New Teams And Prototype Bikes | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 53

New Teams And Prototype Bikes |  GMBN Tech Show Ep. 53

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Happy New Year and welcome back to another weekly GMB, ntek show coming, up on this week's show we check out that rad and looking at new RC, tu-95, from pace the, British brand there's a really really wild looking single, pivot carbon. Fiber kind, of a prototype bike all the way from Bend designed. By a truck, as suspension fabricator, and of course there's all the wicked, stuff from you guys. Okay. So straight, into new Sam first up let's look at some of the new bikes there's some of the new World, Cup races, are on this year now the obvious one that everyone, has been talking about of course is Josh braceland, is off Santa, Cruz in he's on to Cannondale and there's already some really cool riding Clips emerging, of him testing, out his habit, which is the 29 inch wheel bike of course. And he's absolutely thrashing. A pants off this thing already so expect. Some of really really cool things to come from, Cannondale, and of course from, Josh Bryson and whoever else ends, up being his teammate, we've already seen with Jasper Penton the British. Rider that absolutely, shreds, in bike parks he's also riding, one of those bikes and of course freedom from last year we also know that max has been riding one, of those bikes as well so there could be a whole, little crew coming, together there but, I'm also really excited not, just about, the habit of course but, what else is coming from Cannondale surely. They're going to be looking, at the Jeckle next which is the next up, in the range in terms of will, travel on what the bike does and then, I suspect. There might be bringing back a downhill, bike of, course that's what I would love to see them do because, Cannondale back in the day had one of the biggest, downhill. And World Cup teams in general ever. So, I would love to see return to some of those glory days but I'll have to wait and see on that one oh and, one last thing on Cannondale well. Now, that rat boys got access to an e-bike do, we think we're, gonna see him do some rad stuff on an e mountain, bike potentially. So that's, obviously something for, our friends over at a and B n better if we find out anything we'll let you know and. Of course the breaking, news over. The weekend is of course the fact that Kate Courtney, is off a specialist, and more importantly, she's, gonna be teaming up with Nina's shirt, over on Team Scott, this is fantastic, news she's, already a world champion, in basically her first year moving up to a leak she had a hell of a year on those beautiful, specialized, bikes and, she's a really really, solid rider as well so what's she gonna be like on potentially, an even lighter and more advanced, mountain. Bike the bike was basically developed around, Nino shota and his desire to win is, she gonna keep winning on a bike like this I certainly hope so and it's, gonna be some really cool content coming with her over, the year so keep an eye out for that, now. Any last of course is one of our friends here at GM bien and GMB and tech last year we checked a bike, out over its stellenbosch at a first round of the World Cup of course he's not Mike AMC team but they're running the BH bikes back then so, she remains, on the KMC team but have changed bike sponsor, and they're now on orbea bikes that means we can expect to see her riding that alma mater which is absolutely. Stunning, but more so on the ice which is their 4 inch travel, basically. Their 4 inch travel world cup a cross-country bike one of most beautiful cross. Country bikes on their scene I've got to say there's a few out there they're especially nice and that, is one of them so can't, wait to meet, up with Annie soon actually and get another bite to eat with her and see what the new black is all about. Now. Team Atherton racing, it could be some interesting bike, developments. Happening here now Neal, when riding with them over the festive period he, went up to the bike park up at Duffy and he.

