New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2021 Hallmark Romantic Movies 2021

New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2021  Hallmark Romantic Movies 2021

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[Music] is [Music] memories [Music] is [Music] let's get going [Music] [Music] on the radio anymore [Music] do you want me to call you a lift i got it but you can call me a double hot double shot please already on it what time is your flight 2 15. just late enough that phil will have to pick the kids up and feed them himself well i sure hope phil understands you coming down for a very good cause i mean he understands now that i showed him the ads from this new company give oat milk are you my bossy sister so i've been getting really excited about this new deal and i was thinking we need to do an epic holiday piece like really boost holiday subscribers yes 100 and maybe since i've done my work early the paper i can come up to san fran a few days early cook up something fun a little holiday makeup perhaps nope i already won this bigfoot oh you have have you wait what is that solving okay i've heard of it but the most christmasy town in the usa isn't it wine country yes it is and what better to pair a good cab with than christmas okay but it doesn't even snow there at least not for the last 20 years but this morning they got four inches of snow i mean it is practically a holiday piece okay wait you want to go to solving now no kids i want you to go to solving now or early next week whatever what am i gonna do there it's the most christmasy town in the u.s there is an entire website filled with holiday festivities you get to partake in and you want me to do all of this alone you do everything else alone i'm just saying maybe it's the holiday reprieve from la that you need and it's on the way to san fran to see me in the kids you get to stop take some photos for the site and sample all of the local pastries all the bakeries do some shopping i mean and maybe maybe even have a little bit of fun hey i know how to have fun i'm married with kids and i'm the fun one and you know it also just thinking but you know maybe it's the inspiration you need to start writing music again my song writing career is gone two years too late we know that it doesn't have to be like that look our site has kept me more than busy with my writing and please i don't want to talk about it anymore i don't okay fine then it's settled we're gonna do a great vlog piece on this magical little danish village of solving and it is going to be a game changer for sight style songs and sweets okay fine i'll go but i guess i gotta figure out where i'm gonna stay yeah i already did that it's this cute little b and check-in is on friday oh there's my lift [Music] straight down you're good [Music] you guys got the best one on the lot thank you sawyer hey would you let it through the door if we hadn't hey why don't you stick around and uh help us decorate i'll fire up the grill make some food you know i would love to but all this unexpected snow has the ulfest committee going crazy they want someone with a good camera to take a bunch of pictures before it's all gone well that's a good idea i was so sad we slept through it all i know the whole town did well who knows maybe it'll snow again right before christmas i know you'd like that but i think that one time was an anomaly in and of itself hey i for one hope it does especially after the bleak late fall that we had tell me about been out of no vacancy since what september but guess what we are all booked up this weekend as of this morning someone booked this dork room um someone headed up from la oh la la tours are my favorite kind oh hey let me make you a nice hot tea to go okay i think you might have fun hey guys okay yep there we go got it thanks [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a windmill you've got to be kidding me and this must be where the tree lighting ceremony is what a total madhouse oh no i'm good thank you oh no thank you so much merry christmas hey um i can't really talk right now are you there is it snowing no of course it's not snowing well how is it do you love it well i'm about to go to the tree lighting ceremony and let me tell you the whole thing feels like one big tourist trap yes way and it takes kitschy to a whole new level look up you're gonna have to figure out a way to make it work because i talked to the brand strategist again this morning and with these new advertisers we have a lot riding on this holiday piece no i know but the whole thing might be a little bit more focused on the silliness of solving rather than the magic of it all i don't know we can make it like a cute little satire piece that's fine i mean you're the writer just will you get the kids some kitschy little gifts from that darling little christmas store downtown yes i promise i will get the kids some really kitschy gifts hey lady get out of the room are you okay i have to go i'll i'll call you back belting snow i am great sir i i called out you you're standing in the middle of the road yes everyone was walking in the middle of the road that's why it's closed off now yeah but everybody else was watching where they were going everyone else except for you clearly you should have a license in order to be riding that thing okay i have lived here my entire life i know these streets back and forth i could ride that serious cycle with my eyes closed i'm very sorry i see i've interrupted something very important yes you did my life no i'm sorry it's been a day but you just said that you're from this town then you probably know where the [Music] olsen house bnb is yes i am and yes i do yeah i'm actually running by that right now oh well that's great and then uh how much for a ride on your strange mic thingy my my strange bike thingy that's it's called a surrey cycle and i'm just giving her a ride as a favor that's not my job oh that's fine how much i wish i could help you out but seeing as i don't have a license [Music] do [Music] [Music] uh [Music] [Music] so audrey oh hi hello welcome oh thank you my name is