New England States Touring (NEST) Grant Informational Webinar - Winter 2020

New England States Touring (NEST) Grant Informational Webinar - Winter 2020

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Hello. We. Were just giving a few more minutes for more folks to join but we will get started. And. We. Wanted to first. Of all just introduce, ourselves we. Are Anita's New England presenting, and touring team. This is Daniela Jacobsen, speaking, I'm the program manager for. The. New England programs. And also accessibility. Coordinator and, I use pronouns. She/her/hers. And. I will let my team introduce, themselves. As. Well. Good. Morning this is Adrienne, Petrillo, I'm the program director for, New England presenting. And touring I you see her her and welcome. To our webinar. Good. Morning, my, name is Fallon I learned and I am the program associate, for tomato winter sensing and touring I use. And. Like, my colleague said welcome. Thanks. Allen Adrian Fallon. Is running, the tech if you, have any issues. You, are welcome to use the chat box to, message, us, and. Everyone. Is on yoots but, if you have any, questions. Please. Feel free to enter, those. In the chat as well and, we'll have time at the end of the webinar for. A Q&A, and. We. Will be posting the. Recording of, this webinar on. EFA's, blog, so, you can stay tuned for that as well. So. The, agenda for the webinar is. To. Review, the updated. New England states touring, grant, guidelines and. To walk through the application. Process. We. Will also share. Some tips. On how to connect, with potential touring, partners, for. Next three projects. We'll. Review, some, important. Creative ground profile, requirements. For New, England artists. And new. England-based presenters. And. Lastly. We, will also. Talk, our, other, grant. Opportunities. Available through, the. Western Arts Alliance advancing. Indigenous, performance, touring fund and the, jazz road tourist, grants, as. Well. So. We will get started with covering. The. The. Nest program, guidelines just as a reminder. Nisa, did announce. Program. Changes, to the nest program, last. Fall. Project. Supported, by, the. Expedition's, touring, program, will now be supported, by, the nest, program, and. Beginning, in the March 2020. Grant cycle. The. Next program will accept, touring project, proposals, that, expedition's. Previously. Supported, and. The. Expedition's, tour planning, branch, has. Concluded. As. A result, and. Just. For, folks. To be aware about any. Artists. That are, eligible, for national. Dance project and, national, theatre project. Presentations. Are. They. Must now be applied, to you directly. So. Next. Three is not available. To support any, of the national, dance or, a national, theater project artist. Presentation. And. We. Are looking. Ahead to. Planning. Ideas lob in 2020. The, idea swap is an annual event that, helps. Connect. Presenters, and artists, in the region together, to. Help form partnerships, and, collaboration. Now, for an s3 and. Beyond, and, we will be announcing the. Save the date soon, for, this, year's idea swap. So. Some, of you may, be, familiar with the, nest, program. Nest funds the presentation. Of regional. National and, international artists. Presented, by New England based nonprofit. Organizations. Neva, support, the range presenters. Including. Long-standing, presenting. Series. University, based presenters, to smaller and mid-sized organizations, and. Art. Programmers. The. Nest will. Include. Expanding. Direct, access, to high-quality, artists. An aesthetic. Diversity, for all New England communities, by artists, from New England the.

Nation And across the globe. The. Next program, stimulates. Opportunities. For collaboration. And, partnerships, among New England cultural. Organizations, and between, artists, and organizations. So. Really trying to build. A, meaningful. Partnerships. Between. Artists. And, organizations. And, community. The. Nest program, also encourages. Projects. And engagements. That provide, meaningful, interaction. Between artists. And communities. Extending. Beyond the stage. And. I. Will turn it over to Adrian, Thank. You Daniela and thank you for reviewing. Those goals I just want to remind folks who are on the phone that. If. You are considering, applying to. The. Nest program, should. Be aware of what those program, goals are and to keep that in mind as you're. Considering. Submitting, an application it's. Not only you know whether that application. Is technically, eligible but. In order to really be successful, you know looking at those program, goals and considering, whether your project really, those goals because. Projects, that meet those goals are going to see the most success. So. In terms of the process. Wants. To be clear that the applicant, choose the nest program, is a nonprofit, organization. Who. Is presenting. A, touring, artist within New England the, organization. Is within New England who is presenting a touring artist so, the applicant, organization must. Be a non-profit or, a government, related. Entity, they. Must be based in New England and, I will say. There are six New England states, and they, do not include New, York, and. The. Applicant. Must present at least one public, performance, by the artist. So. There. Are now three. Entry, points, into the nest program, and we're going to go through each, of them, and. I think if people have questions they're welcome to type them into the chat, box is, that correct yes great, so please feel free to do that if you have questions about any of these and we'll do our best to answer them so if. You are familiar with the next program hopefully this information looks, familiar because this. Is the way next has been functioning for, the. Past many, years which. Is that next funds the public presentation. Presentation. And engagement, of a New England, artist, presented. By a New England nonprofit, organization. And the, nonprofit. Organization. And the New, England artist must, be based in different, New England states, so. For example, if you are a boston-based. Presenting. Organization, you, must be presenting, an artist from any state, in New England other than Massachusetts. There. Are three, deadlines, a year, for this version, of next, they are the first business days of August, December. And March and, you, must always apply, at least three months in advance of the artist engagement, so, for instance the March deadline that's, coming up is for, events after June 1st the, August deadline will, be events after November, 1st and December, will, be for after March 1st. The. Grants, provide up. To 50% of, the artist fee and I will say the artist fee can include, any see.