Did Notice although nothing was said about it, the Rachel was riding, on a 29, inch wheel bike of course it was one of her old race bikes that she obviously chose to rode 227 a half over, the season but she also had a 29th you know she was riding that bike and of course G's riding 29 inch wheels so, a bit of speculation here, because nothing was said and they would not say anything about it I reckon. They're all gonna be on 29 s next year which, suggests, it's gonna be a brand currently. That we're not quite, aware of on the downhill, scene I reckon it could be, a brand that we did hear spoken, about on the Christmas dirt shed special, and we, threw around the name Merida which, of course is one of the biggest bike, manufacturers. In the world they make bikes for many companies, like. Some amazing, bikes I'm. Not going to spell it out for you but they make some pretty flippin, amazing bison I reckon I could will be one, of those we did his mother browser. You mentioned, in there but they already make bikes in, that sort of realm so, I reckon, you might see reg Weston on 29er. But, could it be 29 inch front and back or could it be tween on the front and 27, 1/2 and back because. Those new you to our rules will allow that that, will be interesting to see, Crankbrothers. Have got a new budget peddler it's called the stamp one so. It's a composite pedal, body they're available two sizes, just as before the large body and a smaller body and, the best thing of all unlike, the top model of stands which are well over 100 quid or 100 euros these are about 40, so they're a bargain, price and you get all the extra traction, pins and stuff in it just nice to see a company generally, pushes out really high-end stuff to, push the stuff for their great price points as well I know that Blake's really got to say these on his dirt jump bike in fact I have a look at this shot here you can see them on screen now. Next up is news of a new mud, guard coming from the maker of the, crud catcher now, some of you might not be familiar with the original crota, catching a purpose in this was to catch that mud coming off the front wheel that comes up in your face of, course these days is a bit different because we have tall suspension, forks like those ones over there in, fact let's use this as an example. These. Days when you're riding the spray comes back through this hole here and then you basically ride back into it so the job of the fenders is to stop, their spray and direct it back down at the wheel back, in the day when used to run really short Forks like, this ancient, paste, fork I've got here there, was no room for anything to go through there so the blood would just bunch up here but as a result you would just get the mud coming up at you from underneath so the crud catcher used, to sit on the down tube and catch all of that and back, in the day before the crack at it even existed, the thing people used to do is cut up water balls and just cable tie them onto down tube of course, Pete Tompkins realized it wasn't very nice and you didn't want to have just like a 50. P water ball hanging off your a thousand-pound, bike so, he developed, the crotch catcher and it was the best mud, guard around for many years and there were other options. Out there but credit coach who was the one you had anyway, they're, back and they've got a brand new mud guard and it's, called the XL fender, now this is a shot of it on screen right here now. Just like all the other fenders, you see now it covers the front, wheel from both sides so it catches a spray coming up from the back of the and also the spread it goes through, round to the front there it deflects it back down onto the wheels is taken back down to the ground but. The thing that's really cool about this one if you look at this picture here if Danny Hart's bike you can see it aside on you, can actually adjust the height of this mud guard so in thin, spray mud you can run it really close to the wheel so catches all that spray that would otherwise, come back in your face and in really thick cloaking mud like on the shot of this Santa Cruz bike here you can see the mud got has been raised quite high much more like, a motocross, mud guards that's a really cool concept and we. Know that Danny Hart has signed up to ride for them so and we all know how well Danny likes riding in a mud so I think they're saying something about that Matt got quite, cool that.

Now. This is a really, really cool new. Bike from, a guy called Don Thoren now I came across this via Instagram, some once emulous now, check out some of these shots on screen so Don is actually from bend in the, US and he's works in fabrication, for, truck, suspension. So he's obviously no stranger, to developing. Stuff anyway, as Sue's gone out and designed his own bike so it's a single pivot the pivot is this, fairly high is quite far forwards, which, is quite unique and it's designed around a coil shock now, look at this thing it's quite wild, car reminds me reminiscent, of those the. Marine bikes out there in a polygons with that big wild, looking swinger I think it looks quite cool but, something, that's particularly, crazy about this is it sounds like it's got quite a long front end in fact if you look at these shots on the screen here you, can see some of the geometry Stephan on, his website very cool information, of course this is prototype, stage but. A back end in it 413. Millimeters, long that's, insane that is so short I've, ridden a cross-country bike before with 418. Mil but that was a hardtail generally. You're looking at. 434. A back end on a bike that's got 29 inch wheels and my new proof has got 450. So, this, has got 413, that, is so sure you're pretty much going to lean back and you're gonna be in a manual on this thing it's gonna pop around all over the place personally. I like a long time so it don't have an issue with that but it certainly does. Spell out a fun ride that's for sure and I want to learn a little bit more about this only anticodon because I think this is a really cool-looking, project, but, how cool is this. And finally, in the news this week in fact my favorite bit of news this week is from pace cycles. So, pace are a company based in North Yorkshire and UK they used to be known as pace research, they've. Made some of the finest, looking bikes in the world in fact that those suspension, folks right, there and made by a pace they're called the RC 35 they made those way back in the early 90s now, they've got a full suspension bike out the RC tu-95. Look, at this so when I say they've got it out this is their prototype, it will be available later this year, now here's some of the specs on this buy so it's a four carbon fiber bike which as far as I can answer first for, these guys 29s, wheels it's, designed around a 130 to 150, millimetre travel fork outback, is one three five millimeters, it's, a twin short clip short length design and as you can see on the bottom linkage, it looks like there's dual. Positions, there for the shock we suggest you can adjust the geometry on it and possibly either, travel. Or how the back end feels on there too so it's got throughout so based on the rear internal, cable routing internal, headset fully see what bearings as you would expect from, a company based. In well, the county of mud really happened in North Yorkshire isn't effective. Top cheap our size Lodge is six, for two millimeters, and head angle sixty. Four and a half degrees this, thing looks like he is gonna rail and it's the right amount of travel as well not too much 130. 29 er yes please. Cannot. Wait to, see this bike in the flesh I'm. Off to kind of see you guys because it, looks really good. All. Right now it's time for bite cave which you know it's the place where you send in pictures of where you keep your bikes where, you lock them up a night where you work on them where you do all that sort of stuff I would, love to see some more video entries this year we started to get some really good ones at the end of 2018, I'd, love it if people could do some, video entries send them into the usual place upload, a link is at the bottom of the screen right there, and of, course now so new years we've got a whole new batch to filter fruit and here are some of the best ones we've had in the, last few days of 2019.