hayden uh i'll also be your bell hopper you think so give me these should we get you uh uh actually um it's a lot older than it looks used to be the solving community center and my paw was uh mayor back in the day so i spent a lot of time here as a kid i didn't have the heart to let him tear it down so my wife and i took over and we took it and turned it into a bnb it certainly has a lot more romantic feel than anything i've seen so far yes all right here we are thank you this is perfect good well don't tell anyone i said so but the storkroom happens to be my favorite room in the house mainly because of this view [Music] wow all right [Music] i believe my wife has prepared some danish delights for your rival if you'd like to follow me into the parlor sure thank you after you you must be aubrey lang hi hey this is my wife laurel sorry handshakes are for strangers and you are just no stranger sit sit sit oh i just love your sight when i heard you were going to stay at our little bed and breakfast i got so excited you and your sister are the coolest oh things that mean so much and i have to tell you i love your place it's like a magical little holiday hideaway yeah you can use that for your site if you want sure thanks and uh we have cheese danishes raspberry danishes and my famous danish pringle yeah definitely go for the kringle uh well these definitely look very delicious and i'm not gonna lie i'm a big fan of sweets especially chocolate oh well you have to go to ingeborg's they have the best chocolate in town bingo borg ooh i like the sound of it it's very scandinavian yeah that's everything around here um so is there anyone else staying here this weekend or am i the only one oh yeah sure the brightons and the bennetts are both staying here but they're out checking out the wineries tonight so it's up to you and me you and me i need help decorating that tree so i hope you brought your ornament fingers here to dance with me [Music] do you sing you're humming it sounds very melodic oh no i don't think i mean i love to sing but i i don't you though didn't you write some big songs for some country and pop artists right yeah i i did i used to i don't do that anymore the songwriting part don't you miss it will be doing my work as a writer for an online travel publication and my work on the site it keeps me busy oh yeah your sister said you're doing town in the usa see what it's all about well i think purely based on your tree decorating skills you're gonna fit in here just fine it really does look great santa's tourist trap [Music] yeah you're not so bad [Music] [Music] [Music] this [Music] good morning ah perfect timing smells like cinnamon spice hayden's keepers what do you think yeah uh so what's on the big agenda today um well i was hopeful someone in town could show me around give me the lay of your little danish town oh yeah sure just go to the visitors center and ask for darren larson i'm sure you can find someone to show you around darren larson perfect thank you [Music] hi there i'm looking for darren you must be aubrey yeah aubry lag hi hey net the dalton house texted me about you um i was wondering if you could possibly give me a tour show me around if you have time i'm doing a piece for my blog that sounds terrific but unfortunately i might just kind of tie down at the moment we've got the big eel fest parade coming up next weekend i'm in charge and i have just been totally slammed today well i totally understand that but thanks so much anyway my um my community coordinator he could help you out if you like he knows more about this town than anyone else oh that's just great thank you here he is um where this is my son sawyer i'd like you to meet aubrey lane hopefully this is still here wait matt it's nice to see you again this is your community coordinator and your town tour guide it's your lucky day ms lang i don't suppose you have a pick of guides for me to choose from no one knows more about solving than my son well see your son he almost tried to run me over yesterday so i feel like if he were to give me the tool okay so son i want you to guard miss lang with your life understand didn't get her the story that she needs sure thing pops you ready to do this [Music] thank you have fun and now i'm going to take you by the yule house where the spirit of christmas is alive year round you know between the danish style half timber facades the open facing storefronts and the very large meals it all just seems too touristy to be true it's not touristy it's part of the town's identity okay we'll call it what you want but i am looking for the real scoop on solving sawyer not just some silly guided tour i mean we've been walking around all day and all i have to show for a bunch of postcard looking photos that are only going to give my followers nothing more than a surface townsview okay what is it that you want me to show you exactly well the entire town it feels like one stick to bring in tourism disguise as some picturesque holiday getaway so can you prove me wrong yeah that's that's easy it's part of the town's history the town was founded in 1911 and when it was all the buildings utilized the traditional western mission spanish architecture known to southern california but then the first lutheran church adopted the danish architectural style and everybody else started to follow suit okay so maybe it started out that way but when the town caught on that it was working for tourism they decided to go for it what do you think even if that's how it went down does it take anything away from solvang's undeniable holiday charm not everything here is charming are you saying i'm not charming no i am just saying that you you sound like a well-rehearsed tour guide giving me your fluff but what i really want i want to get to the heart of solving and what makes it so special so are you gonna help me or not you know what no no i don't think it's possible to help someone who doesn't immediately see that solving is bursting from the seams with holiday charm i wish you the best with your peace enjoy your stay here in seoul miss lane merry christmas [Music] i'm sorry for