Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Whiplashes, president, Trump contradicts, US intelligence on, Russia again. A. Head. Snapping response, and late word just coming, in what President Trump says he told flat amir putin in private, also. Tonight dark secrets, and sex new allegations, about the woman charged with being a secret russian agent, here, in the US how. They made it out alive for the first time we hear from the kids rescued, from the cave an, emergency, on the beach two kids two bites just, miles apart, in a place where sharks rarely, attack a flight, being seen in the road fellow drivers, desperately. Trying to alert a woman that flames, were, shooting out, of her car tonight, reports, of hundreds, of fires and urgent alert for drivers and, new, concerns, about a link between ADHD, and, all, that time your kids are spending staring, at screens. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt good. Evening from beautiful Aspen, Colorado site, of the Aspen security, forum the annual gathering of top national security and, intelligence officials, coming. This here amid the fallout, and backlash, of this week's Trump Putin summit FBI, director, Christopher Rea among those here tonight I'll be interviewing, him at this evening's opening, session, following, this broadcast, but, we start with President, Trump today mustering, the tough tone against, Vladimir Putin, that he failed to bring in Helsinki, on Monday over Russian, interference in the 2016. Election, the president, tried to calm a storm of outrage after, he gave Putin a pass at their joint news conference yet. Today as he worked to repair the damage the president may have ended up sewing more, doubt about, what he believes our Hallie. Jackson has, details. Late. Tonight the president publicly, putting, Vladimir, Putin on notice, holding, him personally responsible. For Russia's attacks on the US election, because, he's in charge of the country just like I consider myself to be responsible. For things that happen in this country what's at home a. Very, strong on the fact that we can't have meddling, I let him know we can't have. We're, not going to have it and that's. The way it's going to be that tougher, tone in a new interview with CBS News coming, after yet another Donald Trump translation, from what he said to what he meant less than 24, hours after, the president insisted, he misspoke, in Finland, on whether Russia already interfered. With our elections, he said this about whether he thinks the Kremlin still is is, Russia still targeting the u.s. mr. president. That's. Not true, Russia does continue, to target the u.s. election system according, to the president's, own Director, of National Intelligence who. Blasted, the Kremlin's attacks with this stark warning Friday, I'm here to say the warning lights are. Brick blinking, red again. But, the press secretary, trying to clean up the president's, muddled message says when he told reporters no, he, actually meant go time, to leave is the first thing that the president said after, the question was asked was thank you very much and he said no I'm not answering any more questions but. Why should this president have any credibility to Americans in what he says if in fact 24, hours later or in this case three hours later the White House comes out and says just kidding, first, of all that's not what I said. I was. Interpreting. What the president, is intention. Was and stating the administration's. Policy, the White House today acknowledging. The Russian threat still exists, and explaining, the steps they've taken to protect US elections, but to the president's, critics a hollow, defense it sir sure looked like he. Was saying no that, took him a while then to. Respond back the problem is. That's, consistent with what he's. Been saying you. Know again and again began that he mistrusts. Our, intelligence, services and believes the words of, Putin. The. Press secretary, says she's not aware of any recording, of that one-on-one between, presidents, Trump and Putin, meaning the only other American representative. Besides the president who knows what was said for sure is the, u.s. interpreter, in the room that is why some Democrats, in Congress now, want to hear from her but, it's not clear yet if the Trump administration will, allow it Lester, all.

