New Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Hybrid 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello guys and welcome to a new video today I, have right here with me the new Toyota, Corolla. Touring. Sport. This. Is the brand new, 2019. Car. And I would love to review. To. Review this new. Beautiful. Corolla. Tourer. Sport. And. Let's. Get to the job guys so, first, of all I want to tell you that. In my opinion this is the most beautiful. This. New Corolla, is. The most beautiful car. That, Toyota. Ever made and with. This. With. This. Touring. Sport. They, did, it they, did it and I think they will sell a lot of, cars. Because. It's really really beautiful it, also has a lot of new technologies. Like blinds, what you can see here in this big mirrors, you, can see the new key, you don't even need to to, push the buttons because you, can touch here, the, the. Candles. And the car will open, just, if. The keys it's in your pocket you, just have to put your hand there to close and unlock, the door here, you can see it if you are from Switzerland, at Auto RK. Bold or you, can come here they have great great. Great price also. This car come with 180. Horsepower, and, an. Hybrid. Electric. Motors, too it, has it, is really. Really very economical. And. This. Car can be ordered, with the, engine. 1.8. Petrol. Or the. New 2-liter. Engine. Petrol. Engine, that are. Combined, with the hybrid car look, at this beautiful design exterior. Design in my opinion it's. Very very. Beautiful. Also, it has a lot of sensors, around, the car I will show you at the end of this video the all new technology, that come with this car also the back cameras. And a. Lot. A lot of, new. Technology. That this, car, comes with look, at this beautiful. Back. Of the car it's. Kind of amazing, I like how they put this exhaust, pipe. Down there and it's really simple in the back I like this it's like an electric, car it's like the test like and see simple, this. Nice. Glossy. Plastic, down, there to, look fantastic and, also how they make these lines to. Look sporty. And they, integrate. Their the. Light, reflector. And this nice, LED. Back. Lamps, look, fantastic in, the night I will also, show you this a little, bit later in, the video I think you will love it also. Here have the brake light, another. One another, again here's, the address if you are in Switzerland or, around and you want to see this car test-drive, it or, buy, it they have great price, there, you can see the website or, also the address if. You want to come here also, you can put an extra trunk, up there over. The car and you can see here the Corolla. Logo. And. Hybrid. Also, the, hybrid, logo, and. I love these lines how, they have they make these lines the, car look fabulous. In my opinion the new. The. New Toyota. Corolla. Doing. Sport, hybrid. Look. Fantastic and. I'm, really really really impressed with this hybrid how. Good consumption. Have for, such a big, car. With, such a strong. Engine, and, also. It's. A really heavy car I will. Show you later this car consumed around, 3.3. Liter. Petrol. That's, amazing. And. To also have only. 76. Co2. So. I think it's much more beautiful than the previous. You. Can see here previous, was in the left. This is just my opinion and I like this front, much. More with the LED. Light they, likely will see it later, it's, all full LED light and this this, light in the night it's fantastic, also they work on, the chassis they, make the body a little bit lower for a lower resistance to, the air and to better. Handling. In the curves so, they work a lot of this body and it's. Everything. Ting. Ting. Ting and made. A. Lot, of tests with this car - you're tough I did a great job and. I'm. Quite, impressed to. See that, it's quite a beautiful, car, so, in my opinion it's, the, most, beautiful.