So. First up is farm Adam in Minnesota. Us, right. So recently, completed my bike cave using, the spare space in our utility room thanks, GM Bjorn you've really helped me get back into biking and do my maintenance yes, wicked, could've. Done it without you or dude you could have I completely believe in it especially haven't. Seen what you've got in here you definitely know something about bikes however a couple of husky tool cabs there you've, got one of those feedback. Sports innovation, stands in the back really nice works down sale man. You've already got it kitten out some part tools you've, even got like we've. Got a spoke tension meter tucked away and, it's like a dishing tool as well so you're into building wheels so you definitely know stuff about bikes this, is awesome so. Let's have a look through the rest of your pictures, oh man. Looking good see got a really nice workbench area to my strip light above there you've, got a wheel, jig that's one of the newer Park Tool ones I believe, that's the one that can take big wheels as well as a smaller, size has in fact wheels. Let's. Say you got a pocketbook cap on there as well might, not be there might just be my ice but. Certainly, they can get trusty GMB and sticker on the work stand there I love the fake on a bit of a caddy set, up when you're worse than to keep, with your popular tools and in fact it looks so you've got a talks to you 25 in a bit of a socket driver there looking good, plenty. Nice stuff in here or use a cane aspectual I serve, that model actually, really miss it now we have acid green or sauerkraut. Green or whatever they're called it's like really, nice looking bike quite quite. Alternative, actually because not many people had them in that color but, yeah I really liked it I'm currently waiting for, a new bike to pop out for that, company you find out more about our gym bein in next few weeks. Yeah, but loads of cool looking stuff I'm disappointed, to see device away in the cooler they're all, on its own looking quite sad got to say although. Vices. Jeff in the corner of weights down to get the best use out of them but just, feel like he's a bit lonely over there but. I'm, loving your setup we've got a nice rubber flooring in there looks. Like you're in the middle of doing some other work in there you, could probably panel. That out and make a bit more use of the sight it actually got insulation, on the walls or something slightly.

Different Construction. Too unfamiliar, with but looking, good at a nice. Placement, really. Good awesome. Next, up ah yes, I've been waiting for one of these it's from Morgan, and. These biking, ears of whitey Jeff sees from Pete's build in Hampshire to UK my, converted, VW, crafter, makes a perfect bike cave used for storage maintenance, from a buy but also for family holidays sleeping. Two adults and two kids and all the bikes best. Part is my bike head comes with me whenever I'm shredding yeah a hundred percent dutiful looks awesome, and a few people have converted vans recently, and, it does it's. Such a good idea my nice tool, I haven't, all the wood in there as well in fact I have to chase - Blake you love this - let, me show you got bedding up on the wall there ready to go I guess, the bed frame comes down at the back there. That's. Good it's. Really good, always. Good to sort, of have a bit of a nomad life on the road I think you know do. The air the Alps in a summer take, the bike and the kids down there what a way to live that's. Awesome, Thank You Morgan for sending that in and more, vans please anyone's converted a van takes. Their bikes away send them in and anything, else this alternative, and if you've got any videos let's, have them. All. Right now it's time for word rewind which is of course the retro section, of the weekly GNB and tech show if you've got anything retro, could be old photos, of you in races it could be an old bike component, could be even better and I'll bike anything. You've got or maybe your friend has all your local bike shop has take, some photos send, him in there's our upload a link right there by my finger on the screen please. Send, this stuff and we love to see it so let's see what some of you guys been sending, in to us this week so, first up is from Jane, giant. XTC, harto with bombers and hope disks and a custom steel frame this, is my office having stripped the bike I've. Got, an old custom steel frame made in the 90s which is hung in my office wall as a picture frame for artists draw through both family, nice okay. The ex-teammate, is still maintained mounted. On that frame it's every oh there it is there yet nice and my thumb shift is on it until recently love, a pair thumb he's. Had. The thumb shifter since the mid 90s and I bought the hopes in 97. Or 98, I finally. Retired the thumb shifters and hopes and the riding has changed due to illness, sadly. Their hopes had to be retired so I can't get a spare to repair the master cylinder which is developed, and annoying leaked have you I guess you probably have spoken Toth there must be able to help you out surely because I have. The closed versions, I was there sorry, tender closes have the open versions, without the dial on the top I.

