are. All getting hit, New Jersey and Philly all it's cold so that's, I will say let's go on today say, hi if you're new to this, broadcast. If you never seen this before you've. Not made a mistake you're, it's true there's a guy here with very little hair on the top of his head who, I don't know why I bother even trying to do anything with it there's. Nothing to worry about I mean it's nothing there but anyway. It's Bruce with traveling with Bruce I love talking about going on trips and traveling, I love talking about true ship's crew, ship vacations. Trends. New things going on in the cruise game deals. You can find I love, talking to my viewers about you. Know ideas, and tips advice. Especially, for new cruisers I get a lot of folks, who watch my channel that. Have never taken a cruise before or or have. Been thinking about doing a cruise for years. And, finally gonna take the plunger or thinking of taking the plunge they, want to get some ideas not and and information. And. If they can find it you know from one source though, they love it and what's happening here is I do these daily live. Streams from. Monday to Friday at five o'clock Eastern and Saturdays. At two o'clock Eastern, and we. I find that most people want to talk to me about cruise ship vacation sign I'm happy to talk about Airlines, and air fares and traveling, around the world but comes, back to cruising baby at all cuz after to see and why, not who doesn't love to cruise once you've done your hook and. It's. Just great everyday I'm on the air for an hour hour and a half at all depends on how many folks are participating, it's, an open Q&A you can ask me anything you want about cruising anytime you want if. I'm going, on a tangent we're, talking about what's not one thing and a customer or viewer says hey how about what. About this what do you think of that well then we'll just shift right over there and let's talk about something, else so, it's. An easygoing show it's light it's fun and I, have a regular cast of characters that sort of kind of join me every day and they sort of turn over some. Watch two or three days a week some watch all six days, it's, fantastic, and we have a lot of fun and, it's. Pretty good so welcome my channel is gonna be six months old I think tomorrow last.

Night, I broke, into the. 80,000, view number, I broke 80 thousand, views for my channel I put. Up a hundred thirty odd videos so far so you can do the math pretty quick I don't have any viral. Videos, I don't have pretty kittens running, around the house and I film all day long it's not that kind of channel, mark, much more informative, and engaging with, the viewer so. It's growing and growing steadily, I. Was. Just thinking of looking at my stats and I noticed in. The last 28 days, half, of all my views 40,000. Have come in the last 28 days so, for the first, hundred. And what, would that be hundred and fifty two days or under forty two hundred fifty two days I did forty thousand views and in the last twenty eight I did another forty thousand so the channel is really, coming on this, last four weeks and my, subscriber, count just, keeps growing and growing I, was, at a hundred subscribers in, December I was that 200, at the beginning of January. By. The end of January I I was just getting into the 500, range and right. At this minute the last time, I looked 698. Just about hit 700, today I think will be sometime this afternoon might even be while. We're talking now any, what do you know that you think would like this channel you tell them hey you could be number 700, this could be it you could be number 700, that. Would be great and. Sites. That I have set right now for my channel is 1000, I need 300 more subscribers, I gotta. Get to a thousand, by Feb 20 I got ten eleven days to do it hopefully, we'll make it, the. Views are telling me we will but we'll have to see if the subscriber count can keep up if. We hit a thousand, subscribers by, Feb 20, my. Channel doesn't change on YouTube at all I'll. Still be a monetized Channel all will be well and, we'll. Press ahead so we'll see how it goes I've. Got let's. See here number. Of people have signed in I was just looking at my channel and it looks like there's a real long commercial running at the beginning of my channel you, folks don't have to watch all of that but, anyway let's, see who's here um Kathy. Butler's here she's saying hi Bruce 85 degrees in Orlando she's she's, breaking my heart already, 85. Welcome, Kathy it's great to have you here I've already texted, you back you're. One of my one of my best, supporters. I'm just so proud of you you've, just you retweet, my tweets and you, tell the world out there there's this guy Bruce and he's got a great channel you should watch this guy you should subscribe to this guy Kathy, you're wonderful, and, they're. Just done enough of you you're. Wonderful and thank you so much for all your help and. I know your will keeping close tabs on our subscriber, count it's awesome. Betsy, is here from Hamilton, Ontario hidin, Betsy it's minus four in Hamilton she said and.

It's Snowing too she adds and Heather Young is here she's here from Kentucky Heather how you doing are you brand new I don't know if I had, you here before if, you're brand new welcome to the channel traveling with Bruce it's great to have you here tell, me what's your what's your temperature, gonna be today how warm you getting that's a recent McFarland is here today she's saying good afternoon it's nine below in Waterloo Ontario still, snowing but, but Theresa, you've, been here all week and you've been telling me it was minus 12 minus 14 minus 11, you're under minus 10 you, brought you down to single digits still. Don't feel cold isn't it just terrible it's, winter what are we gonna do. Sherman. Is here sure Mercer 70° hey to insure man welcome back up William. Martin is here Loveland, Colorado 18. Degrees and snowing by William here in Loveland Colorado it's, beautiful isn't it beautiful, Loveland. Colorado fantastic. Thanks for coming by. It's cool though yeah it's winter um, let's. See here it. Says you're try visiting is here is is a new subscriber it's called tribe visiting so happy to catch you live streaming welcome. To the channel, nice to have you on board. We're you watching me from and what's your high temperature than it be today let us know welcome, to the welcome to the clan Heather, Young is saying that can't. Get live stream to work she's having trouble getting it to work let me take a look at my screen to see if it's running I see it on one of my computer's I see, it on another I, would, just say you know you. Know get out and then just try to get back in and see if you can come in and join me again but it looks pretty good here in my end I've got it onto two. Feeds and it looks like it's going here hopefully, it's just temporary for you. What. We got here camera guys here hey camera guy 24, degrees and more snow here in Michigan yeah camera, guy it it's yeah. You, get snow in Michigan there's no doubt about that we all know how much snow Michigan, gets it done. Sherman, Mercer saying. Rain. And I'm, editing, this service it's rain in England in Texas and we're. 18 days and in, 20 he's, saying to me he's 18, days and 22 hours from a cruise on the Carnival Valor it's not like Sherman is keeping track of the, minutes, no. He's just keeping track of the hours it's. Good it's good 18. Days 22 hours and when we're finished today it'll be when, I get off the air will be 21 hours so there you go I'm getting you that much closer to your cruise pal that's fantastic, and I'm, waiting to hear from you when you get back from it tell me how it went and if you enjoyed it how did it go camera. Guy know video feed FYI, oh my goodness, I still. Have video feed on my cell phone I've got a video feed on my on, my, page. Gee, whiz I don't know what to say if, you, uh you. Know try, to log, out log in let me know how it goes then I'm quite curious Monica, of Warburg is here hi Bruce Monica, from Liverpool, UK, here Monica how, you my, daughter's, name is Monica I love the name Monica, how are you well, done on growing your channel so quickly love your enthusiasm 40. Degrees is gonna be the maximum temperature here so a little warmer than you yes you are and you're. In the here the hometown of the Beatles isn't it fantastic way to go welcome so much thanks for coming I've, got a bunch of UK, a Watchers. Center coming along here it's fantastic. You. Guys are our fanatical, cruisers and why not you're surrounded by water. It's. Great to have you this fantastic this. The steaming beam, saying, hello from northern Saskatchewan. Steamer. You're new you're a first-timer I don't think you've been here before I am I right welcome buddy tell, me what's your town and what's your high temp today welcome, welcome, to the channel this is great Heather young it's not working, Theresa McFarland, video is working for me camera. Guy good now okay.