Page Of the artist as well as any travel, accommodations. And per. Diem that's being paid, to the artist as well that makes up the total artist, fee and the, grants will range from $400. Which is the minimum grant, we will give out to, a maximum, of $5,000. And this maximum is increased, this. Year from what it's been in the past. Also. The, artists must be listed, as next eligible, on our creative, ground directory, and we'll, talk a little bit more about creative ground later on in the webinar. But. It's important, that the artist not only be listed, on creative ground but fill out certain. Fields. Within their. Profile, to become not eligible. Great. And, has. Adrienne said there, are three different. Best. Grant opportunities. We. Are offering. Nest. To, to, fund tours of New England based artists, where one presenting. Organization. Is based inside. The artist home, state and, one. Other organization. Applying from outside. The, artist home state may. Apply. So. Essentially. Two, presenters. Can. Apply to. Present. The same artist, they both must apply to the same deadline. So. For. Each nest grant, cycle, we, will have three, deadlines, each year the first business, day of. August. December, and March to. Support projects, beginning three months after, those deadlines, and, again. The. Grants. Will. Cover up to 50% of, the artists, fee with. A minimum, of $400. And up. To. $5,000. Maximum. Again. These are tours. Supporting. Nest. Eligible. Artists, so the. Artists do you need to maintain an, updated. Profile. Listed. In creative, grounds. Thank. You Daniela so next. Three, this, is the. Newest. Version of next. And if you have applied to the expeditions program in the past this may be familiar, so, next three, will fund tours. Of. Presentation. By New England nonprofit, organizations. Of, regional. National or, international artists. So. The artists may be from anywhere, and the. Tour must include a minimum of three presenting, organizations. In, at least two, different states. Organizations. Applying, may submit up to three application. And, there. Is an annual, deadline, will, be every March so for this year coming up it is March 2nd, and that. Is supporting, projects, that will be touring, from. June, of 2020. Through the end of August 21. The. Grants. Are again up to 50% of, the artist fee but. For this version of Neffs there are maximum, of, $10,000. And that, does mean that if there, are three organizations. On on a tour, it is possible. Each organization, could, receive, $10,000. In, this, case if it's a New England artist, who's, featured. In the tour they must also be nest eligible, on creative ground or if, it's an artist from outside, of the region an artist's. Work sample, will be required, as part of the application process. In terms. Of that application, process and, this is for all iterations. Of next, the. Applicant, which again is the presenting, organization, it's responsible. For negotiating the, terms of their engagement with the artist and developing. Activities, with their community. Partner. Each. Organization. Must submit an online application and. It is due generally. At 11:59. On the deadline date just. A reminder that nifA staff will not be available at, 11:59. We. Generally, are here from 9:00 to 5:00 and so, we encourage you to do your application. Within, typical. Business hours, so that we can help you should there be any difficulties. And. Again, if you are submitting for an s3 for an on New England artist a work sample will be required, and, for. Next three. There, is no lead, partner, narrative, which is something if you had applied to expeditions. In the past you may remember a lead, partner role which requires, an extra narrative, that is no longer part of the next three process.