Car, From Toyota. This. New Corolla. Tudor. Sport, hybrid. And also. In. My opinion the. Price it's fantastic. We. Will go there in a. Minute but, first and let's see this lines on the side so, now you can see here all, the information. 3.6. Litre a, row, six, Toyota. Corolla, 1.8. Hip hybrid. And. Also you can see the price begin. At. 27,000. The, francs, so it's around twenty-five, thousand, euro and with. All the option goes, around. Forty. Thousand, friends. That's around, 38. Thousand, euro for this fantastic. Beautiful. Car, with all the technology in, the. Last last. Technologies. And also, beautiful. LED. Light back, cameras, and let's. Go in the trunk it's automatically, ok to this trunk and I'm, really. Impressed to, show you how, huge, this. Car, it is in the back you will see it in the moment it's. Quite amazing. How. Much space it is in this new. Corolla. Tour it's. Amazing, and I also like this aluminium. Lip. Here that protect, the. Paint. When. You load, stuff, also, you, can see this beautiful, LED, light in the left and right they. Look fantastic in, the night on. The video you cannot see it so well, but, I'm telling. You you have to see this car they look fantastic and, also I like that you can, put. Here. In the trunk, directly. Straight here it's a huge space also, 12 volt port there, and. Also here huge space, I'm. Really, impressed. With. This trunk. It's it's kind of huge, you. Can, put this protection, to here. Kind. Of simple, to use and everything. Is feel like high quality and. Everything. To look good, inside the car Toyota always make fantastic, cars, and, now the surprise, it's this huge, space here guys you can see there. Is no spare tire and then, you can put a lot of stuff it's almost the same like a Tesla, it's. Huge, space, there I mean if you can see this, is go straight but you have much. More space than the wheel you have also. Ten-centimeter. They're up there, to put your stuff, so. Quite quite quite impressed. With. This. Car, you, can even put it a little bit down so, really. Really huge space, in. The car I. Think. It's it's almost, the most spacious, tour, a, state, car that I ever see and also it's, flat, here, you, can leave it flat and you still have a lot of space there. On the pits to put some stuff, and. Also I want, to live all, down to show you that. It's everything, it's flat, there and you can even sleep, in this car or. You, can carry huge. Items. On. The camera I cannot see so good because it, is a little bit white but, you can see how much space you have to to. Fill here, on the, feed space it's, amazing, and this is flat you, can even sleep here, you can put a lot of stuff. Just, go, to see the car and you will understand, what I am Telling, You my. Lens on the camera there. Are a little bit wider and, you cannot see it so well how how big it is but it's I tell. You it's it's a huge car here and it's huge, space. In. The park, from, here you can see a little bit better how long did, it this this, car it is and, how much space you have there. It's, kind. Of big, it. Is really, really big space. Okay. Anyway I like. It very much, I'm really impressed but. I like this car, very much and if I have to recommend. It I, totally. Recommend, to. Buy this car. This. Is better than other cars and I also like the quality of the, materials. And the, quality, of the doors the way the doors are closing. But. It sounds, so nice I don't know you know. This button, if you notice but you. Can actually hear, it but. The only, downside of this car that it, doesn't have a leather. Seat but, this fabric, seats are also, great. Quality. You. Also have here two, cupholders. And. The. Quality, of the doors, it's, amazing, if they are soft you. Have also these stitches, here you can see the upper, part it's all leather. Or. Something. Like that but it's very well quality, and, it's soft, materials. Also. Soft, here. Combination. With plastic, and the nice. Button. For the windows. The. Other downside is this space, here the cup holder space is not so big but not so many people use it for example I never use that space, there and another, things is that it's a plastic here on the side I was I was.

Think. It's better when it's like, soft material, or something but you. Don't even care because this seats are. Really comfortable, I sit. In them, no. I Drive. And and they are fantastic for, the long road so, you. Don't have to worry about nothing, now. Let's put the seat in the normal position. For. Example and, test, the back space of the car. And. We, go right. Now in the back we, go in the entries, it's very easy to enter in the car you have cute space and you can see in the front it's, a normal, position of, driving, there and, here you have still huge, space to the fit and. You. Can you, can see that front seats don't have a plastic it's. Everything soft, and, ice, and. Also like that, you can take this. Materials. To wash it here. You can see you can take it out and wash. It and you have a new one. When. It's dirty or something like that we. Can change it very easy we, have the band's here in the middle we have nothing, I was expecting, to have maybe. A USB, but I loved the, fact that this step here it's, very small and can, stay in the middle without the problem. Also. You can see huge space great, comfort, a. Lot, of visibility, also. Nice. Space, on. My head, so. It's. Quite amazing, I also like this windows, there you. Have great visibility and. The. Nice place, for your hands. There, for long roads you can you. Can stay. Without problem, in these cars in, this, car and, also. For. The family, it is a great great, car this new Toyota, Corolla. Tourer, and it's. Fantastic really. Impressed we have. The light there you go easy in the middle as you can see now also, huge space on my feet in the middle. Even. The. Other seats it's a little bit in the back also, you can stay with the feet together. Head. Space also, very, well three fingers, there for. You can sit for people, here without, problem, if you go a little bit forward, with, your legs, you, have more space to the head you. Cannot, drive very long roads in the middle here but. Long. Trip I mean but, for. The. Short trips it's, no problem. Also, three people in the back will, stay without, any problem, here, in the middle we have this, center. Armrest that, you can move it and I just did the way you want also, leather and, nice quality. Down. There we have a USB, and 12 volt port very, useful, this. Place there two, cupholders. Plastic. And glossy, black plastic, with chrome. Electric. Handbrake auto hold. Also. We. Have here the. Automatic. Sticker and, also. The, buttons. To change the, different. Modes. Of drive a navy electric. Mode only electric, or hybrid or. The. Way you wanted, to, drive this Corolla, I also, liked the, new Corolla. Dashboard. Look. Interesting. And nice. It's. Come from the future, and it looked like like. Like, futuristic. And. You can also hear, how, doors. Are closing. They. Always did. A great job with the doors also. Great quality, here in the front as well, nice, stitches. On the door. Great. Great. Simple.