Heather You, got a you got a maybe shut off your computer turn, on your computer join. Me back and, I don't. Change. Anything from here I'm come. Who. Else is here. Oh Cathy. Saying oh thanks, Cathy Sherman, you must be getting excited and, Cathy say no interruption so far great stream all good with Cathy streaming. Bean yeah you broke up. 77. TP the steaming you broke 700 subs oh I broke 700. Fantastic. That's awesome, Elizabeth, thing like it or not I'm back. Okay. Here we go. Jay sonic from Montreal is here hey bro see San and the steaming bean minus, 20, here in Sandy, Bay Saskatchewan. Are you north of Prince. Albert Park are you know the Prince Albert in general are you in that area kind, of curious I've been as far up as Prince, Albert or, is it yeah is that right the Prince Albert Park uh as. Many many many years ago that's why my memory is so sure say d crash, 3x, just said hi she's my number one how, are you crash reacts Ottawa Ontario how you doing today. Crash, 3x just see folks know was. The first person, ever, to see me do a livestream live, I was about 3 out weeks ago and I, tried a little beta test to see if I could make this work and I couldn't get the messages to but she, was saying hi Bruce I see how you doing and my wife was on another Channel she saw it and, she said there's someone saying hi to you from Ottawa and it, was crashed three eggs and the. Next day I tried it again or two days later I did unless him and ever, since we've been we've been chatting back and forth and crash, has been joining us ever since despite the technical difficulties. Fantastic, great, to have you guys all here. Another. Good crowd the, channels building. Every day the live stream seems to be building every day I get these statistics. From YouTube that'll. Tell me how many folks watched. You. Know how many telecast even knew how many folks were watching during the stream it'll it'll sort of show what the count actually is it fluctuates, you know and when. I was first starting them out I had like 15 12. 15 20 people at a time with sort of usually. That's where it would hover between 12 and 15 people during the telecast and then, what I get, off and I'd read I make. A thumbnail for the video and. Title, it and it would be posted on my channel, just like a regular video so, you all know you can watch these replays. And. Then. I would see the statistics and it would say yeah, you had, you. Know 38 viewers, for the whole time, or, 40 or so and and. Then you had about 32, comments, from, your people, and, then. It would become a regular video and and for the first week I wouldn't even hit a hundred bit hundred views because nobody, knew who I was nobody knew I was doing this, there's. No advertising budget for this is just growing organically, well now the, last one I saw it's like three days ago now it's. Telling me I have up usually. 30 30, to 40 people watching, at a time just fluctuates now between 30 and 40 I get. Off the air and edit, the video and get it on and it says you've, already had a hundred, and ten views and then. Within. 24 hours I miss 250. On I've had one video that got to 20.

2600. Views in a week I was, a good time I think we were chucking m/sec side. And. All the nightmares about, the msec side and all, the views are coming in on that one and we've done a couple of video, sense to kind of update people about it which is you know what we do we tell you the good the bad the everything else and that you deserve to know what's going on out there I'm curious and some. Of the time it's my viewers that tell me what's happening or what they and other times I find out and then we sort of compare notes so, pretty. Good stuff so welcome everybody welcome one, and all, just, check in here on any other comments. Oh the streaming, bean is telling me he's five hours drive north of Prince Albert oh man are you up there that, is up there, as. Swann, is here takes saying 51 degrees dense fog in Greensboro, North Carolina. Carolina. Sylvia's the name I still be a hiya doin, I must. I'm not sure if you're new I thought. You may have been here before but welcome. Back if you okay we're here before it if it's your first time here welcome, to the welcome. To the live chat live streaming here with traveling, with Bruce crash, your ex is saying my son just took me out for brunch, loved that quality, time oh yeah yeah, you bet in that great that's fantastic. Jay, said Oh Jay sonic is telling me a same randon right now it's 19 Fahrenheit with, a windchill of 12, and there's, there's, a smog, and freezing, rain warning, over here today what's going on I won't show you all geez Jason, Jay Sonic that's crazy, crazy weather but Montreal, it's cold it's winter what are you gonna do your, your crew season in Montreal starts May, June that's when the cruise ships will come back and they'll. Do that seasonal work, from you there he's. Also saying there was a group that was that. Was the sea cruisers, and was on msec side, oh it was what the sea cruisers, was on ABC set yeah, that's right that that's right there's a there's, an YouTube. Channel called I believe it's called seas cruisers and it's, a mother-daughter I believe and I've.

Seen A couple of videos and they, were on that ship yeah and. One. Of the I think the mother today there's a little, update video I, think. What they do is they go on the cruise and then, Huntington to meet and greet with some of their followers, they, they did the cruise and they filmed and now they've been releasing videos, you know every, day another one that type of thing which is typically how you do it if you're if you're doing sort of a tape delay thing and then. They also she. Also on her own just popped, in a video on like I was, right right after the first day's bit, like they did the first day when they got to the ship and then. Before this the next 24, hours came by she popped in a video live or like a you know same-day video, and she, was talking about the smell on this on the on the ship the poop smell and it was just awful and she could everywhere, but. In the videos I haven't noticed her specifically. Talking but I don't watch each, one, of her videos because they're quite long and I have, so much work to do I just can't do it but. But. Yeah. She mentioned the the smell to not not great, so, yeah that group was there and I know, there I'm, sure they're done their crews already and and we'll see the last of her videos on that cruise in the next few days, who. Else is here. Oh a, streaming. Beam has asked me what's my next cruise I. Haven't gotten one picked out yet to be honest but I think with all the work I'm doing now, with this channel, getting it up and right I've given myself a year to do this, work for, YouTube so, it'll, be in the fall and. I'm. Kind of watching for you know what what's available and I'm thinking. Strongly, about. A meet and greet cruise and when. I know you'll, know and we'll. Go from there but right now I'm my, number one fork with focus is feb 20. 2016. 1. I know you'll, be the first to know and we'll. Go from there. Karen lip care Lipschitz here from Calgary and it's, been terrible there -, 15 today below Celsius windchill. But, we have sunshine and same thing here Karen it's beautiful, sunny day here. Unfortunately. Well fortunately, for us it's only both - two Celsius, so below 25 Fahrenheit or you, guys are you know close to five or so fair night not nice, Jason, is saying I am subscribed to them yeah very good JSON, you follow her she's, done a lot of cruises you'll learn a lot about a low cruising from her but. She does a lot of sort of point of view stuff and she, carries the camera around and something you have to kind of be into it but hey it's okay. Steaming, bean says see cruises are worth watching and should, take a lot of flowers so they got was. It thirty or fifty thousand. It's a good number that's they've been doing it a long time, so they, know other stuff. Jay. Sonic is saying the smell I I'm hoping they've cleaned it up since your last update I don't know Jason what we'll find out Jay Sonic Cathy.