This. Is Daniela just adding, one little, heads-up nifA, did launch, a new grants, portal, so if you, haven't created. An account yet we, definitely do encourage you to do that several. Business, days in advance of the deadline just, so that you can get, logged. In and, filling, out the application. Without. Any tech, issues leading. Up to the deadline. Great. Thank you so, we. Wanted to talk a little bit about the funding criteria, for next and again this is for all three versions of next, because. The. Funding criteria are really, what, determines which projects. Receive, funding, and how much funding, is received so, the. Stronger your project. Or the more your project, meets the funding criteria the. More likely you are to receive funding and the higher the grant amount is likely to be so I want to talk through what these criteria. Are for. For most is a clear rationale, for how the project, aligned, with. The, organization's, programming. Goals and its significance, for the community, this, is the opportunity, to talk about why. You are bringing this artist to your community, now and we. Encourage you to share your passion and share your excitement for, this project that. Does really come through in, the applications. We, are also looking for collaborative, planning, among, the tour partners, and with the artists. As well this. Is really just applicable. For next two and three where you have two or partners, next, one you you, likely do not have two or partners and so this. Would not apply but. For nest two and particularly, for, next three where you must have at least three, tour, partners, we. Want to see what that, project. Planning has been in how you are supporting, each other. We. Are also looking for additional, activities, beyond, the performance, which, provide, opportunities. For the artist to meaningfully. Engage with various sectors of the community. We. Do really encourage cross, sector exchange. And collaboration. Meaning, arts and non Arts together so. That may be a project, you do that connects arts and healthcare arts, in the environment. Arts. And technology it. Could be any variety, of things. But. With. All of our grant programs we. Are looking for opportunities, for communities. To experience. More than just, what happens on stage which is important, but, also to have chances, to interact with artists, to learn from artists to talk with artists, for, artists, to experience, the communities, here in New England and, so, going, beyond that performance, is critical. And you. Know we, look for whether, that the workshops. Lecture. Demonstrations. Potluck. Dinners, classroom. Visits, it. Can be whatever makes the most sense for your community, and your project. Speaking. Of community we, are also looking for projects, that expand. Access to the arts for all New England community, we. Acknowledge, the structural, inequities that. Have excluded, individuals. And communities, from, opportunity, whether. That's based on race gender disability. Sexual. Orientation. Class age, language. Culture. And geography, and we strive, to counter, those inequities, in our work so. We, will be asking, in the application, form who who. Has, this opportunity, available to them and what. Are you doing to expand, that. And. Then lastly we look for a budget that reflects, the diverse source of revenue, with whether that includes admission. Sponsorship. Foundation, support, individuals. Or their government, agency, we. Recognize. And know that we cannot, and, will not be the full source of funding for any engagement. And we. Encourage, having. Diverse sources in, order to make sure that an engagement really, can happen and it. Helps often with. Investment. In buy-in monetarily. Or otherwise from. Partners, in your community. In. Terms. Of these funding criteria you, will see them reflected, in the narrative, questions, of the application, form you. Can preview the narrative questions on our website without, actually, starting, a grant form and I. Encourage you to take some time looking, through those questions. A. Few, tips in terms of, responding. To those questions, be. As specific as, possible with. Your strategies. We. Really encourage. Specificity. Rather than sort of broad statements.

We. Also are. Looking for, specific. Strategies. Around this particular engagement. So. Not, necessarily, what your, organization. Is doing overall, although. You're welcome to. Highlight. That as it relates but. This is really about this, specific. Engagement, what, are your strategy. Also. In. Developing. These applications. We are very. Deliberate. In can, things. Like character counts, on our. Application. And I, encourage, you to fully use the space provided to, respond, to the narrative, questions if, your. Answer, to the question is, significantly. Shorter than, the space allotted, you. May want to think, a little bit more about how to expand. And most. Likely be a little more specific, in what you're responding to I. Also. Would encourage you to be consistent. In your responses, throughout, the application, form, because. There are some places where we're maybe asking, for slightly similar. Information. And, sometimes. There's inconsistencies. Which, cause, questions. Or confusion, for. Example, we. Have a you, know a sort of a chart that lists at where you list numerically. The activities. That are happening in, the application, so, if you put, in that chart that you are doing to workshop. Then. In the narrative. Please explain, both workshops, not. Just one of them so. Making sure that any, numbers, you put in match up to what you are saying and then. Just to go back and this is a little bit around the first funding, piece, of the funding criteria, make. Sure and hopefully. Seems, obvious to everyone but please make sure to talk, about the artists. You. Know if I would, even recommend doing like a keyword. Search of your narrative and if the artists name is nowhere in there. You. Might want to reconsider that please. Talk about the artists who they are what. Their work is and describe it and why. It, fits. Your programming. Goals. So. Just. Slightly. Just, to clarify a few things of what next will not fund. Those. Are activities, and programs which take place exclusively, in. School, so. Again we are happy to support projects, that include, school. Visits but, there needs to be and jumping to the second bullet there needs, to be events, that are open to the public so anything, that if you if there is Arthur, sorry. If there are no events that are open to the public then. It is not eligible for fun funding. So everything, must be open to the public and advertised. We. Do not support fundraisers. As, I said we are only supporting, events in the, six New England states the, program, will not support any activity. Outside of New England, we. Also do not support performances. In which the performers are primarily, students, the goal of the next program is to support professional, artists.

