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Just because the public. The. Food dehydrator. Development. What. For your insecurity of the. Most, mmm now it's time to give the good thank you let's, go, to the kitchen dear first how do they cook their food this. This is a place. Owned by the. Community of Navarre and, this. Is not under. A single ownership so this is owned by many. Households, that's, why the cooking, techniques and everything. Are. Like very authentic. Yet. It's. Quite an extensive menu exclusive very much so these are mostly, if, you see nearly food then you'll. See a lot of buff. Items you know water buffalo items. And. Almost. All parts of the bag when the body is used and, it's. Very dynamic because it because of the you know lot. Of communities. Came into your. Hundreds. Of years back you know and they gradually, introduced. Their own food and so you'll also see you know you, have, butter but I in India right here so we have bara here so. We tried it with cumin. So. That's, what. A lot of technique anyway, it's a very rich this, also because of the cultural. Amalgamation, I'd see but. What you'll notice is, around. Hundred years ago you know that the, food was like quite basic but, nowadays. Deb you, know started to put, in a lot of spices. Because that's what people prefer. Nowadays yeah so it's it's quite an extensive menu so we have lot to choose from. That's. Trailer suis. à la actually means you know barbecued, meat, in. Your language, so. Traditionally. It is made from. You know he, actually. Be born here because, it you know it is. Contained quite nicely, yeah so have you tried it like the other version of China in time. I sing Jamison. Yeah where they smoked it first then, they're generally create, chili paste right and. Right. That's, it that's it yeah. And. It has some cumin as well yeah. This. Is. Very. Fearful from. Like very, busy Muslim. This. Meat red. Meat and egg, also we. Have plain egg, and. Okay. Super. Spicy. Bottom. That. You. Can read. Right. This. Is called a hominid yo Murray yo Murray and. This. Is also made out of the. Titan. Race because that's more. It. Has morph starts, and it really gives a very good texture so. There. They were mostly, fill, it with. Two. Options and this is you. Know good guy good japanese jaggery, so it's concentrated, and they, put in a bit of you know coconut, and all the sort of spices, as. A sweet sweet. With them it's a sweet tea, will, end out you know who. Did this one, mr.. Sheep shank, either i or, kind, of fish right, and, but, we have a very specific lab. This. We. Call it your money your. Opinion, so that's. That's a hood NEMA, full. Moon so, we have, a proper, fish to along. With this so that this is a this, is quite a rivet is quite, quite, a sort of the dish, there are quite a few restaurants making, this, all throw there so you know, of course being the flag, barrier. When you first in every food, there's. A kind of a stream dumbs, to be dumpling right. This. Is called, booty so, this is this, is a green, juice so. This is seasonal and this is a boiled, egg you know fried. In mustard oil, with. A bit of turmeric and, this is perrito is that and this is black lentil with ginger and garlic simply. Topping this, is soy lab option box whele and that's. That's. A technique that meet. Some time so if they ever do solder. And. This is a, bit, nice mouth. Curry. It's. Called certainiy so, many thong creep creep, like you know beasts and you can talk with anything, that you order so this is. So. Just look at the publicist so. If. You like. It the measurement, right, off your. Insecurity, of the alcohol. It. Smells strong here. Is. The lowest one the, trial again yeah so. Yes the, first one. Mostly, we, measure the you know purity of this alcohol by the bounce more. The bubbles no. Problem. It. Well. Spirit. Yes. As. A pure spirit you're. Going. To drink it hot anyway. You know, you. Still. Working, what. Delaney, right now. Furious. Just, have one sip it takes you first hear a Glee that's what I'm there it like to lie down right. You refer all your body parts yeah this is just like middle of bacon media the process Delta under, that for a body measure absolutely, and. Aradia. Then. So you. These, are considered, snacks so let's, begin off from. Turmeric. Plant and. We're. All right I. Just.

