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Hello guys welcome back to, my youtube channel my, name is Chris and we have some, awesome, guests today, Cradle. Of Filth oh my god Richard, how, you doing man doing very well how are you awesome awesome thank you very much and Otto. How you doing. I'm. Quiet, you know relaxed, and happy you guys here you're. On tour right now in Europe right so how's. It going it's going very well we've been doing it for about three weeks now we got about another five, weeks to go on this European, stretch and then we do the rest of wills until, June so. We're having a lot of fun playing, some sold-out, shows and some, great fans in Europe really, good you. Guys have a letter letter, off days or is it really packed and all days are you know even, even some venues. A couple. Of days off yeah but not too many usually, after four, or five, show. Day, off and, then back. On track, crazy. And how you guys managed. To you know be fit for, all these shows you, have some sort of you know basic. Rules what to do or what not to do or you're just easy, easygoing. Yeah I'm, quite easygoing I'm probably the one guy in the band who doesn't do any exercise, or anything like that before. I go exercise your arm probably, good. Evening beer no i-i'll chill, out and read. A book watch Netflix listen to tunes and just I don't know mentally, get prepared but I'm always playing guitar like all day every day you try that like make, sure your fingers are like match fit. And. Stretching. Out the neck strap muscles before we go on and things, like that I don't know what do you do to get ready. Works. For anybody I mean bass. Player, you. Really do do. Yoga. Exercise, alright before we, go on stage I. Usually. Do a, TRX. Workout while. On. That's. That's. So, sick that's awesome right I mean that's you, know what I've. Seen. That's. Crazy okay all right, sound. Wise and, and. Gear, wise, you. Guys made a decision. Last. Year right and what's to to, go with the many thingies from war which, I guess it was a big, surprise for for. Many but I mean as soon as you hear it it makes a lot of sense right yeah yeah definitely I mean we. Both stumbled. Across the man went into a music shop and just told them my explanation, it's like we were on campers, and I. Love, the campers I think me great but we only use one tone and and. So. Far no growth. We have things on the albums add different effects and acoustics things like that but in the live set we only really need one tone, and a, lot, of attires we were touring, and I'd have to have four Kemper is why my hand luggage and, just, looking for smaller. Solutions. And. I went into a music shop back home and they, told me about these movies might just, come out and I bought the the baby bomb as well as well as discern fifty-fifty. Yeah and. Turned. Up to rehearsal, and I. Shot had the same unit. And I mean how did you come across them I did, some. Time. YouTube research, and, you. Turn up. Finding. New earth page and, I. Was, quite impressed by sound, samples. Checked. Warning. Yeah. So win-win I mean. Ritchie you told campers. And everything you use it for a couple of years right Canberra, for, a couple years and, and that came down to just. Convenience, something we had a tour in Russia in 2014. And we were using heads, and and cabs. Like, we, should, this was sure laughter we joined the bankers we doing the band in February. Of 2014. And, was my first shows so, this was like the October, of 2014, when I were right we're touring Russia it's. Gonna be difficult to higher gear, when we're over there so let's take the campus and the. Technology, for me, I used, to be like, very anti digital it's very much analog guy, and. I was blown away with the campus and it, seems now, in the last few years what but but, technology, is finally, caught up with the tone because I remember getting the line 6 pod back, in the day and like, the zoom multi-effects. When I was first time to play guitar and they were great and they're great as, a creative tool but I felt. Like I couldn't really play. Gigs with them and I'm. Really happy about the, technology, is finally Corp of tone and now everything's getting smaller, which. In this day and age it's it's. Great for touring musicians because as, we, know you, can't command the fees that. You use to back in a view-all downloading. And all this kind of stuff but yet you still have to pay the flight, costs, and the freight costs, so, anything we can do to make welcome. To save money, getting. To the shows. It's. All good it makes sense and I, think. We struck, gold with these movers. So. I mean, it's unbelievable really, if I think about like 10 years ago how. Good. Sounding gear, looked, like yeah, it was like at least a 2 by 12 I mean at least at.