Saying I watched them to see cruisers they, have people above decks seven on the Seas Kruse and that. Had no poop smell and the, odd cup put, a passenger yacht-club, passenger. Had a much better experience and that's there, at the top yeah and and they were definitely away, from it so I think the lower decks were was worse for for. The msec. Side ship. Steamy, beam telling me out of northern Saskatchewan he's saying I am headed to Bermuda, this July aboard the escape right, on that'll. Be a great it'll be a great cruise man he'll be fantastic, Jay sonic is saying Dec 7 call the decks below perhaps, the worst steamy. Mean hope to get the vibe on. Northern. On Norwegian. Cruise Line right, on. Well. Well said I'm gonna. Get to that I want to kind of bring a couple of things up today the first thing I'm gonna bring up today and Bermuda, you mentioned Bermuda I'm gonna mention Bermuda just in passing here just. Quickly I read this morning that the government, of Bermuda passed, the well. They call it a revised, law. They've. Made a few folks angry they've reversed. Same-sex, marriages in Bermuda, through. The government the Supreme Court for me to last year approved. It and. Same-sex. Marriages, were allowed and now. The, government itself has passed, a new law. Outlawing. It and. They're saying they're protecting. Regular. Marriages so whatever. Well. There's. A problem. Government. Can do whatever it wants of course, elected. By the people and. Maybe and maybe the court will you, know maybe the court reverses again maybe not I don't know but, here's the problem in Bermuda, this is gonna be we're, gonna hear about this maybe in, the Cruz community, we're definitely hearing about it already it just instantly, hit the wires the. LGBT. Community is, not. Happy and. Carnival. Owns Cunard. Lines carnival. Owns princess, carnival. Owns Holland, America Carnival, on Seabourn. Carnival. Has carnival of court but. In the princess, line the. Cunard, Line and, some of the carnival ships they, they're. All flagged, or they're registered, as bermuda, registry. Ships, now. What that means is. You. Get the advantages, of registering. Your ship, for in a country you, get advantages. Of labour laws and, and, low. Taxes, of any. Smaller. Lower fees and that kind of thing but you also have to adhere to the, country's laws even on the high seas and all, of a sudden overnight. Canard, and princess, can no longer marry same-sex, couples. At sea through marriage, ceremonies and. Like. It or not this is big business and. The. Other thing to understand is. The. LGBT, community in. The United States for an example just just the u.s. as an example 80%. Of, all, LGBT, people. Have, passports, they. Travel a lot no, kids generally speaking very, few children at this point. High. Incomes, lots, of disposable, income lots, of travel the, regular, the the the majority, of. American. Travelers 40%. Passport. Holding. Rate so, the LGBT. Community has twice as many of their members that actually hold passports, and go, and spend, and the, LGBT, community spends. 165. Billion, dollars a year on travel, it's. Study. It's, a stunning number. Bermuda. Has. 491. Million dollars a year I'm just looking my notes, 491. Million dollars sorry, 431, 431, million a year of tourism, spending and. The. Experts, are saying this could cost them this could really cost me because a lot of. LGBT. People travel. Everywhere and Bermuda, is one of the places they like to go, but. If they do. A little you know we're not going now we're not going on that we're, not if that ships going to that country we're not we're not interested that, could cost carnival, dearly because. Princess, Cruises and and Cunard, may, have a bunch of cancellations, coming up and I'm certain that weddings, are being canceled right now weddings, are being shifted to other cruise lines over. The next week because this is not gonna go away in seven days there's gonna be around a while if it ever gets reversed it might take a year who, knows two years never, don't, know but, this, just broke this morning and I caught that I thought oh boy if, there's a if, there's a trend afoot to make you know to do this if other Jers too start to do this, there. Could be a backlash and it's, a silent, quiet. You. Don't see people in the streets with black cards, it's just the silent, the wallets kept in the pocket and we're.

Not Going there now some folks are going oh good they're not coming yay but. Let me tell you there's nothing wrong with these folks they're, wonderful. People they. Are, fantastic. Tourists. And and. Good. For business and I'll tell you this could be very. Costly for Bermuda, and. They have no idea they maybe, have ignored it or they but for political reasons are just you. Know well, you know that's just the way we are and that's the way it's gonna be but, little you seem to watch the fallout from this this could be a bit of a cascading, thing so anyway. Bryden bring it up it's it's the good the sad the in-between, and everything else and I just thought I'd mention this I, saw that, this. Could be something another, cruise line called piano is also owned by, Carnival. Out of Britain, of the UK and. They too now. Won't be able to perform same-sex marriages, so. Even if the ship is in you, know it's in Asia it's, on it's on the Pacific Ocean somewhere it. Can't perform say sex same-sex marriage if you're registered, with a Bermuda flag on the ship so I'll. Be in situ see how many cruise lines start to deregister. Out of Bermuda and register, elsewhere, maybe the Bahamas or you. Know other countries around the world or. Makes. No difference I don't know some. Of the cruise experts are saying that the business is growing so quickly and the cruise is so cruising is so popular becoming so popular that, this year another two and a half million people are going to be on cruises, and so. It. Won't have ad it won't make a dent in it. I don't, know we'll. Have to see how this all kind of shakes out but anyway I saw that today and I thought that was worthy. Of a mention and, and, I thought I'd mentioned it to you now let's see it so messages are going through here let's see if I'm. Everyone. Is talking and talking and talking. Elizabeth, Breen said I'm not crazy about three, three. Cruisers anymore, not being negative but they don't cruise, the way I like to watch I like the organization and the things to do okay. Pamela. Gern good afternoon everyone hi Pamela how are you a streaming Beene saying vibe is like a private beach club. Yeah, is the vibe in is. That it in the Bahamas Jimmy bean I'm curious Kay. Butler is saying yes, Elizabeth. It, really has gone downhill J, sonic afternoon, Pamela Charles. Jordans here hi Bruce hey Charles how are you Pamela Jordan hi Jake J, sonic is saying how are you Jay sonic how and, how are all of you at the Hat Pamela. Jordan fine and you and one say hi everybody. Let's, see Jay sonic I slept with the end, of a head cold okay, Kathy is saying Kathy mother oh no are they gonna have to leave Bermuda, the protesting, will be bad you'll see. Let's. See steaming bean very disappointed, hear about Bermudez reversal, Jay sonic anyway, BRB will be will be so listening that steaming. Beam is saying to, make it as, a country, has a horrible track record for gay rights and, then, Cathy is saying wow you would think carnival would have some pole with the politicians, giving, being vibe is on NCL, ships okay. Yeah, the Chris lines you know they're they don't equivocal, why why would they you, know you you want to be you want everyone to love you you, don't want to offend anyone so you got to be very neutral X which alone you gotta kind of be neutral but, sometimes, you get caught in it and this is what's happened with the carnival, you. Got this flag of convenience which.