Design. Also. The button are great quality, and nice. Yeah. Almost, the same like in the back. Same. Thing speaker, and a little. Space there for the, bottle. The. Plastic, here to protect the, entrance on the car, also, you can the lumbar, adjustable. But the seats electric, some. Information, about car, weight around and. If. You are interesting in this stuff you can pause, the video and watch, it again now. The seats are not leather but are nice, fabric, materials. And they, are, perfectly. Well made, for. Long trip they are very comfortable and, even on the side they. Don't, have any problem, to, sit. In them. On. The sides too they have support. On the side also, corolla, hybrid, you can see the logo here, on, the tepish, so. This is really cool the pedals. Also. Here. Almost. Technology. Also. Hitting, steering. Wheel parking. Sensors, open. The trunk, now. Going, inside, the car. To. Show you the rest you can see. You. Can only lift, up key there and you don't have to start. It because you have the button, you just have to have the key with you great visibility on, the windows, a nice. Big mirror, they, are fantastic visibility. Around the car so. Driving, position, it's perfect. Interesting. Style how they choice to do this - Porter, this. Pillar stay, the. A-pillars, stay a little bit in the front but. Is not a problem, you can drive without any, problem. Here. Are normal, buttons. Also. Nice big, mirror, you. Have great visibility in, the back I like, that. Now. Yeah. Also. In the back it's great visibility, you can see a lot of windows. Big. Windows, and very nice visibility. And, like. You see before it's a huge space there. Also. The dashboard, it's soft, it's, nice as you, touch it also. You, have had a display, on this. Car. Speakers. There nice, design, leather, everything. It's soft here, as you touch it the glovebox it's big knowing. No. Light there but it's, huge, now here. You can charge your phone you, also have these two buttons for. Hitting. Your seats, a driving. Modes, electric. Hybrid, or, the. Way you want it full electric, or only petrol. Engine, now. The. Steering wheel it's also nice, and good. Quality. You have the buttons, here too to control everything, in the car pretty. Simple, and. Fast. We. Start the. The. Navigation. System because, I want to show you here. They can work a little bit more on it. I'm, sure about that, the. Automatic. System simple. And nice. Integrated. There, but. This I was expecting, to have a better multimedia. System, it's quite nice. To. Work fast, but. It's kind of simple. I see, the, Toyota it's in the premium class I, I think they, make great, cars, and, I know that, the, engines, and it's. Such. A good. Company. That they work and they make fantastic cars, in. Time, and I was expecting, the multimedia, system to, be a little bit more fancy, than this, but, I guess it's, work, it's work fast, it's do what it's supposed to do is. Nothing, complicated here, it's, it's just around a few buttons. And. Yeah. Navigation. Work also as a touchscreen, but. It's not so fancy as on the Mercedes well I would. But. I guess the price it's also. Different. And, I'm sure about that so. If. You don't carry, out too much about the technology inside, the car and. You just want a simple car, simple. Multimedia, system, and simple, core navigation this is the perfect car for you. So. Nothing, complicated, everything simple, but in the same time you can connect to the internet you, have mirroring, links, you, can connect your phone you, can see a great navigation. You. Have big screen and all the information, about the car, consumption. And all that stuff are, right there and. System. So. Now the. Dashboard, as, I tell you I like it very much I like how they work on it I like, the steering wheel also. This multimedia, system I was I was expecting to, be a little bit more, driver. Side. But it's kind of its. Kind, in the middle. More. Like for the passenger. But. I guess you have a great visibility, from the driver side too, so I'm not complaining about this for me it's not a problem also. There you can see the car can read the, speed, limit signs.