Least 50, Watts head or like, a hundred watts you know monster. And then, like your guitar and all your cables and your tuners and everything I was like you know half, of a room was full or like the trunk of your car now, you actually, saw. You like, you you just open, your case with. Your guitar and this inner, little, compartment, and it's like you know two, little moors and in, your wireless, and it's like wow, basically, that's it we could turn up to a show with. One. Guitar with, all, of our equipment an entire rig, in the pocket and. It's. Crazy to thing and not feeling, like you've sacrificed anything, exactly, you know feeling wise it's, just crazy to think how the technologies, come on. It's. Just just, amazing, sound for, something. So small and, that's the thing that continues. To blow my mind about the newer products, I when we're in the studio we'll use whatever amps, are provided, and I brought. Loads. Of amps, to the studio and, we. Do, record with amps and cabs and, all the, old, traditional, tones, but it, becomes almost impractical. For. Vanillite Cradle of Filth to too-tall. With that equipment, now and so. I think this is a godsend. What is your your. Favorite. Sound if it comes down to M s what, is your choice of amp if you had, like one head, or calm or whatever for, in the rest of your I don't know playing, life, 5150. Works, really well for both of us, well, I was on, 6505. What. I used on the first first, tool with cradle was a proper amp and and the, books for. Years I've been struggling trying, to use 5150. Never worked for me just. Yeah. I think for the particle, kind, of music we play for, for the clarity we need and, then the. Term yeah they works really, great on the first tour I was using a master jewel. Rectifier and, then. We used various. Stuff, from. Kemper, yeah, I think, we. Switched from 51:52. To, DS or even. Blackstone, we, were using like so. Many different profiles and it, took like five or six shows first to go yeah that's for profile but, any of those profiles would have would, have done the trick but in. Terms of one. Ampere. God. I don't I still, don't think I've found the one amp it's. Like. If. I could Frankenstein. So, many amps, like I was using pure nor cradle, yeah, in terms of cradle. Yeah I mean on the last album I use of a PRS arc on, which. For gossip URIs were very. Kind of to send to, me ready for the album sessions and that was amazing and I think that was blended with a 5150. And. The. Tones, great but again you don't get that owl out of one happen, so, I I. Think that yeah, I think that, amp personally, for me hasn't been made yet but I'm a bit of an amp junkie. Like try out so, many amps, and I love, amps and. Constantly. Trying new things out, but yeah. Stay. A bit with. This question I mean nowadays, you. Have a bunch of great ants I mean 20. Years ago they, were just I don't know for five really. Great expensive, and. The. Others just tried. But. Nowadays. You have a, lot. Of products to choose from. What. Is what is your concept when. You create a guitar sound, for. Example for cradle of course. Bass. Mid, treble gain. Saturation, and, everything is there like a rule. What you really try to to. Follow or is. It like let's, totally, experiment, and let's crank all the bass in or out is there a certain, black. Metal sound what you really find, useful, and huge. Sounding, at, the same time it's. Very. That's. A really difficult one to answer because. It. All depends I think a lot guitar players get bogged down with having this incredible, guitar, tone but. It doesn't work well for the band and. That's the hardest, thing like you'll be tracking guitars going oh my god this sounds amazing but as soon as the bass comes down or the keys have been added. So. We've got a tweaked things anyway, so everything, gets reham and, all this kind of stuff so it's a very difficult one to answer for that reason but I think, you.

