Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 12, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 12, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Behind, closed doors here in Singapore, we go inside the summit the nuclear negotiations. The American, president, praising, the North Korean, dictator. A. Moment. For the history books but now the hard part what comes next, also, tonight an American, Olympic star's family, tragedy, is 19, month old daughter drowns, in a pool a heartbreaking, reminder tonight. For all parents, breaking. News in a blockbuster mega-deal. 80s, 85 million dollar takeover, of Time Warner approved, what, it means for competition, and consumers. New. Crash tests, and new safety concerns, tonight about some of the most popular SUVs. On the road does, your family's, SUV pass, the test and the story behind the moment on the mound that is bringing so many people to tears now, think, back to that game I will not, remember, the score at all but I remember what tied it for me and that's really all that matters, a, pitcher. An opposing, batter and an amazing, lesson in sportsmanship, and compassion. This is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt. Good. Evening it is a start of a new day here in Singapore, and the dawn of a new relationship between, the United States and North Korea one, albeit defined. By handshakes, smiles and a vaguely worded document, committing, the two countries, to some laudable, goals not, the least of which is the complete denuclearization, of. The Korean Peninsula. Now hours, after President Trump and Kim jong-un, made their exits, from Singapore, the accomplishments. Of their first face-to-face meeting are, being held up to the light especially what. Wasn't in that document. Including, President, Trump granting, a long-held, wish by North Korea to curb key US military, activities. Tonight. President Trump heading home after a whirlwind, summit, with Kim jong-un, he hopes will be a defining, moment in his presidency, we're ready to write a new chapter between, our nation's. Beginning. With that historic, handshake, then. One on one with North Korea's, 34, year old dictator. I have, known their. War of words gone, now, smiles, and praise. Kim. Heard saying people would think their meeting was out of a science fiction movie. The. Pair signing, a two-page, agreement. North, Korea committing, to complete denuclearization, of. The Korean Peninsula. President, Trump saying it would start very quickly but, giving no specifics, no, timetable. And not even a mention of verification. This is complete, t nuclearization. Of, north. And. It will be verified later, this remarkable, acknowledgment, honestly, I think he's gonna do these things I may be wrong I mean I may stand before you in six months and say hey, I, was. Wrong I don't know that I'll ever admit that but some of the biggest concessions. Warren spelled out in the agreement, president, Trump announcing, he will end joint military exercises. With US allies South Korea, and that North Korea agreed to destroy a missile, engine testing, site. Yeah. The historic, meeting and decided, to leave the, past behind and, we are about to sign a historic document, the world will, see a major change a change. President Trump is gambling, will come through his brand of personal, diplomacy we, have developed, a very. Special, bond one of his personal, touches two, men, two. Leaders. One. Destiny. This four-minute, propaganda. Style video, depicting, North Korea's, bright future, and Kim, as a hero if he gives up his nukes I showed it to him today actually. During the meeting toward the end of the meeting and I. Think he loved it later Pat's on the back during photo ops giving, Kim a look inside his armored presidential. Limo even. A joke at lunch. The. President, promising, this historic, moment was, just the beginning. Absolutely. The. Two sides also committed, to the recovery, of the remains of prisoners, and those missing in action from the Korean War as well as the repatriation of, those already identified. So, after all the pomp and circumstance what, comes next how, does the u.s. hold North Korea to its commitment, to denuclearize, after. Its broken nuclear, promises, in the past, NBC, News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea. Mitchell has more of the big questions. Okay. The incnow drive with great fanfare kim jong-un committing, to the complete, denuclearization, of. The Korean Peninsula, but, will he deliver the, president suggesting, it comes down to trust I believe, he's gonna live up to that doctrine in fact when. He lands which is going to be shortly I think that he, will start that process right away how, can the u.s. be sure.

