Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 30, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. A monster, fire emergency. Getting worse in California, eight people dead hundreds, of homes burned to the ground and, now thousands, more are in danger, anger. Boils over as prosecutors, announced no charges, a fatal police shooting, officers, say he had a gun family. Members say he begged officers, not to shoot new, fall off or TV Titans CBS, chief les Moonves, after those startling, accusations of. Sexual misconduct, and, his wife TV, host Julie Chen coming, to his defense I. Will. Stand by that statement. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. New, details on a secret TSA program, to follow passengers. Watching, their every move even, if they have no criminal history, have you been followed Olympic. Star Bowie Miller and his wife opening, up to Savannah Guthrie about, the accidental. Drowning, of their daughter it's not a day that goes by that, I. Don't pray for the, opportunity, to go back today. And. Make it different, tonight. They're powerful warning, for all parents and, an. Inspiring, first day of school as LeBron James, pays, it forward. See Nightly, News with, Lester, Holt good. Evening and thanks for being here what's happening in the West tonight is stunning even veteran, firefighters. Take a look a live picture from Northern. California hundred. Wildfires, burning, 17. Of them in California fierce, quick and behavior. That's simply unpredictable. Cameras. Near reading capturing, this swirling, tower of flames of fire Nadeau as the death toll climbs, the fire has claimed a thousand, structures, many of them homes as another. Fire to the south near wine country threatens. Thousands, more our, national, correspondent Miguel. Almaguer, is in the fire zone tonight. This. Is the firefight, Cruiser waging, on the front lines after ripping into reading in Northern, California, the, car fire tore, through more than a thousand, structures, at least six have lost their lives, melody. Bledsoe, wrapped a wet blanket around, her great-grandchildren. Emily. And James as fire, engulfed, their house their, bodies recovered. Over the weekend, you can't lose more than family, and then, you lose everything on top of that the, inferno, so powerful, it's creating, its own weather including, fire, natives. Piper. And Matt Smith's, neighborhood, was incinerated, in minutes. We waited years to buy, this place. First. Home the, car fire is still threatening, five thousand, structures, tonight. Across California. 17. Wildfires, are raging outside. Yosemite. A second, firefighter a hotshot killed. In that blaze and, now a new, threat in wine country the. Mendocino complex. Fire threatening. 10,000. Structures, everything. Is extremely dry, and just it's like the perfect recipe, for, a major fire the perfect, storm for another monster blaze, with, perhaps the most dangerous, days still. To come. The. Mendocino complex. Fire burning, behind me is actually two separate, fires threatening, to become one if it, does firefighters. Tell me the entire hillside, behind me would go up in flames and tear through a mill community. And lesser, if that happened. I'm told there will only take a few hours last. Night Miguel, Almaguer, tonight in California, thank you there is new fallout this evening for one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, CBS. Chief les Moonves, after, those bombshell, allegations, of sexual misconduct and.

Harassment, Speculation. Swirling, about his fate as the CBS, board met for hours today behind closed doors and on, live television his, wife TV, host Julie, Chen coming. To his defense we, get all of it down from NBC's, Morgan, Radford. Tonight. CBS's Board of Directors taking, no immediate, action, against CEO les Moonves, the, media company at a previously, scheduled, meeting now calling, for an independent, investigation, seeking. Outside counsel, following. The bombshell New Yorker report accusing, Moonves of sexual misconduct the. Article details six women's accounts, for, on the record that include accusations, ranging from forcible, touching or kissing to, physical intimidation between. The 1980s. And the 2000s. Moonves's. Wife longtime, TV host Julie Chen reiterating. Her support, of her husband on CBS's, the toss is. The, one and only, statement, I will, ever make on this topic on Twitter and I. Will stand by that statement, Today. Tomorrow. Forever. Moonves, saying in part I recognized, that there were times decades, ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable, by making advances, those, were mistakes, and I regret them immensely, and I have never misused, my position, to harm or hinder anyone's, career, moonves's. Position, now in question, it seems, like they're afraid to name, the CEO in, any of that communications. Why because, I think they want, to leave Leslie. Moonves to decide, for himself whether, he's, going to step down in a statement last Friday CBS, said we do not believe however that the picture of our company, created, in The New Yorker represent, a larger, organization that. Does its best to treat its tens of thousands. Of employees with dignity and respect. Well. Lester that New Yorker report also contained, explosive. Allegations against. Jeff Fager the, current executive, producer, of 60 minutes several, anonymous employees, say he allowed harassment, in the news division but, faker denied those allegations telling. The New Yorker, they never happened, Lester all right Morgan thank you a chaotic. Scene in Minneapolis. As protesters. Shouted, down a prosecutor. Who was announcing, officers, would, not face charges for the deadly shooting of a man last month this after dramatic, body cam video of the incident was released, investigators. Say the man was armed but his family, says he was not a threat NBC's. Joe fryer has the story we want to warn you some of the video here is disturbing. Emotions. In Minneapolis, are running so high a news conference by the county attorney lasted, only minutes before protesters. Interrupted. They're. Upset over the death of Thurman Blevins, who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police last month today, prosecutors announced. The officers, will not be charged, the family is hurting.