Right Hallie Jackson at, the White House tonight thank you is this very public drama, plays out with the president our chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea. Mitchell here at the security, conference you've, been speaking to people what's the buzz what's the concern around what's happening there's, a lot of concern Lester, people, I talked to hear that to say that despite the president's latest, explanation. These current former, intelligence officials say his, shifting, statements, have undermined his own intelligence, advisors warnings, about the Russian threat they, say his comments this weekend in fact throughout his presidency have, damaged, the administration's, ability to counter Russia's aggression at, a time when the White House fired its cyber coordinator, and has not replaced him in addition, the State Department today said despite, the Kremlin's claims there, were no agreements between the President and Vladimir, Putin in Helsinki, and finally. The State Department spokeswoman called, Putin's proposal, that Russia question. 11 u.s. citizens, including, former, US ambassador Michael. McFaul who, is an NBC contributor. Absolutely. Absurd, and. Remit so good to have you here thank you and. We're all looking forward, to your interview, with the president's. Point man on the Russian threat director of national intelligence Dan Coates we'll have that plus my interview with the FBI director and more, tomorrow, evening on NBC. Nightly News a woman. Accused of being a secret Russian agent is behind bars after facing, a federal judge, today and now we're learning new details about, the allegations, against, her prosecutors. Say she took orders from a Russian, official close. To Vladimir, Putin and tried, to trade sex for political. Access NBC's. Justice, correspondent Pete, Williams has. The latest. The. FBI says during the two years Maria, boo Tina was making a name for herself as a Washington, DC college student and gun enthusiast, hoping to further relations, with Russia she, had a dark secret. Prosecutors. Say her every move was directed, by a Russian, government, official alexander, tortion, close ally, of vladimir putin investigators. Say she hid in plain sight, joining the NRA to get close to influential. Republicans, unaware. Law enforcement, officials say that the FBI was, watching, her the Russians for decades. Have, been trying to penetrate Washington. Circles this is very reminiscent, of the, ten Russian illegals, the sleeper, agents who were arrested several years ago but, this was a speed, version of that at a 2015, Trump event in Las Vegas she asked the candidate, a question if you would be elected as the president what, will be a foreign policy politics. Especially in. The relationships. With my country, court documents say, she offered, sex for access, to an unnamed political, group the, FBI arrested, her last weekend, when she was packing up to move in, court, today she pleaded not guilty prosecutors. Said she should be jailed pending, trial because, she could slip into the Russian embassy and, the FBI couldn't stop her but, her lawyer says she's no flight risk and is known for months that she was under investigation. She's not an agent of the Russian government the Russian Federation, she's, innocent in the charges brought against her most. Importantly, she's young students, he can take away in America she's not charged, with being a spy but the FBI says she was part of a covert Russian campaign, to, influence, American politics. Pete. Williams NBC News at federal court in Washington, turning. Overseas, have a happy homecoming for, the 12 boys rescued. From that flooded cave in Thailand, after a week in the hospital they're now headed home and are speaking out describing. What it was like and what was supposed to be a one hour trek inside a cave how it turned into a nightmare, NBC's, Janice Mackey fryer is in Thailand, with the story. Tonight. The team the world has been cheering for. Smiling. In their uniforms, and back playing soccer, revealing. For the first time how they survived, those 10 days they were lost inside. I. Tried, not to think about foods so I didn't get more hungry says Titan who at eleven is the youngest in the group they.

Talked About what they called a miracle, their, discovery, by those two British divers. It. Was 14-year, old a duels voice on the video that captured, the world's attention. A, letter. I, heard people talking I wasn't, sure if it was a hallucination a duel said so, we stayed quiet and realized, it was real their. Face is now showing little trace of their terrifying, ordeal, describing. Today how they dug with rocks to try and get out licked, water off walls to stay alive and conserved. Batteries, in their one flashlight. At. The press conference they hugged family, and friends and mourned, the former time AV SEAL diver who died trying to save them. I. Still, want to be a professional, soccer player says, 13 year old Dom but, I want to be a Navy SEAL as well. Back. Home Dom is getting a bigger room at the party, for the birthday he, had inside, the cave you must be very. Excited to get Dom home. His. Grandmother, who raises him tells, us they're just thankful, that he's getting a second chance at, life a hero's. Welcome played, out 13, times here where, the boys are finally back, home, Janice Mackie Freya NBC, news chiang rai thailand. So great to see those kids all looking well let's, turn now to the double threat here in the west scorching, heat about exploding. Wildfires. Across several states including. California. Where a firefighter, has died and the flames are getting dangerously, close to Yosemite. Our national, correspondent Miguel, Almaguer, has the firefight. Tonight. From California. Where homes are being threatened, to organ, where structures, are being lost crews, are losing ground in this deadly and destructive wildfire. Season, the, substation. Fire burning, 80 miles outside Portland, could, incinerate more, buildings, today just, one of a hundred and sixty wildfires, burning, in Oregon, alone tonight's. Red flag warning, could fan flames even farther. The. Wind isn't helping the fire fight near Yosemite either. We're, in one of the most beautiful, places on the planet tonight. It's starting, to get ugly the. Ferguson, Fire is closing, in on 20,000. Acres and several. Homes a veteran. Firefighter, Brayden.