Don't, Feel like they're that old I mean maybe, I'm just show my age here but I do, remember the writer knows fairly recently but maybe. Not but erm it's definitely worth asking them because they're beautiful old break steel and you could definitely believe those up gifts and fresh padding and use them again really, nice to see those oh. Look. At our pace, our c7s. Grease as well in a grease gun that, stuff was immense that was ridiculously, good grease and, that one nothing there's a suspension formulas, that's the stuff you'd purge him through the grease port on the side no space books I'd. Get them down again but probably pull off a sit down if Athena and, also, some Pedro's, mill cleavers that, was the, best high level of that generation, those things were incredible, and I think in fact MBK, gave some away on the front cover, years, and years ago and I think mine. Sort, of got lost somewhere along the way were borrowed by someone but they were amazing, they do make another Thai lever which is good but that was the one and, I think they were called milkovic, so we're made from recycled milk, bottles as far as I know which was showing. Their earth-friendly status, way back then so. Really cool to see that okay. Cool thank you for that anyway Jane that was really good to see that next, one oh look at this and this is just giving me a great idea so this is from Michael. He says the bike shop will work out in Denver Colorado. So, basically, mid, over and comes into my work couple of times sadly. I'm not gonna fight to the beat did give us this signed Jersey I know it's not a bike but I think it's so cool dude, I'm completely with you ned overand what, a man like what a legend, of mountain biking you know racing, back in a day with all the great Susan, Dean would say John. Tomac across Tinka Juarez it's just so many big, names of riders in that, era and of course Nell over and super, famous great, rider, really. Cool to see you've, just reminded me that I've got a carry bag full of random old jerseys, and I've got brian lopes Jersey in there I've got Rob Warner's 1998. National championships Jersey still, with mud on it and it still smells of Rob unfortunately. But I've got that in a carry bags nest away and I've also got a Steve peat jersey from. I'm. Gonna say 1998. As well I think it's not yeah he had a crasher, Monson and I think it was what, was it nice a grass Mountain near the crash and broke his shoulder and currently, he was number one in the World Cup and I've got that Jersey that was cut off for me still got the number one plate on it I mean he wrote on it this one hurt a lot was, a number one and I'm, gonna dig all that stuff out I should show you cuz I've completely forgotten about all that stuff but. Yeah so cool I think maybe I should get so it's tough frame day you, look pretty cool on the woman here just like this, knit over in Jersey but it's super cool, and what I think the stuff I've got squatter's call has ended over in Jersey so really, cool to see that oh we got some more science stuff now so enlisted from Adam in Suffolk, I don't, eat loving a show mum was clearing out the loft the other day and came across some old pictures of man. Look at this I was quite a fanboy back then dude I think we both were I still, am through this I had, a signed picture of me and my national but couldn't find it but I found family, for, giggles so that's Martin horse so, back in the day used to known as the Martin brothers of course they weren't brothers but they may as well have been because they were like Tweedledum. And tweedle. I used to hang around together but. That's. So cool yeah, say that sign PT I know there you are with the Monash in the background man, you didn't look much older it's. Got 5 o'clock shadow it's probably take it 8 o'clock in the morning there typical, noise I'm wrong sprouts out beards like nobody's.

Business, Super. Cool to see there's his old Volvo Cannondale, Jersey, oh man. Really cool yeah, I used to go all the shows and see see, Martin and Martin back in the day as well I love, the fact they get to work with him now my absolute legend in the sport and really, especially in the UK those. Two riders were responsible, for everyone riding trials, as something happened in the UK there are a lot of people outside. The UK might not know, around. 2000, might be a little bit early in 99. The. Country says disease could foot-and-mouth that struck basically, in law CASL had to be killed off and there's a lot of passive countryside, you couldn't, go to mountain. Biking really, dramatically, suffered, in that time and all. The magazines at the time didn't. Know what to do because they couldn't go and take pictures of people ride man boys in their, natural environment, and basically, at that time Martin, and mine were doing their, trial sort of urban demos everywhere, and they basically took man bike into urban locations, proving the fact that you could ride a mountain bike absolutely. Anywhere, and to, a degree they largely saved, mountain biking for certainly. For a lot of retailers, there's, a shock with super cycles in Nottingham they see self dvg trials bikes and ons ER and all sorts of other Brown said man, it's such a like important, era and I don't think anyone realizes just how much they, did for, mountain biking and it's too soft on both because. They really really inspired. A new generation of. Riders, you may go down McAskill doing that stuff now Chris at Craig of course was one of those riders is still doing it completely. On his own in a different level of course a creeks incredible, but, really, was Ashton, and horse that really really pushed, him for most of it well that's all the old retro stuff we've got enough time for this week unfortunately I could, talk all day about this other stuff so I won't bore you with it anymore we're gonna go to the top mods next. All. Right here we go so this of, course is top mods top, mods is a section where you send in any little modifications, or customizations. You've, done to your own bikes to make them a little bit different from your mates bike or, maybe the brand new bike that you got in the shop anything. Counts anything, goes could be a sticker could be some new grips could, be a completely respray, whatever it is send, your top mods in to us video. Entries, are encouraged, we want to start getting and seeing. More of you guys on our show so if, you've got video clip introduce yourself tell, us what you've done to your bike show us a bit about your bike and send. It in upload, your link is on the screen right, there so, first up is actually it custom paint job so this is from search in, Belgium, you, say the bike isn't no brand 229, that, you convert it into his rocketship I love that try, to make this thing as fast as possible. Rebuilt. My 20 line I went from a rock shark's rebirth to a rigid, carbon, fork from, xt 2 by 10 to absolute, black so. Oval eyes ring 1 by 10 a new, paint job done by myself new, oaken grips I'm having, some bling decals made up but I don't have them ready yet alright when it looks pretty cool to start with so 2 for bike yeah. I mean you're masking, it down. Look. At this I did, doubt it when you said you went from a rock side forward to a rigid fork that blends in perfectly hey, you've done a sterling, job on that and, it doesn't like a rocket ship awesome.

