New Zealand Red Stag Hunting

New Zealand Red Stag Hunting

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From. Jericho TV, one. Of the longest-running, outdoor programs. On television today. In the country and, the coast. In search of adventures. From, the mountains of the Great Northwest, to. The shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This, is. Americana. Outdoors. Presented. By Garmin. Americana. Outdoors continues. The journey in New Zealand with. Glenn Dean hunting, and fishing Thompson. Centers daniel-san, ville in the editor of Guns & Ammo magazine Eric. Pool were, hunting Himalayan, Tahr in Dobson, valley and experienced. One of the most memorable hunts. Of their lives, TC, compass hammered. It six, five one shot. Meanwhile. Weighed in angel Middleton were going after red stack on Glen Dean's properties, between Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea. The. Red Stag I mean when you look at one, of the most majestic animals, in my opinion, in. The world it's an animal that you know drops its antlers every year continues, to grow bigger if it's got great range conditions, and habitat and their. Body size everything. About them really, speaks, deep to my heart as a whitetail hunter, to, me a red stag is a similar, animal because it's different every one of them is different they've got different antler configurations. Different characteristics. Different moods each, year, they come back in different shapes and sizes it's very much like our whitetail, now obviously the, terrains a lot different here as we, begin to start some of the the travels, through the country, and look at the mountains, and begin. To start to see some stags, in the distance, and learn some of their mannerisms. I was absolutely, hooked right away. So. Fun getting in and out of the truck and having, angel grab a gear going along with us and there's each step and each stock you. Could see her you know enjoying it more and more you could tell this was a fun, to her okay, and you. Know to me that made this hunt probably, you know the most special, and I've ever been taught without questioning. When. I saw the terrain that we had to work with I was like wow I'm gonna get a darn. Good workout here I mean like this beats the gym. But. I'm glad I do go to the gym because I was good enough shape to do handle these mountains, out here, you. Learn to appreciate great, talent, in anything, and then without question, was it was incredibly, talented I, mean 80, plus plus plus guy. Carrying. Two angels needs but obviously, making sure that you. Know we were on game and we were gonna have success as, we begin a lot of these stocks Wade, kept telling the guide well. I don't want to do too much you know and this and that I'm like no no I want. To do it don't baby me I. Can. Do this. So, we're in the mountains and we stumbled across a stag shed I was. Like I need a crutch anyway, I need somethin to hold me up a little bit so I thought this, is gonna come in handy and then I it's a souvenir I can take home and, my suckers gonna go on my coffee table and I'm always gonna remember going. Up and down that mountain and I had that crutch, there in case I needed it, it. Saved me save, my life. We. Finally, found a big group lay down on the kind of a little Ridge and they bedded down which you would expect at the time of the day we finally found him I mean it was almost mid-morning, than later and we begin a long, stock, around several ridges, basically, that, we're running right down to I mean we had to go this way because of the wind and we, worked her way up you, know around the sheep and cattle trails and across, the few little you know ridges, and begin to work our way down got. In great position, where we finally had to drop down below the, top of the ridge get out of sight and, man I mean I my heart was starting to beat up the anticipation, excitement of the sweaty palms all that was there because I knew there, unless we had done something wrong those tags had no reason to get up. It's. Funny when, things are supposed to happen right that you're gonna happen right when they're gonna go wrong they're gonna go wrong so as, we you, know made our way down to that to track a cow. I. Mean. How many times have I encountered a cow hunting in Texas for whitetail, sure. Enough we're going down that little road this cow just thinks its head out around there it's moving, and looking, at us we're looking at him it's a standoff, but, we know if the cow goes the other way it's probably gonna run and that's gonna wake the Stags up that are bedded down and it's gonna be over so we sit there for you know 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes finally, we took a couple of rocks near the county, just kind of hopped over the edge and, we went back to the stock.