This. Comes a day after the city released body camera, video from officers, Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt police, say they were responding to a 911 call, of someone firing shots, into the air when the officers pulled up to the scene they saw Blevins, with what they say was a gun in his pocket. As. Blevins, ran away the officers repeatedly. Warned him to put his hands, up. Leben's, can be heard telling officers not, to shoot. One. Clip of the incident, was slowed down and stabilized, by a California forensic. Video firm, the police union says it shows Blevins, pointing, a gun at the officers, before those officers, opened fire killing, Fleming. The. Officer did what exact exactly, what the public expects, them to do today. Prosecutors, said the use of deadly force was authorized. Because Blevins represented, a danger, to the lives of officer Schmidt and officer, Kelly we came here today for justice, Clemons, family believes, he was no danger to police and hands to continue, protesting, Joe. Fryer NBC. News we're, learning more tonight about a secret Air Marshal program. To follow monitor. And track some American, citizens flying, in the u.s. people, who may have no criminal background and, are not on a terror watchlist, the question is whether it's good law enforcement or, violation. Of privacy here's. NBC's Tom, Costello the. Program, is called quiet skies, federal, air marshals follow, me 2 to 3 dozen Americans, every day through, airports, and on to planes even sitting, right next to them the marshals told to report back if the traveler changes, clothes in a restroom perspires. Excessively, fidgets, trembles, or stairs uses. A phone or computer, passengers. Are selected, for monitoring if they're foreign travel, and other factors, raise concerns, including. Criminal records, curious, financial, transactions. Email, or phone numbers linked to terror suspects. Among, the passengers followed. A businesswoman, who was in Turkey even, a flight attendant, you have over 2 million people a day that currently travel in and around the United States you're, looking, for a threat that's so small, it's. Less, than a needle in the haystack the TSA tells NBC, News the primary, purpose, of this program is to ensure passengers. And flight crew are protected. During air travel, we, recently talked, to TSA Chief David pukowski about, the air marshals for, passengers I think they should feel very safe and secure that, we have a Federal Air Marshal Service that does provide that in flight security but travelers, are never told they've been followed, their activities, documented. Raising. Privacy, concerns, it should go without saying that, government, agents, shouldn't be monitoring, travelers, without a good reason for doing so and the air marshals union complains, the program is a waste of time the American public would be better served if these marshals, were instead of signed to airport, screening and check-in areas, so that active shooter events can be swiftly, ended, Tom. Costello NBC. News/washington. President. Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani, raised eyebrows, today questioning. Whether colluding, with Russia is a crime just, a day before the start of the first trial in the Russia probe, for former Trump campaign, chairman Paul Manafort all, this as the president once again threatens, to a government, shutdown, here's NBC, News White House correspondent Kristen. Welker. After. Saying it was a waste of time to tackle immigration before. The midterms the president's, new threat to shut down the government over it, I would have no problem, doing, a shutdown it's. Time we had proper. Border, security. With. A laughingstock. Of the world the, president also, saying he's open, to negotiation. A new, wrinkle roiling. Republicans, fighting, to hold on to Congress, tonight the Senate's top Republican, vowing it won't happen running, the government in.