Is Bermuda and all, of a sudden Bruna pulls this little, stunt and, you. Know might be a minority of population. But they put, the majority of the donations, to certain politicians, and Allah. Gets fast surprise well. It'll, be you seem to see how it all kind of you know comes out at the end but. I. Don't, think Bermuda cares starts, the government brainer goes I don't think they care if it's. Inconvenience, in carnival they're looking at a domestic political issue, and that's, how they're dealing with it, now. Is that going to fly very long, I don't know when does the next election berm you know what's, the opposition, parties thinking, on this I don't, know but this. Is gonna gonna, be an interesting sort of ripple effect us to see how this all goes I'm sure the cruise lines will try to kind of be really calm about it and they'll, they'll delicious, their standard PR press, release you know about we, support all people and, you know we respect government's, rights to do that but. They don't want to make they want you. Know say an opinion they do anything they'll do it quietly they'll quietly, deregister. A ship from one jurisdiction and, registered, with another may not even announce it they might just you know the fly the flags of convenience are, changing. Quietly and we're same-sex. Marriages are back I don't know we'll have to see how this plays up anyway that was one piece of news today that came out that I caught but. Today I wanted, to mention a couple of things new. Trends, in cruising. Things. Are happening as we know in the cruising game at light speed same with the airlines same, with travel and life in it you know life itself I mean look, at this week that we just had we, watched I would, you thought wait as I'm 62 a lot, of you are my, age or older, but. At my age I was, a teenager, 15. When man landed on, the moon and that I thought, was, unbelievable. Two years earlier man circled, the moon and came back didn't land but certainly, that was unbelievable. And, here. We are this week watching a rocket take off from Port, Canaveral uh, go. Up into space with, the Tesla at a car. But. The neat thing of it was those. Two outer, Rockets, the, first stage they let go and they, turned around they come back and they, come back down to, Port Canaveral just before they crash the, engines turn on and they land, right. Down at Port, Canaveral. A mile. From where they took off from would, you ever thought you've seen something like that in your lifetime III just, stunned, by that I'm, thrilled. By it I know they've been doing this for a while with their with their single stage Rockets now they're doing those two stage unfortunately. The main stage they tried to land it on a barge at sea didn't work. But. It was a test flight that's what test flights are for but, Wow technology. Has changed and, it's incredible, so now everything. Else as we know is changing faster than we can imagine and on. The cruise game things, are evolving, as well, I mentioned, yesterday the. New term that I heard called, skip, gen, cruising. I love that term skip. Gen, cruising. What. Is it it's when Grandma and Grandpa take, the grandkids or a crew and leave mum and dad behind and I. Read, about that and I thought about that and then I read some more this morning I'm talking. About two, grouse they're, two grandmas, the grandpa's are either too old or feeble or have died and so. The grandma from the mom's side grandma, from the dad side took, the four grandchildren, all four, of them on a cruise, and, spent. Quality time with the kids now is that that's, brilliant, absolutely brain the cruise lines are telling it telling us that this is a an up, and coming thing it's quite, popular, travel. Agencies are saying oh yeah our phone is ringing we're getting cost we're, getting calls from the parents we're, getting calls from the grandparents, who are asking, you, know what can you do if, we take two, children with us on same. Norwegian. You know they've got a promotion going on where they say you. Know the, two people in the cabin pay regular, fare or whatever the fare is and then, the kids can go free that will that apply for grandkids or is it just natural children, and so, this is this, is big stuff and so if you only have to pay the taxes and fees you, know taxes and port charges for, the children and you. Get a balcony suite, you got there's plenty, of room for all four of you in there if this if it's for if, you're gonna have more than four well then depending, on the size of the party, that's going into what you decide there's the size of the room whether you're gonna have two rooms or adjoining, rooms you.