Just Listen to your heroes and try to emulate, their guitar tones and then tweak. From there so I wouldn't. Say there's really a set rule but. I don't know and, every. Amp I've ever tried I go right let's get everything on twelve and then die and then tweet from there yeah just looking, for that sweet, spot I've, got a theory about every, amp is amazing, when you know how to use it there's so many people I know by amps and Sam doesn't work for me it does work for, this reason or that reason it's. Because we haven't really sat down and tweaked, it they just go well I'll look at my favorite. Guitar players settings. Even. Though they don't have the same amp there are just use those settings mmm why doesn't it sound like John Petrucci. Because. You have got John Petrucci fingers, so. Is, it's. It's. All, these little things I think a lot of people forget about it a lot of a tone comes from a fingers and and the playing itself so you. And how you exactly. And every amps gonna react differently every guitars gonna rant different pickups everything's, gonna react differently so. So. In trying to am so I used as a generic rule just say, everything at 12 and then tweak to. How I play, okay it took me a long time to realize that trying to emulate my favorite players tone go why doesn't it sound yeah and. Then it just came down to that I really, do. You play with a you, know some. Extreme settings like lots of gain or or no mids at all or lots of treble or no, really I think as rich mentioned can, set up really great guitar, tone or really, great on the, guitar tone which makes you and people but, when the. Rest of the band joins. Your. Guitar, might disappear. In the mix symbols. Usually will eat. Your. Highs and the bass is gonna, eat your your. Low ends there's. No guitar in the mix so basically, I think what you need is, a proper amount of meat as long, as your tone, is clear, and, your. Riffs have. Enough clarity put. As much gain as you want I don't think we are using, as so. Much gain not really no I think a lot of people think we use like. The gain on 10 yeah boy and I, find right yeah. Exactly, and. Nine, times out 10 I find myself going to like five or six on, the, gain and, hitting, harder, yeah it seems to be the way for cuz we know it'll get that clarity, exactly depends. On pickups, and all the stuff on the game that's. Very interesting because I. Was, honestly. Interested. In your your answer because I also had a couple of you, know guitar players buddies, or even customers who, has this question like I really want to have an awesome, black, sound, or I want to have an awesome death metal, sound or just a threshold. You know like well. I'm not sure if anyone can answer this for you you know if you. Want you when your guitar, is the sound really mean and super, tight and really, you, know like. I saw. That. Can work if you play, you, know the right guitar you play touch, the guitar the right way. You use a good pick that then does that for you you know not all materials. Were will sound the same and and whatever you know what calves you use and everything how much gain use because you know you cannot say like you, have to use I don't know what sort of stainless steel strings. And you have to because, that's really that's, out there you know that's this really a theory like you have to use this kind of strings and you have to use I don't know like zero mids and whatever what double.

As Much gain as with. Other styles but it's I guess, it's really just the matter of you know what fits in the mix and how you play. Exactly is it all comes down to I'm sure a lot of guitarists. Will agree with me over the years we've been playing I've been playing for 20 years now and just, I've. Bought so much gear trying, to find, the. Tone and, it yeah, and it I've. Just come to this conclusion that I'll never find it I'm, always happy with it with terms than I've got bought so many amps and pedals and guitars and you start, to whittle, down what works for you like I know for like the kind of double humbucker kind, of setup works for why the, Fatone I really, here in my head for. Cradle but again if I wanted to do something more a pop session maybe something a bit more single-core strategy, undertones so it all depends what you, want and the, kind of tone you hear in your head as long as you're getting close to that I. Don't. Think, you. Should be dictated, by what your favorite players use. Really, just experiment. Or how, your. Favorite album sounds because we, all know that you know these. Mixes. Are you. Know of course there was a lot of equalization, going on a lot of compression going on a lot of you know mastering, it that's a different story if you listen, to an album without master after mastering, it's just a different. World even the shape, of your guitar sound changes, so, chasing. That sound is really, probably just a you. Know a thing. That will drive you mad because it's not gonna work, I think one, of the key thing is. Who. Might be a lot of people i'll, stuck, into the equipment. Stuff, you know i want to sound like this unlike me so i buy the same stuff and trying. To record without and. Doesn't sound like that because I. Think. The key thing is what. You exactly play and the, way you play it, my. Opinion, it's the, coming. From, your hands yeah, even. If you use a lot of game because you, know your, guitar will. Sounds. What. Is like your your typical. Setting. On your on your more saying. Well we'll tweak night after, night really, just depending what song in happening in a room but. I tend to have. The. Mids are pretty, cranked, for me time. Little bit of low end we usually find I have to crank the low end a little bit I don't know wherever it's for the, wood and the pickup combination, I usually have to put on a little bit more more, low end than, now. Short does my. Gains probably. On around seven, maybe eight again, it depends on the room but, uh, yeah. His. Sounding. Pretty killer. And. You're using really, a prison, right and the radar, on my radar yeah, I use preset, twenty-one, which I'll be honest with you I don't even remember what it is it's I think it's based on a 4 B 12 Saldana. I believe forward. Tour I was just kind of tweaking, going, through all the presets, and, changing. Little things here and there and I found dogs getting actually further away from what I wanted because there's almost too many things I could do with it too many factors like, the, what. Mike you're gonna use what speaker you're gonna use what angle, you can put the mic and, I'm. Not that clued up when it comes to things like I'm not an engineer or producer, so I just tweak and so I find something that works but I found that in preset, 21 just worked really.

