Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 04, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 04, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight, the president's, battles increasing. The pressure on North Korea to end its nuclear program, the Secretary, of State turns up the heat while here at home, President Trump takes aim at a sports superstar. The, immigration, fight escalates, as nearly 600. Children remained separated, from their parents the process, of reuniting, them gets new scrutiny a revealing. New report, about the school shooting suspect, in parkland, Florida and what, may have driven him to kill as the, economy, grows factories. Can't hire workers fast, enough some, are using robots, to fill in the gaps but what happens, when the economy, falters, and taking, care of a summer tradition will, visit a place that keeps the country's carousels, turning. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with. Jose, diaz-balart. Good. Evening Jose is off tonight I'm Kristen Welker we begin with a political, split screen president. Trump taking to Twitter to wage battles, with foes, old and new his, most recent with, NBA superstar. LeBron James. After, James accused, him of being divisive, and as, the president, engages in that back and forth his, Secretary, of State is engaged in a diplomatic challenge. With far-reaching consequences, the. Administration's. Efforts to take the president's, negotiations. With North Korea, to the next level we begin with the president's, two tracks tonight first, North Korea hears White House correspondent, Kelly O'Donnell. After. That handshake, made history just eight weeks ago new, arm-twisting. From Secretary, of State Mike Pompeo, at, a conference in Singapore Saturday. Over, Russia undercutting. Sanctions, on North, Korea's regime we, have seen reports that Russia. Is allowing. For joint ventures with North Korean firms and granting new work permits to North Korean guest workers those. Actions, are a kind of economic help for North Korea specifically. Banned by the international. Community, any violation, that detracts from the world's goal. Of finally fully denuclearizing. North Korea would. Be something. That America, would take very seriously, despite. New reason, for mistrust. Pompeo, reached out to his North, Korean counterpart. Part with a smile his. Warning, was delivered, but so was a letter from President Trump to, kim jeong-hoon, handed. Over by an American, ambassador to, North Korea's foreign minister, the, president, is focused at least publicly on an improved, relationship, what. I did with North. Korea was great I got, along great. With. Chairman, Kim and positive. Steps like North Korea returning. Some, remains of fallen Americans, 65. Years after fighting, there but. The u.s. is also tracking worrisome. Evidence that North Korea is still working on its nuclear weapons and, ballistic missile. Programs activities.

Pompeo. Declined, to talk about in an open Senate hearing is not. Korea continuing, to pursue submarine-launched. Ballistic missiles. I can't. Answer that for you here in this unite answer that no senator. And. After. Pompeo left the conference North, Korea's foreign minister complained, publicly about. U.s. insistence, that all sanctions, remain in place until there's, real proof that North Korea has denuclearized. North Korea says, it wants to be rewarded, along the way with relief, as it makes positive steps, that's, an impasse, Kristen, Kelly, O'Donnell live for us in Bedminster, tonight, thank you for that report Kelly well, president Trump also had his eye on the midterms tonight he left his working vacation in Bedminster New Jersey, for Ohio where, he's minutes away from addressing, voters, ahead of Tuesday's special election, in a key congressional district. And it comes as mr. Trump is taking on one of the state's native, son's basketball icon. LeBron James, NBC's. Jeff Bennett picks up our coverage from Lewis Center Ohio. It's. The latest skirmish in the ongoing battle between the presidents, and professional, athletes Friday, night mr. Trump tweeting LeBron, James was just interviewed, by the dumbest, man on television Don Lemon, he made LeBron look smart which isn't easy, to do earlier. This week on CNN James, slammed the president and what I noticed, over the last few months. That. He's kind of used sport to, kind, of divide, us the Trump taunt sparking, a torrent of tweets from top athletes, in support, of James even the first lady way, in saying in a statement it, looks like LeBron James is working to do good things on behalf of our next generation for this. Week James opened, a new public school for underprivileged, children in his Ohio hometown, kids, just want to know if we care about him president. Trump ended, his Twitter insult, with I like Mike an apparent, reference to the ongoing debate over whether James or NBA legend, Michael Jordan is the league's greatest player, Jordan, telling NBC News I support. LJ he's doing an amazing job for, his community. And. Tonight. President Trump is here in Ohio, of all places LeBron, James home state this rally comes as the GOP scrambles. To hold on to what had been a reliable, Republican. Congressional, seat all ahead of a must-win special, election, Kristen and the midterm fever is on all right Jeff Bennett thank you for that report and now, to a developing story in Portland Oregon where a right-wing, rally has drawn boisterous, counter protests, amid, a huge police presence the group patriot, prayer gathered, just ahead, of the one-year anniversary of, that controversial. Unites the right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia where, one person was killed today's, counter, protesters, shouted, Nazis, go