Know Grandma in one room grandma in the other room and then two kids and this one the two kids in this one I don't know but, the possibilities, are absolutely endless and I was. Mentioning yesterday that I can't. Think of a better way for grandchildren. To bond with grandparents, for, an extended period of time in a, fantastic. Setting for, the grandparents, I think it's it's a peace. Of mind I mean they're on the ship where are they gonna go, let. Them let them in the kids club drop them off at the water park and if. You're young enough join them otherwise let them go crazy you hang out at the pool they'll come talk to you every 10 minutes and say how much fun they're having and. Then every you know every breakfast, lunch and dinner you're spending quality time with these children and whether they you know get them all four together or, you know one at a time two at a time I mean there's quality time here for grandparents. To spend with these kids that they generally don't maybe not see so often especially if you live out of town. Of course the other snare I brought up yesterday was, well you know what if the parents, are divorced, you. Know he got mom with single, mom with the two kids and dad paying support, or not or. You know the sharing custody back, and forth and the. Parents the. Parents can't. Possibly, afford a cruise or four you know themselves and the kids, it's. Just you know out of out of the price range at this point time mom mom and dad can you know grandma grandpa can and so grandma. Grandpa may have had visitation, issues because they can see the children when they're with the dad or, they can see the children when they're just with the mom and, there's. Tension in the whole thing while gee you know so if you can work out an arrangement where, the grandparents, can. Go on a cruise and, get and have the grandkids join them for a week or whatever the length of the cruise is. It. Gives a break to mom gives a break to dad if, they're saying if they're no longer together but. If they're still happily, married it gives a break to mom and dad and, I, could see mom and dad going let's. Go to Vegas like, kids are gone let's go to Vegas for four nights we'll, be back, and we won't tell them. You. Know you travel you travel with the kids down to say Miami drop, them off with grandma grandpa at the hotel have a great time kids and then mom and dad go on a cruise another ship another, itinerary, and they're on their own for a week and they're having a good time and grandma. Grandpa I having a wonderful time the kids are having a wonderful time the week is over everyone, meets and we'll meet you back at the hotel when the cruises are over how about that though, I think this is a thing. We're gonna hear a lot about this I think this is an excellent, way to go that's just one of the new things that's happening out there just. Double checking here on messages. Here. Let's. Go here. Gaby, Butler is saying whenever, you think you see a UFO here, in Orlando you have to remember it's SpaceX, with their rockets laugh out loud, Kathy, also goes on to say you can see NASA's launch pad from your ship at Port Canaveral, yep that's right Karen, Lipson is saying is SpaceX, at 100%, private company I yeah. I think it is it's. Elon. Musk, owns. A good chunk of the company I'm not sure if it's actually part of Tesla. Now. As part of the public company or not I'm not a hundred percent sure on that the, streaming bean is saying I wish I had a grandparent. Fortunately. J, Sonic is. Saying I'm, back I'm just hoping that my dad wants to go on a cruise I mean yes it is the you. Know all of what the nightmares a certain passengers head on cruises like the triumph you. Know the. Odds of you having a bad cruise are low anyway, the, odds of you having a terrible cruise, are really low, the. Odds of you catching the norovirus are. Extremely. Low no matter what's here about the media and all the stories in the media don't don't fall for this stuff it's sensationalized. Broadcasting. It's great for the ratings and there's, nothing, fancier, more fun for a reporter, that for microphone in his hand and see, people coming off a cruise ship you know once a year in his hometown or, you know first time in five years he can talk to passengers who are unhappy about a cruise and they, can talk to him how sick they feel it's.

It's A it's a sensationalized, thing it does happen and there, are common-sense ways to not get sick on the cruise ship so, Jake. Just go just just go, do, it and yeah. I dare you to have a bad cruise I you're. Not gonna have a banker's. Let's, see Kathy, same yes Karen if it's owned by Elon Musk he also builds those Tesla's, J sonic I'm, not the forceful type of son. Look. If you dare doesn't want to go go without him find, a buddy find, a pal pool, you're dosed Oh together grab, an inside room the cheapest one you can get and just go just just do it it'll. Be fine you're, gonna have, a great time then tell your dad all about it. Don't. Forget to take lots of pictures, let's. See her kids, can can really see other countries and cultures. And. It can be a real learning experience it's a great idea absolutely, you, know if you if you can just think about this if Grandma, and Grandpa, you. Could coordinate with mom and dad this kind of arrangement you say, mom and dad's I'll say it agree on my grandpa okay you're gonna take the kids on a cruise why don't we do this how about this. Take. A repositioning, cruise, from, Miami, and, head, over to Rome it's, like 15 days will. Fly to Rome, like we'll meet you in Rome in 15. Days, in the meantime mom and dad fly to Paris have some fun there London, go, to Berlin wherever they want to go Vienna Zurich and then they end up in Rome spend for five days before the kids even get there then, they meet the the, family when they get off the ship they're in Rome for a day or two or three or a week or whatever and then, they're working their way back to North America now there's a there's something the. Repositioning. Cruise coming all the way to Rome will have stopped in Spain there, will have stopped likely in Italy, already in someone spots and then eventually Rome the kids will just define a field day and grandma grandpa can culture, those children that would be fantastic. Gaby's. Saying I feel, you Jay can't get my family to go either thinking, I'm gonna have to go solo any solo cruisers here and. The streaming beam which cruises have you traveled and which, cruise lines he's asking me that I'll get back to your streaming meet Kathy, is saying sob and nor I saw the norovirus, was, tearing up the Olympics in Korea again, you know how many people really are affected, is it really, that bad, it. Might be a story that lasts a couple days that's gone, we'll, see. Jay. Sonic hedgehog Kay Butler hi I can't go solar because I don't have a car you don't need a car you can, get to a ship without a car Jay, sonic I have no American friends that want to go on a cruise you don't need one find a Canadian friend. Elizabeth. Mean, I'm I'm, Elizabeth. Thing I'm a dork I make my kids write two paragraphs. Of what they did saw, learn and I keep it in a binder now it's memories. They're. Not happy when, you made them do it but. You're happy that you have it and down.

The Road you get to show them this later. Payback. Time it's all good. Taste. Actually I had a Canadian friend and he's, already in Florida well there you go Sherman, Mercer saying. J. A put an ad out for, a roommate, bet you find one oh yeah, he's saying foot metaphore roommate I'll bet you find one, there's. That and I'm. Wondering if you. Know I don't know if like cruise critic calm, in their forum, chat sites, or maybe some facebook, chat sites. Have you no solo traveler. Groups. Chat groups you. Just never know. But you know you put. The word out in your neighborhood or yeah your local you know local local. Paper or local. Local, internet, or, just ask a ramp just just talk, to your friends and relatives and, you'll find Co find somebody you will, just. Put the word out a try, visiting sayin a solo cruiser what's the best cruise lines for soloists. Talk. To me that and second - I'm, more Cape. Cathy saying I'm more worried about seasickness, than any virus you've got it Teresa McFarland, the Norwegian has studio rooms for solo cruisers yeah, some of the cruise lines I have started to bring out solo. Cruise, cabins. They're, about. Half the size of an inside cabin they'll. Have a single bed. The, trick of it is though that if you're paying as much for. One of those practically. As for a regular inside, room but. Then again and. I'm talking about inside, room with two passengers. Just. Hear me out like, you might find a deal for a one-week Caribbean, cruise that, says like, inside. Room is $400. But. If you want to go as a solo you got to buy two passes, so you got to pay $800, because, the ship can normally sell that inside room to two people because, it's per person. The. Cruise line will sell that room for 408 each plus taxes. And port charges where, if you take, the room as a solo, you'll just pay a double fare $800, and only one tax, and port, charge and. In one tip you don't pay tipping for two people because you're the only one in so. It's a slight you. Know 15 percent last now, a number of cruise lines depending on how. Let's. Say desperate they are getting towards the end toward in the last 90 days of a cruise before a cruise last, 60 days they. May be a little more flexible for deals, and this is something I mentioned a couple of days ago when we talked we covered this topic on one, of my live, streams it was Wednesday or something like that we. Were talking about how if the, cruise, line is offering, you know a, free. Beverage package, right, now or a. Free, internet package, or $100 room credit or something like that you. May find that with 30 or 60 days to go all, the cabins that are still out there but there may have been a few cancellations good, which happens in the last you, know 60, days people cancel out they may forfeit a bit of a deposit but they can't sell out anyway and all the sudden ships got these extra rooms that that are available and your your calling and you're calling the cruise line directly or you're talking to a travel agent is calling on your behalf which, I would probably recommend you do and.

