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But I'll go by you. Too. Long a question, when you, but. Jericho. Didn't. Bury a thing II do. US, President Donald Trump expected, to impose new American. Sanctions, on Iran while grudgingly. Signing, off again on the, nuclear deal. And, I'm Jane Dutton this is al-jazeera live from Doha also coming up outrage. In Pakistan, over the rape and murder of a six-year-old, girl. Tunisian. Protest, leaders call for people to get back on the streets again after, days of sometimes, of violent demonstrations. Plus. I'm. Andrew Thomas floating, through a jungle, in Papua, New Guinea but, I'll be explaining how rainforests. Like this have been decimated, I was just the last seven years and the, profits from. The timber have, been siphoned, abroad. US, President Donald Trump is expected to reluctantly. Extend. Sanctions, relief, to Iran later on Friday under the nuclear deal with world powers the, agreement, that Trump's described, as the worst ever was. A result of more than a decade of diplomatic, efforts to curtail, Iran's nuclear, ambitions, in, 2002. A secret, uranium, enrichment facility, was discovered, in eastern. Iran prompting, Britain, France and Germany to begin talks with, Iranian, negotiators. A year, later in, 2006. The, US Russia and China joined the talks forming the so-called p5, plus, 1 group, things. Took a bad turn in, 2006. When it was revealed that Iran was enriching, uranium. Close, to weapons-grade, levels, the. EU imposed asset. Freezes, on Iran's central bank and stopped. Importing, the country's oil then. Hassan, rouhani defeated, conservative, opponents to, become Iran's president, he declared, his country, was ready for serious nuclear, talks and, after. Years of negotiations, a long-term, nuclear, agreement was reached in June, 2015. But the US Congress, stipulates, it needs, to be reaffirmed, every, 90. Day so while. Trump is expected to sign off on the sanction, waivers, under that deal he may impose separate. US, sanctions Allen. Fisher explains from Washington DC. Well. We know that Donald Trump has been meeting his national security team, and undoubtedly the whole Iran, deal is probably on, the agenda, we. Know that, in the past Rex, Tillerson who's the Secretary of State HR, McMaster who's, the national security adviser and Jim, mattis who is that the defense, secretary they. Have been suggesting that. They don't want to step out of there still they don't want to blow it up what, the United States should do is look two ways to try and amend it while working with.

Their International. Partners but there is the possibility that. Will, be known nuclear-related, sanctions. And that's, certainly something that Treasury sectors deve monition suggested. When, he made a surprise appearance in, the White House briefing room I am. Expecting, new sanctions on Iran, we continue, to. Look at them we've rolled them out and I think it's you. Can expect there will be more sanctions coming, now. We know that Donald Trump speaks to a lot of people before he makes these decisions he, has had from, President McCall of France who said the international community doesn't. Want to see this deal being, abandoned, he's also spoken to the Israelis, and the Saudis and we know that Donald Trump tends, to see these things very, much in binary terms that anyone, for, Iran on any sort of level is a defeat, for the United States but. What people will be saying to him particularly, after the protests, in Iran, over the last month is what, we want to do is keep pressure on the, Iranian government, and you do that with non nuclear-related, sanctions, rather. Than dismantling, this who our deal if you, do that and it keeps pressure on the Iranian government and but, if you blow, up the deal then, that gives them some sort of nationalistic, totem, to rally people around and the focus moves off them and more, on the relationship, with the United States and the international community. And that could strengthen their position, so, Donald Trump has a big decision to make in the next 24, hours he, will listen to all sides and then Donald Trump being Donald Trump will, make the decision he wants to make when he's ready to make the decision. Meanwhile. President Trump has confirmed, he's cancelled his state visit to, London they were calls from some, politicians, for his invitation, to be withdrawn and, opponents, were planning protests, if the, visit went ahead but on Twitter Trump would have done to this not wanting, to officially, open, the new US, Embassy in London next month he tweeted, reason. I canceled, my trip to London is that I'm not a big fan of the Obama administration. Having, sold perhaps the best located, and finest embassy in London for, peanuts, only to build a new one in an off location, for 1.2, billion dollars bad, deal wanted me to cut ribbon no. To. Syria where the UN says government forces have stepped up fighting, and rebel enclaves. There. Are deliberate. Attacks on civilians which could be considered war crimes speaking on his first visit to Syria the UN's humanitarian chief. Says he's deeply worried about. Civilians, in Eid liban