being so harsh back there i just feel like there's more to solving than windmills and fancy wine plaza [Music] [Music] there is more to it but you're too preoccupied with yourself to be able to stop and smell the real sweets stop and smell the real sweets yeah you spent half of the tour okay smartypants solving i know how to stop and smell the real sweets that's why people follow my vlog and i'll have you know i really like sweets especially chocolate oh yeah yeah okay when was the last time you ate an entire chocolate bar all by yourself i don't really see how my inability to eat an entire chocolate bar is relevant to my ability to stop and enjoy real life okay when was the last time you went out and danced in the rain oh do you know how dirty the rain is in los angeles okay fine when was last time you went on vacation or just anywhere fun and didn't make one post one story one vlog piece about your trip okay you know what let's make a deal you promised me to show me the real salting and i will do my best to enjoy real solving and of course i will pay you for your time all right but the only form of payment i will accept is an autograph that i can give to my little sister for christmas uh yeah she's a big brandy brickhouse fan and bernie flame is one of her all-time favorite love songs oh no wait how does she know i wrote that it's a small town and news travels fast so do we have a deal all right where are we off to next oh that's really good [Music] that's where i was born uh-huh the top shelf there oh you got to see this let's go in here [Music] sorry we're closing up now come back tomorrow at 10. uh it's too bad because i was just hoping to get a hug from my favorite godmother oh goodness my dear saw you oh and watch that mother stuff i'm your only god mother feel like i haven't seen you in at least a week and you know that's simply unacceptable so who's this darling little thing that she brought in with you aubrey this is estelle she's a good family friend uh still this is aubrey lang from l.a is that british a very close scottish and it's really nice to meet you estelle you do you do oh and let's just catch me huh uh-huh yeah okay now listen are you really here for lisa or you just need to see me say hi actually both of those things uh this is aubrey's first time in soulbang and she's never even seen anissa before well no one has really seen anisha before christmas did see that's what anissa does it hides away until right before christmas you see the lisa has to protect the farmlands almost all year long and christmas here holy oh but i must warn you you must be very careful that lisa is known to be quite mistress where are his eyes watch out don't wake him before christmas oh i just love this story it has so much um personality yeah of course it does look who's running the place um estelle would you mind if i took some photos if it's not too much to ask no but of course yeah thank you so where'd you do it oh no it's not like that i'm just giving her a tour [Music] you have never brought a two in here yeah i've never had a visitor this high maintenance before well one is pretty either [Music] i think i'm gonna get these those those are not cheap oh that's okay i just love them well all right then i'll give the family discount how's that i love that is so great isn't she the best yes the snow's really melting huh i wonder if it's going to snow again what do you think i don't know do you believe christmas miracles can come true i believe this little village would lead someone to believe they can hey [Music] meet me at mortensen's bakery tomorrow morning at 9 a.m all right that's on the

schedule for tomorrow you said you like sweets right mm-hmm just bring your appetite come in oh laurel i'm so sorry i should have asked you earlier but um where are your hand towels oh there is a linen closet in the first suite pass the boy there thank you hey wait a minute do you mind helping me with this for a minute i need someone to hold the fabric while i cut it or else it gets uneven yes of course ooh wait what are you making anyway what is this well i did a dress up last minute and needed some assistance so here i am so you sing and you sew it's very impressive not as impressive as blogging and vlogging and songwriting and all of that speaking of how did today go get some good stuff for your big holiday special yeah i think i did i think i have a hook but nothing is concrete yet what do you need for the hook oh um something that drives the story forward something special about solving that helps resonate with all my readers you know yeah sure i get it oh oh oh but i did hear about um your famous danish nissa my god from the the great lady down at the gift shop she is so great and so fun yes what about sawyer is he a guy today unfortunately i'm sorry i'm really sorry i know he spent with your husband and everything but he really wasn't much of a help for being such a know-it-all i mean he definitely does speak his mind but he's really smart and has such a good heart his dad was city commissioner growing up so he does know a lot about everything and he certainly thinks that he does he has been single for about as long as i can remember but he is the apple of his mother's eye and aside from my husband he's one of the best catches in our tiny town so what about you you seeing anyone do you really think i would be at this very romantic chalet all alone if i had any other choice touche let me rephrase do you wish you were seeing anyone if you don't mind me asking well um i tried the whole love thing but i haven't been with anyone in a few years i thought i had someone and we talked about getting engaged but when we finally did he decided a week later um he made the wrong choice by asking me aubry i'm so sorry i think the part that hurt the most was was the fact that he was just being honest so i couldn't hate him i can't even imagine but i think what crushed me the most was that i knew in my heart that he wasn't the right one for me i just fabricated the idea that he was am i no well i'm not anymore though i'm not i used to be but i'm not anymore you say that think