And. We dropped to our knees and, off, to my left I saw this big sit antlers popper. So, as those stags kind of ran off and they mixed up and I wasn't, confident I wasn't comfortable on which one was which there's like three or four of them to look huge in there and they work I just, wasn't comfortable on any of those shots because I wasn't sure which one looked the best and so we. Just just let it happen and decided to take a break for lunch and call. It an incredible. First day in New Zealand. Coming. Up the search for a magnificent. Red stag continuous. We'll, be right back in the beautiful landscape, of New Zealand, stay tuned. How. Do you aim a 36-yard. Shot. With. A 30-yard, fixed, pin, at. A 15, degree angle. With. A seven-inch holdover. Without. Moving, their single pin. Easy. You. Get one of these. Zero. The. Auto-ranging, digital. Bow site, from. Garmin. As. People who love the outdoors. We. Know what we stand for. We stand for Fish Wildlife, and. Conserve in the places, they call home, we. Stand for the traditions, we inherited, and, that we must pass on. We. Stand for great gear fair, prices, expert, service, and memorable, experiences. At, Bass Pro Shops in Cabela's, we, stand together for, you. The, all-new Yamaha, Wolverine, x4, offers, four times the proven off-road capability, four. Times the comfort and four, times the confidence, to, deliver four, times the excitement, on your next outdoor adventure. Americana. Outdoors presented, by Garmin is, brought to you by Garmin. Fight. Your fish not, your fish finder, Bass. Pro Shops your adventure, starts here, Performance. Center by Smith & Wesson performance. When it matters most and, by. Thompson. Center America's. Master gun, maker. Welcome. Back to Americana, outdoors well. It's late afternoon on the first day of hunting in New Zealand Wade. Middleton is hiking up the mountain again in, hope of taking aim at a majestic creature a New, Zealand, redstack, our. Guide Dan, Rossiter, is as excited, his way to climb up the mountain despite. The fact that he's done this countless times. It's, beautiful, was very scenic especially. When you're high on the mountain yeah you can't beat it as an office you know it's perfect. For me that. Is, and. The. General word for most of hunters you deal with is they just think it's fantastic the, scenery you can't beat the scenery in New Zealand like. Lord of the Rings you've seen Lord of the Rings that's, the sort of country you're gonna be hunting you. After. That relaxing, I was like I'm, not gonna go back out it was a little late in the day this, is about like 5 o'clock in the evening and the. Guys wanted to go again and I was like good luck. We. Started working our way back in the wind had totally changed and was starting to kind of come from a different direction so we came in from a different direction and. As. We started working her way along there we picked up three really. Good stags. And. We're moving along and the first stag, is that we get into range it's perfect, scenario. He. Was a beautiful stag he was a big big stag and he stood broadside, I mean he looked fantastic to standing there broadside hundred yards perfect. Shot I had. A feeling there was a big drop-off and behind him I wasn't totally sure but I knew it. Was a good chance he was gonna fall a long way so I said the last stick and junk shoots and later once, we walked down there I think that was definitely the right call because he would have fell a long way he down through the rock he, would have definitely bust himself up and, so we slide down another 30 yards, and it's game off. That. Back one looks pretty good then. You should tie that back one. We. Get all set up we ease down and sure enough there's two of me on this bottom one of them is staring dead at me and one of them's kind of going up the hill the one that's staring at me I swears one that I'd seen early that morning I mean that and I had his antlered.

Configuration, Almost burned in my head you had chocolate antlers, and good crowns this, was the same one and he didn't kind of make my heart skip a little bit when I hadn't, seen him earlier. Well. Done. Well. Done away. That's. Awesome thank. You sir can you drop them. I. Gotta, go see him down there good stuff. They. Had to fall like the elevator. All. Those points right there. Look, at what. I'm. A hey nurse. Just. Points, going. Everywhere. You. Got to go to the gym just hold these guys up. I. Mean. Look. At all that I, mean. Every, time to, me is just perfectly, magnificent. All. The way around, I. Mean. What. A hunt though, when. You look. At the stocks and the time I got to spend with angel this morning going on one where. She was here this afternoon. What, and. Then I got sad because I was I wasn't thinking they were gonna get one that day so. I was a little disappointed I, missed that but I didn't miss any of the other ones that's. A big oh dear. You. Get to do this type and see this type of scenery all the time but I mean it they can't get over Tiffany. Doesn't get old I mean it's beautiful scenery, checks. In these big stags you need to get sick of that yeah sorta. Just. An exciting, stock. This morning another, exciting stock this afternoon, multiple, encounters I, mean yeah during, the day and that's. Why you travel to do something like this to experience, it in its native land or not native I know these are introduced, but I mean it's their new zealand's known for them that the home in the reed stick isn't the red stay yeah. Good. Shot to ride in the shoulder huh really, put. Him down that, was for sure sitting, on one I didn't make it didn't make him go he's. A nice tag it's, a good hunt that's, a great. That's. What we came for. Sitar, to your shoulders he's got 20 browser attack. That's. Not that comfortable is it. Bagon, around. And we're early in our hunt in New Zealand and I've already knocked down a great stag and you know we're packing, out the hands packing out the antlers we got tons of camera gear Dan's. Already down on his, trip and I'm already going down on my first trip and I'm working my way back and I haven't seen rusty there's. No shots of this this is that work period, of time that you generally don't see in any hunting TV show this is that time when everybody's, bloody and, you're carrying things out and they're you, know it's the all, of the high five it's over but I look up and I got a cameraman limping, pretty bad coming, down the hill and. I knew right away I'm filming rusty a long time I know is I know his demeanor I know he's looked and I'm thinking this isn't good. We. Get some x-rays and go to the doctor there's there's no telling what they're gonna begin to tell us so we'll, be back with more from New Zealand we'll, see what happens. Man. Versus, nature it's. A tale as old as time. An external. Struggle, pitting, the hero against, an animal in a battle of strength and wits to. See who will come out victorious. Will. You accept the challenge. Performance. Sinner by Smith & Wesson performance. When it matters most. Americana. Outdoors presented. By Garmin has, been brought to you by Cabela's. It's, in your nature. Yamaha. ATV, real, world tough and by. Walker's. Game ear protected. Or lose it. Hey. Welcome back to Americana, outdoors. Well we're hunting red stag in new zealand with Glenn Dean hunting, and fishing, wait, just got his great New Zealand stag but during their pack out the, cameraman rusty, got injured on his way down the mountain there's. A little little damper in the camp because rusty is really, I know he's hurt his ankle pretty bad you, know in this country here being down to one leg you're you're pretty much gonna be on the bench. Well. He. Decided to jump off a cliff. Against. Everything we told him not to do.