Eastern guter more, than 85, civilians, have been killed in, the past 12. Days Helen, huckster reports. This. Has, become the norm in eastern, gutter. Later. Civilian, casualties, as the Syrian government steps up its attacks in flushing, out rebels, in the Damascus suburb. This. Is the last rebel, held and clave and regime forces backed, by Russian, strikes have, been intensified. Attacks there, in recent news Russia. Has rejected accusations it's, been targeting, civilians. Turkish. President Erdogan spoke to his Russian counterpart Putin. On Thursday, stressing, air strikes needed, to stop for peace talks to succeed, an unnamed. Turkish source said Ankara had summoned Iranian, and Russian ambassador's. Syrian, President Assad's backers, to express, its discomfort. Those. Airstrikes are in what was meant to be a de-escalation, zone. And. The, UN's employ, voiced his concern, over the level of violence in Qatar. This. Was his first mission to Sara since his appointment last year. Meanwhile. Russia is due to host the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, in Sochi at the end of January, another, attempt to start up some kind of meaningful dialogue, to end the vicious civil war that has killed hundreds, of thousands, of people since 2011. Hannah. Hawkster al Jazeera, Turkey's. Government has dismissed, another, 260. Civil servants, and military personnel, and its latest state of emergency decree, president. Reject type Edda one extended, the state of emergency earlier. This week it. Was imposed after the failed coup in 2016. Thousands, of people suspected, of involvement have. Been arrested in tens of thousands, sacked more, than 1,800. People dismissed, in previous. Purges, have been reinstated, under, the new decree after. Having their names cleared, it's go straight to our desires seeing them Kazu glow in Antakya tell us a more, what's, going on and why this is happening right now. Yesterday. And as you have stated as. Well, turkey. Is still. Implementing. The state of emergency since, the failed coup attempt, on July in. 2016. And this, governmental, decree that was published on the Official Gazette a, this morning was a part of that, but.

More. Than. 1,800. People were dismissed, among the military. Personnel and public personnel. But on the other hand there. Are some hundreds. Who have been reinstated. Those. People have been accused, for allegedly, using. An encrypted, mobile. Application. Called dialog so, the. The. Court's rulings are kind of changing, people. Who have been accused, by being guilty, and being members of the fetterlock. Yulin organization. They, are being reinstated. There, are some technical, issues, that the, court has taken, new decisions, on actually this is what is going on but. Still the dismissals, are going on the. Numbers, are very large, but. The state of emergency will. Be continuing, for three more months as the Parliament took the decision, this. Week to extend, that chain, turkey. Is actually. At. The doorstep, of a general, election and. The local election, in 2019. People. Are curious, right now whether the state of emergency will, continue, until the election, has. Been done in this country, but as a state of emergency continues. We are going to be seeing more dismissals. And more. Reinstatements. In, Turkish public sector and Turkish military Jain alright thanks for that cinema. There's. Growing, outrage in Pakistan, over the rape and murder of six, year old girl zeinab Ansari, authorities. Are being accused of not doing enough to keep children safe after, a series of similar, killings and there, is a push for more awareness about the prevalence of sexual, abuse, in Pakistani. Society, Diana. Karim reports. They're. Calling for justice for zeyneb the, girl whose body was found in a dump on Tuesday, four, days after she went missing in a district south of the whore. Protests. Have since broke out in several cities in Pakistan. Some, of them turning violent. There. Were funerals, on Thursday for two men killed in the city of Peshawar an enraged. Crowd, stormed a police station. Officers. Responded, by firing live, rounds on, demonstrators, law. Enforcement, is being blamed here Zeynep. Swather says the police did not act fast enough when his daughter went missing last week the. Local police chief has, been sacked, for negligence, related, to the case. If. The culprits, in earlier rape and murder cases, had been caught and punished, then this incident, would never have happened if, they had been given exemplary, punishments. People's, daughters would have been safe today, 11. Other child murders have been reported, in the area in recent months and in. 2015. Kassar district, was at the center of a child sexual abuse scandal a number. Of suspects, were arrested accused. Of blackmailing, scores, of children into. Making sex videos the. Figures of child, sexual abuse child. Rape child, sodomy, child, murders, has. Soared, in the past three, to four years in the district, of the source and it seems to me that there, is an element, of, pedophilia. Gangs, and rings police. Say they're still investigating leads. In Zainab's murder and have interrogated. 