You'll. Find out well yeah well we'll tell you what the. The the the inside, room is normally, for fifty would run you nine hundred well I'll tell you what will give you that inside room for 450. Plus $100, but, will give you a hundred on credit Oh we'll make it we'll make it 900 but we'll give you a to natal to credit will give you 2 freebies which adds up to like 300 hours of savings you, might get it taken advantage of that kind of an arrangement um I was. Gonna say on that to these, inside solo Suites there's. Much smaller and. They have the in. The Norwegian Cruise Lines case they, built a little kind, of a lobby area. For. About six or eight or ten of these Suites and there's. Like a little, common. Area I'll call a common area that's probably the word I should use and in there is maybe a large screen television, and there's a bar, for. Like a coffee, and, juices, and there's. Some fruits there cookies. You. Know it's like a and it's a meeting area you can meet other, solo, travelers from time to time say hi because, it's kind of like the common, area that you have to go through to then get out of and head, out to to the ship but, again the cost of some of these has not been a, stellar. It hasn't been like oh wow it's just half the price of a regular room this is great no, it's it's it's a bit of a premium price so this is why I mentioned this, last-minute, thing especially if you can even upgrade to a balcony, you, know with with with 30 days to go cruise. Lines are not gonna get a lot of bookings from folks who are planning well out a holiday, 30, days is too close for comfort for a lot of people especially if they're gonna come from overseas so. You. May find that you talk to a travel agent and say listen if you could find me a last-minute deal a balcony deal as a solo traveler, let, me know I mean I'm I'm I'll, drop everything and go that's that's. The price I'll pay to. Get the deal as a solo travel. And you. May find that a couple of travel ages you talk to and none to call you but then once, to text you all the time because they're on you there they're doing it they're paying, attention, for you and the, next thing you know you realize wow there's there's. This one week cruise out of Fort, Lauderdale it's it's, a Caribbean I get, a balcony for six hundred bucks, so all in and pay. My taxes and fees and tips but I don't, have to pay double the fare and it's discounted, I get this and I get that and then the other thing to keep in mind is, everyone. Who's a traveler if you if you're new to this channel today, you ever watched me before this, is for you. Become. A shareholder of these, cruise lines become. A shareholder of. Norwegian. Of Carnival. And and/or, Royal Caribbean and and if you're gonna travel say on Princess. Cruise lines or haul in America they're owned by Carnival own a hundred shares of Carnival, stock in your retirement fund in a brokerage account however you swing it because, as a shareholder, you, get a one hundred dollar credit, for a seven day cruise every.

Time You take a seven day cruise with any of the cruise lines that Carnival owns the, same is true for all. In America sorry for Royal Caribbean and for. Norwegian and. Their subsidiary, lines okay including piano in the UK Aida. Lines or 80 lines in Germany all, the, piano. Australia, all, of them and. If, you take a longer cruise like say 15, day cruise like a repositioning, cruise $250. Room credit that's added, on top of all the other promotions, that they were throwing around as it is this is a separate, deal just. For shareholders, unlimited. As many, times as you want during the year no limit so keep, that in mind so, for a Sulha or solo cruiser you. Should, be doing that too that that's a way to definitely, help, you save some money absolutely safe semi, let's. See here what we got here, my. Message have been coming in fast and furious and one of them will check here make sure I'm up to speed. Okay. Streaming, being saying inside cabins are on NCLR, a way to go Sherman. Is saying there are some cruise lines that have, solo staterooms, to. Elizabeth's. Thing I want to say mister traveler just, did a vlog on solo traveling that's another youtuber, you can check him up, Theresa. Saying where, a. Transdermal. Patch, while, on the cruise, okay brother prevent seasickness that's, one I think your I think that's one behind the ears isn't it I think you're right I think I'm right on that, streaming, beam NCL started that trend 100 square feet yep very small a Jay sonic is saying my dad has cradled me for so long that. I don't really know how to go about Stu this anymore also I only have a debit card not a credit card okay, sonic yeah dr. death there's I think we're back to that Elizabeth. I pay five grand to go away without my kids. Dylan's, here hey Bruce I did, pay more for, me, cruisin alone but I think it's worth it to get away from the stress at work today it's, 75 here in Henderson he's not talking about the stress of 75 degrees in Henderson he's, talking about the stress at work wait. I'll go welcome, welcome back Dillon's good to see you pal yeah, Charlie bomb is here hi Bruce I went to a, tea, club I went. To tea Club Med in my 40s, and 50s, then, started, cruising, so, I've got now, I've. Now I got now go single on Grindr because it's only one hour drive from Alexandria. Virginia okay. So, you're gonna grab with the grandeur of the Seas and as, a solo traveler you're gonna do it from Alexandria you can drive there fantastic. That's, that's awesome JSON. He got a. Sighs. I mean I'm 40 I should be on my own right now Jay you might be giving us too much info. It's. Okay the. Screaming Venus I am traveling, in a solo cabin, a crusader. 6a, second suite for a Tesla, sports oh. Man. This, is good stuff Cathy's. Saying that's okay Jay. Down the road when Bruce does a group Cruise will hang out and I'll give you a ride Jay. Sonic but Bruce the last time I asked my dad to go on a cruise he said we'll see to me. Okay. But he's, asking K are you a catheter, you near Montreal no she's in Orlando I think try. Visiting is saying and Norwegian cruises sure. Sounds promising I, can. Be yeah they're an okay line. Let's, see yes he's saying to Jay sorry, I'm in I'm in Orlando I can't be selling my middle, Jay Sonic oh well okay then well there's no help because you'd have to drive up here to Montreal to come back down again. Those. Trouble. Bless. Your heart she says. Yeah. She's not coming sorry. Oh. Man. Sometimes. Just. Get. To the ship I mean. Oh. My. Goodness okay a couple, of other new, trends. In cruising, that I was going to mention it's. Called. The. One is called digital nomads, have, you heard that one before digital. Nomads. And, I'm. Thinking, to myself what what is it I know I know kind of what nomads, are I know about the RVing, nomads, I watched some of them on YouTube I love them but. I'm curious about a. Digital. Nomad and I realized my daughter is kind of like a digital nomad it was for a while anyway not anymore but this. Age, if. You're kind, of my age but if you're let's, say you're kind of 40 to 65 ish, I'm, sort of the end of this. You're. A baby boomer and and. Or. You, know an, early late millennial, early, millennial I suppose. Anyway. If. You're not, working in an office setting where you have to go into, the office every day you're working from home you're working, from, the road you're. A consultant, type, of a person, you.