about it what kind of great storyteller or songwriter isn't yeah i did write my best stuff when i was with [Music] ah my favorite son your only son i see the annual danish gingerbread cookie chaos is in full swing and what do we owe the pleasure i didn't know you were coming by what didn't miss contributing to the chaos i would not miss it besides who is going to taste test all the cookies hey those are still cooling this must be mom's batch because these are really good actually they're mine oh yeah you're a real riot yeah and since you're here you're gonna do more than just taste testing one of mom's blenders just broke so we're gonna put your arms to work we're short where were you today anyway um dad had me do a day tour to a pretty tourist day here and who did you hear that from your father and estelle this travels fast around here and so you were on a date it was not a date and if you badger me i am not going to get you her autograph wait why is she famous or something no she's not really that famous but she has written a few songs that are one of which i believe is a little anthem that they call burning flame wait she wrote that song can you introduce me yeah i can but if i do you are gonna need another purse to carry around all that growing patience for your big brother oh you are so dead wait a minute who's gonna taste my new batch i will oh yeah are they oh so happy you're home you sure they're good is it delicious [Music] did you make these oh no no mr olson did and he does it every year his gingerbread houses are famous for the locals and with the tourists but i did make those cookies with my kids oh would you mind if i try one no please this is delicious oh this is your bakery yes it is would you like to see the pastry display we have every kind of danish delight you could ever think about are you familiar with danish desserts i'm not but i always love to try new things would you mind if i take some photos not at all oh you must be that blobber that's come to town to do the article on christmas and solving yeah i am i'm aubrey oh how did you know that i was the blogger just a hunch so do you see anything that you like i could start a box for you as much as i would love that i should probably wait for my tour guide he's going to show me around so i should wait till he gets you to order your tour guide yeah you probably know him or know of him he's really handsome but also really full of himself and a community coordinator and the man around town apparently oh he's a man around town yeah his dad also runs a town and he's the apple of his mother's eye so you're probably a big fan of him too oh maybe i know him hey mom good morning hey honey wait this is your mother you're the mother of him yes darren and i got married right out of high school and nine months later this little bundle of joy came along you could say i grew up with my kids and he is the apple of my eye most of the time and whatever he did or said he can be a pain sometimes you're right but of course he gets it from his father i have no idea what's going on here but i'm very glad you like my cookies [Music] yeah all the ones with the green vests suddenly i don't really feel very good oh you too you really do have something in common because he tried that same thing with his sister last night all right enough with all this it's time for me to impress you so i get a good write-up in your piece now what danish delight can i entice you with this morning anything that he didn't make i'll have oh the nativity right yeah how did you know laurel she was making costumes for it last night it seems like quite an event it is you know we have been telling the nativity story for 37 years in a row at this theater it is a huge and i sound like a tour guide again it's totally fine don't worry i just can't believe that the mission price is so low though nothing would ever be that cheap in los angeles how does a pageant like that sustain itself you know funny enough we didn't even use the charge the city paid for some private money but then it got more expensive more popular so we decided we need to start charging a small admission fee that is the kind of thing that gives a seemingly touristy town its holiday magic a christmas pageant that everyone can enjoy i can't think of anything more spirit to the season do you want to take some pictures no i think i'm going to take this moment for myself [Music] the chocolate chip laura was telling me about oh can you hold this for me i thought you were stumped i think i've already burned off the calories [Music] [Music] hi uh can i get you a sample of anything oh is there a limit on samples this place is incredible in fact i think we just figured out my new favorite place in solving oh hey what's up good wait is this are you aubrey lang as in the songwriter aubry lange oh aubrey this is my sister gibby she's your biggest fan yeah oh thanks that means a lot but i just write the songs i'm sure the artists are the ones that you're really a fan of nope i mean yes but i'm lyrics queen and your lyrics are the best i mean i went back to listen all your music and it's sia here and then you see lyrics oh yeah and there's no limit on samples unlimited samples whatever you uh excuse me just because she wrote a few songs back in the day and they were hits doesn't mean she gets unlimited samples she's a human being just like the rest of us three samples max oh no no no you can't put a cap on our sample distribution you don't own this town for this store well you're half right i i don't own this town but i do own this your favorite place in seoul thing [Music] one it's terrible it's utterly awful i'm bursting but not too melty the density is flawless with the perfect amount of filling thank you very much where did you learn to make chocolate like this i feel like i've died and gone to danish village heaven um well this was actually my grandmother's store she brought the recipe back from denmark it was her parents before her yeah i've been recreating the magic and churning out angle boards chocolate ever since i was a little kid when i took over two years ago i added 16 