227. People in connection with the case the, number one suspect the, man seen here on the security, camera with zeyneb it's, the last time she was seen alive, Diana, kerim al Jazeera. Qatar. Sent an airspace, violation. Complained to the UN Security Council against the United Arab Emirates it, alleges, an Emirati fighter, jet illegally, crossed, into kateri aerial. Territory, on December the 21st, the. UAE Saudi, Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt closed their airspace to kateri, aircraft in June after, severing. Diplomatic ties, they accused Qatar of supporting, terrorism. Which it denies. Still. Ahead in this half-hour, the US president is accused of making vulgar remarks. While, talking to senators, about immigration. Fears. Of worsening hunger, in Sudan, where the rising cost of food has led to violent protests. Hello. We've got some slightly quieter weather pushing into Western Europe over the next day or so the cloudy rain will return as we head on into the weekend having said that already, have a fair amount of cloud and rain, into central, parts of Europe. But just around the central. Madge is pushing across Italy then leaves its way over into the bowl cuz you can clearly see that circulation, swirling. Away here further north this generally very, quiet if a little on the cool side temperatures. At around 6 cells just there for London in Paris which is about where, it should be been only four degrees there in Zurich and only nine cells just there for Madrid mixed, area cloud and rain that will make its way in as we go on through Friday into Saturday so.

Coming, Into Ireland into, Wales pushing, into that western side of Scotland stretches, its way right out across the Bay of Biscay and it does make its way across the Spanish plains so Madrid struggling, to get to six degrees Celsius chance. Of some snow over the higher ground here meanwhile, clear skies come back into Italy and do some wetter weather they're just pushing back across southern parts of the balkans easing. Across Greece that will make its way towards. Turkey so that same area of low pressure will. Of course effect sir northern parts of Algeria. Maybe. We're pushing across, a good part of Tunisia as well so 13 Celsius for Tunis and for, Algiers east of that is generally fine and dry, but we have got increasing. Cloud going, to the northern parts of Morocco. Watching. Al-jazeera mind, of our top stories this hour the US president, is expected, to reluctantly, extend, sanctions, relief to Iran later on Friday, under. The nuclear deal with world powers the US needs to reaffirm, the deal every 90 days but Donald Trump may impose separate. US. Sanctions. The. United Nations humanitarian chief. Says he's quote deeply, worried about civilians, caught up in violence in Syria fighting is worsened around rebel-held. Areas. Near Damascus, and in Eid Lib province. Turkey's. Government has dismissed another, 260. Civil servants, and military personnel, and its, latest state of emergency decree. President, reject I paraone extended. The state of emergency earlier, this week it was imposed after the failed coup in, 2016. A. Small. Group of US senators say they've reached a compromise on immigration, reform but, they yet to win the support of Donald Trump and, according to several reports, the president made vulgar, remarks, about Haiti El, Salvador, and African, countries during, the discussions, Kristen, salumi has more. Days. After, President, Trump called on lawmakers to find a compromise, on immigration, reforms, a small, bipartisan. Group of six senators, say they've done just that the. Agreement, was expected, to include funding, for border security, protections. For undocumented, immigrants, brought to the US as children and, changes. To the way the state department, approves visas, but, in a private meeting a proposal, to restore protections, to immigrants, from Haiti El Salvador. And certain. African, countries, who, were until recently protected. From deportation. Reportedly. Prompted, the president to question, why. Are we having all these people from shithole, countries, come here, he. Then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose, Prime Minister he met on Wednesday. That's, the racist, element Norwegians. Are white, they're Northern Europeans, he, was referring earlier, and his vulgar comment, to Africans, and Haitians who are mostly of African descent these. These are racist comments he said things like this before, when he talked about Nigerians. Who won't go back to live in huts, and, he talked about Haitians, who bring aids to, the United States these, are all confirmations. Of what a lot of people have long suspected that he harbors, racism. Republican. Representative, Mia love a Haitian, American, responded. On Twitter saying, the, president's, comments are unkind, divisive. Elitist, and fly in the face of our nation's values this. Behavior is unacceptable from. The leader of our nation they're. Bringing drugs they're, bringing, crime they're. Rapists. It's not the first time the president has spoken disparagingly. Of immigrants. And his spokesperson, didn't, deny the comments.