Doing. Their art work and we. Also do not support self produced presentations. By artists or ensembles. We, are looking to support, nonprofit. Organizations. Who are presenting, the artists and paying. Than an artist fee. Thanks. Adrian. So. You may be wondering who. Reviews. The next. Grants, proposals. For. Next. 1 & 2 we do have, the support from the. Nest advisors, which, are staff. From all, of the New England state arts agencies, and. We have those. Advisers. All listed, on the nest program, page, they. Are available. To. Connect. With applicants. As they. Are applying, they're. Happy. To give. Guidance, but. Of course NEFA staff is available to. Help, with, the, application process. As well but, it's always helpful. To just make, a personal, connection with. Your, state, arts, agency, nest. Advisor since. They will be most likely reviewing. And evaluating. Your. Application. The. Nest, 3 panel, is reviewed. By. Peers. And professionals, from the fields, we, invite. Five, to six external. Panelists. NifA, facilitates. The panel but, we, do not offer any. Staff. Opinions. On the, application. All. The next. Three panelists, are familiar, with the presenting, field they. Can include, presenters. Touring. Artists, thunders. Their. Art service organizations. Artists. Managers, and. They. All. Represents. And include, of. Expertise. With. Different. Disciplines. On different, artistic. Professional. Backgrounds. Panelists. May, or, may not be from New England so. This. Is why it's very important, to describe. Your community, if, you're. A presenter it's really. Include. As much information as, possible to contextualise. Your. Engagement. And. Describe, who, is in, your community and who, will be serving the project, so. Another. Reminder. It's very important. To include strong. Work samples, and, ideally, the. Work will, show the. Piece that is being funded but. That is not a requirement we, do not, recommend, including. Work. Samples, that are promotional. In. Nature, so, trailers. Usually, do not. Illustrate. The, best representation. Of, the work itself. In. Terms of the. Timeline, for. The nest program, the. March March, 2nd is the, upcoming deadline. For, nest 1 2, & 3. The. Nest 1, in two projects. Will. Be. Supported, for engagement starting, in June of, 2020. And nest 3 projects. Will. Be. Supported. From. 20 23, 20. 21. After. Submitting the. All. Applicants. Will be notified of, their nest funding, results. In mid to, late April and. The. Summer, the. Following. Nest. Deadline will, be August 3rd. For. Projects, beginning, in November, 2020. This. Is for a nest grants, one and two and then. Later. In 2020. Our last deadline, will fall in December, first supporting. Projects, beginning, in March 2021. So. You might be wondering. If. You are considering. Applying for, an s3 project. How. You can. Connect. With or, find additional. Touring, partners, as, adrienne mentioned, nest. 3 projects, require a, minimum. Of three different presenters. From, two different, states, so. It's more collaborative. In nature we. Are looking for tours. With strong, partnerships. There. Are a few ways to connect. With, peer. Organizations. One. Way is to tap. Into two networks, called, arts. Presenters, of northern New England and. New. England presenters. Which. Arkansas. For. Presenting. Organizations. In our region, they offer networking. Opportunities. Professional. Development. Convenings. Both. Membership. Organizations.

