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Hi everyone. Hope you all are safe and doing good. As last year we couldn’t travel to India because of the Covid-19, we were really missing our annual break and vacation that we get every year. So just to celebrate the end of the dramatic 2020 year, we along with my husband’s very close friend and family decided to get some break far away from home but at the same time to stay within our city to avoid the exposure of Covid-19 as well as the Quarantine procedures too involved in travelling to distant lands. So we booked the ultimate family staycation offer at one the most amazing resort in Muscat Shangri-La Barr Al Jisaah Resort and Spa.

It owns a 500 m private beach and is located at the foot of rugged mountains. Muscat doesn’t actually have a water park yet so this place is ideal for everyone to enjoy the swimming pools. It also includes a mushroom baby pool and toddlers pool, along with Muscat’s only Lazy River attraction as well as a splash pad. It comprises of 2 distinct wings that are Al Waha Hotel and Al Bandar Hotel. Al Waha is ideal for families so the ultimate family staycation offer that we booked for the weekend with two days and one night was at Al Waha Hotel.

We booked the Al Waha superior room that featured views of the lush green gardens, pool and an overview of the sea and it included breakfast, dinner, free meals for kids under the age of 15. We were extremely lucky to get the early check in and late check out offer too so that way we could enjoy the most of the stay. For more information about the place and bookings do check out their website. I shall post the link of their website in my description box too and yes this is not all a paid or sponsored video. As I mentioned earlier we had the early check in offer so we left home by 11 a.m. and reached

there in just 20 mins. As its located at the foot of the mountain that’s a man-made tunnel made for Vehicular access. And there goes our luggage. While the men were doing the check in procedures we were busy exploring the hall.

Kids were already in their vacation mood running around and enjoying themselves. Once the procedures were done we straight headed to our rooms. Since Our rooms were adjacent to each other so it was easy for us to co-ordinate. The room was spacious and furnished with a large bed, a kids bed, table desk and two chairs. Coffee / tea-making facilities, Mini-bar, blow dryer, torch, In-room wired Internet and Wi-Fi access and Television were other facilities.

That’s the bathroom with bathtub, a shower cubicle and a Lavatory at the corner. And that’s the closet with iron box, ironing board, electronic safe inside. The best part of the room was the Balcony with a breath taking sea view and the beautiful gardens.

That’s the green band which kids had to wear to get the Unlimited ice cream, packed juices and carbonated drinks and those were some important information papers for our stay. After soaking in the beauty of the room we went to our allotted restaurant, Samba Restaurant. Normally there are a lot of kids activities with kids club and motorized watersports available. Owing to Covid-19 even though most of these activities were put on hold you will still love the place so much that kids will literally cry to go back to the resort after coming back home. After reaching the Samba Restaurant we got our temperatures checked at the entrance and then went to have a fabulous buffet lunch. (Staff introducing various dishes on the buffet table) The catch of the restaurant was its dessert section.

I tried the coconut sago pudding, vanilla cake and my favorite was the pistachio caramel cake. Lunch was absolutely scrumptious. Later we went to our rooms and got ourselves ready for the DAY 1 fun part of the vacation. Since it was almost evening and the weather was starting to chill so we only went for the main attraction of the resort that is the LAZY RIVER on Day 1 until it was dark. Later we all got fresh and went for an evening walk while the kids entertained themselves playing and running around.

We captured some wonderful family pictures in various poses. Kids had juice and we had our coffee time along with lots of chatting at one of the cafes of the resort. Then we got ready for the lavish buffet dinner at the Samba restaurant again.

(Staff introducing various dishes ranging from soup, salad, appetizers and main course of various cuisines) (Kid sharing her review of the Resort) On way back to the room to seal the memories we took some family pictures again. After having a sumptuous meal, all that is required is to have a good night's sleep to wake up for lots of fun time on Day 2 which will be coming soon on Sim’s World as a Part 2 of our Shangri-La Staycation. So stay tuned to my channel. Goodbye and take care.

2021-02-01 03:08

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