flavors to the menu when he was little he used to sneak chocolate in his backpack to the house and he would get busted eating them after brushing his teeth at night how did you get caught uh one morning he came downstairs with chocolate all over his face and at breakfast mom asked who had been sneaking chocolate in the house and he pointed at me i didn't know i had chocolate on my face i just i figured she saw all the wrappers in the trash and that's all she knew i was in so much trouble i couldn't come to the shop for like a week it was torture oh well i would say it is totally worth getting in trouble for these chocolates i was i was always getting in trouble gibby was the golden child really you would troublemaker know this i find very hard to believe what about you were you the troublemaker because i have you penned as the goody gibby of your family hey you know how i feel about that nickname no i would say um i was i was a good one i know i should actually say i was the adaptable one my sister she was older than me and she was always telling me what to do so i always did what she wanted me to do but sometimes that did it got me into trouble really i didn't figure you to be a follower um no i am not a follower i would say i'm a really good sidekick my sister she always had the mind for business and i was the more creative one you know gibby gibby was always the more business-minded one of the two of us for sure well i will say with all the new flavors you put on the menu you are the creative one too really never thought of myself like that before that or maybe i'm having a total sugar rush and it's finally getting to my head i hate the um the christmas story pageant tonight yeah well if i can sneak some of these chocolates in stealthy sawyer style i am totally in that's mine [Music] [Music] the most beautiful woman in solving who's about to freeze her tush off if she doesn't get a jacket on thank you aubry you're almost ready we're gonna be late if we don't leave now i can't walk oh hungry you look gorgeous well this dress for me to the grammys five years ago that one time i was invited and it's far more than i would ever pay for a dress i don't care what it costs that dress is definitely not wearing you well then shall we [Music] [Music] [Music] is [Music] [Music] this town is a tourist trap i guess i'm gonna have to convince him to like a new idea even more [Music] [Music] look we're twinsies wow cute sweater how's it going did you guys go see the wineries today yes between yesterday and today i think i've seen them all oh i'm so jealous you know hayden and i used to wine hop every year for her anniversary we always have so much fun i don't know why we don't do that anymore well maybe you should ask santa for a wine hop this christmas maybe i will anyway how's that hook coming you've been locked in your room the past three nights you must be close by now yeah i'm not quite done what i thought was gonna be my hook is wrong yeah well you're gonna be able to find one between now and when you leave on friday for san fran well yeah that's the thing i was thinking i was going to stay through the weekend if that's what it takes i'll also lift my room is it still available story wait what do you mean it wouldn't have anything to do with a certain handsome chocolatier has been showing you around town no no no i just need to find my holiday hook well maybe you'll find it tonight with tonight sawyer told hayden that he's inviting you on his candlelight walking tour [Music] i thought that this was a group tour no i did the group thing last night besides you're not paying me to a bunch of extra tourists around last night checked i said i was gonna pay you but you said no yeah that was before you ate half the chocolate out of my store well i can always give it back to you well you didn't already eat the two boxes you took back to the bed and breakfast well i gave some to laurel and hayden and to the brightons with just a few just a few yeah hey hayden said that you're gonna extend your stay through next weekend is that right yeah i suppose i just haven't gotten the entire story yet well i am thrilled that you're staying oh yeah then why is that because you'll get over here for the scavenger on the parade and those are the two best things out of the whole festivities oh i definitely don't want to miss the best parts do i i just thought you would be thrilled to get rid of me i don't know oh no i can't do it burned out [Music] can you see me too or am i the only one who sees you through this burning blame you did not just quote one of my songs that's my song one of my very good songs [Music] have you noticed that there are storks on the rooftops around town yeah i have in my room and out of styles what that all about anyway well back in the middle ages the hundreds thousands of storks would come to the shores of denmark and light upon the houses in the summertime and if a pair nested on your house it was a symbol of good luck we don't have any real story here consulting but we put those up to remind us what does it mean when addition tickets that's really sweet [Music] [Music] christmas in solving a charming [Music] oh my gosh look at you we're christmas here i put it on okay perfect [Music] [Music] um [Music] i wish you thank you [Music] hey all right service up what flavor of holiday ice cream can i serve up for you guys i'm gonna have mint chocolate chip with a mega peanut butter cup and a frozen banana i just want some eggnog i really need to understand flavors from my story so i think i might need some more can i ask you a question yeah why did you stop writing music um i guess my heart just wasn't in it anymore come on we all know that doesn't just disappear well you might be right about that i strangely started writing another song last night really can we hear it oh no um it's not really ready and i don't really sing so well you did that one time your christmas song if you found it and sent it to me oh oh no no no how did she find that song i've never even released an album how did she find that song well yeah but you released it in that christmas movie and