On The street also you see all the information with. This new, kind. Of digital display. It's half off I guess. On the sides you have a combination standard. With digital, and in the middle it's all digital and it's looked fantastic also. Here, you see the climatic. System. It's. Easy and simple, to use. And. It's, do this job of perfect. Now. The air vents, are all in the right position, they work a lot of this design, and they do it great, they, always do great job Toyota, with the cars, everything. It's great, quality here, we have the buttons for Lane Assist and. Adaptive. Cruise control and, all that stuff that. Car. Have on it or that sensors, and all that rudders, and. Everything. That. Comes with car. So. I am kind of impressed, of this new. For. Doing. Sports. It's, kind of my. Favorite. Toyota. Right now and, I also love, this beautiful. LED. Lights. That. Fantastic. The, car design, on the exterior it's, one, of my. Favorite. Touring. Cars, tour. And I can say that state. One. Of my favorite I stayed on the market right now it's. This Toyota Corolla. Hybrid. Tourer. Touring. Sport so. It's. Really beautiful, you, have to see this far in real then, you have to see that this, LED. Light you look fantastic goes, in. The front this is the daylight. There. On the side this lines, so. It's. Kind of beautiful car. What I can tell you you have. You. Have two option, to buy this car, 1.8 liter. Petrol, hybrid. Or too little the, new 2 litre, petrol. Engine, hybrid. Axwell with more power. And. The, car it's fantastic. The, engine, it's it's one of the best in the world and. The system, hybrid, system also you. Have around. Five years warranty on, the car on. The hybrid system and, everything, it's. Also a. Beautiful. Car, now a beautiful. Design they work a lot of this car pyro, dynamic, and handlings. And it's much better than. The previous model. And I think many. People will buy this car. In. 2019. 2020. This. Is one of the best car that. You can buy on. The market right. Now. So. That. Was my review with. The new Toyota Corolla, touring, sports. Hybrid. I. Was, really, really happy to see this new. Corolla. And. I. Was, more happy to see.

The. Hybrid, one - also. Please. Subscribe to my channel check, out also my other videos, to. See the. New. Toyota Corolla, hatchback, I will. Make a review I already. Make it but I have to add. It on the YouTube. Channel so, check out and stay tuned subscribe. To my channel like it share it with your friends and, now. In the end I want to show you the. New technology. That comes with. The new Toyota, Corolla. Hybrid. Or no, hybrid, or towing sports or the hatchback, or, sedan, no, matter. Which. Corolla, the, new, Toyota. Corollas come, with for. Example pre, collision sensors. It. Has all kind of sensors, in the front rudder. And sensor, and if you car in the front it break it, will break to automatic. So. You don't have to worry about the front collision, anymore also. It, can see the. The. People. On the street in the, night or in the day and the, car will break automatic. So. This is an amazing, amazing. Feature. That. Come with all. The new Toyota, Corolla. Cars. No. Matter its hybrid or not you. Can see also here, on other great, technologies. That. Car can read. The. Signs and can, alert you you can see there on the dashboard, the steering wheel, with an automatic, go, in the front and you can stay, in the lane between. The lanes also. Lane trace here you can see another one, you can trace the lane and you can hold the car between. The lanes that's another, fantastic. Feature. That the car can do and it's, quite quite, impressive. How. How, this car can't hold, the, distance, from the front cars, and between. The lines and, also brake automatic. And it's, really really, amazing. I. Really. Really test. This and it's work fantastic. I'm, really impressed about it. Also. Adaptive, cruise control you, already know it you just set, it there 100. Kilometer. For example, and it's also hold the. Lines, between. The lines. Also. Brake. Or accelerate. Depend. On the cards in the front or not it's, work. Fantastic. And I, am really, really impressed. With, it also. It has automatic. High-beam. You. Can see, if, the car come from the front and the. Light. Will change the. Position and will, not. Blind. The other drivers. In. Front of the car and the last one is the road sign, assist, it, can read the signs and it's it's really useful, so, thank you guys for watching my videos. The, review with the new Toyota Corolla, tourer, sport, hybrid please, subscribe to my channel and I. See you soon thank, you for watching. You.

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@SDA Dan Cars . $50k for a Corolla ? Damn too much. In the US, Corolla Hybrid base starts at $23k. Hopefully if or when it gets to the US, it won't be so expensive.

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