Certain. Washington, politicians, choose to fight for foreign countries, President. Trump will always fight for the American people he said President. Trump is fighting for permanent, solutions, that make our country stronger, by welcoming, those who can contribute to our society grow. Our economy, and assimilate. Into our great nation, the, president says he wants a merit-based immigration. System not, one based on family connections, or a lottery, and his, comments, suggest, he's, not yet ready to accept the compromise reached, by senators Kristen. Salumi al Jazeera New, York, Tunisian, demonstrators. Have burned down a security, base near the Algerian. Bordered, follows days of violent protests, against planned, price, and tax hikes the, government has deployed troops across the country more than 320. People have been arrested since, the unrest began on Sunday demonstrations. Have now spread to several, cities Tunisia. As prime ministers urged calm while some and his government say the protests, have been organized, by criminal. Elements, hash. Macabre is in the capital Tunis. The. Momentum continues either. We will still see those confrontations. With security forces, across. The country, we're no longer talking about the capital Tunis. We're talking about the coastal area as the south and and, there is some part of the country and all people. Angry, of a a. Government. Decision to increase taxes, and also which created, which, led to, prices. Of rise, affecting. Basic, commodities, which. Left thousands, of people to say that there's, absolutely no way we can deal with that, this is a country which huge problems, in terms of rising. Unemployment it, needs at the same time. Revenues. Now, it's. It's a tourism, industry, has been hit in the past by terrorist. Attacks and now the government, is looking into different options, to try to get more revenues and particularly the taxes and this has created a. Backlash. Egypt's. Former military chief of staff Samy Annan will run in the presidential, election in March his, party made the announcement on, Thursday, current. President, Abdel Fattah al-sisi is, expected. To seek a second term but as yet to officially announce, his. Candidacy earlier. This week former, Egyptian Prime, Minister Ahmed, Shafiq said he was no longer considering. Running in the election. There's. Been a mass burial, in Nigeria, for 73, people killed in fighting between Fulani herdsmen, and farmers. The two communities, have been locked in conflict for decades. Over the use of land to graze cattle, Ahmed. Idris reports, from Baku, D&B newest state a. Solemn. Ceremony for victims of recent violence, between herdsmen, and farmers. As. A dead are brought in coffins on open trucks, emotions. Run high. Survivors. Say the attacks were carried out by herzman. Stephen. Zion a member of a local militia formed, to confront the nomads says it, was left for dead when, their camp was raided. We. Were in a camp around, 5 a.m. without warning without information we started to hear gunshots, they, were shooting we. Didn't have any rifle or ammunition Mary. Is a mother of two she's, alive but suffered a deep machete cut to the face. Attacks. And counter-attacks between. Farmers and cattle herders, have grown worse in Nigeria, over the past five years, last. Year alone at least. 1500. Have died and more than, a hundred thousand displaced as. The, 73, victims of the recent violence are buried, here the Nigerian government is sending soldiers to, stop the killing some part of the problem is access, to land a changing, climate is forcing the migration, of from the north to, the south insight of posture existing. Lands reserved, for grazing have been overtaken, by farmland. As. The population, grows and this has created conflict, between farmers. And cattle herders. Security. Forces have announced arrests on both sides and some. States have, enforced, a ban on open, grazing, I know. The. Size of my states, what. Land is, where. There. Is no, two. Hectares of land to that. You can put as business on. The. Old land is occupied. But. The herzman said the law was in bad faith man. Chased English their way of life that reason. Is their racing. Is the felonies legal right as Nigerians, that's the way they were brought up when, they insist on ranching, they should be provided, with ranches, if there, is no provision for ranches, how, do you want them to live, efforts. By the central government to demarcate areas exclusively. For grazing is, being resisted, in some states. This. Conflict has been going on for half a century, well, the rising casualties, on the scramble, for land and water many, nodular say they believe the. Violence will get worse before it, gets better, Ahmed, Deidre's al-jazeera. McCarney, Nigeria. In, Sudan three people have died in protests. Against, the rising cost of basic foods, prices. Shot up when the government, stripped, subsidies, hipa Morgan reports from Khartoum.