A Key. Missing, ingredient, no, requirement, that Kim jong-un disclose how many weapons he has or where, they are hidden there is always the possibility that North Korea can hide things in thousands. Of miles of underground tunnels, which. You cannot verify you, can only verify, what they declare and, that's why the declaration, is so important, what else is missing from the summit document, no, definition, of denuclearization. No. Details, on verification. Tonight. Lawmakers, even some Republicans, say it's too vague. This is agreement in principle it's not an agreement that, can be enforced it's an idea I don't know that there's anything to. That. Of concrete, nature yet to trust if you know what I'm saying still the president, says this is just a beginning, that he has accomplished, something no other president, could a meeting. With a North Korean, leader but. Didn't get enough in return now, the task, is to really put meat on the bones, secretary. Pompeo will have to start negotiations, right away to. See if there can be any, concrete. Steps that are taken towards denuclearization. And. Secretary, of State Pompeo leaves for Seoul and Beijing tomorrow, to, try to turn the summit promises, into reality, Lester all right Andrew Mitchell thank you as the events unfolded, here in Singapore, South Korea was looking on with high stakes in the outcome and when President Trump announced he's halting, military, exercises, were then it seems he not only surprised, the South Koreans, but, US forces in the region to NBC. News chief foreign correspondent Richard, Engel is in Seoul and has reaction for us tonight. Across. South, Korea today hope, this, historic, handshake means, peace is finally. In the air, president. Moon jae-in who, met Kim jong-un to help organize, this summit said he was so excited he, couldn't sleep last night but. Now focus. Here is turning to that curveball, President, Trump saying while US troops would remain, in South Korea no. More war games we. Will be stopping the war games which. Will save us a tremendous amount of money unless. And until we, see that the. Future. Negotiation. Is not, going. Along like it should. But. Twice annual, war games and, joint exercises, are the, cornerstone. Of the military, alliance, between the u.s. and South Korea, we, visited, them extensively, in, f-16s, on firing. Ranges, on patrol. Always. Told by commanders, they're essential. For the safety of South Korea and American. Troops and their families based. Here but. Apparently no, one told the South Koreans, president, Trump promised, chairman, Kim he'd, scrapped them a South. Korean military official told, NBC, News we, need to find out the exact meaning or intention. Behind his comments. American. Forces in South Korea said they, too received. No, updated, guidance on execution. Or cessation. Of training exercises. Canceling. These war games is seen here as a major, concession. To North Korea and this, morning, North, Korean, media is reporting that Kim. Jong-un demanded, it and president. Trump complied. Lester. All. Right Richard angle in Seoul forest and I thank you one issue that did not receive much discussion, during this summit was the brutal reality of life in North Korea Kim, jong-un's regime has been accused, of appalling, human rights violations, against, his own people as well, as the mistreatment, of American, prisoners NBC's. Hallie Jackson has, more on what wasn't said at this historic, face to face.

In. Singapore. Smiles, and a stroll from Kim jong-eun but back home a UN report paints, a much more grim picture one, of extermination. Murder. Enslavement. Torture. Imprisonment. Rape. Crimes. Against humanity, his country, does love him his people you see the fervor they have a great fervor but when he calls fervor, the UN calls indoctrination. Another, in the long and disturbing. List of human rights abuses Kim's accused of it was discussed, it was discussed, relatively, briefly compared, to D nuclearization, well, obviously that's, where. We started, and where we ended President, Trump, dwell, on the negative instead, repeatedly. Pointing, to the positive. Kim. Jong-eun as you know has killed, family members has starved, his own people is responsible. For the death of otto warmbier why. Are you so comfortable calling, him very, talented well, he's very talented anybody, that takes over a situation. Like, he did at 26. Years of age and is able to run. It and run. It tough I don't say, it. Was nice I think without Otto. This. Would not have happened it, was a year ago today that warmbier, was returned, to the US and a coma he died within a week of coming home warm. Beers father believes he was tortured, saying, today we appreciate President, Trump's recent comments, about our family, hopefully, something positive. Can come from this but, on Capitol Hill disappointment. Today that human rights wasn't, more of a focus there's been a lot left off the table there are a lot of deep scant details that's why this amounts to nothing more at this point than. A photo-op. But. There are other lawmakers, like senator bob Corker, for example, who argue instead of picking apart what wasn't said focus, on what was on denuclearization, the president himself suggested, he, would bring up these human rights abuses with kim jeong-hoon down the road but, of course less Knar that may not be a conversation, Kim wants to have all right Hallie Jackson thank, you much we'll, turn back home now for other, news and an American, Olympic star's family, tragedy, skier bode miller and his wife mourning, the loss of their 19, month old daughter who, fell into a pool and drowned, at a friend's home first, responders, unable, to save her NBC's. Miguel Almaguer, has a heartbreaking, reminder tonight, for all parents. The. 9-1-1 call, came from this gated community, in Orange County California. Olympic. Champion bode, miller confirming. On instagram, his, 19, month old daughter Emmaline, died, in an accidental, drowning, we. Are beyond devastated. Our baby, girl Emmy passed, away, never, in a million years did we think we would, perience a pain, like this how. Long was he in the pool don't, know no. We don't know keep. Going when, firefighters, arrived, on Saturday, Emeline was rushed from a neighbor's pool to, a hospital. This, is so tragic because they were all inside the house it was, in their house and unfortunately, the. Little girl just found her way, to. The backyard pool with Miller sharing, photos and video, of Emmaline. The. CDC, says ten people die every, day from unintentional, drowning. For, children 1 to 4 it's, the leading cause of accidental, death. Drownings. Can be quick and silent often. Happening, when adults are nearby even. Watching, a child. Can often look like they're playing in the water and realistic.