Called Nepal a new body Peeta we, can call it egg dosa so. Crunchy. From outside right, and spongy, right, and fluffy. Fun inside they don't really press it. With. A very animal and they just spread. It you, know they really press it. Now. Solid. Rock. Niches. For. Happy now. Made. Of same lentes brother you know, so you can call it like little pancakes. Right, very. Basic Muslims again. That's, the meat and. Egg. Egg and. Thick, paste again until this, is quite similar right. Again. The beast is not much thicker and mental. The tamari this is a difference and then this rice and this lentils right there's, a difference just. To. Get out distally. In have. Just. Seen the process how everything, is cooked out here most. Of the process is more stuff right hand. Side that's. So you know Nepalese. Food has a. Very good you know. Mix. Of tubes, instead of like very quick curve stir frying and, even, you know you, call it, tampering, rate, suffer. Misfire so. Tampering, technique is also so. Heat. The oil right, then you add it right what's also quite. A balanced, diet. Make. It awesome. Can't. Be more in question they can't even. Rice. Is, great oh. That's. A pickle. Cucumber. Carrot. Coriander. So. Now meet minute, right right, like this right. Just. Use, it and, spray. At. Some pickle. Eyes. If, you eat. It, is very, hard. It, few hours after you married it. The. Muslim will relieve pain you get the meat. No. Achieve nice really gone yeah I find it a bit hard don't. You II. The. Department. Along. Hanukkah. What, Madonna well. It's never a tea girl right it's not a tasty. Once. Again boiled. Aloo, stir-fried. Then. She added some oil mustard oil turmeric. And. It's, already in the garlic and soy sauce that's it a bit of humanizing technology. So. Flavorful yeah. They're. Simply amazing. Mmm. This, is fatty. This. Gelatinous, right. This. Is basically bone marrow. That's. Right it's. Very fatty. So. Ever. This. Is more like green based green, based and you. Can carry it in your fields, in a bit when you work in everything so it's, very carry huh so, you just go to the field either and people love it with you know Qian. Qiang. Is a nipple reward and so you know this, is this. Is all Takuto is a thicker, version. Of, you made out of ice yes. Same. With. Ebay over I sky I realized. Hmm. Well. I'll. Put blood by a. Number. Of pages versus, I got it some a master mechanic on wall, god this. Has their. Snacks different. Level, I mean read good learn in every. You. Have to put a garment. So. I mean. The. Story of Gonzaga is very interesting, it's it. Is not a completely, proven but during, 13 14th century you know the. Mughals also attack in Kathmandu so, that's when they, were able, to won quite a lot of Buddhist, sculptures. With, this scripts. And everything, so. During. 13 foot inside sweeper, maybe cut when you used to have a Buddhist, University, so. After, they attacked you know people you. Know, their. Houses for like few days so what they did was they just you know. Dog. Whole languages, you know put them all their greens and everything they skipped over for like it is so. Gue no means it put, it out as a No, Deal that's right now we so. 90s, so. Hundred. Means full of do means it's. Nineties so, that's all and I don't know I mean if it is like completely. Right or not. You're, muddy right, oh oh. Nobody. Yeah. The. Squads to keep right, and, then you have liquid, jelly right. That's. People. Would be. Precooked, with all. This you, know coconut. And all the sort of thing and right hemisphere.