A Timely and orderly manner, and 99. Days until the election there's, also the, Muller investigation. For, months the president saying on Twitter and in person, there was no collusion between the Trump team and Russia I say it all the time. There. Was no collusion but, tonight Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, now questioning. Whether collusion, is a crime at all I've been sitting here looking on the federal code trying to find collusion, as a, crime, it's, not collusion, is not a crime and which, I'm not even know if that's a crime colluding, about Russians back in April fired FBI, director, James Comey told, CNN, while collusion, isn't a crime the question, that we would look at as a counterintelligence, agency. Is or any, Americans, conspiring. Which. Is a crime. Defined by the u.s. code with, a foreign, government one, key focus, of the investigation a, knowledgeable. Source telling NBC News mr., Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen is poised, to tell Muller the president, knew in advance about, that 2016, meeting with Don Jr and a Russian lawyer. Giuliani. Saying today the odds are against the president, doing an interview, with robert muller though he wants to but, mr. Trump did make headlines saying, today he's willing to meet with the President of Iran without. Preconditions. Lester, Kristen Welker at the White House thank you a former, top official at FEMA. Under fire tonight facing an investigation. Over allegations that, he created an atmosphere of widespread, sexual harassment. NBC's. Pete Williams has, that story. The, federal agency in charge of responding, to natural disasters. Now has a crisis, of its own the, former chief of personnel at FEMA is under investigation after. Employees accused, him of sexual, harassment, among, their allegations, that he assigned female employees. To various offices, so the male friends, he hired could try to have sexual relations, with them the former personnel, chief Corey Coleman resigned, two weeks ago and has not been questioned, by government, investigators, he, was not available for comment FEMA. Administrator Brock. Long calls, the allegations deeply. Disturbing, and says, he is asking the Department, of Homeland Security's, inspector general. To investigate further, officials. Say they're looking at whether Coleman, hired college, fraternity, brothers and women, he met at bars and through dating websites, FEMA, administrator long.

Says He's setting up a new office to handle allegations. Of employee misconduct and, will, launch mandatory. Training to recognize and prevent sexual, harassment, Pete, Williams NBC, News Washington. Now to a warning for every parent from an Olympic star and his wife opening, up for the first time since the tragic, drowning of their infant daughter skier. Bode Miller and his wife Morgan speaking, out about an unimaginable. Loss taro, and Savannah Guthrie hoping. That their message, could, help save the lives of other children, she. Was, super adventurous and she had no fear it's been seven weeks since, Bodie and Morgan, Miller lost their precious baby girl Emmy, her, room sits, untouched this, cannot be easy why did you want get. The word out I think it does in some way help to heal a little bit then maybe we're preventing it from happening to somebody else it began as a normal, Saturday, Morgan, her two sons a 19, month old Emmy were at a neighbor's, house the boys were right next to us and I. Mean. Would go back and forth which was all of 15, feet and all of a sudden it was just too quiet for me and said where's that me and I. Turned around and, the, door that, leads to the backyard that, was closed had. This tiny sliver of light. And. My, heart sank and. I open the door and. She's floating in the pool. And. I, ran, and I jumped in, Morgan. Pulled Emmy from the water and started, CPR while, her neighbor called 911. Not. A day that goes by that, I. Don't pray for the opportunity, to go back to that day. And. Make it different they want other parents, to be vigilant and, to know drowning. Is the leading cause, of unintentional death. In children ages 1 through 4 it's the number one way. That you could potentially lose your kid the, millers are expecting, a new baby in, October and, they say it's their older, children who have guided them through their darkest, days when, they talk about her. They. Always have a smile on their face, and it, allows us to bring our focus back to. The. Things we still have to be incredibly grateful for Oh, Savannah. I mean it's it's crushingly, sad, you. Have to be grateful though that they're telling the story well I think it shows a lot of grace that in the depths of their grief they're willing to sit down and do an interview and they just want to shout it from the rooftops, so that every parent knows, to take this seriously, everybody thinks they know about water safety oh I've got a fence I've got of this we just need to change our mindset entirely, and become, more vigilant about what, water of all kind whether it be a pool or a puddle, or a mop, bucket that, you leave out and she's joined forces Morgan Miller has with another mother who lost her little baby boy a three year old on the very same day we. Have their incredible, story and what they're trying to do we're gonna get really specific on today's, show tomorrow morning all right Savannah thank you for bringing us this doing we're, gonna take a quick break still ahead paramedics. Under fire what a family, says they fail to do that led to the death of a mother, just days after, giving birth. We're. Back now with the investigation. Into the death of a new mom falling, ill at her home her family calling 911. But, her mother says when first responders arrived. Instead, of taking her vitals, and providing immediate care they were more concerned with whether she could pay we, get more from NBC's, Katie, Boeck just. A week after giving birth Krystle, Galloway, started, having medical problems, after, showing signs of a stroke her, mother makes a chilling call, to 911. Her lip swollen and she was drooling Cristal. Eventually, regained, conscious. She. Said mommy my head - fire medic, units were dispatched but she says instead of checking on her daughter they, asked if she could afford the, ambulance, bill the, whole conversation. Was that my daughter couldn't afford an. MLS, cuz she had just had a baby they. Didn't do any vitals, no blood pressure no. Temperature. As. My daughter in, the middle of her bed under, the covers screamed, and, begged. Them. To take her to the hospital, her mother ended up driving Krystle, to the hospital, herself she, later died this woman needed to be transported by, EMS to. The hospital, our fire, medics did. Not do their job tonight. Hillsborough, County Florida authorities are investigating the. Medics now on administrative leave face, a disciplinary, hearing tomorrow, Katie. Boeck NBC. News we'll, take another short break then coming up together again, the lunchtime reunion. That had a lot of people talking today.