Do You're, a writer you're. A you're. A. Marketer. You're doing social media work, and you can do it from wherever as long as you get as long as you laptop and Wi-Fi you're, in business you're, a digital you're a possible. Digital. Nomad, and on the in the cruise game a digital. Nomad is a person, that, can cruise. And work at the same time and then, cruise and and and/or travel. And work at the same time so you, can put a trip, together that, kind of encompasses, everything, so an example would be you, want, to spend the summer in Europe and you. Did it when you remember, when you graduated, college and you went backpacking with, a friend or a brother or sister, boyfriend/girlfriend. You went hitchhiking. Across, Europe, or you rode, the train across Europe with a backpack stayed, in the hostels, and you, did it on the cheap and you. Saw stuff in Europe that, you would never your, parents would never have taken you these places and you had the freedom to just go and do whatever you want and this has been you. Know lifelong happy, memories for a lot of kids, at. That time and I'm talking the sixties and seventies the. Eighties well. Here we are in 2018. And aren't, we all now. The. Kids are gone, we're empty nesters, the. Wives are gone the husbands are gone either, because, they dumped. Us or. We dumped them or we, mutually agreed to dump each other and. You've had a series of boyfriends, and girlfriends on who knows what and you're. You're a professional, and and or, you're, you're the happily, married, couple you were college, sweethearts you got married you had you did the backpacking, together you had the kids the, kids are all growing up now the grandkids are started, the show or not showing it's gonna happen who knows or even, they're older, now and now you've. Got this opportunity to, become a digital nomad, and that's, what this new world has thrown us and what, can you do well how about grabbing, a repositioning, cruise from, Florida, over. To Europe pick, pick one of a dozen that's gonna be a bunch of them this year and next year in the year after and head, to Southampton or head to. Hamburg. Or get off the ship in Barcelona. Lisbon. Rome you name it and, you're. Not backpacking. Okay we're not going back to 90s it's not quite that but. You're traveling light okay. And. Bed. And breakfasts, and ooh and and, you. Know the the beat. Of ease you're doing the beat of ease and you're doing, you. Know apartment, rentals for a week you. Might even do some house-sitting, all you need is internet, to be in business and you're working while you're traveling, and you're. Traveling casually, you're traveling, slowly, right. Slowly, and you're, not traveling expensive, you're not doing the Hilton Hotel. At every town you're. Traveling, on the cheap but. It's, clean. And it's say and it's comfortable, and, you're. Doing this that's how you make money now you're, doing this on your keyboard and you. Do the summer you do the whole summer you do Europe and, in. The fall guess what you're doing you catching they're repositioning, cruise on the way back coming, back to Florida. On the repo the other direction fifteen days you've, got internet on board or you shut the computer off for two weeks take a bit of a break up to you that's. A digital nomad and digital. Nomad cruising, and holiday, Inc is. Really. Picking up it's, already been going for a while but. Now there's a they coin the term on, it and it, is picking, up quite quite. A bit of steam quite an interesting thought, there. Let. Me just check on any more messages here because I've been talking a while. Don't, die there Jay Sonics and, Liv, Breslin. Just. A mean green saying Adam the whoo I'm, not sure what. That means for sure Jay. Sonic is saying Kay Butler this is what I'm talking, about but I guess I'm only I'm only without a cruise although all this cruise, discussion, is making me just your. Cathy. Say oh wow never thought of digital no man I I work, from home over, the Internet yeah well you're, a candidate. For that I mean there are folks who there, are folks who get rid of everything you know they do that big I'm changing.

My Life maybe, it's one of those, it's. Not a middle-age crisis, it's like I'm. Just about to become a senior, crisis, crisis, and I've. Decided to just, one. Last time I'm going, out there I'm gonna I'm going I'm going for broke and so, they sell the car they sell the house they sell the condo or they've been just renting anyway they sell that 20-year old furniture they give away those 15. Year old plates Forks, and they get rid of them and they, just offload. And and then are down to a few boxes, of possessions, and they they convince a relative, to let him put in the garage for a while just a while yeah, might be a year to like not I don't know and then and then they become nomads and and, there are those who become you, know van dwellers. Class. C motorhome, Nomad, dwellers, with, Internet and. Then the RV or you know the full-blown plus a RV years and it's. Couples and singles of course was no rhyme or reason to it and. Then off you go you know and you're on your way north america wide perhaps, and then you've got the others who fly to, where they want to go they want to fly to England. On a cheap flight spend. A week or two in UK. Somewhere and. Then they grab a Ryanair, or an easyJet plane ride over to the continent, or they take the ferry over from Dover. On the, cheap I mean what's it five ten pounds it's nothing, you're in France and you. Got the bus systems the train systems I mean your mobile and you're, nobody you're no madding, it just. You're doing this this how you work but. You can do what the crews do you can throw you can throw cruises in there and look for deals and specials there's no limit to this it's absolutely unlimited limitless, you just have to want it bad enough I say. Kept. Saying Wow never thought of that, Sherman's, saying Kay Butler you just need the Wi-Fi package the steaming beam Singh saying, being. A grade five teacher makes it difficult for me to work on a cruise yeah that's right you're. You're you're, in a whole different ballgame, the hope is that when you finish your career you've got a nice pension and you can now travel the way you want or you. Know pull the pin whenever you've had enough and then. Change, your life from there maybe, you'll decide to change teach English in China or, teach, English to. Students. In other foreign countries take a 3-month teaching assignment, six, months teaching assignment, in Indonesia, take, another one in Thailand, do, one in, China. Somewhere. Just. Look into it I mean, the. Internet's waiting for you just take a peek you never know um. Sherman, Mercer a steaming, bean take the kids take. The kids mom. Monday. On a field trip steaming steaming beans days take the kids Monday on the steam on a field, trip okay you're. On your way yep, tough age indeed. That's. Right great fibers. Jay. Sonic is advertising his Facebook page you folks who are streaming, and watching here you can look at look that up if, you want to do that I just, mean saying I jump overboard. Okay. Next, the next trend in cruising, or in holiday this. One I want to mention now was, something. Called the boomerang cruise, okay that's a term, I heard today read about. It's been a little while but the boomerang, crews, essentially. And. I think this is a little more popular right now in Europe as opposed to North America but I think it's coming here if it hasn't already, but. In effect what you're doing is. You. Get on a cruise it's, solo or a couple whatever and um. The cruise is say seven, days long and let's say it starts in Barcelona, just to pick, up Mediterranean. Kind of a itinerary. Your. Embarrassing little, seven. Days later the the the, ship ends up in in. In, Rome and you. Get off the ship there you. Spend a week in Rome and. Whatever. It is you want to do in Rome either bed and breakfast ting it you're, doing an apartment, private apartment rental it was that b2b or you're. Doing a hotel. You're, a resort whatever the deal is, you. Can even take a 7-day bus tour you know and which includes hotels every night meals you can take one of these escorted. Bus tours for a week whatever you want and at. The end of the week you're, back in Rome and you. Grab a cruise ship and, it. Takes you to various stops and you end up back in Barcelona that's, a boomerang deal, so you end up where you started from but, you broke it up with something else in the middle now it could be that, as, we go forward here out of Miami maybe. The day will come where you, know, Carnival. Might offer it.