No. This is good place is amazing I. Have. Finished your service so go ahead. Everything. Was very good very. Delicious thank. You thank, you they. This. Couch our pot used to take rice, beer while going to feed so the farmers used to carry it right right. This. Is a separate district and the. Scenery that we see around this, is. One. Of the thorough squares from one of the three thousand, squares from Kathmandu, Valley so. The. Place that we are going to is called right honey it's a great true sort, of you know in itself these, are sort of you, know ethnic using. Their place it's and it's, opened by like three young, people, it's. A wonderful place to be. Can. You tell us more about the ethnic cuisine of Nepal, and what exactly is the fusion food you're talking about using food. When. People talk about Nepali, cuisines, they talk about more more about, you know so, for example Indian cuisine it not just about what, was chicken and it's. So much variety in South India India, India it's. Similar in the fall so, if you as, in India like, in Nepal - you have got. Lorry. Elevation, from hundred meter to one of the highest in the world in the Himalayas, so you can see the ecological, diversity climate. Diverse you can also the crop diversity, so it's so diverse and also, all the reason why we have so diverse cuisine. Is, also because the they. Think diversity we have even, like many nephews there are never all these positions right so through the best friends we're trying to promote all these, kind. Of celebrate, and former all ethnic. Cuisines from different region, let's, say we have boy we. Used to have a huge of bebop, weight, Pro. So meal air force, tell me let you, know that's almost variety of grains it knows us rice right, but our culture now has become more rice dependent, but, Freddie snugly wish to have very diverse grants, as a step up so. We are trying to format all the. All these in mystical Koreans and. Often. Like also, former all these underutilized. Underappreciated. Fruits and, vegetables. Rather. Suppress one, consumer, even, simple, buckwheat fries eaten by the truffula community understand reason it's, very simple for simple. Snacks, go for this one gun chamber another, very popular one is Ricky. Cool from, the Sierra community even. Though it's, been like about 250, 300, years that but it has come. To that region but. Yeah, what, are is one of the many, staple of the SEPA let's do this has been. This. Is up and good, yeah this is a simple, quite a pancake, and this one is really interesting I, haven't. Seen any cultures. Extracting. This. Kind of cheese from the bottle, so in. The surfer. Community has a big culture of eating, male dairy products, so, when they extract, water from. Paulo. For me your vote is.

About Remaining. It's, purely build upon milk and there, is a dregs, coming. Down so basically it's a whey protein no. Solids, so. And yeah so, the drain into it becomes like a cheese so. That's the quality second and also, they have a culture of fermenting. Circa so, they're fermented, for months, so, it becomes a very funky, very pungent very bitter tasting, so, it's more like a visa so when you put a little bit on a soap this is all very good. This. Were most grateful to, take. Any time at all, but. Generally, yeah and, this one required garlicky. Yeah. This has about the circa we also had a little bit of yoga to make a creamy. Stramonium. Carly. With. Chillies and salt that's active on, its own is quite bland ya, know so it's pointless so we don't put anything yeah. You, have to have it with this lives. Yeah, it's. Really nice yeah. Now. This one is the buckwheat fried but wait. This, pepper they were in, attendance to Nepal. At. Once it's a very indigenous this variety is very indigenous, to that part. Yeah, Conan, the medians. Is. Quite the, lemony. In taste except, to say in place. That's. The basic you can sweden is. Really. Good. It's. So flavorful. So. We call it summary. And handgun, faxer so sometimes basically, it's a rice put in a mustard oil fenugreek, seeds, ginger. And. Cumin and turmeric so it's a slow-cooked, one and, it's generally eaten as a midday snacks with, otter so. It's very difficulties. From the from, the eastern region and. We. Solve this with ambien, and faxer so, ending in. The legal language means white, lightnin, and facts. Obispo, means, is thick, and such sighs. Meet, such, a big meal black pig with, domestic black film it so. It's coated, disliking. There's. A, there's. A poll and this little bit of block for, protein so. You can see the texture mmhmm yeah. And, also we put a little bit of a fermented, soybean to. Give it a flavor and, also. In. Nepali we call it still, two more. So. It's. Kind of like pepper so. It again. Which has very lemony flavor, so. Scientifically. They call it this PSS, subtract, out something but, it's it's a very yeah. It's a very lemon it has got very there when it is and. This one is made from we, call Kinema Porter kanima is fermented, sweaty. Very. Country. I related. The picture, of them, for. Casual. Because. It is. A domestic come back Bob. The. Texture is like really, very. Similar, to by log mm-hmm. Meter and leg mode of. Course way log which, is not rated and this, is the closest that you can get. You. Will no fat remains, intact when you cook. Thank, you for Sunday mod mother thank you thank, you so much for coming I and I've seen your videos it's really nice and I've learned a lot about the Indian foot from your video - thank, you weird, compliment, for me thank you really. Enjoy that mean. Thank you so much.

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