Preparing. A meal for her family is nothing new Forte ciarán irani but, the portions have changed over the past few days, the, reason higher prices in the market. There's. An increase, in the prices of basic commodities, what. I could buy for $85. In the past now cost a hundred and seventy dollars even. The cost of breads gone up and it affects my spending, on other things, Sudan's. Economy has been weakening since the United States imposed economic sanctions in, 1997. Which, were lifted in October last year but, there hasn't been much of an improvement since, then the, government's 2018, fiscal budget has a deficit, which, has forced it to eliminate, some subsidies, one. Of them was for wheat in Perth, we. Used. To get a sack of flour for, 22 or 24 dollars but, it was hard to find now. The prices, are higher is 57, dollars and, you can find it but there is a very noticeable increase in the cost. Lifting. Meat subsidies as high to prices, of bread which led to protests, in many parts of the country three. People were killed and, more than a dozen members of one of the main opposition parties, which, called for peaceful protests, arrested. Protesters. Say police used tear gas to stop them and the, government shut down newspaper, publications. And confiscated, copies that were already in distribution, but. The price of bread is not the only reason behind the protests, Sudan's. Currency, has been weakening, against the dollar for many years in, 2005. You needed to Sudanese pounds to get one dollar in. 2012. You needed to eat now. Which is a record 34 just one dollar on the black market, with, prices of some commodities, more than doubling many, fine life unaffordable. Sudan's. Government lowered, the official rate of the currency against the dollar from 6.7. To 18 pounds in January as, part of reforms, recommended, by the International, Monetary Fund but. It says the reforms have nothing to do with the hikes in prices. There. Have been government, efforts to reduce the prices of staple, consumer goods the, rise in prices is not related to the devaluation of official, exchange rates rather, the, result of black market manipulation. Of that rate and the Ministry and central, bank are working. To shut it down, but. Some analysts say the worsening economy is, because of government policies and the budget it proposed for this year. The. 2018, budget, presented, to Parliament was unrealistic. It was beyond Sudan's economic, capacity, without a vision or identification, of the resources, to cover the budget the, budget may collapse if not in two months than in three because, the Ministry of Finance doesn't have the resources for the revenue to cover it tissue. Doesn't know what the government's next steps will be but. She hopes it won't result in more hikes in prices, which, could force her family to go without some meals Hiba, Morgan al-jazeera home. Saudi, Arabia is the only country in the world that bans woman from driving but in six months time they'll be able to get behind the, wheel so to prepare, for. The change the kingdom has held its first car exhibition, aimed at women the, ban was lifted by decree, issued by King Salman, last, year. Environmental. Groups are accusing Papua New Guinea's government, of sitting, back while the country's rainforests, are destroyed the, Pacific nation has just overtaken, Malaysia to become the world's biggest, exporter of, tropical, hardwood, Andrew.