home as police. In riot gear separated. The, two groups extreme. Heat is returning to the western, part of the country tonight complicating. The fight against those deadly, wildfires, temperatures. Are expected to, reach the high 90s, in Northern California tomorrow, and the region will heat up even, more early next week with, temperatures in the triple digits Las Vegas could get up to 112. Degrees and, Northern, California isn't, alone in its suffering from the hot weather a heat, wave is also sweeping, through Europe, creating, extreme, conditions, our Matt, Bradley, has that story from Portugal. In the tiny Portuguese, village of Koval de Carvalho the fire alarm is low-tech. Emergency. Professionals, are more like volunteers. But. The fear of forest, fires is as high as the soaring, temperatures. Last. Year this region was ravaged, by fires that killed more than 60. Last. Year's fires were terrifying, they were all around us in Adelina Frizzle. Meteorologists. Predict Portugal and Spain could, see temperatures as high as 118. Degrees the, hottest ever recorded. In Europe part, of a global heat, wave sparking. Wildfires, in the Arctic Circle even.

Melting So much snow on Sweden's, highest peak it's no longer the highest. Katherine, deeds and Jen shoemaker are visiting Lisbon from Boston. History. But. Now with this heat we're probably going to be in and out of places that have air-conditioning so you know they say they don't want you to drink alcohol, when it's really hot. Even. Caution. Takes a vacation you. Know, Kristen we didn't, see those european-wide, record-breaking. Temperatures, today but here in Lisbon they broke their own record, it was more than a hundred and 11 degrees Fahrenheit, that's the hottest it's ever been recorded here and I got to tell you Kristen it's sweltering, we, still, might see those European, wide temperatures, broken, tomorrow or the day after Kristen. All right we know you'll be watching closely Matt, Bradley, thank you tonight, a federal judge is calling the Trump administration's. Efforts, to reunify migrant. Children separated. From their parents, unacceptable. This, comes as the president's zero-tolerance policy. Faces new scrutiny, NBC's, Maya Rodriguez, reports, on one family struggle, a. Bittersweet. Goodbye at, Orlando's, International, Airport. 39. Year old Alejandra. Juarez leaving behind her family, as she is deported, back to Mexico on, Friday. She first entered the country illegally 20. Years ago and had two daughters here after marrying, a Marine who served three, tours of duty in Iraq. The. Case is just one facet of the Trump administration zero-tolerance. Immigration. Policy which began, in April among, those affected children. Separated from their parents at the border of the, more than 2500. Separated. 572. Are still awaiting reunification. With their parents, now, a federal, judge is demanding, accountability judge. Dana Sabra, yesterday, blasting, the administration. For not having a plan on how to reunify, the children, in their custody, calling. It unacceptable, adding. Quote the, reality, is that for every parent who is not located, there will be a permanently, orphaned, child the. Administration. Defended, the process, this week certainly. The the President, himself has stated that he doesn't like the idea of family, separation, I don't think anybody does we, also don't like the idea of open borders back, in Florida a different, kind of separation, for the Horace's, as a mother. Heads back to a country where, she no longer has, family, leaving, behind part, of the family, she, created here Maya, Rodriguez, NBC. News, one. Of the country's best-known, college, football coaches remains, sidelines, tonight as Ohio, State University, launches an investigation, into how much head coach Urban Meyer knew, about allegations, of domestic violence against. A former, assistant coach now, we're hearing new comments, from both men NBC's, Gatti Schwartz has those details. It. Was a day of two simultaneous, bombshells. For Buckeye Nation I've never hit her I've never beat her nothing, former, assistant coach Zack Smith speaking out to ESPN, about his ex-wife's allegations. Of domestic violence and these pictures, released, by her anything. That happened. To her body, was. Was. All just defensive, movements, to remove, myself from the situation at. The same time Friday Ohio State's famed head coach Urban Meyer acknowledging. He did know about the allegations, contrary. To what he told reporters this. Is what he said about the allegations, a week ago I was, never told about anything, whenever, anything, came to light I didn't never had a conversation about it so, I know nothing about it but, yesterday, on about face Meyer, tweeting, my intention, was not to say anything inaccurate. Or misleading however. I was not adequately, prepared to discuss these sensitive, personnel, issues adding, I have always followed, proper, reporting protocols and, I did so regarding, the Zack Smith incident, in 2015. And after. This Smith, who was fired by Meyer still, coming to coach Meyers defense, if he loses his job it's flat wrong, and. This is a guy who fired me it. Would be a, crime Zack. Smith was never charged with domestic violence, his ex-wife says she was pressured not to file charges by. Smith's family and by a lawyer with close ties to both coaches Ohio. State University, is now investigating and, has placed Coach Meyer on paid, administrative leave, Kristin. Back to you gadi thank you for that report and there are new insights, tonight into the man charged, with killing 17. Students, and staff members at a high school in parkland, Florida and, what factors led to that rampage, here's, NBC's Blake, McCoy.