We. Ended up taking him to the doctor and. You know had him x-rayed and everything and found out he was gonna live and that, he didn't break anything so we kept on going nothing was gonna stop us you know I'm, I'm carrying cameras waves carrying, cameras and then, our camera guy hit me he's still out there but. He's only he's on like flatland he can't do any like, up hill down hills we, took care of him pretty good. Now. That Rusty's injury is taken care of Thompson, centers daniel-san. Villas getting ready to go out looking for her redstack. Beautiful. Morning, so. On. Top of this routine you got some good glass indiana the draw was down below us so I figure if we walk along this route you won 4-2 this. Morning and glassed-in and, all the drawers below those hope you know wednesday okay well hello who knows what we're gonna see yeah well sounds like a plan, yeah it's gonna go all right. We, drove around a little bit and then started glassing, and the terrain here, is totally, different than tar camp but again just a lot, of hills everything is Hills here it's it's awesome. He's. Staring right at us. He's. Like oh crap. So, we got out we glassed, one and we were gonna kind of sit and watch him for a while and see what he did and a couple females, went up the hill and he didn't follow so. Dan actually went around to try to see if he saw any other ones and then, we made a decision that we were going to continue, looking that. Wasn't the one for me. Red. Stag were brought to new zealand by european settlers in the 1850s. And 1860s. Along. With seven other species of deer and since. New Zealand's, only native land mammals, are bats there, are no natural predators at all in the islands, today. Red, Stag are the most widespread species. Existing. In both the North and South Islands. Coming. Up Thompson, Center's Danielle, San bill continues, the search for New, Zealand redstack. Americana. Outdoors we'll, be right back, what. Does it take to make ever come dear scent it. Takes a dear farmer, who raises whitetails, it. Takes mixing, the special, blend of ever calm, testing. Each batch that, smells. Good and then pouring each container. Once. It's cooled each container, is clean examined. And packaged for shipping, it.