Thomas Went to Palmilla to have a look at the impact. The. Extremely, remote location. Of this rainforest. Used to offer its protection. But, recently, that's changed. The. Forests, around Palmilla, are disappearing, fast as they have been right around Papua. New Guinea we. Have lost everything. Before. We've been here, two, years ago we would be standing underneath a very big tree. I might. Be looking at the birds flying around the trees but. Now look at this so, we would have been in the middle of the forest yes we would be in the middle of the forest yeah. Papua. New Guinea has more of Asia Pacific's, remaining, rainforests, than any other country but special, agricultural. Business, leases or si BL threatened, them they, were supposed to be issued to agricultural, companies, to clear land they intended, to farm on but, most si BL s which now cover more than 10% of Papua New Guinea 's entire, land mass were. Issued, often, corruptly, to logging companies, the, timber is processed, in China and sold, on around, the world as, kitchen, flooring. Palm. Oil plantations. Are eventually planted. But, they're a poor substitute. It's. Supposed to avoid emotion, in reports, like this but this scene is just. Profoundly. Depressing. When I first saw it it took my, breath away, I mean, just. Look at it this. Is a landscape, that's been. Scarred. Logging. Companies say they brought jobs services, and roads, to poor parts, of Papua New Guinea and paid. Land owners but, this satellite. Imagery, with pictures taken in 2013 and, again this year shows, in just one area the extent, of what's been lost. John. Paul Rhea helped a Malaysian, company to negotiate, its access, but, he quickly felt, locals, were being pressured into signing one-sided. Agreements, I feel, embarrassed I say. I must. Tell you the truth that we were looking for cash. This. Is why without. Considering. All these implications. We. Opted to bring, in a developer, in in, places logging, companies have subsidized, the local police those, trying to stop the loggers say, they've been beaten, by them held in shipping containers and, threatened, with arrest I was. Given. A. Salmon. My, famines, by. A policeman, in, uniform and, carrying a gun and. In the nights, in. Papua New Guinea's capital, two politicians, and officials have, been accused of being too close to the logging companies and of, taking bribes to help deals go through the, country's new lands Minister doesn't deny that but, says he's part, of the solution, Issei Beals is. A disaster. It's it's a disgrace there's. Definitely, some that are illegal there's no question about it and they will be canceled they will be canceled and all logging, will stop but, it's not stopping we have just been in East New Britain if the logging is devastating. Now correct you're right it is not stopping because of the fact that we still have to go through the process there's. A legal process a lot of the issue it's going to stop it will stop in many, places logging, companies are appealing, the cancellation, of their licenses, but, while court cases drag, on the, trees keep, falling, Andrew. Thomas al-jazeera Tomeo. Papua New Guinea. I think. In the top stories and Al Jazeera the US president, is expected, to reluctantly, extend. Sanctions relief to Iran late on Friday under the nuclear. Deal with world powers the, US needs to reaffirm, the deal every. 90 days but, Donald Trump may impose separate, US. Sanctions. The. United Nations humanitarian chief. Says he's quote, deeply worried about. Civilians, caught up in violence in Syria fighting, has worsened around rebel-held areas, near, Damascus, and in Idlib, province. Right. Now I am, particularly, concerned about the fate of the deceased.

I'm. Also concerned, about reports, and continuous, shelling from. Eastern, concern. City. With. Consequent, civilian, casualties. And. I'm deeply worried about civilians, affected, by the upsurge, of violence improve, lives and those. Trapped, in. Horrendous conditions. Turkish. Government has dismissed, another 260. Civil servants, and military, personnel under, its latest, state, of emergency decree, president. Rage up type era one extended, the state of emergency earlier, this week it, was imposed after the failed coup in 2016. Is. Growing outrage in Pakistan, of the rape and murder of a six-year-old, girl Zeynep, Ansari her death, has led to days of protests with. Authorities, accused of knotting enough to keep children safe, there's also pushed for more awareness. About the prevalence of sexual, abuse in Pakistani. Society. Qatar. Sent an airspace, violation. Complaint to the United Nations Security Council against. The United Arab Emirates it, alleges. An Emirati fighter, jet, illegally, crossed into, kateri aerial, territory, on December the 21st, the. UAE Saudi, Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt closed their airspace to catari aircraft in June, after severing diplomatic, ties, they accused, cat of supporting, terrorism which. It denies. Meanwhile. The US president has caused a stir for comments his reporters have made during, an oval office meeting, speaking. About proposed protections, for immigrants used, while referring to Haiti or Salvador, and some African nations, in sad, stories coming up next. China. Has, a serious, shortage of women and a, lot of lonely, men. 101. East meets those desperately. Seeking love any. Way they can at this. Time on al jazeera. Guthi. Rebels in Yemen say they've built their own surface-to-air. Missile. It comes days after Saudi, Arabia so that it intercepted. A ballistic, missile that, was fired towards, its territory, so, is there an end game to this near three-year, conflict, this, is inside story.

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