Varney, Killed, here, after, his bulldozer, rolled, over it's. Pretty devastating, for. Everybody. In Mariposa, with. Smoke visible, from 30,000. Feet it's heating, up on the front lines, millions, facing, triple digit temperatures. Tonight. As the weather gets dangerously. Hot the, West is getting, burned, Miguel. Almaguer, NBC, News, there. Is growing concern, tonight about the fire risk for hundreds of thousands, of drivers in America's, roads the, Department, of Transportation says, it is reports, of hundreds, of fires involving. Various, Kia models, some, of those harrowing, incidents, caught on camera, but today the Department of Transportation zone, inspector, general said, the agency is failing to ensure critical, safety recalls, are even completed, here's, NBC's Tom, Costello. I would. Dear it happened on the LBJ, freeway in Dallas last October, a fellow driver desperate. For Linda Creech to pull over honking. Motioning. For us to get off the road flames were shooting out, from underneath, her 2014, Kia Soul she, and her son got out just in time and. The next thing the car just exploded it. Was like a Mission, Impossible movie. Without Tom Cruise. The. Same thing happened to Tyler Kennedy's, 2012, Kia Sorento, in Orlando. As. Of, tonight more than a million Kia and parent company Hyundai vehicles, are under recall for engine failure involving. 2011. Through 2014, model. Years but, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or. Nitsa has not ordered a recall for a fire danger, even though it has at least, 423. Reports, of fire in a, report today its own Inspector, General said nitsa is failing to even monitor recall, saying, it does not ensure that remedies, are reported, completely, and in a timely manner consumer. Advocates, say the Kia fire danger, deserves, a recall you, know sadly we'd say make sure you bring a fire extinguisher in your car if you smell something burning it's probably, your, car it's not outside the car Kia tells NBC News if a fire is the result of a quality, issue it will work with a customer to come up with a resolution if, a, design issue is to blame it will talk to Nitsa about conducting, a recall Tom. Costello NBC, News Washington a, major. Health warning to tell you about tonight the death rate from liver disease, is surging, in the US and younger people are especially at, risk according, to a new study and often, the cause is drinking, too much NBC. News medical correspondent dr. John Torres has the alert. 29. Year old Zachary Acosta, began, drinking heavily in, his teens, last. Year he was suddenly rushed, to the emergency room, I couldn't stand up I started, to, pass out he was diagnosed, with cirrhosis or chronic, liver damage it, was from, excessive. Drinking, Acosta. Would have died if he had not received a liver transplant from, his brother, and tonight. The urgent warning that, more young people are at rest researchers. Finding, an alarming. 65%. Increase in deaths from cirrhosis, the, biggest jump among, young people ages 25, to 34. Men. Had double, the cirrhosis, death rate as women, and they, had four times as many deaths from liver cancer the, chief cause too, much alcohol we. Don't think of alcoholic liver disease as, a young person's problem, what's going on Millennials, are drinking more and they're drinking different, types of liquor that is actually, harder and more potent. According. To the latest US dietary, guidelines, if you want to drink alcohol women. Should limit themselves to one drink per day the, recommended, limit for men two drinks per day now Zachary. Is 10 months sober I just, feel totally. Different like a new person a new, person, with a second chance for, a healthier, life dr.. John Torres NBC, News Chicago. Still. Ahead tonight worried, about how much time your kids spend in front of screens we're gonna tell you about a new alert you need to hear about regarding.