Thanks For sending that one in next. Up oh it's a familiar name this is from a gray ship eniac so I met, Greg and Melvin's last year he's a regular contributor, and a viewer on GM, BM tech, hi Greg our Happy New Year nice to hear, from you again so, you've got 2016, kind, of process 1 3 4 deluxe. Oded BL model. Just. Upgraded, it and I thought chair I've, replaced my stock wheel set with hope enduro rims on pro for hubs the decals, are custom, from slick graphics yes, I love those guys it's Owen it's slick isn't it if you're watching this Owen hope. You're still going alright like always, does some wicked graphics, for me to. Match the lettering on the bike frame love, the hope hub sound and I've set on a tubeless with Petey's bass yeah but Rick nice and. Ceylon as well with some stands rim tape and. Use an air shot to do it yeah ash also brilliant really great sort of a tubeless inflation, device I've. Also placed my worn-out grips with a set of DMR, death grips I hope you like it I certainly, do I know you think you've gone for the death, grips without the flange on them. Interested. To know why what, why didn't you like the ones with the flanges personally. I really like a fan script if I can get one but. Just like to know that because you get the options or with or without ping. Us an email or comment in the description below and, let us know what you think of them as well something, I found strange with the death grip is the fact they're bigger on the inside too small on the outside of, course there's. Less to hold on the outside of your bar I get there and there's more on the inside so you've got a nice softness breath I found, my house felt like they'd which one in the right position and the icon grips are like the opposite way around say taper the, other way which doesn't make sense but it feels really good those Saints on personal. Preference of course bit and a nice little shot there you buy too sir poking out the darkness in the woods Oh looking good nice, by Craig here appreciate.

That Definitely, this. For fastest, in Quebec. Canada no. I say fastest heyguys, nothing extravagant here just some routine maintenance done, a little while back I figured, I could still share it with you guys I start, with a good clean followed by a complete wax to keep it looking sharp say what I thought it's a brand new bike Wow. Maintenance. Wise I put on a brand new Eagle, X x1 chain on my drivetrain, and installed. Max's Arden on the front page with an icon on the rear or dude you've done the tamil as well amazing, next. On the list is an 18, to 54, tooth. Star, rat you upgrade nice yeah for the DT Swiss through help I can't wait you'll sound too sweet when you get on there to your. Bike looks amazing I've totally thought I was brand new so. You've obviously spent some time cleaning that bad boy looking. Awesome and I stay here for someone in Quebec as well so nice on Francis thanks for sending that in guys, keep your top mods coming in we absolutely, love, them you're killing it there once more is he dressed we send them in a bomb on the screen less, Adam. And. Now it's time for the tech of the week now, this is quite cool so as I mentioned earlier house Rey was, in the office hanging out with us and it's always a pleasure to. Hang out with some of our hands it's just that what he is done for a sport mountain biking he's amazing, now, notice he had a bit of an odd looking belt on and he's like I need to show you this this is like belongs, to a friend of mine is his company so in. His belt on the buckle itself the company's called fix a Series, in multis Hills there's various different options available they're super cool you, know make all sorts of other things like this key ring fob nice, leather fob here's got few tools on there just kethry a link to the site at the moment the belt is an awesome, idea so. Suck a nylon, webbing style, skateboard, belt and it's got a specific, type of buckle on it and, the idea is you buy the belt what you can see here and then, you choose which of the multi tools do you want to go with in it and I won the hard hat was an even newer version, than this one I here on my hand and you could even fit into their Quick Links from a chain and he, said that there's a prototype, one that he's testing, in the moment it's even got Dyna plugs in it ready, to seal up your tire so this, is I Papa MacGyver, effect, well I think this is one of the coolest little. Bits of tech I've seen in a long time because it's always just gonna be within, a belt you can just wear and go about your day I think the only time you'd ever need to be concerned about that is if you went in a plane you want to make sure you put your tools away in, your luggage so you don't get confiscated, because of sharp items on, those, but it's such a cool thing if, everyone's, going bag less when they're going riding trying.

To Put tools on your bike and on your body in a way that's not going to hurt you that, is a fantastic way, of doing it absolutely love it so thank, you hands for introducing me to this because it's really cool thanks for leaving this one with me as well what, it means is I'm now going to need to get one of belts in order to put this in so I'll. Show you mine when I get one, there. We go there's another weekly gme and tech show in the back hopefully you, liked some of the content on here and some of the cool stuff we've seen in news I've got any comments we'd love to hear from you Adam, in those comments below, this very video for. A couple of great videos click down here if you want to see my, bike check over on jmdn I think that went up earlier today. And click. Up here if you want to know a bit about MTB. Technical, confusing, bike jargon, as always. Gives. That thumbs up if you love Debian Tech and please don't forget to subscribe if, you haven't already done so see, you later.