Takes The finest deer herd and a great, team of people to make the best hunting Sun available. Ever. Come from conquest, sense. Protect. It or lose it. Protect. It or lose it. Protect. It or lose it protect. Or, lose it. Protect. It. Protect, it or lose it. When. I was in Special Ops every. Item had a purpose, where, it got left behind, it's. No different today. If. It doesn't protect me, or. Help me perform at the highest level, I've. Got. No use for it. Otherwise. I don't, come back with. Whatever it is I, set. Out to, get. Wiley. X ballistic. Rated Iowa. Americana. Outdoors presented, by Garmin has, been brought to you by, Bradley. Smoker food. Smoking, made easy, stealth. Chem digital, scouting, cameras, the, game has changed and, by. Purina. Quick-draw, mineral, blocks a difference, you can see. Welcome. Back to Americana, outdoors. Danielle. Had been trying to find an ideal red stag all morning, but hasn't found one that she really liked. So. We did some more walking, and some more walking, and some more walking, it was great. And. Then we finally saw, a stag, that we decided that was going to be the one for me, it's. Massive. I'm, in awe because, I'm looking at it through a binoculars, and, this, thing is huge in the binoculars, and, I'm like Oh Danielle. I think. That's it you know so we camped out. And. We were on one mountain and he. Was on another. Mountain we, crawled up we crawled, down we. We. Struggled, to get to where we need it to be and then when we did we. Got a comfortable position dan. Said it could be a while before this animal stood up. So. Our position was. Actually about 200 yards away and I zeroed, my TC, compass in for, 200, yards with. A 6.5, Creedmoor, we. Thought that a lot of our shots were gonna be probably, 200, plus yards so, we knew exactly, where. To hold on this animal. That's. A good shot leader on the back of their shoulder. You're. Not quite up yep that's a good shortly if you want to take it just read you that Finan to shop. I'm. Pretty sure that was a hit. Don't. Be afraid to put another one in them. You're. Right you're right I think he's gonna go down. Oh, you. Stopped. Busy. Bugs the head looks, day go shoot thank you, I'm. Gonna stay on them for a minute yeah that's fun. Whoo. How's. Amos still haven't moved, no I've, been watching just, in case. So. Now, the, animal is down and we have to go recover him and we. Had to go down one. Mountain that we were on through. A creek and then back up another mountain and really just fight our way up to where this animal was. Wow. He's big. I don't. Know exactly how we're gonna get this thing down from here he, might take another tumble, as we're, trying to do something with him he's. Gonna drop oh. I. Love. A drop. And. At this point you know everybody always wants to try to take some nice pictures with their animal and what I felt really bad because wait. Is up there trying to take pictures angels. Trying to take pictures the guides trying, to push some of the ferns out of the way so we can actually get some pictures and. I'm like it, is what it is you know I actually, liked, the fact that the. Pictures didn't do it justice because it showed how, hard we, had to work for it and. Then. We had to make an executive decision. How. Are we gonna get this animal down, and how are we gonna get down so. We actually took. The head off and, we. Carried the head separately, and then the body is actually what, we use to, clear. A path down the mountain for us. We. Got cameras, coming down and Danielle's got this rack. The antlers wrapped, around four head. This. It, was quite awesome I mean this is something we're gonna be talking about play until the day I die. It's. The last night in Glendon hunting, and fishing New Zealand after. Spending all week spotting, and stalking in very challenging landscapes. It's, finally, time to appreciate, game meet that wait Danielle, and Eric harvested. From the hunt. Hunting. Stag with Glenn Dean is just amazing, this was fair chase and it. Was hard you know they have some beautiful stag, out there and the. Land is just spectacular but. It is a challenge, so if you're gonna come and do this make, sure that you are 100% prepared.

For The challenge, but. If you are and you, do this it is a memory, that you will have for the rest of your life hey. Thanks for watching and, we'll see you next time on American. Outdoors. Americana. Outdoors is, a carico TV production. Incredibly. Compact, perfectly. Balanced, deadly. Accurate, shooting, 340. Feet per second the reverse draw Vortech RDX, is performance. Engineered to take down big game horton. By 10 point, adrenaline-fueled. Pure. Eanes quick drop is the perfect, solution for attracting, deer to your location and providing, them with the essential, nutrients, that will encourage their growth use. These blocks where you can in a promise shit not only you're gonna see more game but the games can benefit, from you placing it out that's, Sawyer we use the best technology to, make simple products, that keep you going regardless. Of your journey so. Whether you're boating, hiking. Fishing. Camping. Or. Hunting, we. Keep you outdoors, with a full lineup of products, to both protect you and make. The outdoors, more enjoyable. Sawyer. We. Keep you, outdoors. England's, got the original high performance cooler, and, a whole lot. English. Go, with the original. Many. Said that we were just obsessed, when, we started, that. There had to be an easier, way to smoke, food as. Time fast the Bradley family created, a lineup of Bradley, electric, smokers that has made it easier, for the novice, or even expert, chef to get perfect, results every time, they use it grab. Yourself, up Bradley smoker, and take your cooking, to an all-new level. Mummies. Is the leader when it comes to wildlife management, products, in Texas, with four store locations, around San Antonio, and the ability to deliver feed all across the state from bulk deer feed deliveries, to feeders and lines they have all your wildlife management, needs covered they are the largest Purina. Antler, Macs dealer in the nation so deer nutrition. Is their specialty, call today to discuss your nutritional. Program visit them on the web for more information, when it comes to wildlife needs mummies, is the leader, from. Out on the water straight, to the grill and everywhere, in between americana. Outdoors has, you covered our newly, designed website features. Instructional. Videos, product, reviews, and cooking, recipes, from some of the top contributors. In the business, for even, more americana. Outdoors content. Sign up for the monthly magazine, featuring. The latest outdoor, news and trending, topics, in the industry, don't miss out on your chance to learn from the pros visit, a more econo outdoors dot-com, now. Tired. Of forgetting to set a recording, or missing, the latest episode, of your favorite outdoors. Show check, out outdoor, action today never miss a second, of shows like americana, outdoors, Cabela's. Fisherman's, handbook and whitetail. Diaries all, of this at the press of a button without. A subscription fee required start, watching your favorite shows when, you want to watch them by going to outdoor action calm, or through the outdoor, action channel, on any Roku device. You.

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good couple of stags there

What's the single shot rifle he used to take the first stag? Never seen one before.

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