Tonight. An independent. Review finds, Broward County Schools should have done more to help mass shooter, Nicholas, Cruz in the two years before his rampage, that killed 17, people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high, school this past February, a judge. Ordered, the report, partially. Redacted, but a mistake in that process means, when you cut and paste the text into a new document it becomes, visible. Among. The key findings, Cruz who had a learning, disability had, been receiving, support, services, his entire education. But, a series, of conduct, violations, in 2016. Led to a recommended, return, to Cross Creek a special-needs, school Cruz. Had just turned 18 and not wanting to leave Marjory, Stoneman Douglas, opted. Out of further support, services, his, grades declined, and no longer on track to graduate he, left in February, 2017. And purchased. An ar-15, rifle. Returning. For the first time a year, later the dead of the shooting the. Report finds Broward County schools largely, supported. Cruz but is critical on two points, not letting Cruz stay at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, his, school of choice with, special, education, support, also, not, following, through on Cruz's, request to, return that the special-needs school two, months after dropping, out of Stoneman. Cruz. Is currently, awaiting trial, facing, the death penalty, Blake. McCoy NBC, News and, as, we track that tragedy, guns and gun control remained, politically, divisive and have, many wondering, how to reconcile. The right to bear arms with Public Safety well one European, nation may offer some insights. Lucy Cavanaugh, reports. Each. Mass shooting, in America. Echoes. Thousands, of miles away in Switzerland. With, a population, of just over 8 million this, tiny nation has an outsize love, for. Its guns, we. Believe in the right to have. Your own rifle, and and be armed, free citizen, after the u.s. Switzerland, has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world one, reason a centuries-old.

Tradition Of, armed neutrality and. Protection. By its citizen, militia army. All. Able-bodied, men are required to serve they're, given a weapon trained, to use it and can, keep it after their service they go to the, military and they, shoot with, friends, with families, this is the tradition, of Switzerland a tradition. That spans all age groups, there. Are hundreds, of shooting ranges just like this one all across Switzerland guns. Are a regular part of Swiss life but, mass shootings, are rare. There. Are plenty, of rules because, it's so highly regulated it. Gives us the freedom. To bear arms to. Shoot. Our arms, but. Always under a highly regulated. Regime. So I can't just walk in here and say hey I want to buy a. Absolutely. Impossible. Before, buying any gun you have to get a license, from local authorities and undergo, background checks that include screenings, for violence, mental health and addiction, issues, Aaron. Zimmerman, a former, police officer in Colorado, who now lives in Zurich says the Swiss model shows that guns and sensible, gun control laws, can go hand in hand the, relationship, between the Swiss and guns is more it's a matter of national security. Whereas in the United States it's. More based on maybe personal, freedom they have a firearm, to, protect their own personal, liberties because. They don't trust the government in some cases he. Has me in hios is too young to remember Switzerland's. Last mass shooting in 2001. And thinks the Swiss have a different, relationship with their weapons you, usually, don't get it just to her to have it or to protect yourself because in Switzerland, you're usually safe. Like. The US a country, that values its guns. But. Sees gun ownership, in starkville, different terms, Lucy, Cavanaugh NBC, News, Zurich, a fascinating. Look at one country's approach still. Ahead tonight with, unemployment so, low a high demand, for workers. Two robots for, rent also. A rite of passage in, Thailand, for those young soccer players who, adored so much they, finally, returned home. And. We're back with a problem that's a good one to have with the economy booming the nation's factories, can't find enough workers to get the job done our business, correspondent, Jolene Kent tells, us about a high-tech, startup that aims to solve the worker shortage. Pioneer. Metal finishing, can't hire workers fast, enough demand.