Norwegian. Might offer it I don't know four, or five day cruise and, we're. Taking you from you, know somewhere in the u.s. we're, dropping you off in Cancun and. You've. Got a resort, there for, a week and then. At the end of the week you're, grabbing a cruise back, on the same cruise line different. Stops for four-five days back. To where you started from might be miami-fort, Lauderdale Canaveral. Galveston. New, Orleans Tampa, anyone. And I. Can see this combination this mix happening. I can see this beginning to happen and it, could work well for a couple can work great for family I get the kids and they got a cruise ship for four days then they got the resort for a week and, now we got the GU ship for four days and you're, back home and you have to worry about flight delays you, have to worry about baggage, weight, limits. Bad bitch fees. Airport. Delays not. Only, Airport, delays you're gonna have is if you flew to Miami to get the ship in the first place and you got to fly back home from Miami after the cruise is over okay of course but, I can see a lot more of this coming, as I. See. Sort of an evolution, beginning. To happen here we've just start hurting four or five maybe, even ten years ago we began to, hear the very first inkling, of, cruise. Lines developing. Their own island getaways, or their own beach. K. You. Know retreats, Disney. Has one for its Cruises. Royal. Caribbean has, Labadie in 80 or its cruises. Others. Have their private, ghettos carnivals, got one building a few more right now that's. The first sign the, first stage the second stage is they start to team up now with, resort operators and maybe. It's Marriott you know marry me maybe Marriott, and Royal Caribbean team, up together or maybe, it's the the Hilton chain teams, up with you. Know, Norwegian. I mean it. Can be any combination it, may well start at the very high end it might be the, the Seaborn's, and the, region seven seas these high-end six star lines are the first guys to to. Do it with higher end ritz-carlton. Properties. And. Then you know it comes sort of into the middle higher middle class middle class area until, it's available. Industry-wide. Because, if it's profitable. Everybody. Will do it and if, if, rel Caribbean, starts it you, can bet your bottom dollar in Norwegian and Carla will be right behind them they'll watch closely to, see if it works and they'll jump in and that, gives us, the. Cruisers o variety. And choice, and, and. You. Know just the. Hollies will never be the same they'll they'll be different every year I mean you just imagine, you can do this not just in a region like the Caribbean but, now you can enter South America, you, can you can do this up in say Northeast us into, Canada you can do this up in Alaska, you know go, up to Alaska spend, a week in Alaska then come back down. Think of the possibility, then. There's here of Asia Australia. New, Zealand between, global. Okay so we'll have to see how this how this comes along this could be quite something. Sherman, is saying I'd love to find a boomerang to Europe and back. J, sonic is saying when in Rome Cathy. Is saying, me to Sherman what want to see her but I don't want to be on an airplane that boomerang sounds good yeah, you, know if you can do the the repositioning.

Over And the repositioning back you. Get the super deal without. The you know you, can cross them annek of course from New York to London on on. Cunard but. You pay like a thousand, dollars for a six-day cruise, which. You know with. Meals for six days it's a hundred fifty a day that's its, value. But. How would you like to pay 800. And get 15, days. Across. The Atlantic. Each direction with, meals, that's a bigger, value, isn't it but it's have, you got this time, you got the time to spare that's, the key for. A 23 year old working a 33 year old working with two kids and, the mortgage and you, know you know so there you go but, boomerang, it'll. Be interesting to see how these how. These come together and whether they'll be even be like ten-day boomerangs. Eight-day, boomerangs, you know two. Days cruising, for days. Resort two days cruise or three. Day cruise three, day resort three day cruise you know the combinations. Are endless absolutely I look, Jay. Sonic saying you know I wouldn't, take an Italy cruise since I would want a cruise to, the Caribbean islands, and the continent of Africa is way way, off, yeah. Well you know whatever, works for Europeans, at least close Sherman. Is saying I would, need to be repositioning. Cruise I think I wonder, why the cruise lines haven't started scheduling that way Europe, and back it's now on my list to look for yeah, like I said that the cruise, lines. Repositioning. Cruises are a necessary evil, of being in the cruise business you've. Got to move that that, billion. Dollar ship. From. Here. To. Here. With. Those two thousand, crew members worth 1,500, whatever the number is you. Got to feed him and house them the whole time you got t

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84 in the keys diving was great. Love being underwater.709 Almost there. I sent out to my subs to take a look at your channel. Im sure you got a few. You Should definitely get to 1000 im saying about 1200 by the end on the month.

Hey Mark thank you so much for your shout out! The channel just keeps on growing depite my face being on camera all the time....oh well... we are on our way to 1000 and beyond! Bruce

Real shame the Bermuda Government "Legislated" so that Same Sex Marriage was reversed. It is a sad day in Bermuda for Human Rights. Stay tuned for the legal challenge....

Well we are seriously looking into making a constitutional challenge. Bermuda had such an amazing tourism year last year. So for the government to kick us in the teeth is unforgivable. Bermudians are great people. The hotels are ALL diversity friendly. For the government to mix religion and politics at the expense of the LGBT minority is indeed an affront to Human Rights.... Just when Bermuda was turned around, and they do this. I would urge folks not to hurt the Bermudian people. We will win this fight. Having said that people are pissed and I cannot blame them.

Hi Tony thanks for following my channel, I will keep an eye on this story going forward. I am curious to see how the various cruise lines will react to this move by the goverment. Bruce

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