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Merida make frames for a bunch of big name brands. Shows you how much influence marketing has in the mtb world.

Sort of but not really. Less marketing but the bikes are every bit as good with a lower price tag. Merida makes frames for Specialized out of Taiwan though. My bike is a merida 140 7.700 and I love it

Amazing. Mudguards for bikes...! Who'd have thought it? After 30-odd years of mountain biking and we arrive at common sense. Makes you wonder eh? A simple re-naming of mudguard to crud-catcher and then it "makes sense". Is there hope for humanity?

I don’t reckon rat will ride an e bike. he just doesn’t seem like that kinda bloke.

Does that mud catcher fit on any bike our is it just newer ones? Will it fit on my gt avalanche 1.0 our 2.0?

Sadly u havent featured cross worx :/

I remember the Foot and Mouth outbreak well, it was 2001. Went on holiday to the States to get some riding in (£750 for two weeks inc flights with Rocky Mountain Adventures, what happened to them??). Customs made my strip the tyres from my bike to dip them in a bath of disinfectant, they did the same with my cycling shoes and kit then simply handed them back full of water!!

#askgmbntech. Hi Doddy , I just bought RockShox SiD XX WorldCup Blackbox fork (from old stock) and Monarch XX damper to upgrade my XC bike suspension. However the fork comes with carbon steerer tube and I'm not sure how to deal with it. What is the correct procedure for fitting carbon steerer to alloy frame to avoid galvanic corrosion? Can I use alloy crown race or should I get the steel one? How about stem - alloy or carbon? Your input on this will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot Andre

413mm?! My Chameleon comes close but at 415...

Hey I consider to buy me the ROSE soul fire dh bike.What is your judgement about this one?

Tons o goodies on this show. Needz one of those multi tool belt. Good stuff

#askGMBNTech can we have a full 20-30 min (or longer) video dedicated to the Rewind Legends? Highlighting old racers, old riders, frame builders/designers, etc. For the first ~10 years of my riding life I didn't follow any of this stuff so I felt like I missed out on a lot cool things.

Curious where Graham aggazzis is going in 2019 now that he seems to be leaving kona? And gwinn as well?

wait what??! there use to be World Cup Downhill races on Grouse Mountain? Like the Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC? I use to live near the base of that... that's where I really learned how to mountain bike.

loved this show

Doddy you never bore me when it comes to the retro stuff and think i need to get some photo's of my collection sent in ;) Cheers for the show and the amount of time you and the rest of the GMBN crew put into the shows. Total Respect to you all. Regards and happy new year.

#askgmbntech Doddy you love 29er 130mm bikes. Any chance you check out the new Commencal 29er British Edition trail bike. Its on my hit list just released over the silly season. Cheers

DDG man! I got a DDG Sting...24" wheels and about 56mm front end travel...frame in mint condition...probably could be used for trials but was designed for DH slalom. Wouldn't mind madding it only i can't find any half decent 24" wheels...any ideas anyone? While we're at it, any ideas for forks too? Anyone got some old stock they need to hawk?


weedfreer Spank makes some 24 inch wheels. If they hold up to trials, they should hold up to dh

agghhh mannn!! you had to show a shot of JMC didn't you!! WHHHYYYY HE HAVE TO GO SO EARLY!!

29er Cannondale Habit Alloy 5, Norco Sight A, or Trek Top Fuel 9.7 2018 though?? I can't make my mind up...i've seen an American reveiw whereby they said the Habit is not that an exciting a ride...does that just mean it does most stuff good or does it mean that you need to slow down to the bike? I hear the Norcos are exceedingly good when things get fast and i can't knock the parts and build...they're also meant to be good going up hill too...which is what i'd be after (currently have a 2006 Giant Reign 3 which is good but man, it doesn't half bob up them hills's also a 26" QR 3x9 speed which i would like to progress from). The Trek is also a good shout too if i'm honest with myself here...can i get over that big brand ambiance though?? Fact is, i can get 50% cash back on a new bike through a scheme at work. The cost to upgrade my 26" Giant vs the benefits returned...when there's such things as 29" bolt through wheels and 1 x drivetrains these days...makes me reluctant to invest anythng furhther in it...other than the cost to repair the BB so I can sell it without feeling like a shister that is. I did (do - albeit with failing welds) have a Cannondale Delta V700 which i did really like (despite putting that thing through hell and back). Question is though, is it a cas of been there done that...time for something different?? any thoughts you guys may have would be very much apreciated! x

Good vidéo

Hey Doddy the Canfield riot 29er has a 414mm chainstay an it's been out for years!

The Specialised guys won’t be happy hearing that there are bikes better than theirs, haha, but i do think that Trek, Scott and even Cannondale are better (have to love the Lefty Ocho).