Offer Monthly, meetings, with a range of different topics, one. Of which especially, this time, of year is focused, on, connecting. With, other. Presenters. For, next, three projects, so, we have here on the slide all of acne. And any piece contact, information. NEPA. Does partner, with acne. And any. So, we are all so happy to connect you to both. Organizations. But. We do highly recommend, taking. Advantage of these professional. Network. In, general for. Professional. Development, but also very, helpful for an f3, collaboration. Separately. Mesa will be posting, a Google, sheet where. Anyone. Any presenter, or artist, can enter an s3 project. That. They are planning to submit. For the March 2nd deadline, we. Will be posting that Google sheet and a blog, in the next few, days so stay tuned for that and. Of. Course we have our creative, ground directory, which. Is one, way to find, other. Cultural. Organizations, and presenting, series other presenters, and, artists. If you. Are looking, to. Work on a nest project, and. Finally. We, have. Over. 70, different. Projects. Touring. Ideas, from, our. 2019. Idea. Swap event and those. Lists, of projects, are still available on, these website, and that's. What one place to. Explore. Different touring. Projects. And to find the. Different. Presenters and, artists that attended, that event to. Facilitate. Further. Networking. And connection. Offline. So, several. Times throughout, this webinar which have referenced, creators grounds which, is New England's only online creative. Economy directory. And there. Whether you are an artist or a presenter, as long as you are based in New England you can create a profile, and you can search for other artists, and presenters, to connect with and talk. About touring clips that you hope to initiate, so. Creating, a creative, ground profile, can help you to promote. Your work and your tour in history, it can. Also help you to locate. Artists, with all disciplines, throughout New England which. Includes performing, artists teaching artists and artists. Feather available, for next grant funding, you, can also use creative grants aside collaborators, for program development block, booking cross. Promotion, and other, projects. So. For. An artist to be next eligible, they must create a profile, on creative, ground and fulfill. A certain requirement, which can be found listed, on our website and, so. In, the, next few, weeks, we. Will be reviewing. All profiles, that are marked as most eligible, and ensuring, that they. Are still up to date to, retain. That status. And so. Profiles. That are still eligible get, to retain that status, and those that are not will, be informed. Before their next eligibility, status is removed and they, will have to update to get that status, back. We, also have, creative. Ground profile, recommendations. For, dominguin, based presenters. This. Will helps artists, to have, a better idea of, the sort of work that you. Fund. And present. So, that it. Will be easier, to form collaborations. With. You similarly. You can also. Look. For, similar. Presenters. To, what, you do so. That you might be able to partner, on tours to bring in different artists and, once. Again we. Have a listing, of Vanessa professor, profile, recommendation. Other, nisa website. Thanks. Allan. Yes. All presenter, as much now, includes. Our creative, Brown profiles, in their application, so spend. A few, minutes just checking. Your profile, when you have a moment. So. There are two different, grant. Opportunities. That, are not necessarily, 'td but. NEPA has partnered, with, two. Different regional, arts organizations. Our sister organization. Arias. One. Of which is called. Western. Arts Alliance they, have. A program. Called advancing. Indigenous, performance. AIP. For, shorts, and, the. AIP touring. Fund grant is available. To provide matching support. To, presenting. Organizations. For engagements, featuring. Indigenous. Artists. Supported. By our, regional. Touring, program, which for, us is the nest program, so. This, is a really exciting, opportunity. For, presenters. And indigenous, artists, if nest. Grants he. Receives. A. Grant. In the amount of $5,000. From Mesa that. Means they. Could, also receive. A, $5,000. Match from, wha. Potentially. Covering the entire artist. Fee the. Process. Is handled. Internally, by, nifo once the. Nest grantee, is awarded. The. Grant nest, grant the anisa will. Handle. The process, with wha -. Um. Allow. Them to give, you, the matching grant. So. You can find indigenous, artists, on creative. Ground, this. Funding, is available, for. The 2019. And 2020. Seasons. As well as next year it's the 2020. Into. 2021. Season. And. We. Also are. Partnering, to support, jazz. Road which, is a new, program that, is led by south. Arts the regional, arts organization, in the south to. Support, jazz, artists, in the u.s., to. Help expand. Opportunities. For touring. And later. This year for creative residences. The. Jazz road tours grant is now available. The, new grant cycle, is. Is. Available with. An application, deadline, of April, 21st.

Jazz. Road tours grants. Will directly, fund jazz artists, and ensembles, for, small three. To six site tours in the US to. Reach new, jazz audiences. And, communities. The. Grant period will cover August. Fifteenth twenty twenty through next. Year August, fourteenth twenty twenty-one. Artists. Can apply for up to fifteen thousand dollars to. Help cover their artists fees for touring. And, I. Am, available to. Assist. With any inquiries. Artists. Can, apply for funds but, presenters. Looking, to connect, and. Potentially. Host, an artist. On their tours can. Add. Their, email. Their. Contact, information on. The Jazz Road, website. Where they are collecting. Presenters. Information. To. Help assist and connect them with artists, and. Lastly. This, brings us to the end of the webinar but we want to acknowledge and, thank all, of our funders, the. National, Endowment for the Arts and, our New England states, arts agencies. Make. The, regional, touring, programs, like nest, possible. And. We, couldn't. Use, the programming, without their assistance and. Support. And. Lastly. Thanks so much for joining and listening, we. Will. Open. It up for any questions, you. Are welcome, to. Enter them, in the chat box or feel. Free to unmute yourself if, you, prefer. If. There are no questions I. Will, just, you. Know reiterate. Again our, contact, information is. Listed, here, and the slides. All. The the. Whole entire team is available to you to help with. Any questions. You might have leading, up to the deadline or at any point. We. Are available 9 to 5 weekdays. But. It seems, like we have no questions, at this time so. We. Will wrap. It up we'll conclude. Thanks. So much and, we. Will be posting the recording of this webinar on. Our website so you, can reference. That at, any point as, well but. Thank you all thank, you have a great day, thank you for joining us.

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