A. 100. Million dollar lawsuit has now been filed over the duck boat disaster that killed 17, people in Missouri less, than two weeks ago the, suit claims the owners and operators put, lives at risk by going out in the water when severe storms, were forecasted. It's, being called the most expensive listing, ever, to hit the market in ritzy Beverly Hills the price tag a cool 1 billion, dollars, it's, got some pretty amazing views, but what it doesn't have is a mansion, the land is undeveloped. And it, was a lunch date that had people doing a double-take in Washington, today at the dog tag bakery, in Georgetown, but suddenly in wok former President, Obama and former. VP VP. Joe, Biden, grabbing, some snacks and raising awareness about, the bakery's special, mission of supporting military families, offering. Jobs and career coaching to wounded veterans up, next here tonight LeBron James returning, to his hometown with, a big game changer. Finally. Tonight superstar, LeBron James, a three-time NBA champ. Returning, to his hometown of Akron Ohio today. For what he called one of the greatest moments of his life and as, you'll see in tonight's inspiring, America, it's all for the kids. Kids. Arrive for the first day of school today in Ohio as a new approach to fix an old problem, take center court led, by someone who knows their stories, more than they could imagine. I know exactly what these two hundred and forty kids. Are going. Through I, know, the streets as they walk I know the trials and tribulations, that they go through because, I've been there which is why NBA, superstar. LeBron James, and his foundation are, opening, this school in Akron, for at-risk third and fourth graders who struggle, both in school and at home, the most important, thing that we, can give them is. Structure. And a, sense of they just want someone to feel, like. They like we care I promise. Is a public, non charter, school it, offers an innovative approach a, longer, class day and a longer school year, and provides. Support to help kids with trauma the school will also help parents, find a job and have, an on-site, food pantry, for families, these, kids still have the same. Opportunity. As everyone. Else these, kids are our future and know, no matter if. I'm playing in Los Angeles or not Akron, Ohio is, always home for me a kid, from Akron, leaving, a legacy of hope for. Children. That. Is nightly news for this Monday I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good, night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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The man that was shot by police all he had to do was STOP

A pool s an accident waiting to happen especially when small children are close by.

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The kid that was killed was told he'd be shot. (several times.) Then he was shot. He had a gun and it was in his hand. The family should be greaving, but I see no reason to believe that he was wrongfully killed. What was he doing with a gun and running with that gun in his hand ignoring the likelihood he could be shot. He did this, not the police. He is not at all comparable to the untold numerous people who were brutalized by the police for no reason.

Use rubber bullets, use of deadly force is asinine

The problem is simple. That guy thought he could outrun a bullet, its a common misconception amongst criminals. I blame their parents for bad parenting. When a cop says stop get on the ground thats their way of saying "I dont want you to shoot me." when the criminal runs thats his way of saying "Im going to get behind that car or dumpster and shoot you." Sometimes he does shoot the cop, but the criminal doesnt always make it, some times he gets shot. Its a gamble and no one likes to lose.