I still use an ancient Crud catcher on my quite modern 29er as I don't get much mud clearance from an enduro type of mudguard....The old fashioned one (one of the clear/white ones in true retro style) still works a treat and looks cool......Saying that, my enduro one looks pretty good on my old 26" wheel GT....

The pace looks awesome...wud love a pace ht...I have a 42:16, beautiful steel bike with sublime welding...can wait to read mire about the fs...

Maybe you should also make series of converting van to a camper. Blake would love this

#askgmbntech yes?

I would luv to hear a little about the Ghost bike brand, why isn’t there any talk about Ghost.

U cant see them, thats why...

Great to see the pic of the legend JMC.... Gone to soon but always remembered

great show as usual ta

Dotty hang them jerseys up already.

Doddy The Canfield Riot 29er has a 414mm chainstay an it's been out for years!

I really want crank brothers pedals but my job requires bikes with reflectors in the pedals smh

Courier but tbh it's more to protect the companies ass then mine. It's what the company said when I signed on but they never checked my bike. UK Laws are funny, I have a front and rear light. Rear reflector too but took off my wheel reflectors. My tyres are reflective anyway.

man0z , what is you job? Backlight in the post is not enough?

Ho old is doddy?

Sprocket Cycles 512

I've got flange-less deathgrips on my bike and I prefer them because I found the flange rubbed against my thumb and caused blisters. Also being a BMXer I love odi longnecks and the super soft ribbed pattern of them combined with the waffle and knarl of the deathgrip makes for a brilliant, comfy grip

#askgmbntech Hi Doddy,I have a Titan sonic pro and I was wondering. Would it be able to reposition the rear shock so that it would work like a sort of upside down shock. During long rides, when I want to take a sip of water, the bottle hits the lock-out and it is a pain to think of the lock-out lever each time I want to get some of that good refreshing H2O. Thanks guys.

*Top Cap Cage Mount from King Cage* maybe?!

If your sauerkraut is green, dont eat it.

ohhh 13:35 are you talking about the new Canyon Strive ? I want to know more about that even though I finally cracked and bought the torque xD

+Mario Tommasi hum canyon has already release its 2019 version of the spectral ON

I think he is talking about the e-bike

L j ll?

Yes, whats that all about? LJLLL

This pace looks like a mega with scott rear suspension lol

...and.... Why is that funny?

I know its under the wrong video, but I got a question for #askgmbntech: Why doesn't any of the big MTB manufacturers sell a bike with 28' tires? The only bikes I know with those right now are the E-Bikes of my parents, my dad said they have 28' tires. (They are some Tour Hardtails from Cube)

29er is a 28inch bike with a beefier tire...

Great show!

Rewind is always my favourite part of the show. I'd love to see Doddy take on another bike build, only this time with old discontinued parts - the idea being that as much as we love new shiny things, old bikes can still be really capable. Between Doddy and Cannings, you probably already have all the parts on hand!

I've got a few more additions to my bike but I'll be sure to send it in for top mods soon :) it's nothing special just those little quality of life improvements.

Think I may be getting one of those crud mudguards

+Dude, smell my helmet oh 100% but got a flexi enduro guard (knock off) got 2.3s but wanna go to rly knobby 2.4s and I've got no mud clearance with the 2.3.

I'm sure they catch everything coming from the tire, but damn they're ugly!! Haha just sayin

#askgmbntech is it ok to do some jumps with an xc bike ?

Try to land with both wheels at the same time

if you wana look like your confused

Simple.. yes. Just need the skills to do so

If you have full suspension this isn't a problem

If you can bunny hop you can try jumps. If you can't bunny you will hit your rear wheel alot to moment when your frame breaks. Learn the basics first!

I ride my local dh track with some friends on a full carbon xc bike as long as you don't do absolutely stupid things it should be fine.

It's fine bro. I hit up bike park Wales on my xc. Full suspension is just easier and much more comfortable

Yes providing you have a good insurance

Thanks guys for answering my question

+Max Mustermann yes but concentrate on those landings keep it as smooth as poss

Shyam Golfar if the jumps are not to big it should be no problem. Look at the pro races.

if the chainstays on that new bend single pivot bike are so short, will it lend the bike to looping out on steep climbs?

Trogg It could. Especially with a short stem aswell. Although getting out the sandal and really leaning forward could help. It will never be a bike that is good on steeper climbs though.

Brendan’s is on enves

I should be revising but oh well!! I love this show!

You cheered my day up

what was doddy talking about a new canyon bike. any clue? wanna see a shorter travel 140 mm 2019 spectral

I know there is a spectral and neuron. But there is a space in-between them for a short travel trail bike. And on another note i see that the difference between the spectral and the strive gets smaller and smaller. It is getting kinda confusing.

Yep. In wondering too! I will buy a Canyon Bike because i live in Germany and i think im a Fanboy ;). Im going to buy an Canyon Torque 8.0. but when the new Canyon Bike will be good i will buy IT!