For Their seat belt parts has doubled, over the last year, and keeping, up has been a challenge, for manager, Rob Simon, we had to think of things differently so, beyond putting up a hiring sign in the window pioneer. Turned to startup hire buttocks, for help our, robots only get paid when they're productive, hiring. Two robots, leprechaun. And little guy paying, them each an hourly wage for, labor-intensive jobs that once belonged to people. A. Robot. Like this, starting. Rate starts at about $15 an hour the bots work about 80 hours a week with a break on Sunday hire ba tech CEO Rob Goldy says he started renting out robot, workers to save companies the huge upfront cost, of paying for a custom bot, he knew that every company knows how to hire people so, the idea was how do we make automation, as easy as hiring a person these, robots are 30 percent more productive than, human workers what, was your reaction. This, is just the latest wave in a rising tide of robotics, one report estimates, that by 2030. 800. Million workers around the world could, be replaced, by robots robotic. Options don't necessarily, mean that people are gonna lose their jobs it just means that people are going to have, an opportunity to do other jobs within, the organization, but that could quickly change, in an economic, downturn robots. Especially, those equipped with artificial, intelligence may, keep their jobs while blue and white collar workers, lose them a new, rise of the machines that at least today is, taking some humans, with it Jolene Kent NBC, News Monroe, Michigan it's. A sign of the times that's for sure, what when we return, a family, touring a drive-through, Safari Park gets a white lift. And. We're. Back with an absolutely, amazing site from Ukraine, it's a skydiving. World record, 57. Women take a look changing, formation, three separate times during a dive all happening. In just a minute and a half the, women on wings project, brought together female, skydivers. From 19. Different countries just. Incredible, in, Thailand, today a buddhist, rite of passage for the young boys who, were rescued from that cave last month 11, of the 12 members of the soccer team were ordained, novice, buddhist monks in memory, of a diver who died during their rescue, the, spiritual, cleansing, is a tradition, for Thai males who, experience, adversity, and in. Mexico, a family, visiting a safari park got quite, a ride imagine. Their reaction when a rhinoceros. Repeatedly. Rammed their SUV, the Rhino lifted, the car off the ground several, times the, park said the male Rhino attacked, the vehicle after a female, Rhino captured. His attention luckily. And amazingly, no. One was hurt you don't see that every day well. Up next we'll take you for a much smoother, ride behind, the scenes of a fun summer tradition. Finally. Tonight kids of all ages still. Enjoy a turn around a classic, carousel, it's a summer tradition after all while, our Harry Smith takes us to a place where they've been keeping the nation's merry-go-round. Spinning, for, decades. Up. At the Bronx Zoo you, learned pretty quickly the, kids can't get enough of the. Carousel, to be clear this is not your grandmother's, carousel. This, one is populated. By bugs a praying. Mantis a grasshopper. Even. A dung, beetle where. One wonders does something like this come from. Tucked. Away in an industrial, park near Mansfield. Ohio, carousel. Works has been building, and restoring carousels. For, over 30 years. You sell joy machines. Thank You art, rich he is the founder and co-owner he, says being, in touch with your inner five-year-old. Helps, you understand, who, your customers, are you're, working for a five year old think. Of it as a five year old it's going, back to that childhood. Be. It a horse or, a bug, all, of the work is done by hand and these are some of the other figures that we never make Dan, Jones, he's arts business partner I'm here 25, minutes yeah I fall, in love with them all Kurosawa, no. But. I have just such an appreciation for the, hours. And hours and hours that, go into. Every. Single one of your pieces their carousels, are spinning all over, the world Art's, wife Marilyn, has lost count on just, how many figures she's painted what. Pride do you take and what, happens, in this building I. Have. Really, enjoyed doing, this and it's a happy thing you, know when people go to that carousel, they're. Gonna be smiling you know what's better than that and. If you're a kid of a certain age the, answer is probably, not.

Much. Harry, Smith NBC News. Mansfield. Ohio. And, you're never too old to enjoy one that's for sure that, is nightly news for this Saturday, I'm Kristen, Welker for all of us at NBC News thanks for watching have a great night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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