she found it no i don't think that's a good idea oh laurel this is so embarrassing i don't know if this is a good idea [Music] wow you were holding out on us because this is good and uh we all know that the spirit of christmas should be shared [Music] all right so we just take one of these guys here okay the turtle and strategically located on the conveyor belt watch what happens it is like an art so what are you doing for christmas you mentioned you were going to your sisters um yeah i'm going to go to my sister's insane friend she's got little kids so i think it's going to be really fun and um and what about your parents where are they my parents they're retired and they're living in florida they love the traffic of san francisco so they're living it up on some yacht somewhere with some of their friends i saw them for thanksgiving so i'm gonna see my sister for christmas what about you do you have anything tying you to los angeles oh like like like a boyfriend no no i don't oh and what about you i i figured with all the tours coming through solving you meet a lot of very beautiful women i do meet a lot of very beautiful women but they're all on their anniversaries from their husbands i don't know i've dated a few a compare about trudging out so many danish chocolates i figured that would be the way to any girl's heart i don't know i've never liked one enough to bring her back here [Music] oh no the chocolates oh no we have to save the chocolate so what i'm hearing is you're staying an extra weekend to stay for this guy that you complained about before no i mean yes no i'm staying so i can finish the story my first version was a bit harsh and i just still need an ending everything else is done okay great but we needed this by christmas and i wanted it turned in by sunday which is today and i haven't seen anything yet i know and i'm really sorry but i'm just i'm not quite done yet okay so why don't you send me what you have so i can make my edit okay i can do that i'll just send you the ending as soon as i am finished sounds great and the guy what's going on with you oh nothing it's just so you don't like him anymore well i do but you're not staying around for him oh no got it so wait what's his name again it's a good name have you guys kissed no i mean i thought he was gonna kiss me last night but then there was this marzipan fiasco and then there was chocolate all over the floor and but you're gonna see him again right yeah i mean i hope so [Music] i assume aubry i haven't seen you so equally thrilled and utterly confused in a very long time which don't get me wrong it makes me really really happy and i think that you should just go for it go for what give this guy a chance for as long as you need to even through christmas we're not going anywhere aubry we're here no i mean of course i i want to come home for christmas and see you guys but i don't know here kind of has a feeling of home too [Music] [Music] i did not know you were here your voice is so beautiful gosh you really do have a gift have you ever my dad was a really wonderful singer really again this amazing guitar player he used to host this little open mic night back in denver i would go with him every friday night until i was 15. we would always sing the closing song together um this one night i didn't go with him i just started high school and i wanted to hang out with some friends and he died in an accident that night [Music] i'm so sorry i really am it's okay my mom always thought it was kind of silly my dad wanting a career in the music industry so i guess i just never really thought of it for myself and after that i'm not really sure i wanted to you know what do you think he would say if he knew that he stopped you need to really chew me out well it's never too late to be open to the possibilities again i myself have been writing some music really audrey that's wonderful oh my gosh i'm so excited for you i don't know we'll see what happens just never know and how was the rest of last night with sawyer you two would make such a cute couple i yeah i really like him yeah and i really enjoy his company but he lives here and i live in l.a and i'm not very good at being in relationships let alone long-distance ones so well it's never too late to open yourself up to the possibilities again right right maybe just wait and see what happens here they are hey guys hi it is getting chilly out there hi hi and what have you two been up to uh where we've been isn't important but you should be excited about where we're going where are we going now i thought the kids were going on a scavenger hunt around town exactly and we're going to join them [Music] and whoever brings back the first nisa was first prize and second and third and so on what's the top prize ah well the parents get a free coffee every week and the kids get a free pastry every week free coffee i get free pastry deal and uh having said that without further ado happy holiday hunting and let the nisa hunt begin [Music] come on come on wait a minute wait a minute i'm supposed to pick that up that's for the kids but aren't i technically still your kid well hey they did tell me that you were going to join the hunt so i got you guys special clues and one for you guys happy hunting [Music] oh wait let's see what we got here uh a little like santa and a lot like a christmas gnome with anissa and his bride go feels a lot like home um would you hit it at home like i don't know my parent's old house where you used to live maybe well she handed us one she makes it herself so maybe so yeah let's start there come on wow you grow up here it's very [Music] let me guess it's very kitschy no magical um the only thing your tree is missing are some yogurts though oh yeah and how do you know what those are laurel she taught me all about them that danish pleated hearts i think your tree definitely needs some all right um let's find this nissa and then i'll get started on that right [Music] i don't really see anything nothing up here [Music] hey uh sawyer um i just wanted to say i'm really sorry about the way i acted when i first got to town oh that's oh