Really Well without. Having to tweak it and it. Maybe not by night will now for Anna perhaps guy Danny, he uh maybe. Tweak a little things out front but he. Really likes that setting. Is just a basic. Something. To work with so. You know I think it's not great awesome. And. In your case you're awesome. Please. At 21 right I haven't got a chance to, check. It out before the tour so. Only. Like tweak a bit of, all the. Rich presets, in radar, cause I like, it and pretty. Much seems. To work well since day one I just, tried minor. Tweaking, by. The mixed position, as a factory. Setup is mic. Placed, in a century yeah, yeah. I was. Thinking my it's more, like, a. Bit. More aggressive yes I move it a little, bit to. The side and a bit from. Out. Of a box. Just, a bit I think. Yeah I'm curious. To, try. The other settings, because they seems to be awesome, the. Tubes. You. Can change the tubes you can put them external. EQ. You. Can change the mic ever, too, many stuff and you, don't really have a time to give, in soundcheck. Alright, okay cool you. Guys, mind showing, us a couple of chords just to get the point out how to set up sounds. Even. On these ridges really. You know gives you the feeling like that's that's a mic ya, have yeah, it's, really surprising cuz, I mean, on the UK tour before we got the radars we're. Using the inbuilt, lab. Simulation, and that. Sounded great and I was thinking how could the radios be any. Better than that and it was staggering. How much of a difference it made it really, was us. Really. Surprised how like. A cab it was and, I was like I could, record with it and maybe do an album with it but. How. Scary. Yes. Scary. The. Cool thing is that you. Can. Switch. Some stuff off if you don't, want to use it you can I think you can switch off the power amp, or you can switch off the cap simulation. As well use. The difference I think. It's. A clever piece, of, equipment. Hahaha. That's very very. Impressive without a drummer I mean this isn't serious sixteenth. Notes. Thanks. Super, sight alright, cool guys thank you very much for this, little gear Chet, we. Will be doing a, little, something else as well so make sure to check that out and thank. You very much. Awesome. Rich thank you very much awesome, you guys have an awesome - thank, you very much take care cheers, guys.

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I own a recording studio, I have worked in a variety of recording studios and made records for myself and other people for 20 years. None of that is relevant because I already said modeling stuff can work in the studio. I also own a variety of amplifiers which I use every day, and I have worked with plenty of others, I also own a variety of modeling stuff, and I absolutely have heard a Kemper played back to back against the real Marshall amp it was supposed to be modeling on the same stage in the same night, and there was no comparison. Real amps knock the modeling stuff off the stage, 20 years of going to shows, that has been my experience every time. That is why I made my initial comment, to help young guitarists make informed decisions. If you're not interested in my advice, that's just fine with me.

Graham Ferguson - clearly you’ve never spent any time in a studio, worked with a wide variety of amplifiers, or had a proper listening shootout between a Kemper and an amp that’s been profiled. If you want to be ignorant, fine, but don’t be an arrogant ass about it.

Only a complete twit would pay for modeling high school kid toys and go around the country playing inaudible fizzy noise, when they could buy a real amp for the same price. Reasonable people think music should be heard.

Graham Ferguson - reasonable people ignore uniformed opinions, like your idiotic claim that a Kemper sounds ‘lame, phony sounding and largely inaudible.’ Only a complete twit could have that opinion, so excuse me for not taking you seriously.

I sure do. For example, if you decided in advance that a piece of gear is good enough because it's affordable and convenient, then you confirm your bias by ignoring all the people telling you it sucks.

Do you even know what confirmation bias is? Lol

Hey we're all COF fans here.

I felt the same but after some yrs i kinda started enjoying both bands musically and ignored all the scary stuff. 2 of my fav all time bands.

The bald man is so sexy

Hellsinki! :)

Not a fan of C.O.F but great guitar playing

TorHawk If I recall correctly: Gian Pyres and Paul Allender.

ArtOfRuin981 it was all down hill after Gian left. The line up for Cruelty was the best they ever had , and Gian did a ton of the writing during that period.

Paul was the sound of Cradle of filth. These guitarist are just doing what Paul had already done but they are great and I love it. They all are great musicians. Respect them. No need for badmouthing anyone here. \m/

Listening through headphones I can’t believe how damn good these 2 little pedals sound.