Since They're in their twenty, to sixty second fight for survival, tonight, Miller and his wife are grieving, a loss far. Too many parents, have, experienced. Miguel, Almaguer, NBC. News. All. Right now to that breaking news on a blockbuster deal, late today AT&T, given. The green light for its 85, billion dollar takeover, of Time Warner a defeat, for the Trump administration in, court but, what does it mean for competition, and consumers. Here's NBC, News business correspondent, Jolene Kent. Tonight. A mega merger approved, a resounding, defeat for, the Trump administration's, Department, of Justice clearing. The way for popular, media entities like HBO CNN. And Warner Brothers to join forces with AT&T, atop. Internet and TV provider, a federal. Court judge ruling, that AT&T can buy Time Warner for eighty five billion dollars, with no conditions. We, are gratified. With. The court's, decision. The landmark, decision comes, after President Trump criticized, the deal last year, personally. I've always felt that that was a deal that's not good for the country I think your, pricing is gonna go up AT&T. And Time Warner argued, the combined company would, allow them to better compete, with newer players in the field like, Amazon, Netflix Apple, and Google the. Idea is let's, own the best content. Let's have the biggest scale the biggest number of subscribers so we can compete, with the big tech, tech. Company, the victory is likely to usher in a wave of new media and big business mergers, from, NBC's, parent company Comcast potentially. Battling Disney for 21st, Century Fox to other industries like healthcare with CBS's acquisition. Of Aetna, the. Justice Department today reacting. In a statement saying, we are disappointed with the court's decision today, we, continue to believe that the pay TV market, will be less competitive and less, innovative as a result, no, word if DOJ, will appeal but for now the deal is expected to close by June 20th, Joleen Kent NBC, News. If.

It's A Tuesday and it's an election year then its primary night in America, and an unusual, way of voting up in Maine becoming, the first day to use so-called ranked, choice voting, rather. Than just voting for one choice in each race voters, will actually rank candidates, from first to last if, no one gets a majority there's, a process, of elimination using. Those rankings, to, determine, a winner in. The in the race proponents, say it's more fair that leads to a majority, winner while critics, say it's, just confusing I'll let you know after I read it a third time still. Ahead SUV, safety, warnings who are the most popular mid-sized. Models, on the market scoring. Poorly, in a new crash-test, also. Bigger than baseball meet the two rivals, whose emotional, moment of a diamond is. We're. Back with those new safety concerns, being raised about some of the most popular SUVs, on the road after the latest vehicle, crash tests, from the Insurance, Institute for, Highway Safety. The worries are about the passenger, sitting in the front of those vehicles and NBC's, Tom Costello has, the consumer alert. The. Latest crash tests, eight mid-sized. SUVs. The. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, looking at how well the passenger, side holds, up when the front corner hits a car a tree or a pole, at 40 miles per hour. Two. Of the most popular SUVs scored. Poorly the, 2018, Jeep, Grand Cherokee, the structure didn't hold up well which, probably contributed. To the dummies head pushing through the airbag and hitting, the dashboard, hard and the 2018, Ford, Explorer, this, portion collapsed more than a foot toward the passenger severely. Compromising, the survival, space in an accident say researchers, front passengers, in both SUVs, could, be seriously, injured Chrysler. Tells NBC News its vehicles are engineered, to address real-world, driving, situations. No single test measures, overall vehicle safety, and the, Grand Cherokee received the highest marks, on for other Insurance, Institute tests, while, Ford insists, Explorer. Is a safe vehicle and has earned the highest five-star. Overall government ratings, promising. The new 2020, model will perform even better meanwhile. The Toyota Highlander Nissan, Pathfinder and, Honda, Pilot, all earned acceptable, scores earning. The best scores the 2018, GMC. Acadia, the Volkswagen, Atlas and the 2019. Kia Sorento all receiving, good scores the, Kia Sorento earning, a Top Safety Pick, rating Tom. Costello NBC. News Washington. Coming up new trouble