it's fine fine forget about it no i i was kind of a brat and i didn't really realize what a pessimist i'd become so i'm sorry your site your site is all about sightseeing songs suicide [Music] watched a few vlogs maybe watch them all well as much as i show love for things on my site on a daily basis my walls were pretty high so thank you for being um well well thank you for just you know uh yeah yeah right yeah um friend because that's what i am i am friendly and um yeah [Music] gibby hi um am i interrupting something no not at all we're just looking for the nissa we are on the hunt yeah we are looking oh well um they didn't hide me here as far as i know no you sure i left the shop earlier today because of that final term paper and i've been the only one here great where else would she even if she said something about a home well she could be at someone else's home like where did they usually live i mean besides denmark and the north pole well most of the nisa sold in town or at the mohl so maybe try there yeah i mean it's worth a shot right thanks gibby yeah let's go see you later bye [Music] oh you two again we are looking for the nissa that mom and dad coming in high going anywhere in here well i don't know but you can take a peep around and see if you found a little mold okay you check the second floor i'm gonna start down here [Music] [Music] you didn't hear this from me but you might want to take a look at the little ones with the red and green tags honey thanks so well i see you and my little god son are still together after a week and a half later yeah he's been showing me all around solving it's been really great so what exactly are your intentions if i may ask oh um we're just enjoying each other's company oh i'm just teasing you speaker but seriously he's precious don't you even try to hurt him i won't i promise not between you and me he came into the shop last week and went home and all about you and as long as i've known him i've never seen him that way about a girl well i feel the same about him too wonderful then that means you'll be at the christmas eve carolyn in the courtyard oh i hadn't heard about that oh that's too bad well then i guess you'll just have to come back as soon as possible then huh what do you want put your name and address down in my guest book so that i can keep you involved in all the things that are going on here solving you know you can always do songwriting anywhere great did you find it uh nope let me take a it's a look like santa and a lot like the christmas gnome the little niece and his bride feels a lot like home a lot like home it's the bed and breakfast of course and breakfast thank you so much estelle thank you all right sweetheart crazy maybe we should have taken your car after all sorry i don't know what i was thinking earlier when i said nights nice and we should go the rest of the way on but open mouth insert foot but i may have called in reinforcements did somebody order a horse-drawn holiday carriage oh my goodness this is amazing it's nice to see you this is dude i can't believe this sawyer best way to see the town thank you i love this you look a bit warmer now yeah i'm much better thanks so when do you head off to your sisters uh tuesday christmas eve is thursday so i shouldn't get there before it makes sense yeah but i'm really bummed out i'm going to be missing the christmas caroling in the courtyard on christmas eve estelle she was telling me all about it and it sounds like so much fun yeah it is yeah i was going to invite you to that but um i just assumed you would have left by then you know can i can i take you out for a farewell dinner on monday yeah sure i'd like that um you know and if you want we could invite hayden and laurel yeah [Music] or could just be us i don't know do you want to make it a real date yeah yeah i think it would be nice i'd really like that you know i'm just gonna throw this out there um if if you ever decided that you wanted to come back to soulbang for a visit i would i just you know need to make sure that we can handle the shop while i'm away but i could definitely arrange that good [Music] okay where do we look i'll check the east wing where my bedroom in the parlor is and i will start and hate in the laurel suite [Music] she posted it the article yeah that's not a good face [Music] is that a snowflake [Music] wait is that [Music] [Music] they're perfect they are it's really snowing right here in soulbank santa's tourist trap what did you just say you're right laurel no no i'm not all right aubry how could you write these things no that's that's not my story i didn't post that story it's got your name on it [Music] look i never meant for that story to go up that was my first draft your first draft i can only imagine how special your latest draft must be aubrey did you really write this yes i did but that was two weeks ago before before what before i fell in love with this place before i fell for you really because it seems like this whole thing advertisers feel like they're getting their money's worth sawyer i'm not lying that's not my story that is not the story that i intended to tell and if the scenery doesn't sell you on the amusement park of it all seek out sawyer the community coordinator for a tour his bland smile and arrogant air are just as tasteless as his tiny town i got admitted your prose is just as strong as your song lyrics you didn't you didn't mean to write this laurel i'm so sorry i'll call my sister now and i'll tell her to take it down you know i believe you aubrey but the fact that you ever thought it'd be okay to put our livelihoods at risk for a success story on your blog that hurts [Music] do [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] you did not make me fly down from san fran two days before christmas i didn't make you do anything well this is what happens when you don't call your sister back for three days i mean i have philadelphia presents with the kids so you are on his list not to mention your niece and nephew are completely devastated that you are flaking on christmas with them so you are in a world of trouble i just couldn't