Teens And ADHD. And, also terrifying, shark attacks not one but two on the same day in a place where they are extremely, rare. Back. Now with news that every parent, should hear, new research linking ADHD. And all that time kids are spending staring at screens it's. Raising new questions about, how much is too much and when limits, need to be set we, get details on all of it from NBC's, Joe fryer. In. A household, with three teenagers, you're bound to worry about how much time kids spend on their phones and computers, I do try, to limit it at dinnertime I say okay let's everyone. Put their phones away and have a conversation and, that's really about as much as you could limit a teenager, Cheryl, Mays concerns, are even greater now because of a new report that's raising questions about, screen, time researchers. At USC, said they found a modest, but statistically. Significant. Link between, heavy, tech use and, ADHD. Attention, deficit. Hyperactivity, disorder it's, important, that, parents. Start opening up a dialogue, with. Their teens to talk about digital media use, the, Journal of the American Medical Association, report. Tracked twenty five hundred tenth graders over two years, it, found those most addicted, to social media sites were 53, percent, more likely to develop ADHD. Symptoms, and frequent. Textures, were 21, percent more likely to show symptoms compared. With infrequent. Textures, it's, not clear if kids who develop, ADHD. Are already, more prone to heavy tech use our, research, raises some concerns but, doesn't necessarily. Imply that there's, a direct causal effect of digital media use the American, Psychiatric Association, says, 5 percent, of all children have, ADHD, the. Teens in the may family, do not have it but mom still worries about screen, time I think it would be worth it to try to, cut, down challenging. She says in a world that relies on technology, Joe. Fryer NBC. News, plenty. More to tell you about here tonight caught on camera. Convenience, store owner with, a gun confronts, a beer thief now the owners, the one facing charges and, blast off the world's richest, man takes another step toward sending tourists, to space. Alarm. Tonight along the beaches around New York City not one but two shark, attacks, where, they rarely happen, a 13, year old boy and a 12 year old girl bitten, just miles apart, off Fire Island the, boy grabbed while boogie-boarding. And the girl bitten, on her leg was standing, in waist-deep water in, both cases lifeguards. Raced in to help that stretch of beach now closed until, further notice. Caught. On camera, at a Florida, convenience store, a man is spotted, walking out with about thirty-six dollars worth of beer without paying, the, owner grabs, a gun and confronts, him outside when. The alleged thief backs up deputies, say the owner shot him the car drove off and crashed at, an intersection the, driver now listed in critical condition the, store owner faces. Charges including, attempted second-degree. Murder, and. How. Soon could you take a vacation in, space the race to make space tourism, a reality, took a step forward today, as Amazon. CEO Jeff Bezos company. Blue Origin launched. A capsule, hire into space than it ever has gone before then landed, it successfully. Reports, say Blue Origin will offer its first rides next year for at least two hundred thousand, dollars a pop coming. Up tonight the American hero who survived, one of the worst kamikaze, attacks, in World War two and the ship he hasn't seen in over 70, years until. Now those. Who serve is next. Finally. A war story so epic it is set to become a major motion picture the USS, laughing, endured one of the worst kamikaze. Attacks of World War two recently. One of the veterans who survived that attack returned. After more than 70, years to the destroyer known as the ship that wouldn't die we, have the story tonight in those who serve. Until. This, moment wakeland, kapal doe hadn't, set foot on this warship, in 70, years the. USS, laughy. Nearly. Two dozen dive-bombing. Kamikaze. Attacks took their deadly aim on the laughy in just, under 90, minutes killing. 32, crewmen, for so long his family says he didn't share much about, that day it's something, you can explain. But. Now wait Minh is confronting, his memories, returning. To the laughy honoring. Its 300, crewmen, in a special, ceremonies, and showing. His great-grandson. Zach and his dad Jerry, currently. Serving the Navy the, ship that he once proudly served, aboard, it just came common. We, keep shooting, but that don't stop and they, come. Right on through on, the ship's tower you can still see the logo, kapal, doe designed, and painted yeah. That's not bad. That's. In the original, I only discovered that he was an artist last night zach, is learning a lot about his great granddad, today hundreds.

Want To shake his hand. They. Feel good because, so many people wanted to meet him for, all he's done to protect this country protect. Our freedom he's, a hero, an. Aging, sailor, honoring. His fallen, shipmates the, United. States is a. Greatest. I'm free live and passing. Down a proud, but painful history, to, a new generation. An. American. Patriot, that is Nightly, News for, this Wednesday night, I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thanks for watching, and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel. Subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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