for that FBI agent, who had a major mishap while he was showing off his dance moves and, double. The fans double, the fun as two championship. Teams take victory, laps. An. FBI agent, is now facing charges after, a dangerous mishap. On the dance floor chase, Bishop, was caught on camera losing, his gun while doing a flip the, gun accidentally, firing as he moved to pick it up the bullets striking another man in the leg Bishop. Turned himself in to Denver Police today and was charged with second degree assault, he, could face more charges if, tests show alcohol, was, a factor in this it, was championship. Tuesday, from Northern California all, the way to the nation's capital, in Washington a sea of red they were packed, in on the National, Mall down in the Washington, Monument to celebrate, the caps and their first Stanley Cup and, in, Oakland, it was raining gold and blue confetti, fans pecking the parade route for the Warriors, third NBA, title, in four years and our, congratulations to, both teams and, a, happy 94th, birthday to, former President, George HW Bush. The, nation's 41st, president is, the first president, to turn 94, former. President, george w bush, posted. A photo of himself and his dad taken, today writing. I'm a lucky man to be named for george bush and to be with 41, on his, 94th, birthday when. We come back we're gonna have a story behind the touching shove sportsmanship, on the baseball, field that.

Is Inspiring, America. Finally. Tonight summer time and the national pastime when two Minnesota, high school teams, fought it out for a spot of the state tournament it all came down to two childhood, friends facing. Each other over the plate what, happened next was bigger than baseball and it's inspiring, America. It. Was an extraordinary, end, to a hard-fought. Game. But. It was this extraordinary, moment. That has people still cheering in st. Paul and beyond. That. You're ty Kane had just struck out the final banner sending, his team to the state tournament but, before rushing, to join the celebration he, ran to home plate to console, his good friend Jack Koken being. That last out it was really rough and to. Have ty come up to me after the game that was huge for me because you know I need someone who's there for me and it's how I was the guy everyone, knows how it feels to be in that situation so I felt like I I needed to go up to him and say something and just was spontaneous and felt like the right thing to do the. Two grew up playing ball together when, we were about 13 or 14 years old we were on a traveling, baseball team and that's where we got pretty close and we wanted to keep in touch ever since then they, learned how to win and lose and. Always, put friendship, first twenty, years from now I'll think back to that game I will not, remember, the score at all but I remember what tied it for me and that's really all that matters that spontaneous. Hug was the best play of the game a home, run in sportsmanship. Both. Champions, in the game of life and, back here now is we end our reporting, from Singapore, and reflect on the history of the Trump Kim summit it's worth noting we have witnessed, an important, step any way you slice it and it's a step that hopefully is away from the brink of conflict, but, the true measure of success of, what took place here, may very well be defined by, what happens next which we will closely follow that. Is nightly news for this Tuesday night I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night from Singapore. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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The first step is No Nukes...step two will be Human rights... We are not even on step one... We are at the foyer of discussing step one. Trump was complimenting him to massage Kim's ego nothing more, just to get a working/talking relationship. By being a D_CK would have ended the negotiations quickly. Trump knows exactly what he is doing. Demeaning him for not being a TIGEr when a DOVE was needed is asinine to say the least. As my father said about my mother and older sisters when I was a teen and I was being a D_ck to them he said: "You get flies with honey not vinegar." Giving a man who only got vinegar from all sides a little sugar or even a lot is a way of calming down the situation so giving him some nice words and showing some respect for just being a leader in his own right (no matter how despicable) is a good move. Show less

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