Spectral 2019 has 160 front 150 back. New 2019 canyon neuron has 130/130.

Can this comment get 3 likes

3rd like. Easy.

+Angus Barrett one more to go

Yes it can

is there anything like the defender mudguard being made now? i like the way it can be removed for transporting the bike easily

Athertons on Norco??

No mementos but I was living in Durango CO when very first world mountain bike championships was going on. I lived there about the same time yeti was there.

Can confirm mbuk did slap some milk levers on the front of an issue, no idea what happened to mine but they stayed in my day pack for years

Would it matter if I changed my fork to a fork that has a different offset

Well that depends on how picky you are about how the bike feels and handles ...

Happy New near

Okay weird idea. I wanna see a series called *Dods Mods* where Doddy takes a used bike, test rides it to get a time. Then slowly mods and upgrades it over a period of time to create something properly trail worthy. Maybe as a segment in the show or small episodes and cleans it up, replaces necessary parts and upgrades components. Not exactly scientific but fun to watch. Also the name fits perfectly

DO IT!!! please

Then gives it away when it's done! This could easily be a thing

+Max definitely. More upgrades and mods then jumps and tricks. Would be interesting to see what each presenter would do differently within a given budget and time scale.

corky748 maybe something a little newer or higher end, upgradeable with modern and commonly available parts and replacements. It could act as an example for beginners on a budget and tutorials for riders looking to maintain and improve their own rigs all within the concept of the show. But I get what you mean tho, Sams one is a great example of something a little different. Super cool nonetheless

something along the lines of the sam pilgrim FREE BIKE CHALLENGE. Take your 100 pound bike challenge bikes and upgrade them with another 100 pound budget.

That would be really good

Would love to see this. GMBN PIN THIS !

Great idea mate

+Angus Barrett Wheeyy

this would be great!!!!

Tomi Saaranen hey bro again ure In the Gmbn comments as always

Sounds sick dude

Me too

Max I want that

The crud catcher looks horrible mudhuggers look way better!

looks pretty cool in the high position

nice vi d




Go get a job and stop being an idiot

Than tell me off for putting first

Don’t you have anything better to do

+Nathan Colligan If you wanna be English grammar/spelling police, you should comment in complete sentences.

+Nathan Colligan I also dont cares.

Zagica r u foreign because last time I checked “cares” was spelled with an ‘s’

No one care!


Nice tech

9:05 “Suspension Fooks”

I think 29ers technically are 28's, but screw my memory on this... But I guess 27.5 and 29 tires don't really measure exactly as 27.5 and 29, just approximates.

Can this comment get 3 likes EDIT: we made it yeah boii

Thanks to the three guys that liked it

Hi Doddy I was in the Pace shop only a few weeks ago and i saw that very bike in the workstand. I asked Mr Pace (forgot his name) what it was as it had no branding and you could tell the swing arms were not finished and only inthe porotype stage, he said if he told me he would have to kill me so i guess i was looking at that very bike!


E mountain bike channel pollution

So 27.5 is Dead? So sick of manufacturers changing the specs to sell bikes.

We want Kate in Kross Racing Team

Dod you nailed every section of this,great to see someone who's been into the modern(last 20 yrs) scene hosting this.

The thing that pisses me off about cycling is the cost of everything,Ive never been out of work my whole life,been a rider my whole life but also been skint. Got in debt instantly at 18,im 48 now. Decent bike and kit cost £1000's. Current bike is a Voodoo 26" hardtail,it feels like it stalls on every single root and bump. It seems like every thing in the media to do with cycling is buying new kit,very depressing,the constant pressure to buy new kit and putting down of last years angles,somethings gone wrong i think.

With all the gear you can change I’d love to see that progression and thinking on what to change for the average rider.

Yes i did 5m Jumps with a fully ridgid Xc Bike (allthough with the post inserted). On the fith time i cased and crushed my rear rim. I do am 200 pounds or 90kg so the bike took some more abuse than regular. Jumping without casing is great if you not sure i would reckon to build up and take it slow. Hope it helped. Have fun riding. ; )

+Nathan ColliganMTB If you wanna be English grammar/spelling police, you should comment in complete sentences.

+Nathan ColliganMTB I also dont cares.

@Mario Tommasi hum canyon has already release its 2019 version of the spectral ON

@Dude, smell my helmet oh 100% but got a flexi enduro guard (knock off) got 2.3s but wanna go to rly knobby 2.4s and I've got no mud clearance with the 2.3.

@Max Mustermann yes but concentrate on those landings keep it as smooth as poss

@Angus Barrett one more to go

@Max definitely. More upgrades and mods then jumps and tricks. Would be interesting to see what each presenter would do differently within a given budget and time scale.

@Angus Barrett Wheeyy

@Nathan ColliganMTB If you wanna be English grammar/spelling police, you should comment in complete sentences.

@Nathan ColliganMTB I also dont cares.

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