deal with everything anymore i needed to come home and sort out my feelings with blanche's pizza yeah again ray yeah first song i've written in years and admittedly it's really good well that is the best news i've heard yet he must be something special yeah i think for the first time in a way that actually makes sense we just clicked in a way i never have with anyone else before it's not convenient and it certainly did not start out that way but when i think about how i see him i don't adjust the picture like i did with guys in the past how he always made them fit into the picture i just see him for who he is and honestly that's what i love about the most well it seems like you found something very re-elaborate yeah painfully so and guess what what he even owns a chocolate shop wait what i know you need to fix this i mean when are you ever gonna find a guy that caters to your sweet addiction again seriously you need to call him no i can't i can't i can't he he told me he doesn't want to see me again and besides i humiliated his entire town well thankfully it's christmas time which is also the perfect time to make things right again let's do this i love you and i love you too so [Music] wow nice llama sweater that danish village really did went over on you posted okay it's done can't wait to read it on the plane you know you're gonna be okay right i'm solving too yeah okay well i will see you christmas morning did you get the e-ticket i sent last night i did and i will be there family comes first love you love you i'll see you soon see you soon safe um there's travels package on your doorstep [Music] dear aubry i know you didn't mean to mess things up and i'm sorry i got so overly emotional the way that i did it's just you're the first girlfriend i've made since i moved here to salt lake and i used to feel the same way about this town until i fell in love with it the way i know you did too in the end i was just really sad to see you go by the way the song you wrote is perfect if i had the music to sing it with i'd be singing it tomorrow night at caroling in the courtyard anyway here's a little gift from me and hayden and i hope you have a very merry christmas love lore [Music] [Music] hayden yeah come in here what's up [Music] no i know i'm still gonna be there i just i need to do this first okay all right i love you so much okay bye [Music] hey uh dk it's aubrey yeah hi i know it's been so long how are you merry christmas oh yeah um i'm good great actually and that's kind of why i'm calling by chance how fast could you lay a new track down for me [Music] huh [Music] perfect [Music] audrey i can't believe you're really here i can't believe i'm here either but something was just telling me that i need you to come back your gift the storks most likely hello baby merry christmas merry christmas wait did you know she was coming um call it hunch thank you so much for the gifts you guys wait how did you figure out my address well you left your information in a little guest book at the gift shop and someone may have informed me how much you paid for those works so they belong with you audrey merry christmas merry christmas and thank you so much for getting laurel's gifts back to me it means so much considering everything that's happened everything and nothing your last story on soul bank was just the perfect danish crinkle i can't imagine anyone doing it better than you merry christmas [Music] christmas aubrey welcome back thank you wait but what about your family i thought you were going up to san fran um well they understood that i had some unfinished business here speaking of unfinished business i think you have some of your own you're going on stage wait what oh you're singing tonight honey i don't have anything prepared i think you do wait no yes i wrote that song for you so go up and sing [Music] this is aubrey's sister reagan this is phil and their daughter isla hi gibby nice to meet you nice to see you too i think we saw aubrey talking to mom and dad thanks we're happy that you're back we really are swear oh my gosh what are you guys doing we went to the visitors to find out about this and we ran into uh the community coordinator that was in your write-up oh i can't believe you guys came you said it best family comes first now why don't you go get him to forgive you and lock him in for someone else [Music] tell her say get it girl [Music] i really take your family they're great you're a little high maintenance but that's par for the course i deserve that and worse you you more than made up for your first article with the second one you read my new article yeah the whole town read it i especially liked the part about the community coordinator how did you describe in this town i think it was eloquent passionate compassionate a bit rigid but he more than makes up for that with uh his wholesome warm charm now aside from the rigid part i think he nailed it well i'm glad that my article resonated with you as much as solving resonates with me i really did fall in love with this place is that why it came back well solving was just the added bonus merry christmas everyone and thank you for coming to our christmas eve caroling in the courtyard [Applause] this song is a little something written by a friend who reminded me this holiday season that we mustn't let fear overshadow our hearts so this goes out to her and to everyone else in solving where the spirit of the season still burns prey silences all around the evening stars [Music] your lips know just the words [Music] [Music] left [Music] is [Music] you really wrote is [Applause] [Music] music anymore i don't know i guess something here inspired me again and i think after the holidays i'm gonna be spending a lot more time here that is if you'll come see me in the city too i could definitely do that [Music] and if you need any more inspiration [Music] i glory to the new parking peace on earth [Music] join the triumph of [Music] reach [Music] [Music] you know i've been a good girl this year and all i and wish me a merry christmas baby [Music] oh [Music]

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