Let's see cbs and ABC upload nightly news


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Detroit is the most dangerous city in America and is predominantly African-American but our white cops don't run around shooting and killing black men because they fear for their lives. That means these other cops are punks who never should have become police officers. They're also murderers who will pay for their sins.


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Ce R If you see crime happening you are supposed to notify the proper authorities so that they can check it out. That's the way things are supposed to be done. Welcome to america 101.

Ce R No watch the investigative report featured on a pbs special. They had a documentary on that.

Ce R: No, she didn't. Read the fine print.

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No Justice, no peace. Know Justice, Know Peace. This country is allowing public excisions by cop, no trial, no jury, just murder. The public does not expect deadly force. We want cops disarmed. TSA wasting tax dollars, violating rights. Wake up people. WTF is going on in this country. No we do not feel safe with a government violating every privacy.

Dont mess with cops ! Put yr hands up

Instead, USA is now the laughing stock of the world because we are ruled by such a disgusting POTUS.

I taught a lot of people a lot of truths that they would of probably never known otherwise. And its all legitimate except I didn't mean to hurt peoples feelings. That part I don't mean. But they hurt my feelings way worse. And they hurt mine with intentions of stealing from me while I hurt theirs in attempt of keeping what was already mine

Robert Justin Alford Green is a paedophile hes in the air force.

If black males in particular are the only type of people that seem to get shot by cops lets analyze this real quick before the next one dies. Lets see what their doin and what different patterns of behavior they are doing compared to the avg person. Lets start there, first red flag I see in every one of these videos are the male suspect keeps running and not complying. BiNGO prpblem solved already, that easy. Comply and dont get shot, dont comply and dont get shot. Everyone else knows how to follow directions. Took me 2 seconds to figure this out. Dont ask for justice and scream unfair when the suspects are the ones committing the crime and then running from it. Yall seriously want us to side with the criminal who runs and doesnt comply?

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To Body and Morgan: Emmy is in The heaven and God knows it was an accident. He knows your suffering but he does not want you to. I hope this gives you peace. You both have amazing heart's.

Hurricane Katrina was the worst.

FEMA is so corrupt.

Guiliani is backtracking because he knows Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia.

God hold's the police to the highest standard and they are shooting black males at a disproportionate rate to whites or mexicans. That is people in authority acting on their racism with no consequences. It needs to stop and it never will when these officers face no consequences.

Conjurer Woman > I'm good ... so long as they broke the law or ran from the law . A cop just don't walk up and shoot you

Joe Moreno, COPs killed about 500 white people last year, how do you feel about that?

Alison Northrup > sorry but if a cop says stop just stop

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The officer warned that he'll shoot, he told him to stop and put the hands up, but the black guy just started running away. Before the end you can notice the gun.

Darrin Robert Stupidest framed question ,Should someone else of any color in these exact circumstances be shot ,Yes.No brainer.

Darrin Robert Stupidest framed question ,Should someone else of any color in these exact circumstances be shot ,Yes.No brainer.

Darrin i do not care what ''color'' they are f0ol comply, or die... keep dying, it does not hurt me, not one bit

Would you say the same had it been two black cops shooting and killing a white boy because they thought he had a gun in his pocket? Those murderous punks.

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.."can't handle the job should quit instead of killing people..." What is that supposed to mean anyway? moronic statement. Duh just shoot me i can handle it! The temperament to handle being shot and killed is called suicide. Thats your requirement to be a cop?

Avion Mech, About 500 White people were killed by COPS last year. White Males were responsible for the majority of COPS killed in the line of duty. COPS were responsible for killing more Black Males. Just some facts for people like you who believe that the COPS are on your side and they are justified in killing people of Color. They are killing your own people and your racism is clouding your ethics.

David Peterson, You like the Dirty COPS declare yourself Judge and Jury. You presume the people the COPS stop are criminals and guilty. I guess you don't know about "Profiling" of people of color, (innocent people being pulled over because of the way they look and their skin color). A certain TEMPERAMENT is required to be a COP, they are not screening or training these COPS. Those who can't handle the job should quit instead of killing people unjustly.


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