Janne Väätäinen Sound awesome.

Graham Ferguson - it’s funny you claim that you want ‘to help young guitarists make informed decisions’, yet you clearly have little to no experience with a Kemper other than ‘hearing one on a stage this one time’. If you knew anything about the unit you’d know why your claim of ‘lifeless and fake sounding’ is just plain idiotic, but you’re too damn arrogant to bother learning something new. If you want to help people, at least know what the fuck you’re talking about instead of telling people straight up lies about how equipment performs because you’re too damn ignorant of how to compare it.

Agree, the back story here being regrettably the band 'members' earn pocket money, sad that such good musicians (and paying punters) can't enjoy real valve amps and cabs.

in joke...look at the CoF family history and notable pro musician associates plus failed former projects...

it is about phrasing, vibrato, pick attack...subtleties what gets lost in the mix of some bedroom guitarist playing straight powerchords on line 6 bollocks uber metal distortion.

Сука блядь пиздец как это гениально. И в целом, альбом ебанитический. Респект за видео.!!!!!!!!!!

Ух Виталик как это ты выразил. Спасибо, было много работы. // Иван

o.t.t.o disciple agree

What pickup set does Shaw use?

I just bought one of these, except that due to a lawsuit, Mooer had to change the name of this Micro Preamp to "Brown Sound 3" from "50 50 3". Still a great pedal, but wouldn't it have been great to have one of the original ones?

When I was a kid, these were the bands I listened to lol

this will be the new flight rig. (if i ever was in need of one) xD

I also have a Mooer 005 and zero problem. The built in cab is good but if you want to get more natural, use external cab sim ...

These 2 put Cradle back on the map. For those of you trying to suck Allenders nuts, you forget Gian Pyres literally shat metal and a majority of Cradles best riffs.

Кто-нибудь расскажите мне какая цепь звука тут и что они базарят про эти коробочки?

Which amt?

Idk, I used to love cradle of filth, but after Paul left, I don't find their music that catchy anymore. It's just some generic riffs with no character to it. Like Temptation was questionable, the 2010 album is a complete abomination of a music album, but other than that they had really decent music, I would say. Manticore made the band redeem itself. But after that... I can't even remember what albums are there, even though I listened to them all. Hammer of the Witches was alright, but it had like 1-2 cool moments per every 3 songs. So yeah, idk why people are so excited about these new guys doing their thing. Kudos to them though.

This video changed my life

The Cradle guys should at least upgrade to the Mooer Preamp Live \m/

I remember (hazily) seeing CoF at The Spread Eagle in Ipswich back in '95-'96, can that be right? If it is, those guys have aged much, much better than I have! Dani was so charismatic on stage, and I *think* I chatted to him a bit after the show and remember him being a really nice bloke..... but I was very, very drunk.


I have an AMT S11A and love it. AMT makes some great preamps.

Олег Лесков either a power amp, or a guitar amp with an effects loop you can run it into.

+Your video is bad and you should feel bad!...unless of course your video is good, then carry on. So I Need a power amp.

Олег Лесков the AMT stuff doesn't need a pc. The s11 I mentioned is a tube preamp that runs dual 12ax7 tubes (comes stock with 6N2p tubes). It doesn't connect with pc in any way.

+Your video is bad and you should feel bad!...unless of course your video is good, then carry on. But they useless for me. Amt need PC. So I don't like to play into PC

What was the signal path? Mooer to a cab or direct to powered speakers? Or Mooer into interface?

Kris here, hi! It was as simple as it can get: Mooer preamp pedal -> Mooer Radar -> DI box -> Interface. Pretty impressive, isn't it?

Thomann Music Kris can you tell me which DI box was used? Radial? Passive DI?

Thomann Music it is VERY impressive; I have the Fractal AxeFxiii and I will say that for small gigs I use my 5050 and Radar pedals exactly as you've described

What this goes to show is that if you can get a similar tone that's "close enough" regardless of amp or preamp or plugin, then it's all a matter of one's playing style and "finger tone". What equipment is used is secondary to that.

Sick as fuck! Amazing tone and tightness.

Damn i wish you all recorded the direct out of the pedals. Is as low as a radio


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